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    Fake ‘sweetener’ with fake ‘safety’ claim could spell another real disaster | Food Identity Theft

    The phantom flavoring agent we’ve told you about in past blogs is now reportedly available as a food and beverage additive, and should be coming soon to a supermarket near you.It’s even been given a name – Sweetmyx.Only don’t expect to see that name listed among the ingredients of products that contain it...Sepp Hasslberger's insight:A new class of food additive - a sweetener that isn't really a sweetener but a sweet-feeling-inducer's Read more...

    Source: News.sciencemag

    Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated Patient for First Time

    Get the measles vaccine, and you won’t get the measles—or give it to anyone else. Right? Well, not always.A person fully vaccinated against measles has contracted the disease and passed it on to others. The startling case study contradicts received wisdom about the vaccine and suggests that a recent swell of measles outbreaks in developed nations could mean more illnesses even among the vaccinated.Sepp Hasslberger's insight:So much for the vaunted Read more...


    Tamiflu: drugs given for swine flu 'were waste of £500m' - Telegraph

    The drug Tamiflu, given to tens of thousands of people during the swine flu pandemic, does nothing to halt the spread of influenza and the Government wasted nearly £500 million stockpiling it, a major study has found.The review, authored by Oxford University, claims that Roche, the drug’s Swiss manufacturer, gave a “false impression” of its effectiveness and accuses the company of “sloppy science”.The study found that Tamiflu, which was given to Read more...


    Heal-Me - Inclined Bed Therapy

    This could save your life, remove pain and add many many years of quality and creativity to your life. If you have been looking for the fountain of youth, you may have found it, and guess what, it is free!Inclined Bed Therapy started to spread across the internet in 2005 by the work of three heros in alternative medicine... The evidence is in, and since observing hundreds of clients and reading Read more...

    Source: Healthimpactnews

    Nearly 300 Scientists and Experts Agree GMOs not Proven Safe

    The number of scientists and experts who have signed a joint statement saying that GM foods have not been proven safe and that existing research raises concerns has climbed to 297 since the statement was released on 21 October.Dr Angelika Hilbeck, chair of the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility (ENSSER), which published the statement, said, “We’re surprised and pleased by the strong support for the statement. Read more...

    Source: Healthimpactnews

    Russian Food Security Experts Fight GMO Registrations in Supreme Court

    A group of scientists and food security experts have taken the Russian Government resolution, which will allow the registration of GM crops and products containing GMOs from June 1, 2014, to the Supreme Court.On December 16 the group, which includes representatives of non-profit organizations and experts in the field of biological and food security, filed a suit in Russia’s Supreme Court to challenge the adoption of Russian Government Decree 839 Read more...

    Source: Www.everydayhealth

    My Family Stopped Eating Sugar for a Year and This is What Happened

    Eve O. Schaub's family stopped eating sugar and were amazed by the results."... I heard some disturbing new information about the effects of sugar. According to several experts, sugar is the thing that is making so many Americans fat and sick. The more I thought about it the more this made sense to me — a lot of sense.One in seven Americans has metabolic syndrome. One in three Americans are obese. The Read more...


    Electrified Bee Seeks Flower for Mutual Charge Exchange

    Last year, scientists from the University of Bristol’s School of Biological Sciences announced an important discovery: bees, specifically bumble bees, carry a positive electric charge that they use to sense negative electric fields surrounding flowers.According to Professor Daniel Robert: “The co-evolution between flowers and bees has a long and beneficial history, so perhaps it’s not entirely surprising that we are still discovering today how remarkably sophisticated their communication is.”Sepp Hasslberger's Read more...

    Source: Vactruth

    Vaccine-induced Tissue Scurvy globally misdiagnosed as Child Abuse - Parents falsely accused?

    Some parents who were charged with child abuse and later cleared of charges learned their children actually had developed tissue scurvy following vaccination.“Some doctors are unaware of the pathophysiological processes of autoimmunity, haemostasis and osteogenesis and are misdiagnosing vaccine induced tissue scurvy, absence of vitamin C within the cell, as non-accidental injury.”“Tissue scurvy, unlike the “seafarer scurvy” of yesteryear, is a condition in which vitamin C is abundant in the Read more...

