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December 30, 2014

Artificial Water Fluoridation: Off To A Poor Start / Fluoride Injures The Newborn


Please watch this short 5 minute video:

Little Things Matter: The Impact of Toxins on the Developing Brain

Toxins such as Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Aluminum and other known and unknown chemicals, that are often above the legal limits, are deliberately added to our water to manage the disposal of toxic industrial waste chemicals under the pretense of "safe and effective" for water fluoridation mantra.

Knowing and acting on the above should increase health and IQ of a child over that of the seemingly well child, whose parents are uninformed. Just because the impact of neurotoxins, in most cases, is not obvious it does not mean it is not happening hence most are oblivious of the cognitive loses in their children. The difference could mean that a normal child could be a bright one and a bright one a genius!  This effect is beautifully articulated in the video at about 4:10 minutes...

"Fluoride poisons our children slowly, subtly, over months and years. Parents will be unaware that it is happening.

Few MDs are capable of diagnosing fluoride poisoning. And dentists will not accept, much less warn, that dental fluorosis is an indicator that fluoride harm may be ongoing in parts of the body beyond the oral cavity."

Taking the time to get informed on this issue will be the greatest gift your child could have, a gift that will mean a lifetime of enhanced intelligence and health!


Chris Gupta

Continue reading "Artificial Water Fluoridation: Off To A Poor Start / Fluoride Injures The Newborn"

posted by Chris Gupta on Tuesday December 30 2014

updated on Friday January 16 2015

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February 06, 2012

Drinking Water Fluoridation is Genotoxic & Teratogenic


This paper by Prof. Joe Cummins is a very important 5 minute delegation made to London Ontario Canada "Civic Works Committee" public participation meeting on January 25, 2012 on fluoride*.

While a bit technical it is short and easy to grasp. A must read as it goes to the heart of the matter regarding the well established toxicity of fluoride which is well in all scientific circles even before water fluoridation was established...

..."There is a current and growing body of peer reviewed scientific publications showing that fluoridated water causes gene damage leading to birth defects and cancer and that humans are genetically different in their sensitivity to levels of fluoride in their drinking water. "...

The fully referenced paper goes on to discuss:

Resistance to fluoride toxicity:
Fluoride damages genes and chromosomes:
Fluoride suppresses male reproduction:
Fluoride causes birth defects:

And concludes: The well documented effects of F in drinking water include gene damage, birth defects, suppression of male reproduction and cancer. The entrenched proponents of F addition to drinking water justify that drug on the basis that the addition is a public health benefit and that the adverse impacts are not observed at the low level of F in drinking water. However, as reported in a number of publications various sources provide adequate F to maintain dental health so that F addition to drinking water is neither necessary nor effective. Furthermore , animal studies are frequently rejected on the basis of the claim that the drinking water levels of F in the animal experiments are higher than that in municipal drinking water. However, there is a disturbing similarity in the concentration of F in many animal experiments and the level of F in drinking water. As well, a conversion of animal dose to human equivalent dose based on body surface area is essential in drug or pollutant safety evaluation. For example , the F concentration in drinking water in a mouse experiment must be multiplied by 0.08 for comparison with the F in human drinking water. The 10 ppm F used in a mouse experiment , for example , is equivalent to 0.8 ppm in human drinking water(19). The failure to heed the surface area conversion factor caused human injury when the concentration of drug in a mouse experiment was directly applied to healthy humans in clinical trials. Failure to heed the conversion factor seems to have been ignored in evaluating f in drinking water animal studies.

Removal of F from London's drinking water does not only save tax dollars it saves the health of F sensitive London residents.

The complete paper is available here.

*Highlights and Critique of London's Public Participation Meeting on Fluoride Jan 25th 2012:

Here is the direct link:

Chris Gupta

posted by Chris Gupta on Monday February 6 2012

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January 29, 2012

Democracy At Work? - PPM On Fluoride


Here is a commentary on the recent (Jan, 25th, 2011) Public Participation Meeting (PPM) on Fluoride in the City of London, Ontario.

The meeting started with a strong pro fluoride stance form the City engineer. His lack of knowledge on chemistry of the toxic wastes used to fluoridate water could embarrass even a high school student never mind his own profession. He blatantly violated his "duty to public welfare" as in his own professional code of ethics in broad daylight. He tried to convince the audience with totally absurd statements, such as, how the highly impure hydrofluorosilcic (HFSA) magically disassociates and becomes pharmaceutically pure in our water. Never mind the contaminants! We are to take it that they simply vanish into thin air? This is akin to saying that road salt magically become pharmaceutically pure Sodium Chloride when it is put in our cooking water!

