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November 07, 2003

Bad News About Statin Drugs

The following article form the "Center for Medical Consumers" summaries the real Cholesterol sham that is being imposed on the unsuspecting. I have highlighted the key points to assist all to get the gist of this issue and ramp up on these concerns. Naturally, pharma and their medical cronies will not discuss these openly due their funding dependencies.

Chris Gupta

..."Dr. Ravnskov managed to push the envelope further by making a case for high cholesterol as a protective against cancer. He showed slides listing published studies that found higher rates of infectious disease among hospitalized people with low cholesterol levels. Also, several studies found higher cancer rates in people with low cholesterol levels...

"Anyone who questions cholesterol usually finds his funding cut off," said Paul Rosch, MD, who started his talk with a reminder that half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels. "Stress has more deleterious effects on the heart than cholesterol," said Dr. Rosch,

...hundreds of people wrote in to say they, too, had experienced severe memory loss while on Lipitor. "Patients are reluctant to report amnesia, or they attribute the symptoms to old age or early Alzheimer's," explained Dr. Graveline. "And doctors are reluctant to see that the drug they prescribed was the cause." Still, the official word on Lipitor is that memory loss is not a statin side effect. "Thousands of cases of memory dysfunction have been reported to the FDA's Medwatch program," he said, "but after two years, the agency still hasn't acted. And most practicing physicians are unaware of the problem." Lipitor is not the only statin linked to this side effect, observed Dr. Graveline...

..."In drug trials, the pharmaceutical companies often divide similar adverse effects into six or seven different categories to keep the scarier side effects under 1%."...

...statin drugs deplete the body of an important anti-oxidant (CQ10) with muscle wasting and heart failure as a result.

..."It has been pretty well documented from biopsies that the severity of heart failure correlates with the people who have the lowest levels of Q10."...

..."[People are eating] a diet high in grain and inappropriate fats, instead of the natural animal fats, such as lard, tallow, chicken fat, goose fat, and the natural vegetable fats, such as olive, palm, and coconut oils, that we used to have in our diets," and contrary to the current "propaganda," she explained that these fats and oils are essential components to a healthful diet. These so-called good fats provide the major fuel for the heart, kidneys, and skeletal muscles, said Dr. Enig, who said the inappropriate fats are the highly processed polyunsaturated fats, such as soybean, canola, and corn oils, which are promoted [ironically] as heart protective."...


By Maryann Napoli (June 2003)

The cholesterol skeptics were there. So were the physicians who challenge the safety and necessity of cholesterol-lowering drugs. And then there were the lipid researchers whose findings totally contradict the prevailing dietary advice to the public: Avoid saturated fats, limit cholesterol, and use more polyunsaturated oils. Their presentations were met with enthusiastic approval at a conference held last spring in Arlington, Virginia. But then again, the attendees were not the usual people who show up at a conference billed as "Heart Disease in the 21st Century: Beyond the Lipid Hypothesis." They were practicing physicians, biochemists, farmers, greenmarket activists, researchers, cooks, parents of young children, and people who have been told their cholesterol is too high. The general message was: Fats are extremely important to good health...the right kinds of fat, that is.

Cholesterol was the dominant topic of the two-day event, as well as the subject of the opening lecture provocatively entitled, "High Cholesterol Protects Against Disease." Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD, a Danish physician who has published many critical papers about the purported association between cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, led off with a slide showing the results of all the major clinical trials that attempted to prove that lowering cholesterol in healthy but high-risk people would reduce their death rate from heart disease. "The reduced rates of cardiovascular mortality were small for men and non-existent for women," said Dr. Ravnskov, who is the author of The Cholesterol Myths, a paperback that refutes the theory that cholesterol in our food and in our blood causes heart disease.

These cholesterol trials also looked at total mortality, that is, the deaths from all causes, and found little difference between the study participants who tried to lower their cholesterol and those who did not. In other words, some clinical trials showed that the heart disease death rates were, in fact, lower among men who had reduced their cholesterol levels. But this benefit was offset by a higher rate of deaths from other causes.

Given these unimpressive research results, why is high cholesterol so firmly imbedded in our consciousness as a sure-fire sign of a future heart attack? Dr. Ravnskov said that it all started with the landmark Framingham Heart Study, which began following healthy people in the early 1950s to see who had a heart attack and what distinguished them from the people who did not. High cholesterol was one risk factor--but it was only one of more than 240 others. "They [public health officials, cardiologists, etc.] have confused a statistical association with causation," he observed. "It's as if they saw a house burning and determined that the bigger the fire, the more fireman are present, and then concluded that firemen cause burning houses."

When studies failed to prove that lowering cholesterol made any lifesaving difference, researchers forged ahead with more multi-million dollar clinical trials. Not until the statin drugs (Lipitor, Mevacor, Zocor, Lescol, Crestor, Advicor) came along did cholesterol-lowering finally prove to be lifesaving to high-risk but healthy people. Whether this benefit might actually be due to the anti-inflammatory effects of statins has been the topic of controversy ever since.

As with several of the speakers who would follow him, Dr. Ravnskov is unimpressed with the reduction in heart disease mortality shown for the statin drugs "When you look at the CARE trial [Cholesterol And Recurrent Events], Pravachol did show a small benefit--after five years 5.7% had died from heart disease in the [untreated] control group, compared to only 4.6% in the treatment group, but [this benefit] was not dose related." he said, referring to the expectation that the more a person lowers his or her* cholesterol, the less likely a heart-related death. Also, the people taking Pravachol had a few more deaths from other causes. Dr. Ravnskov managed to push the envelope further by making a case for high cholesterol as a protective against cancer. He showed slides listing published studies that found higher rates of infectious disease among hospitalized people with low cholesterol levels. Also, several studies found higher cancer rates in people with low cholesterol levels.

Women told to take statin drugs should be aware of this risk found in the CARE trial: There were 12 cases of breast cancer in the women taking Pravachol, compared with only one case in the untreated (control) group. Statin drug proponents dismissed this worrisome finding as a fluke, said Dr. Ravnskov, because the control group would be expected to have had more than one case of breast cancer.

"Anyone who questions cholesterol usually finds his funding cut off," said Paul Rosch, MD, who started his talk with a reminder that half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels. "Stress has more deleterious effects on the heart than cholesterol," said Dr. Rosch, who is a clinical professor of medicine and psychiatry at New York Medical College and president of the American Institute of Stress. He put a different spin on the oft-quoted studies of immigrants with low rates of heart disease that change for the worse years after they emigrated to the U.S. The shift to a Western diet is usually identified as the culprit, but Dr. Rosch suggests that the stress of adapting to a new culture is harder on the heart. For example, a study of Japanese male immigrants found a lower rate of heart attack among those who consumed a Western diet but retained a Japanese lifestyle, compared to those who continued to eat only traditional Japanese foods but lived a Western lifestyle.

Statin Drugs & Memory Loss

Duane Graveline, MD, MPH, a retired family doctor and former NASA scientist/astronaut, recounted his own hair-raising experience taking the popular statin drug Lipitor for only six weeks. Soon after he went for a walk, Dr. Graveline was found wandering, confused, and reluctant to enter his own home because he didn't recognize it or remember his wife's name. Six hours later--after being examined by a neurologist and undergoing an MRI--he came to his senses. Transient global amnesia (TGA) was diagnosed. Neither he nor his physician suspected Lipitor, so Dr. Graveline was restarted on one-half the previous dose. Again, at six weeks, the TGA returned. This time, he regressed to his teen-age years with no memory for his time in college, medical school, or the recent past. "Many decades of my life were obliterated," he said. "The diagnosis was TGA: cause unknown."

To verify his growing suspicion that Lipitor might be the cause, Dr. Graveline wrote to Joe and Teresa Graedon, the husband and wife team that writes the syndicated column called The People's Pharmacy, which specializes in warning the public about drug side effects. The Graedons asked for permission to print his letter in their column, and once it appeared, hundreds of people wrote in to say they, too, had experienced severe memory loss while on Lipitor. "Patients are reluctant to report amnesia, or they attribute the symptoms to old age or early Alzheimer's," explained Dr. Graveline. "And doctors are reluctant to see that the drug they prescribed was the cause." Still, the official word on Lipitor is that memory loss is not a statin side effect. "Thousands of cases of memory dysfunction have been reported to the FDA's Medwatch program," he said, "but after two years, the agency still hasn't acted. And most practicing physicians are unaware of the problem." Lipitor is not the only statin linked to this side effect, observed Dr. Graveline.

A reporter pointed out to that FDA-required trials do not report memory loss in people taking statins. An explanation was offered by Joel M. Kauffman, PhD, research professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. "In drug trials, the pharmaceutical companies often divide similar adverse effects into six or seven different categories to keep the scarier side effects under 1%." To illustrate his point, Dr. Kauffman said that amnesia could be divided into confusion, memory loss, senility, and cognitive impairment. There is general acknowledgment, however, that muscle pain, weakness, fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, and rhabdomyolysis, a potentially fatal muscle disease, are statin side effects, though they are thought to be rare.

With a little distance from his harrowing TGA experience, Dr. Graveline said that he began to question why he took Lipitor in the first place. "I had come to think of cholesterol as my personal enemy--my cholesterol levels had climbed [over the years] despite a fat-restricted diet, but no one mentions the proper function of cholesterol in the body," he continued. "We doctors march to the low-fat, low-cholesterol band." He soon learned that cholesterol plays a critical role in the maintenance and healthy functioning of cell activity in the body.

Coenzyme Q10

Several speakers expressed the opinion that the statin drugs' ability to reduce cardiovascular mortality has nothing to do with cholesterol reduction, but instead can be attributed to their anti-inflammatory effects. (A viewpoint that has been appearing in medical journals over the last few years.) Furthermore, the physicians who addressed the conference were united in their concern that the statin drugs deplete the body of an important anti-oxidant with muscle wasting and heart failure as a result. Peter Langsjoen, MD, of Tyler, Texas, said that he left his invasive cardiology practice at the University of Texas Health Center to specialize in "congestive heart failure, primary and statin-induced diastolic dysfunction and other diseases of the heart muscle." For over 20 years, he has been using coenzyme Q10 to treat a broad range of cardiovascular diseases. Q10, as he called it, can be purchased over the counter as a dietary supplement in health food stores and pharmacies.

Dr. Langsjoen said that the research on the importance of Q10 ties in nicely with the underlying philosophy of this conference because increased levels of this "vitaminlike" substance can be found in traditional foods with high fat content like organ meats, seafood, and red meat. "I call Q10 vitaminlike because it has properties of a vitamin," explained Dr. Langsjoen, "but since we synthesize it, as well as get it in our diet, it's not truly a vitamin." All statin drugs decrease both the blood levels and cellular concentrations of Q10, observed Dr. Langsjoen, the higher the dose, the greater the decrease in Q10. "As we get older, our Q10 levels fall, but we really don't know why--could be the diet," he said. "People who make it to 90 tend to have high Q10 levels, though. Most of the Q10 research has been focused on heart failure, said Dr. Langsjoen because the heart uses a huge amount of Q10. "It has been pretty well documented from biopsies that the severity of heart failure correlates with the people who have the lowest levels of Q10."

