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June 21, 2006

'Crystal Meth': Aids Cases Rise in South Africa - Was Duesberg Right?

Under an attention-grabbing headline SOUTH AFRICA: New AIDS threat looms, we are informed that the Western Cape Province's AIDS infection statistics just rose by three percent over earlier figures, saying that a worsening of the AIDS situation in the region is likely.

"According to a 2002 national report on HIV prevalence based on a sample of more than 16,000 women attending antenatal clinics in the country's nine provinces, Western Cape had an infection rate of 12.4 percent, compared to between 16 percent and 36.5 percent in other provinces.

However, this figure rose by three percent in 2003 and 2004, causing some experts to suspect that increased levels of HIV might be linked to the growing popularity of a relatively new but highly addictive and easily accessible drug."


Image: Positive Nation THE CRYSTAL MAZE

A new but highly addictive and easily accessible drug ... implicated in a rise of AIDS cases. Well, perhaps this is the long awaited wake-up call for the AIDS experts to consider what has been a "competing hypothesis" about the causative factors of AIDS.

The Reuters article continues:

Andreas Pluddemann, a senior researcher in alcohol and drug abuse at the Medical Research Council (MRC), recalled that sporadic queries about a mysterious substance known only as 'tik' began reaching the offices of the South African National Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (SANCA), and the Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre (CTDCC) three years ago.

"It turned out to be crystal d-methamphetamine hydrochloride, otherwise known as 'speed', 'ice', 'crystal meth', 'crystal', or just 'meth'. It is a crystalline form of methamphetamine, a powerfully addictive stimulant often used recreationally as a party drug," he told IRIN.

Pluddemann added that when drugs become a factor in social settings, such as nightclubs, there is always a greater danger of risky sexual behaviour.

Among the effects of methamphetamine are euphoria, increased energy, insomnia, restlessness, irritability and a heightened sense of sexuality, as the drug removes inhibitions, boosts confidence and increases the intensity of sex.

The same connection was found two years ago in New York, where according to MSNBC Crystal meth was linked to AIDS.

So the link is clear, but the mechanism of action - how methamphetamine actually causes AIDS, is more obscure. Yes, the drug may remove sexual inhibitions, but more importantly, methamphetamine seems to be implicated directly in a degradation of the immune system. According to this online encyclopedia entry , "Methamphetamine is reported to attack the immune system, so meth users are often prone to infections of different kinds".

That is in accord with what Peter Duesberg has been saying for some 20 years now. The world class virologist said that the HIV retrovirus does not and indeed cannot cause Aids but that chemicals in the patient's environment, including drugs, are to blame.

The full reasoning for Duesberg's hypothesis is given in an article published in 1998 in Genetica: The AIDS dilemma: drug diseases blamed on a passenger virus for those with a more scientific bent. But for us common mortals, Duesberg explains his point of view in a very readable interview published - of all things - in the Russian Moscow News. Western media seem under strict orders to censor discussion of the origins or the causes of Aids, unless of course the research is about green monkeys in Africa and doesn't shake the virus=aids=death paradigm.

Another interesting point here is a controversy over which drugs to suppress. According to the free dictionary encyclopedia:

On August 8, 2005, the newsmagazine Newsweek devoted a cover story to methamphetamine and its abuse, which included a section that discussed criticism of the Bush administration's policies regarding meth. Critics feel that the administration has not devoted enough resources to education about and prevention of meth use, in light of its widespread availability and the potentially grave consequences of long-term abuse. The Bush administration has countered with the position that cannabis is a dangerous gateway drug, and so prevention of cannabis use will prevent potential abusers from trying and becoming hooked on "hard" drugs such as meth.

Who would have thought it: Cannabis, a herb with antioxidant properties and medicinal uses and a moderate psychotropic effect is prohibited and must be fought with all means but on the other hand crystal meth, an immune suppressing illegal drug is both plentiful and cheap - and is apparently left to wreak as much havoc as it can - including swelling the ranks of those we call victims of AIDS.

Oxidative damage in AIDS is well documented backing the contention of Duesberg, that the causes of AIDS are to be found in Chemicals rather than in a retrovirus. HIV isn't present in a large percentage of patients and can only be found by testing for antibodies which, if I remember right from what was taught in school, are a sign that the organism has overcome the virus and is now immune to it.

