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January 31, 2004

Lipitor - The Human Cost

Lipitor, a cholesterol lowering drug made by Pfizer and sold to millions of health conscious but ill informed patients, is one of the most profitable drugs the pharmaceutical industry has ever come up with. Sales account for a quarter of Pfizer's $ 32 billion annual sales. Expected to gross more than $ 10 billion this year, Lipitor is poised to become the largest-selling pharmaceutical in history, surpassing Pfizer's other wonder drug, Viagra.

But the price to society is much higher than a mere 8 to 10 billion dollars. Lipitor and other drugs in the statin class, such as Bayer's version Baycol - removed from the market by its maker - are not only lowering cholesterol. These drugs apparently ruin perfectly good lives with "side effects" that lead to slow degradation into physical disability. The story of Doug Peterson and other residents of Tahoe City may be coldly dismissed as "anecdotal evidence", but there is no excuse for scientific statistical sofistry. Every tragedy is real - when it happens to you, the risk is 100%.

Let's look at the pharmaceutical profit model for a moment. Drugs are developed and they have to be sold, otherwise - no profit. In the case of Lipitor and its similars, that means a market has to be created. Cholesterol, a beneficial substance in the human body, is targetted as a bad sign of impending heart disease. Drugs are promoted to "lower cholesterol". Mind you, not to prevent heart disease but to turn off the blinking warning lights. Billions are made, a huge empire of multinational corporations is built to "take care of our health" - by selling us drugs. National economies are all but bankrupted by the costs of health care, most of it to pay for drugs. What's more, national and personal economies are also bearing the cost - sometimes vastly greater than the mere cost of a prescription - of these drugs' side effects, the cost of drug induced illness and disability.

Who is responsible? The drug barons? The medical researchers? The media which never told us?Or none of them?

I like what Karla, Doug's wife, has to say: "We are hoping he is going to get better. That's our number one goal. Anger is a waste of energy at this point. We are trying to recover and get the word out."

Also Doug is taking the matter with a good deal of philosophy: "At this point, I consider myself lucky I'm not in a wheelchair," says Doug, who is currently in phsyical therapy. "There are no guarantees in life. Your birth certificate doesn't come with a warranty."

In other words: Do it yourself. The responsibility is ours. Help get the word out about what is really happening.

Also see links on the cholesterol scam at the end, and
particularly this one, which pulls the rug from underneath the recommendations to "get your cholesterol down" by all means, even with medication that has serious side effects.

January 29, 2004

LIFE AFTER LIPITOR: Is Pfizer product a quick fix or dangerous drug? Residents experience adverse reactions

(Article originally found in Tahoe Tribune)

By Melissa Siig, Tahoe World Staff

At first glance, Tahoe City resident Doug Peterson looks like he is recovering from a stroke.

His speech is slurred, he has difficulty walking in a straight line, and he can't sign his own name. By afternoon, he is so fatigued he has to sit down for the rest of the day. When asked his age, Peterson says he is 52. His wife Karla, standing nearby, corrects him. He is 53.

Doug has never had a heart attack, and until the onset of the symptoms almost three years ago, was an active skier, biker and scuba diver. Now he is limited to walks on the treadmill. Doug traces his problems to a drug he started taking almost three years before his health began deteriorating - Lipitor. Two other Tahoe City locals have also experienced negative side effects from taking Lipitor or other statins, the name for a family of cholesterol-fighting pills.

While there is no concrete evidence linking Doug's health problems to Lipitor, after doing years of research, meeting with doctors and talking to other statin sufferers all over the world online, he and Karla are convinced of the connection. Pfizer, the maker of Lipitor, claims the drug is effective in lowering cholesterol and has minor side-effects. But as Doug and others would ask, is it worth it?


Doug, who has hereditary high cholesterol, was first prescribed Mevacor, a statin made by Merck, in 1998. Six months later, his doctor had him switch to Lipitor, which comes in higher doses, and upped his dosage from 10 to 20 mg. His cholesterol dropped from 285 to a low of 160.

"The doctor was very pleased," said Doug, "but meanwhile the symptoms started."

In the fall of 2000, Doug began having restless sleep patterns. His twitching and flying arms got so bad that Karla had to sleep in another room. One time, Doug even fell out of bed. The couple didn't think anything was seriously wrong until a few months later when Doug started slurring his words. This was followed by a loss of balance and the beginning of what Doug calls the "statin shuffle" - a slow, wobbly walk across a room. Next to slide was Doug's fine motor skills. It took him five minutes to write four words, much of which was illegible. Finally, he tired easily and his cognitive memory processing diminished. He had trouble following books with complex plots.

Confounded by Doug's illness, over the next two years the Petersons traveled all over California meeting with neurologists, internists and acupuncturists. Doug had MRIs, brain scans and neurofeedback tests done. Last February, Doug's doctor suggested he go off Lipitor to see if the drug was causing his health problems. After three weeks, the symptoms persisted, so the doctor put Doug back on the pill. Since Doug wasn't exhibiting the most common side effect, muscle cramps, and his liver function tests came back normal, the physician was doublly sure that Lipitor was not to blame.

Finally, last spring, a doctor in Pasadena suggested Lipitor could be the culprit. Doug went off the drug in May, and since then his symptoms have stopped their downward spiral and his health has slowly started to improve. According to Karla, his mind is sharper, his balance is better and his speech is more clear in the mornings, before he gets tired. But he still has a long way to go.

"Before, I was a good father and family person," said Doug, who has two children with Karla. "At this point, I can't do that much."

A former Navy diver and owner of Sierra Tahoe Computers, a repair and service business, Doug has had to cut down his work schedule because of his fatigue and loss of hand coordination. He is considering going on disability, but Karla remains optimistic.

"We are hoping he is going to get better. That's our number one goal," she said. "Anger is a waste of energy at this point. We are trying to recover and get the word out."


Since Parke-Davis (later acquired by Pfizer) developed Lipitor in 1997, it has become the number one prescribed cholesterol-lowering drug in the United States, with more than 18 million Americans having been prescribed the drug. New York City-based Pfizer, the world's largest pharmaceutical company, derives a quarter of its $32 billion in annual sales from Lipitor, according to an article in SmartMoney. With sales expected to top $10 billion this year, Lipitor is poised to become the largest-selling pharmaceutical in history, surpassing Pfizer's other wonder drug, Viagra.

Lipitor is proven to lower total cholesterol by 29 to 45 percent. As with any prescription, it comes with a list of possible side effects, such as muscle pain or weakness and liver dysfunction. Pfizer's Web site states, "The most commonly reported side effects are gas, constipation, stomach pain and indigestion. They are usually mild and tend to go away." In a nine-month study of 2,502 patients, Pfizer found that more serious side effects, such as facial paralysis, colon inflammation and gallbladder pain, occurred in less than 2 percent of those treated.

Pfizer was unable to commment on reported adverse side effects in time for the Tahoe World's deadline.

The problem, say the Petersons, is that Pfizer has not conducted any long-term studies. Doug's health issues didn't start for two and a half years after he started taking Lipitor. Similarly, Tahoe City psychologist John Altrocchi, 75, was on Mevacor for around three years when he started to develop calf pain that became so severe he could hardly walk. He also experienced a case of temporary memory loss called transient global amnesia (TGA), which has been linked with statins. A day after watching the 1998 Super Bowl game, Altrocchi had no memory of the event.

"There's no way you could prove that Mevacor was responsible for the TGA, but it's very possible," said Altrocchi, who stopped taking the drug about three years ago and convinced his brother, a retired neurologist, to go off Lipitor. "Especially for older men, I think it's wise to get off statins right away. There is very little evidence they do much good."

While most symptoms seem to start after a few years, Ed Ontiveros of Homewood began having physical problems within 30 days of taking Lipitor. After experiencing muscle aches and weakness for a few days, the 75-year old fell in the bathroom and didn't have the strength to get up. Since going off the drug, he's had no problems.

"It [reduced cholesterol] is not worth it with the side effects," said Ontiveros. "You may not live as long, but you sure don't want to die earlier."

Doctors are quick to prescribe Lipitor, says Karla, because they perceive it as a magic bullet in the battle against cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death for Americans, and it's easier than prescribing a long-term regime of healthy diet and exercise. But the evidence that high cholesterol leads to heart disease is not conclusive, said Altrocchi, and there is even speculation that cholesterol provides protection for the brain and spine.


The Petersons say Pfizer is too powerful to take on alone, but would consider joining a class-action lawsuit against the company. However, lawyers have told them a lawsuit is only possible if Lipitor gets recalled by the Food and Drug Administration. (Another statin, Baycol, was recalled by Bayor in 2001 after 31 people died of kidney failure while on the drug.) The Petersons filled out a complaint on the FDA Web page and encourage other Lipitor sufferers to do the same.

Frustrated by doctors who doubt the connection between Lipitor and health problems, the Petersons are awaiting the results of a study being conducted by Dr. Beatrice Golomb, a neurologist at the University of California-San Diego, on the effects of statin drugs. As reported by the Wall Street Journal this week, Golomb found that 15 percent of statin patients developed some cognitive side effects. In the meantime, the couple is focusing on Doug's recovery and staying positive.

"At this point, I consider myself lucky I'm not in a wheelchair," said Doug, who is currently in phsyical therapy. "There are no guarantees in life. Your birth certificate doesn't come with a warranty."

For more information, contact Doug Peterson at or visit Drug Information Technologies at

Here is an update from 12 February:

February 12, 2004

Letters to the Editor

Lipitor article draws debate

I've had some interesting conversations with community members after the "Life After Lipitor" article was printed on Jan. 29. I am not a doctor and do not want to give medical advice, but I believe that cholesterol-lowering statin drugs can harm some of the people taking them.

Statins are extremely popular drugs and we know that they are being prescribed to millions of people. Last year, more than $13 billion was spent on the two top selling statin drugs. U.S. citizens pay three times as much for medications than people in other first world countries, yet overall we have a shorter life expectancy (see Time magazine, Feb. 4, 2004.) So it is interesting to note that spending more on medications does not necessarily prolong life.

We are ultimately responsible for our own health. Heart attacks occur because of many different risk factors. Cholesterol is just one of many. Other factors include weight, age, stress, diet, smoking, exercise and family history. We still have a lot to learn about how to prevent and treat heart disease.

In the past, my doctors told me that statins did not have serious side effects. But when I read the very fine print about possible adverse reactions, I found over 130 side effects reported by the manufacturer. I realize that statins and most other drugs have side effects and there is a risk in taking any medication.

I believe the manufacturers report that 2 percent or less of statin patients develop most of the known side effects, while other researchers are reporting problems in up to 15 percent of patients. We do not know what the total figure will eventually prove to be, and it may be far greater than what we initially suspected. If you are one of the people who are harmed, then the percentage probably doesn't matter to you!

The side effects of statins seem to be related to several factors, including the age of the patient, dosage, type of statin, and duration of treatment. Some statins are far more powerful and therefore, I suspect, more likely to cause side effects than others.

To me, there seems to be three groups of statin patients. The first group includes the people who take the drug without any apparent side effects. The second group includes people who use statins but are developing side effects. Then there is the third group that took statins, had problems and stopped taking the medication.

If you are in the first group of patients and are tolerating your statin medication, please be aware of the possible side effects of the drug. They are listed in very fine print on the manufacturer's information sheet. If you are taking the drug and are developing unusual symptoms, consider the possibility that the problems may be related to your medication and know that the symptoms are likely to continue as long as you take the drug. For those of you who already experienced problems with the medication and stopped taking it, try to be patient. The more severe your symptoms, the longer it seems to take to recover.

Doug Peterson

Tahoe City

- - - - - -

Several of those who commented on this article have asked for information on natural ways to lower cholesterol. Here is a link to a site discussing this question, found on the Alternative Medicine Forum (Yahoo Group):

Lowering Cholesterol with a Healthier Way of Eating
How is high cholesterol defined? High cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia is defined as total cholesterol greater than 200 mg/dL with the high risk category greater than 240 mg/dL. At these levels, particularly when the ratio of LDL to HDL cholesterol is greater than 4:1, risk of cardiovascular disease is significantly increased. The ratio of LDL: HDL should be at least 4:1 because each HDL can pick up and transport 4 LDL back to the liver. If I have high cholesterol levels, can a healthy way of eating help me lower them into a normal range? ...

- - -

* * * A C T I O N A L E R T * * *

( September 2006 )

Some people commenting on this article are asking what can be done to end the tragedy of people getting sicker and sicker with the use of statin drugs, and many are ready to join a class action against the drug makers.

Here is another action anyone in the U.S. can do, as suggested by Duane "Space Doc" Graveline, who has collected much information about statin drugs on his website and has written a book: Statin Drug Side Effects

The action: Write to the members of the Senate Finance Committee explaining that statin drugs such as Lipitor do not help the U.S economy at all. You can put some of your own experiences in that letter, but for a general outline, here is a sample text to download. You should of course suitably amend it, leave out parts you don't care about and add in what you yourself think is of importance, before sending it off to your Senator or Senators.

For a listing of the members of the Senate Finance Committee, go to this site.

More recent action:

Petition calls on World Health Organization to investigate Statin Drug Use
Statin therapies are being prescribed to people around the globe. Evidence has emerged that statins can be hazardous to health. The prime rationale for their use is the notion that raised cholesterol is harmful. However, much evidence suggests that a low serum cholesterol is associated with depression, suicide, muscle damage, memory loss and general ill-health. The petition calls on the World Health Organisation to initiate a full and impartial, global investigation into the damage caused by therapeutic doses of all available statins, for the treatment of all forms of hypercholesterolaemia. There are far too many casualties of statin therapy for them all to be statistically insignificant.

- - -

See also other links on statins and cholesterol:

Is High Cholesterol Really Bad?
People with high cholesterol live the longest. This statement seems so incredible that it takes a long time to clear one's brainwashed mind to fully understand its importance. Yet the fact that people with high cholesterol live the longest emerges clearly from many scientific papers. Consider the finding of Dr. Harlan Krumholz of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Yale University, who reported in 1994 that old people with low cholesterol died twice as often from a heart attack as did old people with a high cholesterol. Supporters of the cholesterol campaign consistently ignore his observation, or consider it as a rare exception, produced by chance among a huge number of studies finding the opposite. But it is not an exception; there are now a large number of findings that contradict the lipid hypothesis...

A Danish study reports that some people who took statin drugs to lower cholesterol developed a type of nerve damage called polyneuropathy. Polyneuropathy is characterized by tingling, numbness and burning pain as well as decreased sensitivity to temperature or pain. When a person suffers nerve damage, a doctor is supposed to look for a cause, such as diabetes, lack of vitamin B12, Lyme disease, kidney disease, thyroid disease or alcohol abuse. People who had taken statins and developed polyneuropathies were checked for known causes of nerve damage. Researchers showed that people taking statins were 4 to 14 times more likely to develop polyneuropathy than those who did not take statins. Statins include Lescol, Lipitor, Mevacor, and Pravachol. Check with your doctor about any side effects from your medications.
Reference: Neurology May 14, 2002;58:1321-1322, 1333-1337

Lipitor, Neuromuscular Degeneration, and Recovery
by Jonathan Campbell
Numerous adverse side effect reports have implicated Lipitor and other statin drugs as a probable cause for severe neuromuscular degeneration. Some people who have been using Lipitor for as little as six months report symptoms similar to Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease - in which they are losing neuromuscular control of their bodies or losing significant muscle mass...

Cholesterol is NOT the Cause of Heart Disease article on Dr Mercola's site for more background on cholesterol

By Dr. James Howenstine, MD. - February 20, 2005
Cholesterol is not really the villain portrayed in the pharmaceutical ads. It is actually a vital substance needed in every cell of the body...

Statin drug Crestor damages kidneys of patients, says Public Citizen
The statin drug Crestor is a highly dangerous prescription drug that causes an alarming rate of kidney damage, says Public Citizen, a consumer protection group. The drug, manufactured by AstraZeneca, is responsible for a rate of kidney disease 75 times higher than with other similar drugs.

Transient Global Amnesia – A Side Effect Of Statin Treatment

"You're my Wife?" Amnesia is Possible Side Effect of Statin Drug

The Vitamin C Foundation's Statin Drug Alert

Statinalert Org

The Statin Scam Marches On
Considering that tens of millions of Americans now take statins to lower cholesterol, the following headline was conspicuously absent from the major media this month: "Statins Found to Turn On Gene that Causes Muscle Damage." It's now a fact of science; a new study shows that taking statins destroys your muscle to a greater or lesser degree. And let's not forget that the heart is a muscle.

Place this study juxtaposed to another rather interesting recent finding: the more fit you are the longer you will live – and the two just don't add up. How can you destroy muscle and be more fit? You can't. Sure you can drug your cholesterol number lower, but will you be healthier, fit, and live longer?

High cholesterol may protect against infections and atherosclerosis

Vitamin C beats statins in cholesterol - heart disease

Statin Drugs: The Ultimate Manifestation of Anti-Cholesterol Stupidity?

Statin Drugs - A Critical Review of the Risk/Benefit Clinical Research

Let them eat cake, butter, cream ... For decades the advice has been to cut cholesterol and protect your heart. Now some doctors think it makes no difference

Cholesterol Drugs Tied to Birth Defects U.S. government study finds an unusually high number of abnormalities in babies of women who took statins during first trimester of pregnancy

Cardiologists Overlook Lifesaving Discovery

Colesterol Myth - It's official: Statins proponents have lost their minds!

Consumer Group Seeks Cholesterol Drug Ban

Cholesterol drug warning issued

The Dangers of Statin Drugs: What You Haven't Been Told About Cholesterol-Lowering Medication, Part I

The Dangers of Statin Drugs: What You Haven't Been Told About Cholesterol-Lowering Medication, Part II

The Dangers of Statin Drugs: What You Haven't Been Told About Cholesterol-Lowering Medication, Part III

The Dangers of Statin Drugs: What You Haven't Been Told About Cholesterol-Lowering Medication, Part IV

The Dangers of Statin Drugs: What You Haven't Been Told About Cholesterol-Lowering Medication - References


The Hidden Truth About Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
... is yet another weapon fit for your arsenal of intellectual self-defense against the myth that cholesterol causes heart disease and that, to protect your health, you must contribute your fair share to the $26 billion/year empire of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. The author Shane Ellison possesses a Master's degree in organic chemistry. After first-hand experience in drug design, he abandoned what he calls "synthetic medicine" to become an independent researcher, nutritional consultant, developer of product testing certification, and designer of numerous nutritional supplements. He is also a member of The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics.

The side effects of Lipitor - apparently not so uncommon as the manufacturer of the drug would have us believe - are starting to provoke some action. There are two recent (June 2006) lawsuits, and an older class action filed at the US District Court in Boston in September last year. See:

Lawsuits Filed Over Lipitor Side Effects

Class Action - Statins Increases Heart Disease By 10% In Women

Fish Oil Works Better Than Statins at Improving HDL Cholesterol
An interesting study shows how fish oil -- not the statin drug Lipitor --influences how HDL cholesterol works far more safely and better than taking a pill. Australian researchers studied the effects of fish oil and Lipitor in a six-week trial on 48 insulin-resistant, obese men, both separately and combined. No surprise, fish oil and Lipitor, together, greatly lowered plasma triacylglycerols and raised HDL cholesterol levels. But it was fish oil, not Lipitor, that influenced HDL cholesterol...

Cholesterol, Lipitor, and Big Government: The Terror Campaign Against Us All

Permananet Side Effects from Statin Drugs
Not only have statin drug companies failed to adequately warn prescribing physicians of permanent cognitive loss associated with statin use, they have failed to warn about permanent neuromuscular and neurodegenerative consequences. Thousands of unsuspecting patients have become victims and in most of these cases their doctors, having had no advance warning from the pharmaceutical industry, have tended to disregard patient complaints, offering almost any explanation other than the correct one.

Patients Can Report Statins' Adverse Effects On New Web Site
A new web site at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine - - will enable people from around the world to self-report adverse effects of statin drug use, or use of other cholesterol drugs. The site will provide access to a broad group of people, facilitating the opportunity for patients to confidentially share information about their experience.

Low cholesterol linked to higher death rate: study
In what scientists are calling a "cholesterol paradox," new research is linking low cholesterol with a higher death rate in people with heart failure -- the opposite of what researchers expected. A study of 10,701 patients with suspected heart failure found those with low cholesterol were 1.7 times more likely to die within 12 weeks of being hospitalized than people with normal cholesterol. Having very low cholesterol was nearly as dangerous as having very high cholesterol, says Dr. Periaswamy Velevan, a research fellow in cardiology at the University of Hull in England.

Do Statins Raise the Risk of Parkinson's?
A study in the United States has found that patients with low levels of LDL cholesterol are three times more likely to have Parkinson's disease. The researchers are planning largescale trials to determine whether the drugs are the cause ... experts sought to reassure patients that statins were safe and should not be stopped.

CoQ10 helps relieve statin induced muscle pain
Muscle symptoms commonly occur with statin drugs. In some cases myopathy, or damage to the muscle tissue, can actually occur. Very rarely, if myopathy occurs and statin therapy is not stopped a very dangerous condition called rhabdomyolysis can occur which can sometimes be fatal. According to an article in USA Today, Public Citizen, a consumer watchdog group, "linked 72 fatal and 772 non-fatal cases of muscle breakdown, known as rhabdomyolysis, to all six of the statins sold between October 1997 and December 2000. The study found 29 earlier deaths."

A study in the May issue of The American Journal of Cardiology examined the use of CoQ10 supplements to improve muscle symptoms in patients being treated with statins. The controlled, double-blind study provided half of 32 patients 100 milligrams (mgs) of CoQ10 a day for a month and the other half 400 IU of vitamin E. At the end of the month the patients who were reporting statin related muscle pain that received the CoQ10 showed "decreased muscle pain by 40% and improved the interference of pain with daily life activities by 38%".

Video: Cholesterol corporate killers
An English bloke describing his personal experience on cholesterol lowering drugs...

January 2009: First comprehensive paper on statins' adverse effects released
"Muscle problems are the best known of statin drugs' adverse side effects," said Golomb. "But cognitive problems and peripheral neuropathy, or pain or numbness in the extremities like fingers and toes, are also widely reported." A spectrum of other problems, ranging from blood glucose elevations to tendon problems, can also occur as side effects from statins.

Statins Damage Muscles In Many People Taking Them
Over half of individuals taking statins complain of muscle aches and pains. A new study demonstrates that 56% of those with these symptoms have injured muscle fibers based on muscle biopsy.

The statin propaganda machine likes to claim that severe muscle problems are only 1% - 2%. While that may or may not be true, the issue of actual physical damage to muscles is far higher.

Video: Cholesterol myth exposed!! They use it to sell drugs that kill you!
The lie that cholesterol causes heart attacks and must be lowered has given rise to one of the hardest myths to die. We *need* cholesterol. It's a vital substance for our metabolism!


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Saturday January 31 2004
updated on Thursday April 21 2011

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments


That's the sad part of excessive marketing games and profiteering goals.

Wonder how many more life may get affected.


Posted by: Suhit Anantula on February 2, 2004 11:12 AM



I believe that many more lives are already being affected, but by necessity we can only catch a glimpse here and there. The tragedy is of world wide proportions.


Posted by: Josef on February 2, 2004 11:53 AM


Pretty disturbing reading. To my mind, this points again to the need for good nutrition to build a healthy immune system. As opposed to
waiting for a weakened immune system to manifest illness and then relying on powerful drugs (with dangerous side-effects marketed to maximize profits) to treat the symptoms of the weakened immune system.

p.s. yes, high cholesterol and heart disease are linked to a weakened immune system.

Posted by: Bob W on February 3, 2004 07:31 PM


I have been having palpitations after starting Lipitor. I have started it three times for various reasons. Doctors not agreeing etc. I am 37 and typically healthy. It seems that each time I restart Lipitor palpitations resume. I restarted 3 days ago as an experiment on my own and guess what? My palpitations restarted today. Previously it took about 30 days for palpitations to begin. After the second time I began to think that there might be a pattern. Well I am still not sure if there is any real connection but my bottle went into the trash today. Have you heard of any cardiac symptoms connected to lipitor?

Posted by: Mike Cowan on February 27, 2004 03:18 AM


My husband has been taking a high dose of Lipitor for several years and recently started vomiting every morning. After having blood tests it turns out his liver was shutting down and dumping high levels of amonia into his system. He stopped taking Lipitor and no longer has feels like throwing up every morning. Hmmmm.....I wonder if it is related.

Posted by: Josef on February 27, 2004 12:09 PM


I just started lipitor a few weeks ago and shortly after I did I started having trembling in my sleep. The trembling got so severe it would wake me. I called the Dr. but they said they didn't think it was related to the lipitor. Does anyone know how long I would need to be off of the lipitor to find out if that is the cause?

Posted by: Sandra on March 17, 2004 01:15 AM


I took lipitor for two years and then read Dr Michael Eades book on Protein Power Lifestyle. Started on the program and with in 6 weeks I was able to go off Lipitor. I had no idea drugs were so dangerous. Thanks for you information.

