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Movimento per la libertà di pensiero e di cura

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The Maha Project

Ottobre 2, 2006

The Maha Project. A demonstration that the world is mental.


Final considerations on the outcome of the Maha Project, run in Italy in May 2005.
From rinaldo lampis

For the entire month of May 2005, several hundred people from different countries have daily directed thoughts of harmony and of social peace to the inhabitants and to the territory of the Tuscan Province of Massa Carrara, Italy.

The people were taking part in the Maha Project, the first planetary experiment that has consciously worked on the interconnection of individual minds.
The Project – the creation of similar, harmonious, mental thought-forms directed towards a locality by people not living there – wanted to demonstrate:

1) That positive thought-forms have "tangible" impact on the daily life of people receiving these energies (as, at the opposite scale, in the Palestinian conflict the hateful thought-forms, produced both locally and sent mentally to the region, contribute to the worsening of the local social fabric),
2) The Physics principle called "non-locality". That is, the fact that, essentially, a physical phenomenon (as, in this case, people's behavior) may be modified either locally or at a distance through a group's coordinated mental effort (another example of this can be found in radionics).

In the case of the Maha Project, the concrete proofs of these (subtle and controversial) realities could have been obtained comparing statistics - of the "before" and the "after" for the months surrounding the experiment - for social behaviors in the region such as:

1) The number of homicides and attempted homicides,
2) The incidence of suicides,
3) The number of couple separations,
4) Admittances to psychiatric institutions,
5) The number of work-related accidents,
6) The number of road-related accidents.

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mandato da Rinaldo Lampis il Lunedì Ottobre 2 2006

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Maggio 4, 2005

The Maha Project: May 3 2005 update.


The Maha Project
Sending positive energies to the Province of Massa Carrara - Italy.

Greetings to all participants.
To increase the integration and focusing of our collective energies, we ask now all participant the use of a "connecting" candle.

The suggestion relates to whatever method chosen by the participant. The candle should be lit in the morning, and it should be of a size sufficient to be consumed in at least several hours.

This "ceremony" should be repeated during the entire month of May.
It is to be noted that the lighting of the candle doesn't necessarily have a religious meaning.

Its function can be seen as an harmoniser, a focaliser and an amplifier of our individual energies, directed to the objective "Peace, love, harmony and cooperation in the Province of Massa Carrara in Italy".

Thanks to all for the participation,
rinaldo lampis

mandato da Rinaldo Lampis il Mercoledì Maggio 4 2005

aggiornato il Sabato Settembre 24 2005

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Aprile 28, 2005

The Maha Project - April 27 2005 - Final Instructions


Greetings to all participants,
Time has arrived to provide the final instructions.

The area towards which the Maha Project is focused is the Province of Massa Carrara in Tuscany - Italy. This area has been selected because of its energetic characteristics (both of its territory and of its inhabitants).

For the entire month of May (starting from May First), we ask all Projects' participants to direct their "attention" to this territory.
The included map is needed only as an initial reference. Once the area (Province) has been localized by your mind, it is not necessary to refer to it while performing the thought-form creation.
In any case, if someone desires to get a printout, in order to refer to it in the future, he/she may do so.

As previously explained, the attention towards the Province may be a prayer (singly or in group), a meditation or a visualization.
As far as praying is concerned, it is useful (but not necessary) to use the voice while praying, because this mode increases its impact.
As for meditation, it is left to each person how to do it, so that the target area is included in the meditation.
We remind those people who choose the visualization method that "to visualize" means, in its simplest form, "to think about something". This modality may then be used in any moment of the day (for instance, while taking a shower, while conversing, or while waiting at a red light). For its immediacy, this method is also suggested to those who practice the other two above.

In any case, no matter what modality is chosen, it is important that the thought creation be done in a relaxed, natural manner, avoiding negative thoughts such as: "I am not doing enough..." or "what I am doing is not right...". In this field, if the intention is sincere it's impossible to make mistakes.

All we have to do is to have words/thoughts/visualizations such as harmony, goodwill, brotherhood/sisterhood, friendship, peace and the like to be sent to the energy structure of the Province of Massa Carrara.
The length of our daily "attention" towards that territory spans between a few seconds to a few minutes. Ideally, it would be useful to do it more than once a day, but even once is sufficient.