Anyway, here is the interesting interview with Peter Duesberg, published in the Moscow News:

- - -

A Startling Claim about the AIDS Virus

By Ostap Karmodi
(Original was found in Moscow News)

Science magazine lists the mystery of AIDS as among the 25 chief problems facing the world's scientific community. This entitles some scientists to come forward with extremely radical hypotheses

Twenty years ago, Peter Duesberg had a reputation as one of the world's most respected virologists. In 1969, when he was just 33, he demonstrated that the flu virus has a segmented genome, which explains its unique ability to change. One year later he isolated the first cancer gene. When reading his academic biography, one encounters the word "first" quite a number of times. But Duesberg's primary subject was retroviruses; he is arguably the first scientist who discovered their structure. He received Outstanding Investigator Grants from the National Institute of Health for seven years in a row. In 1986, he became a member of the National Academy of Sciences and was considered a probable candidate for the Nobel Prize. Next year, his career crashed. In 1987, Duesberg published an article in which he claimed that the HIV retrovirus doesn't - and cannot possibly - cause AIDS.

The consequences for his career were devastating. Colleagues branded his views not only wrong but dangerous. Scientific magazines stopped publishing his articles and, most harmfully, the financing of his research was cancelled. The scientific community all but set up a boycott of the reckless scientist. If Duesberg had admitted his mistake, everything would have been back to normal. But he always had a reputation as an uncompromising scientist. Eighteen years later, Duesberg still argues that HIV is a harmless passenger virus, while AIDS is caused by completely different factors. He explained his views in the following interview for The Moscow News.

You are saying that HIV doesn't cause AIDS. Can you explain your point of view?

The distinctions of an infectious epidemic are:

1) Random spread in a population;

2) Exponential increase over weeks or months followed by exponential decline over same periods due to anti-microbial/viral immunity or death of susceptible individuals;

3) Latent periods from contact/infection to disease of days to weeks corresponding to generation time of virus/microbe;

4) Virus/microbe is very active and abundant during course of disease;

5) Virus- or microbe-specific disease.

By contrast,

1) AIDS in the US and Europe is more than 80% male, of which 1/3 are intravenous drug users and 2/3 are male homosexuals using psychoactive/aphrodisiac and anti-HIV drugs - unlike any microbial epidemic in history

2) The AIDS epidemic in the US and Europe has increased slowly during the decade from the early '80s to the early '90s and has since declined slowly - unlike any new microbial epidemic in history. But very much like chemical epidemics such as lung cancer from smoking or tuberculosis from cocaine.

3) Since the "AIDS virus" replicates in 24 hrs, just like other human viruses - the latent period for HIV-caused AIDS should be the same as that of other viruses, like flu or measles, namely days to weeks. But it is 5-10 years - just about equal to the "latent periods" for lung cancer from smoking or liver cirrhosis from drinking.

4) HIV is undetectable in AIDS patients. See Gallo (US) and Weiss (UK) scandals of misappropriating Montagnier's virus, because they could not find it in hundreds of AIDS patients! Only anti-bodies against HIV are detectable in patients - the classical certificate of vaccination!

5) There is no HIV-specific disease. More than 26 AIDS-defining diseases are simply old diseases under new names, e.g. tuberculosis, dementia, diarrhea, weight loss, yeast infection, pneumocystis, etc.

You weren't a "dissident" from the very start. How did you come to your conclusions about HIV/AIDS?

1) HIV is claimed to cause AIDS by killing T-cells. But, at the same time mass production of HIV in immortal T-cell lines was patented in 1984 as source of HIV proteins for "AIDS tests" by Gallo/NIH, Weiss/Burroughs Wellcome (UK), and Montagnier/Pasteur. These infected cell lines are still producing HIV 21 years later! Thus HIV does not kill cells, just like all other retroviruses.

2) HIV is latent and neutralized by antibody, when it is said to cause fatal AIDS. I have studied virus for 25 years, and I don't know one example of a fatal disease caused by a virus that is neutralized by antibodies and only detectable indirectly via antibodies.

