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Human Potential

Human potential is changing. Intuition is one of the things we are learning to use to connect up to the knowledge that is freely available to everyone. DNA changes have long been rumoured and merit investigation. Abilities that have long been considered "para" are becoming more common. Some of these things need to be looke at, hence this category.

February 15, 2008

Creating Reality - From Consciousness and Free Will to Three Dimensional Networking


How often have we been told that we create our own reality. That all we need to do is envision, with positive thought, what we want and it will surely come about.

Actually, a whole industry has sprung up around that meme, from life coaches to do-it-yourself success books. Perhaps the most recent and arguably one of the most widely known examples of this is The Secret, an inspirational film and a book that promote what is called the law of attraction.


The object seems to be to obtain what you most wish for. In our society, that normally turns out to be financial success, but it is not necessarily limited to that.

Now how does this really work. How do we create reality in a world where everyone seems to have a different agenda, where political forces are overwhelmingly seen as a violent driving force for the accumulation of power that is in contrast with the deepest and most cherished wishes of the majority of thinking individuals.

Creating Reality

Claus Janew has examined the question in some depth in the book "The Creation of Reality" which is only available in German. An abridged version, translated into English, is available from Janew's site as a PDF file. The title is How Consciousness Creates Reality.

If you are interested at all about the deeper questions of our existence, I recommend you download and print that 36-page essay. Janew says he "wrote the book out of a desire to examine the structure of our reality from a standpoint unbiased by established teachings, be they academic-scientific, popular-esoteric, or religious in nature. The solution to the classical problem of free will," he continues, "constitutes the gist of the concepts revealed."


No need to bring previous philosophical knowledge to the reading of the text, simply an interest in fundamental interconnections, a certain openness and the willingness to think along. A second, shorter paper, which has been published in the German Magazin 2000 and titled Omnipresent Consciousness and Free Will might serve as an introduction to those of you who don't want to invest the time necessary to read the whole 36-page essay. And then - you can always choose to go on from there.

I should like to thank Mike Emery for having pointed me in the direction of Janus and his essays.

And in case neither The Secret nor Consciousness and Free Will hold much attraction for you at this time and yet you want to change the reality in which we live, I have another tip for you. One more way of creating the reality we want is simply to link up with other people and start networking. You can do that either on the internet or in person - starting right in your own neighborhood...

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posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Friday February 15 2008

updated on Sunday February 17 2008

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August 31, 2006

Ho'oponopono - Hawaiian Code of Forgiveness: Take Responsibility


Are we responsible for all that happens in our world - illness, war, violence, but also the good things like love, progress, wise decisions and happiness? Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D., says we are indeed, and we can change the less positive manifestations in our lives by working on our thoughts.


The technique to achieve this is called Ho'oponopono and it is an ancient Hawaiian code of forgiveness, used to correct the things that went wrong in a person's life. It may sound preposterous, but apparently personal responsibility is a reality and it can change things. Dr. Len says "There is no such thing as out there. Everything exists as thoughts in my mind."

Simply put, Ho'oponopono means, "to make right," or "to rectify an error." According to the ancient Hawaiians, error arises from thoughts that are tainted by painful memories from the past. Ho'oponopono offers a way to release the energy of these painful thoughts, or errors, which cause imbalance and disease. (Definition found here)

I want to thank some people who have sent this information around in emails, especially Dr. Joe "Mr. Fire" Vitale, the marketing genius who has met Dr. Len and written up his impressions on his site and blog.

Thanks also go to Gary who sent Vitale's information with the following comment:

Truth is often stranger than fiction. Anyone who is aware of recent research conclusions in frontier science (such as in entanglement physics, quantum mechanics, astronomy, astro-biology, etc) would readily agree. Actually, recent frontier science can be used to, at least, partially explain the “strange” technique of the “World’s Most Unusual Therapist.”


PS If the article seems to you to be complete fantasy without even a 5% probability of possibility, try these phrases (copy and paste each line, separately for each search, as is written below) into your Internet browser’s search engine (such as WebCrawler, Clusty, or even Google) on the World Wide Web; very interesting “stuff!” Then reread the article.

“entanglement physics”
“action at a distance” “physics”
“Time reversal symmetry”
“neuro synchrony”
"water molecules" “Emoto”
“Evoked potential”
“Biology of Belief”
“role of the observer in scientific experimentation” “physics”

But before you go searching for these terms, here the article of Dr. Joe Vitale - food for thought...

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posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Thursday August 31 2006

updated on Thursday November 25 2010

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June 01, 2005

Life Extension: Is Transhumanism A Dangerous Idea?


SMILE - Dr. Carol Rosin, president of ICIS, the Institute for Cooperation in Space and a major proponent of peaceful space exploration, said in her tribute to Timothy Leary:

"Years ago, Timothy had listed me in the Genetic Hall of Fame in his book, the Intelligence Agents, with people he called "evolutionary agents" who were working for human evolution into space. I'll never forget his Leary SMILE, which he said stands for SM, Space Migration, the I is squared and stands for Intelligence Increase, and the LE stands for Life Exstension."

Life Extension is at the point of origin of what is known today as Transhumanism, an idea "closely tied to an enthusiasm for ethical, responsible technological progress. This progress brings greater choice and options for improving the human condition."