What's more, there is a serious gap in information regarding the role of statins in treating heart failure. "All the major statin trials excluded patients with class III and IV [advanced] heart failure, so we have no safety data in these patients with heart failure, though statins are prescribed to them with reckless abandon." Dr. Langsjoen is not alone in this concern which was expressed over a year ago by Australian physicians who asked, "Statins and Chronic Heart Failure: do we need a large-scale outcome trial?" in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Most medications destined to cause an adverse effect will do so early on, according to Dr. Langsjoen, who found this not to be the case with statins. "You don't realize you're in trouble until two or three years later, and it's hard to relate it to a drug you started a few years ago.

Dietary Fats and Oils

The story of how statin drugs became a multi-billion-dollar industry may have started with the identification of cholesterol as the chief culprit in heart disease, but in time the public learned that the low-fat diet would prevent heart attacks in people without symptoms of heart disease--an idea that the sponsors of this conference believe has produced numerous health problems. Mary Enig, PhD, an expert in lipid chemistry, spoke of the misinformation perpetuated upon the public by the government-sponsored "pyramid diet," which was introduced over 20 years ago and marked the beginning of the promotion of the low-fat diet. Along with the "use sparingly" advice, fats, oils, and sugar are at the very tip of the Food Guide Pyramid symbol that appears on food labels.

Dr. Enig believes that the rise of obesity is related to type of foods Americans have been encouraged to eat by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the food industry, and consumer groups. "[People are eating] a diet high in grain and inappropriate fats, instead of the natural animal fats, such as lard, tallow, chicken fat, goose fat, and the natural vegetable fats, such as olive, palm, and coconut oils, that we used to have in our diets," and contrary to the current "propaganda," she explained that these fats and oils are essential components to a healthful diet. These so-called good fats provide the major fuel for the heart, kidneys, and skeletal muscles, said Dr. Enig, who said the inappropriate fats are the highly processed polyunsaturated fats, such as soybean, canola, and corn oils, which are promoted [ironically] as heart protective.

"Before the advent of modern vegetable oils, mankind consumed small accounts of fresh, undamaged polyunsaturated fatty acids found naturally as a component of his food," according to Dr. Enig. "Consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids is much higher today because vegetable oils are used widely as cooking oils and in salad dressings, baked goods, and snack foods. Polyunsaturated oils should never be heated--yet during the extraction process these oils are subjected to very high temperatures that encourage rancidity and the formation of many harmful breakdown products." An example of the harmful breakdown product, she explained, is something called trans fatty acids, which are now generally recognized by mainstream medicine as harmful to the heart. Dr. Enig said that trans fatty acids do not appear on the nutrition labeling of food products, but they should. Trans fatty acids are abundant in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, which are usually listed in the ingredients section of the food label, and are found in only small amounts in animal fats.

Dr. Enig is a leading spokesperson for the Weston A. Price Foundation, which sponsored this conference. The foundation is named for a dentist who, beginning in the 1930s, studied the dentition of healthy isolated people untouched by Western civilization. He found that they inevitably had great bone structure and beautiful straight teeth.

Primitive diets were nutrient dense, with four times the calcium and mineral and ten times the level of fat-soluble vitamins, compared to the modern American diet. Dr. Price continued to study these isolated people as Western foods were introduced. The white flour, sugar, devitalized oils, etc., gradually displaced the traditional foods, such as organ meats, fish eggs, and butter from pasture-fed cows. Changes in diet led to rampant tooth decay; narrowing of the face that brought on a susceptibility to sinus infections; narrowing of the pelvis that led to childbirth difficulties; and behavioral problems. Sally Fallon, president of the tax-exempt foundation, told the conference that its goal is to disseminate the research of this "nutrition pioneer. According to the information packet supplied to the conference attendees, the Weston A. Price Foundation takes no food industry funding.

For More Information:

-Lots of free information about the traditional foods championed by the Weston A. Price Foundation can be found on its Web site ( Tapes of this and past conferences can be purchased via this Web site. Those without Internet access can call (202) 333-HEAL to learn the cost of receiving printed material from the Foundation.

-Visit the International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics at Most of the conference speakers belong to this Network. The 51 members are listed along with their publications.

--- *A study of elderly French women living in a nursing home showed that those with the highest cholesterol levels lived the longest (The Lancet, 4/22/89). The death rate was more than five times higher for women with very low cholesterol. Several other studies have shown similar results. Ironically, Dr. Ravnskov noted that in his practice it was usually the elderly women who were most worried about their cholesterol levels.

Maryann Napoli is the associate director of the Center for Medical Consumers in New York City.

For more information see: BEYOND THE LIPID HYPOTHESIS - Exposing the Fallacy that Cholesterol and Saturated Fat Cause Heart Disease

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* * * A C T I O N A L E R T * * *

( September 2006 )

Some people commenting on this article are asking what can be done to end the tragedy of people getting sicker and sicker with the use of statin drugs, and many are ready to join a class action against the drug makers.

Here is another action anyone in the U.S. can do, as suggested by Duane "Space Doc" Graveline, who has collected much information about statin drugs on his website and has written a book: Statin Drug Side Effects

The action: Write to the members of the Senate Finance Committee explaining that statin drugs such as Lipitor do not help the U.S economy at all. You can put some of your own experiences in that letter, but for a general outline, here is a sample text to download. You should of course suitably amend it, leave out parts you don't care about and add in what you yourself think is of importance, before sending it off to your Senator or Senators.

For a listing of the members of the Senate Finance Committee, go to this site.

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Readers' Comments

I have been taking Statin Lipitor for the last 4 years, and zocor for 10 years earlier,I can now confirm that I am experiecing a loss of memory, and I thought it was due to age ( I am 62 years of age) I do not eat any meat or chicken and I exercise regulary. after reading your articls I am sure it is the side efect of Statin.
Ahmad Fakih

Posted by: Mr Ahmad Fakih on December 8, 2003 06:10 PM



Posted by: ANN on January 11, 2004 12:17 AM


I took Crestor for 15 months and started having memory loss, numbness and tingling, and severe weakness. My MD stopped it and all my symptoms resolved in about a week. Unfortunately, my cholesterol level was still high 6 months later, so my MD started me on Pravachol 20 mg. I wish I had told him to take a hike!! Within 6 weeks I noticed a decrease in memory function - forgetfulness, feeling

Posted by: Mary Schie on February 5, 2004 11:08 PM


My Mom has taken Statin drugs for 12 years. She has gradually lost her ability to walk. She has herniated in her neck and lower back causing what has been diagnosed as spinal stenosis. In the absense of any kind of pain I have my suspicions that her deteriotating condition might be caused by statin drugs. What do you think?

Posted by: joe greco on February 9, 2004 12:55 AM


I have taken Simvastatin for
6 months. I experienced severe
muscle stiffness and muscle
pain. I stopped taking the
the medicine one week ago
and I got my normal me back!

Posted by: Anders Erlandsson on February 14, 2004 09:09 AM


I took Crestor for three months and stopped about 2 weeks ago because of muscle pain and weakness. The weakness seems about the same, but the pain has subsided. How long do you think it will be until my muscle strength returns? I have trouble going up stairs or walking very far, when I never did before. My grip is weak also.

Posted by: Glen on March 30, 2004 04:53 PM


i hear some news that statin can cause hepatoma is this true

Posted by: soad f ali on April 6, 2004 06:33 PM


I just got a script for lipitor and after reading this article I am terrified of it...what to do?? total Cholest.2777 LDL188????

Posted by: jojo on April 13, 2004 11:11 PM


my wife is starting Lipitor and I am afraid of the severe side effects????

Posted by: Bob on April 13, 2004 11:14 PM



Posted by: ANDERSONP1 on April 21, 2004 01:20 AM


I have been on Zocor for approximately a year. When I started taking Neurontin 7 weeks ago for peripheral neuropathy, I became dysfunctional from either just the Neurontin or combined with Zocor. In reading the examples I have gone off both. Anyone that has any info, please reply. Thanks

Posted by: Elizabeth Gokey on April 28, 2004 07:57 PM


Dr. put me on lipitor today due to my high protein and says I am at high risk for heart attack or stoke. I am diabetic, totally under control, my colestrol is 139 -great. I have lost 35 pounds since October and feel great. I am concerned about the side effects.

Posted by: PSims on May 13, 2004 01:39 AM


I am a 55 year old white female that was on Lipitor for about 18 months.Within 2 months of starting the drug I started having many problems with muscle cramps , pain at night that kept me from sleeping more that 30 minutes at a time as I would have to wake up to move,I could not walk more than a few yards without stopping, stairs killed me, I could see myself heading for a wheelchair! When I reported this to my doctor he asked me if I wanted to go on disibility and said the meds would not cause this even though the published side effects included muscle pain. The other disturbing effect I had was the change in my hair..I had extremly curly thick course hair before the Lipitor and the my hair went totally straight, fine and thin.I refused the disibility as I really enjoy me work as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. Then I started to find information regarding the side effects of this drug ie. muscle pain etc so I stopped taking it. I have been off it now for about 4 months some of the pain is gone I still get bad cramps in my calfs and toes if I walk more than a block. I am sleeping better I can now usually get 4-5 hours of sleep before waking, however my hair is still a mess. Has anyone else experienced hair straightening with Lipitor and do the mucsle cramps ever end?

Posted by: on May 24, 2004 02:15 PM


After having been on Lipitor for about 1 year I got occasional swollen eyelids, redness around the eyes (looked like an owl), dry red spots on my face and neck. I looked up side effects of Lipitor and found that the above mentioned problems could be side effects. I have stopped taking Lipitor, and after 2 weeks my skin turned to normal and it has remained normal. I heard from someone else on a Statin drug that she also had swollen eyelids for a short while.

My doctor refused to recognize that these were side effects of Lipitor and almost got angry with me. I am now trying to find another doctor.

Posted by: inger bussanich on July 3, 2004 07:35 AM


Taking Zocor for 2 years and
muscles ache / neck sore / left hand convulsing / headaches / lower back pain /
right knee burning on inside /
shoulder muscles sore.

Posted by: on July 4, 2004 11:42 PM


I have been on Lipitor for almost 3 yrs. B/c I am 65, I have been blaming age for my recent lack of memory. I have also developed severe leg cramps and bad knees. To go from walking like a normal person to almost being afraid of falling is very very scarey. As of today, I am off the Lipitor. My drug of choice will be vitamin C!

Posted by: Maureen Conway on July 7, 2004 08:40 PM


I have had Zocor for the last 7.5 year. At the time I started to take it, I got half of my thyroid to be removed, and I take Thysroid since. Given this and given that Zocor (0.4) keeps my cholesterol in normal level, should I continue to take Zocor?

Thank you.

Posted by: alex on July 14, 2004 10:08 PM


Would like comments the useing of Zocor and Neuroton. I take both and feel like shit. Thank you.

Posted by: David on July 21, 2004 07:16 PM


Prescribed Lipitor about three months ago after angioplasty. No prior cholesterol problem. Took in the evening as recommended. I started to notice total numbness in my right hand at night - woke me up and tingling in my right foot. Also, from time to time sharp sudden flashes of pain in the back of my head. I have decided to stop taking it and have not had any further numberness in my hand. Someone needs to really examine these side effects!