So all I had to do was think: Once I realized that the HIV-AIDS hypothesis was paradoxical, because viruses are not pathogenic if they are latent and neutralized by antibodies, and retroviruses don't kill cells (the reason why they are considered cancer viruses), it was clear that something was wrong with the HIV-AIDS hypothesis. But, there are no paradoxes in nature, only flawed hypotheses.

Why, then, do most of modern scientists think that HIV causes AIDS?

This is a non-scientific, perhaps political question and I have no "scientific" answer. But based on my anthropological experiences, to "think" or to pretend to "think" that HIV causes AIDS is politically correct, socially attractive, and very very fundable if you are a "modern scientist" in need of a grant and a publication, and is beneficial for a merit increase, and for an award and for a company. None of these benefits are available to "non-conformists" - even "in the freest of all countries," as George Bush calls the US. On the contrary, non-conformists are excommunicated at all social and scientific levels available in "free" countries.

If HIV doesn't cause AIDS, what does?

Based on the American/English AIDS establishment from before 1984, when HIV was discovered, AIDS was a "lifestyle" disease (a euphemism for addiction to recreational drugs). So logic led me more and more to the chemical-AIDS hypothesis, which proved to be a consistent theory to this date. Once I became suspicious, all I had to do was to look up the literature on the pathogenic effects of long-term drug use, to see the chemical AIDS theory. More recently I had to include into the chemical AIDS hypothesis the DNA chain-terminators like AZT and protease inhibitors, prescribed to HIV-antibody-positives as anti-HIV drugs, for a complete case for chemical AIDS and against viral AIDS.

Why is AZT dangerous? As far as I know, it's used to cure cancer?

All chemotherapy is "dangerous", ideally less dangerous than cancer - but certainly not less dangerous than a latent retrovirus that cannot kill cells.

The principle of chemotherapy is to kill growing cancer cells chemically. However, since no chemical can distinguish between normal and cancer cells, billions of normal cells are killed together with cancer cells. The strategy is to kill the cancer before you kill the patient!

This is the best we can do against cancer now. But it would be a disaster if we were to use this inevitably toxic treatment against a virus that in all likelihood does not cause AIDS.

CDC says that there is a very strong statistical correlation between HIV and AIDS. Can you comment on that?

Even a 100% correlation is no proof. According to Koch's postulates, the correlation must be 100% with the microbe - NOT antibody against it; the virus/microbe must be isolated from potential competitor microbes; and the pure virus must cause the disease.

Over 150 chimpanzees have been infected over the last 22 years, but not one has developed AIDS. And from over 40 million HIV-positives, the World Health Organization has not registered more that 2 million deaths in AIDS patients in 20 years. This is less than the normal mortality of 20 million people in 20 years.

However, there are plenty of non-correlations. In one study published in Nature Biotechnology in 1993,

I listed 4,621 HIV-free AIDS cases described in the literature by the HIV-AIDS establishment at that time.

But CDC claims that Koch's postulates have been fulfilled by HIV. What do they mean, and how can you comment on that?

They mean that infection with HIV is sufficient to cause AIDS. However, according to the peer-re-viewed literature, not one American doctor has ever contracted AIDS from more than 929,000 American AIDS patients in 21 years, although several got infected by HIV. Likewise, no American scientist ever developed AIDS from studying and mass producing HIV. And according to the World Health Organization, 40 million people on this planet are HIV-positive, but have no AIDS! So HIV can not be sufficient to cause AIDS.

But your opponents argue that Koch's postulates don't have to be fulfilled by HIV because they were invented before the discovery of retroviruses.

Algebra was invented before computers were made. Does this mean that computers don't have to follow the laws of algebra?

As I know, you've been deprived of financial support for your AIDS research. What level of financing does your research require?

My research budgets prior to AIDS run between 4,250,000 and 4,500,000 per year in current $ equivalents. Now I am studying the role of aneuploidy in cancer with support from private foundations for about $100,000 per year.

How long could it take for the scientific establishment to understand their mistake about HIV (if they are wrong)?

It took the highly established and affluent catholic church 400 years to "understand" Galileo. Since the NIH/CDC bio-establishment is the church of the 20/21 century and just as affluent as Rome it may take up to 400 years too - at least as long as everything that confirms the HIV-AIDS hypothesis gets funded and published in the professional and public press and all alternative interpretations are censored in the "freest of all countries."