Image credit: campaignearrings.com

In an early article on this site, titled Human Genetic Engineering, I implied that to allow the human genome to be changed might be a dangerous undertaking, just as would be modifying the plants we eat. Today I came across a recent piece, forwarded by Paul, a friend of mine in the UK, which seems to echo that sentiment, but provides a much more balanced discussion of the transhumanist ideas and their detractors. Transhumanists believe that by technical advances we may eventually be able not only to extend our life span but also to become superhuman. The idea is that improving upon nature, we might become not only more healthy and strong, but also more smart.

After reading the article, here is what I responded to Paul:

"The whole idea of transhumanism is stimulating and nurturing developments that may very well turn out to be positive for keeping in good health longer, although I doubt that most of these thinkers have a grasp of how wonderfully complicated and vastly superior even the most simple of human functions are to current and possibly future technologies.

The solutions advocated seem to be based on a belief that the human essence is merely an outgrowth of the physical body. This belief is - and here I agree with Fukuyama - dangerous. It completely overlooks that it's not by freezing a body and then tinkering with it that we can extend our life.

Transhumanism has really been going on for eons, man has evolved, and we will continue to evolve, albeit at a faster pace, if we accept some of the ideas that are being mulled. What is perhaps missing from the current transhuman view is the spiritual dimension - the knowledge that humans are born again and again, and that there is no necessity to hang on to one body with all your might.

Supernatural abilities are within our grasp - just by discovering what we already knew and lost, rather than by technological fixes. These technical helpers like chips to permit us to directly access electronics are at best "bridge technologies", which eventually won't be necessary any more because we have within ourselves all the abilities those guys imagine to have to achieve technologically.

So while I would agree with most of the transhuman ideas for achieving better body function and less illness, I think that freezing bodies just shows a lack of awareness of our real human capabilities and our spiritual abilities. I see humanity transforming, and the new technologies for life extension will help, but the real surprise will come from the discovery of our innate abilities and our spiritual nature."

In summary, I believe it won't be medicine that eventually makes for better human lives, at least not the current mechanical pharma-based brand. We will get more healthy and smarter if we foster our own spiritual development, perhaps assisted by the necessary knowledge of how exactly the human body and mind function.

Cellular medicine goes a long way in understanding the real pathways of biochemistry in human bodies, but we can't make the mistake of confusing the mind and our mental abilities with the brain's chemical functions. I have a feeling there may yet be many surprises in store for all of us. Things like x-ray vision, instant calculation and collective intelligence may already be with us. At least some of us are already practising.

Anyway, if I managed to catch your interest ... here's a copy of that article sent by Paul.

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posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Wednesday June 1 2005

updated on Tuesday October 19 2010

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April 10, 2005

Exopolitics - Why Are Extraterrestrial Politics Taboo?


Some say there is a new political frontier in the stars...

Although I have not personally witnessed any event that would be classified as "UFO related", I have not the slightest doubt that we are not alone in this universe. On the contrary, we should rightly be part of a teeming web of life and civilization that permeates not only our own galaxy, but ultimately the vast reaches of the Universe - but it seems we are voluntarily cutting ourselves off from any serious interaction with other forms of intellligence.

My first contact with the attempt to bring such matters out into the open and encourage a scientific approach to eventually contacting and interacting with extra planetary intelligent life, was an article about a book by Dr. Michael Salla, published in NEXUS magazine. Then I came across the websites of Alfred Lambremont Webre, a Washington lawyer and scientist, who was to head a civilian study into the matter of extraterrestrial intelligence, killed promptly by intervention from within the deep reaches of government military power play.

Although there are literally reams of evidence of extraterrestrial contacts and observations, the high level cover-up continues to this day. The Disclosure Project of Steven M. Greer, MD, seems to be running into the same stonewall that thwarted Lambremont Webre's efforts.

Where personal observations - even by groups of people - contradict the official line which is that "there are no UFOs", the establishment's scientific shock troops enter into action. A world wide network of "skeptics" is ready to intervene to discredit any witnesses and tell the press that what was seen were weather balloons, space garbage falling down to earth, meteorites or "collective psychoses".

These "skeptics" are active in other fields as well. They appear as "quackbusters" to discredit any innovations in medicine out of line with the pharmaceutical paradigm, they discredit technological advances such as cold fusion or space energy, they mercilessly destroy attempts to better understand physical reality - anything that might change the way we think about the world around us.

Official projects of "looking for signs of life in the universe" get us listening to radio signals. Programs such as SETI give popular credence to the false notion that it is exceedingly difficult to prove we are not alone. The suggestion seems to be that earth and humanity might really be the center of life in the universe. Nicolas Copernicus and Galileo come to mind.

I do not know why the cover-up about life in space, but certainly it makes for an interesting study, especially as the U.S. is preparing to monopolize the use of space, denying friend and foe alike access to any off-planet real estate.

Jeane Manning, author of "The Coming Energy Revolution" and co-author of an expose of HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Project) wrote an excellent introductory article to exopolitics, detailing Alfred Lambremont Webre's work...

Continue reading "Exopolitics - Why Are Extraterrestrial Politics Taboo?"

posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday April 10 2005

updated on Tuesday October 19 2010

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