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September 26, 2010


If there is anyone who can do justice to the monumental contribution of Weston A Price DDS, Francis Pottenger MD, Dr. Max Gerson MD, and William Donald Kelley DDS, (who forever changed our understanding in fields of health, nutrition and medicine) it is Dr. Gonzalez MD.

I heard Dr. Nicholas Gonzales MD speak at the October 2009, Wise Traditions Conference and was spell bound by the historic account of his nutritional cancer protocols which connected the dots so to speak between numerous views on nutrition and healing. The seminars in question are available at:

The Use of Proteolytic Enzymes Against Cancer: The Origins of an Idea - Nick Gonzalez, MD

Nutrition and the Autonomic Nervous System - Nick Gonzalez, MD

"To perpetuate a lie...That is that toxins and toxiods cure disease, is clearly is the reason that "Drug makers spend more on marketing than research: study" like $57 billion +."

Extracted form: Quackbusting The Quackbusters - Free e-book

And true to form one can expect a back lash from the establishment as discussed below. See also the fate of other such attempts:

Dr. Gerson's Suppressed 1946 Congressional Testimony

1953 Fitzgerald Report - Suppressed Cancer Treatments

The following cogent review by Helke Ferrie on Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez's, forthcoming book "A Clinical Trail" provides compelling case to attend his workshop and read the book.

Chris Gupta

As the keynote speaker at Whole Life Expo 2010, immunologist Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez will conduct a workshop on his renowned cancer therapy, entitled: "Alternative Medicine Takes on Cancer – And Wins." Over the past decade, this cancer therapy appears to have so enraged the medical establishment, the pharmaceutical industry, and the regulatory system with its success, especially with the worst cancers (pancreatic and ovarian), that a gargantuan effort has been made to derail the formal clinical trial intended to examine this therapy. A Clinical Trial, his new book on that collusion between the highest levels of research and government, will be launched at the Expo on the weekend of November 26.

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. In this case the pen (or keyboard) of Dr. Gonzalez is a sword as well, and it cuts through the apparently impenetrable knots of deception with solid facts. Dr. Gonzalez has a university degree in English literature and worked for years as an investigative journalist for leading American magazines on stories involving fraud and politics. A chance meeting with Linus Pauling contributed to his decision to become a doctor – a cancer doctor – and he trained at the best universities and under legendary cancer researchers. Dr. Gonzalez writes like the best crime fiction writers with the purity, logic, and grace of great science writers, and with all sources meticulously documented. I often held my breath while reading the final draft of the pre-publication manuscript. Such books don't often happen, and when they do, they are events, not just information.

Vitality readers familiar with my work, and previous Expos, have come to realize that the only thing the Cancer Establishment has to offer is expensive treatment that: a) for the most part doesn't really work; b) sometimes prolongs life with cancer for a little while; and c) is based on statistical data that is artfully massaged, and "supported" by clinical research that is increasingly fraudulent and arises from a herd mentality also called bias. Dr. Gonzalez observes that "bias … is always about feeling comfortable, secure and at ease with the familiar and … is a fundamental, irrational, often fanatical disdain for someone or something not conforming to the accepted, perhaps a better word is imprinted, model, regardless of fact or reason."

The Gonzalez therapy is fundamentally ecological:

"The health of any ecosystem…depends…on the efficient cycling of many different nutrients. Should the process break down for even one critical element – such as calcium – the entire system, including its plant and animal populations, collapses, with the failure usually expressed initially as disease. To an ecologist, disease, whether in plant or animal, [is] … the end result of unusual biologic stress, most often a deficit in nutrient cycling."

Unfortunately, this ecological principle is destroyed by "heroic" interventions of the cut-burn-and-poison type, which generate medical profits in the billions, effectively disregard the well-being of the patient, and ignore the biochemical realities underlying cancer causation and cure. (See my review of G. Faguet's The War on Cancer in the May 2007 issue Vitality, the excerpt is below).

The current medical paradigm is so contaminated by fraud that even when fraud is proven, it is usually dismissed in order to maintain established norms at any cost. In A Clinical Trial, Dr. Gonzalez describes many such high profile cases, including bone marrow transplantation for the treatment of breast cancer. He poignantly observes:

"Let's think what would happen if some alternative practitioner promoted a nutritional or herbal regimen that cost up to $450,000 for a year's worth of therapy, that was extremely toxic and … killed 10-30% of those … [who] undergo the treatment, [lacking] legitimate data to support its efficacy, and when tested …. the extraordinarily positive data reported ultimately proved to be fabricated? That alternative practitioner not only would be the subject of intensive legal and media attack, he or she would be in prison for fraud, for racketeering, you name it. But I know of no oncologist sent to jail [for providing treatments] in the complete absence of legitimate data."

The astoundingly successful Gonzalez therapy involves "individualized diets, individualized supplement protocols and intensive detoxification. The diets … range from largely raw food vegetarian, to fatty red meat [depending on the needs of the individual]. The supplement programs also vary considerably, providing vitamins, minerals and trace elements in differing forms and differing doses, as well as glandular and enzyme products, each chosen to meet … [the] particular need [of the] patient. The detoxification routines … help the body neutralize and excrete noxious waste products, including those released from dying and dead tumors [and] those toxic substances we take in from our increasingly contaminated environment."

Fully understanding how the spin in the medical establishment actually works is prerequisite to informed consent – a legal term that has become, in practice, an oxymoron. Yet most of us are neither informed, nor do we have any idea what we are consenting to. Until we understand how we are being deceived, we cannot even recognize factual truth, let alone regain health.