Posted by: Mark on August 20, 2004 06:02 AM


I have taken Zetia for about 3 months and my legs have been cramping in the night. I took Lipitor for many years and began to loose my memory. I thought it was age - 61.

Posted by: barbara on September 3, 2004 03:39 PM


I just wanted to say hi to the owner of a great site. I found a lot of interesting
stuff here. Thanks..

Posted by: Susanne Marie on October 1, 2004 07:56 AM


I have been on lipitor for the 4 years. Had a 3-bypass 3 years ago. I have no muscular pains or any other pains.I take Bezalip 400mg.ret. to gether with the lipitor. I have an elevated Cretanin and protein in the urine.Is this an effect of the Bezalip or lipitor,or both?

Posted by: a.loupo on October 1, 2004 02:25 PM


Had minor heart problem. Hospital prescribed a combination of drugs, including Cordarone and Lipitor. After one year on medication started to suffer muscle loss and control of left foot/leg. Questioned Dr. on medication. No response. Another year on and almost unable to walk even short distances and maintain balance whilst standing. Another Dr. now suspects I have MND. I diced all prescribed medication 3 months ago and started taking a mix of Vitamin E, C, B12 and codliver oil as well as doing simple physical exercises. Have noticed minor improvement in left leg (muscle recovery calve +10%), walking and balance. No problems heart or breathing. Am 67. Would like some feedback.

Posted by: John on October 3, 2004 05:20 AM


I have had serious lower leg pain and back pain that has begunm radiating. I have been on statins for 7 years and have recently stopped them and found that the pain has been reduced but not eliminated. Vascular surgeons, orthopedists have been able to find nothing. I am currently scheduled to see a neurologist. Can this pain be the residual effect of 7 years of statins, particularly Lipitor?

Ray Gilliam

Posted by: Ray Gilliam on October 13, 2004 12:43 AM



Posted by: MEG. on October 26, 2004 08:46 PM


Just discovered this site but I have posted my story elsewhere. My problem was sciatica, a mild version in 2002 after being bumped up to 20mg Lipitor from 10mg. After about 5 months I was totally recovered, could walk normally, no funny gait. After another few months my GP talked me into trying Crestor. Bad idea, within 5 weeks I had a massive sciatica attack, on 2 crutches for 3 weeks with intense pain. Of course I stopped the drug. 15 months later I still have numbness in my left foot. Make sure your doctors and cardiologists file adverse drugreaction reports.

Posted by: stephen ottridge on November 1, 2004 04:00 AM


The problem with doctors filing adverse reaction reports is that there is no way to really prove that the statin drug is the culprit.If is usually many doctors later and sometimes years later that the connection is suspected. What we need is a test to prove what is happening. you were fortunate in making the connection as quickly as you did and not being left with more permanent problems.

Posted by: MEG. on November 1, 2004 08:27 PM


Started taking 10 mg of lipitor. My chlosteral dropped but now my blood pressure is off the charts. Has anybody else had this experience?

Posted by: Gordon on November 3, 2004 03:47 AM


Interest in effectiveness and side effects of first hand experiences with Welchol.When
did you first take it?

Posted by: on November 8, 2004 08:03 PM


My husband started taking Zocor and began having severe muscle pain and the doctor took him off of that and put him on Pravachol and Zetia and it took it for several months without problems and then he started having muscle pain, severe fatigue (this was not normal for him he was a workacholic, but not anymore). I took him off it and then we went back to the heart doctor and he put him on Tricor (this is not a statin) and within two weeks it was bothering him. He has stopped all of it and is still having problems. He spends most of his time in bed, weak, muscle pain and his knees hurt bad. How long does it take to get over?

Posted by: Faye on November 9, 2004 12:04 AM



Posted by: MEG. on November 9, 2004 01:29 PM



Posted by: MEG. on November 10, 2004 08:52 PM


I was diagnosed with high cholestrol in Nov 2003. My DR put me on Crestor.
In May I had an emergency double by-pass and the Heart DR put me on Zucor 80 mg.
With in 1 month I could not walk and ended up in ER.
I had an alergic reaction to Zucor. It almost killed me.
Now I am not allowed to take a Statin drug.
Let it be a warning to everyone

Posted by: Martha on November 12, 2004 12:44 AM


The view that excess levels of saturated animal fat do not contribute to coronary artery disease may be popular with those who are unwilling to give up their steaks and cheeseburgers, but it flies in the face of everything we have learned about diet and heart diseasre in the last fifty or sixty years. Vegetarians and vegans have a much lower incidence of cardiovascular disease than meat eaters; man is not a true carnivore and was not designed to metabolize or ingest high levels of saturated animal fat; animals raised for food in intensive farming today are grain finished, not grass fed, and given growth promoting hormones which increase the fat content of their tissues by as much as fifty percent over what it was a hundred years ago; and the processing of refined white flour has reduced the vitamin E content of breads and everything else made from flour by as much as 90 % - vitamin E is protective against some forms of heart disease because of its role in preventing blood clots and bringing oxygen to the heart.

Posted by: Charles B. Edelman on November 19, 2004 10:59 AM


I have been on Zetia for a year and have had severe muscle cramps that go up into the hip. I have been on a lot of medication they all have caused muscle cramps. I am going off.

Posted by: Carol Fairchild on November 24, 2004 03:17 PM


I took 40 mg zocor for twenty days starting November 10th. I took it at bedtime as my doctor advised. The first night had foot cramps and the next night I had foot and leg cramps. A strange thing happened during the day, as well. I have a buzzing, tingling in my legs after walking for any period of time. Almost a numbness or pins/needles feeling. By the 20th day, I stopped the Zocor as the cramps/pains were too much. I was having cramps in my biceps and chest as well as legs and feet. Also, I have had daily bouts of heartburn. Coincidentally, I had wheezing and lung congestion starting at about the same time I started the Zocor. I have "mild" asthma and had not had an asthma attack in three years prior to this incident. I have been off Zocor for nearly two weeks now. I told my doctor when I stopped it and he ordered a Creatinine Kinease test but that was all. I still do not know the results of that lab. Although I have very few muscle cramps now, I still have the tingling in my legs and arms following exercise, I continue to have heartburn, and I still have a wheeze (treating with Azmacort). I am terribly concerned that I will have peripherial neuropathy for the remainder of my days. Has anyone signed on with the class action suit against Zocor? I am really angry that this could happen to me! I had been taking CoQ10 enzyme (300 mg daily) and vitamins as a hedge against the Zocor side effects (I have a PhD not MD and should have known better). Thanks for listening.

Posted by: Suzanne on December 4, 2004 01:55 PM


I am 43 man, and have been on Zoror 20MG for 12 years. My cholesterol went from 320 to 200, and my HDL went from 32 to 50. I have had terrible muscle pain and weakness in my legs for the last 5 years!!!My legs and arms look really skinny. I am sure this is from the Zocor. My CPK is normal, but the latest research for Myopathy( muscle pain and weakness)is a muscle biopsy. ALL of you on this message board could find out if your problem is due to the STATINS by this test. Remember, some of you are getting older and have back problems and stenosis, which can also cause all these broblems in the legs and muscle pain.

Posted by: Steve Wallitt on December 8, 2004 09:34 PM


Has anyone had any personal usage of ezetrol for cholesterol with out any other drug.In relation to HELLP syndrome and liver damage ?


Posted by: Tony on December 10, 2004 01:12 AM


Everyone seems to be complaining of muscle pain and weakness. The authority on this issue as it relates to statins is Dr. Paul Phillips. The real question is whether people should keep taking their statins with these muscle and weakness problems. If the CPK test is normal, you can still have myopathy from the statins. This would indicate that the muscles are fine, but would show RAGGED RED FIBERS with a muscle biopsy. As long as the CPK remains good, there is no real risk of other serious complications. Nerve problems in the legs almost always originate from disk broblems in the back. Pinched nerves and stenosys can lead to weakness and pain in the legs, and muscle and bone loss.

Posted by: Steve Wallitt on December 10, 2004 03:23 AM


For more testimonials go to:

Posted by: Chris Gupta on December 14, 2004 06:02 PM


I am a 35 year old male, in good shape. My cholestoral was 246. I tried changing my diet for two weeks and lowered it to 225. I started taking Crestor for about 1 month, my cholestoral dropped to 132 but for the last week I have been experiencing a stiff neck (I thought I slept funny), my arms are sore and my lower back in beginning to ache. I am going off the stuff for 5 days to see if there is a change. I have read earlier information and there appears to be significant muscle issues. Anyone else experience side effects after only one month ?

Posted by: Joe on December 20, 2004 10:44 PM


It takes about 4 to 5 weeks for the statins to really be taking effect on your body, so your situation is entirely possible, dare I say probable if you are sensitive to statins.

Posted by: stephen ottridge on December 25, 2004 11:20 PM


I started Zocor and within 2 days I had unbelievable pain (burnng)in the stomach all a round to the back, headaches, bloating, vomiting.

Is this the Zocor?

Posted by: Teresa Rachal on December 27, 2004 03:51 PM


Everyone who gets these side effects urge your doctor to report them. We must build the database. Only 1 in 1000 adverse reactions get reported. Listen to this radio interview, about 15 minutes.

Thursday 30th Dec at 5pm. Starts at about 5.35pm so you can scroll about halfway along when Windows Media starts.

The Dr being interviewed in this radio interview is Dr Bob Rangno who is part of the Therapeutics Initiative group at the University of British Columbia. CKNW is the largest radio station in British Columbia. Hear what he has to say about the drug industry, its marketing of drugs, statins particularly Lipitor.

Posted by: stephen ottridge on January 1, 2005 03:32 PM


I have been taking zocor for high cholesterol for several years, but never associated certain pains I have been living with for some time. My doctor increased my dosage from 40mg to 60mg and I have felt and increase in pain. Specifically my lower back hip area. It also is very painful to bend down and I am often very tired. When I try to go to sleep, I am tossing and turning on a regular basis. Sleep is a challenge could this be the zocor?.

Posted by: Willie Johnson on January 4, 2005 12:52 PM


I enjoy the comments posted here but have a thought to share. 99% of these postings are from people with statin issues, but people who have these issues may only represent 1% of people benefitting from, and/or taking these medications. Best to keep things in context. Plus that, if you all stop these meds, my Merck stock is going to go further in the crapper. Thank you,

Posted by: Matt Scott on January 10, 2005 04:41 PM


Has anyone read anyone done any studies if there is a connection between statin drugs (like melvacor, lipator etc) and lymphoma. My husband had been on various statin drugs for high cholesterol for the past 10 years. Two years ago he was diagnosed with B cell Lymphoma. His onocologyst recommened that he get off the statin drugs. We did 6 months of outpatient chemo and after that he got a clean bill of health and went back to work. His cholesterol increased again and got back on the statin drugs. Six months later his systoms came back and now we are fighting this all over, but the chemo treatments now require hospitalization. If anyone knows or has read any connection between the two please write. I am going to recomment this web site to everyone I know that is on the statin drugs.

