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September 13, 2003

a bio-economic way of unleashing human joy

Paul Le Baron has recently shared with some friends his vision for a different economy. This would take the daily fight for just bare survival out of our lives and free people to pursue their creative aspirations, as well as maybe pay more attention to what their leaders are up to.

There are some economic changes that will be needed and I frankly do not see (yet) how exactly to achieve that vision, but I thought it worthwhile and important enough to share with you. Any comments you might have are of course welcome.

Paul Le Baron wrote:


Jason is the only one of you who I have met personally, but from reading the material he has forwarded, we obviously are connected by a burning passion to see the human race begin to realize its potential for joyous creativity and contentment. The dawning awareness that we are a worldwide interdependent family is a heartening first step toward loving our neighbor as ourselves.

The gross imbalances inherent in all of the societal systems that have brought mankind to its present state will dissolve only as better systems are embraced. If we attempt to defeat them by fighting we only weaken and exhaust ourselves. Since we all desire to be members of a worldwide community at peace with itself, does it not make sense for us to turn our combined attention to creating ideas that will fuel the imagination of enough people to bring them into being? My purpose here is to invite you collectively or individually to collaborate with me in conceiving and giving birth to such thought forms.

For the last fifty years this has been uppermost in my meditations, with my vision of a happy world being gradually refined to the form expressed below. It is a pattern that when implemented could eliminate all of the ills of present day society. During the past year I have sent it to seventy-eight members of parliament, including the prime minister, to several sections of CBC radio, and as letters to the editors of one handed
and forty Canadian newspapers, with no meaningful response. Now I offer it to you!  
SUSTAINABLE PEACE - a bio-economic way of unleashing human joy

It only takes a modicum of vision to see that the present system of economics, based as it is on competition, fear and oppression, will never allow a state of peace to prevail.The best that can be realized is for temporary periods of uneasy waiting for the next aggressive flare-up.

The solution of the age-old problems inherent with this system is beyond the ability of politics, organized religion, or intellect to remedy, because they are all symptoms of a malady of spirit, brought on by the conditioned imagination that we are each a separate identity, that supply is limited, and we must compete to get our share or more, of what is available. Restoration to wholeness will begin when we accept the fact that we are each an interdependent member of the one body of humanity, and that supply is unlimited in the context of sustainable wholeness. Recognition of this for ourselves allows us to honor and respect all others, and demonstrates our willingness to let spirit take control, relegating our minds to their rightful function as tools for the intellect, and opening the way for peace and freedom to emerge in ways not yet imagined. Here is one possible alternative to what holds humanity in thrall today.

By means of a simple shift in the mass consciousness from thinking of money as the measure of a person's worth, to recognition that real value lies in simply being a member of the human family, the door to peace and freedom will begin to open. From that vantage point various methods for meeting the day-by-day needs of all people will emerge, but I offer here the one that I see to be most workable. It is based on the assumption that as a member of the human family every person has a right to adequate food, water, shelter, education and health needs from birth until death. Computer analysis shows this to be feasible at far less cost than the present expenditure on military adventures alone.

Accepting that all people are equally valuable is a first step toward empowerment of the human spirit, away from the prevalent notion that money and possessions are the primary measures of a person's worth.

In this system, which for now I will call "Sustainable Peace Economics", each person would be issued an electronically sensitive card at birth that would ensure entitlement to the basics mentioned above. Purchasing power for a higher living standard could be readily earned by providing agreed upon goods or
services for others. Parenting, child-care, and other forms of public service would be prime ways of earning more. An electronically adjusted number on the card would show total purchasing power for life. It would not be diminished by use, could not be lost or stolen, but would increase commensurate with what that person had given to others.

Present electronic banking networks could readily be adapted to handle all record keeping and adjustment of purchasing power for each individual.

Legal implementation can be accomplished by agreement of those who are managing the present systems, when there is sufficient demand from people who catch the vision of how a consciousness of giving points the way to peace and freedom, supplanting the ages-old struggle to get. A revised United Nations could serve as administrative center for worldwide commerce, health, education, and other matters relevant to the whole, while most governance could be handled on a regional basis. The benefits would be as numerous as the inadequacies of the present system that weighs so heavily on the human

The above is merely a skeleton idea, which can be fleshed out in suitable form to meet the needs of those in varied locations.It is infinitely adaptable, and here is how it could be applied.

The first step after establishing an agreed upon control center, would be a declaration that money would be valueless after a certain date, allowing ample time for it to be converted into purchasing power points. No matter how little money a person had, each one would be issued an identity card showing entitlement to basic necessities, and whatever money they turned in would be converted into additional points according to a sliding scale. This could be handled worldwide with little disruption of commerce, as it now exists..

