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April 10, 2005

Exopolitics - Why Are Extraterrestrial Politics Taboo?

Some say there is a new political frontier in the stars...

Although I have not personally witnessed any event that would be classified as "UFO related", I have not the slightest doubt that we are not alone in this universe. On the contrary, we should rightly be part of a teeming web of life and civilization that permeates not only our own galaxy, but ultimately the vast reaches of the Universe - but it seems we are voluntarily cutting ourselves off from any serious interaction with other forms of intellligence.

My first contact with the attempt to bring such matters out into the open and encourage a scientific approach to eventually contacting and interacting with extra planetary intelligent life, was an article about a book by Dr. Michael Salla, published in NEXUS magazine. Then I came across the websites of Alfred Lambremont Webre, a Washington lawyer and scientist, who was to head a civilian study into the matter of extraterrestrial intelligence, killed promptly by intervention from within the deep reaches of government military power play.

Although there are literally reams of evidence of extraterrestrial contacts and observations, the high level cover-up continues to this day. The Disclosure Project of Steven M. Greer, MD, seems to be running into the same stonewall that thwarted Lambremont Webre's efforts.

Where personal observations - even by groups of people - contradict the official line which is that "there are no UFOs", the establishment's scientific shock troops enter into action. A world wide network of "skeptics" is ready to intervene to discredit any witnesses and tell the press that what was seen were weather balloons, space garbage falling down to earth, meteorites or "collective psychoses".

These "skeptics" are active in other fields as well. They appear as "quackbusters" to discredit any innovations in medicine out of line with the pharmaceutical paradigm, they discredit technological advances such as cold fusion or space energy, they mercilessly destroy attempts to better understand physical reality - anything that might change the way we think about the world around us.

Official projects of "looking for signs of life in the universe" get us listening to radio signals. Programs such as SETI give popular credence to the false notion that it is exceedingly difficult to prove we are not alone. The suggestion seems to be that earth and humanity might really be the center of life in the universe. Nicolas Copernicus and Galileo come to mind.

I do not know why the cover-up about life in space, but certainly it makes for an interesting study, especially as the U.S. is preparing to monopolize the use of space, denying friend and foe alike access to any off-planet real estate.

Jeane Manning, author of "The Coming Energy Revolution" and co-author of an expose of HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Project) wrote an excellent introductory article to exopolitics, detailing Alfred Lambremont Webre's work...

- - -

When the Political Frontier is In the Stars

Source: Exopolitics Blog

This article, reprinted from Atlantis Rising Magazine (April 2005), is by Jeane Manning, author of The Coming Energy Revolution: The Search for Free Energy, co-author of Angels Do Not Play This HAARP, and Board Member of the New Energy Movement. Jeane Manning interviewed Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd about his book EXOPOLITICS: POLITICS, GOVERNMENT AND LAW IN THE UNIVERSE (Universebooks 2005), available at

REPORT FROM THE FRONT: Tracking the News of the Coming Energy Revolution

When the Political Frontier is In the Stars

By Jeane Manning

For drama, this life story matches those in best-selling books and films:

Through his own efforts, an idealistic young lawyer rises to prominence in New York city, stirs up action in the Carter administration White House, runs smack into the wall of military secrecy, survives directed-energy attacks, and points our attention toward the stars -- toward Universe Society.

However, that lawyer, Alfred Webre III, isn’t writing his memoirs yet. Middle-aged now, he remains an idealistic scholar and would prefer that you focus on his concepts. His new book Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe is a treatise rather than a thriller, although quite readable. In terms of significance, its concepts top those of any bestseller. It seems that harmonious technology for non-polluting abundant energy is merely one of the stunning gifts waiting for humankind when and if our leaders openly and benevolently interact with representatives of spiritually - and technologically - advanced civilizations.

Exopolitics is the study of how we can bridge from our current human politics out into Universe society. Why would someone who has taught Economics at Yale and strode in Washington DC's corridors of power risk his career for such far-out ideals?

To get some answers, I convinced Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, to describe some - not all - of his life’s turning points. He said his first influence was his Cuban-American mother who drummed a message into her nine children:

“We’re here on Earth to do good and leave the planet a better place.”

Alfred began his career with academic honors from the preparatory schools and universities that produce our political leaders. A Fulbright Scholar, he graduated from Yale University and earned a doctorate from Yale Law School, where he was a National Scholar.