Posted by: katie rains on January 25, 2005 05:56 AM


Kenneth see the July 14, 2004 08:32 PM response above.

Posted by: Chris Gupta on January 26, 2005 07:05 PM


i have taken most of the statin drugs over the years they all do the same thing , muscle weakness, acks and pains. i was put on 10 mg of zeta for 3 mo , had colesterol checked and it had
gone up, went from 142 to 214.
i watched what i ate, exercized daily , even lost
a little weight . zetia did not do anything for me.

Posted by: rosemary lee on January 28, 2005 07:30 PM


My father-in-law took Lipitor for at least a year before noticing numbness in his feet and legs. Now he is unable to walk without a walker and his muscles have completly deteriated. He is no longer able to feed himself or take care of his every day needs. This drug is obviously the cause of everyones problems and something must be done.

Posted by: lori on February 7, 2005 03:02 PM



Posted by: ken cohn on February 9, 2005 10:59 PM


I have been on Simvastatin for three months and I have become a virtual cripple my legs,knees and skeletal muscle ache to the point that I can no longer walk mor than a few feet or stand in place for any period of time. My knees have so much pain and sometimes go out right from under me. The pains in my legs and cramps in my calves keep me up at night. I have stopped the drug in the last four days but feel no change in my condition. Will I have permanent damage to me legs I wwork in construction and I need to be able to walk...

Posted by: on February 14, 2005 02:06 AM


I took Lipitor for only 8 days and had muscle cramps and tingling in my face and arms. I stopped the medication and the muscle cramps stopped however, I continue to have the tinging in my face and arms. Any one know how long it takes to get back to normal?

Posted by: Lin;da on February 14, 2005 12:54 PM


I have been on Lipitor for several years and sometimes get stabbing needle pains in my chest. When they twice radiated to my left arm down to my fingers, I went in for an EKG. Both times it was declared not to be a heart problem. Then second incidence was shortly after doubling my perscription of Lipiterror (sic). I have stopped taking it but I am left with about 1/4 strength in my left arm. I also have swollen eyelids (upper and lower bags), and pin-head red spots of blood sub-surface in my skin. Is all this likely from Lipitor? I have stopped it forever.

Posted by: Greg on February 27, 2005 08:22 PM


I started 10 mg Lipitor last fall in order to reduce cholesterol (at 265). I am 52, exercise regularly (weights, stairmaster, 15 miles of walking per week, etc.) Within 6 weeks, cholesterol was at 191 - good. The doctor precribed Zetia to supplement the effect which I started the beginning of January. Last Friday both legs, the left leg in particular became weak and sore. I saw the doctor who said that I could stop the medicine if concerned. By today (Monday), both legs are VERY weak and sore, walking at all is now difficult. It seems that it is at the worst when I first get out of bed. This morning I had blood drawn for the muscle degeneration panel and am seeing the doctor with my quickly worsening condition. Lowered cognizence/memory has been a concern of mine for the last few months as well. As of today, I have stopped taking the medicines. I hope this is reversible!

Posted by: John on February 28, 2005 07:45 PM


Cholesterol Control..The Niacin Solution by William Parsons,M.D., Jr. is very informative concerning cholesterol.. THe above article on this page about the large doses of Vit. C and L-Lysine would help many people. Statins can be very dangerous. Lovastatin has caused my arm muscles to ache. I will be switching to 2-4 grams Niacin but it is dangerous unless your Dr. knows something abut Niacin. Happy Healing to all.

Posted by: K Deen on March 1, 2005 02:14 AM


I took Lipitor for about 5 or 6 years and it kept my cholesterol low. I took 20mg for the first few years and then cut down to 10mg the last year and a half. However, this last year I began to get some pain in my chest (muscular

Posted by: Mark Sherry on March 2, 2005 02:54 PM


A follow up to my posting on the 28th: Upon his request, after describing my quickly degenerating condition, I went to my GP who had originally precribed the Lipitor and who had seen me the previous Friday. By late afternoon when I saw him I could barely stand up and was beginning to experience sharp pains - he looked terified.

He had me go see a neurologist (who stayed late just to see me) to undergo some tests. The neurologist spent over an hour checking my condition, including attaching electrodes to my legs, applying voltages and checking the "shocked" velocities of my reflexes. He also put a probe into the muscle tissue to "listen" to an audio version (!) of the electrical impulses during relaxation and tension. His ultimate conclusion : statin side effects and pretty severe. However, he wanted to make final determination using the muscular CPK blood test, not to be available until yesterday. He called me yesterday and confirmed elevated enzyme levels in the blood that represent muscle damage. By this time he was sure of statin as the cause. The doctor also said that recovery (after cessation of taking Lipitor and Zetia, of course) would be gradual over several weeks. Today I feel better than Monday, but I am still sore and slow.

Posted by: John on March 2, 2005 07:31 PM


In 2003 I took 20mg. of Zocor for 3-4 months. I had muscle pain after a moderate work out. My doctor said not to worry as my liver tests were fine. Two weeks later I was hospialized for nearly two months for acute anuric renal failure secondary to rhabdomyolysis caused by the zocor. I was unable to move and in severe pain. I was on dialysis daily for several weeks and then three times per week for several months. I was diagnosed with ESRD ( end stage renal failure) My CPK level was @ ONE MILLION per my medical records. My doctor said it is a miracle I am alive. I am now off dialysis but continue to have muscle pain, weakness, fatigue and anxiety. I now have 50% kidney function after nearly two years which my doctor said he had never seen before after being so long ESRD and then at about 30% function for more than a year. If you experience muscle pain while taking zocor and your doctor says not to worry, DO WORRY! Stop taking zocor immediately. The doctors could not believe how fast my symptoms came on but did conclude my illness was caused by the zocor. I will live with this for the rest of my life. Now I want to warn others. I had been taken off Liptor after only a few days because of cramping muscles and then one month later put on zocor. I expressed concern about taking zocor but I was told by my doctor it would be best for me and to trust him . I no longer have this doctor caring for me but there was no legal recourse per three different attorneys reviewed my case. I am working with legal counsel regarding the potential zocor claim. I wish I would have never taken a statin drug.


Posted by: Patti Santrizos on March 3, 2005 05:26 AM


Has anyone reported any connection between statin drugs and Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis? I have been diagnosed with HP after taking Lipitor about 5 years. I have shortness of breath and lung damage. I strongly suspect it is caused from taking Lipitor. I am discontinuing taking it.

Posted by: Ronald Johnson on March 7, 2005 06:20 PM


I just surfed in this interesting place. The competition is incredible but with a little luck and good connections you can get to the top. Good luck my friend

Posted by: Roberto Paul on March 10, 2005 08:36 AM


Obviously the PCT must give the gps a good bonus for prescribing simvador and not simvastatin What happened to patient choices?

Posted by: debbie wallace on March 11, 2005 08:26 PM


I am a 40 year old male. I suffered a heart attack in Oct. of 2004. I had a 99 % blockage of a descending artery and was given an angioplasty and stint implacement. I was also placed on Zocor along with a slew of other drugs while in the hospital. When I left the hospital I was prescribed Crestor. Within 1 week I began to experiance SEVERE leg and chest muscle pain. I was walking and my legs just froze up once. The pains scared me and I went to the hospital thinking I was having another heart attack. The doctors admitted me immediatly and did another heart catherization and found no blockages and my stint was fine. I was then told to get off the crestor and for two weeks. I began to feel better but my cholesterol increased. My new doctor then prescribed flovastatin and told me that this drug was much more mild than crestor. I began to feel the same way again along with bloating and lack of energy. I finally told my doctor that I was no longer taking ANY statins. My condition has not gotten worse however it has not improved a whole lot either. I am still having muscel pains chest pain and tiredness. I have been tested for everything! Most recently MS and Hepetitis(since my liver enzymes were 4 and 5 times too high!). I am now trying a natural way to heal these problems and I just wondered if anyone out there had similar chest muscel pains and dizziness and how long they had to endure this pain! Sometimes it is so bad I cannot sleep very well and have zero energy. Anyone who is reading this please DO NOT TAKE STATINS.

Posted by: Ron on March 19, 2005 06:41 PM


My husband has been on Lipitor 10 and 20mg doses, even 40 for about 4 months. He is now suffering from joint pain in his hips, arms, shoulders and legs. He has lost muscle tone and feels weak, his energy level is almost nil. He stopped taking it almost two weeks ago and is now more energetic but when tested this past Monday his cholesterol has gone UP! It is even higher than when he first began taking the drug. He watches his diet yet it continues to rise. Has anyone else had these problems and is this normal?

Posted by: Tammy on March 24, 2005 03:42 PM


What about vytorin(zetia plus zocor) has anyone had side-effects. I have had side effects from statins in various degrees. Zetia has caused sinusitis, but no other problems when I was on that alone. not effective in overall cholesterol lowering for me. Runner and the stains definitely hurt muscles and jts.

Posted by: Jerry on March 27, 2005 09:12 PM


I was on Lipator for 5 years and was diagnosed with infiltrates in my lungs. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital and even had open lung biopsy which the results were sent to Mayo and Baylor medical. No one could find any reason for the infiltrates. I was then referred to UT Southwestern Medical after 9 months of testing. The Pulmonologist from UTSW immediately took me off of Lipator and my lungs have started clearing after 30 days and are continuting to clear after 5 months. I should be off of oxygen by Summer. Lipator was definitely not the drug for me.

Posted by: Delores Maxwell on March 28, 2005 10:17 PM


I just surfed in this interesting place. The competition is incredible but with a little luck and good connections you can get to the top. Good luck my friend.

Posted by: Katrin Love on April 26, 2005 01:03 PM


Hi all and thanks for the wonderful information. I have been placed on Vytorin for cholesterol of 278 just 5 weeks ago. I began experiencing severe mid back pain right thru to my chest and stomach and severe pain in my right shoulder behind the shoulder blade, just unbearable. Not thinking it could be the vytorin, I started preparing for my death, as I felt as if my time was coming to an end with no explaination for my symptoms. After speaking with my mother, she asked if I had been taking any new meds. I told her I started taking vytorin 5 weeks ago, and she told me to stop taking it right away. Since then I found this web site and I am grateful to those of you who have posted your stories. I am not sure if I have any permanent damage after only 5 weeks of taking the vytorin, but I will start taking a more natural alternative as posted here. Thanks to all.

Posted by: Karen V on May 9, 2005 04:06 AM


I have been taking vytorin on and off for about 8-9 months, now. I have experienced right shoulder pain so bad that I can hardly raise my right arm to put on the steering wheel of my car. I have done the on and off thing just to see if Vytorin is the actual cause of the pain. Folks it sure is!! Vytorin did bring my cholesterol levels down consideerably, but the pain is unbearable. I plan to seek a more natural way to bring my cholesterol levels down. I have never been over weight and have always excersized and eaten right. There has to be a better way!!! Oh, by-the-way I am a registered nurse.