Review by Helke Ferrie

A Clinical Trial by Dr. Gonzalez will be available for sale at the Whole Life Expo (November 26, 27, 28) at KOS Publishing's booth 258. Dr. Gonzalez himself will be available for book signings at booth 258 following his 3-hour workshop on Saturday, Nov. 27 (1pm - 4pm). More information on his workshop is here.

(Ed Note: Watch for Helke's feature interview with Dr. Gonzalez to be published in the November issue of Vitality Magazine.)

The War on Cancer: An Anatomy of Failure by Guy B. Faguet

Springer, 2005

Books that discuss the total failure of standard cut-burn-and-poison cancer treatment and the conceptual mistakes of the orthodox research paradigm are not rare; but they are usually written by people who opted out of the Cancer Establishment. What makes this book astounding is the fact that it comes from a member of that establishment. This book goes way beyond polite doubt expressed with caution. It even goes beyond heresy. It is a total condemnation.

The author is an expert in leukemia, whose research over the past 30 years was funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Veteran Affairs, the National Cancer Institute and the National Science Foundation. He produced 140 peer-reviewed articles in science journals, seven book chapters and two books on cancer (this is not someone who is interested in vitamins). What's more, he hesitated to put his thoughts on paper, but finally did when the director of that bastion of standard cancer research, the Sloan-Kettering Institute, insisted that he publish this book.

What this book tells us is this: the party is over. But don't hold your breath while waiting for change in your nearby cancer hospital. Readers who want a truthful history of cancer research, chemotherapy, and the politics of cancer will not be disappointed. Faguet lets it all hang out and will satisfy even the most cynical reader. Just how bad all this is comes through nicely in the quotation at the beginning by Jean Rostand: "What is surprising … is the numbers of qualifications of those gone astray. They were not half-wits, fools, or friends of the wondrous. No, they were true men of science…" That is how Faguet views the Cancer Establishment, of which he was a member for his entire professional life.

Faguet argues that the fundamental error on which the bulk of cancer research is based came from 19th century bacteriology due to which researchers view cancer as being caused by an invader which makes cells go bad. The result: the illusion of the "cell-kill" therapies designed to stop "uncontrolled cell proliferation". Once genetics discovered the oncogenes which can be switched on, as it were, by carcinogens and then proceed systematically to assist in cancer growth, Faguet argues, it should have been clear that cancer is not a localized disease of nasty cells gone mad, but a systemic condition that could be prevented. This bacteriological misconception, he argues, produced the drug industry with its ever more toxic drugs designed to kill those bad cells – none of those interventions offering anything better than a maximum five year survival rate.

Faguet is especially appalled at the very definition of oncological success which is based on the false and misleading measure of tumour reduction. Millions of tumors were reduced by horrific drugs, radiation and surgery, yet just about everybody with those reduced tumours died, and still dies: a mere two per cent of all cancers are cured and cancer incidence has risen every year by 1.5 per cent since the 1950s. No wonder, the chapters devoted to cancer statistics is the stuff of nightmares. Here is everything you ever wished you didn't have to know about cancer; in numbers, graphs, and tables presented with clear explanations and all straight from the horse's mouth: the publications of the Cancer Establishment.

Faguet does not like cancer drugs, with a couple of exceptions, and considers the last 50 years of drug discovery a waste of time and money at best, and a delusional enterprise providing empty hope to millions of patients at worst. As to clinical trials, Faguet tells the reader, they are merely "toxicity tests on large numbers of humans." He describes, with all the verifiable sources to satisfy nitpickers, the failure of chemotherapy, the unreliability of cancer tests such as the PSA and mammography, the hit-and-miss ("mostly miss" says he) method of drug discovery, and the shocking monetary incentives built into this system that keep it going, regardless of the near total lack of results. Oncologists in the U.S. make approximately one million dollars a year from the legal kickbacks from chemotherapy drugs administered in their offices. Of the 70,000 chemical compounds tested for potential usefulness between 1990-1998, only 10 were worth exploring further, and most of those went by the wayside later too. A multinational 20-year assessment involving 500,000 women taking mammograms showed no benefit whatsoever, but the American Cancer Society recommends mammography nonetheless.

And so, as cancer incidence and mortality increased since the "War on Cancer" was declared in 1971 by then President Nixon, the National Cancer Institute grew ever fatter and now has a budget of $171.6 billion and supports at any given time some 7,000 investigations in over 1,000 institutions.

Faguet is at his best when critiquing the cancer industry. He is disappointing when suggesting solutions. He does make the obvious point that we absolutely must stop saturating the environment with cancer-causing substances, but then proceeds to pin his hopes on genetics and "pharmagenomics" which he believes will find the "aberrant molecular genetic pathways of cancer" and intervene at that level (In my opinion, a cancer cure does exist and has a documented real cure rate of more than 40 per cent – it even cures pancreatic cancer. It's called nutritional medicine or Gerson Therapy. The techniques of therapeutic doses of nutrients combined with detoxification restores those molecular genetic pathways perfectly, predictably, and measurably.)

Faguet has begun the destruction of that web of myths, self-serving illusions, and outright lies in cancer research and therapy; this is a truly great achievement. His book is, however, not an isolated bombshell: at the same time that it came out, the journal of the National Institutes of Health (Sept. 20, 2005) announced that vitamin C actually "selectively kills cancer cells" – without, of course, killing the patient as well. Let us hope that a truly evidence-based era of cancer research and therapy has begun at last.

Review by Helke Ferrie

The book can be purchased through or or post free from the Book Depository


posted by Chris Gupta on Sunday September 26 2010

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