It was an utter joke to see the so called authorities skate all over the map with their "Safe and Effective" Mantra. They looked totally ridiculous in front of the public - much of their presentations were literally reduced to face saving circular credentials from self serving organizations parroting the same mantra. All the while totally oblivious of how really ignorant they really looked... They were far far less aware on the damaging effects of fluoridation chemicals then even the least educated, but informed citizens! Some spent most of their, speech allocation time, patting themselves on what great authorities they were with nary a word about the subject matter. Any discussion or data on teeth was based on "assumptions" and/or "expert opinion" and fear through gory mouth pictures hardly relevant to water fluoridation. The whole charade was a desperate marketing effort given that they had no real science behind them.

Continue reading "Democracy At Work? - PPM On Fluoride"

posted by Chris Gupta on Sunday January 29 2012

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September 16, 2011

"Evidence Be Damned...Patient Outcome Is Irrelevant" - From Helke


Further to The Future of Complementary/Integrative Medicine & Patient Choice, here is an important must read and act note from Helke Ferrie, a superb Medical Science Writer and Publisher.

Now that the true colours of the well known shortcomings of allopathic medicine are being discovered en mass, the screws are being tightened by the pharmaceutical masters on their medical puppets. It seems that they are prepared to stop at nothing. And we had better get ready to fight back.

The two pdf attachments following the note below are a must read!

Chris Gupta

See also:

Use (Abuse) of Regulations to Protect Pharma Monopoly

Re: Feedback On Your Website

The Medical Mafia rules:

Martin Promises Billion $ Health-Care Illusion



This is a serious crisis. I need your help - and, I guess you will need mine, too. Below is the info, the proof is attached, and in this message I am making an announcement and a request. Please read this carefully - this is important to your health.

The CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario) controls the licenses of some 40,000 doctors in Ontario. Because the majority of all practicing Canadian doctors are in Ontario, whatever policy this college adopts becomes basically the norm throughout Canada. Sometimes, the Maritime provinces take a different course as they most recently did on the recognition and treatment of Lyme Disease. They also recognized MCS, at least in part, long before the rest of Canada did. Internationally, as you will see from a quick Google trip, the CPSO is respected for setting standards. The fact that under the law (Regulated Health Professions Act and Medicine Act) they are not mandated to any such thing is beside the point in this age of spin controlled by Big Pharma and corrupted medical research. Under the law the CPSO mandated to "maintain" the evolving standards of medical care, which is fundamentally different! They act, however, as if they are in charge - and that has hurt and even killed a lot of people. Stopping the CPSO in its delusional behavior is an act of self-determination and good for your, my, and the public's health.

Continue reading ""Evidence Be Damned...Patient Outcome Is Irrelevant" - From Helke"

posted by Chris Gupta on Friday September 16 2011

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June 09, 2011

Why Remove Fluoride From Phosphate Rock To Make Fertilizer


Here is a bit of history that illustrates why they feed us hydrofluorosilcic acid in our water. Show this to those who ask why should the authorities slow poison us!

"One of the main reasons for processing the raw phosphate rock for agricultural purposes is because of the fluoride content – mainly in the form of fluorosilicates/silicon tetrafluoride.

Back in the early part of the 20th century when industrial farming was first starting-up, they did many experiments on cheap mineral supplements for animals to keep costs down and profits up.

Raw, powdered phosphate rock was the first choice because of the abundance and it was dirt-cheap. Bone meal was the second choice, but it was more expensive because it had needed cooking in ovens (calcining) at high temperatures before the animals could digest it properly.

When the animal nutrition researchers did the first experiments with the powdered phosphate rock, the animals started to get sick. The cow's milk was drying-up, and there was a high rate of calf stillbirths.

It was really knocking the pigs' health for a loop – many of them became so sick, they just quit eating, quit breeding, and the researchers said they seemed to give up the will to live.

Well, as for the chickens, they just up and died after eating food supplemented with the raw phosphate rock.

They knew that fluorides were toxic and determined that it was the fluorides, but in later experiments, they found that it wasn't just any type of fluoride, but the fluorosilicates* that were doing most of the damage. They used sodium fluoride (like what they use in toothpaste) and sodium fluorosilicate to compare the poisonous effects on the farm animals, and found that the sodium fluorosilicate was a much more effective poison. Another reason for processing the raw phosphate rock is that the fluoride content is also enough to be toxic to many agricultural crops – the raw rock will actually inhibit the growth of crops. Some plants like gladiolas will just wilt will die when fertilized with raw phosphate rock because of the fluoride content.

* Also known as hydrofluorosilcic acid.

