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November 11, 2008

Dr. Gerson's Suppressed 1946 Congressional Testimony

"As you undoubtedly know, there is no evidence at the present time that any food or any combination of foods specifically effects the course of any cancer in man." -- Statement by the American Cancer Society, July 8, 1957.

The 4 minute historical clip below was taken from a must see documentary "The Beautiful Truth" movie (see trailer here). It will be premiering on 14th, Nov. 2008 in New York, NY and then Los Angles, Ca on 26th, Nov. 2008

Sadly nothing has changed today....

" diet has ever been shown to cure cancer."---Barrie Cassileth, Ph.D ---American Cancer Society Spokesperson (2007)

Oddly even the 1953 Fitzgerald Report - Suppressed Cancer Treatments does not mention Dr. Gerson which is very strange indeed. Obviously it was too threatening to the establishment and has been suppressed big time.

Here is what Howard Straus, Dr. Gerson's grandson, who kindly sent me the copy of the Dr. Gerson's 1946 Congressional Testimony included in this post had to say...

"Pepper-Neely Hearings July 1-3, 1946

It was so heavily suppressed that it has been completely expunged from the record. It took me quite a while to find a microfiche at a satellite library facility. You have to have quite some political juice to get things deleted from the Congressional Record, plus all copies of it in all Depository Libraries around the country. Then I located in our old archives a reprint that was done by the Gerson Foundation much more contemporaneously. " SG

Sadly, in addition to the mainstream medical Mafia, even some of Dr. Gerson's colleagues eventually turned on him and he was poisoned twice with arsenic and his seminal book: A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 cases' manuscript was stolen and had to be rewritten before he passed away.

"At the time Doctor Gerson testified. he was still on the staff of the Gotham Hospital of New York. Today, he is not on the staff of any hospital. Once he instructed his associates in his method of cancer therapy. Today he finds it impossible to secure medical assistants. Approaching the age of eighty, he now practices alone. For over thirty years he has demonstrated excellent results in treating cancer, his approach is on a highly scientific level, and his credentials are the finest. Yet he has never received a penny to aid in his researches ... Despite the fact that the Gerson therapy is based on authentic physiology, discoveries in biochemistry and nutrition. it has met the usual blackout. The originator is isolated: the medical journals will not publish his work." Natenberg, Maurice: The Cancer Blackout. Chicago: Regent House, 1959

The following is an embellished extract form a must read book: "Censured For Curing Cancer" by S.J. Haught

Chris Gupta


"The editorial in the AMA Journal of Nov. 16. 1946. had mentioned Dr. Gerson's appearance before a Senate subcommittee that year. Hearings were being held - "A bill to authorize and request the President to undertake to mobilize at some convenient place in the United States an adequate number of the world's outstanding experts, and coordinate and utilize their services in a supreme endeavor to discover a means of curing and preventing cancer." (Bill S. 1875)

It was the first time in history that the Senate had honored a physician in this way.

But, as Don C. Matchan wrote in Herald of Health Magazine, "The committee report of 227 pages, Document No. 89471, gathers dust in the archives of the Government Printing Office."

I Wanted that report and told Dr. Gerson that I was sending to Washington for it.

"They will not send it to you," was his firm reply, and once again the challenge provoked a feeling of exasperation.

"Of Course they will," I protested. "I'm a newspaper."

But, newspaper or not, I was informed by a senator's office and by the Superintended of Documents that there were no more copies left.

Mrs. Gerson finally located a copy for me, and I would like you to read some of it. It is important to keep in mind that the hearings were held in 1946 and bitterly discouraging to realize that nothing has been done. Cancer, the unwelcome visitor, the bearer of sorrows, continues his rounds and widens his territory. First it was only the house on the comer, the house across the street, and then the house next door. He is not a stranger any more in your neighborhood.

Following are some excerpts Bill S. 1875



JULY 1, 2, AND 3, 1946

The complete bill is here.

...."I have seen patients who appeared to me to be so far gone as the result of the ravages of cancer as to be beyond the pale of anything but miracles. These miracles are in fact being performed by Max Gerson, M.D., 815 Park Avenue, New York.

I have seen some of these results....

.....It appears. however, that some doctors are fighting Dr. Gerson. I can readily understand that when results so fantastic are obtained that such claims can hardly be believable. My quarrel with these gentlemen is the fact that they will immediately say such things - impossible. or the doctor is a fake, without even stopping to enquire what is being done. I have had the same experience with my own doctors, who merely throw up their hands and say that anyone claiming to cure cancer is a fake....