Posted by: Don on March 24, 2004 04:10 PM


I'm sure Lipitor caused my mother death, in Oct 2003, she was on Liptors for approx 6 - 8 yrs. she always complaint about headaches, stomach cramps, neck pain, and had develope renal disease, cancer in the gallbladder bile duct. I strongly believe that Lipitor is responsible for many death's and illness and therefore this medication should be BAN from the market place!

Posted by: Lucy on March 28, 2004 02:00 AM


I was prescribed Lipitor for high cholesterol three weeks ago and from the very outset have been having palpitations. I read with interest that Mike C is having the same problem.

Posted by: Noelene on April 4, 2004 01:21 PM


My dad took Lipitor for one month and has severe muscle degeneration in his legs. His Dr. will not admit culpalbility and therefore will not find out how to treat the problem. Please send an e-mail to me at and natural ways you people are utilizing to recover.

Posted by: David P. French on April 16, 2004 12:52 AM


I was put on Lipitor on March 23, 2004. My BP was 115/70. I questioned the Dr. about the possible muscle damage that Lipitor can cause, since I have Fibromyalgia, Dermato Polymyositis, Tendonitis of my wrists and Osteo Arthritis in my hands. She didn't think it would be a problem. After three weeks on Lipitor, I quit taking it. My Muscle pain was severe, I could no longer see the bones in my ankles or hands and it was difficult to take a deep breathe, my BP had shot up to 186/96 and wouldn't come down, had blood clots coming from my nose and many other strange symptoms. I looked up the side effects of Lipitor and I had at least 95% of them. I sent the list to my Dr. with a letter stating all my symptoms and she said .... "She didn't think my symptoms were caused from the Lipitor." It has been one week since I stopped taking the Lipitor. I can once again see my ankle bones, my hand bones, can take a deep breath and fill my lungs. I am still having pain in my muscles, but it is not as severe. I am just hoping there was NO permanent damage done to my body as I am still so weak and feel like the Lipitor had zapped all my strength and all I wanted to do was sleep. I have litterly been sleeping since 2pm on Sunday, getting up only to drink liquids or go to the bathroom or have something light to eat, than back to bed. I was so frustrated at my Dr. not believing that the Lipitor caused my symptoms, that I came to the computer and found this website. Thank you to all for writing as I now know it was not "just in my head" And to the gentleman who told of the book Protein Power by both Dr. Eades, a husband and wife team, is the same book my daughter recommended that I use to regulate my Cholesterol. I have ordered it and it is on it's way. Again, thank you to all who posted their problems that stemmed from Lipitor.

Posted by: Gerry on April 20, 2004 06:52 PM


My husband has been taking lipitor for
6 years and although he is only 43
feels like he's 60. Lately he's been having severe lower back pain and neck pain. He feels weak. He will be seeing the Dr. again. I'm assumming
all this relates to lipitor?


Posted by: kate on April 27, 2004 05:25 PM


I've been on Lipitor for over 3 years with no other side effects other than gas. Recently I also heard that it can have positive preventive effects on male prostate cancer. I am doubting the non medical info that this article contains

Posted by: on May 10, 2004 10:23 PM


I have been on lipitor 2 1/2 years. I have been experiencing debilitating effects , for the last year and 1/2. I resent the time I have lost over the last two years. I am considering some sort of recourse, just wondering if anyone else is?

Posted by: Charles Auvil on May 12, 2004 02:17 AM


My internist at Northwestern prescribed Lipitor last Tuesday, together with 1000 mg. omega 3 fish oil because of a cholesterol of 259 and a CRP of 9,9 I am happy to have found this webside and read the experiences. To date, I have told him I would not take Lipitor or any other statin. Will vitamin C really help cholesterol and arterial inflammation? Marylu

Posted by: Marylu G on May 15, 2004 05:53 AM


I took Lipitor for 7 weeks, ending Feb.2004 because my cholesterol was 227 & my doctor handed me samples. I failed to research it and did not receive any information about side effects. After experiencing severe leg pain and intestinal discomfort, a friend told me Lipitor is poison. I looked up the side effects on the web and immediately ceased taking it. My doctor sent me to a physical therapist for 3 weeks for the severe knee pain I still have (it's May 16th 2004 now) and tomorrow I see a knee specialist, then Tuesday, a gastroenterologist. At least NOW, I have some information to support my claim that all my pain and suffering is due to taking Lipitor. Thank you for that! I only hope the side effects will eventually go away. I'll let you know if I find out anything of value from the medical folks...the ones that put me here with their great concern for possible side effects of high (not hardly) cholesterol. And the drug companies keep getting richer by the minute at our expense! Rock on...

Posted by: Michelle on May 17, 2004 03:46 AM


Just found out about the problems with Lipitor. I thought they were all just mine. I have had all the problems and the latest is the Muscle contractions and degeneration that mimics ALS. I have been so frightened that I had it but then I started reading the systoms everybody was having and they all fit.Pappitations, Sleep,Tremors (waking and walking the floors at night) Cramps, Nausea, Vertigo, Dry eyes, pain and stiffness in neck, calf muscles pain, abdominal pain, weakness, spasms, buzzing and numbness in legs and feet, big time trouble swallowing and breathing, trouble talking and pronouncing words, General fatigued all the time, gallbladder pain bent me double for quite some time had just removed this January, facial numbness, Missed shopping for Christmas because my joints were so stiff and hurt so bad, trouble walking, Knee Pain hard to even get up out of chair or off the bed, Kidney problems, but the ultimate is the muscles contracting like rubber bands from my feet to my hips with excuricating pain that I was sure was ALS. I have complained to my Doctor but he just gives me another medicine that causes more problems. I have just come off of the Lipitor 40 on my own which I have been taking for more than 3 years and the Lipitor 20 I took another 4 or 5 years and during that time I had a blood clot that nearly killed me. I hope and pray that this is reversible and that I regain my strength, the ability to walk without sauntering, talk with out pauses and be with my family for many years to come. By the way I am not a medicine freak as I had went long periods of time without medicine or the help of Doctors except for an occasionly cold. I have tried to keep many of my problems from my family but they are now watching me deterioate and it is frustrating. God save me from the effects of Lipitor. Helen L. Panter

Posted by: Helen L.Panter on May 18, 2004 07:12 PM


I want to stop taking the lipitor. On 5-11-04 I had congestive heart failure now I have angioplasty with stents. I had stop taking the medication because I knew it was harmful but it was re-started at the hospital. I am slightly over weight, 60Yrs, African American, with diabetes and high blood pressure. I am very concerned about the 80mgs of lipitor I am taking daily since the CHF. which is a lot. I will pick up Protein Power Lifestyle by Eades this weekend. I believe the lipitor is harmful and will cause me more damage in the long run. I have been off and on Lipitor for years. I take omega 3 oils sometimes. I believe I can change my diet and get safer results. Please send me other info on reducing my cholesterol so I can get off the Lipitor for good. Thanks for the info it was very informative.

Posted by: karon cummings on May 29, 2004 07:48 AM


My grandmother was put on Lipitor in April of 2002. She had always been a very healthy and strong person but only two months after starting the medicine she started experiencing extreme muscle weakness and other side effects it causes. She did in the middle of July, 2002. This drug is so dangerous and it is wrong that the industry pushes it like it does and is not held accountable for what it acutally causes.

Posted by: Leah Manning on May 30, 2004 03:26 AM


Anyone prescribed a statin drug should search on google or yahoo for "Statins did your doctor tell you". I have been prescribed statins but never took them. #1 half the people with CVD have low to normal cholesterol. #2. Cholesterol doesnt cause CVD anyway. search google THINCS

Posted by: JohnnyS on June 1, 2004 10:03 PM


Have been on Lipitor for 4 years - requested doctor take me off about 3 months ago - I
had stiffness in my knees & was suspicious - he had me take a blood test after being off the drug for a month - my
cholesterol was high, so he put me back on the Lipitor -
since then I have been experiencing severe leg pains & have barely been able to walk for the past 7 weeks - for some reason I never suspected the Lipitor - thought I'd pulled a groin muscle at first - the doctor kept telling me to alternate hot & cold packs, which did no
good - finally went in to see
him yesterday & he told me to
stop the Lipitor - got online
this a.m. & am reading other
people's muscle problems and am convinced this is a Lipitor
problem - went off it yesterday and pray I will be get my legs back!!!

Posted by: Joan on June 2, 2004 04:13 PM


thanks for your comment on my site and I hope you'll find your way through the maze of disinformation that is there on both cholesterol and on preventing health trouble.

A site I have found to contain invaluable information is the one of Dr. Mercola

which you should certainly explore. Mercola not only blasts the pharmaceutical money makers for their dangerous drugs but offers nutritional alternatives to improve your health.

There are also those who say cholesterol isn't the cause of bad health, but quite the opposite.

This article

argues that cholesterol is actually needed for good health. His views might seem a bit radical at first, but all he is saying really is that our traditional way of eating has not killed us in thousands of years - why should it do so now?

Of course you will have to make up your own mind about all these things. But do make sure you do your research before you decide what to believe.

Posted by: Sepp on June 5, 2004 12:58 PM


I have been on lipitor for 3-4 yrs. now. I went back to college and noticed that it seemed so hard to recall & remember information. When many people could remember things learned after only 1-2 times, it would take me 5. Which was not the norm for me. I was worried that I was actually maybe getting early alzheimers. Thought everyone would just think I was crazy.. I have noticed my speech and mental processes slower. I sometimes forget what I am saying in the middle of conversation, or what I am doing as I walk into another room(what did I come in here for?)
The funny thing is that I did not know Lipitor even could do this to people until this week. Then, it all became very clear...I don't ever recall having the same kind of memory problems prior to taking this med. I used pride myself in learning/remembering things pretty quickly, not anymore. Anyone else w/the same side-effect?? Oh yeah, I have just turned 40. No history of alzheimers that in my family that I am aware of. Just took my last Lipitor tab last week.

Posted by: Jen on June 10, 2004 05:15 AM


Does ANYONE know of ANY remedies and/or alternative treatments for the MUSCLE SORENESS AND DAMAGE caused by lipitor?????? Please, please post if you do. Thanks.

Posted by: Terrina on June 12, 2004 10:49 PM


Hello Terrina,

co-enzyme Q 10 has been implicated as the culprit in statin-induced muscle pains. See this short article for an explanation.

When Baycol (statin made by Bayer) was taken off the market because of its deadly side effects, it was discovered that Bayer had been sitting on a patent that discussed the discovery of statins lowering coQ10 levels, and patented the solution: a statin with coQ10 included. Bayer never did make the product with coQ10.

Also, this more recent article on my site may be of interest:

Lipitor: Side Effects And Natural Remedy

Posted by: Sepp on June 13, 2004 11:33 AM


Interesting to read all the comments. My husband has only been taking Lipitor for about 2 weeks and told me that he guessed he was getting old as his eyes were getting blurry. When I told him he needed to exercise more to help with his weight, he then told me that he was having such muscle soreness. This rang a bell with me, and when I looked it up in my drug book (I recommend Complete Guide to Prescription & Nonprescription Drugs by H. Winter Griffith MD) sure enough these were side effects of the Lipitor and statin drugs. I have learned that indeed these statin drugs do cause a depletion of coenzyme Q-10 and so the side effects. I told him to stop the Lipitor and within a day he noticed an improvement in his eyes. He is still suffering from the muscle soreness though. It has only been 2 days. I am giving him 200 mg of CO Q10 and am anxious and now more determined than ever to find more natural ways to deal with this high cholesterol problem. I am going to check out Protein Power Lifestyle. Thanks. Good luck to everyone in getting off the statin drugs. If I find out anything new, I will try to get back in touch.

Posted by: Nancy Clayton on June 22, 2004 08:07 PM


I've been on 10 Mg of Lipitor for the past 3-4 years and can't directly attribute Lipitor to any of the various health problems I've had...but maybe it's involved there and I simply am not aware of it. Would appreciate any replies as what I might generally look for here.

Posted by: Bill on June 25, 2004 03:20 AM


My husband have been using lipitor for 1 year and is having problems sleeping. He sleep for two hours and he's up walking. He is also having problems with depression and anxiety. He also get sick to his stomach after having sex and throws up. Almost any meal will upset his stomach. these are all problems which he wasn't having before lipitor, and he takes no other medication.

Posted by: Bernice Beard on June 27, 2004 07:20 AM


I have been on 10 mg of Lipitor for 3 years. Slowly, very slowly, I developed a lot of muscular pain, starting with a possibly torn achilles tendon a year ago. Last winter when I was on a European vacation and walked a lot my hip-haunch was killing me. Then I started going to Curves, and the exercise made all hell break loose. I now am limping and in a lot of pain in that hip-haunch as well as knee and calf of other leg. It is much woirse in the morning. I control pain with large does of Advil whicj were prescribed by my doc and which I hate to take, stretching exercises, and BioFreeze. All temporary fixes. Since I decided maybe it is the Lipitor causing all of this pain, I stopped taking it 6 days ago. Not sure if I see any imporovement yet---does anyone knhow how long it takes to see a difference, if Lipitor is the culprit?

Posted by: Deborah on July 13, 2004 05:26 PM


I had been on Lipitor for 2 years. I am 58 years old. My muscle pain started slowly. But, I actually never checked the strength of the medication. But, now I know it was only 10mg. In the beginning I thought the pain was just the beginning of old age. I couldn't sleep and started taking Tylenol PM for the pain and sleeping problem.
Then I thought it was the bed, so we bought a new $3,000.00 bed. But it still didn't help. I could barely get out of bed in the morning. My cholesterol really wasn't that high anyway. But I was overweight and didn't excercise. So, I decided to go on an expensive medical weight reduction plan. I loss 40 pounds and was walking. My cholesterol came down very well. I asked my Dr. if I could get off the Lipitor. He said no, just for the prevention side of it. Well, my diet Dr. asked me if I was having any pain with the Lipitor. I said I don't know, I though it was just old age. He said you might want to check it out. I asked my regular DR., if at my age, should I feel pain all over my body, so bad I could hardly get out of bed. He said, no. I said, then I think I should stop taking the Lipitor because one of the side affects is muscle pain. So, he said OK. But, I'll give you another drug. Provachol 20mg. When the pharmacist said muscle pain, legs cramps, etc was a side effect. I said, but that is why I can't take Lipitor, he said it is not as strong. So I took that for one week and the pain got twice as bad. So I stopped. Then I decided to check the internet and discovered the statin issue and that coenzyme Q-10 (400mg) could help. So I bought some and laid off the statin for a month. So, I thought I would take the two together. I asked my Dr. if it was OK and he said sure. And to let him know how it worked. So back on the Lipitor. For three weeks I felt pretty good, taking the Q10 and Lipitor 10mg, then the fourth week, the body aches, leg cramps, etc. started again and then memory loss, which I never really contected with lipitor before. Then my blood pressure went up to 170/98. I have never had high blood pressure. Now I'm on Narvasc for high blood pressure. My husband thinks I'm ready for the old folks home. I have now stopped the Lipitor. It has been only three days and I feel much better. I thought the Q10 was going to be the answer, but it is not. I'm going to take the rest of the Q10 to finish off the pills, they were very expensive. And maybe they will build my muscles back up.

I will never take another statin drug again. for two years I suffered with the pain. I felt 80 years old. I'm going to let my Dr. know how I feel. I am going to use diet and walking to control the cholesterol. I would be glad to join any class action suit to stop this from happening to anyone esle.

Posted by: Nancy on July 16, 2004 08:48 PM


Has anyone out there lost a considerable amount of weight while on Lipitor? My husband has been thru so much testing in the last 3 months due to a 35lb weight loss and while every test reveals nothing the only time he started feeling any better was when Lipitor was stopped.

Posted by: Mary-Jo on July 18, 2004 07:35 AM


Wow! I have just been reading all this info. on Lipitor. I've been on it(20mg) for the past 8 months and have experienced symptoms like I never felt before. The bottom of my feet hurt so bad in the mornings that I can bearly walk. Once I get moving my feet limber up only to get stiff again when I sit for some time. My Doctor told me my sypmtoms were from the vitamins I was taking. So I stopped all of them. No change. My neighbor told me of a relative of hers experiencing problems with Lipitor similar to mine and that person stopped taking it. I stopped taking it about 2 weeks ago. I too am wondering how long it takes for the symptoms of muscle aches(I'm talking some serious aching now)... will lighten up. I am almost 55 and feel much much older. I was blaming it on Crohns disease. Just like alot of others wrote, I had not suspected Lipitor until I did some research. Well, that's my input on this. I'm now waiting to hopefully regain my energy and memory I had before Lipitor.

Posted by: Joyce Pendleton on July 19, 2004 04:18 AM


I started taking Lipitor in March. In April, I started to notice that the tops of my arms and legs felt weak. Then, one day sitting on the sofa, my bladder contracted and felt like a punch to my gut. As the weeks progressed, I had so many developing symptoms EVERYWHERE, it was ridiculous. Numbness, tingling, crawling and itching sensations, muscle jerks, spasms, eye lid twitching, weakness, over-active startle response, you name it. I took care of my mother for 13 years in my home when she had Parkinsons Disease and she had just recently died, so I thought maybe I had anxiety or depression. I went off Lipitor in May, was treated with Xanax, which helps a little with the muscle twitches. Zoloft only made me aggitated. Mornings are the worst. It seems that when I wake up, everything gets active and starts "cooking". I have to take a hot shower, massage my muscles and start moving to get some relief. It has come to the point where I hate to sit still because everything is so much more noticeable then. I read a message on the Internet from a former Lipitor sufferer that I can expect this to last from 3-6 months. I certainly hope this is true and that there is an endpoint to all of this.

Posted by: Carol Lambert on July 28, 2004 06:04 PM


I started taking Lipitor last November and it did lower my cholesterol and triglicerides but in May of 2004 I developed muscle pain in the back of my legs. The pain increased and over a period of two or three weeks moved into both shoulders, hips, knees and to a lesser extent into my ankles, wrists, and hands. I am currently in Scotland and won't return to the US until mid October so am seeing a Doctor here. He has done 4 blood tests and so far all are normal. I have another appointment tomorrow and will talk about Lipitor.

Posted by: Orville Bowland on August 10, 2004 02:10 PM


My doctor put me on lipitor a few years ago and within a short period of time I was in so much pain when I laid down to sleep I couldn't rest. Every muscle in my body hurt so bad I couldn't stand it.
I told my doctor and he took me off the lipitor and tried to give me something else. I told him "NO Thank You".

Posted by: Steve on August 12, 2004 03:51 PM


About three months ago my husband's doctor prescribed Tricor for his cholesterol. We ignored her advice and he started taking 1200 mg's of lecithin in capsule form each day. He recently had lab work done and went to the doctor for his followup. When the doctor found hubby hadn't taken what she prescribed she read him the riot act about all the dangers of high cholesterol. Then she looked at his lab report. Cholesterol 190, bad cholesterol down, good cholesterol up. We'll admit he has been getting more excercise, but I think the lecithin did it.

Posted by: SANDRA BELANGA on August 13, 2004 02:46 PM


I have been taking Crestor for 2 months. Previously I took Pravachol with no side effects but my doctor wanted some better numbers and switched me to Crestor. After just 2 weeks I began to have facial twitching starting on the left side on the eyebrow and eyelid. Now it has progressed to the cheek, mouth and has begun on the right side. I had a heart attack 9 months ago at the age of 55 after taking an Imitrex for migraines so I don't want anymore problems due to meds. I see the cardiologist this week. Do you think my this twitching is from Crestor? It is driving me crazy.

Posted by: Pam Rossi on August 16, 2004 12:45 AM


I am a 52 year old male.I was on Lipitor for 10 months and my lab work showed I had muscle breakdown. I had memory loss, muscle aches and cramps, extreme fatique, heavy limbs, hardly able to walk by the end of the day, sleeplessness and joint pain. My doctor took me off of it and in 1 week I felt better. Unfortionately he put me on Zocar and the symptoms came back worse than before. I already have a history of heart disease with stents put in. I am now going to try Zetia which is a different class of medication and works in the intestine. I hope this works without the side effects.

Posted by: Jim Voorhees on August 17, 2004 11:31 PM


I was on Lipitor for over 2 years. I had muscle pain on and off but lately it got worse. The pain in my joints were excrutiating at times. I was not sleeping good at all and my legs would ache so bad when I lie down at night. I also had vertigo and was quite fatigued. I asked my doctor if it could be the lipitor and he said he doubted it but if it made me feel better I could stop taking the lipitor but only for 2 weeks. Well I have stopped now for one month and already I feel much better and am starting to sleep better. Never will I take it again. When I shared this with some people they then told me their story while on lipitor and the horrific side effects they had while taking it.

Posted by: Betty on August 20, 2004 12:29 AM


Here it is, just 3 days since my last post. I couldn't stand the facial twitching any longer and stopped my Crestor after 2 months of taking a 10 mg. pill daily. I never would have just stopped without calling my cardiologist but I knew I was seeing him today anyway. I can't believe it, after 48 hours, I knew I was feeling better. And now, after 3 full days, I am completely free of facial twitches. I am thrilled. My doctor put me back on Pravachol and added Zetia. I am hoping I don't have any new side effects but he insisted I need a statin drug to protect my heart. In fact, he admitted that he, at only 34 years old and in great shape is also on Crestor for high cholesterol due to a family history. I have a great deal of confidence in him and am willing to give this another try.

Posted by: Pam Rossi on August 20, 2004 01:31 AM


My husband (who is 79 years old) began taking statins in 2000 after quintuple bypass surgery. In Nov. 2003 he had a pacemaker put in and they said his arteies were clear. For the past year and a half he has developed pretty severe aphasia, memory and comprehension problems. He has lost the ability to write and is having difficulty expressing himself verbally.

Tests reveal no stroke, tumor or other reasons for these problems. He also is experiencing muscle stiffness and difficulty getting going in the morning. Could the statins be causing these problems? I would appreciate any help as to current studies or personal experiences with these meds because he is fading quickly from the once vibrant and energetic fellow he was not too long ago. At this point he is not able to accurately put together a sentence and today is the first information I've stumbled upon that gives me hope that perhaps it could be caused by that 20 mg. of Lipitor he faithfully takes daily with his Coumadin and Digoxin. Any suggestions for further information or encouragement would be deeply appreciated.

Posted by: louise on August 22, 2004 01:38 PM


Dear Louise,

please read a more recent article on the subject, which might give you more data as to a possible solution. (There are also a number of comments from people who have found themselves in a similar situation of yours).

Lipitor: Side Effects And Natural Remedy

see also

Statins May Scramble Memory

Posted by: Sepp on August 22, 2004 11:15 PM



To download the book, "What You Must Know about Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs", right click on the link below. Then choose to save it on your desktop. After completion of download, you will be able to open it. Then print and read.

Shane Ellison M.Sc.

Posted by: Sepp on September 8, 2004 11:14 AM


Today is my first day on lipitor. I'll try to keep a diary and keep you posted as things progress (or not).

Are there any stats on proportion of people having bad side effects?

Posted by: Bob on September 9, 2004 05:36 AM


Thanks for your comment Bob,

I don't think all people do get side effects, but from the other comments it seems many of them do. It will be interesting to see how your case develops.

Have not heard of anyone compiling actual stats. The side effects are being kept as quiet as possible. Who would want to destroy their own business?

Posted by: Sepp on September 9, 2004 08:57 AM


I guess the thing is that millions of people take the drug. The real problem is doctors continue to push the drug even after adverse side effects show up.

My cholesterol is at 210 but couldn't bring it down with diet + exercise.

Posted by: Bob on September 9, 2004 03:00 PM


I'm wanting to hear of any experiences with Tricor, which my Doc has order me to take. My Trigliserides are around 450 and have been up as high as 700. I run, am fit and thin, eat right but the cholesterol hangs in the mid 200s. What will i expect with Tricore? thanks

Posted by: Kent Suter on September 11, 2004 01:24 AM


So here I am,having added the Zetia 10 mg. to my Pravachol 80 mg. program. The less common side effects of Zetia say that some people can get an upper respiratory infection. And guess what? My Primary Dr. thought I had pneumonia but after an xray it turned out to be bronchitis. Thank goodness for small favors! Of course, she still won't blame the Zetia so I stopped it for a week and now am taking it again. I am curious to see what happens. Seems like I just can't get this regiment of meds right. For some people it is easier than for others. The Crestor was by far the worst side effects for me. The facial twitching nearly put me "over the edge". Hope the numbers on my next bloodwork is worth all this.

Posted by: Pam Rossi on September 11, 2004 05:52 PM


I have recently quit taking Lipitor after two years as I started having real bad pain in my left hip and leg. I had the doctor put me on Zocor recently to see if there would be a change. So far, the pain has not subsided. I am only 48 and feel much older. I stay tired all the time and my energy level is 0.
I have never been this way in my life as I have always been a very active female. I just don't know what to do at this point and I am afraid to just stop taking it.

Posted by: Kathy Howard on September 13, 2004 03:15 PM


I started taking lipitor 3 years ago. Had a genetically high (300+) cholestorol level.
In spite of taking it I had a heart attack a year later.(mid RCA). I developed, slowly,various palpations in my arms chest and back. You could see the pulsing & twitching. Then developed cramping in toes, calf(like charlie horse)& forearms. My doctor suggested help. I was taking 10 mg then 20 then 49 then 80 becasue of lack of results. When he added Zetia..magic levels went down to 160. I asked to come off lipitor but he suggested not to. I am now cutting my 80"s in half to 40mg to test results. So far..2months only slight less cramping. Now that I found this site I think I;ll just stop the lipitor and keep the zetia.