Posted by: sheila canatrell on May 11, 2005 08:26 PM


I am using a wheel chair. Eight months ago I easily walked 2-3 miles a day in about 45 minutes. This drastic change was induced by statin drugs and Zetia. I have major heart problems and HAD to take the drugs. The main statin drug is Pravastatin 80mg daily. My AST levels went to 4 times normal about 60 days after the cardiologist started me on Zetia. My myoglobin levels are elevated. I cannot stand unless I push myself up and fight to maintain my balance. I have fallen over 100 times in the last few months. My primary care MD discontinued the statins until the find out what is happening to me. I will never take statins again nor Zetia. I am trying the vitamin C mega dose to see how much it will lower my cholesterol levels. I doubt very much if I will ever regain my ability to walk normally. I have appts. scheduled with a Neurologist and a Rheumantologist. Think twice before you take statins. I am now on a plant-based diet. No animal products ... Good Luck to All.

Posted by: Rob on May 12, 2005 04:27 PM



Posted by: MEG on May 15, 2005 02:54 PM


I am 41 years old, healthy, athletic, and fit (have exercised daily for 20 years - weights, running, biking...). I have been on various statins for 13 years, Lipitor for the last seven years. In January 2004 my doctor added Zetia to the Lipitor. I immediately experienced muscle and joint pain. Six months later it got very bad - CPK level = 1000. I also experienced memory problems and cognitive impairment (making it difficult to function at work). I have been off all medications for 3 months now. I feel a little better, but not much. Is the damage permanent?

Posted by: Ron P on May 16, 2005 12:12 AM


I cant believe whats happened to me. I have been on cholestrol medication..I dont remember when i started taking them, but now i can barely walk, i use a heart is so broken i can barely get dressed i am depressed I want to know know if i will ever regain the use of my legs, even my ablity to use the bath room is almost gone. if u have any ideal how long this condition will last please tell me what i need to do.

Posted by: norma on May 18, 2005 03:47 AM


Three years ago I had a heart event and in line with my mother and younger sister it was discovered that we all had inherited hypercholesterolaemia (FH) I was put on simvastatins which just upset my hole digestive system, could not eat drink and just wanted to be sick. My G.P put me on Pravastatin and at my regular 6months blood test I mentioned aches across my chest and light muscles pain, they were said not to be related to statins. After l8month my Liver enzymes were raised and by the 2nd 6month test they were even higher. I was put on the Benzfibrate family of drugs, within 2months the muscles aches were bad, however by the third month my whole back, hips and legs lost all strength and I could hardly move. My G.P. did all the tests after taking me off Fibrate and said I did not have the muscles disease - however my muscles pains disappeared leaving a sore place down the hip and leg where it first all started.
I have now been prescribed Crestor (or Rosestatin
new to our market August 2004) Obviously I am wondering wether to try this low does as the G.P. are aware of the Liver problems, but the question is can you live with raised liver enzymes? I also feel after reading this site that I had memorey lost and very heavy exhausted days. My Mother who has been in Lipostat after 10years had muscles pains - dry skin and unexplained aches all over her body. My sister has decided not to take them, but like the rest of the family despite a good diet, exercise Omer-3 our cholesterol still remains high without statin. I hope that the trial studies being carried out on plant extract Stanol will help all of us!

Posted by: Gladys on May 24, 2005 10:42 PM


My brother has taken Lipator for 1 year. I am reading these comments and I am afraid...

Posted by: Jack on June 1, 2005 03:08 PM


I am 32 and went from advicor to crestor. My neck is killing me and it is giving me Gas and sometime greasy bowl issues. Not so fun at work in the middle of a meeting.

Posted by: Tony on June 23, 2005 10:05 PM


Wow, I am glad I found this site. I have been on vytorin for about 4 months, and recently have had lower back pain and a burning right calf. My doctor thought my calf was burning due to my back. I think he was right, because I am taking muscle relaxers and the burning is gone. I also have had muscle tremors all over my body, and can't even do a sit up without my abs tremoring real bad. Also I can not hold my hand steady. If I try to make a muscle it tremors. I thought it has to be Parkinson's or MS. It is even hard to use a computer, because I have to concentrate on what I am doing. For the last couple of weeks the digits have not been working right at all. But now that I see that other people are going threw the same thing that I am, I feel confident that I am not going to die from this. I feel like crap though, and hope this goes away. Thank you everybody for the stories, because I have been pretty scared of my health, I am only 33 years, and have two small children that I would like to be there for.

Posted by: brian on July 20, 2005 10:05 PM


I am a 37 year-old male.

At age 35, my cholesterol suddenly began to rise. Total was 270 with a high LDL. My doctor started me on Zocor and within weeks I began getting head colds on a regular basis (normally, I get about two a year, but after startig Zocor, I got one every 4 or 5 weeks). Because I kept going back to the doctor for these colds, they took the standard temperature/blood pressure. Over a four-month period while on Zocor (5mg daily), I saw my blood pressure - which had always been low to normal - suddenly creep upward. When it finally reached 150/100, I stopped the Zocor. Within a month, the blood pressure was dropping and the colds went away.

My blood pressure returned to normal, and when I finally went back to the doctor about 7 months (and no colds) later, we decided to try Lipitor. Within 10 DAYS, my blood pressure was 140/100. I went to the doctor for treatment for poison ivy, and he confirmed the hypertension (138/100 at his office)

I have stopped taking any cholesterol medication. I refuse to trade one potential defect for another.

Posted by: Patrick J on July 22, 2005 11:29 AM



Posted by: SHERRY on August 10, 2005 10:52 AM


Hi, I am an old case(1990) of RCA blockage (97%).Till this year(2005) I was treated with 50-75mg of ASA(Ecosprin). Three months ago I had an angiograph and thellium stress tests.Both showed improvement from simillar tests done 15years ago! As such I did not heed the recomendation to have a RCA bye-pass.However,I was put onto Stain tablets (Atorvastatin-10). Lately I have started to experience back and leg muscular aches.This I found unussual since I am very active physically and have never suffered such symptoms. Since there was no change in my lifestyle, I suspected the new medication that I had been taking for the past 3 months.Today I found this site through Google and after having read all the letters, decieded to stop taking statins for some time and see what happens.Luckily my cholesterol and blood pressure have always been within limits, so no risks are involved.Will post results on this site after a couple of weeks.

Posted by: Pritam Singh on August 14, 2005 08:58 AM


For Karen Smolar. It usually takes about 4 or 5 weeks on a statin before the drug is operating "normally". This is probably why you had problems after 4 weeks on Lipitor.

Posted by: stephen ottridge on September 5, 2005 09:22 PM


Wow! I have been reading this site for over a hour and cannot believe how many of the symptoms I have that I have read about here. Started on Lipator 3 years ago after an MI then was switched to Vytorin a few weeks ago because my LDL was 90 and too high according to my dr. I am a 55 year old female-have experienced intestinal disorders and heartburn, shoulder and hand joint pain, loss of memory since I have been on Lipator. The intestinal disorders started after I began taking the Vytorin. Never thought that the drugs were the culprit, but sure do now! Who has a surefire natural way to lower the LDL as mine was very high. Thanks.

Posted by: marian on September 8, 2005 10:23 PM


I am presently in such pain its hard to type. Began lipitor 5 years ago. Three mo. ago developed hip pain. now all leg muscles, shoulders and hips really painfull. have very hard time . now i am getting attacks of severe tiredness in my leg muscles can hardley walk across room. damn the people who do this to us!

Posted by: rick on September 14, 2005 06:32 PM



Posted by: Cathy on August 28, 2006 05:59 AM


I have high cholesteral and last year was put on Zocor. In 12 days I started getting extreme weakness in my arms and discontinued the drug. I started seeing a new doctor and he was concerned about my cholesteral. He prescribed Crestor 10 mg. I told him that I was on Remicade and 2000mg a day of Napralan. All hard on your liver. I took 1 10 mg dose of Crestor at bedtime and woke up the next morning with severe cramps and contractures in my legs. I was short of breath, had mild chest pain. The muscles in both arms were extremely sore, even to touch. I later that day noticed that I had broken blood vessels across the top of both thighs. I of course stopped the drug and now 3 days later I feel much better but my calves are still cramping and I am still very tired. I will never, ever take a statin drug again!Has anyone had this happen after a single dose?

Posted by: susan on September 1, 2006 04:51 PM


I was put on Zetia on a Tuesday and woke up on Friday with a terrible ache in my chest muscle. I had not done anything physical to cause the pain. I kept taking the Zetia until the following week.....when I stopped it on my own. I stayed off the drug for about three weeks....the pain lessened, but did not go away totally. I tried taking the drub again and within just a few days the pain started to increase again. After stopping the drug again, it took a few months before the pain left completely. I am scared to take any other statin if that was the reaction to Zetia which is supposed to be mild!!!!

Posted by: sylvia on September 3, 2006 03:48 PM


I took Triglide for high triglycerides. Shortly developed numbness in my feet and legs. Came off of it. Few months later, gave it another try for a couple of months. Same symptoms showed up. Then, was given Vytorin. Took for 3 days and had my first vertigo attack. I wanted to die. After 3 months, took one more Vytorin just to see. Woke up this morning with the room spinning. Never again. Still have bouts with numbness and tingling in arms, legs and sometimes face. Will be having MRI and Neuro Conductance tests next week. I will not take statins ever again. Will hit the road running. Watch diet and lose a few pounds. Take a daily aspirin, Omega 3, balanced diet. If I die, then I die. But I will not be driven to death by a pharmaceutical company.

Posted by: harry on September 13, 2006 09:59 PM


Thank you for this article, most informative, and happy to find someone that has been able to relate this information, something i have been trying to do with everyone i meet. I am printing this out and taking it along with me.

Posted by: Beth Untermyer on October 2, 2006 01:09 PM


I have been taking Lipitor for over a year with no side effects. I exercise regularly. I wish someone would post an alternative to Lipitor.

Posted by: kate on October 10, 2006 08:38 PM


Im totally amazed to see all the side effects im suffering on this web site.Ive been on crestor 20mg and tricor 145mg for about 6mts now.Just before starting these meds i was walking everyday to regain strength for my low back problems.Soon after starting takeing these meds i noticed i was more tired than usual and got alot of calf cramps,and could not walk as far or as long as before.The meds droped my total cholesterol from 250 to 190 and bad from 190 to 90.So i still continued the meds thinking i would grow stronger and the meds would keep away a heart attack.Well now im stopping the meds as of tonight 10/20/2006,and i will see if i improve over the next 3mts.I wish i had never started the statins,but my DR scared me into them and now physically im in the worse shape of my life.Ive had vision problems in my right eye,severe jump out or bed calve cramps,and its not easy to jump out of bed after 2 back surgerys,my arms over the last month or so have been going totally numb and feel cold while im sleeping,the arms never did this before.and im finding myself frustrated sometimes searching for words when speaking.Thanks to the ones who run this site,youve provided me with the answers ive been looking for.May God bless all who come here in the name of Jesus.