The outcome of those early studies strongly suggested that using raw phosphate rock as a cheap fertilizer or animal mineral supplement is not the way to go if you wanted to make a profit and have healthy plants and animals."

Extracted form the book: "Phosphate Fluorides - Toxic Torts" By Gary O. Pittman (page 26)

For more see: Earth Island Journal - Special Feature: "Fluoride and the Phosphate Connection." An expose about how America's public drinking water is fluoridated with pollution scrubber liquor from phosphoric acid processing. This is must read!

Chris Gupta

Continue reading "Why Remove Fluoride From Phosphate Rock To Make Fertilizer"

posted by Chris Gupta on Thursday June 9 2011

updated on Saturday June 11 2011

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May 30, 2011

FOFI Codex Meeting Report On Labelling May 9 - 13, 2011


This year the 39th Codex Committee on Food Labelling [CCFL] was hosted in the beautiful Quebec City in the Belle Province of Quebec. The Halls of Codex meeting, however, where another story!


This trip was funded by Friends of Freedom International (FOFI), a group founded by concerned individuals who believe in Freedom, Truth, Justice and Peace. The group first came together in a unique Freedom BeeHive Movement in 1995 to ensure that individual sovereign supreme rights to informed Freedom of Choice be protected.

Trueman Tuck and others form FOFI have gone to these meeting for over seven years, however, this was my first time attendance. The experience made it abundantly clear that these meetings are long on formality but short in substance. Sadly, this leaves a lot of room for self serving interest groups such as the biotech sector and their cronies to turn things to their advantage. Many think that these committees are impartial. Thus, making it particularly effective for the industry interests to chorale the unsuspecting committee members, along with the trusting consumers, to do their bidding. Those who can see through all the show and dance of such meetings often feel helpless and feel that there is little that they can do change matters. This provides more power to the vested interests as the very people that are harmed by the outcomes end up inadvertently protecting the self serving industry groups. All because of their misplaced trust in the Codex deliberations!

Over the years it has cost FOFI a significant amount of income to attend these meetings. As observers, we are not allowed to participate in the Codex discussions. Fortunately the meeting is setup in such a way that we can indirectly contribute via other like minded members – as you will see latter in this post. Attendance at such events can be very valuable as it provides a good opportunity to throw a monkey wrench or two in the works... Joining FOFI will ensure future participations in these meetings.

Our primary concern at this meeting was to insure that GMO foods have mandatory labelling, so that an intelligent and informed choice could be made by the consumer. Those who have been following this issue will know that the biotech companies have for a long time stone walled the labelling of GMO foods right from inception some15 years ago. At this meeting they primarily used the following two tactics:
1) Continually interrupt any deliberations on the GMO labelling by bringing in a spurious and dishonest argument that GMOs are equivalent to natural foods, thus rendering the right to know argument as a non issue. The US and Canada (both are huge contributors to Biotech) continually interjected that — any discussion/statement/document on GMO's should state that it "is not intended to suggest or imply that foods derived from modern biotechnology are necessarily different from other foods simply due to their method of production."

2) Further they continually state: "The Codex Executive Committee noted opinions that consumers may claim the right to know that foods had been prepared by certain techniques of genetic modification/genetic engineering. However, the Executive Committee stated that the claimed right to know was ill-defined and variable and in this respect could not be used by Codex as the primary basis of decision-making on appropriate labelling (ALINORM 97/3)."

Continue reading "FOFI Codex Meeting Report On Labelling May 9 - 13, 2011"

posted by Chris Gupta on Monday May 30 2011

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April 18, 2011

Misconduct Of Health Canada Bureaucrats


Help us force the Leadership of all four establishment parties to deal with your top ten needs in this 2011 Canadian Federal Election

a message from Trueman Tuck April 18, 2011

I have been a leading Peoples' Champion against Canadian Federal bureaucratic tyranny for over three decades and can prove to anyone interested in listening, that our Canadian Federal bureaucracy is out of control. If you need help go to Tuck's Professional Services' website and contact me [See].

Remember we own the bureaucrats, THEY do not own us!
Five years ago we helped elected Scary Harper's government, and he has managed to undermine decades of efforts that we have made along with principled and courageous MPs and Senators who we consider to be Friends of Freedom allies within the Reform Party of Canada, the Canadian Alliance and the new Conservative Party of Canada.
Harper's Government's New World Order Bills C-51, C-52, C-6 and C-36 are just a few of the ways that he and his government are acting against the best interests of the Peoples of our country.

In the last two Parliaments, we warned the leadership and all MPs and Senators of all four establishment parties, that the dream legislation of the Health Canada bureaucracy was dangerous to the good health and well-being, as well as traditional freedoms and liberties of all Canadians.