....The very fact that the patients treated by Dr, Gerson are living today When they were destined to die three or four years ago, according to the statements of these good doctors who treated them, I say is a sensational result and the least that can be said for it is that Dr. Gerson has accomplished something that no one else in the medical profession has accomplished with respect to the treatment of cancer, so far as I am able to ascertain.

I would hate to think that the antipathy to Dr. Gerson would be in any manner associated with the fact that his treatments are dietary and are not surgical. He does not use surgery or recommend surgery, as I understand it, unless there may be some remote cases. Therefore, if this treatment is effective, as I believe it to be, the public would be relieved of millions of dollars of surgical fees, and I repeat, I would hate to think that such possibilities should incense any of our surgeons, who after all are presumed to be humanitarians as well. Dr. Gerson has no doubt made enemies as the result of his dietary therapy, wherein he does not permit patients to smoke or to drink intoxicating liquors or to consume canned goods and other items which could materially affect trade in that respect if it became universal, and of course it was not designed for Dr. Gerson to "make friends" but rather to treat cancer as the result of the many years of his experience.

....Now, what bothered me was, as I said before, millions are being spent for research. We are still researching with animals while here an unassuming Scientist in New York - and I hope the medical profession will pardon me for using the word "cure" - is curing cancer today."

The above extracted from Statement Samuel A. Markel

"....the dietetic treatment was used in all other kinds of tuberculosis - bones, kidneys, eyes, lungs, and so forth. It
too, was highly favorable in many other chronic diseases. such as arthritis, heart disease, chronic sinusitis, chronic ulcers, including colitis, high blood pressure, psoriasis, sclerosis multiplex, and so forth. The most striking results were seen in the restoration of various kinds of liver and gall bladder diseases which could not be influenced by other methods up to the present.

The great number of chronic diseases which responded to the dietetic treatment showed clearly that the human body lost part of its resistance and healing power, as it left the way of natural nutrition for generations.

.....My experience leads me to believe that the liver is the center of the restoration process in those patients who improve strikingly. If the liver is too far destroyed, then the treatment cannot be effective.

Aware of the imperfection of this as well as any other theory. I shall try, nevertheless, to explain the end results of the Gerson diet. It is condensed in three surpassing components:

(1) The elimination of toxins and poisons and returning of the displaced "extracellular" Na-group, connected with toxins, poisons. edema destructive inflammation from the tissues, tumors, and organs where it does not belong, into the serum and tissues where it belongs - gall bladder with the bile ducts, connective tissue. thyroid, stomach mucosa, kidney medulla, tumors, and so forth.

(2) Bringing back the lost intracellular K-group combined with vitamins, enzymes. ferments, sugar, and so forth, into the tissues and organs where it belongs: liver, muscles, heart, brain, kidney cortex and so forth; on this basis, iodine, ineffective before, is made effective, continuously added in new amounts.

(3) Restoring the differentiation, tonus, tension, oxidation, and so forth, by activated iodine, where there were before growing tumors and metastases with dedifferentiation, loss of tension, oxidation, Ioss of resistance, and healing power.

(Dr. Gerson placed on file with the Committee a document entitled: Case History of Ten Cancer Patients, Clinical
Observations, Theoretical Considerations, and Summary.

The above extracted from Statement by Dr. Max Gerson M.D., New York, N.Y.

Primary biochemical investigations by Dr. Rudolph Keller indicate that the use of the diet is soon followed by certain definite electrochemical changes, notably shifts toward normal or markedly unbalanced sodium, potassium, and phosphorus ratios in the blood serum and the body tissues. Dr. Keller, as a result of his investigation of the diet, believes that this type of electrochemical reaction can very well change the entire metabolism of the body in cancer patients. A preliminary paper by Dr. Gerson describes the diet in detail and cites 10 cases of cancer in which it appeared that the Gerson dietary regimen favorably influenced the course and symptoms of the disease.

....Even the newly announced radioactive phosphorous cure of skin cancer, and skin cancer only, does not approach the deeper body cancer problem from a systemic or fundamental point of view...

....These observations have become apparent to several distinguished physicians who have witnessed the effects of
the Gerson diet on cancer patients and whose signed statements are also herewith enclosed.

Therefore, it is my carefully considered opinion that in view of the success so far and the excellent future promise of the Gerson dietary regimen, it would be unthinkable not to give major consideration to these new avenues of approach to the cancer problem in the research program contemplated by bill S. 1875."