Posted by: Richard on October 20, 2006 03:29 AM


have been on simvastatin lipex and now on lipitor each time i get a swollen tongue any one else suffer from this problem

Posted by: judith on November 1, 2006 01:20 PM


I am a white male, 48 years old, and started on Pravachol 20mg regularly early in 2000.
My cholesterol was around 260 and with the drug, I was able to keep it down to 190.
I exercise 5 days a week playing squash, badminton or running.
A couple of years ago I heard about the side effects, but mostly pointing to memory loss that I never had.
Instinctly about 7 months ago, I decided myself to give a break on Pravachol, just to let my body work for a time drugfree.
Today, thinking about to start to take it again, I just wondered to check on the net about the latest news on side effects and got to this site through Google, after visitng several others listed.
After spending more than half an our reading the posts, I realized that I had many of other minors side effects mentioned in these last 6 years.
But most surprising is the fact that, I am recalling now that I have not had them in the last months. Wow! It would never cross my mind to link them to Pravachol, as I had only the memory loss in mind as a major side effect.
To mention: I would wake up in the midle of the night with the right arm totally numb and with pain; about 4 years ago I had a disk hernia in my neck cervical 7, making me have a hard time to find a right pillow to sleep, not mentioning at hotels when I travel; and many tennis elbow crisis. The last but not the least to mention, I noticed that my graying hair got back a

Posted by: Luis A.B.Passarelli on November 25, 2006 09:35 PM


I was taking zucor for almost 1 month now till experience a very excruciating pain on my right knee. The thing is there is no inflammation nor soreness on my knee. I thought I am being paralyzed and suspected the drug that I am being slowly poisoned. My wife told me to drink a lot of water to flushed out on my system. After 2 days of drinking water the pain gone.

Posted by: greg natorilla on November 27, 2006 04:01 PM


Took statins for three months, suffered terrible leg cramps; memory loss, felt I could sleep for a week... and guess what... had my first heart touble arythmia.. and have nove been diagnosed with chronic fetigue syndrome... hell two years ago I was going to the gym 3 times a week for 2hr work outs... sorry folks .. once taken there is no repair no going back... throw them in the rubbish

Posted by: Terence on December 4, 2006 05:57 AM


I took statins for a number of years after a heart attack. From the start I could not walk beyond 150 yards without having severe pain across my shoulders mid way down, if I tried to walk through this pain I would just grind to a halt. My GP said it was angina, having now come off theses statins the pain has gone. I can now walk for miles. Rob. UK.

Posted by: Rob on November 20, 2007 10:55 AM


After 2 months on Lipitor I was getting muscle cramps in muscles that had never cramped before as well as legs and feet which had occasionally cramped in the past. I stopped the lipitor and the cramps stopped. Supposedly this is a side effect that is not common. True? This is an interesting site but someone needs to take out the multiple identical except for name and date posts about taking Crestor having memory loss, being switched to Pravachol, and wishing she had told the doctor to take a hike, or are these really all by the same person who keeps forgetting trhat she already posted and futhermore, forgets her own name?

Posted by: Louise Sherman on December 12, 2007 11:30 PM


Doctor put me on Lipitor for a 18-months, then due to the beginning of Liver problems, took me off that and put me on Crestor for another three months and no change.Then he put me on a fruit and vegetable diet for a month, lost 30 pounds alone in that month, went off everything and lost a total of 60 to 70 pounds and my colestoral problem is in the low side and yes I do have damage from taking those statins like I can't do much walking, my lungs hurt,and can't get a deep breath of air. Would like to find something to help my lung problem and I will.But for all of you just try the fruit and vegetable diet and you will be amazed at how you feel, try it for a month,by not eating any protein for a month at a time does not hurt you.Then go back to how you were eating and see the difference.

Posted by: Karen B. on December 27, 2007 05:59 PM


I have been taking various cholesterol medicines for years and now am on crestor. I have noticed definite hearing loss in the last 3 months or so and have been on crestor for about 6 months. Anyone else with hearing loss, not sure if it is just getting older, but I am only 51.

Posted by: vjfelton on December 29, 2007 11:35 AM


Was on Zocor for @ 8 years, then switched to Vytorin about two years ago. No muscle aches, but developed hard skin on hands and feet, with major cracking, difficult to walk. Saw three dermatologists, a podiatrist, and my general MD. Was treated with antifungals (proved negative) every cortisone ointment you can think of including urea to no avail. Finally just stopped using everything and greased my feet with vaseline several times a day. Then the article about the uselessness of Vytorin came out and I said the heck with it, and stopped taking it. Guess what? My feet are almost clear. Could my body have been depleted of necessary fats? I'll probably never know, but am grateful its going away.

Posted by: Jean Heagy on January 30, 2008 02:47 PM


I started taking Zocor after my first heart attack. I only took it for a short time. my insurance co. stopped covering it so my doc switched me to Lipitor. I had muscle aches and weakness so he switched me to Lescol. I did not have the muscle pain but still have weakness. There has been short term memory loss with all of these drugs. I recently had my second heart attack even though I've been on these meds for 5 1/2 years. My cholesterol has never been higher than 137 total. First heart attack 117 total. I am not over weight 143 lbs. Those that attribute memory loss to old age or senility etc. are full of it! I am only 37 yrs. old!

Posted by: Gary on January 31, 2008 10:36 AM


i have been taking liptor for over 10 years always i have limited nek movement shoulder pain hard to get out bed because of the tighness. i am 67 years old my weight is 198 and i work out weight lifting do not lift heavy weights. i am concern about the musel and neck pain thank you

Posted by: harvey silverman on February 2, 2008 08:10 AM


I had an MI in 1998 and was put on Lipitor until Nov.07 when it was changed to Crestor. I cannot believe what I am reading here. My symtoms started with chest and arm pain right away with the Lipitor and I thought I was having another MI.Not the case. Then I started noticing my memory was going. Next it was severe pain in my back and legs. Now I can barely walk up a flight of stairs. I was 40 when I had my MI and I am 49 now. I have no energy whatsoever and I have such dizzy spells I can barely walk. I have now considered taking myself of the crestor. I will be the first in line to go after these drug companies!!! I work with drug companies and I now no how they operate. I have an appt. with a neurologist in a month. I cannot wait to hear what they have to say.

Posted by: Diane on February 11, 2008 01:58 PM


complained about side effects, stopped taking simvastatin. 2 weeks later had a clot in brain. told ist coincidence. put on another statin. cant remember yesterday. don't care about tomorrow. cant have conversations. only alive because of commitment to mother. if i can help you, please contact me. best wishes. graham

Posted by: graham jamieson on May 6, 2008 10:41 AM


Off statins 18 days and horrendous symptoms reducing daily. Still numbness in hands and feet, but not 24/7 anymore.Muscles still hurt, especially at night but improved somewhat. Memory still not returned, not sure if it will. Now EVERYONE prick your ears up, as you know muscle damage/wastage is a serious side effect!!! I have had a dragging feeling inside my vaginal walls for sometime - obviously 7 months of morning diarrehia, does not do a lot for ones internal organs. Well I went to get it checked out yesterday, and I have a Rectal/Bladder prolapse - it is hanging out down below. The DR said to me there is no muscle at all for these organs to adhere to as the wastage is so severe. Some might say this often happens later in life - WELL I had a complete hysterctomy in late 2001 and everything was tightened up then. In Xmas 2005 I had some cosmetic surgery on my labia and the Surgeon said everything was perfect internally. I started statins in September 2005 and this proves how they have destroyed my muscle WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO MY HEART MUSCLE?? I have to have surgery in a few days when they are going to try and put all this right, I am going to ask the surgeon to do a muscle biopsy at the same time.Would love to hear your comments on this. Pamela SP England.

Posted by: pamela sp on May 19, 2008 04:31 AM


I took Zocor for only 21 days and had tremendous pain in my legs. After 8 months it is much better but not completely gone. While I was on the Zocor I was prescribed a course of Azithromycin (Z Pack) I found an article on the web that said this increased the risk of statin side effects. My leg muscles were cramping and I found a good deal of relief from Tonic water. The tonic must contain quinine to be effective. Good Luck to everyone in trying to get better.

Posted by: Cyd Cepiga on July 20, 2008 08:09 PM


I've tried four flavors of statins. The first caused severe muscle ache and fatigue - I fealt like a 90 year old man, instead of a 33 year old man. Upon stopping treatment, the symptoms went away. The second statin did the same thing, though the symptoms were less severe and took longer to develop. The third statin I took did not cause muscle pain, but I forgot things, became more or less an airhead, became very mean and short tempered, and was very lethargic and lazy. My wife asked me to stop taking it, so I did. Within a month, I was back to my normal busy, productive, nice, alert self. The fourth statin I took caused mild aches and pains, also a feeling of being flustered. Then, one morning, I could not even get out of bed I was so sore. This last statin put me out of commission for an entire week.

What caused me to seek out possible permentant damage, is that my hands still ache, even after being off it for 3 months. I am 36 now and have never had aching problems - ever (except sore muscles after falling a few trees or something). Now, I can't even make fists without pain. My God, is there not a single serious investigation out there or lawsuit? This stuff is just crazy.

On another note, I'm dumpnig the family doc who prescribed these and doesn't seem to take these side effects seriously.

I should probably add that my two father-in-laws have had similar reactions, as had another fellow I know from church, and my neighbor! Something just isn't right with this stuff. I'm beginning to think it's such a cash cow, that producers don't care.

Posted by: Scott from Michigan on September 17, 2008 10:53 AM


I have been taken Crestor 10mg for about 1 year - noticed sore ankles and pain but did not connect. This site has highlighted me to stop taking the drug and also file the results with the doctor. I hope that the ankles improve soon - will let you know.

Posted by: Lawrence on September 27, 2008 08:57 PM


wow,i can't believe im reading all of this!!! i was on lipitor 40mg,for the past three years,while it did bring my levels down it didnt bring down my triglicer?(cant spell it!)so ive now been on crestor 20mg for two and a half months.i suffer from shapr stabbing pains in my head,my neck is always sore,my shoulders,hips,knees,calf,ankles and feet are always sore,im dizzy,and i have trouble concentrating and focusing on things.i mumble my words sometimes and i get missed beats,which when i worked out they started around the same time i was put on lipitor,but all of my symptoms have gotten worse since being on crestor.i am due for my next blood test for my levels next week.when i get the results,whether they have gone down or not i am TELLING my dr that i am stoping the crestor and i don't want anything else from the statin family!i am horrified.until i saw all of these posts i thought all my symptoms were just me getting 36.when i was first put on lipitor my bad chol was 9.6,last test they were im hoping my tri? levels is at least halved,cos that would mean that they are in a healthy range going to start eating better and TRYING to exercise more.i was a fit person before. i played netball for 17yrs and did weight training,i cant even think about doing it now,im always tired and i apear LAZY,to my family,although they have read some of these posts and can't tell me enough they are sorry.god.i feel sorry for myself and all of you.i know how you feel.its a sad sorry state of affairs when you take medicine from your docter and it harms question is...will my symptoms go away after stopping this medication.or am i stuck with this for life?my left side is so weak. don't get me wrong,im gratefull that my levels have come down but at what cost?i will let you know how i go.goodluck to you all.god bless.x

Posted by: siobhann brown on November 8, 2008 12:41 AM


I have been taking Pravachol for almost 9 years. In the past year I have had muscle pain,joint pain so bad somedays I cant get out of bed,memory loss,chest pain,tired,and it goes on. Yesterday I told my Dr. she said to take the pravachol 20mg 3 times a week and the other 4 days take Co Q-10, 100 mg. I have read so many things about statin drugs I am sitting here crying because I do not know what to do. The dr.s I go to all think it's made up or get mad,but still say stay on pravachol. I stopped taking it anyway, the cramps, tiredness,and memory came back to normal,my pain went away.My cholesterol was 182, I am 44 year old female, I smoke, and occasionally drink. I am scared to take it, and scared not to. Would somebody please tell me what I am taking,and if this is right? I am not going to take anything,because I feel better when I don't, untill I can find answers to my questions without dr.s acting like I think I know more than they do and get mad or tell me to take something I don't know what it is,or what it will do. PLEASE HELP, Thank You, Karen.

