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April 21, 2004

Sound Health Sharry Edwards Charges: 'Financial Terrorism'

Ohio, Easter Sunday, 2004 - According to an alert issued by Ralph Fucetola, also known as the Vitamin Lawyer, Sharry Edwards, founder of a school of alternative healing through sound called Human BioAcoustics, (see website of the Sound Health Research Institute) has been attacked in an underhanded way. In what seems to be a typical "dirty tricks" operation, her accounts were seized by a bank in a way that does not allow for defense.

The bank apparently operated on what is called a “cognovit note” that had her name affixed to it nearly a decade ago without her knowledge. Don't know what a cognovit note is? I didn't either, until a few minutes ago. According to a Michigan court,

“a cognovit note is a legal device by which a debtor consents in advance to the holder's obtaining a judgment without notice or hearing, and possibly without appearance, on the debtor's behalf, by an attorney designated by the holder…”

Read Fucetola's open letter and further information about the case here and if you wish, write an e-mail to tell Sharry she's not alone - you might also want to help out with a donation.

Statement from Sharry Edwards, Easter Sunday 2004

Terrorism upheld as legal by Ohio Court

This can't be happening!  I'm sitting here with one sock on, my mind in an intellectual stupor of disbelief.   My thoughts are racing in an attempt to make rational sense of it all; my body frozen in the simple act of trying to put my other sock on so that I can face the day.  They only took things.  I can live with that and I can continue to work and earn money no matter how they try to terrorize me. "How can this happen," I silently inquire on some internal level?  How can a large banking conglomerate use a "cognovit note" claiming that my name was affixed to it nearly a decade ago, to seize my personal bank accounts?

I wasn't even aware of what a cognovit note was and had never been allowed to review the documents that were being referring to.  When the Bank had first informed me of this debt, I had asked repeatedly for them to provide copies of the originating documents to me. I continued to ask for seven years with no results.  I had provided copies of court documents to them showing that another person had already admitted, among other things, to signing my name to documents associated with the loan they referred to but the Bank still refused to provide a copy of the loan documents they claimed existed.  It seemed they didn't care to help me prove that someone else had originated this debt. 

The Bank claimed that a cognovit note, that was part of the loan, gave them the right to hire an attorney for me even though I hadn't signed for the loan.  It gave them the right to hire someone I had never met in any way to go to court as my representative without my knowledge or consent and confess that I was guilty.  I was notified after the fact that I must pay back a loan that was consummated by someone else using my name.  Having my identify raped seven years ago was devastating but to now be faced with the fact that the bank was eager to hold me responsible when they knew full well that someone else is culpable was incomprehensible. 

The fact that the statue of limitations had run out on the loan didn't stop the Court from agreeing with Big Banking that I should be found guilty without recourse, without a court appearance and without representation that I was aware of.  How can this kind of terrorism exist in America?  The realization that it has already existed for many years begin to creep into my awareness.  Collections agencies pray on this kind of terror.  That is why it works so well.  Keep the person terrorized and they are more pliable, more cooperative.  This ploy should be considered criminal.  In reality a cognovit note on a consumer loan is a criminal offense in many states, including Ohio but that didn't stop the Court or the Bank from finding me guilty behind my back and then acting on that counterfeit guilt in a terrorist fashion.

They've taken the funds from my checking and savings accounts - all of it.  Well that's not completely true, they left .01 cents in my account.  They left me a penny.  The amount they took wasn't much in terms of what a large bank is worth, but it was a huge amount for me.  Such a large bank doesn't need my pittance of a bank account.  The repugnant result was to terrorize me; to make me behave so that I would cave in and pay them in order to be free from the pain, the fear, and the dread.  Terrorizing me in this manner is probably a very effective tactic for a Bank because it uses the basic need for safety to force compliance through fear.

A thought swirled through my mental space as I was trying to sort out the facts from the emotional terror.  It dawned on me that I can't buy groceries or even go out to eat because they have also maxed out the overdraft on my credit card.  It seems the papers they used to find me guilty state that they can have my money, my property and my credit.  An involuntary moan/sigh (I can't determine which) escapes from deep inside.   I just remembered that I promised my granddaughter that I would help her buy her prom dress.  Another thought dances across my mind.  I can't send Ben his money for his gym shoes that I promised him.  Where will I get the money for a simple pair of sneakers for my beloved grandson?  He trusts me.  I'm his Grandma.  I have always been able to come through when his parents can't provide the little extras that make a childhood just a little sweeter. I can't let him down!