In New York City, Webre joined the Environmental Protection Administration in 1970 as General Counsel. He rubbed shoulders with ecological scientists and other intellectual stars in closed thinktanks, pushed through landmark legislation for the city and was quoted in the media as a spokesperson for Gaia (Earth as a living entity).

Having made a name in Mayor John Lindsey’s city, Webre was promoted to further challenges when Lindsey ran for president. Webre became a consultant to the Ford Foundation and helped launch major environmental fundings.

At the same time, he was becoming aware of Gaia’s need to join a larger Universe society. Webre won’t tell how he encountered such paradigm-shattering information, but if you talk with him long enough you know intuitively that this straightforward soul couldn’t ignore a call that involves huge potential benefits for humankind.

His response was in character - as a scholar. By 1975, with the help of colleagues he had published a theory of how off-planet cultures from advanced societies would communicate with a lower-order society. His “Context Communication Theory” interprets ET actions and messages almost as they were dreams.

The timing seemed perfect for opening up such topics. Then-governor James Earl (Jimmy) Carter had had a personal UFO experience in 1969 while waiting for a Lions’ Club meeting. As he headed toward the White House in the mid-1970s, Carter reportedly vowed to make the issue public. Meanwhile, Webre’s writings and accomplishments earned him a prestigious job; he was chosen to be one of six futurists at the Center for the Study of Social Policy at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). During his job interview, Webre asked to do a study based on the theory he had published in the early 1970s, the Context Communication Theory. When he was hired as a SRI senior policy analyst, Webre thought,

“This is it! SRI does research for the federal government…”

He began spending four days a week in Washington DC and the rest of the week in Palo Alto, California, with his family. He was doing research with the National Science Foundation and other agencies, but at the same time reminding SRI officials why he came there to work - he wanted to head an extraterrestrial communication study.

Previously such studies had always been under the aegis of the military, but he wanted to do the first civilian scientific extraterrestrial study in the history of the U.S. government. It would be sponsored by the White House instead of the Pentagon, with NASA, National Science Foundation and panels of outside experts coming in. He gathered support and advice from scientists in the SRI community and they put together a proposal.

Meanwhile he was travelling coast to coast for various meetings. For instance, he was on a Senate panel regarding future national security needs. He sat at tables across from people such as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. (Webre told me he was outspoken and had been known to verbally blast the DIA chairman for what Webre saw as ecological blasphemy.) On that panel, a powerful senator sat on his right and an admiral - the founder of the Center for Defense Information - was also at the table. The admiral and Webre had co-authored a book proposal titled Armageddon - The Chilling Prospect of Nuclear War. With such influential connections, Webre felt somewhat like a knight in shining armor. It looked as if he had a perfect opportunity to do as Mother had advised - make a difference on Earth.

He asked around and was given the names of Carter White House domestic policy staff who were interested in the extraterrestrial issue. During his frequent visits to Washington, he contacted those staff members and presented the audacious proposal for the study. There were to be no secret findings; it would all be made public.

“And we went forward.”

Stanford Research Institute approved the project in May of 1977. Webre viewed it as a Rolls-Royce of projects, and rejoiced that he had everyone on board. But that fall the project was abruptly terminated, under the threat of SRI having all its contracts with the Department of Defense (DoD) cancelled.

Who made the threat? Webre replies that it was issued verbally from the DoD to the liaison between SRI and the DoD. The liaison then traveled to California, to SRI. Webre was called into the office of the SRI vice-president and told to “desist”.

I prod Webre’s memory of that scene. He recalls that the meeting took place in the office of the SRI vice-president, a man of African–American descent. Peter Schwartz, who later co-authored the Abrupt Climate Change [2010-2030] study for the Pentagon, was there too. Schwartz, also a senior Policy Analyst, was an advisor to the ET-related project according to Webre.

Before the liaison flew in from Washington, they called Webre in to prepare him for hearing the ultimatum: if SRI went ahead with the extraterrestrial communication project, the DoD would terminate all of the many contracts between SRI and the Pentagon.

The outraged Webre was told to hide his feelings, sit quietly and “yes” the DoD liaison.

“When he comes in, dissimulate.”

Webre says he couldn’t follow those instructions; he can’t present a false front even with a DoD liaison. Instead he burst out with “What do you mean, it’s cancelled? I’m working with the White House!”