Your opponents insist that your statements are irresponsible and thousands of people can die if they believe you. Doesn't it bother you?

For a scientist, scientific truth is the only "responsibility" that matters. The rest is for politicians and philosophers. Fortunately, I am not scientifically responsible for prescribing DNA chain-terminators - developed exclusively to kill human cells for cancer chemo-therapy over 40 years ago - to 450,000 HIV-positives in the name of a hypothesis that has not been proved in 21 years!

- - -

See also:

The larger implications of drug prohibition, and indeed of prohibition-type laws in general are discussed on this site. Good articles in the "links" section.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Wednesday June 21 2006
updated on Tuesday December 7 2010

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Readers' Comments

Some comments by email:

From Canada:
Thank you. Anything that damages the immune system, especially if it depresses selenium levels, will increase AIDS because it will make HIV infection easier. The substances Duesberg identifies as the causes of AIDS simply make HIV infection easier.

From the US:
Great to know you're around

From the US:
Sepp: quit your bullshit. Dirsberg helped develop HIV. We have his name in the progress reports of the Special Virus program. More and more propaganda, yet SILENCE on the Special Virus program. Just like Steve Aftergood. All bullshit.

- - -

My comment:
Well, certainly there is fragmentation in how we all view AIDS. Perhaps as many different viewpoints as there are observers. But then - that may be what is intended to keep us from looking too closely and really trying to find out...

Posted by: Sepp on June 22, 2006 10:25 AM


Peter Duesberg's argument that HIV is a harmless passenger virus, while AIDS is caused by completely different factors appears proven to be correct with the passage of time. But a handful of scientists are still dogmatically supporting the idea of HIV=AIDS, perhaps because there is money in this idea for it has created and maintains a lucrative AIDS industry, as opposed to the free radical theory of AIDS, as in the later case AIDS patients will respond to proper nutritional interventions.

The most difficult aspect of the HIV postulate is to have first decided that their HIV virus is an aggressive pathogen which they claim to target the immune system itself (see: Are AIDS, CFS Caused By Oxidative Damage? - VACCINES, ANTIBODIES AND THE HIV RIDDLE), although Dr Gallo merely suggested it as a "probable cause".

"Five years of crystal methamphetamine does not do your body any favors. Mark Wainberg, PhD, professor of medicine at McGill University in Montreal, says multiple sex partners and repeated use of crystal "meth" may pack a wallop to the immune system, facilitating infection with multidrug-resistant HIV. Wait... If multiple sex partners and heavy use of meth wallop the immune system, we have a new co-factor theory of AIDS, it seems. Do we even need HIV? would be the next question, long raised by the AIDS dissidents (see: AIDS superbug fantasy implodes - but are co-factors making a comeback? - New AIDS Review).

The main striking and key aspects in the AIDS disease condition are that:

1. "The "AIDS virus" replicates in 24 hrs, just like other human viruses - the latent period for HIV-caused AIDS should be the same as that of other viruses, like flu or measles, namely days to weeks. But it is 5-10 years - just about equal to the "latent periods" for lung cancer from smoking or liver cirrhosis from drinking (A Startling Claim about the AIDS Virus - By Ostap Karmodi The Moscow News - interview with Duesberg).

2. "The AIDS epidemic in the US and Europe has increased slowly during the decade from the early '80s to the early '90s and has since declined slowly - unlike any new microbial epidemic in history, but very much like chemical epidemics such as lung cancer from smoking or tuberculosis from cocaine" (A Startling Claim about the AIDS Virus - By Ostap Karmodi The Moscow News - interview with Duesberg). Chronic benzene poisoning results in great individual variation in signs and symptoms and includes lymphomas, myeloid leukemia, Hodgkin's disease etc., much like in AIDS and mutagenesis due to severe free-radical damage. The cumulative effect of benzene and its derivatives takes a few to several years to develop and manifest, in most cases up to 10-12 years.

3. The "spread" of AIDS is not exactly random but it certainly does not follow the patterns of a disease spread by a virus and certainly not one that targets the immune system of cells of the immune system. The HIV=AIDS scientists claimed that "after entering the body, the virus rapidly disseminates, proceeding to the lymph nodes and related organs where it replicates and accumulates in large quantities". Yet, it won't fit into a mathematical model of such aggressive virulence.