Posted by: Don on September 13, 2004 07:05 PM



you are correct, once a drug is out there and making a lot of money, side effects seem to have a hard time being taken seriously.

About cholesterol - it's like soap. The body uses it to clean out toxins. Some people have high cholesterol for a reason...

Also, it's an indicator at best, not a cause of heart attack. So why switch off the indicator, instead of finding out what's making it high?

This article Cholesterol - What A Business Plan has a lot of information on cholesterol and the drugs used to lower it.

Posted by: Sepp on September 13, 2004 08:26 PM


If you are taking any cholestrol lowering medication, you would be wise to read a book and take it to your physician. The name of the book is called, "The Cholesterol Myths", by Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, M.D. (kidney specialist) Ph.D. (Chemistry). In case you are not aware, Kidney specialists (Nephrologists) are really, really sharp as a tack, physicians. Most physicians do not have the hard mathematical background to read drug studies. Most physicians only take Calculus I, and do not have the math background of a Chemist or a Physicist. For a Chemist or Physicist, they start taking math at Calculus I, and for them, they are just getting started in hard mathematics. I had my dad who is a graduate degree in Chemistry and Physics, read the math in the book, he said it was outstanding. Dr. Ravnskov has been extensively published in academic medical journals on end-stage renal (kidney) disease. This book will blow your mind.


Posted by: Mark on September 15, 2004 03:13 PM


Im 42 very fit exercise daily eat very healthy almost a vegetarian and still have high t and cholestrol I guess it heredity, but if statins are bad what do you do

Posted by: deborah on September 20, 2004 12:02 AM


Has anyone ever experienced nasal/facial pain using Lipitor? I've been on Lipitor for over 5 years and I've been suffering with pain in my nose (neurologist says it's migraines). The migraine medication Imitrex is the only thing that will stop the pain. I've had 2 sinus surgeries and I still hurt. I'm thinking about going off the Lipitor, but don't want any adverse side effects. Anyone else had nasal pain using this drug? Thanks

Posted by: Karen on September 30, 2004 04:17 PM


around the middle of August I provided some blood to my doctor so the lab could check cholesterol. The results came back. My total cholesterol was around 200. My bad cholesterol was 151. The Dr. said everything look good. And six months my cholesterol would would have been great. I saids Dr. I am running four or five miles a day. I am . I didn't mention it to the dr. I thought because I am 62 I was just getrting oldtrying to lower it. He said well we will put you on Lipitor. He gave one months suppy of 20mg tablets and said to come back in a month and have my blood checked. The inference was that the only side effect was something to do with the liver. I went back in a month. I could no longer run four or five miles. I didn't say anything to the doctor I thought it was my 62 years catching up. I gave the sample and left that was on September 17th. On October 4th I got a serious pain in my lower stomach, between my navel and my scrotum. It was bad I eurinated approsximately 15 times that nignt. I told my wife about it in the morning. She suggesgted a gal bladder infection. I said no way. where would I have got one.I called my doctor nurse. I asked her if my blood test results were back yet. I told her my symptoms and asked if there was a possibility that the Lipitor was the culprit. She said she didn't think so. She had me hold on while she looked up my test results. She clame back and said you are doing fine your cholesterol is 131. Your bad cholesterol is 45. I asked agin about my symptoms and its possible connection to Lipitor. She again said I dont think so. I felt good. However, My wife called the local called theFamily Drug Company in our area and asked about Lipitor. They told her it c ould be a serous problexm for the muscles. I jumpped onto the internet. I short order I stopped taking lipitpr and went to the emergency room. lThey did blood test and I was high in some of the test results. I had called down to my doctor and was told I couldn't have an appointment until the 21st of October. The doctors assistant in the emergency room diagnoses was MYOFASCIAL PAIN SYNDROME:I will let you look that up. Basicly I had been in an auto accident and my muscles were sore. I called the administrator of the hospital and told him what happened. They revised their report to in clude what i had said and included it LIPITOR was the suspected cause of my problems. Thanks to all of you and your information out there.Every joint in by body akes. I used to run fuive miles. I now hobble. I didn't prof this sori Dick

Posted by: dick on October 15, 2004 02:55 AM


I have been taking Lipitor for about 6 weeks and I was told by the doctor that if I get any body aches whatsoever, I should tell him immediately. I noticed today for the 1st time a pain in my right groin (leg). It seems to hurt when I moved while I am sititing in a chair. Will advise my doctor on Monday and will pass on the info to you.

Posted by: Lynn on October 15, 2004 06:36 PM


I've been taking 20 mg of Lipitor for 2 or 3 years now. (Not sure exactly). For about the past year and a half I've been experiencing severe leg pain and a lot of breathlessness. All my life I've been a nature walker but now I have to stop about every 200 ft to rest my legs and get my breath. Also, people think I've been drinking or am high because I slur my words badly. I don't drink nor do I do drugs except for this lousy Lipitor. After reading this site, I will no longer take Lipitor. I may die a bit younger of a heart attack but at least , ( I hope ) to have a good active life like I had before Lipitor. I'm a 45 year old male.

Posted by: Rick S. on October 17, 2004 06:36 PM


Don't know if you received my first comment, however am leaving it again. Today is Oct. 19, 2004. I was on Lipitor for quite some time. I complained of muscle pain often to my doctor and after awhile he decided to take an enzyme test. The test came back as elevated. He ran two more tests on me to make sure and of course they were the same, elevated. I was sent to a Arthritis specialist. He has been treating me and had a bone (full body) scan run. At that point, per the results, he said it, the inflammation, was coming from my bones. He ran 2 more enzyme test and both times the lab did it incorrectly. So I insisted on a new test and the doctor spelled it out on his prescription pad (to the lab) exactly what he wanted. Well, you guessed it, again they say it is coming from my muscles. Again, on my last visit my enzyme level is elevated (1.1 over the norm) and so he gave me a cortison shot, to last 3 months, and I am to have another blood test done in 5 weeks. I did all this because I actually thought I might have ALS, just like a lot of other people with this problem thought. It amazes me at how long a person has to complain to their doctor before they run a test, all the time knowing that you are taking Lipitor. My husband, who has already suffered one heart attack, is also on Lipitor. He had his enzyme level tested and there was no elevation, however my husband complains of hurting all over and especially his hip and leg (right side). Hopefully he will turn to another doctor to look into his misery.

Barbara A. 10/18/04

Posted by: Barbara A on October 20, 2004 04:05 AM


Hi Barbara,

no, I had not seen your first comment posted before.

Anyway, thank you for sharing your personal experience with other readers of the site. It is only by insisting with doctors and not taking NO for an answer that we eventually may get to the bottom of this tragedy.

Lipitor (and other statin drugs) do have - among other things - a specific muscle related side effect. The drug causes muscle damage starting with pains and in some people leading to muscle wasting and possible death by renal failure.

Even med line states about lipitor (also called Atorvastatin):

If you experience any of the following symptoms, call your doctor immediately:
- muscle pain
- tenderness
- muscle cramps or weakness with or without a fever

So you are right to insist and should stick your doctor's nose into the description of side effects and demand a clear answer.

By the way, this effect is not limited to Lipitor. It seems to be a common trait of statin drugs in general. Bayer's Baycol was taken off the market some years ago because the documented cases of drug related deaths reached such proportions they could no longer be hidden.

Posted by: Sepp on October 20, 2004 05:40 PM


I, been on lipitor for about three to four years now. I have experienced all of the above noted symptons of thight aching muscles, sleepless nights and now heart palpations.During this time i've been treated for chest pains combined with muscle wekness. my ecg has always been good, but this is my body and I know that something is not right. I feel as though I,ve been given some sort of sugar pill on some occassions because when I am given the real thing all of my worst muscle and heart related problems return with a vengence. We all know how expensive these pills have become, could I be right???? I am very worried and concerned, stopping my intake as of today.

Posted by: Alphonsus Fitzgerald on October 26, 2004 04:04 AM


My mother took Lipitor and swears it caused her to get ALS, she was a healthy 72 year old, with high cholesterol but able to do things until she went on Lipitor, she wanted everyone to know that she believed Lipitor caused her illness. All the symptoms everyone is mentioning is what she had for the 2-3 years she took the medication although her doctor claimed it wasn't the lipitor. She died two years ago from ALS, she always said she would rather die of a heart attack than to deal with the horrible disease and I want to further her cause.

Posted by: Karen on October 29, 2004 09:14 PM


I was taking Lipitor since 1999 (20 mg), shortly thereafter I began to complain to various specialists that I could no longer walk further than approximately 50 yards. In April the cardiologist increased the dose to 40 mg, & by May I was no longer able to walk more than 20 yards, and by July less than that. My muscles associated with the hip would just cease working. The Drs completely ignored the fact, and by July when I collapsed due to Rhabdomyolosis (destruction of muscle whose toxins are expelled thru the Kidneys)I was in Acute Renal Failure, & within hours of dying. The longer lasting effect has been the consistent pain (24/7) despite 4 narcotic prescriptions, & spinal nerve blocks. I suggest that in all lab test you get your Creatinine Kinase (CK) checked. This should be especially checked when starting or increasing the dose. Pfizer now discloses a warning about the condition on its drug info sheet. This came about after a warning letter from the FDA in 2002. The hospital took me off Lipitor but refused to attribute it as the cause. Four of the Drs I have seen since say that it was the cause, but I doubt its stated in there official records.

Posted by: Ron on November 1, 2004 10:27 PM


I am now taking Zetia 10mg for the past 10 weeks in conjunction with my Pravachol 80 mg. which I have taken well over a 2 years. (That dosage was raised from 20, to 40 and then 80 last November) Of course, as in my last post, I was taken off Pravachol and attempted to try Crestor which gave me terrible left eye twitching. 48 hours after stopping Crestor, the twitching also stopped. Now, unfortunately, I am experiencing right eye twitching and I am confused with if it is the Zetia or the long term, high dose Pravachol. I am also exhausted with lower back pain. I know these statins are important for my heart as per my cardiologist but I really hate the way I am feeling.

Posted by: Pam Rossi on November 5, 2004 12:25 AM


Father died of a heart attack & 2 brothers had heart bypass in early 60's. I am now 59. Doctor put me on Lipitor because the cholestrol levels were borderline high. Within a week had sore, achey arm muscles, dull pain in left temple, bright flashes in left eye, and occasional dizzyness in the morning. Waited a few days for the symtoms to go away and went to the doctor. I was seen by the eye specialist, sports medicine specialist, and several tests. Everyone said it was ok and should go away, got strong pain med for the sore muscles which gave me stomach pains (I quit taking the pain med). The head pain left, the arm muscle pain did not. After 3 months I asked my pharmacy if Lipitor can cause sore muscles. The lady behind laughed loud and said "Oh, yes, my husband has terrible muscle pains from Lipitor" and the pharmacy said that is a side effect and to tell my doctor. The last 3 weeks I have also noticed memory problems. I have an appointment soon with my doctor and expect to go off the Lipitor.

Posted by: Lee on November 5, 2004 01:29 AM


4 years ago my doctor put me on Lipitor. I immediately had muscle cramps all over my body. Talked to doc after first blood test showed a reduction of cholesterol count.

He insisted that it was not the Lipitor causing my problems and to keep taking it.

The muscle contractions and weakness became worse, Especially in the calf muscles.

Finally it got so bad I could hardly walk.

I decided to stop the Lipitor after taking it for only 3 months. It has taken me 3 1'2 years to get back to where I can at least walk normally now without pain.

I am better but have still been diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy in my lower extremities causing my feet to be numb.

I can live with that.

I feel that I am fortunate that I stopped taking this poison early.

For those of you who have been left with this muscle problem I beleive that I have only improved by forcong myself to exercise my legs every day for at least 2 hours over the last 3 years.

Did a lot of research on this and have concluded that had I continued to take this drug. I am sure I would have ended up being diagnosed with Rhabdomyelosis. The confusing part of thi is that I know many people taking this drug that have no side effects at all.

Posted by: Harry on November 13, 2004 12:47 PM


At the end of 1997, following a triple by-pass operation, I was put on pravachol. At the time of the operation my cholesterol was 4.5 - in Australia 5 is considered safe. Despite this, my cardiologist wanted my cholesterol in the mid 3s. After a year I began to have stomach pains and I was put on lipitor. My cholestorol stayed in the mid 3s, but after a year I suddenly developed a problem with my kidneys in that I was unable to control my bladder. I was sent to a urologist who told me that everything was ok. My specialist told me that it was all in my mind. The problem persisted and I feared I would be housebound. My wife suggested that I go off lipitor and within days my problem went away.

Posted by: david mcewan on November 15, 2004 10:40 AM


After the recent announcement in the news that the once acceptable cholesterol levels were too high and needed to be lower, doctor switched me from 10mg of Lipitor to 20mg. Suddenly, blood pressure has risen. Initially I did not attribute to the drug, but by process of elimination have decided that the dosage increase raised the BP and causes some ear ringing as well. It usually takes about 2-4 hours to experience the change, and the effects seem to increase and decrease in intensity.

Posted by: Bob on November 21, 2004 01:06 AM


A comment received by e-mail from J. Ball:

My father died in August from taking 20mg Totalip/ Atorvastatin (Lipitor), and not in accordance with the information leaflet, in that lifestyle changes were not tried first, and the recommended starting dose is only 10mg.

Please do you know of anyone in England who is concerned about the over- use of, and risks attached to, statins, and who would look into my father's case? The National Health Service and drug safety bodies here are stonewalling all my attempts to get answers.

It wasn't reported as a suspected serious adverse drug reaction (ADR) on my father's admittance to hospital in June with liver failure and subsequent kidney failure. I think he had rhabdomyolysis, but this was not mentioned to us, and I didn't know about it at the time. I do not know if he was tested for this condition, but he had the symptoms. These are recognized side effects of statins and should have been reported as such then, when statins were about to become available here over the counter.

I was told a month ago that my father's case would be reported as an ADR, but have not yet had the confirmation I have requested that this has been done. I suspect it would not be reported if I were not making such a fuss, and that other cases go unreported, thus distorting the facts about drug safety- or not.

I would be most grateful for any help or advice you can give me.

Posted by: Sepp on November 21, 2004 01:34 PM


I took lipitor for about two weeks, I became dizzy, my vision was fading in and out, I felt like I was having a panic attack at times, my heart was pounding, my stomach hurt and I felt a burning from navel to my lips, I knew it was the lipitor so I stopped taking it right away, called my doctor and said, I won't take it anymore. I am getting better, it's been about a week, but am still feeling strange in my chest area, and my hands are cold. I didn't have any problems with this before the medicine? I will never take it again. I did not know about all the things it could do to harm people. Please, be careful, I was lucky, I had a reaction right away, and isn't the heart a muscle? and it causes muscle damage??????????????

Posted by: rosie on November 23, 2004 05:34 AM


I have high cholesterol and my brother suggested Lipitor, since he has the same high cholesterol and hasn't had any side effects from the lipitor.

I got my doctor to perscribe 10 mgs. Lipitor. I took it for about 20 days, along with a blood pressure medicine.

I had gas, nausea immediately after eating, and suffered sleeplessness and muscle ache, particularly the tops of my legs and arms. The ache seemed to be getting worse and traveling to other parts of my body. I had a muscle test done and indeed, in comparison to a baseline test I had done the month before, I had risen about 50 points to the bad. My doctor said it was "trivially" below normal, but it was a 50 point difference from the first baseline test.

No more lipitor for me!

Posted by: maureen on December 8, 2004 05:09 PM


G'Day: I've been taking Lipitor 80/mg for seven years now.
My chol. levels sit at 16.8 without and no lower than 8.1 with lipitor max. dose(obviously use a different scale over here). Normal is considered to be below 5.
I've suffered severe pains in the Liver area, back and neck ache, pains in my elbows,wrist and knees. Also suffer short term memory loss and dry eye problems similar to welding flash. At 43 i suffered a series of mini strokes(9) which resulted in left side paralysis for a short term. The final stroke occured at a doctors Xmas party so things happenned very fast. I ended up with a Quad by-pass Carotid endarterectomy with a radial arterial transplant. I was put on lipitor just before the ops.
After experiencing the symptoms for a couple of years and complaining to my doc. I was told it wasn't the lipitor and there are no known side effects. On doing extensive reading and conversing with some naturopath mates I added Chitosan, Omega3, Garlic, Spirulina, Chlorella, Elimitona to my med. regime. I also reduced my Lipitor intake to alternate days only. Also I make sure I drink a minimum of 6 litres of tank/spring water daily.But, for each cup of coffee or beer,wine etc I add an extra glass of water(250ml)to balance out the dehydrating effects. Meat intake restricted to white meats and fish.
I've followed this regime at this level for about 6 months now. The effects are tremendous. No aches or pains at all. No dry eyes memory recall much improved and stamina levels allowing heavy work thru a full day (12 hours) and able to repeat the load day in day out. I'm now 50 y/o and feel in better shape than I was at 25. I'm 6Ft 2 inches tall, 83 Kg weight. My last blood test showed Chol. @ 5.1.
Of course I don't tell my Quack any of this. He maintains it's all bulldust anyway. Everyone that knows me have noted changes from general looks to attitudinal changes. Not that I notice all changes going on. In the end I guess this all allows me to feel "normal" for much extended periods each and every day. I also take 50 mg Tenormin each morning for blood pressure but have backed off to alternate days also. I take Cardaprin(aspro) when I take the Tenormin) ostensibly to keep my blood thin.
Ultimately I hope to dump the drugs altogether as I learn more about alternatives and keep a close watch on my Chol. and BP levels. If they continue to "normalise" then I'd suggest that nutrition/diet and excersize are really what we need to be looking at. Of course I'm only iterating whats already been stated by many others.
Ironically the vast majority of the info I glean is from American sites/sources. You've got enormous resources available virtually at your fingertips and most is free.(unlike here where you pay for everything in sight...Aus).
Hope this helps....Chris

Posted by: Chris on December 10, 2004 11:37 PM


AS a disabled Veteran at a VA clinic I was given lipitor for high chol. and BP. I found pain, in my muscles, legs, toes so severe that my doctor had a physical therapy program for me. The bone pain felt as if it was in the deep middle of the bone. My condition got worse. My doctor increased the lipitor. I thought I was going to die at night from the pain. 80 mg was given and I knew that the statin drug was killing me. I could not walk at times, my eyesight became very bad. My urine was the color of carmel. Over 2 years my life has deteriorated to where I have almost given up hope or trust in meds or doctors.

Posted by: DEAN on December 15, 2004 05:15 AM


I have experienced extreme muscle wasting and high cpk enzymes, memory loss, and debilitating muscle pain, fatigue, etc. I have been off Lipitor for 10 months and still I am having problems. I now can not work due to the effects. It is ruining my life. Does anyone know what we can do? Any attorneys that will take our case? Please let me know I would like to join.

Posted by: Deborah Stone on December 18, 2004 04:36 AM


I have recently read in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)that there was a 12 fold increase in rhabdomyolysis when combined therapy is used, and it did not diminish with long term usage, and the occurrence of rhabdo in the absence of statin or fibrate therapy appears to be extremely rare. They also suggest the higher risk conferred by combination therapy may warrant that physicians instruct their patients to stop therapy. By combined therapy they are writing about taking a fenofibrate such as Tricor together with Lipitor or other Statins.Gemfibrozil such as Lopid was also mentioned in the study. Note that JAMA uses the words that rhabdomyolysis is extremely rare without the use of Statins or combined therapy while Pfizer uses the word rare, presumably to mitigate its effect on the consumer or patient.

Posted by: Ron on December 23, 2004 02:14 PM


I have been on Lipitor since june 2004. Had a triple bypass 4 years ago and was not on chlos. meds at all . then one dr. got all worried I needed to be on something so he said Lipitor.
I now have severe memory problems and lose my way, forget how to get home.

How does one get off of this stuff and what do you do to help[ chlos?

Posted by: Vince on January 5, 2005 10:12 PM


I was a healthy mountain climber. I was found to have total cholesterol in 300's I was perscribed Lipitor. I got to where I could not walk more than a few miles without my legs cramping up. I tried to work out and every time I would injure myself with back spasms or other injuries that would last several days. Finally I lost three days of work when I pulled my back after sweeping the pool. I also was assigned glasses which I never wore before. My sex life died. I am off of Lipitor now for a couple of months and I have a new ability to walk twenty or more miles. I no longer need the glasses. Mowing the lawn was very difficult. It is now Easy!!

Hmmmm can I have my sex life back now?

Kind Regards,
Mark Wardell

Posted by: Mark Wardell on January 11, 2005 04:39 PM


I have been on 20 mg/day of Lipitor for at least 5 years. About 2 years ago I started to have pain in my legs. Today the pain in my feet, ankles and legs is so great I can only walk for short distances. Over the last 9 months I have been to arthrists specialists, podiatists, chiropractors and phsical therapist. Had bone scans, doppler tests, MRI and x-rays and nerve tests. Nothing was found. On December 13th I stopped taking Lipitor. So far the pain is not getting any better. I know that each person is different, however, if the pain is due to the Lipitor, when can I expect to have some relief? Is there anything that can counteract the effects of Lipitor? The coenzyme Q 10 has been mentioned.

Thanks for any help,

Posted by: Gary Zweig - Springboro, OH on January 26, 2005 06:19 PM


Listening to Dr. Ken Cooper( I started taking CoQ10 BEFORE starting Lipitor. I had no manifest ill effects from Lipitor 10 mg. once a day.
However, my liver functions
became slightly abnormal. Changed to zetia 10 mg. and all is good now.

Posted by: Ralph on February 2, 2005 03:40 PM


I think I finally figured it out. It's the Lipitor! The doctor has been trying to find a diabetic medicine that would work for me and my symtoms started about that time. My legs were so swollen that I could hardly make it up from the basement. I started pumping water into me and the symtoms lessoned, but they are still there. My legs ache so bad, I was beginning to think I had some sort of polio or something. That's it, I am not taking another Lipitor and will try the vitamin c instead. Thanks for sharing all your stories.

Posted by: Trude on February 18, 2005 04:08 PM


I had a heart attack at 40 yrs old (female)was put on 20 mg lipitor, had minor leg cramps that eventually went away, my cardio recently put me on 40 mg lipitor and the leg aches are unbearable, I hve back problems anyway, I thought it was sciatica, didnt take lipitor today, legs and hip feel much better, Im going to experiment to see if its the lipitor. Lipitor does have benefits but it is certainly not for everyone.

Posted by: Jeri on February 22, 2005 06:57 PM


My husband didnt believe me when i kept telling him about all my aches and pains,now my knees are so bad i can hardly walk and problems with my bladder etc.,etc,.I will never take lipitor again!

Posted by: jeanie on February 23, 2005 04:29 PM


Hello, I have been on Lipitor for the past 6 months and have stopped taking this drug. My doctor asked me if I would go on the drug to lower my cholesterol which was @235, I did, and initially my I felt fine and cholesterol dropped to 159!! I was very pleased, but over the past 2 months I started to have very severe pains in my lower groin, testicals, and bladder and could not achieve an erection and was told that I'm now anemic which I have never been. Tests came back negative for tumors and other problems. I stopped taking the drug.I feel much better in the last week than ever before. The public needs to be made aware of all the side effects. I'm going to lower my cholesterol with natural methods. Mark

Posted by: mark on March 8, 2005 05:00 PM


I have read all the comments about Lipitor 10mg with great interest and having been on the drug for 4.5 years, I am horrified to see that many of my "peculiar" symptoms might be associated with this drug. My doctor is reluctant to let me come off the drug but I am definitely going to stop now. Muscle cramps, twitches and forgetfulness combined with those odd sensations in the legs, and some muscle pain too - what a con - why don't the doctors read these pages and evaluate the comments for themselves?? I just hope the damage done is reversible because I am only 56 and there was no real reason to put me on this particular drug in the first place.I had a bad reaction to simvastatin too. I will always research things in future and not trust the doctor always knows best.

Posted by: Gilly on March 9, 2005 02:34 PM


I'm wondering if the symptoms ever go away. I did get some better with physical therepy and now go to curves to keep myself moving. Still have problems with my legs if I'm on my feet for very long without sitting down. I've been off the lipitor for almost a year now. Still get very tired and some memory problems. Blood work never proved my muscle problems.

Posted by: Mary on March 14, 2005 11:04 PM


I have itchiness, moderate memory problems, severe aggitation and blurry vision. I'm not taking this any longer, this is ridiculous. I'll eat rabbit food first. My husband has slurred speech, muscle twitches that caused me to sleep elsewhere last night.

Posted by: Lisa on March 21, 2005 05:00 PM


Has anyone experienced and been diagnosed with neuropathy while taking lipitor and zetia?

Posted by: Joyce on March 22, 2005 02:39 AM


Thank you for all the information... I had high cholesteral and was placed on Lipitor. After only 4 months I noticed swelling of legs, dizziness, fatigue, and I even had weight gain. I plan to take your advice and drop the lipitor....What are the natural ways to help control cholesteral?