Webre repeatedly tried to get answers. “The White House just approved the project. Why doesn’t the Pentagon want it to go forward?”

The Pentagon/SRI liaison reportedly gave a flat reply.

“There are no UFOs.”

Webre describes that meeting as a donnybrook - a bitter quarrel. However, the government department had the financial power, so the project was terminated. “Then came the attacks upon my person. Using microwave weapons…”

Those attacks began in Washington, slightly earlier, he recalls. Just before he returned to SRI to have that meeting with the liaison, Webre had been on a secondary project, meeting with the assistant secretary of Defense. When he came out of that meeting he was hit with what he calls mind control weapons.

What did it feel like? Webre replies, “It’s very painful and it stuns you psychologically. It feels like you’re totally disoriented.”

“This is how they have coped with activists in this area...”

The attacks opened up a chapter in his life in which he became cognizant of electromagnetic or more exotic weaponry and became an advocate for others who are similarly targeted. The victims are put in an unbelievable situation in which they will no longer be taken as seriously.

Nevertheless, with some help from friends Webre continued a career of varied accomplishments. For instance, he was a delegate to specialized United Nations conferences. California governor Jerry Brown appointed Webre to a taskforce on earthquake preparedness. Webre produced and hosted the first live radio broadcast between the USA and the former Soviet Union, in 1987. He was elected as a delegate to the 1996 Texas Democratic convention. Webre is still a member of the District of Columbia bar. He taught civil liberties at the University of Texas. The list goes on.

In the year 2000, Webre went public with the concept of exopolitics, which is now an emerging field. A prominent author in the field, social scientist Dr. Michael Salla, is said to have read Webre’s earlier online treatise before expanding on the topic and writing his own Exopolitics book. Webre praises Salla’s and the efforts of Stephen Bassett. Bassett hosted the first Exopolitics conference, last year in Washington DC. Webre’s new book will be launched at the second annual Exopolitics gathering, on April 22-24.

Interest in the discipline is developing fast, he says, and couldn’t come at a more strategic time. He cites global problems that are largely caused by our fossil fuels/nuclear civilization.

“An ecological approach to these problems may provide us with life-saving and planet-saving solutions.”
Webre speaks of a Galactic Federation that sees our potential self-induced ecological catastrophes as necessary for humankind’s evolution, so that we’ll “acknowledge our short-sighted exploitation of Earth’s resources and our social dysfunctions, and then build anew after a considerable period of self-searching.”

Today, Webre is International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), an on-air host on Vancouver Coop Radio ( and author of a half-dozen books.

His voice joins others who issue warnings. For instance, Steven M. Greer MD, director of The Disclosure Project calls for open Congressional hearings into the UFO matter. Dr. Greer has said "There are ongoing illegal covert programs that consider themselves above the law and have deliberately acted outside of constitutionally-required control and oversight. These programs deal with UFO and extraterrestrial matters and new energy and propulsion technologies. They have consistently denied Congress and US Presidents access to these programs, and (the covert operations) constitute a grave threat to US national security."

Webre speaks of many alternatives, such as naming a public interest diplomacy outreach program to Off Planet Cultures a “Star Dreams Initiative (SDI)”, and developing “a project that offers an alternative vision to the weaponization of space, i.e. Star Wars.”

In Exopolitics, Webre argues that most of the story modern human beings have been told about Earth and its outer space environs is wrong. He presents the hypothesis that Earth is a quarantined planet in a populated, evolving, highly organized inter-planetary, inter-galactic, multi-dimensional Universe society of life-bearing planets. And that the quarantine, which probably has a spiritual cause, may be ending. He makes the point that our society will have to kick its perpetual-war habit, however, before being invited out.

His Exopolitics model bridges between the familiar locked-in limited consensual thinking of our society, and an expanded awareness we could enjoy in what he calls Universe Society. The insights in Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe resonate with what researchers on the energy frontier have learned about socioeconomic, environmental, geopolitical and spiritual awareness issues related to truly paradigm-busting breakthrough energy inventions.

If you attend the Exopolitics Expo, get his book, read it and remember to ask Dr. Webre about the proposed Decade of Contact and not his personal story. He’s serious about that - even though he was persuaded to tell a bit of his story just this once...

