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October 13, 2004

Alternative Therapies - An Introduction


It is not recommended to impulsively abandon your doctor (unless you suspect him or her of being a demented chemicals pusher). Finding a doctor who is open-minded and willing to support you with your diet and your developing interest in alternative therapy would be ideal (although you may have a job finding one).

Be cautious and try to be discerning. For example, in France the medical establishment has seemingly introduced alternative therapy into its programme. However, many of these mainstream doctors use alternative therapy as a secondary, 'less effective and slower' means to help the patient.

Their methods are questionable in that they often liberally prescribe pharmaceutical products on the one hand and on the other stick a few needles in people as a lame gesture to oriental medicine.

Candida sufferers, unaware of the truth of their condition, are frequently prescribed antibiotics for their health problems, the very same products that caused their illness in the first place.

Most 'natural' therapies that you find in the average French pharmacy are, on the whole, of a poor quality and are often ineffective. The choice of natural therapies that they do offer does not include most of the supplements that are extremely successful in rapidly getting rid of candida overgrowth. It is likely that they do this is in order to destroy people's faith in immunotherapy (naturotherapy) and to have them return to the pharmaceuticals counter.

This section covers the following topics:














Owing to pressure from the pharmaceutical giants, who wish to impede and dominate the supplements market and alternative medicine in general, certain governments are giving in to such financial pressures and are passing laws that prohibit the sale of many supplements and medicinal plants.


It is not only the supplements and plant remedies that are being outlawed but alternative medicine practices altogether. This includes the practice of macrobiotics, which in some countries is labelled as a 'dangerous sect' by certain politicians and members of the press.


It is even illegal in some countries, such as France, to grow and produce your own home remedies.

If you consider these growing legal restrictions to be an infringement on your human rights you may consider looking into the various organisations that are campaigning against this financial dictatorship.

France: (also in English)

Once again, opinions vary as to the use of supplements and remedies. Here is a list of those that are commonly recommended:

Chlorella : Extremely effective for ridding the body of excess toxins such as candida overgrowth, as well as heavy metals. It cleanses and re-establishes a healthy environment in the gut. Spirulina is also very good, however, chlorella is more powerful. Blue green algae also have an excellent reputation for cleansing the body. An important tip when using chlorella is to increase your intake of fresh coriander leaves, for example in salads everyday. This is because the chlorella releases the toxic heavy metals that have been trapped in the organs into the blood stream. The fresh coriander leaves then sweep these out of the blood stream.

Garlic: an extremely powerful antiseptic and very effective in killing parasites. Try to eat it raw every day. It can also be rubbed on the skin to stop itching although it is an irritant and can burn. Making a solution of crushed garlic in water is one way of reducing garlic's tendency to sting.

Non dairy Acidophilus (Bifidus): this is to replace the healthy bacteria in the gut, destroyed by antibiotics. Buy a brand that uses 100% vegi-capsules.

Oreganum essential oil: Anti-parasitic. This essential oil is extremely powerful. For this reason it is best to consult a professional health care provider when using it, as it can burn. One drop added to a teaspoon of aloe vera gel with a few drops of tea tree oil and chamomile essential oil makes an excellent anti-fungal anti-itch cream. But be careful using neat or on irritated skin as oreganum essential oil will make you hit the roof. It can also be taken internally at mealtimes, by putting several drops into a capsule.

Aloe Vera: one tablespoon of aloe vera-drink taken twice daily. Look for a good brand that does not contain additives, flavours or sugar.

Glutamine: this is the substance used by the intestines to repair damaged tissue and is good for healing 'leaky gut'.

Grapefruit seed extract: anti-parasitic.

Vitamin C: this is best in its powder form and is good for killing harmful bacteria and for boosting the immune system. Avoid the tablets containing flavours and citric acid. Certain people cannot tolerate the acidity of most brands of vitamin C.

Vitamin B complex and Magnesium: calm the nerves and relieve depression. They are also often used for healing serious illnesses of the brain as too is linseed oil which contains omega three fatty acids.

Evening Primrose Oil and Borage: sources of gammalinolenic acid. This is a substance that corrects hormonal imbalances.