During the lightening fast setup to rush Bill C-36 as directed by the Bilderbergers and other New World Order Elites, only the Liberal Senators championed our Peoples' interests and our De Jure English Rule of Common Law rights, freedoms and liberties. Not a single Member of Parliament put up any substantive challenge to Bill C-36.

You need to do something about it now during this Federal election by going to my website at and send the three Peoples' E-Action Letters in red, orange and green. Then print out the e-mails and go and see in person all your candidates for MP.

Today's evidence of out of control Health Canada bureaucrats can be clearly understood by simply carefully reading my following e-mail. More of us have to join together as the Peoples' Champions and increasingly refuse to submit and obey the De Facto and unlawful dictates of these out of control Health Canada bureaucrats and their allies. For more information please visit

We need to force THEM to openly and objectively discuss and research all viable options to solve our top ten issues. Then we must force them by collective actions to focus on realistically implementing and truly solving with our grassroots' developed solutions, our top ten priorities as individual sovereign supreme citizens. Some of our top ten Peoples' First issues are Health Care, tax burden, education, child care, law and order, the safety, stability and security of our businesses, homes and jobs from the tyranny of our so-called Public Servants.
Continue reading "Misconduct Of Health Canada Bureaucrats"

posted by Chris Gupta on Monday April 18 2011

updated on Thursday January 26 2017

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April 06, 2011

Fluoridation Delays Tooth Eruption - No teeth - No Carries


"When fluoridation is seen to cause delayed tooth eruption, what else is it doing to our bodies?"

This is incredible, our health agencies rather poison infants and those allergic/sensitive to fluoride regardless of all the other health effects that are affecting so many, all for an erroneous less than one whole cavity reduction! Listen to Health Canada's Chief Dental Officer (Dr. Peter Cooney) below.

The following news release by Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation ~ Canadiens Opposés à la Fluoration clearly demonstrates how this minuscule cavity reduction can be explained by delayed tooth eruption. Surely you are going to see some more caries in those with erupted teeth then those whose teeth are still erupting? Now we have even more evidence that what little, and I mean little, benefit the proponents bandy around may not even exist... The deeper and more important question remains - why fluoride delays teeth eruption, failure to drive is directly linked to the thyroid and given fluoride's propensity to suppress thyroid function - obviously this is very serious!

Chris Gupta


Water Fluoridation Delays Tooth Eruption Rather Than Fighting Cavities (orignal is here)

"This isn't just about teeth any longer. When fluoridation is seen to cause delayed tooth eruption, what else is it doing to our bodies?", says Robert J. Fleming, President of Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation ~ Canadiens Opposés à la Fluoration. "Public health needs to brush up on the latest research. Repeating opinions, endorsements and name-dropping will no longer cut it."

Toronto, April 4, 2011 – At a meeting held by the Toronto Board of Health to review and vote on the Toronto Medical Officer's Fluoridation Report today, COF-COF President Robert J. Fleming calls on the city of Toronto to hold an open and transparent public hearing on water fluoridation's continuance. "After all, Toronto has been fluoridating since 1963, and if elected decision makers are genuinely interested in public process, informed consent, healthy debate, and science concerning fluoridation, such a hearing is a fair way to proceed."

Continue reading "Fluoridation Delays Tooth Eruption - No teeth - No Carries"

posted by Chris Gupta on Wednesday April 6 2011

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December 14, 2010

Breakthrough Power:



"How quantum-leap new energy inventions can transform our world" by Jeane Manning & Joel Garbon is a non technical and easy to understand book that contains a fantastic summary of "free energy*" devices. The authors have done a superb job of making this difficult and somewhat esoteric information accessible to all. Both the experienced and those new and/or starting out in this exciting area of research will find the book eminently suitable. I have always loved Jeane's writings. She has an uncanny ability to explain complex scientific and mathematical concepts to the lay person that most scientists and mathematicians simply can't do! This combined with Joel's industry background makes this work even better.

*Free Energy does not mean that you get something for nothing it simply means that you get more energy then what you put in. This can be done for example by using very little energy to access are larger pool of existing energy source.