Copyright 2005 Atlantis Rising Magazine/Jeane Manning

- - -

June 2006:

A conference in Hawaii passed a resolution promoting peaceful co-operation with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Hawaii Declaration on Peaceful Relations with Extraterrestrial Civilizations

"A New World If You Can Take It"

(original on Exopolitics blog)

We, the individuals and institutions participating in and/or supporting the Extraterrestrial Civilizations & World Peace Conference in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, June 9-11, 2006,

Are a body of concerned private citizens who are promoting world peace and harmonious relations with extraterrestrial civilizations,

Recognizing the overwhelming evidence pointing to the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations, and their generally peaceful interaction with individuals and governmental authorities,

Inspired by the profound significance for humanity of sharing the wisdom, knowledge, culture and technology provided by extraterrestrial civilizations,

Asserting that extraterrestrial civilizations have been observing human evolution for some time with particular interest in humanity's quest for lasting peace among its peoples,

Noting that extraterrestrial civilizations have indicated that the abolishment of nuclear weapons worldwide is a necessary milestone toward peaceful coexistence on earth and as a prerequisite for open contact,

Recalling United Nations resolutions concerning international co-operation in the peaceful exploration and use of outer space, banning atmospheric and underwater nuclear tests, and proscribing hostile acts on the moon and other celestial bodies,

Recognizing a range of initiatives promoted by private citizens and citizen organizations with regard to extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth,

Intending for this Declaration to be used as a starting point for a greater public dialogue with those holding similar or diverging perspectives and interests concerning extraterrestrial visitation,

Using a consensual decision making process among speakers, organizers, and participants at the Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference, 2006, we have agreed to,

Honor the following principles for establishing peaceful relations with extraterrestrial civilizations:

1. We affirm the intent of humanity to join in peaceful and cooperative relations with extraterrestrial civilizations,

2. Affirm support for United Nations resolutions promoting the peaceful use of Outer Space, and support for UN, International and U.S. Congressional initiatives to prevent an arms race in outer space, including the weaponization of space,

3. Affirm the natural right of all citizens to have open contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations in all cases, and to engage in non-official diplomacy,

4. Declare the need for Civil Society to develop acceptable protocols (standards of behavior) with extraterrestrial civilizations, that the protocols should be representative of the aspirations of all humanity, and that all nations should work in concert to establish peaceful relations,

5. Cooperate with extraterrestrial civilizations in promoting Earth, Cosmic and Life friendly technologies, and encouraging the right use and open availability of these technologies,

6. Affirm our desire to coordinate the earth's ecological health and biological diversity with extraterrestrial civilizations that can aid us in that endeavour,

7. And express our desire to welcome the open appearance of benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations.


Official Conference website:

Conference Sponsor is the Exopolitics Institute:

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, June 11, 2006

- - -

See also:


Is there a Black-Ops cabal, even more powerful than government, using technology from alien civilizations?
Introduction by by G. Edward Griffin -- Updated 2005 June 12
The possibility that there are intelligent life forms visiting Earth from outer space is difficult to consider because, if true, it may conflict with our views about the importance of man and the nature of creation. The answer impacts both philosophy and theology – and these are things that, beyond the mid point of life, we tend to defend more than to question. There is a tendency to say: "That can't be true because I believe that …."

Nuclear Terror at Home - by Noam Chomsky
"If you read the vision for 2020 published by the Space Administration, it talks about how the new frontier is space—and that we have to take control of space for military purposes and make sure that we have no competitors. That means the space-based instruments of sudden mass destruction... When the Bush administration took over they just made it more extreme. They moved from the Clinton doctrine of control of space to what they call ownership of space, meaning—their words—"instant engagement anywhere" or unannounced destruction of any place on earth."

The UFO-Star Visitors Web Site of Dr. Richard Boylan
Presenting professionally-researched factual information on UFOs and Star Visitor contact, on the new Star Kids and adult Star Seeds, on the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET), and on Dr. Richard Boylan, noted researcher of the Star Visitors and Star Kids phenomena...


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday April 10 2005
updated on Tuesday October 19 2010

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

A comment received (by email) from Emma in France:

HI Sepp,
Just seen your latest article on ufos, it's really great, and I sooo hope you're right. Radiohead have a song, Subterranean Homesick Alien. It's one of my favorite songs ever. The words go like this:

The breath of the morning I keep forgetting. The smell of the warm summer air. I live in a town where you can't smell a thing, you watch your feet for cracks in the pavement.
Up above aliens hover making home movies for the folks back home, of all these wierd creatures who lock up their spirits, drill holes in themselves and live for their secrets.
They're all up-tight.
I wish that they'd swoop down in a country lane, late at night when I'm driving. Take me on board their beautiful ship, show me the world as I'd love to see it. I'd tell all my friends but they'd never believe me, they'd think that I'd finally lost it completely.
I'd show them the stars and the meaning of life. They'd shut me away.
But I'd be alright. I'm just up-tight.

