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September 16, 2011

"Evidence Be Damned...Patient Outcome Is Irrelevant" - From Helke

Further to The Future of Complementary/Integrative Medicine & Patient Choice, here is an important must read and act note from Helke Ferrie, a superb Medical Science Writer and Publisher.

Now that the true colours of the well known shortcomings of allopathic medicine are being discovered en mass, the screws are being tightened by the pharmaceutical masters on their medical puppets. It seems that they are prepared to stop at nothing. And we had better get ready to fight back.

The two pdf attachments following the note below are a must read!

Chris Gupta

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This is a serious crisis. I need your help - and, I guess you will need mine, too. Below is the info, the proof is attached, and in this message I am making an announcement and a request. Please read this carefully - this is important to your health.

The CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) controls the licenses of some 40,000 doctors in Ontario. Because the majority of all practicing Canadian doctors are in Ontario, whatever policy this college adopts becomes basically the norm throughout Canada. Sometimes, the Maritime provinces take a different course as they most recently did on the recognition and treatment of Lyme Disease. They also recognized MCS, at least in part, long before the rest of Canada did. Internationally, as you will see from a quick Google trip, the CPSO is respected for setting standards. The fact that under the law (Regulated Health Professions Act and Medicine Act) they are not mandated to any such thing is beside the point in this age of spin controlled by Big Pharma and corrupted medical research. Under the law the CPSO mandated to "maintain" the evolving standards of medical care, which is fundamentally different! They act, however, as if they are in charge - and that has hurt and even killed a lot of people. Stopping the CPSO in its delusional behavior is an act of self-determination and good for your, my, and the public's health.

In 1997, the CPSO initiated the so-called CAM Policy (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) because the public uproar and mainstream media coverage of the then running Krop case had become intolerable to their image and power. The provincial government also leaned on the CPSO on this circus of a trial.

You will recall, those of you who are familiar with the case of Dr. Jozef Krop, that he was accused of diagnosing and treating MCS. In those charged the main issues were that he told people not to use fragrances, protect themselves from toxic fumes from cleaners, cars, clothes etc. etc. and not use lawn pesticides etc. The final decision by the College in his case was a reprimand in which he was ordered to tell his patients, in a written consent form format, that all his diagnoses and treatments are only based on "his beliefs and have no scientific validity." The fact that during his trial his expert witnesses proving the science of environmental medicine were all university professors teaching just that the world over, was of course ignored. Significantly also, the prosecuting CPSO did not introduce even one (!!!) published article, research item etc., to supprt their condemnation. ONLY their opinion ruled - and their opinion all the way to 2002 was that environmental medicine was a hoax.

Meanwhile, we have laws protecting us from lawn pesticides, and last week we saw a special poster in the bathrooms - - - in the CPSO building! - - - showing a canary bird wearing a gas mask; the text informed the reader that perfumes cause severe health problems and can trigger asthma; the poster requested that no fragrance be used at all, please. Now, I should add (and this will make your blood boil or make you swoon, depending on the status of your cardiovascular system or your central nervous system) that the CPSO prosecuted a doctor from Windsor (Dr. S. Kooner) for treating asthma in ways that included protection from fragrance. That case lasted a decade and ended in a restriction to his license - still in force! - which denied him the right to treat any asthma cases at all. More than 50 GPs who used to send him specifically their asthma cases protested in writing because they now had nobody to send their environmentally- triggered asthma cases, almost all children. The CPSO declared (I was there to hear it!) that "patient outcome is irrelevant" and restricted his license.

The CAM Policy was idiotic because prejudiced against existing science and law in 1997, but it was possible to manage somehow if one wished to treat people without harming them with Big Pharma products. In 2010 the CPSO commenced its "review" of that policy and came up with a new draft which they may vote on this coming November at that month's council meeting. This new draft policy is beyond idiotic - it is outright criminal and fraudulent. It takes one's breath away. It is also accompanied by their having got the Ontario government to remove ALL those sections from the current law that protect innovative medicine and the doctor-patient relationship. Read all about it in my submissions attached here. We are back in the Dark Ages - in fact, we are now hostages to Big Pharma and doctors may as well just use a prescription pad, forget everything else - and especially even the mainstream journals which are now squarely supportive of innovation!