Posted by: aren Wilson on December 5, 2008 10:38 AM


Why am I seeing dozens of the exact same letter, 'I took Crestor for 15 months. . .' , with different names at the bottom ? The dialogue is interesting, but the suspicion that form letters are being sent is disturbing. Peter

Posted by: Peter H. Kirkpatrick on March 7, 2009 09:25 AM


read it

Posted by: kemal on March 30, 2009 05:25 AM


I don't have a problem in believing the frightening side effects of Statin drugs but this site is not doing itself a favour. If youscroll through it you will see nuerous samples of identical postings submitted by different people at different times.

Lets clean this up and maybe we can get a believable message across.

Response: Yes indeed you are correct this happened when the site engine was updated and seems to be on other comments too. Thanks for letting me know will clean as time permits

Chris Gupta

Posted by: Bud Greene on April 21, 2009 10:44 AM


I believe my husband's moderate-to-severe memory loss and cognitive impairment are directly related to taking the statin, "Lipitor" and his chronic exposure to electric clock radio on his nightstand. Electric fields are known to lower melatonin. I give my husband 20 mg melatonin with no B-6 every night. He no longer has delusions or hallucinations and we both sleep through night and have lots of energy. Check out my letters at following links: JOANNE C. MUELLER LETTER TO DR. MARILYN ALBERT, ALZ. ADVISORY BOARD (11 06) WHY DID THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY STOP INFORMING PUBLIC RE PREVENTABLE HEALTH PROBLEMS? Prepared for "Obama Change Meetings" - 12-12-08 Take care - Joanne

Posted by: Joanne C. Mueller on June 2, 2009 08:10 PM


I took Lipitor for a couple of years. I began having severe muscle spasms and told my MD that I was changing to lovastatin, presumably a less powerful statin. Eventually, however, I began to have severe spasms with it, too. Now I have quit it cold turkey without consulting my doctor. I considered Zetia, on the theory that it would not cause problems. Now after reading articles on Zetia, I have concluded that I don't wish to take it either. And, oh, yeah, I almost forgot: I also have memory problems that I had not heretofore associated with the statins. Thanks for the information.

Posted by: Richard Stumbo on July 21, 2009 07:20 PM


I was prescribed Simvastatin 40mg in 2003 following an Angioplasty and Stent to unblock one of my cardiac arteries. It wasn't long before I suffered aching muscles and joints in my arms, legs and shoulders and tingling fingers and itchy eyes.This was attributed to a Ck of 680 which was addressed by cutting the Simvastatin to 10mgs and introducing Ezetimibe. A month later the Ck was down to 175 (normal range 24-195)and the pains had substantially gone. Since then I had a repeat occurence in 2006 when my doctor changed the statin to Lipitor 20mgs even though the Ck was only just higher than normal.As I passed my 60th birthday I started commenting to my wife that I was having trouble remembering things from one minute to the next long before I started researching the downside of statin therapy and I also noticed that my hair, which has been thick and bushy all my life was getting thinner. Both these I put down to age until I tripped up on an uneven paving slab and took the fall on my hands. A week later I developed terrible aching again in both upper arms and across my lower back and generally felt totally washed out. I asked my doctor if the fall could have "shaken my whole body up?" because that's how it felt and got a very non-commital answer and smile in response. My current Ck is higher than the upper limit again but the doctor said that the benefits of the statins far outway the side effects and they dont panic until the Ck reaches more than ten times the upper limit! After reading a lot of these entries I have decided to cease taking statins and maybe ezetimibe as well. Thank you all for posting your experiences.

Posted by: Richard Baker on August 10, 2009 05:07 PM


Just want to say i`m glad i found this site. I am from Uzbekistan and know bad English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "Radioactivity azole feet similarly sleep to the hair as a substance scarring writers including combed-up diseases, skin mammals, delivery or all three." With love :-(, Querida.

Posted by: Querida on September 3, 2009 12:03 PM


I was taking a statin and developed pretty bad numbness , burning and tingling in my finger tips , fingers and hands and asked my cardiologist if it had anything to do with the drugs they were prescribing. The answer was no and go see your family physician. So I did and asked again if it had anything to do with my prescriptions. They treated me with an anti-inflammatory and told me that they would set me up an appointment with a neurologist which they never did. Neuropathy can't be treated with a anti inflammatory. It got so bad I couldn't hardly hold a glass , get my mail , scratch my head or touch anything with out cringing. I finally looked it up on the internet and I had all the symptoms of neuropathy so I took myself off the drug. We have a student that goes to a local college ( Pharmacy ) that lives here and their taught in school to take them off the statin if neuropathy appears. I don't understand why these doctors would outright lie but I find their actions pretty undesirable. Once a doctor lies to you then that person can't be trusted as a healthcare provider. If their action cripples your just stuck with a disability under our political program of socialism. As far as I know their still prescribing the statin to me. I was on a low dosage ( 20mg ) and it was one of the safer drugs. ( Simvastatin ). At least they didn't try to increase my dosage. Sometimes food and vitamins can bring down your cholesterol levels So if your being poisoned by a stain my recommendation is to stop taking it. Toxicology is dangerous and you can die from it and probably will if you don't stop ingesting the poison.

Posted by: Richard Hellstrom on October 27, 2009 10:52 PM


Just want to let you know that the following message appears so many times on different dates and by different people.
How can that be ? Is this site honest ?

I took Crestor for 15 months and started having memory loss, numbness and tingling, and severe weakness. My MD stopped it and all my symptoms resolved in about a week. Unfortunately, my cholesterol level was still high 6 months later, so my MD started me on Pravachol 20 mg. I wish I had told him to take a hike!! Within 6 weeks I noticed a decrease in memory function - forgetfulness, feeling

Response: Have removed the multiple entries this was due to a glitch in software. CG

Posted by: harish sarin on February 17, 2010 01:11 PM


I have been on Simvastatin 40mg for about 2 months. I have started experiencing very severe numbness and tingling in my hands at night. The tingling is also with a lot of severe pain. I've also noticed my legs give way unexpectedl and I have sharp pain when that happens. I Found this website and two others all with testimonies from people suffering the same symptoms. I then called my doctor who said it couldn't be be the Simvastatin! So I told her A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE WERE EXPERIENCING THE SAME SYMPTOMS WHO WERE ALSO TAKING IT. Told her I wasn't taking it anymore. She wasn't happy. I don't care! Never had this problem before and I'm a type 2 Diabetic. I'd rather have high cholesterol than a neurological condition. I'm off it for good. THANK YOU ALL FOR SHARING YOUR EXPERIENCES. YOU PROBABLY SAVED MY LIFE!

Posted by: Roz on April 8, 2010 07:36 PM


I was on lipitor for about five years.for along time i had terrible pain,in my muscles,cramps iwas losing control of my kidneys,just a few of my problems,i had thought to be caused age,arithritis,etc.this year my insurance co.stopped paying for lipitor,and i couldn't pay for it. a blessing in disguise. after aweek istarted feeling,good, all the symtoms are gone.thought you would like to know.

Posted by: maedale ballew on April 14, 2010 06:58 PM


Thanks for the information on this site. After taking 20 mg of Simvastatin for about 18 months I developed peripheral neuropathy in one foot, and then the other, along with profound exhaustion. I waited months to go to the doctor and finally saw a neurologist who diagnosed the neuropathy of unknown origin. He said the neuropathy couldn't be connected to Simvastatin so I continued to take the darn stuff for another eight months. When I started to experience unexplained muscle aches and the exhaustion hadn't gone away (no one has explained this yet!) I started doing some internet research, went back to a cardiologist who was willing to consider a connection and took myself off Simvastatin. I'm furious at myself for not doing the research sooner. Simvastatin did lower my cholesterol, but I'm now stuck with a reduced quality of life--I can't even go barefoot for 20 seconds without pain. Has anyone found that peripheral neuropathy subsided after discontinuing use of a statin? If yes, how long did it take? I'd love some hope! Thanks.

Posted by: Cindy on May 10, 2010 06:19 PM


I Have been on liptor for past 5 years+ and suffered muscle and joint pain and other stiffness in middle back region. My collestrol level are normal at 4.03 which of the following should I stop omega3 or liptor. your advice would be appreciated. G.G.Murray

Posted by: George Murray on May 22, 2010 05:29 PM


After taking statins for a number of years, I started to suffer from myalgia, redness in the neck (Erytema nudosus), loss of memory and fatigue. I decided to quit taking statins and improve my diet. After a few weeks from quitting taking statins, I recovered completely allowing me to start exercising. Life can improve at 69 - without statins. Doctors push these drugs because they get commissions - the Pharma mafia wants everybody taking drugs, which are mostly dangerous stuffs. A good diet and exercise can improve most people.

Posted by: pompeyo on May 28, 2010 10:22 AM


I am a 45 yr.old white female. 13 years ago, I hurt my back and couldn't walk for 6 months. Within the last 13 years,I went from Dr. to Dr. trying to find out what was causing these symptoms, my diagnosis of course,fibromyalgia.I always knew my symptoms were caused by something else. I have had every test imaginable MRI's,spinal tap,EMG's and many other tests. All negative.Except for one elevated CPK level at 1,700,way high and a sign of rhabdomyolosis. 8 years ago, I was started on Crestor. The pain in my legs got worst but I was use to having pain so I just took it as it came and dealt with it. In October of this year, I went to see a genetics specialist at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh(for an adult onset metabolic disease) and had a muscle biopsy done. The results showed severe muscle damage and I was also diagnosis with a hereditary metabolic disease called CPT2 disease. They believe that when I first hurt my back,the underlining metabolic disorder became active causing symptoms.Because of this metabolic disease, and taking crestor,I also have statin myopathy. There's research being done to connect people with underlying metabolic disorders and muscle damage due to statins. For 15 years now, I live with severe pain daily,in my legs,arms, shoulders,neck and back. I've also noticed my hearing seems to be getting worst along with my vision. The muscle cramps,spasms,weakness, headaches and numbness in my legs and arms are so bad that I don't think I want to live to be a ripe old age. It will only get worst and with age comes even more aches and pains, how much can someone take? I have been off the statins for 8 months now and no improvement. My Doctor tells me that the muscle damage is permanent. I was put on 400 mg of L-carnitine, 400mg CQ10,vitamin B, B12,1,000mg of C, 400E, and 200D. If you have unexplained muscle pain, and are taking a Statin drug,see a genetic specialist that specializes in metabolic diseases.I was so overwhelmed to finally have my pain validated with a diagnosis that I cried for 3 days. I'm not crazy,nor am I a hypercondriact! I have a true medical problem that is causing this horrific pain! I was told by the doctor at Children's that the studies they are doing on statin myopathy shows there is a correlation between Metabolic disorders and Statins myopathy. Most people with muscle damage from statins also have an underlining metabolic disorder. I am now in a study. My muscle tissue,bloodwork and records have been sent to Michigan where a Doctor is doing research and studies on the correlation between metabolic disorders and statins causing muscle damage or myopathy. I hope to help someone else who is going through this terrible experience to find answers faster than I did. Maybe someone out there is just starting this journey and if they get on top of it now,won't have to live with this vicious disease on a permanent level. Good Luck, you aren't alone...