Posted by: Susan Arrowood on March 23, 2005 05:04 AM



Posted by: MATT on March 23, 2005 06:53 PM


It is 12:30 am, and to begin with I just could not sleep which is a nightly thing these days. My husband is sleeping up in our bed. Oh yes and twitching. So I finally decided to do an internet search for night tremors and here I am. We both take Lipitor. So it looks like I may have found the answers to my search thanks to this site. I lay in bed every night scared that something is very wrong with my husbands health, Scared to death he my even pass away in his sleep. He is always in pain, as am I. But the shaking in his sleep can be so severe. I want to thank all of you for this site, since I now have something to look into for getting my husband some help.

Posted by: Darlene E Bradford on March 24, 2005 06:43 AM


Thank you for your comment, Darlene, (and others who commented before)

there is really no reason to suffer. For starters, cholesterol is an indicator rather than a cause that needs to be expunged.

This site has an internal "google search" function (top center of each page). If you put in "cholesterol", there are many articles to follow up.

Here is what I recently wrote to someone else who asked about taking cholesterol lowering drugs:

please understand that I am not a medical doctor but merely an interested layman who mistrusts what we are being told about the necessity to take pharmaceutical products to protect our health. For that reason, I really cannot give the type of advice you are asking, without making very clear that you should consult a doctor or other health professional who is conversant in the use of natural products. Some suggestions would be

Dr. Mercola (

Dr. Andrew Saul (

Jon Campbell (

That said, I will give you my personal opinion. Cholesterol is not the bad guy. It is a substance the body needs and produces in the liver, in addition to finding it in foods. It's a cleansing substance, a kind of soap. Any constant poisoning (think for instance poisonous chemicals applied to golf courses) or other factors in the diet, will cause the body to increase cholesterol production in an effort to combat the poisoning.

Cholesterol has been connected to heart trouble, but that does not mean its presence is more than an indicator. While high cholesterol (or high counts of certain cholesterol fractions) are associated with cardiovascular disease, the cholesterol is not necessarily the cause.

If you drove your car and the red light came on blinking, warning of too much oil pressure, would you rather find the reason for the oil pressure increase or unscrew the bulb of the blinking red light?

Perhaps those sites linked will give you some more information to "get your teeth into"...

Good hunting.

Posted by: Sepp on March 24, 2005 11:21 AM


I started taking Lipitor 10mg 8 months ago. Since then I've had problems with my right eye - vision problems that come and go - initially I was told migraine- but then the nasal pain went -But not the vision disturbance - flashes,transient blindness, 5 seconds at a time. Anyway, I don't know if the Lipitor is responsible, but it's a strange co-incidence that all the symptoms started shortly after starting the therapy. I've decided to bin the product for the time being to see if my symtops improve or vanish - Oh, and yes, I've had MRI's Dopplers,Eye exams & everything is normal.....
God bless all you other sufferers- The quest for profit know no morality...

Posted by: richard on March 27, 2005 10:06 AM


I started taking lipitor 20 mg in feb.My cholestrol was over 300. It is now the end of March. 3 weeks ago I could hardly walk. My knees were killing me. I was afraid that I was going to have to quit my job. I was in great pain and could hardly walk. Sitting in the car I would get bad muscle cramps. I cut my lipitor in half and my knees quit hurting. I hit on this web site. How scary. I don't know how I linked the knee pain with the lipitor...but I am glad I did. What a difference.

Posted by: maryann on March 29, 2005 07:37 PM


Earlier this week I visited a cardiologist for a check up as a preventative measure because there is a history of heart disease in my family. The doctor prescribed lipitor without doing a blood test to check cholesterol levels and even after I informed her that my GP had done the test and cholesterol levels were normal. She also told me to take a daily dose of aspirin even after I indicated an allergy to aspirin on my medical form. When I asked about side effects of Lipitor her resonse was perfunctory and she said minor muscle aches. This alone concerned me because I have joint pain from arthritis. She dismissed my concerns. As a teacher I know the value of research. I am glad that I did some on my own and discovered this site. I have seen a nutritionists and have committed to a diet and exercise routine to help with weight loss. I plan to do more research to find out how cholesterol can be managed through diet and nutritional supplements. My heart goes out to all the people out there who have had side effects with this drug. I believe taking control is the first step to better health for us all.

Posted by: Barbra on April 8, 2005 04:18 PM


I started on Lipitor 40 3 weeks ago. The only symptoms I have experienced are leg cramp and ringing ears. I will continue taking the drug until I get tested again in 2 weeks time. After the test I will look for a herbal or other remedy involving plant sterols. I do not know too much about plant sterols at this time but they seem to be much safer option to help lower cholesterol.

Posted by: Clive on April 25, 2005 05:19 AM


I'm thankful we found this site last night. My wife and I were just prescribed Lipitor 10 mg. We were hesitant to start it. After reading the comments of so many, we'll pass. We're sorry so many have suffered from the effects of this medication. Thanks for the site. It is reminiscent of years past when Prevention Magazine had a great Mailbag section with personal comments which were very helpful.

Posted by: Jack on April 26, 2005 07:42 PM


I had only been on Lipitor for about a month when I experienced the most horrific pain ever. It first occured in my left knee, then left shoulder, then right knee and finally both hands. It completely immobilized me and was the most painful experience I've ever had. I stopped taking it immediately and now just a little over a week I'm back to normal. I feel wonderful right now. I am awaiting the results on some blood tests I had to have done. Hopefully they will be normal also. Thanks for all your very informative letters!

Posted by: Mary Ann on May 4, 2005 08:10 PM


I gave up statins on July 31st 2004 when I came upon this web site. I had been on 40mg of Zocor, Pravachol and then finally Lipitor. I had reached a point of being almost bedridden because of all the unusual symptoms I was having. To be brief, I'll just list them all, flushing, easy brusing in the arms and hands, weight loss of 30 pounds which I didn't need to lose, leg aches, back ache, chest pains with palpitations, body twitches, the face and neck being most embarrassing and finally I came down with essential tremor. My hands have always trembled a bit but now it's in my head and neck. I went to several doctors, endocrinologist, my doctor, cardiologist and finally a neurologist. I even had a MRI. All agreed that that statins were not causing any of my problems. All test results came back negitive. I found this web site and quit taking the statins. 10 months later and the majority of the symptoms are gone. They did not go away over night. I have needed all 10 months to get to where I am today. I am left with twitching in my calfs, my legs are still weak and the essential tremor. So now I have to take a whole slew of new drugs, some with side affects, to help with the essential tremor. I tried Niaspan recently but it tore my stomach up. So I am left with my cholestrol at about 260 and I think I will just live with it. I eat a healthy diet and have actually been able to regain 5 of the pounds that I lost. I wish I could prove that the statins set off the essential tremor but that will probably never happen.

Posted by: Scott on May 18, 2005 10:40 PM


I have first tried Provacol to lower my chloesterol with pain in my liver area and gall bladder area, thinking it was me, i continued taking it...cramps and shooting pains inside my abdomen..head aches...then my chest pain started and got so severe i went to emergency..nothing found...aspirin is i told my doctor about this thinking it was the Provachol, since i experimented and quit taking it for a day or two and then telling my doctor about my symptoms...and still not making the connection with the chest pain and heart she switched me to Lipitor...and have used it now for about 2 weeks...and now getting the same symptoms again! Life is too short to have this awful pain in my abdomin!...I quit, there's got to be a better way...i think the drug company is paying alot of money for news stories and ads to make it seem statins are the answer to all our ills, when in fact they are making us ill!

Posted by: Maggie Jones on May 19, 2005 06:53 PM


I am 78 yrs. old and have been on statins for 25 years. My cholesterol went down and stayed below risk levels and I did not suffer any of the side effects mentioned by your correspondents UNTIL about 18 months ago. I now suffer from essential tremors inmy left leg. I read of a study being conducted in some university connecting statins to essential tremors and I decided three weeks ago to stop the statins and to go to cinnamon tablets, 1000 mg/day to start. (Keyword cinnamon and cholesterol for info). I wonder if others have tried this.I will keep in touch.

Posted by: Harold Belofsky on May 27, 2005 10:00 PM


Here I am reading all these postings of testimonials regrading the use of Lipitor. And I am now convinced that it alone has caused more damage to my body than high cholesterol could ever do. I am only 48 years old and I feel like I have aged 20 years since being on Lipitor. I have experienced all the symptoms described except for slurred speech. Fortunately I was concerned initially in taking this drug and therefore I was not religious about taking it everyday. It did lower my cholesterol, but I can say for certain that I would never have started on it or taken it at all if I knew I was going to feel like I do today. As of today, June 16 2005, I will no longer take this drug and I will support the fight against Pfizer and the likes who simply create untested/unproven drugs for the glory of profits. It disgusts me that we have to live in an age where companies like Pfizer can conduct business in this way, Greed the moment.

Posted by: Ross Nilsson on June 16, 2005 11:01 PM


I am 31 years old and have been taking Lipitor for 1 year. Within the past few months I have noticed that my memory is not as sharp as it once was, I am ALWAYS tired and have had difficulty seeing - my eyes seem to be in constant blurriness. I have also been having trouble remembering what I'm saying and finding the right words in a conversation. I have NEVER had this problem before and I just couldn't figure out what was going on. After reading all this information, I know that Lipitor is the cause because it is the only medication I am taking. I will be throwing my Lipitor away tonight! Thank you for this website and thanks to everyone for their comments.

Posted by: Darlene on June 30, 2005 06:34 AM


I have been taking Lipitor since May 1998. The last year has been bad for me. The leg cramps, fatigue, short term memory loss, hip and leg muscle pain so bad I can barely walk, sometimes having to sit a few moments. Sometimes my feet and hands go numb, especially at night.My blood test show the PCK (muscle degenerationlevel)at 344 when the range is 26-174. Pfizer should read all the comments.

Posted by: Curtis Newcum on July 3, 2005 04:25 PM


I was put on Lipitor two months ago. During those two months, I experienced no side effects while my cholesterol dropped 150 points. However, this past weekend I experienced the rare side effect of extreme pain in my thigh muscles; so bad I went to the emergency room. After running blood work, they kept me in the hospital for elevated CPK levels, over 15,000 (20-175 is normal). The next day, over 42,000, though renal function was normal and I left the hospital. (Still in pain in my legs with severe cramping every hour or two.) Next blood test, 52,000 CPK level. Finally, they seem to be coming down with my current CPK test a bit over 37,000. Needless to say I will no longer be taking any statin drugs now or in the future.

I've been told that there should be no permanent damage and that my kidney's appear to be ok. I'm hoping this is true as I slowly recover from this event.

It's been quite a painful experience.

Posted by: GadgetGal on July 7, 2005 07:16 AM


I have to admit I feel great. I've never taken statins despite what the doctor wanted. I'm 41 with total cholesterol of 297 and 330 triglycerides. I have no family history of heart disease, but many have high cholesterol. My theory is heart disease is caused my malnutrition not cholesterol. I recommend at least 500 mg Vit C, 200 IU E (2g C, 800 IU E are not harmful), 100 mcg selenium, and a B-complex every day. Vitamins will help your body help itself. Forget about cholesterol. It's just a big mistake.

Posted by: VeryHealthy on July 14, 2005 02:37 AM


I have hereidary high cholesterol. I'm 48 and have had three heart attacks. My cardiologist can't get my cholesterol down to satisfactory levels. I am on Lipitor, 80 mg per day as well as Tricor, 145 mg per day. I have noticed fatigue, muscle pain, and some short term memory loss. Is it normal to be on such high dosages and on two different statins?

Posted by: Cheryl Day on July 17, 2005 08:32 PM


If I may be so bold, i would like to pose this question,"why would a person take any medication that doesn't help, cure, and/or prevent an ailment?

All cholestrol medication manufacturers clearly state they do NOT prevent heart attacks, nor do they CURE an individual of anything. They only claim it HELPS you lower your cholestrol.

Which leads to my next question, " what exactly is the FUNCTION of cholestrol?" Does anyone have a scientific answer?

The best way I can explain FUNCTION is through this following example: If a patient presents themselves to a physician and has an elevated white count, the physician KNOWS that there ia a problem with that patient. Why? Because the FUNCTION of the white blood cell is to attack "intruders"
in the body. It is natures way of combating various ailments that invade our bodies. NO physician would dream of lowering a persons white blood cells, would he/she????

Until there is scientific evidence as to what exactly the FUNCTION of cholestrol is, perhaps it may not be beneficial to lower it!? Perhaps it may even be harmful!?

A couple more questions to ponder. In the past 25 years or so, hasn't ALS, MS, and other related neurological disorders DRASTICALLY increased? How long has Lipitor been on the market???

Posted by: M L Stille on July 25, 2005 06:41 PM


I just happen to come across this board per chance. I was on Crestor for few months about two years ago. Just taking a 10mg dose for about three months produced so much pain in my body that I had to stop the drug. In any case, at that time it was not known where the pain was coming from so my doctor refered me to a rheumatologist. He performed a full body bone scan. In this process I was lying down on a bed for about 45 minutes when they scanned my whole body, head to toe, with scan. Worse, somewhere in the middle the technician said she did not do something right so she had to do it again. (was it a double exposure?). Few months later to that full body bone scan, The pain spread all over my body including severe headaches for the last three months. I don't know what to do. The doctors seem to care less about your pain. and it takes screming to death to even make them move or listen sometimes. Anyone has any suggestions?

Posted by: Andy on August 19, 2005 01:13 PM


I am 35 and had slightly elevated triglycerides about 8 months ago. My Dr. (actually a P.A.) perscribed 20 mg of Lipitor. I had no side effects but I have never liked putting man made drugs into my body. My insurance broker told me about Red Yeast Rice (or is it Red Rice Yeast??) which is what the statin drugs were modeled from. I went off the Lipitor and took Red Yeast Rice only. My cholesteral elevated and I was denied premium insurance (another dilemna all together). So my Dr. perscribed 40 mg to get me down which it is. BUT, I have started to get leg pain. I am very active and bie alot but I went running one day and although I do not run often, my legs felt like they were in a tiight vise for days afterwords. I never had soreness like that but now it makes sense. A friend at work who was a nurse for fourteen years warned me today of the dangers of Statins and Lipitor and it's muscle degenerating effects. I found this great site about others like me. I hope you are all doing better and feeling better after going off of Lipitor.
Is anyone taking Red Yeast Rice? Any success if so?

Posted by: Jeff on August 20, 2005 04:30 AM


First of all, I havent seen this site until today - 1 day after taking Lipitor 20mg. so I can say that what's happened to me isn't a result of suggestive thoughts. This morning my left leg was twitching just above the knee, my chest doesnt feel that great, sort of constricted and can't get a full gasp of air in me. At lunch I dropped my fork twice, both my ankles feel stiff and swollen and my vision is somewhat blurry. Yesterday will also be the last day I take Lipitor, the 2nd drug my doctor has had me try after Vytorin 10/40 left me with severe stomach pain, partial numb face and rapid heart palpitations again after only the first dose. Clearly statin's aren't for me, the question now is, what is?

Posted by: John on September 4, 2005 04:03 AM


I was on Lipitor 10 for about 6 months. With no side effects whatsoever. Then my DR. decided to put me on a higher dose, I never had such pain every where from my toes to my shoulders. And now that I have read other comments on this page I realized I have more than mussel pain I also have developed a breathing problem . I told my Dr. about this and she has assured me that it was not the Lipitor causing all my pain. I have quit taking it for about 2 weeks now,and some of the pain has went away but not all and I'm still having a problem walking and breathing. I pray soon the pain will all go away. I will never take the Lipitor ever again.

Posted by: Clara on September 8, 2005 10:37 PM


have been on lipitor 9 months....about 2 months ago, bad muscle pain...real bad...need help getting out of bed in the a.m......saw an article in a magazine about lipitor...relating to muscle pain...pain also in hip...actually from waist down..needless to say, yesterday marked the beginning of no more lipitor for me....i hope i have not done permanent the way, the "liver" tests keep coming back's too bad they don't check for muscle damage when they do the liver testing....i, too, thought i was getting ALS or MS.....what pain....i'm debating whether to even call the cardiologist who prescribed...cholesterol came down 100 points....but at what price am i now paying with this muscle pain...hopefully, it is not permanent...

Posted by: rosalie on September 12, 2005 03:34 PM


Australia spends about $800 million ( Oz Dollars ) on statin drugs...a drug which is totally useless...see This money would be much better spent on providing better conditions for many of our dispossesed Aborigines.

Posted by: John Van Leeuwen on September 16, 2005 04:29 AM


I too am a victim of Lipitor and I am very mad about what it has done to me and to the others I have read about on the internet. I think that there should be something that we can do. Maybe we can all together and turn this into a suit. Why should that company get rich off of people that it has crippled and will continue to cripple?

Posted by: darlene boone on September 28, 2005 05:08 AM


i have been on statins for the last 3 years, but before that i have always had ailments including svt which were ablated, but now on a heart drug as it was not a complete success, then i was put on these drugs did not really take much notice till they swapped me on to Lipitor last dec, even then i was so use to having aches and pains it did not occur to me. about three months ago i started to go down hill, breathless, sore joints, feet painful on first waking and walking, vision probs, get my words tied up in knots to where people are noticing, slurring my speach when tired and weakness burning in my muscles,insomia with a capital I, weight gain even though i have been on a diet for last 6 months???. Got to a stage where i went back to my heart doc as i thought it was to do with that or maybe that i had cancer or something, and he gave me ecg, echogram, complete blood test, although nothing really bad the tests were slighty abnormal on the blood side, so he than ran more blood test all came back neg, so know i am being referred for a 2nd opinion, I mentioned that i have seen some infor on Lipitor so he has now asked me to stay off this drug for 7 days to if there is any change, does anyone know how long this drug takes to come out of your system. although i will be going back to him now after reading this website as i have no intention either way of going back on Lipitor again, also just spoke to a pharmacist, he said no real problem with Lipitor , you might get aches and pains and it has just come out that it is a wonder drug curing all kinds of diseases, hmmmm wot that can me!!!! but i guess what does not kill you makes you stronger!!

Posted by: denise on September 28, 2005 03:41 PM


It takes alot more than 7 days to recover. After 5 years on Lipitor I am now 18 months post Lipitor and still do not have full recovery from PN. Other symptoms (i.e. muscle spasms, psoriasis, insommnia, dementia, etc disappeared within a couple weeks).

Posted by: Granny102245 on September 28, 2005 07:52 PM


I started taking lipitor almost seven years ago. This was before the TV commercials said anything about "be sure and tell your Doctor if you experience any muscle pain, as it can sometimes be a sign of a serious but rare side effect." It was fine, everything was great, my ldl levels dropped significantly. Then I developed diabetes. I do not believe that this had anything to do with the lipitor-maybe.

I was in the hospital for pneumonia, and they sent me home with prednisone. When I took the prednisone, I couldn't walk the next day. My hip sockets were not able to function. My MD, (the first of two,) had me take an MRI, which came back clean.

That Dr. went away, and another MD from their firm took over for him. (By the way, I like my Doctor, BUT...) A year later I started feeling intense pain in my legs, from my knees to my lower back, but centered in the hip joints. Within a week I could not walk again. There was no prednisone this time to blame. Another MRI revealed that I had developed Avascular Necrosis of my ball and socket joints, meaning that the bones in my hips had died. No thought by anyone at this point that lipitor could have anything to do with this.

After 12 weeks of not being able to work, I told my Doctor that I needed pain meds, and he agreed. I spent the next 3.5 years on morphine and percocet, which confused the matter since it causes symptoms similar to some of lipitors nastier side effects-foggy mental faculties, impaired speech, a strange gait when walking, etc. But taking the pain meds and using a cane was the only way that I could walk, so it forces one's hand...

I had been talked into bariatric surgery to reduce the weight on my hips (a suggestion from an orthopedic surgeon.) The surgeon who did the bariatric, in what turned out to be a stroke of genius, told me to stop taking the lipitor. within two weeks the pain was dramatically reduced. I had not yet noticed that the muscles and connective tissue in my upper legs was being reduced. It was, I just had lots of things on my mind and had never heard that this was a possible side effect of lipitor.

Four months later my Dr. finds out and put me on twice the dosage of lipitor that I had been prescribed originally. Witin two weeks I could not walk without a cane, and often times I had to use crutches. Back on the morphine and percocet...

The pain kept getting worse, and eventually I had come to the point where I offed myself or found out what was causing the problem and stop it. I used to believe that suicide was a mortal sin, but now I know that it isn't that black and white. I stopped taking the lipitor out of desparation, since it was the only med that had changed since the brief time after surgery when there was much reduced pain.

Within two weeks (what a strange magic number) the pain reduced drstically. I quit taking the morphine then. The pain was still worse than anything that I had known prior to lipitor. It was down to the level of a broken bone, and eventually lessened enough to where I could take myself off the percocet three months later. I had to take trammadol for the pain. Six months later still and I can function with only aspirin and motrin, albeit at higher dosages than recommended.

I usually think clearly now, but not always. I sometimes cannot write legibly and sometimes my speech patterns tend to devolve for a day or two. I can walk about a mile, and cannot sit for more than an hour to ninety minutes without getting up and hobbling around. I still walk with a strange gait-sometimes stranger than usual. My upper leg muscles are missing about two thirds of muscle mass and strength that I had always had and my range of motion has been reduced to that of a near invalid, but the pain is now manageable. Please note that I did not say it was gone. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

I want to say that if you are taking lipitor and have ANY unusal symptoms, quick taking it for at least a month. If your Doctor doesn't agree, find another Doctor.

Posted by: Daniel Sprouse on September 29, 2005 11:38 PM


I have tried to get my doctor to I can barely walk from the mail box to the front door. I have terrible leg cramps and have torn muscles in my arms. I cannot sleep at night from the pain.
I have been on this drug for years and believe my problems are due to this drug.
It is time for this drug to be taken off the market and a class action suit against its makers. Lets face it doctors are also making money off this drug ...each script puts money in their pockets...could it be they don't want to listen to the facts because of the big bucks?????????

Posted by: Fred Smith on October 3, 2005 04:23 AM


I have taken lipitor 40 for many years and then the doc added tricor 145mg for years. It helped the cholestrol and triglycerides. Started to have neck pain and severe itching. Went to the chiropractor and he checked the meds and said out of all them in his opinion he thought Lipitor and Tricor. I stopped taking Tricor and notice some difference and then the lipitor. I got scared because I need the lipitor so started taking it again and started excessively itching so stopped. The itching is not as bad but it is still there. I am a new diabetic so am watching very closely what I eat. I just hope i can keep my body inline for healthy purposes.

Posted by: Diane Westover on October 10, 2005 11:51 AM


Six weeks ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes II. I had all the familiar excessive symptoms including a yeast infection that wouldn't clear up. That's the reason I went to Drs. in the first place. My count was 390. They gave me insulin shot and prescription for Metformin and wanted me in hospital. I went home and got on net to research Diabetes. Two days later I submitted to going into hospital. I layed there for under 24 hrs going thru tons of blood tests and ekg and chest xray. I decided I was going home the next morning and Dr came and he would not release me unless I started taking insulin injections everyday. That's when I made a choice that I was going to 'CURE" my diabetes with an all natural diet and I signed myself out of hospital. Six weeks later my sugar level is 102. Had I not been stubborn enough to do this, I too would have been on Lipitor and many more meds for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. and NEVER cure nothing. I have a girlfriend my age who just was diagnosed with Diabetes II and they already had her on 5 major meds. Now she is on 3 more, one of which is Lipitor. I have shared my sucess with her and she's inspired and hopefully will get off all these terrible drugs. Thank you for being there on the net. God Bless you!!! p.s. I have done all this so far with NO WEIGHT LOSS, NO MEDS, AND NO EXERCISE yet. So they are all liers and yes it's the money game.

Posted by: Karen Morganti on October 19, 2005 09:33 PM


Karen, please tell us how you accomplished reducing your sugar level to 102. What do you consider a "natural diet"? My boss was just diagnosed with diabetes and would love to know your secret.

Posted by: Pam Rossi on October 21, 2005 03:09 AM


Today, after reading the testimonials, and realizing the associated side effects, I have sworn off of Lipitor... I am 50 years old and for all practical purposes have been pretty healthy all my life. In May of 2005 I was taken from my place of employment for stroke type systems to the hospital by EMS. My first experience of this type. After undergoing a battery of test, I was told I suffered a TIA, and my Doctor later told me a blood clot had broken loose in my brain, thus the stroke like systems. I was released from the hospital and prescribed Lipitor. Thru all the test, scans, x-rays, blood work, etc..., the only thing they came of with was acceptable blood level counts, and thus the Lipitor. These posting have pointed out so many of the things I am experiencing today, by so many people, I am convinced Lipitor is something I need to run from! Having said all of that, I am the type of person who doesn't even like to take an aspirin. I believe that Lipitor has robbed me from a quality of life that I have enjoyed in the past. I only hope that my symptoms described by so many reverse, as it has greatly impacted my quality of life. My email address is Barry G Fox. I will be advising my Doctor of this at my next visit.