    Source: Www.greenmedinfo

    Tetanus Vaccines Sterilizing Women In Kenya? Catholic Church There Raises Suspicions

    A concerning new report from the head cardinal of the Catholic Church in Kenya alleges that a WHO/UNICEF sponsored tetanus vaccination campaign may conceal an agenda of forced contraception for over 2 million Kenyan women.Sepp Hasslberger's insight:Some questions arise:If there is an agenda to slow population growth by sterilizing women through vaccination, should that not be known and discussed? If such an agenda is to be implemented covertly, who decided to Read more...

    Source: Wwwmunicationagents

    Does Aspartame mess with people's genes? Take a survey

    Betty Martini of Mission possible has been raising awareness of the nasty side effects of a common sweetener, aspartame. There is suspicion that aspartame may have something to do with the recent rise in developmental disorders. For this reason, Betty asks thatIf you have given birth since 1984 please complete this form and email to Dr. Ralph  Also, please consider telling others about the survey or adding it to your Read more...

    Source: Tv.greenmedinfo

    Why You Should Fire Your Medical Doctor: Peter Glidden explains (video 6min)

    "We are all deeply embedded in the myth that the MD is the king of medicine and that the therapeutics delivered by the MD are the only valid treatment...."Sepp Hasslberger's insight:Looking at actual results we see that medicine has dismally failed. People's state of health is worsening.There are other methods beyond official medicine. Find out about them and ... fire your doctor!See it on, via Health Supreme Read more...

    Source: Www.hightimes

    Spanish Biologist Explains How Cannabinoids Kill Cancer Cells

    Dr. Christina Sanchez -- a molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid, Spain -- explains how THC kills cancer cells."I cannot understand why in the States Cannabis is under schedule one. Because it is pretty obvious not only from our work but from the work of other researchers, that the plant has a very wide therapeutic potential..."Sepp Hasslberger's insight:It is time to 'liberate' cannabis. Prohibition was a serious mis-step.See it Read more...

    Source: Wwwmondreams

    UN Report Promotes Democratic Control of Food and an End to Corporate Domination

    The world’s food system is controlled by a handful of giant corporations, the majority of which are based in the U.S., such as ConAgra, Cargill and PepsiCo. These companies are a bottleneck through which most of the world’s food is forced, in order to feed most of the world’s people.Not only is this method environmentally unsustainable given its overreliance on chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fossil fuels, but it is also Read more...

    Source: Jonrappoport.wordpress

    Welcome to the medical Matrix: the flu isn't the flu

    Dr. Peter Doshi, writing in the online BMJ (British Medical Journal), reveals one monstrosity.As Doshi states, every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory samples are taken from flu patients in the US and tested in labs. Here is the kicker: only a small percentage of these samples show the presence of a flu virus.This means: most of the people in America who are diagnosed by doctors with the flu have no Read more...

    Source: Www.learning-mind

    Japanese Scientists Prove That Auras Actually Exist

    A group of Japanese scientists from the University of Tokyo managed to visually capture the aura of a person, thus proving its existence! With the assistance of highly sensitive cameras the scientists were able to photograph a person’s special glow.Notably, the glow appears brightest in the morning and seems to “fade” in the evening. It is most visible around the face, mouth, cheeks and neck.Experts believe that this technique could become a new Read more...

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European Food Safety Authority cherry picks evidence - finds Aspartame completely safe

Categories: Health

After conducting "one of the most comprehensive risk assessments of aspartame ever undertaken", the European Food Safety Authority has released its verdict on 10 December 2013.


The agency came to the conclusion that aspartame and its breakdown products are "safe for human consumption at current levels of exposure".

The EFSA press release says that this was an important step forward in "strengthening consumer confidence in the scientific underpinning of the EU food safety system and the regulation of food additives".

So the message seems to be that we should all just move on to other things. Leave aspartame alone and better yet - drink some of that "diet" Coke.

But should we really?

Could perhaps the power of money and influence behind big food have had a determining effect on that decision? We cannot be certain what exactly caused the EU regulator to give aspartame a clean bill of health rather than to acknowledge the sweetener's widely known dangers. Fact is - they disregarded every single study that showed aspartame to have adverse effects.

