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June 06, 2004

Usury-Free Currencies - There Is No Conspiracy!

Tommy is an activist for a different economy, one that is not based on usury, an economy that allows us to live without automatically falling into debt to the money-issuing institutions. Like all activists, he is someone like you and me, with all the personal problems that come with following a calling to bring about change or to help your fellows.

We like to think that our troubles are not our own doing, that there might be some kind of concerted action to keep things like they are. Tommy says that he "... noted that the greatest conspiracy is there is NO conspiracy." He then goes on to say that "[w]hat is needed now are countless thousands of thinking men and women who are willing to study the research, investigate the facts and draw their own logical conclusions."

True, it is up to each one of us and really only to ourselves, to bring about the needed changes in our lives and to spread these in ever widening circles - until we span the planet. Here are Tommy's musings ....

Musings By Tommy-Usury: Free

Twenty-fours years ago, when I was 32 years young, I read Gary Allen's paperback entitled NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY. On page 5 of the Introduction by John G. Schmitz, United States Congressman it is written: "This book may have the effect of changing your life. After reading this book, you will never look at national and world events in the same way again."

This significant event motivated me to prove Gary Allen wrong as at that time, I had full faith in the system that my parents and educators had exposed me to during my formal years of education. The more I read to prove Gary Allen wrong the more I learned how correct he was in his assessment of world politics and power. Over the years, I have learned that there exists a conspiratorial clique of usury elitists who manipulate policy at all levels of government thereby heavily influencing our lives - unknown to most fellow-Canadians.

Indeed, twenty-four years later, I can attest to the many ways that the reading of Gary Allen's little paperback was the catalyst to motivate me to become the ardent researcher, writer and re-educator that I have become. Indeed, I view the electronic and print media quite differently than do my fellow-Canadians who still have full faith in the system or illusion that they are a part of.

I am fully cognizant that it takes an individual with strong character indeed, to face the facts and admit that s/he has been tricked even if it was because of trusting the source of the information. Repudiating what one learns from family and church association, lifetime opinions and/or from formal education is a challenge indeed because it invites ridicule,
satire and attack.

People resist being asked to reject their habits and their way of thinking and thereby replace their beliefs with a whole new outlook. Social position in the local community is more important to most people than the survival of truth or freedom in Canada or elsewhere. People are afraidof being laughed at if and when they take an uncommon stand. Will you be bribed into silence or will you proudly take a stand?

Indeed, one cannot refute solid evidence and my experience is that bucking the tide means paying the price of social and professional ostracism. To date, less than .0001 per cent of the population are ready to risk leaving their hassle free zones. I am proud to be a .0001 percenter.

Shortly after reading NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, I found it listed as a banned book while researching Canada's banned book list complied by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency in the early 1980's. Why would a little paperback about politics be listed with a bunch of pornographic books that were also on the banned book list? Just asking!

As more events occurred in the 1980's and 1990's, and on into this 21st Century, my self-imposed decision to pursue a personal course of re-education for the sole purpose of seeking truth on matters relating to economics, politics, health, energy, education, religion etc. became more definitive and I noted that the greatest conspiracy is there is NO conspiracy. What is needed now are countless thousands of thinking men and women who are willing to study the research, investigate the facts and draw their own logical conclusions. My bets are that they too will discover that the greatest conspiracy is that there is NO conspiracy.

I know how much time and energy I have invested in the research during the past 24 years. I know how I have been harassed financially and/or otherwise by government entities and individuals because I dared to be different by daring to reject the lies, deceit and deception that most people accept without question. I'm sure that there have been elements of the system that have an agenda to intimidate me into becoming normal and basically shutting up. I keep sharing what I am learning with those who are ready and willing to be re-educated and everyday, I recognize and acknowledge how little I know.

And I promise the usury elitists and anyone else who might seek to silence me, anonymity, amnesty and a free credit line in our new system of usuryfree time currency. This may be why I'm still alive for I was cautioned in the mid-1980's by a free speech advocate, Ernst Zundel that what I was writing about - the fifth column of usury - was more sacred to the PTB's (Powers That Be) than the holocaust and that I'd better be careful for my life. I have never been afraid of promoting the truth and perhaps that's why I am still alive and promoting the truth.

I am honoured to have been mentored by John The Engineer Turmel since I met him in Ottawa, Ontario in February, 1984. John has mentored me about the problems caused by the design flaw of usury and the solutions as offered by the usuryfree community currency movement. I have known for a very long time that my mission in this incarnation is to promote the concept of usuryfree living for everyone on planet earth.

Are there things wrong with the picture that I have painted above? I accept that my choices have had a profound impact on my immediate family members - especially my three children. Their mother chose to separate from me in 1991 when they were at the young ages of 13, 11 and 9 and she denied me fair access to them during the 1990's even though a court judgement granted me fair access. Now, I spend more time with my children than their mother does.