The above extracted form: Statement by Dr. Miley, New York

"There were quite a number of failures also, but they were, in my opinion, due to the fact that Dr. Gerson accepted for treatment patients who were so far gone that they were absolutely hopeless, even for the most optimistic observer."
-Heinrich F. Wolf, M.D.

End of Extracts from Bill S.1875

On Wednesday. July 3, 1946, millions of Americans heard Raymond Swing's broadcast on the American Broadcasting Company network. To the cancer sufferer, to his family, to everybody who hated and feared the cruelest killer of all, it was a message of almost unbelievable hope:

"I hope I have my values right if, instead of talking tonight about the agreement reached on Trieste by the Foreign Minister in Paris, or the continuing crisis of the OPA in Washington, or President Truman's signing the Hobbs antiracketeering bill, I talk about a remarkable hearing before a Senate subcommittee in Washington yesterday on cancer and the need for cancer research in new fields.

"Let me first say that I well appreciate that one of the basic virtues of the modem medical profession is its conservatism. For without the most scrupulous conservatism in the statement and application of medical knowledge, there can be no confidence in the integrity of medical science. But for the very reason that the practice of medicine must be conservative, medical science must be bold and unceasingly challenging. Otherwise, medical science will not progress as it can and must, and will lose its integrity.

"A bill is before Congress, the Pepper-Neely bill, to appropriate a hundred million dollars for cancer research under Federal control. It proposes that the government go in for cancer research with something like the zeal and bigness with which it went for the release of atomic energy, turning the job over to the scientists with resources generous enough to solve the problem.

"This alone would make a good theme for a broadcast, just as an example of the use a great democracy can make of its intelligence and wealth. But the subject has been made peculiarly gripping by unprecedented happenings yesterday before the subcommittee which is holding hearings on this bill, and of which Senator Pepper is chairman.

"He invited as a witness a refugee scientist, now a resident of NewYork, Dr. Max Gerson, and Dr. Gerson placed on the stand, in quick succession, five patients. They were chosen to represent the principle prevailing types of cancer, and in each instance they showed that the Gerson treatment had demonstrated what is conservatively called 'favorable effect on the course of the disease.' That in itself is remarkable, but it is all the more so because Dr. Gerson's treatment consists mainly of a diet which he has evolved after a lifetime of research and experimentation. To say that Dr. Gerson has been curing cancer by a dietary treatment is medically impermissible, for the reason that there must be five years without recurrence before such a statement is allowed. Dr. Gerson has cured tuberculosis and other illnesses with his diet, but he has only been working on cancer for four and a half years.

"Let me say right away that I am not discussing this Gerson diet as a cancer cure-all. It has produced remarkable results. It also has the failures in its records, which anything as yet unperfected is bound to show. It is not something that offers release from the most rigorous and conservative medical observance in its acceptance and application. Whenever something new and promising comes up in medicine, the temptation of the outsider and even some physicians is to run to glowing superlatives and expect too much from it. But anything that offers even a possibility of treating successfully at least some of the four hundred thousand existing cancer cases in this country is stirring news, no matter how conservatively it is formulated.

"There would be no Pepper-Neely bill to appropriate a hundred million dollars for cancer research if the existing research were coping with the need.

" .. .I have spoken about this carefully and abstractly, which is to lose some of the shock and delight of the experience yesterday at the hearing of the Pepper Committee. It is one thing to talk abstractly about chemistry and diet and vitamins and other factors in medical science. It is another to see, as the Committee yesterday saw, a seventeen-year-old girl, who had suffered from a tumor at the base of the brain, which was inoperable, and which had paralyzed her.

Yesterday, she walked without assistance to the witness chair, and told clearly about her case and her treatment. There was a sturdy man, Who had been a sergeant in the army, who had suffered from a malignant tumor, also at the base of the brain, which had been operated on but needed deep X·ray treatment, and this he could not receive because of the danger to the brain. Yesterday he was the picture of health as he testified, and quite naturally he was proud of his remarkable recovery. There was a woman who had suffered from cancer of the breast which had spread. Yesterday, she was well and testified with poise and confidence.

"A few cases showing such improvement cannot, of themselves, affect the outlook of the medical profession. But they are attested facts and not flukes, and as such they have to be accounted for. And there are many, many more cases which could have been cited. It would seem to be the business of medical research to leap on such facts and carry every hopeful indication to a final, conservative conclusion.

