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February 15, 2008

Creating Reality - From Consciousness and Free Will to Three Dimensional Networking

How often have we been told that we create our own reality. That all we need to do is envision, with positive thought, what we want and it will surely come about.

Actually, a whole industry has sprung up around that meme, from life coaches to do-it-yourself success books. Perhaps the most recent and arguably one of the most widely known examples of this is The Secret, an inspirational film and a book that promote what is called the law of attraction.


The object seems to be to obtain what you most wish for. In our society, that normally turns out to be financial success, but it is not necessarily limited to that.

Now how does this really work. How do we create reality in a world where everyone seems to have a different agenda, where political forces are overwhelmingly seen as a violent driving force for the accumulation of power that is in contrast with the deepest and most cherished wishes of the majority of thinking individuals.

Creating Reality

Claus Janew has examined the question in some depth in the book "The Creation of Reality" which is only available in German. An abridged version, translated into English, is available from Janew's site as a PDF file. The title is How Consciousness Creates Reality.

If you are interested at all about the deeper questions of our existence, I recommend you download and print that 36-page essay. Janew says he "wrote the book out of a desire to examine the structure of our reality from a standpoint unbiased by established teachings, be they academic-scientific, popular-esoteric, or religious in nature. The solution to the classical problem of free will," he continues, "constitutes the gist of the concepts revealed."


No need to bring previous philosophical knowledge to the reading of the text, simply an interest in fundamental interconnections, a certain openness and the willingness to think along. A second, shorter paper, which has been published in the German Magazin 2000 and titled Omnipresent Consciousness and Free Will might serve as an introduction to those of you who don't want to invest the time necessary to read the whole 36-page essay. And then - you can always choose to go on from there.

I should like to thank Mike Emery for having pointed me in the direction of Janus and his essays.

And in case neither The Secret nor Consciousness and Free Will hold much attraction for you at this time and yet you want to change the reality in which we live, I have another tip for you. One more way of creating the reality we want is simply to link up with other people and start networking. You can do that either on the internet or in person - starting right in your own neighborhood...

- - -


Just a few days ago, I came across David Braden's interesting site that introduces the concept of networking for the good of the whole system. He has coined the term three dimensional networking.

There is a dimensional aspect to Networking. In fact there are three dimensions and when we look at things from three dimensions we come to understand our essential unity. This is not about good and evil or faith based belief. It is about the flow of value through the whole system and we need to develop a new vocabulary to talk about changing the set of connections (bridges, relationships, bonds) that constitute the reality we live in.

Ending poverty will require systems of production in which everyone can participate. Healing nature will require systems of production that cooperate with natural processes to increase biological diversity rather than diminish it.

Eliminating poverty

A rather large number of people is left out of the sphere of prosperity created by our western capitalist type economy. And as technology progresses, more and more people simply are no longer needed and fall off the payroll. That is a natural consequence of the system. After all, companies do work for profit.

Braden has a simple but rather genial idea on how to eliminate the resulting poverty, how to get people 'into the economic loop' again. It does not involve confronting the corporations or changing those structures of government which many of us believe are responsible for those who are 'left out'. The Self-help Corporation is an idea for bootstrapping a better way to survive for those who participate.

The self-help corporation is a simple, practical and economical way to alleviate poverty. It does not require public consensus, expensive government programs or massive charitable fundraising. One can be started now, by anyone, anywhere in the world. The business plan uses the proven techniques of asset pooling and diversified ownership for capital acquisition. (See Self-help Corporation)

Whole systems and the environment

Three dimensional networking is about looking at the whole system and its interconnections. While businesses and organizations are part of the economy as a whole, the economy is really part of the earth ecosystem. When we say whole system, we mean man's economic activities AND the environment in which we live, as a whole life cycle.

Today, we are on the brink of planetary disaster because our economic system does not consider the environment as part of itself. Resources are seen as a separate pool that we can dip into and take from whatever we like. The results of this kind of thinking are insane situations such as our oil-based energy monopoly and a system of agriculture that depletes fertile soils and destroys forests, eliminating whole species and as a result decreasing the number of options we have at our disposal for survival. This decrease of diversity starts a downward spiral which will inevitably end in our extinction if we take it to the extreme.

But there is also the concept of an upward spiral, a trend that will increase our future options.

Paul Krafel has made a video that explains the concept of the upward spiral.


If you don't have time for the full 57 minutes, here is an edited version that shows the concept in 40 minutes.


The Secret

Dynamic Consciousness and the Reality of Free Will

Three Dimensional Networking - Introduction

3DN - The Self-help Corporation

The Peak Oil Deception: Squeezing Energy for Profit


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Friday February 15 2008
updated on Sunday February 17 2008

URL of this article:


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