What my young adult children now aged 26, 24, and 22 don't know yet, is that the payoff of my sacrifices is about to be realized as we are now closer than ever to experiencing the reality of usuryfree living. When the function of usury - which creates the growth on debt - is replaced with a simple service charge, the debts of my children and the debts of everyone will be quickly reduced as there will be no more usury exacted. Their generation and all following generations will experience prosperity, abundance, peace and plenty because we, the pioneering usuryfree creatives dared to take the risks and pay the price to abolish the financial chains of usury.

There have been expressions from my children that (a) I did not have the financial resources to help them when they were struggling with a shortage of money and (b) that I deterred them from mainstream education.

I cannot change the past, I did make choices in my pursuit of acquiring learning resources that left less money for my children BUT like most other middle class families, I always did make an effort to shuffle the shortage as best I could so that I could give them money for things they really needed - when they needed them. Their mother made a unilateral decision to enrol all three children in a private French High School called College Bourget at Rigaud, Quebec. This decision cost well over $100,000. during the 1990's - an extra cost that no middle class family unit with one income could afford. Incurring such a cost when we were separated and trying to keep two households on one income was absolute financial insanity. This decision caused unnecessary financial stress and now there is no money left to help with their university education.

My records indicate that I spent well over $300,000. on my children since I left the matrimonial home on April 1st, 1991. Since I was not filing income tax during the 1990's, I never requested receipts from the mother when I gave her cash - often as much as $2000. per month. Thirteen years later, she would lie on an affidavit and say that I gave her nothing.

From the time the oldest was born in 1978 until 1991, the three children had received a good grounding with plenty of wholesome interaction from both my family and their mother's family and they were able to weather the stormy and troubling times of the 1990's after their mother and I had separated.

I admit to spending well over $100,000 in my research and re-education over the past 24 years. I keep giving more money to the cause all the time hoping for that final breakthrough that will become the tipping point for the masses to awaken. I feel that we are very close now to launching a database that can serve us locally, nationally and internationally as we create and spend our own usuryfree time currency to use as a complement to our usury-bearing federal cash. Usuryfree living is just around the corner.

It never was my intention to deter my children or any youth from formal education BUT it was and is my intention to encourage not only my children but all youth to look beyond the walls of formal learning in search of knowledge that conventional textbook education neglects to teach. There is so much to learn when ones dares to look beyond the walls of formal education and the younger that one re-educates her/himself, the better equipped one is to meet the challenges of this 21st Century.

Perhaps the other greatest disappointment is the reaction of my family siblings to my choices over the past 24 years. Too many times, I have been told to be normal or my work and my passion has been dismissed as not worthy of time and effort. I have had to ignore this advice because I know that normal people are accepting of the lies, deceit and deception that I know to be harmful and hurtful to individuals and to society at large.

I have had the honour of working with countless, notable researchers who double as freedom advocates from all across Canada during the past 24 years with the sole purpose of undoing the harm and deceit that the system has been inflicting on my fellow-Canadians. The truth is out there, but it has been buried so deep that it is unrecognizable to most normal individuals.

I became involved as a freedom advocate and a usuryfree creative so that the Court of Public Review (that's you the reader) could understand the injustice and seek to correct it early in this 21st Century. I have been wrongly painted as anti-Semitic because I am anti-usury. I have been unfairly painted as a tax evader when I am truly a usury evader. I have been slandered and libeled for my action of participating as a government LIE protestor.

Richard Warman has falsely attacked me with two costly court actions which are ongoing. Each of these court actions is a gross violation of my constitutional rights. The mother of my children has attacked me financially in Family Court and now the Family Responsibility Office is garnisheeing my monthly pension simply because I did not ask for receipts when I paid over $220,000. in child support during the 1990's.

Their Court system of Just Us has been deliberate in their violations of the law and my civil rights. I cannot afford the high costs of pursuing justice and it's unlikely that I would be granted justice in the biased Family Court system of this 21st Century.

I am convinced that government bureaucrats have lost all sense of compassion as they have ruthlessly enforced a garnishee of 50% of my monthly pension for child support arrears for the past two months. Even though I have explained that their action is causing undue financial hardship, they maintain that they are just following policy which says that they can garnishee 50% of my monthly pension.

I know that I do not owe this money as child support arrears BUT I am coerced into paying because a judge believed the lies from the mother of my children and the machinery is in place to confiscate the money based on the endorsement of a judge. This is an ominous situation indeed. Lawyers are supposed to be held to a higher standard BUT the mother of my children - who is a lawyer - knowingly broke the law by lying on an affidavit. Then she was able to convince a judge to believe her lies in Family Court. After court proceedings lasting 22 months, the judge ordered me to pay child support arrears in the amount of $75.346.00. Early in the court proceedings, I charged the mother of my children with perjury (lying on an affidavit) and the Chief Crown Attorney withdrew the charge after 5
court appearances.