Posted by: Barry G. Fox on October 22, 2005 03:16 PM


I had to post after reading this. I started on Lipitor in June,'05. My doctor was doing blood work to monitor the liver, everything looked fine, except my good cholesterol was also going down. He added Tricor to the brew. Now the trouble begins. I am flipping out at night, and I do mean flipping out. My legs are cramping. I have to stand up and try to uncurl my toes to walk. I have headaches, shortness of breath. This is not the worst of it. When I describe this, I can't seem to get to the exact description of what it feels like, only that it will not let me sleep. I have a colony of critters crawling under my skin where I can not reach them. When they choose to stop, they stab me with fine point needles. I stopped both drugs two weeks ago, but the symptoms won't stop. They are maddening. I feel like they are pushing me over the edge. I am a student and a teacher and I feel like I am failing at both. Nothing I do helps. I get so angry sometimes, probably from not sleeping and then the madness brought on by the critter crawling. Another teacher I work with had the same symptoms form Lipitor alone and told me it got so bad he got out the .38. He is on something differnt now, but I swear, I would rather die from high cholesteral than experience this. I would alos like to know how long it takes to leave your system.

Posted by: Debbie on October 23, 2005 08:07 PM


Thank you for sharing your story, Debbie.

Maybe it would be of help if you delved deeper into the (false) assumption that Cholesterol kills people. Start with this article and also follow the links at the end of it.

Cholesterol myth

If you ever have cramps again, get some magnesium. It gives almost instant relief, if you take it in liquid form or if it's in pills, chew one for more immediate absorption. This is a personal observation of mine and it worked for me every time (getting up in the middle of the night and chowing down on a mag pill). Charley horse good bye ...

You can see more comments from readers on a later article about lipitor: Lipitor: Side Effects And Natural Remedy

From these replies of other readers, it seems that the side effects from cholesterol lowering drugs can take some months to recede.

This later article also has a link to the site of Jonathan Campbell, who provides a downloadable booklet with advice.

Posted by: Sepp on October 23, 2005 09:07 PM


I have high cholesterol probably genetics since I eat a healthy lowfat diet & exercise. When I refused to take lipitor my Dr suggested
red yeast rice. Anyone had success with this?

Posted by: cheryl on November 9, 2005 08:21 PM


This is the third site I have found where people who have been prescribed lipitor can speak of their side effects. My husband was prescribed lipitor after a heart attack (caused by taking VIOXX for 18 months), didn't have high cholestrol, wasn't overweight, wasn't a smoker, didn't have high blood pressure, we ate a relatively healthy diet (low fat) but the cardiologist still had him take 10 mg of lipitor per day. He had taken it for 2 years before he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. After taking lipitor for 5 months, he began to have right hand tremors and it got progressively worse - right leg tremors, slow shuffling gait, no energy and weight loss. He was taken off lipitor 2 months ago, but there has not been any improvement. It didn't occur to me until he was diagnosed with Parkinson's that lipitor may be at the root of it. Seems like it affects many people only in different, but similar, ways. This has really destroyed his quality of life. I'm sure this is irreversible unless someone has some great remedies.

Posted by: anne on November 20, 2005 11:59 PM


I have been on Lipitor for the last seven months after a mild heart attack.Am I the only one without any side effects I wonder? I feel great.I take other medication and watch what I am eating.I am prescribed 80 mil. and my cholesterol have gone down from 6.9 to 2.5 in only three months.Wishing everyone the best of luck!

Posted by: Valentina on November 21, 2005 05:21 PM


I am 53 and have kidney disease. I've been on 10 mg Lipitor for at least 6 months. Having lots of cramps in my feet. Thought it was my shoes, etc. Now limping around for the past 3 weeks. Going off Lipitor!

Posted by: P.Schiano on November 29, 2005 02:47 AM


Thanks to all who wrote so many valuable comments and brought their words out on LIPITOR - a poison. I am far below 50 in age, passed almost 6.5 years on Lipitor along with many symptoms of side affects. My wife has been discouraging me from taking Lipitor which I have been taking along with Norvasc, Metformin for last 3+ years. I did not do enough exercise and kept taking the MEds. Recently, I discovered that My wife has been telling me the aftermath. I have just been diagnosed with Shingles after a 3 days of deadly painful shingles in my back. I went to the doctor and came to realize about Shingles. I started reading on shingles and discovered much informations which just scared me to the hell of poison. A shingle is a disease that is seen only on aged adults ( 60, 80s ). Or on people who have weakend immune system or who had cancer or etc.. I am a guy who has always lived such a clean orderly life with wife and a kid. The only reason I could get the Shingles is "weakened immune system". Other possibilities don't fit in my life. So - started looking back on all reassons including meds that I take. My wife is right - " Your too much dependence on Medicine is about to take your immune system away". I looked at Lipitor and found so much devastating news that drives me to stop Lipitor - from today Novemver 30, 2005. I have High Blood Pressure controlled, I have had LDL, I have diabetes. So what ? I will stop Lipitor, I will stop Norvasc, I will stop Metformin. I met my doctor and took Actos to replace the Metformin. I will take only Actos for keep insulin in control. I will join the exercise club " Lifetime Fitness" and change food menu from today and look for a better life or die without medicine. Thats my committment and compromise against Lipitor and other meds.

I will live by the blessing of God, not by the blessing of poison - Lipitor.

After reading all of your conversation I find why I have been loosing immune system, never ending pain on left hand, eye problem, shingles, slowness on my life, slower work at daily life, slowing down the brain, thinking, lack of strength in mind, body and finally many other disorders.

Thanks everybody. I will write back to this column on December 30th - if I live well.

Good bye. Please pray for my new life from today.

Posted by: Shaheen B Salam on November 30, 2005 06:26 PM


I switched to Zocor and my painful problems are now gone! I wouldn't advise anyone to stay on Lipitor. It made me feel like I was ready for the rest home. I hurt continually in my legs and feet when I was on that stuff. No more for me!


Posted by: Kathy Howard on December 1, 2005 05:50 PM


I had 5 way bypass and mechanicle valve replacement feb, 15 2005.
I had previously been taking lovastatin and my cholesterol was good. My atreries were not.
Since the sugury I have been back on lovastatin and have had much pain in legs and joints. I also have had gout for 10 yrs or so. My urich acid is always high. I control my diet,lost 70 lbs. excersize walk,all the right stuff. Went to DR. today to check on recent lab results and ALL was perfect. Except the pain,even right now as I type,my right palm is aching.
the dr. suggested taking small(110mg) dose of allopurinal each nite to see what that does. I have suspected statins as the culprit for months.
any suggestions out there?


Posted by: perry harris on December 2, 2005 12:54 AM


I have been on Lipitor for over 7 years, and I too have been suffering from muscle pain, cramping, heart palpitations. I finally complained to my docter this past summer and he agreed to take me off the Lipitor. After 3 months most all of these symptoms disappeared, and I felt the best I have in many years. Unfortunately, my Cholesterol level increased again, so he put me on Pravachol. After 2 months, I am experiencing all of the same symptoms again. I called by Doctor yesterday, and he agreed that I should stop the Pravachol. I will never go on these meds again. My goal is to lose 30 lbs. and control with diet, exercise, and natural remedies, which I am already doing for lower back problems. Do not wait like I did to make this decision, I wish I had known more about these side effects much earlier.

Posted by: Marty on December 2, 2005 04:26 AM


I was on lipitor for 6 years,10 mg wasnt so bad but then my dr. put it up to 20mg,then on july 04 she put me on 40mg thats when things started to get really bad.I had alot of side effects before the 40mg but my dr. said it was not the lipitor!By Feb. 05 I could hardly walk my knees were so bad so i stopped taking the stuff.On feb.05 i posted a message on here about all the aches and pains i was having and about my knees well it has been 10 months since i stopped taking lipitor,alot of the side effects are getting much better but not my knees,i had xrays done Dr. said they are fine,oh by the way i already had arthitis when dr. put me on this drug i think the lipitor has made it worse.I still cant sleep good but at least the heartburn is gone and i can drink coffee again!The sad part is most doctors still say it`s not the lipitor.I say i think it is!

Posted by: jeanie on December 27, 2005 02:03 PM


I've been on 80 mg. Pravachol and 10 mg. Zetia for 2 years since my heart attack that was caused by taking an Imitrex for migraines. (I've posted here in the past.) All of a sudden, after thinking I had no side effects from these statins, I am getting some facial twitching. I had severe facial twitching about a year ago when my cardiologist tried me on Crestor. However, after only a month, he agreed that was the cause of those side effects. Now, all of a sudden I am getting some mild, pretty constant, facial twitching again. Could this possibly be from the Pravachol and Zetia? And, could it come all of a sudden, after all this time? My cardiologist is a firm believer in statins, and no way will he take me off of them. It would have to be my decision to stop and totally without his approval. Other than the statin situation, I feel he is the best doctor I have ever had and have great confidence in him.

Posted by: Pam Rossi on December 31, 2005 01:20 AM


I hiked in the Colorado Rockie Mountians last summer without any leg or knee pain.My cholesterol was 230 and my doctor wanted to putme on Lipitor. I refused due to the side effects. So I started Cholestoff a Statin also and over the counter. Witjhin a month I began having severe legpain,weakness,and knee pain where it made it difficult to walk. Luckily I recognized the connectio and quit takingthe Cholestoff. But I continue with leg pain stiffness and knee joint pain so severe,I wondered whether I would end up in a wheel chair.
I have tried hyaluranic acid .with a little success. Then I read where decreasing Cholesterol decreases and depletes you CoQ10 enzyme. I began taking Co Q 10 almost a week ago and am walking without opain. The swelling in my legs hs disappeared as have the nueropathy.

Anyone taking statin drugs may need to supplement with Co Q 10.

Posted by: Patsy on January 3, 2006 04:06 AM


Doctor started me on Lipitor in late spring. After about three weeks... awoke during the night with severe pain and aching in arms. Stopped Lipitor! Pain subsided some, but now has come back full force, and keeps me awake at night. This is dibilitating pain-never had any symptoms prior to taking this drug!

Posted by: Cindy Kazeck on January 3, 2006 08:35 PM


I am 39 started lipitor a year ago i started losing my memory getting very tired and having lots of headache today after reading the articles i am stopping the lipitor pray to God i recover thankyou for all the information may God bless U

Posted by: rabiya mayet on January 9, 2006 07:54 PM


I have been taking lipitor for my cholesterol, avapro and coreg for cardiomyapathy,and avandia for diabetes. Two years ago, I was in an automobile accident and had to have artrosciopic surgery. The surgery was not successful and now, I am in the process of getting a 2nd. opinion with reference to a knee transplant due to still having a sprained ligament and a tear in the knee, also my knee in bone on bone.

I have gone from walking unaided to walking with a cane; I am experiencing headaches and leg/hip/arm pain. When I sit down and try to arise, it is very painful and I was so upset today, that I decided that I should not have all this pain at my age (60), I feel like 80. Today, I decided to check all my medications on the internet and found that the one causing this pain is lipitor. I am stopping this med. as of today and will see my doctor in a few days. I may still need a knee transplant, but this poison has made the situation more painful.

Posted by: marta rojas on January 12, 2006 12:10 AM


I am 43, a diabetic, and have been placed on Lipitor 10 mg QD for prophalactic reasons. I was on it for 3 months last year and noticed muscle aching, bothersome but not inhibiting. I ran out and did not get a refill until Dec. 2005. I started up again. Since I am a diabetic of 19 years with never having had complications, I became very scared when I noticed within a week or two, burning, tingling, and decreased sensation, along with weakness to my feet and calves. My hands as well are tingly and feel somewhat numb at times. I began to panick, was this normal for peripheral neuropathy to set in so rapidly. I know I was a set up for it, being diabetic. I am on a pump and have had good control. Reading through everyone's input, I am left to hopefully to believe this may be a side effect from the Lipitor. Should I stop? Will these symptoms go away in time, or am I too believe that the damage is done? Does PN occur so rapidly normally? Please let me know if anyone can help. Thank you all.

Posted by: Green on January 15, 2006 05:44 AM


hi i am so glad i found someone who understands i thought it was just me.i have been on lipitor for 3 years now.and things do not get any better believe me. i have a back problem and thought all the pain i was having was do to that .hip pain leg pain i never sleep at night because of a lot of jumping in my sleep all night long.and my memory is so bad each day i have to make a list of what i have to do for the day.even the house work or i forget and i am lost .my husband tells me i am loosing my mind i can not remember a thing.i forget everything.i am 52 years old and thought a lot of this was the change of life guess im not as crazy as i thought i was but need a lot of help i am sceared to come off the drug because of having withdraws or what they may be .or do you even have withdraws when you come off this drug.i need someone to talk to thank you wendy

Posted by: wendy on January 25, 2006 03:54 PM


my hubby was on Lipitor and he wasn't feeling all that good and as time went on he was getting no better. He was complaining that he ached all over, had no strength to do anything. If he did some light work in the garage for an hour he had to stop because he was wiped out. He had no power in his arms, legs. He used to walk 7 miles a day and he couldn't do it anymore because he didn't think he would make it home.

He has a triglyceride problem so its important for him to exercise. We saw a doctor down in southern Ontario and he strongly recommended to quit taking Lipitor and metformin because he said they were the two culprits. He recommended to take Chromium instead. so he has and he is back to himself.

If a person is low in chromium in the body they are at risk of taking a heart attack and this is either something the doctors overlook about minerals in one's body or they just are out for the dollar. It seems they will go to any cost to make money-kickbacks.


Posted by: Elaine on February 7, 2006 04:40 AM


I have a script for Tricore that I am filling today..anyone know anything about this one? thanks

Posted by: starr on February 11, 2006 01:49 PM


To Seth:

Age 55, recent increase in LDL levels, some high blood pressure well controlled on Benicar/HCT without side effects. I started taking lipitor 10 and then Vytorin 10/20, about four months ago. I'm getting short of breath easily and losing my stamina. No muscle aches. No chest pain, just winded with minimal exertion compared with what I am used to. Should I be suspicious about the statin?

Posted by: Phil on February 11, 2006 06:42 PM


I woke up one Sunday morning with sudden red spots all over my body, fever, aches and pains like the flu. I realized soon that it wasn't the flu, my legs and knees were in excruciating pain. My knees had huge goose eggs on them for no reason whatsoever. My arms and hands also hurt and were very swollen. I could not even walk to the bathroom without assistance for about 2 weeks. That was about 1 month ago. Now I am able to walk with great pain and the swelling has gone down except for my right leg. I hope and pray this goes away and I don't have to live like this forever. I have always been very happy, active, loved the outdoors, and this has thrown me for a loop. I find myself staying home all the time and it is so hard to get up and about these days.
I stopped the lipitor the day I found this website. I will never take it again.

Posted by: Cindy on February 13, 2006 06:09 AM



I just read the article about Doug and his experience with Lipitor. I came across the article doing research on the Web for the drug Lipitor, trying to make since of a recent attack I had that sent me to the hospital emergency room thinking that maybe I was having a stroke.

My first and second attack came out of nowhere. My first attack was an incident where I was just sitting at my kitchen table and all of a sudden I had a pain on the left side of my head and neck, dizziness, and suddenly lost all of my strength and fell to the floor and couldn't get up due to lack of strength in my entire body. I told my doctor about the experience and ask her if it could be the new medicine I had been taking for a couple of months. She told me that the medicine had nothing to do with it, so she scheduled some tests to rule out mini strokes. Well, before I could have all of the test down I had another attack and the second one was worse then the first which cause me to call 911. It came with even more symptoms that mimic having a stroke. I had the same symptoms as above, but this time I had intense, painful, tingling throughout my entire body from head to toe and couldn't move my hands or arms or even lift my head or body due to lack of strength.

To make a long story short, I had a 3 day hospital stay where they ran a battery of test which included Cat Scans, MRI, Echocardiogram, Ultrasounds and a test from the neurologist. The conclusion that the Doctors came too was that it was just an anxiety attack. I of course did not believe I was having an anxiety attack just from going to the bathroom, so I never accepted that conclusion and decided that I had to do some research of my own. That's when I came across the article about Doug.

I have since emailed the link to many family and friends hoping to help get the word out about these drugs and maybe it will help keep someone else from experiencing the same thing that Doug has experience. I feel blessed to have come across the article, because it just confirms what I thought all along that the drug Lipitor was the reason I was having the attacks. I was lucky to come across the article because I had already decided to stop taking the drug, but just need some additional information for my own peace of mind.

I want to thank you for writing the article and sharing Doug's experience with the public.


Posted by: Ann on March 9, 2006 08:07 PM


Thank you for your comment, Ann.

I am happy that the information is making the rounds.

If you need some more ammunition to warn friends and family, there is a second article on lipitor,

and there is also one on painkillers, in case you are taking any of these...

Posted by: Sepp on March 10, 2006 05:18 PM


Within the past few months I have noticed that my memory is not as sharp as it once was, I am ALWAYS tired and have had difficulty seeing - my eyes seem to be in constant blurriness. I have also been having trouble remembering what I'm saying and finding the right words in a conversation. I have NEVER had this problem before and I just couldn't figure out what was going on. After reading all this information, I know that Lipitor is the cause because it is the only medication I am taking. I will be throwing my Lipitor away tonight! Thank you for this website and thanks to everyone for their comments.

Posted by: Amber G on March 16, 2006 01:04 PM


Thank you for helping me to get my quality of life back. I was on Lipitor for the last 6 months until I read your article, now I'm not. I only had high cholesterol 7mmol. I got cramps in my feet and hands, growing depresion, extreme tiredness yet sleep was very restless. Lost concentration. I stopped taking Lipitor and I am rapidly getting back to my normal healthy self. Regards from Australia.

Posted by: Joe on April 7, 2006 12:57 AM


I had been on Lipitor for approximately five years. I was put on that statin drug after my doctor stated I had high colesterol. I did not question him about the drug, and as a mind numb robot I took it faithfully for years. I have always been a strong healty person who possessed good physical strength, long endurance in both work and my personal life. Slowly I began to experience aches and pains in my muscles and joints. I found I could not sleep through the night. I began to forget simple things. When I took a shower and shampooed my hair before I finished I could not recall if I washed my hair. In the recent past, my joint pain was so severe, it would bring tears to my eyes. I mentioned all this to my doctor and he scheduled me for blood tests but he never came up with any answers. Finally one day after renewing my monthly prescription for Lipitor, I took the time to read the print out provided by the drug store. I was shocked to see that every problem that I was experiencing was listed as a side effect. I told my doctor that I would no longer take Lipitor. I now take a natural remedy from a Doctor with a good background in alternative medicine. It has been a few months since I last took Lipitor, but I still have the aches and pains in the muscles and joints. My muscle tone has decreased dramatically and my ability to walk any distance is greatly diminished. I am hopeful that I will recover from this scourge placed upon me by Lipitor.

Posted by: Charles on April 11, 2006 02:23 AM


I have been taking Lipitor for one year now and of late have started to have joint pain,weakness lack of drive and energy, loss of sexual appetite and what appears to be a partial blockage of the rh side muscle that creates an erection causing pain and kink to the right as well as the poor sleep and many of the other symptons that users and having. I was a very fit healthy 59 yr old who had a very slightly elevated Ldl9 (bad stuff). I have decided that after reading these many pages today I am definitly off the Lipitor and will take my chanced with my cholestoral levels. I have now got to hope that no permanent damage has been done to my body by taking this very bad drug that has been allowed to be administered to the public by the drug barons.
In the Far East they execute people who peddle dangerous drugs

Posted by: jeremy mundy on April 11, 2006 06:59 AM


I started taking lipitor 10 mg in Oct. 2004 due to high cholesterol (300+). By Feb. 2005, my total cholesterol was down to 160 (HDL 48). My doctor was amazed at how well it was working and stated that if things continued to go well he would consider having me take it every other day. In March I began to experience muscle and joint weakness. I mentioned this to my doctor and he ran more blood test to be certain. The blood work did not show any issues and within a month the symptoms were gone. In July 2005 my blood tests were still normal and my cholesterol was still low (though my triglycerides were too high 270+). In mentioned to my doctor that I was experiencing mild muscle aches and stiffness in my joints. In January 2006 I began to experience digestion issues and abdominal pain especially after eating fatty foods. My doctor ordered more blood work and a sonogram of my gallbladder. The blood work came back normal (though triclycerides were still too high 300+). Due to this, my doc decided to increase my lipitor dosage to 20mg. Also, the sonogram test showed that my gallbladder was not filling with bile and remained contracted even after fasting. My joint stiffness has gotton worse and i'm experiencing mild swelling of my hands and feet. My doc has put me on prilosec while I await a HIDA w/cck test. After coming across this Web page I've decided to take myself off of lipitor. I've been off for 3 days (swelling in hands and feet getting better but still there). I'm also hoping that by getting off lipitor it will help my digestive/gallbladder issue. I don't have proof that the gallbladder issue is directly related to the lipitor but I am suspicious. Thank you to everyone who posted on this site.

Posted by: Kambiz on April 12, 2006 03:32 PM


Can lipitor cause loss of vision.

Posted by: Cecilia on April 15, 2006 08:33 PM


I was on Lipitor 10mg for 8 months.And while i was taking it i got leg and foot cramps so bad that the pain woke me up at night.And i developed pain in my right arm muscle and hand.I Had trouble remembering things,
And i have lost muscle mass
to the point that my skin is sagging i don't know if it's possible to ever get that muscel back again.My legs and arms look older then i am.

Posted by: M.Elias on May 4, 2006 06:50 AM


I heard that Statins can cause
Vision problems.It was on a News report a few months ago.Lipitor is a Statin.

Posted by: M.Elias on May 4, 2006 07:08 AM


I was on Lipitor for about 2-3 years and got off of it when I began experiencing muscle degeration. I find myself not able to walk propertly (due to muscle loss ???), not able to write (and being and legal secretary, it is very important that I write and type), and find that I am unable to speak properly at times (slurred). I am off of the Lipitor (on my own) and am taking Garlique tablets. Is the muscle loss due to the Lipitor?

Posted by: L. Keilers on May 4, 2006 06:33 PM


All statins list a known, "uncommon", serious side effect called rhabdomyolysis which is breakdown of muscle fiber.

Posted by: K. Church on May 6, 2006 12:38 AM


Dear reader,
I have been taking Lipitor on and off for about ayear now. Lately i have had a stretch where i've been on 80MG and my muscle twitching started in my calf muscles first. Then it spread to my thigh muscles and feet. Cramps in Hands and feet, depression and Constant pain and weakness in the extremities, mostly the legs. Some joint pain in the shoulder area. Neck Cramping also. Went down to 10 Mg and problems are persisting.Several Emergency room visits later and docs say keep taking Lipitor as there is no connection. BULL!! I am off the Lipitor now thanks to this website and will search for an alternative. Feeling better already. Thanks for all the help.

Posted by: Tom J on May 29, 2006 04:54 PM


I am a 53 year old man who at times feels like I am 100. I was originally on Baycol for about 5 years when the symptons originally started. I am now taking Lipitor 10mg daily for the past 6 years. My feet and toes are numb and at times I have severe back pain that comes and goes, sometimes lasting several days. My calf muscles have severe muscle spasms which look as if there is something living in them the movement is so severe. I also can no longer use any kind of cologne or deodorant without breaking out in a severe rash that lasts for weeks on end. I also have a numbness in the tips of my fingers. I have also developed a shortness of breath all of which I can only relate to Lipitor. I can do very little without having severe muscle pain and today will be the last day I take this poison. Hopefully I can find another method of lowering my cholesterol.

Posted by: John J on June 9, 2006 04:39 PM


My husband was scheduled for surgery to correct the pain in his lower back, legs, pain and numbness in his feet. He has been on Lipitor for some time. Every side effect all these people are experiencing he has. Our life has been Hell because of this drug. The surgery will now be cancelled. If a class action suit ever results from Lipitor being recalled we will participate.

Posted by: K Mills on June 9, 2006 09:15 PM


I took 20 miligrams of Lipitor for about 2 years. I was loseing my memory funtions and had pains in my legs that was quite bad. Had trouble getting in and out of an automobile. I met a man in the Mall using a walker that told me he had the same symtems and was also taking lipitor and decided to stop taking it when he had heard about the problems. He felt much better since he quit and was sure he could he would not have to use the walker much longer. From talking to him I stopped taking it on my own and everything started getting. I am now taking which Zetia which don't contain the Statin drug and so far my condition is getting somewhat better.

Posted by: V. Law on June 11, 2006 08:34 PM


The side effects of Lipitor - apparently not so uncommon as the manufacturer of the drug would have us believe - are starting to provoke some action. There are two recent (June 2006) lawsuits, and an older class action filed at the US District Court in Boston in September last year. See:

Lawsuits Filed Over Lipitor Side Effects

Class Action - Statins Increases Heart Disease By 10% In Women

Posted by: Sepp on June 12, 2006 04:19 PM


My Mother is on Lipitor and Plavix, (to name a few).
I am looking for safe alternative therapies that can replace the Lipitor (for one).

Posted by: steve mazur on June 14, 2006 11:05 PM


I am 40 and has been taking Lipitor for the past 6 years - started at 10mg now 40mg. While it has helped bring my cholestrol levels down; my left calf pains have only gotten seriously worse. It is 1:30AM and I woke up from the pain and I writing this. The dilemma is which is a better evil - having a good HDL/LDL ratio or suffering the severe pain. I have thus choosen to suffer the pain; but I am surely changing my mind.