Prof. Erik Millstone of the University of Sussex Science and Technology Policy Research Unit believes that EFSA has arrived at its conclusion by opportunistic interpretation of the studies that were reviewed. Most of the industry funded studies were given straight A's, while independent studies were - without exception - given an 'F' rating. Millstone says that

"The EFSA Panel opportunistically accepted at face value almost all of the studies suggesting that aspartame is harmless, while entirely discounting every single study indicating that aspartame may be harmful, even though the quality, power and sensitivity of many of the studies that were discounted were markedly superior to those of the contrary studies deemed reliable."

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posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday January 5 2014

updated on Tuesday January 14 2014

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Did Aspartame kill Cory Terry?

Categories: Health

Cory Terry Died After Drinking Red Bull, $85 Million Wrongful Death Suit Claims, is the title of a recent article in the Huffington Post that reports on a rather unusual death. Cory Terry downed a Red Bull when he finished a basketball game and a few minutes later he died of a heart attack.


Red Bull comes in different formulations, the dark blue normal and a - supposedly more healthy - 'diet' or sugar free version, which is the light blue one. To be sure, we don't know which one Terry preferred. Was it the normal or the diet version that killed him?

Betty Martini believes it was 'diet' and that the damage was done by a specific ingredient: the aspartame that supplants sugar in the diet version. Betty says she knows of other cases of athletes having heart attacks after consuming soft drinks that contain aspartame. She has been trying to alert press and authorities to the dangers of the methanol-containing sweetener.

I am reproducing her lengthy email here because she goes into considerable detail.

If you love diet drinks or know someone who does, read this or let them read it. The data might save your life.

Here goes Betty Martini...

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posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Friday November 8 2013

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Retroviral particles in human immune defenses - is AIDS orthodoxy dead wrong?

Categories: Epidemics

We have previously published articles by the Australian AIDS-and-biology researcher Cal Crilly, and here is yet another installment.

Cal is someone who digs into scientific studies. He does biological detective work and finds gems that hide in plain view, things we don't normally understand and that even the experts do not see as they are not trained to put discordant facts together and question basic assumptions.


What this new article tells us is that retroviruses - the same kind that are thought to cause immune deficiency or AIDS - are useful and necessary for our immune system to function correctly. That of course tends to leave the hypothesis of a viral causation of AIDS in grave trouble. I say 'hypothesis' because no one has proven, or even come close to a coherent explanation for, the mechanism of AIDS causation by HIV.

How does a retrovirus that is by nature a benign particle, cause devastation of the immune system?

Here we have several scientific studies published in the world's finest journals, which attest to the fact that retroviruses are part and parcel of the human organism, that they are needed to provide certain defensive capabilities against invaders, and that they are not pathogenic.

So we might ask ourselves why HIV tests (thought to indicate the presence of a retrovirus) are still performed, and why doctors are still recommending the use of toxic anti-retroviral drugs to kill what, rather than a foreign invader, appears to be part of normal human metabolic processes.

Cal Crilly lays it out for you, citing and linking the sources...

Continue reading "Retroviral particles in human immune defenses - is AIDS orthodoxy dead wrong?"

posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday August 11 2013

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Vaccine damage in Great Britain: The consequences of Dr Wakefield’s trials

Categories: Pharma

More and more evidence is coming to light that Dr. Wakefield was on the right track when he researched the connection between the MMR vaccine and intestinal inflammation in the vaccinated children.

Was Dr. Andrew Wakefield Right After All?

Wakefield’s Lancet Paper Vindicated

New Published Study Verifies Andrew Wakefield’s Research on Autism


But how did Dr. Wakefield first get into the sights of the UK vaccine industry and how was the campaign against him mounted?

Martin Walker, the author of "Dirty Medicine" and a number of other books on health, closely followed the case that eventually resulted in Dr. Wakefield's exile from the UK. He describes how it all happened and how the vaccine manufacturers were able to bring down the full weight of government and the courts against both Wakefield and the many parents who were suing for recognition of the damage vaccines had done to their children.

"As a campaigner of 40 years, I think that what surprises me most about Dr Wakefield’s case, is how easily and how completely we were defeated by the pharmaceutical companies, how over a thousand parents and children were written out of history together with their adverse drug reactions. Part of this defeat for the parents, the children and the doctors concerned was grounded in an unfortunate understanding that pharmaceutical company executives were decent people and humanitarians. In fact the pharmaceutical companies, their corporate structure and their relentless pursuit of profit, their fraudulent practices represent one of the last remaining shibboleths, in our society which need to be completely reformed, democratised, divested of vested interests and made public from top to bottom."

