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Movimento per la libertà di pensiero e di cura

Movimento per la libertà di pensiero e di cura
Marzo 27, 2005

The Maha Project


The Maha Project is a worldwide Mind Project that will take place in the month of May 2005.
Its objective is to demonstrate, through the use of statistics (numbers), that the focused, collective mind of a group of people can positively influence the behavior of people in regions even far away from the "operators".

In our case, individuals and groups will direct their prayers, meditations, or simply their occasional positive thoughts, to an Italian Province for the whole month of May. The name of the Province will be given at the end of April, together with its map.

Now it can be said that the place is located in central Italy, that it has an extension of approximately 1000 square kilometers, with a population of 200,000. Practically, the aim of the Project will be to lower not only the level of unlawful behavior in that area, but also to decrease other socially undesirable traits, like suicides, family breakups, and work and automobile accidents.

A few decades ago, the Indian Physicist and spiritual teacher Maharishi Mahesh (creator of Transcendental Meditation-TM) started to use his TM method on a wide scale. In its first experiment, an American County (of approx 100 square kilometers) was "occupied" by several thousand volunteers who, for a few weeks, practiced there their meditation.

The County was chosen because of the availability of government statistics, showing the levels of unlawful behavior in that area. The experiment (and the other ones that followed in other parts of the world) have shown always a measurable improvement of local social conditions (in the first experiment there was a decrease of criminal behavior of 8 %, versus an increase of 7 % in the control areas).
The Maha Project intends to generalize what has been already done:

  • By introducing the Physical principle of "non-locality". That means that the action (the creation of what are called thought-forms directed to a specific location) doesn't need to be done in the same locality.
    As the effectiveness of the prayer-at-a-distance indicates, the mental influence over an area and its inhabitants continues to exist even when the thought-forms are created elsewhere.
  • By introducing different modes of influence, from prayer to meditation to positive thinking.
    The objective is the creation of constructive thought-forms aimed at the target area. Any positive modality can therefore produce results.
  • In the presence of existing, appropriate statistics, it is possible to obtain confirmation of the method's validity by measuring the reduction of a number of socially undesirable events, such as unlawful behavior, suicides, family breakups, and work and car accidents.
To obtain a better mental focusing of the location, at the end of April we will be distributing through internet the map of the target Province. The map will be needed only as an initial information. Its use is not necessary during the mental creation.

  • What is required from the participants? Even if you only think: "This is interesting", it is already a beginning of participation. Also to feel that anybody could have thought of the idea, including yourself, is feeling part of it. Talking about this to friends or to fellow students or workers, to pass this information to someone who seems to be interested, is to participate in the Project. If you like, you could send us an email with: "I will create" in it.
  • What should the participants do during the month of May?
    Many thousands of people, from Italy, the United States, The Philippines, Australia, Canada, India and China will be participating to this experiment, the first one of this world scale.
    In April we will be giving more detailed suggestions, but really there is nothing to learn. For the length of the month of May while, for instance, we are waiting at a red light or are under the shower or we are eating or are in bed, we could think to the Province and to its inhabitants and send thoughts of peace, of harmony, of brotherhood; whatever we like to think in terms of positivity.
  • For how long?
    Even a one-second flash is enough. A few seconds are sufficient. It is more effective to do it quickly but often (whenever you will remember) than to do it rarely but longer. But even once a day is very helpful.

If you pray or meditate (as an individual or as a group), you can include these thoughts in the prayer or in the meditation. Or you can do it your own way. The important thing is, somehow, to create positive thoughts. Those people who know prayer groups are welcome to explain to them the high social impact of the Project.

We must also remember that the intention in this Project is to aggregate and to unite. The more we will be able to feel, during that period, as part of a planetary "Thinking Mind", the greater will be also the personal benefits obtained by our participation.

Such is the nature of group work and of spirituality.
Please contact us if you are interested,
warm regards to everybody,
Rinaldo Lampis


mandato da il Domenica Marzo 27 2005
aggiornato il Sabato Settembre 24 2005

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