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September 28, 2006

Cartoons on Candida International


After a break of a year and a half, I'm happy to announce that Candida International is back, this time with my 'Doctoring Business' cartoons. My aim is to do regular but not excessive posts that provide helpful information on the iatrogenic (doctor induced) illness Candida and on Health Freedom issues. Moreover, I will be including cartoons in most of my posts in order to provide a little comic relief for those suffering from 'Information Overload Syndrome'.

The following is a compilation of quotes, links and cartoons on Candida-related issues.

Panic Attacks from Eating High Carbohydrate Diet

This article is a must read for anyone wishing to see a classic example of how candida sufferers are treated by the medical industry. Below are a few of my cartoons as well as some extracts from the article itself.


"I felt very embarrassed at the frequency of my visits to the doctor. All consultations resulted in him/her offering, and me declining, drugs. Over the years I was sent to various psychiatrists, who asked about my childhood and then offered the same pills . . .


. . . By the spring of 2000, my life was a nightmare: I was preoccupied 24/7 with managing my panic attacks (now happening every hour or two, day and night), the horrendous mood swings, indigestion, memory loss, irritability, loss of concentration, and terrifying bouts of blurred vision. I'd wake every night around 2-3am, shaking uncontrollably from head to toe, my body cold, and my head very hot, feeling frightened and agitated. I swigged from a bottle of sweet wine kept by my bed. The panic ebbed away, only to return with a vengeance an hour later. I was bewildered and terrified. I also had overwhelming cravings for sweet things which, "experts" told me, was because sugary foods are comfort foods: my need for them was purely psychological. . . .


. . .I tried desperately to keep my illness a secret at work, but that became impossible. I was dismissed in April 2000. By June 2000 my life was not worth living. There was no choice but to submit to medication. In a two-minute consulation a locum doctor prescribed Paroxetine. After taking just one I became uncontrollably agitated for 14 hours, then slept from 2am to 5am and awoke floating in a zombie-state. I felt utterly suicidal. . . .

. . .My pancreas malfunctioned because it had been damaged by overgrowth of an intestinal yeast called candida. This overgrowth was caused by antibiotics, which kill beneficial bacteria which normally keep candida under control. She said I must have taken some recently. I had - just four months before.

She told me to keep to an anti-candida diet for a few weeks, then to a hypoglycaemic diet. Above all, no sugar. . . .

. . .On the Net I found many sites, support groups, and diets for the hypoglycaemic. When I saw the list of symptoms associated with hypoglycaemia I became angry - I had told 12 doctors of my symptoms yet none diagnosed hypoglycaemia. My belief in doctors was shattered. . . .


. . .As soon as I eliminated caffeine, sugar and white flour/rice, the panic attacks disappeared in days. I proved by experiment that sugar both caused, and quelled, all my panic attacks. In a few weeks, all the other symptoms decreased and disappeared. When I proved to myself that I was NOT mentally ill I wept tears of relief and happiness. . .

. . .The dietary advice given by doctors and dieticians had made my condition worse. For example, their diet sheets included breakfast cereals, baked beans, low-fat spreads, and white breads, all of which contain sugar. . .



My doctor denied that the condition exists. When asked to explain why my panic symptoms disappeared after I eliminated certain foods, she simply said she was glad I was 'feeling a bit better.'. . .

. . . In the UK employers often ask for applicants' medical records. Mine wrongly indicate that I suffered from a psychiatric illness for 17 years. My doctor won't amend them, so there seemed no point in applying for any other responsible jobs.

After being employed full-time for 26 years, at the age of 42, I was on the Dole and unemployable I started my own company and became self-employed."

How to prevent the damaging effects of smoking, alcohol consumption, and air pollution. Acetaldehyde - A Common and Potent Neurotoxin

John Cleary, M.D



This is the most informative article I have ever read on the precise chemistry involved in the body of Candida sufferers and how Candida affects the brain. Considering the fact that millions of people in modern society now suffer from this illness to one degree or another it is no wonder that the antidepressant industry is cashing in on this and positively thriving!