4. The more than 26 AIDS-defining diseases are nothing more than previously recognized diseases e.g. tuberculosis, dementia, diarrhea, weight loss, yeast infection, pneumocystis, etc that are clearly opportunistic infections or conditions that also appear due to oxidative stress that can be induced by chemicals, including chemo-drugs and AZT, talc-silicone use, benzene, celebrex, vioxx, narcotic abuse, over use of antibiotics, abuse of recreational drugs and perhaps other drugs that interfere with the mythylation-demethylation process in accessing information from the DNA. If it is pathogenic, why does it not produce the same disease in all patients? It has not conclusively proven to be an immunosuppressant. That is the key (see;AIDS, NON-HIV AIDS AND PRESCRIPTION AIDS) or to specifically target and destroy the T-cells of the immune system.

5. The common symptom in AIDS patients, i.e. chronic fatigue is well explained by oxidative injury to cell membranes and mDNA depletion by chronic oxidative stress in the mitochodria rather than by a virus.

6. Interestingly, HIV is undetectable in AIDS patients and it cannot be found in the majority of AIDS patients. Hence, only anti-bodies against HIV are detectable in AIDS patients by tests that are not specific and requires other tests to "confirm" an HIV infection but all of these tests have a disclaimer!

7. There is research to support the argument that those antibodies tested are nothing more than antibodies of the auto-immune process, that are produced in response to polymer actins generated by white blood cells under oxidative stress. These polymer actins are not produced by white blood cells that are fully supplied with natural vitamin C but produced under oxidative stress and not recognized as self and hence the auto-immnune response. The proteins that are used in the 'HIV' test are merely the biological outcome of stressed white blood cells used in the lab and in 'Bio/Technology', June 1993, 'Aids' analyst, Dr Eleni Eleopulos exposed the non-specificity and unreliability of the 'HIV' 'antibody test' (see: Are Malnutrition and Oxidative Stress the Cause of gp41, gp120 and gp160 in Robert Gallo's HIV Isolate?).

8. The presence of AIDS in developed countries and regions (eg US and Europe) is very different from the very poor societies as in African communities and communities in the sub-sahara. While in the first group, the oxidative stress is linked to chemical stressors and the use of chemicals or the abuse of chemical substances, in the later group of people, the very low intake of antioxidants, including low intakes of natural vitamin A and C and low intake of selenium and antioxidant oils provides the link to oxidative stress and oxidative injury. Cell walls and cell membranes that have suffered oxidative injury tend to promote viral entry and/or tend to inhibit healthy biochemical pathways. And the later group is exposed to diseases like malaria that create further oxidative stress in the bloodstream. An exception is found in Senegal where the soils are rich in selenium - a factor that coincides with relatively very low AIDS incidence. A virulent pathogen would spread in very similar patterns in both affluent and the very poor communities.

Chemical stressors can act as free radicals or generate free radicals that may initiate harmful chain reactions in the body. A logical hypothesis is that toxic chemicals, whether or not they are approved for medication, if they generate free radicals in the body that decrease white blood cell count or kill T4 cells or damage the cell walls of cells of the immune system or the endocrine system will generate AIDS. It results in immune deficiencies or immune disorders or damage to the genetic material and explains the variation of the symptoms of the AIDS and that also means there will be no such thing as an AIDS vaccine. Free radical damage to the genome is well documented.

But not all population groups are exposed to toxic chemicals or chemicals like benzene. The common underlying factor in the development and progression of AIDS is oxidative stress, whether arising from chemical stressors or chronic malnutrition. Oxidative stress is not a new factor or a new co-factor in AIDS. It is an a well expressed factor in the views and articles of members of the dissident group.

