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Movimento per la libertà di pensiero e di cura

Movimento per la libertà di pensiero e di cura
Maggio 4, 2005

The Maha Project: May 3 2005 update.


The Maha Project
Sending positive energies to the Province of Massa Carrara - Italy.

Greetings to all participants.
To increase the integration and focusing of our collective energies, we ask now all participant the use of a "connecting" candle.

The suggestion relates to whatever method chosen by the participant. The candle should be lit in the morning, and it should be of a size sufficient to be consumed in at least several hours.

This "ceremony" should be repeated during the entire month of May.
It is to be noted that the lighting of the candle doesn't necessarily have a religious meaning.

Its function can be seen as an harmoniser, a focaliser and an amplifier of our individual energies, directed to the objective "Peace, love, harmony and cooperation in the Province of Massa Carrara in Italy".

Thanks to all for the participation,
rinaldo lampis


mandato da Rinaldo Lampis il Mercoledì Maggio 4 2005
aggiornato il Sabato Settembre 24 2005

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