John Cleary explains how and why so many people who have been treated/poisoned with antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals, as well as those suffering from alcoholism, cigarette addiction and exposure to pollution are far more likely to be plagued by all types of addictions (such as to sugar and yeast products), by depression, anxiety, apathy, irritability, fatigue and confusion.

Candida, similarly to alcoholism and cigarette addiction, releases the neurotoxin acetaldehyde into the body, as well as ethanol. This creates deficiencies of specific nutrients (particularly the Bs) that are vital for proper brain functioning. The solution is therefore correct diet, the right supplementation and eliminating all products that cause the Candida to flourish such as sugar, yeast, wheat, stimulants, pharmaceuticals etc.

It's a rather heavy scientific read, but if I can understand it I think anyone can. It's worth reading, because knowing precisely what's causing a physical illness along with its psychological and emotional states of distress is the most effective way to help one recover.


"Acetaldehyde is hardly a household word in America, yet it is one of the most common neurotoxins in the lives of tens of millions of people. It is a simple substance its chemical formula is CH3CHO yet acetaldehyde insidiously promotes damage to brain structure and function through numerous pathways.

Sources of Acetaldehyde

There are four main routes that bring acetaldehyde (abbreviated here as "AH") into the human brain. These are alcohol consumption, Candida "the yeast syndrome," exhaust from cars and trucks, and cigarette smoking.

Ethanol (more commonly known as alcohol) is the chemical contained in beer, wine, liquor and liqueurs that gets people drunk. These beverages serve as carriers to get ethanol into the drinker's brain, promoting some degree of intoxication. Once in the body, alcohol is broken down into carbon dioxide and water. However, this process takes time and occurs in several steps. The first step occurs primarily in the liver, although other organs such as the brain and kidney can also perform this stage of alcohol detoxification to a slight extent. An enzyme called "alcohol dehydrogenase" converts alcohol into AH. Then another enzyme "aldehyde dehydrogenase" must break the AH down into acetate. Acetate can then serve as a fuel in cellular energy production. (Acetate is a form of acetic acid, the acid that makes vinegar sour.) . . .

. . . The second major route of AH into the brain is through its production by a yeast called Candida albicans. Candida is known to occur in the intestinal tract of virtually all humans to some degree. When present only in small amounts, being kept in check by a healthy immune system and the so-called "friendly flora," such as Acidophilus and Bifidus bacteria, Candida is relatively harmless.

Yet due to the modern overuse of antibiotics, birth control pills, and cortisone/prednisone drug therapy, as well as excessive stress (which naturally produces excess cortisone in the body), sugar consumption and malnutrition, millions of Americans now suffer from an excessive growth of Candida in their intestines the so-called "yeast syndrome." Candida lives by fermenting sugars to produce energy. Unfortunately for the humans who harbor large colonies of Candida in their gut, the waste by-product of this sugar fermentation by Candida is AH. Biochemical research has shown that this AH may combine with red blood cells, proteins, enzymes, and other substances present in the gut or gut lining, and thus travel through the bloodstream to reach more distant parts of the body such as the brain. Research has also shown that AH can then detach from the red blood cells or proteins it traveled with through the bloodstream, thus enabling AH to damage cells far from the site of its intestinal production by Candida.

For those suffering from the yeast syndrome, the ingestion of beer, wine, and liqueurs provides a double-barreled dose of AH. Not only is the alcohol in these beverages turned into AH, but the malt and grain in beer and the sugar in wine and liqueurs provide excellent fuel for Candida to produce the energy it needs to live.2 More AH is the inevitable by-product of the yeast's sugar fermentation."

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Dr Lisa Landymore-Lim


mandato da Emma Holister il Thursday September 28 2006
aggiornato il Sunday November 12 2006

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