"So the advocates of the Pepper-Neely bill can argue that unless we learn now how to deal successfully with cancer. many millions of persons now living in this country are condemned to die from cancer. A hundred million dollars is little more than a token payment for America to make to avert such a sweep of death, and they can then point to the Gerson dietary approach as a most promising field for research. Already it has achieved results which, while relatively few, are astounding and challenging*.

"Dr. Gerson was an eminent if controversial figure in pre-Hitler Germany. He was bound to be controversial because he was challenging established practice in treating illnesses such as tuberculosis by diet. He has been assistant to Foerster, the great neurologist of Breslau, and for years assistant to Sauerbruch, one of the great physicians on the Continent. The Sauerbruch·Gerson diet for skin tuberculosis is well-known to European medicine and the account of it is part of accepted medical literature. Dr. Gerson told the Pepper Committee that he had first come upon his dietary therapy in trying to cure himself of migraine headaches. Later he treated others, among them a man with skin tuberculosis as well. Dr. Gerson was an acknowledged dietary authority in Weimar, Germany, and was responsible for the German Army, of his time, being placed on dehydrated, rather than canned foods.

But all the hope and promise and excitement were for naught:-Today, the Pepper-Neely bill, which might have opened The door to a new life of worry-free health for the present and future generations of the world. which might have saved uncountable lives, itself lies forgotten behind closed doors: a dusty testament of man's eternal folly and a legacy of bitterness for the children of tomorrow.

*"At the time Doctor Gerson testified. he was still on the staff of the Gotham Hospital of New York. Today, he is not on the staff of any hospital. Once he instructed his associates in his method of cancer therapy. Today he finds it impossible to secure medical assistants. Approaching the age of eighty, he now practices alone. For over thirty years he has demonstrated excellent results in treating cancer, his approach is on a highly scientific level, and his credentials are the finest. Yet he has never received a penny to aid in his researches ... Despite the fact that the Gerson therapy is based on authentic physiology, discoveries in biochemistry and nutrition. it has met the usual blackout. The originator is isolated: the medical journals will not publish his work." Natenberg, Maurice: The Cancer Blackout. Chicago: Regent House, 1959

Thanks to the Gerson Institute for granting permission to post much of the above. CG


posted by Chris Gupta on Tuesday November 11 2008
updated on Wednesday November 12 2008