This family court ordeal has been extremely difficult for myself and the children as I had to subpoena them to court during the proceedings to give oral testimony. Additionally, I had to invest a tremendous amount of time in defending myself in Family Court as I could not afford to pay a lawyer the going rate.

I did not qualify for legal aid and because I was being garnisheed by the Family Responsibility Office, no banking institution would grant me a loan. The fact that the mother of my children violated the law for selfish ends will eventually backfire as karma has a way of seeking its own justice.

My current involvement as a usuryfree creative has never been because someone coerced me, it has been because it is right and just to seek honesty and justice from our faltering systems that are run by our respective levels of government. When I first learned about how the design flaw of usury functions as a killer economic machine, I realized that the focus of this final Information War must be on the Laws written by the Parliament of Canada. At some point in the not-too-distant future, a new Banking Act that advocates a usuryfree time currency for all Canadians must be passed by Parliament.

During the 1980s - before the internet - it was extremely difficult to research the truth and maintain connections with others who were likewise pursuing their own courses of self-imposed research. Now in the 21st Century, email, websites and advanced search engines on the Internet make it much easier to find information, resources and to stay connected with other usuryfree creatives.

In 2000, I offered John The Engineer Turmel the opportunity to post his archives at my website so that others could read and learn about his optimal bank math and discover that inflation is directly caused by the function of usury in our orthodox economic system.
Details at this URL: The evidence that the Parliament of Canada gave the privilege of printing money to private bankers early in the 20th Century, is nothing less than overwhelming BUT still only .0001% of fellow-Canadians know the truth and this must be remedied NOW.

It deeply troubles me that most fellow-Canadians are still being deceived about the design flaw of usury as well as many other relevant issues in matters of economics, health, energy, religion etc. It really bothers me that banks, CCRA and other government entities keep stealing from the public, taking advantage of their lack of knowledge. Didn't some famous
author say? "For lack of knowledge they will perish." How many dishonest professionals - bankers, chartered accountants, financial planners etc. - are in on the lies, deceit and deception, earning illegitimate income? And how many honest professionals are being deceived for lack of knowledge as well?

Many years ago, I decided that no matter what the cost, I had a social and moral obligation to re-educate myself and those who are ready and willing to listen. I resolved that no matter who, or what, tried to stop me from re-educating the public about the design flaw of usury and related information, it would not work. The evidence has been (and is being) uncovered and the truth cannot be unlearned once it has been learned - though it can be ignored. The more publicity that is brought to all of the issues related to the design flaw of usury, the more likely the Court of Public Review will determine the correct verdict.

When confronted with the massive contradictions between how the various levels of government are borrowing money from private bankers and agreeing to pay usury, one is excited to do the only thing that seems reasonable and rational - learn how to create and spend our own usuryfree time currency as a complement to their (the bankers') federal usury-bearing dollar currency. I have written letters to the various levels of government. Here are two examples: &

I expected the elected politicians to respond to me truthfully. How would they respond? NOT!! Neither they, nor their experts bothered to respond directly to the questions that I raise in my letters. In short, the targeted politicians refuse to answer my letters.

Therefore, the politicians, the government bureaucrats and the collaborating corporate executives continue to oversee stealing from the common people. It makes me sick to my stomach. The lies, deceit and deception go on and the public keep complaining and changing the driver at election time, while not recognizing that it is the financial machine that is broken. The voters are being conditioned to vote for change again in this 2004 federal election. They are likely to change the driver again, not realizing that changing the driver has absolutely no effect if the financial machine remains broken.

I am a re-directed elementary school teacher. I do have formal education BUT I have much more self-imposed, re-education. When presented with the evidence that does exist outside the walls of formal education in a logical fashion, I can understand it and I daresay that anyone with minimal formal education can do likewise. There is so much common sense in this simple re-education process.

The massive, administrative structures of governments and corporations with their respective Œchains of command‚ are being put on notice that we-the-people are awakening and we are now aware of the various levels of fraud and that we are organizing to notify them about the robbery and demanding that it be stopped.

The lies, deceit and deception must be stopped NOW, before it gets worse. We will win this Information War because we are armed with the truth and we will no longer be ignored. The internet is our tool and we must confront the tyranny and stop it like our ancestors did.

Readers are invited to read about and enrol with Hour Third Market Network NOW. More details at these URLs: &

Request your information package by sending an email to: with Hour Third Market Network in the Subject line.

In summary, the cost of a one year membership is valued at $104. - payable with $65. (Canadian currency) and 3 UFOH's (Usury Free Online Hours) whereby one hour is equivalent in value to $13. (Canadian funds). You get an online listing of products and/or services that you offer as well as an ID card that will identify you as a member and thereby qualify you for discounts from other members etc.