A huge consultation charade was commenced last summer - so the CPSO would look like truly democratic regulators who "listen" to the public, seeing their mandfate under the law is to "serve the public interest". I cannot remember when the CPSO ever (!) did that! What this consultaion process really did do is amazing and diabolically clever: the CPSO invited everybody who knows NOTHING about complementary medicine, does not practice it, or is openly hostile to it - to comment on their policy. (Go to their website and check out the policy section). To look good, I presume, they also asked some who are not likely to agree with them - such as me, of all people who has been writing about their unlawful and callous behavior for about 16 years now. They must have been surprised that it was mostly doctors who freaked right out at this proposed policy. In short: they conducted this review exactly the way they do their kangaroo trials of those doctors who run counter to their Big Pharma friends. The evidence be damned - spin reigns supreme.

To my astonishment, they invited me to comment on the new draft policy - and I did in the first round (see second attachment). That first round was not quite as criminal as this second round. Of course, as fully expected, the CPSOP did not take anything I said into account, even though whatever I said was supported not only by mainstream published literature but also by the medical groups who actually practice CAM, and by the many patient support groups. Then came the second round this year, for which by tomorrow the deadline arrives. That second round is where the criminality becomes evident: violations of chapters 2, 7 and 12 of the Charter (i.e. freedom of association, right to life and security of the person, and right to equality before the law). No policy or law in Canada may be in contravention of the Charter - that is the highest law in the land and, therefore, this policy is vulnerable to attack - and attack we all will!

It is fraudulent because many of the key scientific and legal citations from the mainstream literature in those submissions made by patient groups as well as (!) by professional medical groups were EDITED OUT before they were placed on the CPSO website, as guaranteed when this review process started. They edited out mainstream journal articles, references to official documents written or commissioned by the Ontario government, references to organizations the CPSO evidently does not like, entire sentences, and those legal items that prove the CPSO is out of control and transgressing their jurisdiction.

I have attached my two submission of 2010 and 2011, which were requested by the CPSO. The 2010 first submission is here the way I actually submitted it. It was submitted in PDF format, but the CPSO evidently thinks nothing of hacking into a PFD file and taking out what they don't like. I suspected this, and so I intentionally wrote my submission in such a way that no matter what they chose to edited out, there was damning evidence galore to make them unhappy. Even a censored version would be bad news for them. And it was and still is! The second time round, this year, they edited out nothing, which very much surprises me. Could there be at least one person of integrity and clear thinking at the CPSO who did not want to change anything in my submission? They even kept my name in it! In 2010 they took it out.


I have had it. This is the line in the sand. The OMA Section on Complementary Medicine is now considering legal action if this policy is adopted by the CPSO. Legal advice has already been sought and we KNOW what can be done - i.e. lots of damage which is decades overdue.

To assist this process of a coming battle, I am writing a book on the CPSO with a lot of juicy details which might be out by the November EXPO - if not, by the Total Health Show in March for sure! Few people have been as focused on the CPSO as I have been because of the circa 100+ doctors with whose cases I was involved and whom they prosecuted, often ruined, and in ever case traumatized; I have also been involved with many hundreds of their patients to help them find doctors elsewhere, often outside Canada; most of the most vulnerable ones had their lives wrecked. I also have the benefit of "moles" from the CPSO with plenty of inside information which now is going public.


I want you all to help sell this book to raise money for legal action. You will be kept informed. Circulate this as far and wide as you wish to get this process started.

One thing is absolutely certain: if this policy is adopted and enforced, every doctor who so much as gives nutritional advice or, God forbid, prescribes a non-pharmaceutical treatment for anything at all, can just pack it up and close his/her practice. This policy is the end of medicine in Canada - Big Pharma will rule and the corruption already rife in current medical trials will be the "information" on which doctors will be forced to act - the hell with the patient's life. This is not only a disaster for CAM, it's a disaster for medicine.

Secondly, if you want to DO something about this, read my submissions and send a clear message to the College. The e-mail address to use is: ComplementaryMedicine@cpso. It would be really nice if they got a few thousand outraged letters from the public, and if you do write to them, make sure you stick to the facts which I have provided you with. Also: send a copy to the big newspapers as well as your local paper, CBC radio and your local radio station. If you are shy to be interviewed live, give them my e-mail address.