Posted by: Sepp on April 17, 2005 05:10 PM


( - link no longer active)

The above link provides a new white paper that answers the alien question. Know the truth about seti, extraterrestrials and the ufo phenomenon.

I wish you well.

Posted by: Orflin G. Champion on May 17, 2005 08:07 PM


Regarding wanderers, walk-ins, starpeople, ets, contactees, ufos, interdimensional reality, physics and metaphysics, spirituality and science, earth changes, marian apparitions, avatars, gurus, parapsychology, trans-human psychology and service:

Consciousness is a basic component of reality not something that materializes from or relies on the physical world of space, time and matter. Due to the word consciousness being used in so many different ways (as the word God is used in so many different ways), confusion often emerges. My use of the the word is in reference to the sense or feeling of consciousness itself where the capacity for inner experience exist.

The sense of consciousness is one thing all human beings share, but what goes into an individuals consciousness, the content (especially content which contains generalizations that are powerful, precise and explicit), vary in degrees. Everything we experience is our own personal reality. We think we are experiencing physical reality but everything out there is no more than images of reality reconstructed in our minds. What we perceive and what is actually out there are two very different things.

All of our experiences are images of reality (not false perceptions or delusions) created in our minds. False perceptions come when we confuse our experiences of the world with physical reality or the thing in itself.

Physics takes us closer toward the ultimate truths of the physical world but psychology and metaphysics takes us closer to the ultimate truths of the inner world of consciousness. The only common element of both the outer world and the inner world is light which is more fundamental than space, time or matter. We see light but we never know light directly. The light that hits our eyes is known only through the energy it releases. This energy is translated into a visual image within our minds and that image seems to be composed of light but that light is only a quality of our minds. We never know the light itself. Light underlies every process in every present moment.

Any exchange of energy between any two atoms in the universe involves the exchange of photons. Every interaction in the material world is determined by light. In this way, light penetrates and interconnects the known universe. Physical light has no mass, and is not part of the material world; the same is true of consciousness. Without light as the source there would be no experience.

Closing thoughts;

The world is more or less as we perceive it. However, the defects in our perceptions influence fear, uncertainty, doubt, anticipation and other mental conditions that lead to inappropriate and defective perceptions of the world around us. Clear perception in general is a sound means of cognition, which discloses things to us as they really are.

Therefore, it is necessary to go beyond the dualities of emotions/sense perceptions (eg; suffering, pain, pleasure, life, death) and there associated mind set if we are to reach for the sentient reality of our true nature and the universe.

We can counter the seemingly inescapable influence of fear, uncertainty and doubt by empowering the competence of our minds. As the essence of mind expands, the balance against fear, uncertainty and doubt stabilizes within and for the world we live in.

One has to be "infinite" in thinking for knowledge, unity and moral experiences to flourish.

I wish you well.


Posted by: Orflin G. Champion on June 23, 2005 06:41 PM



Thank you for your thoughtful comment to this article on exopolitics. It crystallizes out some important concepts about consciousness and the unifying (linking) potential of light.

On your "off the grid" page, you say

"The primary purpose of this website is to prepare or acclimate an individual to a scenario of a unified self that is able to interface with the collective consciousness of all life. In summary, this is the creating of a beacon of light so an individual can become self aware of the truth which surrounds their life."

You might be interested in Tom Atlee's site about Collective Intelligence.

Tom focuses on the collective part of the equation, while you seem to concentrate on the individual...

Posted by: Sepp on June 24, 2005 12:23 PM



Thank you for the communication. Tom's site is wonderful.

A human must first know them self, the vital and fundamental portions that give them being, the knowledge of the positive and negative forces of their being, and all the associated ramifications before a broader consciousness can begin to emerge. A human being must also understand their corporeal existence and its care, the emotions and their conversion into mental power, and the evolution of mind to spiritual consciousness. The creation and ultimate development of the mind is found through the evolution of emotions, desires, inspiration, analytical development etc. and their respective balance.