It's time to move ahead NOW. Let's grow this online database rapidly and let's become active, usuryfree time-traders.

Enjoy this day!
Working with you for peace and plenty by 2020
AND Resolving to pay usury no more beyond 2004
Tommy-Usury: Free otherwise known as Thomas-Joseph: Kennedy

PS: In recent months, I have been fortunate to meet with the CEO of a company that has a unique software that can be used to print a usuryfree time currency that is absolutely guaranteed to be impossible to counterfeit. I have also met two entrepreneurs who have search engines and who are ready and willing to network with our online database of usuryfree time traders. And I have already negotiated an agreement with a service provider to make our ID cards and to list our initial lists of offers within an online database. I need to raise some capital NOW to move ahead with the operation of this online database of usuryfree time-traders. Potential investors please forward an email to with Potential Investor in the Subject line.

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The Debit Tax is a tax on all withdrawals from all financial institutions, that also means transferring funds from one bank to another.  This tax was initially proposed at 1/3 of one percent.  It is being suggested by some that a more realistic figure would be a 1% tax...

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someone put up a store on cafepress with slogan-laden T-shirts for those who want to start making a public impression...


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday June 6 2004
updated on Monday November 22 2010

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

A comment just received by e-mail from Dr. Edward Ayoub:

I had just finished typing the following entry into the MI2 World Events Database when I received your email.

"Cruel moneylenders harass India's farmers [1]. Chengala Reddy, honorary chairperson of the Federation of Farmers Associations in Andhra Pradesh, estimates that 4,000 to 5,000 indebted farmers have committed suicide since 1998 [2]." (Sources: [1] Amy Waldman (Anantapur, India). Heavy Debt and Drought Drive India's Farmers to Desperation. NYT, 6-Jun-04; [2] Why are farmers in Andhra committing suicide? (Special). (Hyderabad) (IANS). New Kerala, 27-May-04.)

It is good of you to publish the Tommy-Usury: Free column. I hope many people read it.

One thing is clear: We have to move from seeking the truth about usury to acting on our knowledge. There is a pressing need to form a global political force that is committed to trashing usury in the "rule of law." This can be done by re-orienting and expanding the vision of the Green party, or by creating a new worldwide political party that is focused on the "rule of justice" -- and not on a fraudulent "rule of law."

This goal is achievable. Corporate malfeasance has become widespread, entrenched, most wicked, and dangerous. Most people are horrified. Unfortunately, many are fighting back by becoming mean -- by copying the behavior of the crooked (if you can't beat them, join them). However, they will join a new party that promises the "good life" to the vast masses, if it has a clear, well articulated, and practical global strategy and good leaders.

We must invest our efforts into formulating a bold and audacious plan that will realize this new global political force. We must locate informed, charismatic, and trustworthy leaders who are prepared to dedicate their lives to achieving our worthy goals.


Posted by: Sepp on June 6, 2004 06:42 PM


And here another comment received by e-mail, this one from Henry Ayre:

The only cure for the universal addiction to compound interest lies in thinking through the subject clearly... and then hanging on to those new thoughts with fierce tenacity while a new system is being imagined and devised. Compound interest is a carnival trick, something so ridiculous that to believe in it one must first be willing to jettison reason and stability from his mind. An explosion = [C = P(1 + i)^n] = an explosion!

What is money? That's the question no one asks publicly because it appears to be a foolish query. Why everyone knows what money is! Ah, but they don't... and that's where the problem lies. Money is not gold, nor silver, nor diamonds, nor printed pieces of paper, nor.... Money is a social accord that some thing has intrinsic value... A SOCIAL ACCORD ... thus pure and simple money is AN IDEA! If you watch children playing you will see them create money when they agree that certain marbles have superior value, or trading cards, or whatever.

The people always innately have the psychic ability to create money, their own money. They are usually forbidden to do so by dictatorial laws enforced by the government, any government which draws its power from its own "patented" money-creation process. Thus, there is never a dearth of virtual money... but the stopping point is how to design the creation of that virtual money and its subsequent behaviour so that fairness, stability, and equity will not only result but will continue. It should become evident that two prime problems exist: (1) Who should have the power to create money, and (2) By what means should the created money subsequently be DE-CREATED, i.e., destroyed.

If the people vest power to create money to one organization they will always end up with a dictatorship of one sort or another. Even a child can see that. If there is no means to destroy created money the inevitable result will be wild inflation.

There are solutions. The right questions must be asked.

Henri (Henry Ayre)

Posted by: Sepp on June 6, 2004 10:24 PM


Money is not wealth; money is an abstract concept that humans use to measure wealth. Wealth is material product or service. Interest fees are wrong, money has no value, placing value on money is like saying a tape measure has height.

Posted by: Martin Altman on June 17, 2005 02:43 AM


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