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October 12, 2004

'Macrobiotics' by Candida International


Whether or not you find certain extrapolations about yin and yang, Taoism and Zen to your philosophical tastes, what is undeniable is the effectiveness of the basic nutritional guidelines in macrobiotic cooking for the relief and prevention of illness.

The contribution of macrobiotics to the modern health-foods movement and alternative medicine in general is immense.

Some people practise macrobiotics as a way of life and consider it to be a philosophy as well as a way of eating. As with all oriental medicine, macrobiotics offers certain philosophical explanations for illnesses as well as nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

However, even if your philosophical convictions lie elsewhere, studying macrobiotic cook books is nevertheless an excellent way to get a basic training in the cooking of grains, pulses, vegetables and sea vegetables. It is also a good introduction to the use of vegetable proteins such as tofu, seitan and many beans and pulses.

Sometimes seen as austere and restrictive in the past, the modern macrobiotic movement has evolved over the last few years and has seen the emergence of a new generation of cooks across the world who all contribute to the growing diversity and variety of recipes.

'Eating wide'is the expression used for those who have a basic knowledge of macrobiotic cooking and who diversify. 'Eating clean' is the term used for when our health is more fragile and we wish to eat more strictly.

Above all, it is necessary to avoid becoming 'Macro-neurotic'. Any macrobiotic cook will tell you that the term 'macrobiotic' itself means 'Big Life'. Variety, freedom and diversity are essential parts of the macrobiotic philosophy.

Basic nutritional guidelines:

Eat organic, seasonal foods in the following proportions:

50-60% by weight of whole cereal grains such as brown rice, millet, barley, oats etc.

5-10% soups, using vegetables, sea vegetables or fish.

25-30% vegetables such as: leafy greens, cabbages, onions, leeks, celery, pumpkins etc. Avoid the nightshade family: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines.

5-10% beans, bean products and sea vegetables such as: chick peas, aduki beans, lentils, tofu, kombu, wakame etc.

Remember to select recipes that do not contain fermented products, rice syrup or fruit (if you can't tolerate them).

Recomended reading for beginners who are shy with traditional Japanese cooking and prefer something more 'Western':

'Practically Macrobiotic' by Keith Michell

'Cooking the Whole Foods Way' by Christina Pirello


mandato da Robin Good il Tuesday October 12 2004
aggiornato il Monday September 11 2006

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