Posted by: Sudhi R on June 15, 2006 07:29 AM


Sorry Steve (and anyone else asking for personal advice),

I can't really give health advice on a personal basis - I'm not a healer.

You should find a practitioner (medical, naturopath, etc.) who knows about nutritional intervention and does not give damaging meds.

You can also do the research and make up your own mind. All the information is available just for the searching of it. Google or any search engine will greatly help you, once you figure out how to best formulate search terms...

Another way to proceed: Go to Jonathan Campbell's website
and start your search there. Find the link to "Cardiovascular Disease" and take it from there.

Posted by: Sepp on June 15, 2006 02:29 PM


I am a 56 year old female and have been taking lipitor(10mg.) for the past 9 months. it has brought my cholesterol down and my blood work has always been good. about a week ago i was having pain in my stomach and needing to urinate a lot. i went to the dr. and had a urine tests. my white blood cells were numerous. i had a urinary-tract infection. i have never had this before in my life. am taking 7 days of anti-biotics to clear it up. have also had some numbness and tingling in my left hand. has anyone out there had any problem with their kidneys? gonna throw my lipitor in the trash when I get through typing this.

Posted by: sylviabreshears on June 18, 2006 06:12 AM


I am 44 year old female i have been taking lipitor for the past year,and i suffer from systemic lupus all my test were done for my liver and the lupus i seem to be doing good, i have been complaining of facial numbnes and body ache but since i suffer from lupus they blame everything on the lupus i dont understand but the doctor tells me that i have to be on lipitor for life

Posted by: rose on June 19, 2006 04:34 PM


I am a 55 year old female and have been taking Lipitor for about a year now. My symptoms are muscle and joint pain, lost sense of taste, emotional mood swings, depression. For anyone interested, take a look at this:

Lipitor is poison!

Posted by: Martha on June 22, 2006 02:05 PM


I have been taking Lipitor since 7/1997 and my dosage was increase from 10mg to 20mg in 3/2001. Yesterday I went to my doctor and complained about muscle pain, weakness, and a complete lack of stamina. The first thing he said was "stop the Lipitor". Maybe some in the healthcare profession are starting to see the light.

I know after reading this article I won't be going back on Lipitor.

Posted by: John on June 24, 2006 09:06 PM


I don't take medication except for a low tyroid med, levoxyl, until I started Lipitor exactly 30 days ago. Extreme fatigue began to set in after taking it two weeks. I thought it a thousand things but this drug. Finally I began to wonder and decided to research. After reading other's experiences I saw that my recent cramps also could be associated, my right eye socket pain, and the pain in my right hand! Though only thirty days into Lipitor I sincerely believe it is the cause! My body chemistry has always been very sensitive. Anyway thank the good Lord for bloggers - which I have never done before! Mike

Posted by: Mike on June 30, 2006 02:07 AM


NATURAL CURE AVAILABLE!!Hello, I am a medical student who has seen first hand the negative effects of many pharma medications. It has since become my passion to search for natural medications and ways of healing via naturopathic medicine. Another motivation has been seeing my parents continue to add to their collection of medications as they age. It wasnt until recently that enough was enough. My father had been taking Lipitor and began suffering the effects that many of you have reported. He had experienced the heart palpitations, muscle weakness, twitching of extremities, and until I took him off the medication has been pretty much bound to the chair and only able to attempt to walk with the use of two canes. Anyway, back to my passion, I have discovered a company that has an all natural cure for lowering cholesterol safely and effectively. I am now working as a distributor because I am so excited about this. I have witnessed this first hand with my father. After getting off Lipitor and taking this cholesterol all natural drug his cholesterol lowered 29 points in 30 days and his is back to feeling normal. I am so thrilled with this medication and the best part about it is we do not have to worry about what negative effects will come with it , like we did with Lipitor. If any one would like to speak to me personally via the web or phone please contact me first via email and I will then send you my phone number if you wish to talk personally. I wish to help all of you who have experienced the same devastation that my father has. I too have always been skeptical about trying new things but I tell you what seeing is believing and that is why I am soo excited about this medication. I look forward to answering any questions or talking with all that are interested in staying away from Lipitor for good! Shay

Posted by: Shay on July 1, 2006 06:24 AM


I started taking lipitor 10 mg on may 20th 2004 to lower colestrol.
I stopped without any advice from the doctor on July 2004 because I was losing my memory, shaking badly, and my speach was getting slurred, also the muscles in my neck ,shoulders and arms was aching, I thought that I had been run over by a truck.
I have since then had two frozen shoulders, and they still give me lots of pain, i find it hard to concentrate. I am now 66 years old. and If I could I would join a queue to seek class action against Pfizers

Posted by: Ian Simmons on July 24, 2006 10:14 AM


My dad has been taking lipitor for the past 12 months (80Mg very high dose I think)and in the last 5 weeks has had muscle loss to the extent can not get out of bed or barely walk at all
the doctors are saying they think it is the lipitor, he has been off it for four weeks and no improvment, we are very upset about this and wondering if there are any good aftermath stories, will he get better? how long can it take. We are in Australia and wondering if there is any thing going on to bring the bastards making and pushing this drug down!!!

Posted by: Ben on August 10, 2006 05:13 AM


I have only been taking Lipitor for about two weeks or two and 1/2 weeks. However, doing this time, I have experience restlessness, fatigue, muscle aches and the last two day stiffness in my neck so bad that I could not move. My stomach is always upset and there has been pain in my gallbladder on and off since being on this medication. There have also been palpitation of my heart and gas. I had a feeling that it was related to this med, but was not sure until I read the posting which all states my symptoms. Thanks God that I now know what is going on.

Posted by: Sarah on August 22, 2006 02:21 AM


I have a very low amune system, and any drug I take is very low dose. I was on the lowest dose of 10 when I was on lipitor. I noticed by the next day-I started having an itchy face. Then sores that looked somewhat like pemples. My memory then started to slip a little more than my usual-not good for a full time psyc student. Then I started getting pain in my neck and middle back. Now-even after quiting lipitor-I have extream pain in my middle back and in my tail bone. I have now been told I will need surgery, but the tail bone is degenerating at such a fast rate that it may be very dangerouse to even operate in this area. I am a female of only 44 years old-with a young child to take care of-what happens next???Only god knows now...

Posted by: A. Kinney on August 27, 2006 03:13 PM


Male, age 73, healthy entire life. Experienced angina in biking uphill in 2005. Had stents inserted in one coronary artery. Doctor prescribed Plavix,Lipitor,Atenolol,aspirin. After several months experienced swelling and pain in left lower leg. Read about this symptom due to Atenolol. Stopped taking it and pain and swelling disappeared. Plavix discontinued after one year. Now, I read all about Lipitor and have just stopped taking it. Going with a naturopathic doctor and using a regimen of exercise, fish oil, niacin, vitamin E, Vitamin C, Nattokinase,red yeast rice, and pomegranate juice. Feel good.

Posted by: jerry stack on August 30, 2006 10:06 PM


Having just learnt about the side effects from taking Lipitor I am convinced my fibromyalgia pain, night sweats, tingling nerve pain in my face, weight gain, tripping and falling with a somewhat loss of motor skills has been caused by taking this drug. I ceased taking it as of Tuesday September 12 and my cognitive thinking, motor skills and fatigue have improved in only two days! I am now going to begin taking a natural cholesterol inhibitor

Posted by: Signy Austen on September 14, 2006 10:38 PM


My doctor kept pushing me to take statins the last being Crestor. In my last blood work, he was thrilled that my cholesterol was on the money! He was thrilled that the Crestor was working, except I never took them. I've read all there is to read and opted for alternate measures. Instead, I'm taking NSP Select Cholesterol Counter Formula sold at Great Earth Vitamin Stores and according to the lab results, it works! I'm not even experiencing any side effects. My blood pressure is normal now too, so he took me off of that medication. I'm not saying it reduced my Cholesterol and lowered my blood pressure but at least it did lower my cholesterol.

Posted by: John on October 5, 2006 11:24 PM


Recovered comment (some of them got swallowed by the system)...

My husband took Lipitor for about 7 months, he stop and some month after he started pain in the legs, he haves severe Tendinitis in both legs, he walks with lots of pain, it have ruined our lives.
He says if i had known before the side effects I had better follow a diet or make sport. Pfizer people are hiding important information. It's not fair. We have small kids and now he's unable even to come to walk with us, they are alwys asking..wheres my daddy mom??...home resting honey, he cant walk.
is there a web page where I cant write to make stop this, maybe theres an International institution that can stop Pfizer to sell Lipitor after its not safe enough?
Thank You,
Monica Arias (Quito, Ecuador)

My answer:
Yes, there is now a site that does collect this kind of information, see

Posted by: Monica Arias on October 6, 2006 06:06 AM


Recovered comment (some of these got swallowed up by the system)...

I have taken only Zetia off and on for over l year. I have all the symptoms as previously mentioned by most people taking statins. I discontinue it for a couple of weeks and return to near normal, begin again and in about 3 weeks the pain and suffering starts over. I know for sure the problem but why Zetia? I don't read complaints from other people on this drug or am I missing something? I Just fould this site today. Thanks

Posted by: ??? on October 6, 2006 06:19 AM


After taking Lipitor for over two years, I have been told my cholesterol is down, but my kidney disfunction is now in the severely high range. Does anybody out there have any information to share about this being related to Lipitor? Thank you

Posted by: AussiSue on October 7, 2006 10:17 AM


I have been taking Lipitor for about 9 months. I have (family members too) noticed lately that I have been tripping a lot on the stairs because I don't lift my leg up high enough to get to the next step, but I don't feel any pain in my legs. I have had a dull ache on my left side of stomach under my rib cage for 2 weeks now. I have had some memory loss of events that took place 6 months ago. Sometimes the left side of my upper lip goes numb. I stumbled across your site while doing a search for Lipitor side effects. Lipitor is the only medication I am taking so it's hard to blame it on others. I am in tears now and just threw my Lipitor in the trash.

Posted by: Julie on October 10, 2006 11:22 PM


I am not sure what the exact date is that my dr. put me on lipitor. I was not taking it regularly so he prescribed caduet, which is a combo (norvasc & lipitor). Earlier this year I started twitching under my right eye. Dr. said it could just be stress. This summer my legs stared hurting. I thought it was my job because I stand. Then, just in the last 6 wks. I have started cramping in my legs and on my right leg it has gone into my foot. I left a message with the doctor that i only want to take the norvasc (high blood pressure) and will set up an appointment asap. I hope he will do this as I need the norvasc. I will let you know the outcome. I am mad at myself for not realizing sooner that lipitor could be causing all my pain!

Posted by: Pat on October 22, 2006 09:08 AM


I've been on Lipitor for 5 years and I have deteriated since then. I have problems with my muscle's and nerve. I thought it was only me. never paid any attention to the side effects. my memory is no good no more ,can't stand more than 5 minutes at a time.I feel like my whole body is one big muscle spasm that wont let loose. I thank Our Heavenly Father Im still around. If theres any class action suit going on. I wanna be involved. This drug is killing alot of our americans. Its a silent Killer. The word needs to get out there and fast. Im sooo angry right now discovering this so late. I will start my progress in getting better without ANY STATIN DRUG.

Posted by: Betty J. Perez on October 30, 2006 12:47 AM


I had 6 bypasses 11 years ago. Heart specialist started me on provachol then Lipitor. I asked if there were any side effects and was told there were none and I would be able to take them forever with no problems. Within the first six months I started to getting a numb tingling feeling in my feet, shoulder pain in my left shoulder and was unable to sleep. My GP and heart specialist both thought these were possibly from the heart surgery. I started to attend a pain clinic which put me on pain killers which I have had to take for the past ten years. I tried to resurrect my working life but struggled to make a go of it and eventually gave up after three years. All my symtons grew worse over the next four or five years, including new ones like stomach & back cramps, burning and numbness in my feet, tinnitis, memerory loss, weakness and numbness in my thighs, numb & tingling fingers, bowel and stomach problems including anal bleeding and a general lethargy that was keeping me chairbound for longer periods. I had seen up to 20 docs by this time, half of which were specialists - none knew what was wrong although one actually doubled the lipitor from 40mg to 80mg. After this the deterioration was rapid. I had to double my painkillers just to get by and within six months I was almost totally chairbound my memory was non existent to the point that I couldn't remember the sentence I was talking in. 14 months ago I found tis site and stopped taking Lipitor Imediately. I have had many arguments with doctors most of which think I have lost it. I have had no help at all from the medical community but since I have stopped Lipitor everything has improved though nothing fully. I am now working 6 to 8 hour days, my memory is returning and the numbness is starting to fade. If I overdo it I generally end up on my bum for a week. sorry I have been so long winded and for taking so long to write this but I owe it to you all as this site probably saved my life. God bless you all and thanks. Mal

Posted by: Mal Anderson on November 1, 2006 05:14 PM


I started taking Lipitor, prescribed by my doctor, in July 2006. I was really looking forward to it to try and lower my cholesterol. I am 40, and I have never been in the hospital. I'm not in shape, or really out of shape. My cholesterol was at 253, so I really wanted to get it down. I started taking it religiously. By mid-August I could feel my joints and bones starting to ache. My ring figer on my right hand began to

Posted by: Mary Grafflin on November 30, 2006 05:57 PM


I took Lipitor for one week in October, 2006. In one week's time, while climbing stairs, my knees felt like bone on bone. I could hardly make it up the stairs and then back down.

Prior to this, I was in pretty good physical shape. The stairs only the week before/previously, I used to run up and down effortesly.

I also became extremely tired often falling asleep right after the dinner meal.

After the adverse episode running up the stairs - my legs felt like 500 pounds a piece, I called my doctor and said that I would no longer take Lipitor. One week later being off Lipitor, I developed knee complicatons which are resembling a Baker's cyst and calf pain.

I have never had any problems with my knees/joints/legs before. This is something new. I have also been lightheaded since (over two weeks now since discontinuing).

Am heading back to the doctor's office next Thursday, December 14, to diagnose and document.

Bottom line, before Lipitor I was walking for exercise, strength training and swimming 4-6 times a week. Since Lipitor, it has all ended, and I am praying that I can get back to the point I was at before Lipitor.

It is not worth the risks if you have to sacrifice your physical health, well being and routines of daily living.

I am 55 years old.

Posted by: Mary Kujawa on December 10, 2006 03:58 PM


Lipitor almost destroyed my life as well. I found the muscle loss progressive and then as time went on the pain started and got terribly bad. I got to the point that I was so tired all the time that even taking a shower seemed like work. I think every part of my body hurt. I also had problems with a devastating cough that was a lot like asthma which has also gone now that I am off it. I had memory loss which I never really noticed until after I went off of it and when the memories started coming back it was strange. I hadn't even realized they were missing. I found every day I was remembering things that had pretty much vanished and still I don't actually know if they are all back or not. I have been off it for about 10 months now and feel so much better. I still don't have the energy I use to have before it but I am feeling much better. I also have spoken to all lot of others that are or were on statin drugs and they too had a lot of side affects as well. I think I am lucky to be alive just to tell my story. I was so exhausted all the time. I don't know if I will totally recover but at least things have improved drastically since I went off it. I think we have to keep a watchful eye on drug companies. Seems they care more about profit then people. From Canada

Posted by: E Eady on December 17, 2006 08:43 PM


I took a statin for less than a week a few years back. I had such horrible leg pains and looked it up online. Thank goodness I found information on how much harm statins can cause and I quit them immediately.

Posted by: vicki on December 20, 2006 12:29 AM



Posted by: JASON ANDERSON on December 21, 2006 08:26 AM


Why are doctors giving their patients drugs with side effects that are worse than the condition they're trying to treat in the first place? One answer is getting "proper nutrition" and that is impossible today by just 'eating right'.
There is no mineral content of trace elements in the soil where fruits, grains, and vegetables are grown, consequently, these minerals cannot be in the food you eat.
Ask a good dietitician or nutrionist they will tell you that minerals are most important. Vitamins won't even work without minerals to catalyze them into useful enzymes.
There are alternatives that woek. But I don't want to be accused of commercialism, but
I think I can help and if anyone would like more information you can email me if you like.
I'm happy to share useful information on nutritional and common sense health remedies with anyone.
I hope this is accepted in the spirit it was intended.
Happy Holidays

Tim Baran (

Posted by: Tim Baran on December 23, 2006 02:36 PM


I took Lovastatin for 3 months and became a cripple! Soon asfter I
quit I was fine again.

My mother has been taking Lipitor for years and has always complained
of leg pain. Now for no apparent reason, she is too weak to walk and
had to use a walker. She is 86, but the deterioriation has been so
sudden. I am trying to convince her to stop taking Lipitor but
wonder if the damage is too far along.

My hysband was given Vytorin to try and within only days felt
crippled in all his joints. I read the patient information and when
I saw "unexplained muscle pain....rare occasions can be serious".
I told him to stop taking it and the pain went away immediately.

Posted by: Visitor on January 15, 2007 04:02 AM


My husband started taking lipitor 3 years ago. His health has gone down hill, before he took the pills he looked 10 years younger then he really was now he looks 20 years older than he is. He has pains in his side every day and he lost like 20 pounds.

Also he can barely hear or see any more. He wears multiple pairs of glasses when he reads, and wont go to an eye doctor. He has also became very violent. Every time I talk about anything he gets very angry!

It seems as though he is in his own world he will do the same thing over and over, like watch the same exact TV show or read the same thing. He becomes obsessed with things. His doctor refuses to tell him any bad things about the drug and tells him there's no way it could cause him these side effects. ANY ADVICE?

Posted by: Visitor on January 15, 2007 04:05 AM


4/2/05 – Started Lipitor

4/27 – Somulance, weakness and muscle fatigue started, slept 2 days without waking up

5/2 – ER visit, CK 316 -- dc'd Lipitor

6/1 – ER visit, breathing difficulties – Chest x –ray r/o pneumonia (10 days antibiotics)

6/6 – ER visit – breathing crisis – diagnosed w/ bronchial asthma (Prednisone 20mg, Theodore 200 mg x 8 days)

6/16 – ER again --- BP 200/110, weaker, dizzy and lightheaded

6/17-6/22 – BP averaged 180/100

6/23 – ER again --- BP 167/99 w/ productive cough and tight chest, P 95 and irregular, could feel heart beating in my chest Heart monitor , IV lasix – diagnosis pulmonary edema, kidney functions now elevated (1.5) – started Lasix PO

6/28 – PCP apt. started attenelol 50 mg, referral to cardiologist (7/13)

6/29-7-4 --- BP averaged 158/86 glands and face swollen, fat pats at base of neck and under arm pits, muscle pain, (neck and back) Thighs weaker and taking longer to recharge, hardly able to climb stairs or to care for self at this point.

7/6 - 7/7 --- Inpt. LMH --- Hypothyroid (synthroid 50 MCG) Echo cardiogram OK, pulmonary functions now OK, Neurological inconclusive at this time. Kidneys (1.4) Increased edema (fat) clavicle area and armpits

7/13 --- Cardiologist appt. and chemical stress test – results normal

7-13 – 9/05 – PCP visits, continued edema and thigh fatigue gradually getting worse.

10/1 – Dr. Shurgin (Endocrinologist) – work up for Cushing's syndrome

10/5 – PCP visit started on Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg to try to stabilize BP (averaging 158/88, P 64) and ultram for neck and back pain. Referral for PT for neck

10/9 – 10/20 – PT for neck – 12 sessions, quit as made the pain worse and increased the surface area of the muscles affected

10/25 --- f/u Dr. Shurgin, started Cytomel 5MCG, to try to increase energy level, physical condition unchanged, to return in 3 months to re-check for Cushing's as still not ruled out and suggested to see a Rheumatologist at this time

10/28 – PCP appt. BP averaging 135/ 86 and P64

10/27-10/28 – Increased somnolence from Cytomel

10/29 – 10/31 – Flu like symptoms ( sweats, nausea, weakness, balance probs., chest pains and problems breathing) from Cytomel dc/d on 10-31 AM and 2 days later was fine

**11/18 – up most of night w/ weird feelings in legs, electrical vibrations

11/19 to 2/3 --, lost approx. 50 of stamina in thighs, always feel tight, problems walking on flat ground now

11/23 – PCP appt. blood work and physical exam. Referral to neurologist.

12-1 Moved to an apartment complex that is handicapped accessible and has elevators because of the difficulty with stairs

12/8 – Rheumatology appt. Dr. Pastan, blood work taken to r/o auto immune disorder, blood tests consistently hint as to some kind of auto immune disorder

12/17 – Called Dr. Pastan blood work indicates no auto immune disorders – he states he believes is Cushing's

12-28 – had T4, T3 and TSH levels done T4 was .86, was feeling lethargic

1-03-- Called Dr. Shurgin and faxed blood tests – she never returned my call --- FIRED also cancelled neurologist appt.

1-18 – PCP appt. increased Synthroid to 75 mcg and started Lexapro 10 mg as been isolating and sleeping way too much –Referral made to MGH Endocrinology Clinic appt.1/26 w/ Dr. Lowe

1-19 – diarrhea, nausea and vomiting from lexipro d/c'd will try again ½ tabs in one week

1-26 – Appt.Dr.Wexler MGH Endocrine Clinic. Stated did not have Cushing's. Extensive blood tests ordered and referred to Mass Eye and Ear for ENT consult for sub-mandibular glands as they have been severely swollen for over 8 months now. Stated to me she was sorry that we were back to square one but she did say whatever I had was very serious.

1-30 and 1-31 --- Cushing's saliva test completed and delivered 2-1

1-30 Spoke w/ PCP will be taking more control of my treatment from now on. Going on premise is Lipitor related and not really treatable in standard medical model. Try to work way out of fatigue and go w/ homeopathic treatments. E.g. acupuncture

2-3 Woke up @ 5:30 AM agitated, anxious, took klonopin and then slept to 12:30. When I got up felt really good for first time since 4/27/05. Glands ½ size, redness gone from my neck. Legs still somewhat weak but different. Mentally totally alert, and not tired at all, also first time I have felt rested and alert since 4/27.

2-3 – 4-28 Gradual improvement in strength in my legs, able to take long walks and climb hills, mentally more alert and less somulant.

4-28 Crashed in ER BP bottomed out to 50/30 almost needed to be intubated, crit 26 from GI bleed and potassium 3.2, admitted to Tele unit at Whidden Hospital and d/c'd 4/30

5-1 Went to PCP heart rate 140 when arrived could not catch breath, brought to Lawrence Memorial Hospital by ambulance and admitted till 5-3, found 9 mm duodenal ulcer, apparently lost approx. 3 ½ pts. Blood. Dc'd with scripts for protonix and iron sulfate. No BP meds for 6 days and BP is lower then when on meds. Chol 188???? Total days in hosp. = 6

5-8 Labs drawn, crit 29 and chol. Is 210, potassium 4.7 also returned to work. Still no BP meds and is still lower then 136/86 but fluctuates.

4-20 – 5-16 9 appointments with chiropractor for treatment of my neck. Dc'd the appointments as neck got worse with treatment, believe she did something to make my neck worse (? Damaged a disc)

5/25 Red blood cells now in normal range, but weakness has returned to thighs, edema returned to neck and BP is elevating again and am taking ½ pill attenelol (25mg). Neck is also at its worst, severe discomfort and reduced range of motion, clunking noise when I move it. Also hip and back pain has returned.

TOOK SUMMER OFF – No doctor appointments

7/1 – started taking 100 mg of CoQ10 – noticed slight improvement in leg strength and increased energy level. Still not able to take brisk walks for more then several minutes as my calves harden and it becomes very painful to walk. Usually loosen in about 5 minutes. Upper body good and doing light weight lifting and stomach exercises. Have lost 13 lbs. now 177 lbs.

9/25-- Calves hardened just walking to parking garage after work – got a Charlie Horse in my left calf and still have severe pain and sig. limp 5days later, hurt to touch 8 days

9/26-- Dr. Lynch (orthopedic surgeon) would not treat me. States I have severe degenerative disc disease C3 is rubbing on C4 and only fusion surgery can correct that. States if muscle discomfort is from lipitor and is similar to my leg problem then no treatment he knows of will help. States does not want to deal with someone as medically complicated as me. His best suggestion "Deal with it�? or see a neurosurgeon/neurologist if I would like as would be more appropriate then him.

9/16 -- PCP appt. ordered new neck x-ray ( done 9/16), started cytomel 0.5 mg., royal jelly and biotin, TSH was .7 talked w/ doctor and will try to get it to 2 or 3 THS done and referral to Dr. Ruth Knill for acupuncture, also looking for neurologist referral

9/21 -- Dr. Ruth Knill, the acupuncturist, had 2 session w/ electrical stimulation, neck got much worse

9/21- 11/20 – decreased synthroid to ½ pill every other day and 75 mg the other, cramps in calves seem to have decreased but still occur with brisk walks do not know current TSH but assume it has increased. Still have same level of weakness in the thighs.