Cheers, Helke


Ph. #519 927 1049

Helke to CPSO Policy 2011.pdf

Helke on CPSO Policy 2010.pdf


posted by Chris Gupta on Friday September 16 2011

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"Evidence Be Damned...Patient Outcome Is Irrelevant" - From Helke
Further to The Future of Complementary/Integrative Medicine & Patient Choice, here is an important must read and act note from Helke Ferrie, a superb Medical Science Writer and Publisher. Now that the true colours of the well known shortcomings of allopathic medicine are being discovered en mass, the screws are being tightened by the pharmaceutical masters on their medical puppets. It seems that they are prepared to stop at nothing.... [read more]
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Readers' Comments

Hi James,

It's wonderful to hear from you after so long! And thank you, you a make a very import point. I have forwarded this to those who might be able to follow through. For a long time I have been saying this type of thing but was under the impression that because these agencies are primarily funded by the pharma Mafia they can and do deliberately prevent others from joining their cosy club. This certainly was the case regarding CPSO policy development germane to this discussion. However, since these agencies operate under the pretense of public good, theoretically we should be able to force them to accept equivalent percent of CAM representation.

Sadly things will get much worse before they get better as there is a tendency to let things go till something has to be done. Often the fear and helplessness prevents us from taking an offensive position. Some of us have banded together to deal with this fear factor and use our existing laws to the letter to stop agencies such as Health Canada from running roughshod over the unsuspecting. In some incidents this has been accomplished by forcing Health Canada via the courts to not violate laws with their policies. Policies, of course, have no force of law but many are unaware of this tactic which is used routinely as law by the regulatory agencies. Those who get into trouble with Health Canada can now get help from those who have already dealt with Health Canada's shenanigans. We need to continually expose these tactics to MPs and other officials and demonstrate with real life victims these strong arm tactics thus exposing the occult going ons. In all of these abuses, exposure is the best way to get attention and action, then followed up with the law if necessary.

The vested interests have also honed a very fine art in that they often lure the larger CAM associations by giving them perks over other smaller fish.

For example in Germany, I believe, the government agencies promised the naturopaths that they, like the doctors, could get prescription rights, once the government got what it wanted they quickly reneged on their promise. See:

Alternative Medicine Unwittingly Being Used In The Battle To Restrict Access To Nutrients

I have said it before and I'll say it again - In my opinion the so called science based Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) is anti natural health products industry. They specifically wish to eliminate any competition in the form of natural health product retailers.
More than once the CCNM has publicly attacked health food retailers with questionable allegations of practicing medicine. CCNM's actions are so typical of the attitude of the medical/pharmaceutical police (a.k.a Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons) - any healing is a crime unless practiced by their minions. This explains why CCNM supports Bill's C-51 and C-52.

Croft Woodruff PhD MH

Nevertheless we should head what you say and wisen up to these shenanigans...


At 11:22 AM 9/17/2011, James Bare wrote:

I've been thinking about how best to check the actions of the regulatory agencies. Enlisting thousands of people to lobby is certainly one method, and the only method in present use . But there is a much easier method that once implemented will have long lasting effects. Why are the non medical treatment methods seemingly helpless against the onslaught of big pharma ? It is because non medical therapies have no voice within the regulatory agencies.

If Canada is like the US, 25 of all health care is delivered by non medical means. Yet not a single non medical health care practitioner or supporter has a place within any of the regulatory agencies. Within the agencies is a place of power that means a check upon the actions of the regulatory boards. To exclude 25 of the people from having any sort of voice in decisions that affect them has been the status quo. The situation is enforced by all the nastiness developed over decades by the hate mongering , bigoted, racists that used to control government and saturated society. Exclusion, diminution of worth or value to society, public derision, police force tactics, public hangings ( so to speak ), and so on, are all used on those that promote non medical methods of treatment.

A refocus of effort must be made to obtain a large and powerful voice within the agencies for the 25 of the population that use non medical treatments. At best this would mean 25 of all the regulatory agencies should eventually be made up of personnel that support this position. Right now 100 blindly supports the medical / pharmaceutical positions. But just a few with control over non medical treatments would do. Big medicine/pharma lobbies relentlessly to get what they want. With strong supporters within the regulatory staff holding a different viewpoint, efforts to suppress non medical treatments will cease.

Best Regards,

James Bare, D.C.

Posted by: Chris Gupta on September 21, 2011 08:30 PM


The drug lipitor has ruined my life, "muscle loss,nerve damage,memory loss,now I must take,..oxycocet180mg,..oxycotien80,..for pain,plus warfarin5mg for my blood"the rest of my life.I need help.Who do I turn to for legal help??I'm in a serious predicament...somebody help...please



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Posted by: Murray Jessome on January 13, 2013 03:44 AM


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