With some kind of agreed upon service to others being the only way of earning more points, the individual focus will change from a feeling of compulsion to work for a living, to one of creative freedom. Some people might choose to do nothing but enjoy life, and still be assured of a subsistence living, while for those who yearned for more the opportunities would be endless. The points allotted to each kind of giving would beaccording to supply and demand. Incentive for doing unpleasant types of work would be a high enough
number of points per hour to entice participation. Thus a miner or janitor could be earning more points for time spent than an entertainer or a plant manager. Child-care and emergency services would be adequately rewarded, and in the field of education, the earnings of teachers could be based on the number of pupils they attracted.

This system would encourage all kind of wholesome creativity, while eliminating poverty, incentive toward violence, drug abuse, prostitution, gambling, aggressive behavior, and other forms of criminal behavior including war. Taxation would have no place to hide.

I see this or something similar as being the framework of a social structure that can ensure an environment of creative freedom for all people, and I welcome whatever input any of you care to offer as assistance in further development. Discussing it with others, and sending it out by any means, is a way of preparing the ground for it or something better to emerge. A thought to remember is:

We are all one family, in the same boat together

Paul Le Baron

Some comments, made in the e-mail exchange:

I agree with you on the problem, but the solution is a transformation of the human heart in acknowledging God as ruler of the universe and faith in His son Jesus Christ as revealed in scripture.

Yes Leo,

to achieve the society we yearn for does depend on transformation, not of the heart, which is our inherent instrument for contact with God, but of human consciousness. That is where we have all been led astray by conditioned and self created fears of separateness from God and our fellows.

The task before us then seems to be for each of us to fully accept our unified interdependence with each other and with God. When we have formed a sufficient quorum of people imbued with this truth inspiration will flow freely and a portal will be created through which the new vision can be born.


Hi Paul

Agree but believe that transformation of the heart may be achieved by correct information as to how our corrupt debt-based money system that funds competitive, pscitaccic memorizing, teaching what to think rather than how to think producing robotic lemmings and calling this indoctrination 'education' and using Alternative Currencies to free us all from the slavery of poverty.

When I returned to Canada from the UK in l999 there were over 400 L.E.T.S. alternative currencies throughout ... Some councils in Scotland were even accepting LETS for rent.


Dear Zoe,
In my view all of the social ills that plague us are caused by conditioning, most of it inherited from pre-historical times, and all springing from the notion of separation from the creative source, as well as from each other. This rogue idea introduced a state of fission in consciousness which has been passed on with various embellishments as ego-controlled conditioning. From that point of view, the therapy needed is not of transforming the heart, where the indwelling spirit resides, but of reminding ourselves and others that we
are all interconnected, like cells in the body, and that the fusion process you mentioned will begin whenever the heart is ready, allowing the transformation in consciousness to proceed with ease.

The article I sent you is a description of a system designed to encourage and facilitate self-healing through the process of spiritual fusion.
Blessings, Paul

Dear Paul:

Well Said ... Agree that transforming the heart is primary ... How to deprogram the cult like legacy of conditioning that rewards the competitive spirit rather than the cooperative? Who funds and controls our education (indoctrination) system? See attachments maybe some with possible solutions eh?

"The LACK of Money is the root of all evil" Mark Twain.

Competition and control by


I heartily agree with Paul's proposal. It would now be important to work out how best to transform the economic system to allow the dream to come true. I have written some articles on economic matters, which might show a possible path. They are linked here:

(If you would like to ask Zoe for her collection, e-mail her.)

The Golden Dream...

What is wrong with our economy?

Interest suffocating the world

Economy in need of change

Some words on Silvio Gesell

Money and Debt

And (partly) A political program for the next century

Happiness, not money, is the proper economic measure, one British economist says
A well known British economist says England's economic policies would be more sound if they were based on measurements of happiness, not money. The Labour Party consultant notes that British residents have much more material wealth, and they are working fewer hours, than they did 40 years ago, but he suspects the country's overall happiness is not any higher. Prime Minister Tony Blair's office declined to comment on this idea.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Saturday September 13 2003
updated on Friday June 26 2009

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Readers' Comments

how would you start this in a state in a building on what scale would it start no matter how small the scale it would catch on and move from the building to a town to the state then to the world over time i think the main problem is greed the fact that a lot of people want all they can get for doing the least amount of work

Posted by: chris on December 10, 2003 11:13 PM


greed is certainly a problem, but it would seem to me that a proper economic system should take into account that greed is a normal reaction of humans with regard to "riches".

Whatever the system decided on, it should make provision for greed and discourage it, but we can't hope to eliminate it altogether. Human nature.

Posted by: Josef on December 11, 2003 12:22 PM


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