12/18 – Dr. Edward Fisher, Neurologist, states my blood work indicates to him an auto immune disorder (? Single strand was +) ordered Acetylcholine receptor antibody
( Myasthenia gravis) and Angiotensin converting enzyme ( for increased BP) blood tests , Lumbar and Thorasic MRI's ordered and scheduled for 1/4/07.

Posted by: Roland on January 16, 2007 10:10 PM


I started taking Lipitor in Sept. 2006 and I had leg pain that got worse. Then I began to have pain in other muscles. I was almost bedridden by December and I asked the Dr. could it be Lipitor. I went off of it on December 10, 2006. I am doing better but I still have stiffiness in my legs, feet, and hands. I am on painkillers and muscle relaxers. Will this ever end? It is a good thing that I took a year off of teaching because I couldn't do it now. At 48 I feel 98.

Posted by: Vera Langston on January 17, 2007 08:28 PM


Great site, recommended by a friend from US
(I am from Australia).

Posted by: Chi on January 19, 2007 05:11 AM


5 months been on lipitor gained 13kg. do lawn mowing for a living also play indoor cricket for sport could not understand why my calves are always in pain as never had cramps there before only started happening the last 4 weeks. always waking up tired will be throwing my 40mg of lipitor in the bin tonight and will take my chances. i am 36 years old.

Posted by: DAVID on February 8, 2007 06:33 AM


have these people complaining of side effects been informed about the THINCS website where they are looking for people who\'ve suffered nasty side effects?

There\'s an address you can contact - a university in the US, I believe - which is doing research into this.

Also very informative on the subject is the new book by Malcolm Kendrick \"The Great Cholesterol Con\" - a must-read for anyone whose doctor wants to prescribe statins and who is - needlessly - worried about cholesterol levels or concerned about heart disease.

amanda wood

Posted by: amanda wood on February 11, 2007 12:10 PM


In march of 2006 I was diagnosed with CAD with a 100 blocked left anterior descending artery. My cardiologist also stated that I have opened collateral circulation and that my condition was stable and at this time it was up to me rather or not to have a single bypass or not. I prefered not to. A year later i am still doing fine although throughout the year i have had unstable high levels of cholesterol and tryglecerides. My doctor has put me on different statin drugs and i am now on lipitor. May i say that this drug has increased my B.P. from a normal 110/70 to a daily high of 140/90. My BP medicine is metoprolol and was working fine up till that point. When i stop the lipitor my bp gos down. When i re-start it, it gos up. It also lowers my pulse to 55. Normal for me is 70-75 with meds.

Posted by: Gary on February 24, 2007 12:55 PM


I only looked up this webside since my father, age 60, was given a presicription for Lipitor last week. This weekend we went to visit my uncle and his wife told us a horrific story about the side effects of this medicine. Apparently her sister was using Lipidor and a Homeopath asked her how old she was on which she replied "54". He then said it looks like she is having the body of a 70 year old....... I want to warn my father not to take this drug if this is what can be happening to him in a few days, months or years??

Posted by: Karen on February 26, 2007 07:25 AM


i had a heart attack on feb 20th the doctor put me on lipitor and metformin twicw a day lipitor is 40 mg iam getting arm pain so bad i went to the er they said they cant find anything wrong and now iam reading this . also iam forgetting things at timesand what scares me i have only been on this meds a couple weeks now is thier any over the counter meds i can get to do the same job as liptor and metforminplease let me know

Posted by: debbie on March 11, 2007 12:11 PM


WOW i could not belive what i have just read i live in the u.k and have been taking liptor for 8 months i have been suffering quite a few of these side effects disturbed sleep, muscle pain, losing concentration, eye sight getting worse, weight gain.

I dont think that people in the u.k are aware what these drugs are doing to them i stumbbled on to this site by chance trying to gain more info on my heart attack and the condition it left me with. i will try and pass this info on to as many as i can.

A lot of people do not read the info they are given when they are prescribed these drugs they just take the medication prescribed by the doctor with the attitude doctor knows best, but surely a doctor should know what side effects a drug he prescribes may have on you. I would be interested in any comments you may have on this. Wishing everyone the very best of health for the future TonyC

Posted by: tonyc on March 25, 2007 06:33 AM


I think you're right Tony, most people don't read or even look for information, and doctors usually are less than forthcoming when it comes to side effects of the drugs they prescribe.

Change will only come through ourselves however - we must all take more responsibility for our own health and for telling others to watch out for themselves...

Posted by: Sepp on March 25, 2007 10:23 AM


About 5 years ago I was prescribed Zocor 20mg, a statin drug. I was about 39yrs and quite active. After a few months I noticed that using a shovel I would get very painful upper arms (lactic acid pains so I thought) also when I did my favourite sport of windurfing I would get pain in my upper arms so severe I would have to grip my arms for 10 minutes to massage them to try and reduce the pain. Being on the beach there are no other painkillers available. The pain would subside after 20 mins and I could then go on sailing for the rest of the day. I wondered whether it was the Zocor or daily aspirin. My doc said it was the Zocor. I stopped taking it. I decided life with Zocor was not worth it. 5years later mid 2006 my cholesterol was about 7-8 so i said I would give Lipitor a go as it is an alkaline compared to Zocor which is an acid. I thought perhaps it would be ok. After 1 month on 10mg Lipitor I had frequent morning bowel movements and loose stools. I also had a return to painful tingles in my small toes that I had experienced on Lipitor 6 months back.I was also taking a vitamin B Tab and a Naturopathic herbal medicine. Two weeks ago I stopped all of those including Lipitor and the bowel seems to be settling. I had not previously considered that there would be any side effects to Lipitor or Zocor so I was not predisposed to getting the side effects as I didnt know there were any. Since so many people seem to be taking them I assumed they were almost completely safe. It appears I was wrong. I also had an elderly aunt who died a few years back. She was very skinny and had a high cholesterol of 13 which could be say 500? on the US measure. The symptoms she died of bear some similarity to what is described on this site. I dont know what she was on but Im sure it was a statin drug. At 87 years somethings goin getcha, but it would be a shame if it were a prescription drug.

Posted by: Ross W Australia on March 31, 2007 03:43 AM


I took 20 Mg of Lipitor for 7 or 8 days. After the first few days I felt like my arms were falling asleep during the night. I continued to have numbness in my arms and discomfort to the point where I stopped the Lipitor. - Now it is at least 6 weeks since I stopped and I am extremly weak - tired all the time arms are still very strange numb- painfull also other joints feel painfull. I feel like I aged 20 years. I am only 56. I have gone back to the Doctor - he is getting some blood tests - I am sure it started with the Lipitor
I just want it to go away. Hell I only took it for 7 or 8 days. It must be poison.

Posted by: Rita Hunter on April 8, 2007 10:38 PM


Hi, It is my second day to take my Lipitor. I was really concerned when I opened the box to find there was no literature explaining what the drug is, or the cons and pros of it.

I am not a big drug user but I do like to know what I am taking, especially when Iam so anti drug. I ended up here looking for the information concerning this drug. Why do Pfizer feel it is OK not to have any information in their box of (tricks) drugs?
I will be writing to the company to ask the same question.

Ps Not everyone has access to a computer or the internet.

Posted by: robyn aylward on April 17, 2007 12:09 AM


I was prescribed Lipitor but it is so expensive I can't buy it. I don't think it is worth $6.00 a pill.

Posted by: Sherry Alexander on April 19, 2007 02:31 PM


My Doctor has just given me Lipitor as my cholesterol is 6.2. I asked the doc if there were ant side affects and he laughed and said no not at all! Can someone tell me what do i do. I am sure I do not want to end up with all the problems that everyone seems to get with the taking of this medicine.

Posted by: Viv on April 27, 2007 05:08 AM


I have been on Lipitor 10mg for over 1.5yrs. As of 3 months ago, I started to experience hives and skin rashes which have now progressed to a sometimes over-whelming weakness in my legs and arms. My liver and kidney functions are normal and my doctor does not want to acknowledge that the Lipitor may be the culprit. He insists that I would have had the symptoms when I started the drug. From what I have read on this site, many people have been on fairly long-term therapy. I have also experienced mental lethargy and difficulty in recall. I have suspected that the Lipitor may be the cause. I am now going to take control of my healthcare and throw the Lipitor in the trashcan. I would appreciate any feedback.

Posted by: Joanne on June 1, 2007 11:56 PM



I started Lipitor about 2 months ago. Since then, I have had stomach cramps which come and go throughout the day. The most annoying thing is the twitching. It is most in my feet, where it feels like I will get a foot cramp but it just continues off and on twitching. I have also felt minor twitching in other areas. I think I can tolerate this symptoms if they don\'t get any worse. But I am concerned about other side affects.

Posted by: Laurie on June 20, 2007 08:30 PM


I am on day 5 of taking Lipitor. For the last 2 days I have been having leg cramps and twitching. Today I started having a sharp crampy pain on the right side of my abdomen. After reading all of the comments on this website I am totally freaking out! I wish I didn\'t take the pill tonight. I am angry that my doctor recommend I take it. I am so surprised that people continue to take the drug just because their doctor says they should. The remainder of my prescription is going right into the trash.

Posted by: Kim on June 24, 2007 12:14 AM


This is very interesting. I have high \"Good\" Cholesterol, low bad Cholesterol, and not a high number combined, but had a blockage in the coronary and angioplasty. The Dr. right away put me on Lipitor, which gave me so many problems, incl. incredible stomach pains, headaches, and nausea. I ask him why do I need this, I have good cholesterol, he said it was preventitive. Well, forget it. I am sick of taking drugs, that have these side effects. I quit the drug, and after reading this, I will now go on a vitamin C regimen. I think we all take way too many drugs as it is, some are necessary, but some you wonder about.

Posted by: Erika on July 12, 2007 09:30 PM







Posted by: nancy gendron on July 16, 2007 06:33 PM


70 of cholesterol is endogenous, which means it\'s made inside your body. This means that altering your diet will not save you if you have high cholesterol. It\'s a proven FACT that high LDL (bad cholesterol) causes plaque buildup in artery walls causing heart attack and stroke. If you deny this you are simply an idiot, it\'s not a theory it a FACT! Lipitor has some side effects, but so does eating McDonalds and people don\'t seem to be turned off that. In addition to that, there are hundreds of peer reviewed studies that show Lipitor\'s ability to SAVE LIVES of people who are at high risk of having a heart attack. Don\'t listen to a bias website, go and get the real evidence and look up the scientific journals on the subject. Or find a Dr you trust and ask them, i think they might know a little more about the topic then the uneducated people who set up this website trying to fear monger.

Posted by: John on July 23, 2007 05:45 AM


John's right to say that much of the cholesterol is made inside our bodies. But that is how far it goes.

No one has proven for a fact that the cholesterol causes heart attacks. It may be an indicator of a problem coming, but very unlikely it is the cause.

Indeed we NEED cholesterol to survive, and the liver produces more in case of increased need.

"Lipitor has some side effects..." - well, tell that to the people whose life turns into hell from the pain of muscle deterioration that Lipitor causes.

"there are hundreds of peer reviewed studies that show Lipitor's ability to SAVE LIVES..."

I challenge you to provide references to those mythical studies that show Lipitor actually has an effect on mortality, i.e. increases the life span of those taking it vs. those who don't.

And by the way, calling people who don't agree with you idiots is definitely out on this website. You can bring sound arguments if you have any, but generalities and ad hominem attacks won't do.

Posted by: Sepp on July 23, 2007 12:50 PM


I was told by my doctor that Ishould be on lipitor, because my cholesterol was too high. I\'m really scared to take it, because I also have Lupus and take many medication. Does anyone w/lupus take this med and what are the side effects?


Posted by: Alecia on July 25, 2007 01:10 PM



check out this page:;read=3929

Posted by: Sepp on July 25, 2007 02:01 PM


I've been taking Lipitor for the past three years... first at 10 mg, now 20 mg daily. My cholesterol level has increased where my doc now wants me to 'double up' and take 40 mg!

Luckily, I have had no major or obvious side effects, other than a lack of energy.

I've had it. I am going to an all natural approach and, yes, I\'m even exercising. I told my doc I\'m going to give it two months and then get my blood rechecked. I'll let you know how it goes...

Posted by: melanie on July 30, 2007 02:34 PM


Hello, thank you very much for this valuable information. I have been on Lipitor since 1999 (initially 20mg then 10mg for the last 18months). I have pain in the left leg and memory loss. I have just gone off Liptor, can I expect these symtoms to go away?

Posted by: Ian on August 26, 2007 04:11 AM


I have been on Lipitor 10mg. for 3 or 4 yrs. I have been having lots of stomach problems which I never in the world suspected might be related to Lipitor. I have had nausea, gas, belching, and pain in the upper abdomen that went to the back. On several occassions I had diahrrea, and severe vomiting which left me weak and listless the next day. When I went to the doctor he did an endoscopy, and ultra sound thinking maybe it was gallbladder. That was ruled out but I still had the gas, belching and nausea. This doctor moved on to emergency room work and closed his practice. I then started seeing a woman practitioner.
My cholesterol began to rise in spite of the Lipitor. I started hearing about Red Yeast Rice and the good results some people were having with that as a natural cholesterol lowering alternative. I went off the Lipitor and onto the Red Yeast Rice with my doctors ok. I tried that for about 3 months. Never suspecting why, I began to notice I was feeling great and not having the stomach distress. I began to suspect maybe the Lipitor had been causing my problems.
I continued to feel great and then I had my bloodwork done 3 weeks ago only to find my cholesterol was still elevated, including the LDL and Triglycerides. I talked to the doctor and we decided it was time to go back on the Lipitor. I\'ve been back on it for one week and the problems are back. Today I had a doozy attack of gas, incredible belching and pain in the upper abdomen that again made it\'s way around to my back. I have also had problems with feet and leg cramps at night. Those also got much much better when I was off the Lipitor. This last week I have had to get out of bed 2 or 3 times each night with leg and feet cramps. Today I called the pharmacist and told him of my dilema. I asked him if he knew of stomach problems and/or leg and feet cramps as a result of using Lipitor. He said absolutely yes and advised me to get off of it right away. He suggested discussing Zitia with my doctor which supposedly lowers cholesterol but is not a statin.
What amazes me is the 2 doctors I\'ve seen about all this neither one ever suggested there might be a correlation between my symptoms and Lipitor. I believe the pharmacist are better qualified than most of these doctors. One really needs to take responsibility for his or her own health. It\'s up to us to do all the reseach we can before we see the doctor. I am personally fed up with the medical profession and I am going to look for natural ways to deal with this problem. My doctor is in such a big hurry she tells me I can only talk about one issue at a time when I\'m in for an appointment and then when she thinks I\'ve taken enough of her precious time she jumps up and leaves the room leaving me with unanswered questions. She then wants me to make another appointment because I\'m only allowed 10 min. at a time.


Posted by: Carol on August 27, 2007 10:47 PM


I\'m a 62 year old female with a history of heart blockages. I have three heart stents and currently a 67-69 blockage in my left artery. If it gets worse they are talking by-pass surgery as it blocked in a spot they are unable to use a stent. I was placed on Lipitor 10 mg in Feb. 2003.
By Nov. 2005 I was given my 3rd stent and the doctors increased my Lipitor to 20 mg. I actually didn\'t start
taking the 20 mg dose until
about April or May 2006. I began to have lower back problems; shoulders hurt; knees, and feet hurt along with elbows. About every major joint in my body hurt each and every time I would try to stand and walk. I took this as part of my old age and ignored the pain. Then in Sept. right after Labor Day, I noticed that my back was hurting worse. By
Friday I was doubled up unable to walk with severe pain and pressure in my bladder and lower back. I was placed in the hospital with a severe UTI infection. I had no history of any problem with my kidney\'s or bladder prior. Then after 2 weeks, I was hospitalized again with yet another UTI infection. I was then given CT Scans and multi test to try to determine where the problem was coming from. No such luck, and for the past year, I have had one infection after another. I then began to have feet and leg cramps nightly. Some nights being so severe that I would be up 8-10 times walking off the cramps. My lower back and bladder spasamed so badly that I was living off of
A-Zo Standard taking 6 pills daily. My bladder felt as if I was about to give birth to a 9lb baby. I hurt at every joint in my body. I hadn\'t been able to stand and walk for any period of time since January, 2007 and as a result I couldn\'t shop unless, I could ride in a motorized wheelchair. I couldn\'t stand to cook or clean my home. I could stand long enough to walk from one room to another and then would have to be sitting or lying down the remainder of the time. My body hurt so bad trying to hold my body upright. Then I started to notice that I was belching, and had a great deal of gas build up. I became nasua and felt sick and could barly eat. I began to get sick prior to eating and then immediately after eating it got worse due to the gas and bloating. I was going to the doctor at least (1) a week for various
complaints. I had test after test. I had specialists for my heart, kidneys, stomach etc. No one could find anything wrong. No one suspected or mentioned that it could be Lipitor. Then on August 12, I was reordering my drugs and I pulled up the website
to re-order and decided to ask for warning side effects of each of my drugs. To my surprise when I read Lipitor\'s side effects it hit me as it sounded just like what I was having. I immediately stopped taking the Lipitor and contacted my doctor on the 14th and took the information I had obtained with me. He did blood work and found out that my Creation was 32 and it had previously been 9. He immeditely stopped me from taking the drug. I immediately saw an amazing result. My feet, legs and hands are no longer cramping.
Joints don\'t hurt. Belching and gas is almost nil. Nausa
is almost nil. Better yet I haven\'t had a UTI since going
off the drug. The drug was causing my bladder not to empty and thus I was backing up with my urine in my body and this is why I had pressure and stiffness. My joints no longer hurt because of the kidneys now working. I\'m walking and standing without effort and I\'m feeling more and more like a normal 62 year old should feel. I\'m just concerned that I don\'t have any permanent damage to my kidney\'s or bladder? Has anyone else had this problem and did they have damage? I would appreciate any response or suggestions. Rest assured, I\'m not about to go back on Lipitor again and I suggest anyone that does to please read up and know the signs. Apparently, the doctor\'s are too busy prescribing the durg and believing the distributor that they don\'t read up and know all of the side effects. None of the 3 specialists that I saw ever made the connection between what I was going thru with the drug. I found it own my own and discussed with the drugist prior to taking all of the information to the doctors. The doctor\'s had no clue and it was so simple yet it caused me about of year of suffering and untold medical expense when all was required was to stop the medication. The FDA should really look at pulling this drug and asking for more testing. It is obviously very dangerous and shouldn\'t be allowed to be prescribed so freely.

Posted by: Sandy on August 30, 2007 01:55 PM


I have been on Lipitor for 7 years. On Jan. 22, 05 I noticed that my feet were sore. Well almost two years later I can hardly walk or do every day things. I am only 52 yrs old but feel like a very old person. The pain that I have constantly in both of my heels is almost unbearable. I have other muscle pain as well but the heel pain is the worst. I have wondered about Lipitor but the dr. always assured me that it was not the problem. Well, I will stop taking Lipitor and hopefully I will recover.
Thank you.

Posted by: Shirley Keaton on August 31, 2007 12:30 AM


I have been on lipitor for one month and because of the pain in my muscle and the little difuculty in walking I search for lipitor side effect
its the same as every body the same problems I took lipitor 80 mg and I am 37 years. I should look for alternatives pls help.

Posted by: Basel Alqadi on September 23, 2007 06:23 PM



Posted by: ED SLANICKY on September 30, 2007 08:45 AM


i am a 40 yr old male and in good health about a year ago doc says cholesteral @258 take 10 mgs lipitor went on for 30 days then doc was on vac and i was feeling pretty fatigued never went back for followup or more lipitor .1 year after changing diet went for checkup and blood test doc says cholesterol down to210 but now triglycerides are up and good chol is down and you NEED! to go on 10 mgs for 30 days and get re-tested.i did and 30 days later all my #,s were good and chol down to160 while i ha d just some fatigue. during the next thre weeks muscle soreness in my calves then muscle contractions in calves that made it look like mice running around under my skin followed by severe cramps that are so painful they wake me at night,memory loss problems speaking to that ihad difficulty completing sentences,or conveying thouts to others,frequent urinating especially at night.i am now off the med 1 week and every thing has improved but cramps remain although not as frequent. and 1 day after stopping hand cramps started but have also lessened .notified doc and going to see him for moore blood to rule out other possibilities but i know its the lipitor will never take statins again ,i am too young to feel like this,hope i am not permanently damaged. GET OFF THIS STUFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: paul,r on October 23, 2007 02:14 PM


I started on 20 mg of Lipitor about 5 weeks ago. Im a 28 year old male, physically fit and have high cholesterol due to genetics and to some degree my previous diet. In this short amount of time my job as become jeopardized due to the side affects of this drug. The first thing I noticed was my inability to sleep through an entire night. Due to this I went back to the doctor and they suggested that I stop it for a week and see if my sleep improves, if it does try taking it in the morning. The last two weeks have been an absolute nightmare. I have short term memory issues, my mind is in a fog, I still cannot sleep, and I have anxiety issues all of a sudden as well. I have noticed a lot of these postings deal with muscle cramping but I have not had a lot of issues with that. Have others experienced the mental side affects?

Posted by: Jeremy S on October 25, 2007 03:19 PM


My husband has been taking a high dose of Lipitor for several years and recently started vomiting every morning. After having blood tests it turns out his liver was shutting down and dumping high levels of amonia into his system. He stopped taking Lipitor and no longer has feels like throwing up every morning. Hmmmm.....I wonder if it is related.

Posted by: Joyce on November 1, 2007 01:48 PM


In the past five years, my husband has had two hips replaced, severe heartburn, and knee problems. He thought it was aging. Recently, he's had severe heartburn, to the point that he's had multiple test at hospital and extreme muscle pain in the legs and groin. I am beginning to suspect it might be caused by lipitor. He takes a high dose and has been taking it for several years. He is in agonizing pain. The more I read about adverse effects of lipitor, the more I think that this statin drug might be causing these muliple symptoms.

Posted by: Denise Cohen on November 25, 2007 10:24 AM


I have been on 80 mg of Lipitor for--well--needless to say--I don't remember how long--would have to look this one up!! At least 2-3 years.. I have complained since shortly after starting the drug about muscle pain in my lower back and legs--and other places too---I do have arthritis and fibromyalgia (maybe not afterall) so I just assumed it was that but did tell the doctor since I was warned to so in the drug info---of course this got brushed aside--when I read about all the people that have suffered the same symptoms I have it really made me angry and scared!!! I had blood work done this week only to find out my liver count is high--Won't know the next steps in this problem till next week... The first step I took myself was to do some extensive research into Lipitor---Needless to say I will never take another one---I have Atrial Fibrilation and my electrophysiologist is the one that insisted I take such a high dosage...then bragged that I was his "Poster Child" for low cholesterol!!! Well, wonder if he knew he was killing me in the long run!? He will hear about this soon~~~
I also have put up with the most horrible ringing in my ears and went to several differnt doctors seeking relief for this to no avail...and I read this may be a symptom also!! Shortness of breath and not being able to walk very far and not being able to walk normally anymore...I am so anxious to see if all this will come back to normal after stopping the drug---I am als going to take CoQ10 and vitamin C---Wish me luck---Thank everyone for posting their stories...

Posted by: Marcia F. on December 1, 2007 01:05 AM


Action: Statin Drug Investigation Proposed - Sign Petition Much evidence suggests that a low serum cholesterol is associated with depression, suicide, muscle damage, memory loss and general ill-health. As the signature count begins to climb, we can see the impact of having patients telling of their own bad experiences with statins. It has been the case for far too long now that the medical profession, as a whole, has not seen the obvious nor has it listened very well to what the patients on statins have been telling it.

Posted by: Sepp on December 12, 2007 04:26 AM


I have only been off of Lipitor for 5 days and I can barely lift my head...still! I have twitches and I am dizzy also. I went into the hospital a few weeks ago with chest pain. A nice $20,000 stay for one night and after reading this site, I am almost positive it is the result of the Lipitor since I was exeriencing the difficulty swallowing as well as "heartburn". Since I have been off of this drug, I can breathe better at least and the chest problems have all but disappeared for now. I am very lucky though that my doctor is also well versed in the art of homeopathy and truly believes in both the science of being a doctor but also has knowledge of natural healing. She immediately told me to go on COQ10. After the 4th day off of this drug. I am no longer waking up with clenched fists and a stiff body. I know from an earlier back injury that this is a sign that my body has had some nerve damage and is repairing itself. So, those of you with this sign, this is a good sign that your body is repairing itself. I wish everyone the best of health. Stay strong and be informed! I am hopeful that I will be able to recover fully.

Posted by: Kelly on December 24, 2007 05:10 PM


My 40 year old husband has been on Lipitor for the past two to three years. My husband had major side pain last Wednesday night (2/6/08), so I rushed him to the emergency room, thinking maybe he was passing kidney stones. The ER ordered a CT Scan immediately, which came back negative for kidney stones. So, he stated that he saw something and ordered another type of CT scan. Within an hour, we were told that my husband had Kidney Cancer. This is very scary and I can not help but to wonder if they are related?