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Readers' Comments

It is time to step back and look at everything that is going on. Begin asking the right questions. Why do they no longer care if we know how corrupt they have been. What is it that they want us to overlook and not see or understand? The goals you see are but many to accomplish the division of people by country, politics, religion, etc. One by one, these groups will ultimately destroy each one depending upon which one is being pictured as the villianous hater of all the other groups. Once destroyed and wiped out, another group will be set up for destruction until the core group will be revealed. At this point it won't matter if they are revealed. If this madness is to stop, its time for everyone to begin asking the right questions. How and where does their power come from? Can their power be broken? Understand the enemy. They are adept at illusion but not perfect which leaves them vulnerable. They hide important information by mixing it with truths to hide their real purpose and intent. They fear exposure because they fear the massess. They have devised several plans to destroy the masses and rule over the remaining to serve them as cattle. They use fear, and intimidation, and bribery as tools to accomplish their goals. Begin asking the right questions and you will be in a position to stop them. One example is 9/11. Their puppets were given info or intel about the attack. They allowed this to occur in order to cover up something else. Thousands were killed for the common crime of robbery on a much larger scale howbeit, but still for the simple motives of a thief. Nothing noble about this group or the facade they hide under. A snake is still a snake. Start asking the right questions before it is too late. They are cowards who have used their infiltration and stolen wealth to purchase information that they are using to protect their miserable lives while killing the massess. They are so wrapped up in the lie they have created that they have deluded themselves into thinking that their actions will be acceptable to the Son of God, Jesus Christ. They believe in their grand delusion, that they will rule and choose their own messiah and have forgotten the history of how God purges the wicked and destroy them in the end. This is the time to get our relationship with God where it should be, because knowledge and reason to justify our actions will no longer work, they never worked. We have been misled by these haters of God and haters of those created in his image. The forbidden fruit came from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The old serpent still uses the same old tricks to deceive mankind. The scriptures state that God is not impressed by the wisdom of man and as stated by St. Paul's letter to the Corinthian Church, "the wisdom of man I shall cast aside." God created this earth to sustain His creation, but the enemy of both man and God has deceived creation to believe in a false god in order to destroy the earth and rule over creation in rebellion to being thrown out of heaven. The enemy only has power in that we agree with it and give it power by following its direction. In practical use, we have all agreed that gold and the script that represents gold is valuable. Once we agree that it is no longer of value, the kingdoms that the enemy has built and controls will crumble. If nothing else, begin praying and praying en masse with the same objectives in one accord. And beware of the false power that brings momentary peace to cover the same agenda. Whenever the people of God come together and begin to make a difference, the enemy plays the card of illusion to take our minds off of the important issues. Just look at what has happened lately. General Motors was due to release their electric cars but didn't. And at the same time, gas prices fell. Go forward and continue asking the right questions. Temporary fixes are just that, TEMPORARY! If you are fortunate enough to read this post copy the page url and pass it along or save a copy with the url too and mail to your friends, family and others. Websites like these are becoming blocked and redirects are happening at such an alarming rate that information is now being suppressed online. They already control the mainstream news media. In the US, the Federal Reserve controls our government. It is a private group of banking families and international trusts developed by the Rockefeller Foundation trustees and the Rothchilds banking groups. These are foreign owned banking cartels that control our government. They have appointees overseeing NBC and the CIA and use the Committee on Foreign Relations to carry out criminal actions against the American people and nations of the world. They control FDA and are responsible for poisoning our food supplies and making a mockery of medicine by using it as a front to kill off the population that has become sickened from their poisons in our food, water and cosmetics. They also control and place whomever they want in the Presidency. They control Obama, his cabinet, and the majority of our representatives. This is why nothing is being done to protect the people in the US. If politicians haven't been bought, they are too afraid to stand up and do anything. This is reality and this is the result of being wrapped up into the belief that materialism can make you happy. That wealth and affluence define your self worth. As a creation of God, and the sacrifice made by His son, Jesus Christ, we have a greater self worth and promise not only of eternal life, but far greater rewards that the mind can even imagine. The book of Matthew speaks of those who inherit eternal life. As we get closer to the end of this hypocrisy and apostasy, we must choose there is no in betweeness or sitting on the side lines. The righteous shall become more righteous and the corrupt will become more corrupt! The choice is yours and only yours to make. I know the end of the story. The enemy who uses human puppets to destroy everything loses. There is no resurrection of the enemy. It is permanent and eternal. Those of us who have maintained our faithfulness will be rewarded and know that the eternal kingdom will never again be troubled by such evil. Go with God and be strengthened by His Holy Spirit that abides within you. If you have never accepted Jesus Christ, then know is the time to make your decision. In all the religions of the world, the enemy has used reasoning to take our eyes off the truth. While all other religions may have some similarities and belief in a supreme being, none and I mean none of them have ancient men of old living in a time when life was void of technology and modern conveniences that we take for granted. These men and people survived by their faithfulness to God. Whenever they strayed, they suffered the consequences of their falling away from the true God. Again, these men who were called prophets wrote about the days we are experiencing today. We are warned and instructed that false messiahs and false leaders would rise and wars would occur. But the scriptures also record great detail of what is happening and the fact that the enemy will not suceed and in fact will be destroyed. None of the other religions have such a succinct foreknowledge of these times as are found in the Bible. In addition, there are those who have been given a special opportunity to see what glory is in store for us once this is over. I have seen and know that everything we experience will seem so unimportant to what we will inherit eternally. I pray that the Holy Spirit that abides in His Children expand and pervade and show others what I have seen and greater so we will not lose heart but remain steadfast to God. This reward is given to all who are willing to accept it without cost. We are His creation made in His image and we will inherit what the enemy of man can never ever have. It has lost its place in heaven and like a uncontrolled child seeks to destroy everything else that was created by God since it cannot come against God. Its power was broken when Christ died on the cross. He forgave mankind of sin and in doing so broke the power of the enemy of man. The enemy believed that Jesus Christ would fail and curse mankind for what was done to Him, but in the end, He said, forgive them Father for they know not what they do." The enemy came against the innocent and in killing the physical body of Jesus Christ, broke its power over mankind's failings. Its power comes from tricking us into believing that we can be fulfilled by temporal materialism. It has nothing to lose. It knows its time is limited. Pray for its eternal destruction and for deliverance from the culmination of chaos that has begun. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. In the name of Yoshua, Messhia. Amen.

Posted by: watcher on January 2, 2009 09:05 PM


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at first I could not read the pdf bill, but I used a different pdf reader, and succeeded. I tell this, just in case you try to read it and find a blank document. Try a different reader.

Posted by: cb on January 11, 2015 11:27 PM


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