I finally get it.  The intent all along has been to break me, to terrorize me.  To move against the one principle that most Americans take for granted. The basic need to feel safe. I can tell you from the inside of my being that it is horrific to feel NOT safe.  This is a great lesson for me.  I begin to realize that this attack is an unconscionable atrocity against the basic right of all humans to feel safe. What I'm going through is so small and insignificant compared to what is happening in other parts of the world but it is nevertheless earth-shattering to my well-being.

Moving through the day, through the motions of being human without feeling safe is an incredibly insidious experience especially when the terrorizing is being done by those we were are taught to trust without reservation our banking and court systems.  I will not bow to what they expect!  I know that I can't be alone in this.  This must have happened to many other people if this law has gotten so much attention that there is actually an Ohio Code that prevents it from being legal for consumer loans. [2323.11 (E)]

I slowly begin to realize that at the root of my terror, is the basic fact that I've been betrayed by those who by law are charged with being impartial, judicious, reasonable and fair! I'm astonished to realize that I don't feel safe in a land that is supposed to be all about freedom and safety and choice. 

But that is their target - my need to feel safe.  Another fear crowds my mind.  "What will they seize next," I ponder?  By law, what can they take?  By law they can't hold me responsible if someone else signed my name to a paper-but it happened.  By law they can't hold someone responsible after the statue of limitations has run out-but it happened.  It's done, I've been found guilty.  The Court helped them do it, and the only way to get my property back is to go to court against them.  But how can I do that with no money?  Maybe that was their intention.  Take my means of hiring an attorney so I can't fight back.  In the meantime I'm forced to do without.  Everyone that I'm responsible for is being forced to do without. 

My head drops into my hands in despair and frustration.  How can I fight Big Banking and the Court system?  I feel like sobbing.  But what's the point?  It won't help.  The only thing that will help is to make sure that the law that was used against me can never be used against anyone else, EVER!  I know the commitment I will make.  I must carefully plan a murder.  I will help murder the dreaded cognovit notes that immoral banking institutions try to use against people when they are fully aware that the person they are pursing is not responsible.  I will see to it that such a law that allows lending institutions to terrorize the little people, the poor, those not having the means to fight them, ends up being abolished with mandatory retroactive payments to the Americans that have been subject to such abuse by Big Brother Banking.

There is no purpose in resenting this abuse of power  - it only provides energy to the problem not the solution.  There is no purpose in being upset.  Assigning blame has never resolved a problem.  Things change only when we are determined enough to embrace change by standing up for what is right.  I only need to remember that people who always follow never end up making a difference.  I must be courageous enough to face those in power knowing my retaliation will be to make the world a more grace full place. I'm in good company this Easter Sunday, 2004.

Sharry Edwards

Here is a comment received from Sharry Edwards recently (December 2004) and my answer:

In April of this year (2004) you published my story about the banking industry being used to terrorize me. I was devastated at the time and found your publishing the account to be very comforting. I thought I would share the rest of the story.

We decided to fight the decision of the Court that I must pay a loan that I did not initiate or benefit from.

Thousands of dollars in lawyer fees later, the decision was overturned. I had to prove that I could not have signed the documents. I was lucky that I was in another city on the date that the bank claimed the papers were signed by me.

They kept my accounts seized for several months during which time I had no access to my funds. I had thought that when the decision was reversed that I would get my money bank - not so. It would have required that we go to trial again to get my money back; requiring more lawyers, more money, more time.

At that point I just walk away from the mess. I had talked to several people who had tried to fight for their money and they said it ended up costing them more than the amount of original funds. One man even paid a loan, without argument, that his renter had taken out of his property instead of trying to fight the banking system.

I'm happy that I was able to clear my name but I now realize how UNFREE we really are. If a bank wants to take your money, there is not much to stop them.

Sharry Edwards


I am very happy to hear from you and will share your comment with my readers unless you tell me not to.

Your experience is really a testimony to what is wrong with our justice system. "Swift and easily accessible justice" should be the norm, instead it is being made as difficult and as expensive as possible, with costs and delays turning most people off even trying. Well - we live in a world arranged not for the people but for our would-be controllers.

I was amazed to read yesterday that ONE NIGHT in a hospital in the U.S. can cost you up to 29.500 $ if you aren't insured. I think that is just criminal and there is NO excuse for that.

Let's hope this coming year will bring changes for the better. We have our work cut out for us.

Thank you for writing and I hope you had a happy Christmas and will have a successful new year.

Kind regards


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Wednesday April 21 2004
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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