Prolonged malnutrition may be accompanied by immunological deficiencies and abnormalities and it is natural to expect a fall in blood cell count of macrophages, red blood cells, natural killer (NK) cells and the total lymphocyte count is depressed. Any drug that generates free radicals in the body, such as heroin, cigarette tars, benzene (whether from petrol where it is now used as an additive to replace lead or from cigarettes), chemo-medications, AZT etc., or heavy metal ions such as the mercury ion can produce oxidative stress on the Krebs cycle or mitochondrial metabolic activity or microsomes or the sodium pump and lower or inhibit energy production or mitosis or protein synthesis (see: Are Malnutrition and Oxidative Stress the Cause of gp41, gp120 and gp160 in Robert Gallo's HIV Isolate?) and inhibits the generation of an effective immune response. People sufferring from chronic or prolonged malnutrition have lower blood antioxidant levels when matched for the same age group in affluent societies and that means a relatively weakened antioxidant defense mecahnism.

Naturally, prolonged use of immunosuppressive or immunotoxic drugs will lead to progressive destruction of the immune system. The administration of such drugs, in the long term, increases the rate of destruction of neutrophils and macrophages. This is called acquired neutropenia or acute phagocyte deficiency. In adults, "the risk of infection rises steeply once the neutrophil count falls below 0.5 x 109/L regardless of the cause" (Clinical Medicine, 4th Ed, WB Saunders, p 2) and when the monocyte count also begins to fall, caused by free radical damage, the immune system may become sufficiently impaired to allow opportunistic infections to take root and when the NK cell count falls its surveillance for
cancer cells weakens along with its ability to destroy them. In such a state, it can be said that the person has acquired immune deficiency. If there is sufficient oxidative stress on the mitochondria resulting in mDNA depletion, chronic fatigue will be one of the symptoms (see: Are Malnutrition and Oxidative Stress the Cause of gp41, gp120 and gp160 in Robert Gallo's HIV Isolate?).

Consistent with the free radical theory of AIDS, there is a broad spectrum of symptoms and illnesses associated with AIDS, including neuropathies, endocrine complications, diarrhea, accelerated aging, chronic fatigue, respiratory complications and cardiac complications. Some of the symptoms observed in AIDS patients are muscle wasting, chronic tiredness and mDNA depletion. This means that the genetic material in motochondria (the power generators of the cell), is destroyed or depleted or its multiplication is inhibited and the energy output drops and the affected person feels muscle pains and fatigue. As the oxidative damage progresses under toxic medication especially in malnourished people, CD4 count and other cell counts fall further. The immunotoxicity and the resultant immunodeficiency allows the development of opportunistic infections, including cerebral abscess, TB, pneumonia, viral infections such as cytomegalovirus, herpes, fungal infections, Kaposi's sarcoma, lymphomas and chronic inflammations.

AIDS is acquired deficiency syndrome that can be acquired through prolonged malnutrition or prolonged exposure to or use of immunosuppressants. It appears to fit more neatly into the free radical theory of AIDS or the oxidative stress theory of AIDS, including its progression in the individual and its "spread" in populations (see: Are AIDS, CFS Caused By Oxidative Damage? - VACCINES, ANTIBODIES AND THE HIV RIDDLE). And it makes the essential and necessary allowance for the observed differences in the presence of the AIDS condition in developed regions in contrast to the poorer regions.


Posted by: Beldeu Singh on June 22, 2006 03:07 PM


Just point out to Beldeu we are all breathing Benzene.
Antioxidants of course protect us from that damage so he's right as well.

"Benzene concentrations in the atmosphere can range from one part per billion (1 ppb) in natural bush land to 25 ppb at a service station. There is no evidence of any adverse effects on human health from typical atmospheric levels of benzene.�?
"The level of benzene in Australian petrol is legally limited to 5% by volume.�?

"All types of white blood cells, which are disease-fighting cells, were significantly decreased in workers exposed to less than 1 part per million of benzene, he reports, as were blood particles called platelets that help clot blood.�?
"Everyone pumps gasoline, everyone gets exposed to automobile emissions, and some people do smoke, he says. "But there's been no increase in leukemia incidence, so we're not talking about a public health problem. We are talking about something that's best to avoid.�?
Don't smoke. Avoid auto pollution. "And hold your breath while you pump gas,�? says Kattlove.�?
Even at Low Levels, Benzene Exposure Harmful,2933,140310,00.html