Pau d'Arco: Anti-parasitic

Olive leaf : Anti-parasitic

Ozonated Water This is made with a water ozonator and can be effective for reducing candida symptoms by neutralising contaminants in the water and in the body when ingested.

Liquid Zeolite Volcanic salts in liquid form that are reputed to be the most effective way to rid the body of heavy metals, dioxines and other harmful pesticides.

Tea tree oil for topical applications: acts as a very powerful antiseptic and boosts the immune system.

Essential oils are not only enjoyable to use but also have very strong therapeutic qualities . The Neal's Yard book 'Natural Health and Body Care' (UK) is a good introduction.


Apart from supplements there are a growing number of electrical and magnetic devices that appear to be getting great results.

The Zapper or the Rife Machine:

Dr. Hulda Clark's parasite and virus 'zapper' and her kidney and liver cleanses are causing quite a sensation in the world of alternative therapy. The zapper is a simple electrical device that can even be made at home which sends a very low current through the body and, according to Dr Clark, kills bacteria, parasites and viruses. She claims the zapper to be very effective for sufferers of AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cancer, diabetes, candida, ME and most other illnesses. A recent study at the University of Washington has shown that the zapper is in fact very effective in reducing cancerous cells.

The only contra-indications she specifies are for pregnant women and for those using a pace-maker.

Thousands of people are replacing mainstream pharmaceutical products with the zapper and are claiming to have remarkable results.

The Doctor Hulda Clark Network

If Dr. Clark and her discovery of the zapper have provoked such aggressive attacks from the medical authorities then one can't help suspecting that she must be onto something good.

She prefers to use the word 'discovery' for the zapper (that she brought to the attention of the public in 1994) rather than the word 'invention', because the device was originally invented by a certain Raymond Rife who was born in Nebraska in 1888.

On reading the article 'The Cancer Racket' by Gavin Phillips, we discover the following facts:

Raymond Rife was an expert in microscopes, microbiology and electronics. Between 1920 and 1932 he isolated the cancer microbe and named it the BX virus. He discovered that it was killed when exposed to a certain very low electrical frequency. He successfully cured cancer in over 400 experimental animals and in 1934 cured 14 out of the 16 patients with terminal cancer in his clinic, the remaining two patients were pronounced cured one month after the closure of the clinic.

The downfall of Raymond Rife was the chief editor of the American Medical Associations (AMA) at that time, Dr. Morris Fishbein, who had failed anatomy and had never treated a patient in his life, but who on the other hand was a ruthless business man. Profiteering from the advertising rates that he set for the drug manufacturers he also tried to muscle in on and buy a share of Rife's invention. When refused, Fishbein dragged the inventor through a humiliating lawsuit, put an end to proper scientific investigation of the instrument and was eventually responsible for the closing down of Rife's clinic and the imprisonment of Rife's associate, Dr John Crane. Unable to cope with the pressure of such harassment, Raymond Rife became an alcoholic and died in 1971.

A century later, far from being intimidated into oblivion by the chorus of condemnation from the medical authorities, Dr Hulda Clark is proving to be a tough nut to crack.

She explains that most illnesses, including new illnesses, are caused by parasites, viruses and pollutants such as industrial solvents. Certain viruses and parasites proliferate when there is a presence of pollutants in the body. She has discovered that in all the cases of AIDS that she has treated, she has found the pollutant benzene in the organs of the patient. Likewise she has discovered propyl alcohol in the organs of all the cancer patients that she has treated. She also explains that, apart from the contamination of our water and our food and household products, a major source of poisoning comes from dental metal amalgams. For this reason she recommends that her patients not only use the zapper but that they also change their food and household products and go to a specialist dentist to replace all the metal in their mouths.

Certain questions naturally arise regarding the zapper and Dr. Clark's claims about the connection between AIDS and benzene. Candida International asked David Amrein from the Dr. Clark network to answer a few of these questions:

C.I.: If AIDS is indeed caused by benzene, how about in Africa? Is everyone exposed to Benzene in Africa too? If so, in what form?

D.A.: We have tested many water sources in Africa and they are all polluted with benzene plus many other toxins. Some of these tests were done in the lab, others with the Syncrometer. They are using bleach for the water that is toxic.