For those who like to better understand the procedure followed, the whole Province has been previously "cleansed" of existing negative energies. This condition will remain for the length of the Project.

If feasible, it's advisable to visit the territory during the month of May, to assess personally whether the energetic quality of the area and of its inhabitants is perceptibly different than that of other areas.
That could possibly be a glimpse into the future of mankind. But it must be also understood that the energy improvement of the territory is not caused by a greater awareness of its inhabitants; rather it has been temporarily created by external forces.

The final, resultant outcome will be positive anyway for both the area and for the participants, who have joined the Maha Project from all over the world.

From May First all the participants will then be connected as a greater mind, creating harmony and goodwill in a corner of the Planet. We are sure that our vision and action will leave a durable, positive imprint not only in the Province of Massa Carrara, but also in our souls.
Thank you to all, for allowing us a glimpse of the future of mankind.

Inspiring creativity,
rinaldo lampis

mandato da Rinaldo Lampis il Giovedì Aprile 28 2005

aggiornato il Sabato Settembre 24 2005

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Aprile 15, 2005

The Maha Project April 15 update


Hello everyone,
This is an update on the exciting May 1/May 31 Maha Mind Project.
In less than two weeks' time we will notify you the location of the Italian Province target of our Project.
At that time we will forward you by email the map of the location, in central Italy, together with other relevant information.

To those interested, we give below an answer to a query regarding the nature of the Project...

Hello Rinaldo.
I am following with great interest the evolution of the Maha Project. The subject is rather fascinating. Here we enter into a little-explored space, without boundaries, categories, labels and ideologies, that could really become a new "frontier".
It is for this reason that it sounds out of tune and even contradictory your suggestion to contact "catholic prayer groups". I believe that, if we want to go over the barriers of pure rationality, to introduce other ones is not really encouraging...

Hi Ivan,
The answer to the question: "Why should Catholic groups participate?" is:
"Because in many nations exist well organized prayer groups - Catholic and otherwise - that practice (mostly in an unconscious way) the creation of those thought-forms that we want to utilize in the Project".
At this point, I better explain myself with more clarity.

In the experiment we want to modify the mental atmosphere existing in a certain geographical region, influencing it with positive, loving, spiritual thoughts.
The fact that these thoughts are created by prayer, by meditation or through visualizations has no relevance to the final result.
There is, obviously, the human aspect, which I would call "tribal", that says:
"My method is better than yours"; but we have to take this attitude into account.

In reality, the "traditional" groups, those that, logically, we would have counted on to provide the major support to the Project (I am referring to the practitioners of TM - Transcendental Meditation - and to the Catholic prayer groups) have shown themselves the most reluctant to participate.

The Catholic groups (through the various bishops contacted) because they consider any action external to the church hierarchy as deviant and a provocation of the "evil one". They also believe that God doesn't fulfil a prayer if there isn't the direct and aware participation of the individual(s) object of the prayer. This belief goes against the innumerable studies done by, among many, American Schools of Medicine, demonstrating the clear connection prayer-group/patient.

The TM meditators have instead reacted with horror to the suggestion of incorporating thought-forms in their meditations, since they fear that the modification might pollute the purity of their method.

Fortunately, against such similar, "theological" considerations from groups otherwise ideologically far apart, have corresponded the consistent adhesions of individual and groups that have immediately understood the importance and simplicity of what we have proposed.
Thanks to their vision the Maha Project will be successful.
rinaldo lampis

mandato da Rinaldo Lampis il Venerdì Aprile 15 2005

aggiornato il Sabato Settembre 24 2005

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The Maha Project. A demonstration that the world is mental.
Ottobre 2, 2006

The Maha Project: May 3 2005 update.
Maggio 4, 2005

The Maha Project - April 27 2005 - Final Instructions
Aprile 28, 2005

The Maha Project April 15 update
Aprile 15, 2005

Update March 24 2005
Marzo 27, 2005

The Maha Project
Marzo 27, 2005


L'energia segue il pensiero

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