A distinguishing feature of clean technologies is how they harmoniously work with nature. Unlike legacy technologies which are inclined to disregard and/or override natural phenomena. Much of the confusion on free energy stems from the interpretation, or should I say misinterpretation, of second law of thermodynamics (which essentially states that you cannot get more energy out than is put into the system). The book does an excellent job of getting to the root of this misunderstanding in lay and professional terms and explains why it is possible to get more energy than one puts into a system when we harnesses the "wheel works of nature". See:

Continue reading "Breakthrough Power:"

posted by Chris Gupta on Tuesday December 14 2010

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November 04, 2010

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez On Cancer & Health


" if you are an honest scientist, it doesn't matter if its moondust if its working, you have got to follow through I also believe that truth always comes to the top I have done what I have done because of the truth of it, and the truth has proven to be only truer as Ive gotten further into this quest, and the results have been my greatest joy. We have found the fundamental way in which nature works with cancer, and its extraordinary. It is the greatest reward I could ever ask for."

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Further to Helke Ferrie's A CLINICAL TRIAL book review here is more on the famous cancer Dr.
Nicholas Gonzalez which I have embellished with appropriate links

This year Dr. Gonzalez will be a keynote speaker and conduct a 3 hour workshop at the Whole Life Expo 2010 in Toronto.

For anyone concerned with Cancer and health this is must attend and read.

Chris Gupta

Note: The sources section contains very important material and in this case is as important as the article.

Please distribute widely.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

By Helke Ferrie

Vitality Magazine November 2010

if you are an honest scientist, it doesn't matter if its moondust if its working, you have got to follow through I also believe that truth always comes to the top I have done what I have done because of the truth of it, and the truth has proven to be only truer as I've gotten further into this quest, and the results have been my greatest joy. We have found the fundamental way in which nature works with cancer, and its extraordinary. It is the greatest reward I could ever ask for.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez
The keynote speaker at this years Whole Life Expo is Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez of New York, one of a small number of doctors who succeed with cancer beyond the wildest dreams of establishment oncology and thereby put the lie to the pharmaceutical hype that fuels a cancer industry ringing in at hundreds of billions of dollars, while fooling millions of desperate and bewildered patients. I've been told drug companies know about my work but hope I get hit by a bus he observes wryly.

Here is what Dr. Linus Paulings had to say in The Politics of Cancer Therapy.

Examining evidence in the light of ones own understanding, rather than accepting other peoples interpretations, and then departing from established norms somehow always winds up as an ordeal by fire at the stake in past centuries, or in trials by regulatory bodies who know how to torture and cripple in contemporary ways. Orthodoxy of any stripe never is what it pretends to be, but constitutes a rigorous system designed to protect revenues, power, and egos, and thus serves an elaborate structure which enjoys the comfort of opinion and defends in every way possible against the discomfort of thought, as John F. Kennedy put it.
Yet, every orthodoxy is cracked by some heretic arising within that system, in this case decorated with academic honors galore, such as Dr. Gonzalez, an immunologist and medical doctor, who received his degrees from Columbia and Cornell universities. His mentor was none other that Dr. Robert Good, a world-famous oncologist and the then director of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Dr. Good encouraged him to examine the cancer treatment developed by a maverick dentist, Donald Kelley. Having cured himself of pancreatic cancer, just about the deadliest one there is, Kelley developed a protocol  based on the earlier work by Dr. Max Gerson and the discovery made in the early 1900s by John Beard of Edinburgh University about the central importance of pancreatic enzymes for cancer prevention and treatment.
Starting in 1981, Dr. Gonzalez systematically studied 10,000 cancer cases from Dr. Kelleys files, but the book Gonzalez wrote on this project, One Man Alone, in 1987 was stonewalled by all publishers: it became available finally this year, and you can buy it at the EXPO. Kelley was hounded throughout his life by the establishment, imprisoned, and bankrupted. Similarly, Dr. Gonzalez was put through various disciplinary trials and punishments, also in an effort to stop the heresy of curing cancer with enzyme therapy, nutrition, and detoxification protocols. When the US National Institutes of Health and the American government and various cancer organizations found themselves unable to stop Dr. Gonzalez success with cancer patients, they tried to mess with his clinical trials instead a horrendous story, now in press, and reviewed in Vitalitys October issue. Unlike the tragic Kelley, Dr. Gonzalez is prevailing.

At the heart of the battle are two opposing views on cancer. Orthodoxy sees the cancer patient as a battlefield and embarks on what Dr. Julian Whitaker describes, in Suzanne Somers absolutely superb book, Knockout, as a search-and destroy mission to purge the body of cancer cells find a tumor, cut it out, poison it with chemotherapy, or obliterate it with radiation; the result of this approach has been that for the past half century the death rate for cancer has not budged. All wars are extremely lucrative for the weapons industry and very bad for the health of those on the receiving end of that industrys products.

Continue reading "Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez On Cancer & Health"

posted by Chris Gupta on Thursday November 4 2010

updated on Sunday November 7 2010

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