We do learn from experience. That is why we should pay attention to how this case went so wrong and why the campaign to ruin those researchers and to leave the damaged children by the wayside was mounted in the first place. So it won't happen again.

Here is Martin Walker's essay.

Continue reading "Vaccine damage in Great Britain: The consequences of Dr Wakefield’s trials"

posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Tuesday March 19 2013

updated on Sunday July 28 2013

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European Union seeks consumer input on organic agriculture

Categories: Environment

The European Union on Tuesday took the debate about genetically modified crops to the public with a survey asking citizens to share their thoughts on organic farming, reports in a recent article titled EU asks citizens to join debate on GM food

Image credit:

The article continues ... The bloc's 500 million consumers are invited to complete an anonymous online questionnaire on the European Commission's Agriculture and Rural Development website ( The consultation, which ends on April 10, is part of a review of European policy on organic agriculture.

The survey is available in all official EU languages. English is the one linked here, but other languages are available from a drop-down menu at the top of the page.

The article, putting emphasis on the GM angle, goes on to say...

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posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Friday January 18 2013

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A Seed for Change - Greek film maker says we can 'grow our way out of the crisis'

Categories: Environment

Many thanks g to Cristina in Greece for her report on this - originally published on her justiceforgreece blog as

A seed For Change a documentary project by Alex Ikonomidis and the declaration on seed freedom


Alex Ikonomidis is a Greek film maker who lived, studied and worked in Lebanon. After returning to his native Greece and serving his time in the military, he took up his profession there and was happily going along, producing in the world of media and advertising when, suddenly, the economic crisis hit. Through the crisis, Ikonomidis recognized that when money becomes more and more scarce, it is important to be where food is grown.

This brought him to embark on a documentary project. A Seed for Change is his soon-to-be-released feature length film documenting why agriculture must start with seed freedom. Chemical inputs are often toxic and are disruptive to human health and the environment. "Standardized" seeds, as imposed by the agro-chemical conglomerates through legislation pushed through in much of the civilized world, are destroying our heritage of biological diversity, created by nature and harnessed by farmers for producing our food over thousands of years.

Continue reading "A Seed for Change - Greek film maker says we can 'grow our way out of the crisis'"

posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Friday November 23 2012

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Missing folate genes and AIDS - treat hypomethylation with nutrients, not toxic drugs!

Categories: Epidemics

This is another installment of research into the biochemistry of HIV and Aids by Cal Crilly, an Australian who finds himself fascinated with the intricacies of biology. Crilly analyzes the seemingly unconnected studies that show the biochemical changes that accompany the presence of numerous retroviruses - one of them called HIV - in humans.

The mechanism that makes retroviruses appear is hypomethylation, and it is the same mechanism that accompanies pregnancy and inflammation. Those retroviruses are produced in the course of normal biological activity and they are not infectious. There are many different types (ever heard of HIV 'mutating'?). As an aside, we declare pregnant mothers to be "HIV positive" as pregnancy causes the presence of retroviruses in the course of normal biological activity, and those harmless endogenous retroviruses react with what's generally called an "HIV" test.

Certain basic nutrients - Selenium, Folate, B12, B6, Choline are the most important - counteract hypomethylation of the cells and thereby calm the production of human endogenous retroviruses.

The toxic Aids drug AZT causes hypermethylation but it is so destructive of normal cell processes that most patients die. The 'life prolonging' effect of HAART, the drug cocktail that is prescribed to Aids patients today is due to a sharp decrease in the dosage of deadly AZT in the cocktail.

Cal demonstrates those facts and more with reference to studies you can find as well, if you're interested in the details.

Meanwhile we continue to treat immune compromised people with drugs that further compromise the immune system and - in many cases - kill the patient.

When is medicine going to start treating those people by insisting on better eating and supplementation supplying the correct nutrients?

How long will it take until the toxic drugs are phased out in favor of real prevention?

Continue reading "Missing folate genes and AIDS - treat hypomethylation with nutrients, not toxic drugs!"

posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Thursday October 4 2012

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