C.I.: Doesn't zapping add to the harmful electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress that many claim are the cause of modern illnesses?

D.A.: Whether the electromagnetic fields have a negative effect we can't completely say but practically thousands have been using it and the results have been positive in the vast majority of cases.

For more information on the Dr Clark Network see

Ionisers have long been established as effective in treating illness, insomnia and depression by negatively charging the ions in the air. This cleans the air and makes it similar to that found on mountain-tops and at the seaside.

Full Spectrum Lights are said to significantly increase physical and mental activity in people, compared to those using normal lighting. Dr. Hulda Clark is now using them for the treatment of cancer.


Whether or not you find certain extrapolations about yin and yang, Taoism and Zen to your philosophical tastes, what is undeniable is the effectiveness of the basic nutritional guidelines in macrobiotic cooking for the relief and prevention of illness.

The contribution of macrobiotics to the modern health-foods movement and alternative medicine in general is immense.

Some people practise macrobiotics as a way of life and consider it to be a philosophy as well as a way of eating. As with all oriental medicine, macrobiotics offers certain philosophical explanations for illnesses as well as nutritional and lifestyle recommendations.

However, even if your philosophical convictions lie elsewhere, studying macrobiotic cook books is nevertheless an excellent way to get a basic training in the cooking of grains, pulses, vegetables and sea vegetables. It is also a good introduction to the use of vegetable proteins such as tofu, seitan and many beans and pulses.

Sometimes seen as austere and restrictive in the past, the modern macrobiotic movement has evolved over the last few years and has seen the emergence of a new generation of cooks across the world who all contribute to the growing diversity and variety of recipes.

'Eating wide'is the expression used for those who have a basic knowledge of macrobiotic cooking and who diversify. 'Eating clean' is the term used for when our health is more fragile and we wish to eat more strictly.

Above all, it is necessary to avoid becoming 'Macro-neurotic'. Any macrobiotic cook will tell you that the term 'macrobiotic' itself means 'Big Life'. Variety, freedom and diversity are essential parts of the macrobiotic philosophy.

Basic nutritional guidelines:

Eat organic, seasonal foods in the following proportions:

50-60% by weight of whole cereal grains such as brown rice, millet, barley, oats etc.

5-10% soups, using vegetables, sea vegetables or fish.

25-30% vegetables such as: leafy greens, cabbages, onions, leeks, celery, pumpkins etc. Avoid the nightshade family: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines.

5-10% beans, bean products and sea vegetables such as: chick peas, aduki beans, lentils, tofu, kombu, wakame etc.

Remember to select recipes that do not contain fermented products, rice syrup or fruit (if you can't tolerate them).

Recomended reading for beginners who are shy with traditional Japanese cooking and prefer something more 'Western':

'Practically Macrobiotic' by Keith Michell

'Cooking the Whole Foods Way' by Christina Pirello

For more information see: Macrobiotics



A book that reveals Mother Nature's most valuable secrets about genuine medicine found in common weeds and plants.


What if the medicine you really need was growing in your own back yard right now?

· 37 medicinal weeds profiled and explained

· Clear illustrations for all plants

· How the best heart medicine in the world may be growing in your yard right now!

· Step-by-step instructions for making decoctions, tinctures, infusions, salves and poultices

· How to detox your liver with the medicine in common weeds

· Why the FDA wants to ban some weeds and turn gardeners into criminals

"...a treasure trove of medicinal wisdom." - Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.


Whether you choose mainstream or macrobiotic shiatsu, it is effective and very enjoyable. Of all the forms of massage, shiatsu has the redeeming quality of being accessible to those who are uncomfortable about taking their clothes off. Practised traditionally by the Japanese in the family, shiatsu massage can be done discreetly and fully clothed!

It follows the same basic principles as acupuncture and is based on the system of meridians and acupuncture points. The good news for the squeamish is that it uses the thumbs, elbows and feet to apply pressure to the points instead of needles.