"In a study of 6,989 cancer cases among children in California between 1988 and 1994, researchers looked for a correlation with the level of exposure to 25 hazardous air pollutants. Using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data that take into account emissions of pollutants and weather patterns to estimate exposure in a given census tract, the researchers matched exposure levels with the specific home address of each cancer patient. The sources of pollution included mobile sources (e.g., motor vehicles, airplanes), area sources (e.g., dry cleaners, gas stations), and point sources (large industrial manufacturing facilities).
When all cancers were analyzed, rates of cancers occurring in census tracts with the highest pollution levels were a modest 6% higher than those in the lowest pollution levels. However, when childhood leukemias‹the most common cancer type in the study‹were analyzed separately, the incidence was 32% higher for those children exposed to more point source pollutants. The incidence of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia was 46% higher at the highest exposure level to all polluants.�?
Childhood Leukemia Rates in California Linked to Levels of Air Pollutants (link no longer active)

Posted by: Cal Crilly on June 23, 2006 12:43 AM


This may explain a bit more about the chemicals meth users are putting into their bodies.

"Identifying a meth lab - what to look out for.
Here's a checklist of common signs of meth manufacturing inside and outside a house�?

"Excessive trash with large amounts of the following: alcohol, benzene, toluene/paint thinner, Freon, acetone, chloroform, camp stove fuel, starter fluid, anti-freeze, anhydrous ammonia, Heet, white gasoline, phenyl-2-propane, phenyl acetone, phenyl propanolamine, iodine crystals, red phosphorous, black iodine, lye, Drano, muriatic or hydrochloric acid, battery acid or sulphuric acid, Epsom salts, batteries/lithium, sodium metal, wooden matches, propane cylinders, hot plates, ephedrine, pseudo-ephedrine, cold tablets, bronchodilators, energy boosters, rock salt, diet aids�?
The dangers of meth labs

Posted by: Cal Crilly on June 23, 2006 12:55 AM


mr judgemental understand shocked crystlemethamphedamine in poler solvent becomes dopamine witch you obviously lack in a bacteria washed low impulse 3 active humant colony drone brain, didn't know when in proper chemical bond becomes a smokeable crystle that reaches all microbieal foren life un natural to human comp... can permiate all simi permiably mimbraines covering entire human anatomy including respatory and vitrious humar that only a smoke of partical crystle can do through vibrating slicing and dicing even through the aids 5 key lock with compleate anatomy coverage after three to four consecutive days, with only frozen enzymy diatary inttake, and a potassium cloride alchol

Posted by: Timothy j For John Walker on May 12, 2007 01:47 AM


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Uganda: Pfizer Sponsored AIDS Institute Snubs Natural Treatment Options

Lipitor: Side Effects And Natural Remedy

AIDS: 'No Gold Standard' For HIV Testing

Lipitor: Side Effects And Natural Remedy

'Global Business Coalition' Wants More Testing: But Tests Do Not Show AIDS



Candida International

What Does MHRA Stand For??

Bono and Bush Party without Koch: AIDS Industry Makes a Mockery of Medical Science

Profit as Usual and to Hell with the Risks: Media Urge that Young Girls Receive Mandatory Cervical Cancer Vaccine


Share The Wealth

Artificial Water Fluoridation: Off To A Poor Start / Fluoride Injures The Newborn

Drinking Water Fluoridation is Genotoxic & Teratogenic

Democracy At Work? - PPM On Fluoride

"Evidence Be Damned...Patient Outcome Is Irrelevant" - From Helke

Why Remove Fluoride From Phosphate Rock To Make Fertilizer


Evolving Collective Intelligence

Let Us Please Frame Collective Intelligence As Big As It Is

Reflections on the evolution of choice and collective intelligence

Whole System Learning and Evolution -- and the New Journalism

Gathering storms of unwanted change

Protect Sources or Not? - More Complex than It Seems



Islanda, quando il popolo sconfigge l'economia globale.

Il Giorno Fuori dal Tempo, Il significato energetico del 25 luglio

Rinaldo Lampis: L'uso Cosciente delle Energie

Attivazione nei Colli Euganei (PD) della Piramide di Luce

Contatti con gli Abitanti Invisibili della Natura


Diary of a Knowledge Broker

Giving It Away, Making Money

Greenhouses That Change the World

Cycles of Communication and Collaboration

What Is an "Integrated Solution"?

Thoughts about Value-Add




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