As we seek to know what constitutes life, how it comes into being, and its fundamental portions that constitute a whole, our awareness expands. It is only by applying the outward world to the inner, a human mind is able to begin to conceive the majestic cycle and unique manifestation of the evolution of (first) their individual human consciousness and (second) the collective consciousness of humanity.

I wish you well.

Orflin G. Champion

Posted by: Orflin G. Champion on June 24, 2005 08:54 PM



it appears that there is some contemporaneity in this development.

As more and more individuals become aware of self and of their own consciousness, contributions to the development of humanity's collective consciousness become more frequent and start to show appreciable results.

As unexpected this development might seem, it is of great importance, because the challenges that face us are getting too great for single politicians and even single nations to successfully overcome. So we will need this newly found ability, which is to pool our resources into a collective decision-making process.

Perhaps, when we finally do face direct contact with a non-earth intelligent race, this will be our saving grace...

Kind regards

Posted by: Sepp on June 25, 2005 05:22 PM


Sepp, the Internet indicates that the knowledge base regarding you comment is available to evolve our understanding as a race. What may be needed to bring things together is a starting point--a vision statement that answers the question; Where do we want to be? For example;

Seeing The Future

Human civilization now stands at the apex (utopia - dystopia) of total global awareness. The dawn of a new beginning of enlightenment and transcendence is awakening the human spirit with the advent of a new peace paradigm and its many possibilities. The world is thriving with selfless beings that desire to transform and prepare this world for the future. These beings follow the purview of biological, physical and spiritual laws. They see themselves as subjects that can determine their own fate through will, consciousness, language, reason, subjectivity, purpose, morality and a direct spiritual connection to the light of the universe. They see what human beings have in common is more deeply embedded than what separates them. They believe that the future of humanity will be shaped by the spiritual well-being and existence of a single unified race that will reveal to humanity its true purpose and understanding of the intelligence behind the living universe.

Expanding cosmic consciousness will evolve humankind into beings of truth and light. Human minds will empty fear, uncertainty, psychic phenomena and mental waste from their consciousness. The battle between good and evil will no longer polarize the human mind into false judgments as these phantasms of deception and control will soon vanish from the forefront of human thought. The infection of addiction and consumption shall also pass, as will the disbanding, fragmenting, splintering and destroying of source knowledge and wisdom. Twisted knowledge and misguided wisdom shall no longer be used to control the human mind or spirit. Nothing shall be hidden. The human mind will move into a perpetual state of exploration, association and happiness within the infinite breath of the universe.

Each human being shall have a true and unique identity filled with unassailable integrity that will enable all human beings to interact with any on or off world cultures, no matter how strange. Human beings shall have a great guiding light of ancestral knowledge that will enlighten every experience as the revelations of the universe unfold. Human beings will accept the idea of life throughout the universe because they can recognize and cherish all life.

As we begin to understand who we truly are as a species, we start to understand the meaning of life. Our ultimate happiness will come from the knowledge of understanding that no part of our true essence can be seen by the human eye. All that is seen by human eyes is only our existence reduced to corporeal form. The real us is part of the intelligence behind the light of the living universe.

In understanding humanity, in accordance with the human way of thinking and in consequence with human principles, human beings are more than a system of floating ideas or causalities of conscious beliefs and fears. Collectively, humanity can grow in knowledge and wisdom to understand that there is a first mover unmoved. A first cause in the chain of causes. A rational designer of the universe who is the all encompassing, and absolute Alpha and Omega.

What we can see in this lifetime is life after life. As a collective, humanity will realize that it has become a beast of competitive egos, political separatism and endless ethnic divisiveness, compounded by religion and bad governments. The flow of human events will quickly arrive at a new destination, where human beings decide to depart from their old ways of material concern and move in a concerted new fashion to end global destructiveness and violence. This new realization will ripple through and change the mental circuitry of millions of minds around the world enough to correct the current flow of negative human events. Large numbers of people will become teachers of goodness and generosity through their compassionate deeds, actions and example. Filled with beliefs, and passionate dreams of true hope, reason and judgment shall make peace within all unattended human passions. Individuals will become peacemakers and lovers of life, able to contribute to the compassionate reasoning of the collective to allow mankind to live through its daily rebirth and rise above the ashes of yesterday's destruction.

