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June 09, 2011

Why Remove Fluoride From Phosphate Rock To Make Fertilizer

Here is a bit of history that illustrates why they feed us hydrofluorosilcic acid in our water. Show this to those who ask why should the authorities slow poison us!

"One of the main reasons for processing the raw phosphate rock for agricultural purposes is because of the fluoride content mainly in the form of fluorosilicates/silicon tetrafluoride.

Back in the early part of the 20th century when industrial farming was first starting-up, they did many experiments on cheap mineral supplements for animals to keep costs down and profits up.

Raw, powdered phosphate rock was the first choice because of the abundance and it was dirt-cheap. Bone meal was the second choice, but it was more expensive because it had needed cooking in ovens (calcining) at high temperatures before the animals could digest it properly.

When the animal nutrition researchers did the first experiments with the powdered phosphate rock, the animals started to get sick. The cow's milk was drying-up, and there was a high rate of calf stillbirths.

It was really knocking the pigs' health for a loop many of them became so sick, they just quit eating, quit breeding, and the researchers said they seemed to give up the will to live.

Well, as for the chickens, they just up and died after eating food supplemented with the raw phosphate rock.

They knew that fluorides were toxic and determined that it was the fluorides, but in later experiments, they found that it wasn't just any type of fluoride, but the fluorosilicates* that were doing most of the damage. They used sodium fluoride (like what they use in toothpaste) and sodium fluorosilicate to compare the poisonous effects on the farm animals, and found that the sodium fluorosilicate was a much more effective poison. Another reason for processing the raw phosphate rock is that the fluoride content is also enough to be toxic to many agricultural crops the raw rock will actually inhibit the growth of crops. Some plants like gladiolas will just wilt will die when fertilized with raw phosphate rock because of the fluoride content.

* Also known as hydrofluorosilcic acid.

The outcome of those early studies strongly suggested that using raw phosphate rock as a cheap fertilizer or animal mineral supplement is not the way to go if you wanted to make a profit and have healthy plants and animals."

Extracted form the book: "Phosphate Fluorides - Toxic Torts" By Gary O. Pittman (page 26)

For more see: Earth Island Journal - Special Feature: "Fluoride and the Phosphate Connection." An expose about how America's public drinking water is fluoridated with pollution scrubber liquor from phosphoric acid processing. This is must read!

Chris Gupta


Hi Chris,

George Glasser sent me the complete Kick study years ago. You may as well have the original summary.



Kick, CH et al. "Fluorine in Animal Nutrition". Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster, Ohio. Bulletin 558. November 1935.

Summary: Pages 73 & 74.

1. The toxicity of fluorine varied with the form of fluorine fed. Sodium fluoride was much more toxic to pigs, rats, and chicks than calcium fluoride when these two salts were fed at comparable fluorine levels. Rock phosphate, phosphatic limestone, and treble superphosphate occupied intermediate positions in this respect.

2. Rations containing excessive amounts of available fluorine reduced the growth and the feed consumption of pigs and chicks and definitely increased the feed requirement per unit of gain for the pig.

3. When the rations of pigs contained more than 0.029 per cent of fluorine as sodium fluoride or more than 0.033 per cent as rock phosphate, the bones were characterized by increased thickness, loss of normal color and luster, presence of exostoses, and a decreased breaking strength.

4. The weakened, thickened bones resulting from fluorine feeding contained normal percentages of ash, calcium, and phosphorus, increased amounts of magnesium and fluorine, and decreased percentages of carbonates. These changes were directly correlated with increased amounts of fluorine in the ration.

5. The inclusion of fluorine in the ration of the pig increased the thickness of the walls of the femurs but not of the mandibles. The increased thickness of the mandibles was due to an increase in the size of the medullary spaces. A change also occurred in the type of marrow present.

6. High-fluorine rations increased the width of the dental arch in pigs but not in rats.

7. The inclusion of excessive amounts of fluorine in the rations of pigs and rats caused hypoplasia of the enamel of the teeth. In pigs, the feeding of such rations over long periods of time caused the teeth to become so soft that they were worn down until in some cases the pulp cavities were exposed. The incisors of the rat became white in color and some were elongated with the occluding incisor worn down or broken off. These changes were accompanies by hypoplasia of the enamel. The dentin was similarly affected to a less degree.

8. The percentages of ash, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and carbon dioxide in the teeth were unaffected by the fluorine content of the ration but the percentage of fluorine was increased in direct proportion to the amount of this element present in the ration.

9. High levels of fluorine in the ration exerted no direct effect upon reproduction in rats or pigs but adversely affected lactation through decreased feed consumption.

10. Rations containing large amounts of fluorine caused an increased water consumption and a diuresis in pigs.

11. Sodium fluoride, calcium fluoride, and phosphatic limestone had no evident effect on the livers, kidneys, spleens, thyroids, or parathyroids of rats or on the livers or kidneys of pigs.

12. The addition of 1 per cent or more of rock phosphate to the ration of pigs caused a degeneration of the epithelium of the convoluted tabules and a fibrosis of the kidney. This did not occur in the case of the rat.

13. The feeding of sodium fluoride at levels of 0.05 per cent of the ration caused a retardation in the rate of growth of the rat but had no effect on the percentage of bone ash at maturity.

14. When fluorine as rock phosphate or sodium fluoride was fed at levels of 0.071 per cent, a retardation occurred in the calcification of the bones of rats at 5 and 10 weeks of age.

15. The availability of fluorine varied with the form in which the fluorine was fed. Approximately 30 per cent of the fluorine ingested in the form of rock phosphate, sodium flusilicate and sodium fluoride was retained in the body by the rat while none of the fluorine in the form of calcium fluoride was retained.

16. The effect of fluorine feeding on blood coagulability varied with the species. High-fluorine rations increased the rate of coagulation in the case of the chick and decreased it in the case of the rat.

17. For practical feeding purposes, rock phosphate may be fed to pigs at 0.5 per cent of the ration and to chicks at 2 per cent of the ration for short periods without danger of fluorine toxicity. If the animals are to be maintained on the ration for long periods of time (12 months or longer), the use of smaller amounts is recommended.

Emphasis added - MJ

See also: Sowing the Seeds of Cancer!


posted by Chris Gupta on Thursday June 9 2011
updated on Saturday June 11 2011

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Readers' Comments

I wonder if the conclusion I see here has enough strength to stand on its own. As I understand things, adding fluoride to water supplies came about because some place in Texas had low tooth decay and a high fluoride content in the drinking water. People with toxic stockpiles of fluoride saw a chance to make bucks by dumping their waste in drinking water of other communities. Most people now see the folly of that.

OTOH, deposits of marine skeletons we know as rock phosphate have been used as soil fertilizer for generations to produce highly enriched crops that have led to stronger animals and humans. I fail to see that the two concepts are in any way similar and I fear that whoever says they are the same is merely chasing bubbles in the wind.

Some real research is needed here.


You make good points, not all phosphate Rock is the same - this is the stuff that is in Florida or should I say fluorida I have updated the post with some more info.

Chris Gupta

Posted by: Rex Harrill on June 10, 2011 10:33 PM


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