Posted by: Angela on February 13, 2008 08:45 PM


Hi from New Zealand. I have been taking Lipitor for a number of years and have had muscle pains mostly in my legs.Complained to my Dr.all the time telling her I thought it was the medication I was taking.Finally I visited a Chinese Practioner to help heal my legs and the first thing he told me was to throw those Lipitor away!!! He is helped me alot with my diet and chinese herbs now I no longer take blood pressure tabs either. I still have painfull nights at times but feel heaps better in myself for being off those terrible money making,life threatning LIPITOR.

Posted by: Carol Singer on February 19, 2008 05:50 PM


does anyone know what is a safe way to get off the Lipitor? I have been put on 80mg daily right away as of Nov. 07 and it has not been adjusted since. I became nervous after investigating the side effects and have cut my dosage in half for the past week and a half. I was put on it due to a heart attack on the 11th of Nov. Some reports I have read indicate that people simply quit Lipitor without gradually decreasing. Please advise a safe course to take.

Posted by: Shirleen Kainer on March 10, 2008 09:51 PM


Shirleen, there don't seem to be any problems of withdrawal. But in any case, you should talk to your doctor about quitting the drug and tell him why you have come to the conclusion you have come to. I know it's difficult at times to go to the expert and tell him/her you don't agree with what they have prescribed, but many times doctors are very understanding. It of course depends on how well prepared you are, that is, how well you have done your own research.

Posted by: Sepp on March 11, 2008 01:59 PM


54 Yrs old. Numbness and tingling in right thigh. Soreness in feet. Very sore knees, left elbow and right shoulder. On 10mg lipitor for 4 years. Off for 1 day. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery. Thanks to all who shared their experiences. I see my Dr. in two days.

Posted by: Lawrence, Victoria BC on March 18, 2008 09:07 PM


I was in lipitor 10 mg for 5 years, on Feb18,08 I felt sick, I went to see my doctor, he draw blood and found that my cholesterol is high and my liver ensymes ast and alt over 500, my lhd 1315 alert and ck 10000 alert, couple days felt very bad and been to the emergency for thourough check up, they stopped my lipitor, they believe lipitor busted my liver and blood system, I had muscle fiber break down, I was released from hospital couple week ago, I'm at home and cant walk without walker, nurse shows up twice a week to help me with therapy, I'm in a very bad shape.

Posted by: mohamed elbouazaoui on March 24, 2008 12:53 PM


I was on lipitor for almost 5 years because my cholester was high, I been taken 20 mg then went down to 10 mg. I was a very healthy person and never had any medical problem, one day all of a sudden I felt strange,my body is no longer as used to be, felt weakness and lack of energy, went to see my dr. blood bad,liver enzymes both ast and alt 12 times higher than normal, LHD i/o 200 is 1315. ck 10000, i was about to pass out,rushed to emergency, they checked me from toes to head, cat scan x-ray etc.. no cancer tks god, muscle fiber breakdown Rhabdomyolysis, cant walk or lift a spoon to my mouth,I have a hard time to keep my head Doctor told me to stop my cholesterol, I have already stopped the day when I felt sick, at the hospital report, they mention problem has relation with drug statin lipitor but not sure, it seems that doctors they dont want to recognize or to confirm that drug is the main problem, now I'm disabled at home, nurse comes twice a week for physical theryapy and other to check my blood because at the hospital being lain on bed for over two weeks,I had short of breathe,they put on oxygen,been taken to x-ray immedialy were they found blood clots invaded my lungs, now I'm taking warfarin and prednison which may last 6 or 9 month. Lipitor company get rich off of people that it has crippled and will continue to cripple, maybe we can all together and turn this info a suit.. March 25, 2008

Posted by: elbo on March 25, 2008 08:14 PM


I have taken Lipitor for almost ten years. I was told by my doctor that the pain and lack of energy were part of the aging process. I'm only 42! Another Dr. in same office doubled my dose to 80mg daily. I could not get out of bed and missed so much work. I have never felt so awful in my whole life! When in contact with Dr office, they just said to stop taking it for 2 weeks and then resume. I will never take that crap again. I am just now regaining strength and energy. I hope there are no long term side effects. I can't seem to get anywhere calling my Doctors office. They accept no responsibility and just blow me off. Time to look for a new doctor.

Posted by: Joyce on May 2, 2008 01:44 AM


My mother got liver cancer from taking Lipitor which spread to her colon. She battled it for 7 years before she died. It was only a month past my 21st birthday and a few weeks away from my the end of my junior semester. Could somebody tell WHY is Pfizer is still in business. Why is there no lawsuit. Why is nobody held responsible?

Posted by: shdwsclan on May 8, 2008 10:54 AM


I am 58 years young, feeling about 90 right now. Had a heart attack 3-1/2 years ago and was put on 20 mg. Lipitor. Cholesterol came down and I never had what I considered to be side effects. However, looking back, I have had 2 episodes of major depression/anxiety, treated with anti-depressants. The past 6 months, I have experienced numerous symptoms that doctors are trying to assign to sleep apnea, even though I scored a big 0 on the Epworth sleepiness scale. It started with occasional shortness of breath, then unexplainable fatigue, then dizziness, constant headaches (I rarey get headaches), bowel irreglarites that have progressed from once-a-day-normal, to frequent, small stools mixed with diarrhea, dry eye, weight gain, dizziness, tender & swollen areas on chest, above knees, thighs, heart PVC's (pre-ventricular contractions) PHEW! Have seen two specialists, and have had two hospital stays via the ER in the last 3 months, one for trouble breathing...they say it's asthma, even though I don't cough or wheeze and their asthma meds don't help one bit, and one for a stroke, which is hard to believe, since my blood pressure, cholesterol and eating habits are all good, and I don't smoke either. Have had too many tests to list, but all came back normal. Two with false positives, at least according to doctors. After reading these posts, I am almost certain now that it is Lipitor that is causing my problems. I am a 58 year old female who used to hike in the woods with her dog, cut her own grass and hedges, gardened and kept up a house by herself (at least as of last summer). I work at a job that takes up 11 hours of my day with traveling time, but have not been able to be there for the last 6 weeks. As of today, I am stopping Lipitor and taking CoQ-10 to see if I start to feel better. I am praying for all of you who have Lipitor related problemsand or disabilities.

Posted by: Joy on May 11, 2008 07:20 PM


I am 75 years of age. Several years ago, I began having lower back pains and eventually told my doctor about it who just shrugged it off as part of growing old.
BULL-CRAP! I have since learned about the damage that Statin type drugs cause and since giving up on them I feel 100 better physically and am able again to do house-hold maintenance and other chores which I had not touched in years.

Posted by: Gordon Giesbrecht on May 20, 2008 11:48 PM


Within a few days of starting Lipitor, I began feeling noticeably 'off'. I take no other medications, and haven't for years and years. I was very very fatiqued, with swelling in my face and hands, difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, sudden tears welling up and streaming down my face, and so much tension and irritation I wanted to scream, some muscle pain, (but I've also been excercising). My head felt like a big fog bank and it was hard for me to stay focused and remember things. I looked up side effects for Lipitor and was shocked. With so many people I know taking this, and my GP being so cavalier about prescribing, how could this issue be so unknown??? I had no idea until I did my own research that the liver should be monitored. I have had chronic kidney stones for all my adult life (I am now 50), and there are a plethora of stones in both kidneys currently. My kidneys don't operate at 100, and I question the wisdom of a statin medication under the circumstances. Today is the 7th day of taking the Lipitor, and I am so done. I will commit to a change in diet and excercise. If that doesn't work, I'll take my chances with high cholesterol. I may seek a new doctor, as well.

Posted by: sheila scott on May 23, 2008 10:37 AM


In January of 2008 my doctor put me on Lipator with a cholesterol level of 225. Within a month I started getting queasy feelings in my stomach like going down in an elevator, my pulse quickened, and my sense of balance deteriorated with episodes of vertigo. It was like walking on a moving train. In two months the stomach/abdominial pains began and woke me in the wee hours of the severe I needed to get to the emergency room, thinking I was having a heart attach. EKGs and bloodwork for cardiac enzymes were normal. The doctors said "indegestion", although I could not remember eating late, anything spicy, or overeating that would cause that kind of indegestion. A third trip to the emergency room resulted in ultrasound scans of my vital organs, endescopy, and CT scan with contrast, all negative. Then I heard that some people could not tolerate Lipator, so on my own I stopped taking it. It is now two months and I have not had a recurring episode and the balance/vertigo problems have gone away. I attribute the problems to Lipator. For some this drug can be hazzardous as proven by the many other people that have had similar results. Robert Rand, Deerfield Beach Florida.

Posted by: Robert Rand on June 5, 2008 09:47 AM



Posted by: ROBERT FALK on June 9, 2008 01:24 AM


My father was a very active intelligent man- until 5 years ago- he began taking Lipitor and started having shoulder and neck pain, then he began having trouble with walking and now he can barely talk most of the time, feed himself, or do most things people take for granted the doctor's thought it was Parkinson's, then Alzheimer's the tests for these conditions have all come back negative..they have concluded that it is parkinsonism..upon researching this condition I have found that research is pointint to chemical exposure, ie...Lipitor. Where do I turn for help now? The expenses of the disease are too much for my parents to bear and my mother can not care for him all alone(they live 6 states away)Is there an attorney or a research group who is looking into this...Who do I contact? Please help.

Posted by: Barbara Pickel on June 12, 2008 02:14 PM


In January, my husband had a mild heart attack, which was caused by a 90 blockage in his main artery. He had stents inserted, was put on Lipitor, Plavix, and asprin. One month later, he had a stroke in his cerebellum. Thankfully, he had no side effects, was put on ramiprimil. Now his fatigue is so terrible, he can hardly work--not good for someone who is self employed. Doctors have no answers as to the fatigue and I have noticed an increase in memory loss. Husband just had another stress test to see if his heart would respond to an increased demand, as his resting rate was 51, but all was well and clear. Frustration has really overcome him today. In searching for other possible reasons, I found this site. He is stopping the Lipitor tonight. Will post back when he notices an improvement, as we both think he will!

Posted by: elizabeth blevins on June 24, 2008 05:25 PM


My husband was on Lipitor and gradually turned into an old man in all sorts of ways. He is otherwise a lively intelligent curious physical man but all that disappeared including the intimate parts of our relationship. He put it down to just ageing and I got cranky. Very cranky. He started doing research on Lipitor and decided to come off Lipitor after reading about the side effects. Within days he started to return to his old self. Life looks good again for both of us.

Posted by: Susan on July 9, 2008 06:44 PM


I still have hope!!! I quit Lipitor to be given Crestor. Now 2 months off Crestor I have noticed some small improvements. I have had extreme weakness, getting out of a chair and going up stairs very difficult, depression, memory gaps, difficulty concentrating, saying the wrong words, Left upper thigh numbness, yet it itches, and is painful to touch, all at the same time. Weight gain, changes in fat tissue, now looks like someone stuffed me with moth balls, these lumps are also very painful to press on. I had been on these meds for several years and it was 2+ years before the symptoms began. Now I pray that they go away. I know now that no matter what medication a Dr may suggest, there will be a lot of research FIRST.
Another type of med to be watched are the anti-depressants that you CANNOT get off of, where the side effects of coming off are far greater than staying on.
Blessings to all.

Posted by: Pat Johnaon on August 10, 2008 07:05 PM


My 16 year old, kidney transplanted, daughter has been prescribed Lipitor for high Chol due to the side effects of her immunosuppressant drugs that keep her kidney from rejecting. She has been increased from 10 to 20 mg last month. She usually takes it at night as the box says, and feel very naseous. I will be watching carefully and re checking with her doctors. Her dose seems high compared to the doses of much older people here are taking (or now not taking!!) She has a lot of life to live yet...!!!cheers

Posted by: wendy on September 20, 2008 07:20 PM


I was recently diagnosed with a blocked artery which was repaired with a stent two weeks ago.
One of the medications given to me was Lipitor at 80mg.
I do not and have never had high chloesterol so this is the first time I have taken this type of medication.
Following the stent op all was going well for about the first five days and then I started to go down hill fast.
Muscle aches, Nausea, Fatigue etc, etc.
I and my family thought I was dying.
Went to the Doctors and was told just to carry on.
When I got home I decided to google all the medication and then I found that all my symptoms were in fact described side effects of Lipitor.
So all remaining tablets went down the toilet and I have started on CoQ10 - 200mg per day.
Within two days I started to feel better and I am improving every day but I tink it may be a while till I am back to 100.
Any other suggestions from anyone would be great.

Posted by: Bev Kemp on October 29, 2008 06:17 AM


I am a 54 year old male in decent physical condition. After failing a routine stress test during a physical last year and corresponding blood work showed high cholesteral and Tri's my Dr. put me on 80 mg Lipitor. I was left on this dose for 6 months even though I had follow up blood tests. After starting on the Lipitor my fatigue was unbelievable as it was all i could do to stay awake hours after getting up in the morning. i would also like to note that I have long hair and started noticing large quantities falling out. I finally felt like there was no way I should be on levels of Lipitor that high and quit taking it altogether. Within weeks my hair started growing back in and my energy level increased dramatically. 4 months later i had another routine blood workup and my cholesteral and Tri's were still high. Doc wanted me back on Lipitor but I refused and I also insisted the levels were too high. He finally relented and prescribed Simvastatin at a 40mg level. I have been on it for 3 weeks and my hair is starting to fall out again. as an example, when i stroke my hand through my hair I can come up with 20-30 strands on every sweep. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? i'm curious if they are related to the drugs?

Posted by: Ric Colestock on November 1, 2008 07:18 AM


I am a relatively healthy 45 year old male that turned into a 70 year old because of statin drugs. My insurance co. Cigna required that I switch from Lipitor to Simvastatin at the beginning of 2009. I had been taking 80mg of Lipitor and had severe neck pain and pain in my feet. I never thought that it could have been caused by the Lipitor. When I started taking the Simvastatin I developed severe abdominal pain with bloating,gas, and diarrhea. I also noticed spasms and cramping in my abdomen along with extreme fatigue. After meeting with a Gastroenterologist I was referred to a surgeon to have my gall bladder removed even though the Gastro doctor said the symptoms that I was having weren't totally pointing to gall bladder disease. The surgeon convinced me to have it removed because I had a few stones. After about 1 1/2 months of taking the Simvastatin I noticed that both of my calves were twitching all of the time. Both of the arches in my feet were twitching non stop as well. Soon after I noticed the twitching I started to get cramps in my feet and hands as well as random twitching in my arms, thighs, and other muscles. There were times that I was about to come out of my skin because of the anxiety that I was feeling. I noticed more of a tingling feeling around my mouth that would come and go. My feet also started to go numb as if I had neuropathy. My wife finally figured out that all of these symptoms started right after I began taking the Simvastatin. I stopped taking the poison two weeks ago and have started to feel a little better. I am starting to feel less fatigued, but I still have the twitching in my feet and calves while they are at rest. The random twitching in my other muscles is still around as well. I went to my internist and told him about my side effects of the drug and let him know that I will never take it again. I can only hope that this drug didn't do permanent damage. My internist said that it could take 6 to 8 weeks to get it out of my system. It can't get out quick enough in my opinion. There is no question in my mind that the Simvastatin caused all of these problems.

Posted by: William on May 13, 2009 03:35 PM


On lipitor for several years. Does anyone else have a metalic taste and decreased taste in addition to generalized weakness, neck and shoulder pain, muscle and bone aches etc? Let me knowb

Posted by: melrose on June 28, 2009 12:33 PM


I have been on 80 mg of Simvastatin (a generic Zocor) since Nov of 07 following a minor heart blockage. Had one a stent put in. I have been working out 3 days a wekk in cardio lab for about 2-3 hours of intense cardio activiity. Over the past 6 months I have had neck and back pain on the rith side of next and upper right back. I thought it was becasue of the exercise. I am 62 years old, 5'4" and weigh 155 lbs. I am a health food and nutritional consultant. I hate being on statins. I am alos on 5mg of Lisinopril. My heart rate is around 65 and my blood pressure is always under 120 over 80. Ususally 115 over 70!I was on 100 mg of Metoprolol but found I was depressed all the time and insisted I go off of it against the cardiologist recommendation. He wanted to put me on an antidepressant! This is an endless downward spiral I just can't buy into.

Posted by: Dale Southam on August 4, 2009 04:28 PM


I have a metalic taste, as well as a decreased taste, find I want to salt my foods more than before. I have been on Lipitor for 2 1/2 years now. I also find that my whole being is achy and weaker than before, as well. I stopped taking the Lipitor 4 days ago. I do hope I will eventually feel better.

Posted by: Shirley on August 27, 2009 03:39 AM


have been on lipitor for 4 yrs. have shortness of breathe and low blood count does anyone else have this problem?

Posted by: lee on October 1, 2009 08:59 AM


I've been on lipitor for 4 yrs. can these side effects like muscle aches and charley horses and cramps in my hands start after 3yrs.? that's how long this is going on.

Posted by: Lee on October 1, 2009 05:15 PM


My husband has just stopped Lipitor after 2 years and is experiencing severe itching all over. Is this from stopping the Lipitor? He has not had any of the other side-effects while taking it, but wants to stop due to the possible harm it could be doing.

Posted by: Barbara on December 29, 2009 02:15 AM


I have taken Lipitor for about 15 years. Recently I was told that I have fibromyalgia. Can Lipitor cause this problem? I have muscle, joint, jaw pains, forgetful, lack of appetite and dislike meat and cheese and lack of energy. Anyone else have fibromyalgia? Thanks

Posted by: Piri Horvath on December 30, 2009 02:05 PM


My husband died at age 45 of cardiac arrest. He was on Lipitor for 10 years, he did suffer back pain, weight loss at a lot of points, depression, some memory loss. He did also smoked and had a heaavy meat based standard american diet which I believe did not help either. But I believe the drug was not doing him any good and only bad

Posted by: Rene on January 14, 2010 11:28 AM


Took lipitor for eight years with moderate side effects. Mild muscle burning, neuropathy, some memory/cognitive issues. Doctor added Tricor 145 to reduce triglycerides. I stopped both in the fourth month. Extreme fatigue, muscle burning, weakness, muscle mass loss, muscle/tendon pain. Please be very wary of this combination.

Posted by: gene martini on March 8, 2010 02:54 PM


I am 63 years old male and have taken Lipitor 10mg for 11 years. My medical aid forced me, due to cost to change some 6 months ago to Aspavor - apparently an exact generic of Lipitor (made in the same facility) - that is when my problems began. I started with feeling weak and listless, always tired fatigued - something that I never had in the past. I then started to lose weight fairly slowly - I now have lost 11kg. I then felt that I did not have the strength I used to have, I noticed that my urine was brown and I started with severe muscle pains in my legs - could not sit down for more than a few miniutes without experiencing pain/burning sensation when I stood up again. I had pain in various parts of my legs, feet, hands and arms. I lost concentration often and did not sleep well, my muscle mass has reduced very much. I have stopped using the Lipitor/Aspavor and have not had the muscle pains anymore. I eat less and nothing tastes as it used to. I am now working with my doctors to try and recover - has anyone out there got any ideas for me to assist in my recovery.

Posted by: Peter Engels on March 21, 2010 09:02 AM


Peter, I am 64, had a quintuple by pass in '07. Last Dec I started using a supplement powder mixed in water twice a day in place of a generic for Lipitor. It's called "Proargi9" It reversed the plaque and lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure. It is based on the nobel prize winning research from 1998, l-arginine and l-citruline increasing the antioxidants and the oxygen to my cells. The result is more energy, sleeping better, and overall better health. Works for me. Look it up on the web for all the info.

Posted by: Everett Fields on June 15, 2010 11:48 PM


My job involves standing most of the time and I have developed mild arthritis in my hips which I could always exercise away by walking and doing yoga. After a blood test my cholesterol was deemed high and the doctor put me on 40mg of simvastatin. After a short time I noticed the arthritis had got worse but I never associated it with the statins until recently. I stopped the simvastatins because I found I was being very irritable, after that all returned to normal including the hip pain. Several months later another blood tesy revealed high cholesterol and I went back on the simvastatin and once again the pain and irratability returned. I complainded to my doctor and I was put on 10mg of lipitor. The pain in my hip joints got worse and I again just put it down to the arthritis advancing with age. I was at the time a healthy active 56 year old. Several months later another blood test revealed that my cholesterol levels had dropped, but the doctor wanted it down quicker so increased the dose of liptpor to 20mg. After that all hell was let loose. I went out for a walk one day, around 4 miles, by the time I returned home the pain in my hips and back was excruciating but passed after resting. Working was a nightmare as the pain got worse through the day. Three months later I was on another walk in the country after a short while the pain was so bad I had to keep stopping to rest. At one stage whilst climbing over a style my left hip colapsed and I went rolling down the hillside. I still did not associate the problems with lipitor. After a time I started getting intense night sweats and the smell of ammonia in the sweat was overpowering. Whilst at work on several occasions I felt the vibrator of my mobile phone going off in my pocket only to find that when I went to answer it it wasn't there, it was actualy the muscles in my right thigh buzzing. Then the pain in my hips and in my legs all the way to my feet got so bad, it felt as if razor wire had been tied around my legs, and I could no longer sleep and pain killers were having little effect. Test at the doctors revealed nothing apart from mild ostioarthritis in my hips. I asked if it could be the lipitor be they assured me not. Another week I decided to search the web and was amazed at the number of hits I got from people with the same condition who were on lipitor. I took the decision to stop. No change after a week apart from I felt calmer somehow. Two weeks and the razor wire was removed from my legs and the night time sweats and the buzzing had stopped, and at last I could sleep better. I have been off this poison for six weeks now but unfortunately it has left my hips and to a lesser degree my knees in shatters. I can barely put one leg in front of the other and some days are so bad I need two sticks to walk. Some days are better though and I think maybe I will get back to normal but how long I do not know. I have been refered to hospital to see a specialist and I hope I won't need a hip replacement. I do leg excersises and yoga but I find it difficult doing any weight bearing. I am going to start swimming next week to try and get my strength back. I only hope it works and I can get back to being active again and also back to work. I think that statins are extremley dangerous and should be researched much further or taken off the market. Some people I've spoken to have been on them for years without any obvious side effects, but I think that it's just a time bomb waiting to go off, and those of us who have had early warning signs in the form of side effects are the lucky ones. Good luck to anyone out there recovering from statin poisoning.

Posted by: Philip Ormerod on April 21, 2011 04:29 AM


June 2010 my doctor put me on Lipitor. I did not want to go on it because, although my LDL was high, my HDL was also very high. However, he finally talked me into taking 10 mg of Lipitor a day. He did regular 6-month checks on my liver which came back fine. In February 2011 I started having muscle pain and emotional. I attributed this to moving while also getting a second masters degree. However, muscle pain became worse. I thought it was from not exercising enough, getting older, etc. By June 2011 the muscle pain was increasing, I was stuttering and having trouble remembering things. I relied heavily on lists. I was also a lot more emotional - attributing it to thesis and graduation. On June 27th after 2 days of chest pain I went to the doctor to have my blood pressure checked. It was fine – but my pulse was very low – 50. The doctor wanted me to go into emergency, but I did not want to. I hate emergency rooms. On June 28th I was attending an outdoor concert with friends. I ached everywhere, could barely get out of my chair or walk, very cold, falling asleep and just felt awful. I came home and took my temperature. Since I take cortisone everyday I am not suppose to get a temperature – yet I had a low-grade temp. I called my doctor. My friend took me to emergency where I was freezing cold and could barely walk. My head ached horribly. I was admitted to the hospital where I stayed for 3 days. I was checked for every disease, infection (viral and bacterial), and was diagnosed as being healthy. My doctor at the hospital felt it seemed very much like a Lipitor reaction and took me off the Lipitor and told me to buy CoQ10 and start taking 100 mg. a day. Nearly 2 weeks later, I am still aching and not feeling that I am "meâ€?? yet. I am seeing a naturopathic doctor as well as going for regular acupuncture. This entire ordeal has cost me a fortune in medical costs, loss of work, and emotional drain. I am very concerned about family members who continue to take this horrid drug. It should be taken off the market and I would love to be a part of a lawsuit.

Posted by: Judith Auslander on July 13, 2011 03:07 PM


Having been disabled 12 years ago, at 34 years old, from a former Critical Care RN, I want to educate the world as to the harsh reality that ALL CHOLESTEROL DRUGS ARE POISON! Based on junk science, all for the love of money. The best ANY statin study has EVER shown, is a 0.34 ABSOLUTE RISK REDUCTION...yet the ads boast a 30+ relative risk reduction...and we fell for it, and continue to fall for it..if anyone wants a list of my research/publication findings, please email Thanks and God bless!

Posted by: Christopher Wunsch on July 26, 2014 08:59 AM


I was on Atorvastatin (Lipitor) for about 2 years. Over those 2 years I became extremely weak in both my arms and my legs. My hands were constantly painfully cramping up on me and I became so weak I could not even open a bottle of spring water. I would take my medication before bed and wake up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain. Because I also have a bad back, I thought I was experiencing radiating nerve pain. When things got so bad that I started falling down stairs and could hardly walk across the room, I finally consulted with the Pharmacist and she felt it was Lipitor and stressed that the doctor should be made aware immediately. I guess my question is this.... If it can do so much harm to my muscles what did it do to my heart? Isn't the heart a muscle?

Posted by: Amy Princess on October 29, 2014 11:13 PM


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