The future of humanity shall be filled with light. Human beings will realize the inextinguishable truth that will surface from a sudden paradigm shift in intellectual and spiritual capital. A new balance will emerge in societies around the world, providing collective ways to create growth through means of innovation and co-operative economic parity.

The reins of power shall be tightened by a more responsible and secure intellectual community as we begin to simultaneously address globalization, environmental change, widespread poverty and rapid human population growth within the context of one race, one planet. Human rights, political participation, economic productivity and scientific development will dramatically intensify, forcing existing political and economic models to be re-conceptualized, transformed and balanced. This reset will develop a more united, globally oriented human society to form a single, non-political world government with centralized powers that respect all cultures, languages and economies. New "share and sustain" global laws will emerge to include control of state raw materials, unnecessary importation and waste of materials. The primary driving force during this transition period will be the emergence of an intellectual revolution that will fuel self-reliant cultural and spiritual movements to transcend all systemic control mechanisms and environments currently ruled by a few "hoarded wealth" states and institutes.

A cosmic sense of purpose and belief in self enhanced critical and creative thinking is the only true way to see the possibilities of the future. It is clearly a question about the natural world and the intellectual adventure of pioneering fundamental truth into a broader model capable of appealing to the universal potentials of human understanding.

I wish you well.

Orflin G. Champion

Posted by: Orflin G. Champion on June 25, 2005 07:34 PM


Well said, Orflin,

but alas, as much as we would like to predict or steer the process, our visions for it may be nowhere near what really will happen. Each one of us could put up a vision - I think there would be several contenders for that. But what is happening in this developing collective intelligence is different.

What will finally emerge will no longer be one particular vision or even a fusion of a few diverse ones, but a symphony of the visions of all the participants.

So whatever we, from our current "individual-centered" consciousness can come up with will by necessity pale in contrast with the real thing. For that reason, I refrain for now from either commenting on the points you make or on putting my own version there. I believe your try is a good one, but still - we might all be surprised.

All we can do at this moment, I believe, is to contribute to the motion. We, all of us, give our individual - but each one essential - contributions for the change to happen, for the new whatever-it-is-going-to-be to emerge. What will eventually come out of it, we all can imagine, and we can try to paint the picture, but historically, predictions of this kind have not been very accurate, and I think this time we are at an even greater disadvantage than futurists of the past.

That said, any attempt to view the world of tomorrow is important and positive, as long as we realize that we're not really competing. We're simply not of the same class now (as individuals minus collective consciousness) as we'll - hopefully be in the future as individuals plus collective consciousness.

Posted by: Sepp on June 25, 2005 09:54 PM


Sepp, thank you for the thoughtful communication. I hear you well. My vision statement "example" is but one of many I have written for others. The idea in posting "Seeing The Future" was to challenge both of us (or any of your readers) to think outside the box and explore new and unconventional ways of building a (work in progress) collective vision statement. There is no doubt that a symphony of vision statements by many participants is required but we both know that a single point of view vision statement is essentially a draft inspirational sphere of influence to identify and move toward a desired future state.

The survival of humanity and life itself is most effected by people whose compassion drives them towards understanding the complex world they are unable to escape. Maybe this type of "open" exercise and challenge will assist others in seeing or planning for a future we can all share and participate in.

I wish you well.

Orflin G. Champion

Posted by: Orflin G. Champion on June 26, 2005 12:55 AM


A comment by email from a friend in Russia
It's a machine translation, so be patient. But I think you get the drift...

June 25, 2005 on one of television canals of Russia ("RENTV") in the program "The Strange's Secret materials" (00.10 Moskow Time) were disclosed very interesting datas, officially introduced by Russian DoD. Some years ago military have fixed UFO, which impinged (planed) in district of a small wood site. Thinking, that the object crashs and hoping to lock its oddments, military promptly have enclosed a wood segment by squad the soldier and began to squeeze a ring of environment. Coming nearer to a wood, they clearly have seen "man" by body height of 3.5-4.0 meters - in the pressure garment assembly, but without a top section. At their approach "man" in the pressure garment assembly has hidden in a wood, whence in some minutes with singing "flying saucer" UFO has mounted in a palate.

Deserves surprise that many till now can not realize REALITIES UFOs, reality of existence of "gods", actual necessity and OPPORTUNITY of procreation of their Space activity...

Posted by: Sepp on June 27, 2005 07:37 PM


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