Posted by: Kerri on June 7, 2010 07:15 PM


To the person who asked about anyone having neuropathy symptoms: YES! I have the exact problems you describe. I had taken Zocor for 7 years at 20mg/day before forgetting to take it on a trip with me. When unilateral breast pain as well as peripheral neuropathy symptoms decreased following that lapse, I threw out my Zocor. I did think that perhaps I was overreacting, perhaps it had been a coincident, however after what I'm finding online, I now have faith that my personal conclusion regarding the damages of Zocor was dead on. I still face possible breast cancer, and while my toes are still dead logs on my feet (no tactile or mobility sensation) and my hands are still weak, the burning and pins and needles in my feet and ankles has gone away. Hopefully I will see a little more nerve repair, but I suspect that since this is six months out from my dropping Zocor, I've seen what recovery I'll get.

Posted by: Lynette Caulkins on July 1, 2010 03:29 PM


Thankyou for your posts on this site , I am suffering terribly from severe cramps in both legs and arms peripheral neuropathy I am going to takemyself off the statins to see if I see an improvement, I too am awaiting nerve conduction studies.

Posted by: Wendy Dolby on August 15, 2010 02:46 PM


My husband has been taking Zocor for 2 years, I've been taking Simvastin for 2 1/2 yrs. For so long now I've been complaining about pain, fatigue, headaches, memory loss, severe rash on my face, hair loss, not able to walk, especially up & down stairs. My husband has been complaining for less time but he has the same symptoms. We started thinking it was our well water, but our son who lives with us was just fine. He listened on talk radio and heard they wanted to get lawsuits going on the statins. He told us if we were taking them to stop because they are killing us. So I found this website and read everything. I stopped taking them and started feeling better. Not good, just better. So my husband stopped taking them too. I feel as if I'm slowly crawling myself out of a GRAVE! I really felt as if I were dying. I've been to so many different doctors looking for help. None even considered the Statins. They just kept giving me more medicines to take. Now I wonder if I need all these other meds. This makes me wonder, "Who Can I Trust?" I hope we continue to improve and gain a measure of our life back!

Posted by: Theresa Randall on September 1, 2010 03:52 PM


In april I was put on Lovastatin for high cholestrol by my doctor, I thought you could trust your doctor. I was an avid walker, walking 1 to 3 miles almost every day. My friend invited me to join an exercise gym, where we started working out on machines this was shortly after i started the medication after about 3 days of exercise my legs hurt so bad , I thought it was due to the exercise machines, and really couldn't understand that because I am a very active young 62.I decided to stop working out on machines and dropped down to just walking, which didn,t seem to make a difference, finally i quit doing all exercise, because my big toe started hurting so bad i couldn,t stand my shoes on and my middle finger on my right hand hurt so bad i couldn,t even write or stand to hold anything of any weight holding a notebook with my right hand was very painful, and i got so bad upon waking or standing from a sitting position, i moved like the elderly in the nursing homes, where they suffle their feet as they walk. It seemed I couldn't remember things unless i made a note of it.after 47 days i began to complain, my sister who is a hair stylist, she told me right away it was my cholestrol medicine, i got out my medication information slip that comes with medications and it had nothing about my symptoms, and my sister told me of her clients experiences, so i then called my doctor and was told to immediately stop the medicine. the thing is if i was informed in some manner about muscle pain, i would have know it wasn,t the exercise and would have probably discontued the medicine much sooner.after about a week off the medicine my hand and toe got better although it still hurts, my muscles hurt in varing degrees, and i have sleepless night because it hurts to lay on my hips. i will soon see my doctor and you can be sure he will get an ear full. he always questions me about exercise, now i can tell him i exercise next to none. thanks to the great cholestrol medicine that is out on the market and prescribed to people on a regular basis, thank goodness i found out when i did, think of the elderly who take it and suffer with all the pain thinking it is old age. what a shame, and the pharmasutical companies are getting away with murder.

Posted by: Linda Moran on September 3, 2010 03:18 PM


Was on Pravastatin 20mg/day for 1.5 years because LDL's were a little high (under 100). Was also taking Niaspan and Lovaza. After a year and a half, I started experiencing photosensitivity. After about 20-30 minutes in the sun, my skin would get itchy and turn red. I'm not allergic to anything in the air, and I have been tested for autoimmune disorders and porphyria (both negative). Has anybody experience something similiar? Photosensitivity is a known side effect, albeit a very uncommon one. Had some other side effects as well that went away for the most part after stopping Pravastatin, but the photosenstivity has not gone away...yet. Once off the statin, does somebody know how long it takes for the meds to fully metabolize out of the body so that these side effects go away, or will this never go away? I live in sunny AZ, so it's been a big pain.

Posted by: Jim on December 14, 2010 06:44 PM


I am a 68 year old male. In 1993 I had a tripple by-pass and thats when I started on all kinds of medication (they were Rx'ed). I had been put on a variety of statins but Crestor seems to work the best. Prior to that it was just some elevated BP that has been contolled by Lasix 20 Mg daily. Bottom line is that I am on Crestor 20Mg once a day in the evening. As I have been reading many complaints about physical problems many readers have experienced, I noticed that many have complaind about legs cramps, etc. I too experince leg cramping intermitently although my HDL, LDL, and Total Chlolesterol levels are all within normal ranges and my Triglyceride levels are extreemly good. I am living with the fact that there may be some side effects from the statins but on the whole it as my blood cholesterol levels that are at show good numbers so I just handle the cramping as it comes That is usually in the AM when in bed I stretch after waking up. Thats when the cramping in my thighs and calves are affected. Once in a while my toes but not too often at all.

Posted by: Sandy on January 27, 2011 12:26 PM


Great site. I've been on Simvastatin(zocor)40mg. for about 14 months now. I go to the doc again on tuesday. I'm getting off of this med.. The knee and lower back pain is so bad at times I have a hard time to walk.. I'm 42 not 102... I went from 289 to 188 on the LDL. ya, I'm a big boy 285. But, I never had pain like this before I started taking this med. Also, I do get a slight swollen left ankle/foot. Nothing bad. But, I never had this before the statins.... I have been taking also coQ10.. It did help for about 2 weeks then the pain was right back.... some times i do get numbness and tingling in legs feet and hands. But, never before i started taking this drug... this shit is poison!!!!!

Posted by: Randy on February 16, 2011 10:01 PM


i am on simvistatin and this is such crap i am in total pain from this statin i am going herbal and natural for my cholestrol problem and getting outto walk if i can and swim my feet hurt so bad i can hardly stand it. i want to be included in the lawsuit for these harmful drugs there is not enough information about them before hand. DO NOT TAKE STATINS PEOPLE.IT CAUSES MORE HARM THAN GOOD

Posted by: jc on March 30, 2011 12:51 AM


I stopped taking lipitor three weeks ago, the crippling pain in my hips and legs is now getting less, but I feel I am along way off full recovery. It seems that the muscle weakness caused alot of damage in the hip joint which will probably take a long time to heal. Also was getting night time sweats that had a strong odour of ammonia that has stopped since I cut out the statins.

Posted by: Philip Ormerod on April 3, 2011 04:14 AM


I've read a lot about people taking statin and other related drugs that lower the cholesterol level. Most of them complained about the side effects of this drug.

Posted by: simvastatin side effects on May 7, 2011 08:23 AM


Has anyone here taken Lovastatin while having Remicade Infusions? if so.. are you experiencing side effects? Thank You for your time.

Posted by: Carol Fero on May 12, 2011 10:36 PM


In 2010 my doctor increased my lovastatin from 20mg to 40mg once a day. In January of 2011 my hands became very numb, tingeling and feel like they are asleep all the time. I was diganosed with carpal tunnel caused by periphial neurapathy. I did some research on my own and I believe it is the statin drug that has caused this. The doctor told me to stop the statin on May 14, 2011 for one month and see what happens. June 10th and no change. I can not stand this feeling in my hands.

Posted by: Edward on June 10, 2011 08:26 AM


I had worked on the UAB Heart Transplant unit just 3 nights when I asked the head nurse why these people didn't fit the profiles we were being taught in school. She informed me that they had disection data and cultures that told them that Heart Attack and Stroke were infectious disease. In persons under 35 it typically was viral (with exception of drug abuse caused) Over 35 it was about 75percent Hemolytic Strep A and about 25percent Staph A. The route of infection was known. It was through infection of the teeth and gums.
Now this is what happens. The infection seeds down in the blood stream in cavitation points where if forms a "zit" This periodically flares up and reduces due to immune system failure/function. This scars and is the plaque that forms as a scar. In the end the infection blumes out and the inflammation is your heart attack or stroke. It either bleeds or clots off.
The anti-cholesterol drugs are completely without any evidence that they work at all. They do very substantial damage essentially failing all processes for healing. In the end the patient will find active tissues diminished rapidly and great loss of all function of them. The evidence is everywhere and easy to see. You can find the patients taking these drugs by seening the sagging skin and the big blue or purple patches on the skin where they have bled under the skin or bruised and essentially not recovered. You can also see the patients with these drugs are confused, weak and losing joint function. These drugs are without justification.
Cholestrol has no relationship to heart attack and stroke. High blood pressure does but it is secondary to a nerve system failure that produces spasmotic behavior in the Adrenal Cortex. This has been successfully treated by Node Oblation.
There is a high relationship between unstable blood sugar and heart attack and stroke and this is due to clotting factor issues. High blood sugar is probably due to inflammitory disease of the pancreas which is again probably an infection. All data backs this conclusion as being likely. I would suspect the Hemolytic Strep A again.
For those who don't know and look it up, cancer is also in every case we actually know of an infectious disease. Typically from HPV CMV or Herpies Simplex (Multiple types) It isn't a deficiency of chemo

Posted by: Paul Noel RN (retired) on July 17, 2011 10:47 AM


been on simvastatin after state discouraged employees to take lipitor by increasing copay astronomically. over few years all strength has gone. possible muscle loss. told doctor and she says it was impossible that statins caused it. since hasn't gotten better after i insisted she change meds and she gave me prevalite, it had nothing to do with it.

Posted by: gregg on July 23, 2011 02:02 PM


great post

Posted by: search on January 10, 2013 04:07 AM


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