For more on Shiatsu click here

Recommended reading:

'The Shiatsu Handbook' by Shizuko Yamamoto and Patrick McCarty


Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise known to the human race. It is renowned for its rejuvenating qualities. Yoga corrects a multitude of ailments. It not only relaxes the body and mind but also regulates the immune system, the lymphatic system and massages the internal organs as much as it relieves and strengthens the muscular system.

Like most oriental medicinal arts, yoga offers not only physical and respiration therapy but also spiritual practices. Some people practise yoga as a way of life, others use only the physical therapies.

Recommended reading for the more advanced students:
'Astanga Yoga' by Liz Lark

'Power Yoga' by Beryl Bender Birch


For as long as the human race has existed, water has been used for healing and has often been worshipped and held to be sacred. Never before has humanity been faced with such serious threats to this most essential element, without which our survival is impossible. Unless action is taken to prevent the wide-scale poisoning of our water systems by profit-grabbing, irresponsible industries we will soon be faced with a global crisis that threatens the existence of all life on this planet.

Water therapy has been enjoying a revival in the last few years and a lot of research points to the benefits of this therapy for heart and circulatory problems.

The quality of our drinking water is also of vital importance. We are more and more forced to use water filters, so high are the levels of heavy metals, synthetic hormones, and other toxins in our tap water. Owing to the huge amount of Prozac re-entering our water networks via people's urine, you really no longer need to go to your doctor to get a prescription, just switch your tap on and gargle.


The only water filter that is reputed to give you truely pure water is the reverse osmosis filter. However, if your pockets are not sufficiently well-endowed to cope with the serious dent in them caused by the purchase of this filter, then simple jug filters help to at least reduce the poisons flowing out of your tap thanks to your local water providers who are usually hell-bent on filling you up with hazardous fluoride and chlorine.

Recent studies reveal that water is not an inert liquid but indeed has the ability to store and transmit information and energy. Interesting theories that are worth investigating are those concerning the beneficial effects of whirlpools, vortexes and certain materials on the dynamics of water, and therefore on people drinking and bathing in such water. Homeopathy is based on the theory that water has a memory.

For combatting Candida, as well as toxins in the water itself, using a water ozonator can be very helpful.

Whatever our views on the subject, water is, has always been and will always be one of the most important aspects of living healthily.

Recommended reading:
'The Healing Energies of Water' by Charlie Ryrie


Hailed by NASA to be 'the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man', the 'rebounder' or 'bouncer' is a most popular form of exercise and holds a high place in immunotherapy. Used in hospitals to relieve arthritis, the effects of strokes, heart attacks and chronic fatigue, it is being claimed by many to be a miracle cure for all ills.

It is fun, easy, low-impact, doesn't leave you breathless and rates high and above most other forms of exercise when it comes to long-term sustainability. This is because people generally like it so much they don't want to stop.

It is recommended to begin with 3 sessions of 30 seconds throughout the day and gradually work up to 3 sessions of between 5 and 10 minutes daily. Apparently 10 minutes on a bouncer is the equivalent of half an hour's jogging or other strenuous exercise. This is owing to the fact that the body absorbs 68% more oxygen when bouncing. Some people have lost up to 4 stone with just 3 sessions of 30 seconds a day without even changing their diet.

Bouncing can correct a sluggish metabolism and can improve hormonal imbalances. Its effect on the lymphatic system is equally impressive. It is suitable for the young and for the elderly as well as the chronically lazy.

The most important thing to remember is that the quality of the bouncer must be extremely high otherwise it is positively dangerous. A mat which is not made of strong polypropylene will bounce too high and create unnecessary danger. Be sure to buy one with seven 7inch legs (which can be tightened for safety) with rubber non-slip feet, and a stainless steel reinforced frame.

(Art Attack)

Art therapy is a great way to complain without getting on other people's nerves. By expressing our feelings in a visual, creative form we surprise ourselves and can even please ourselves. What better way to get out of a bad mood? Copying something exactly is really not what art is about anymore, especially since the invention of the camera. Art is about self-expression. Colours and shapes become vehicles for our thoughts. Symbols become our vocabulary. It matters little whether our art is abstract or figurative, sensual or conceptual. If you want to do a Leonardo da Vinci and it comes out looking like you accidentally dropped your paint-box on a piece of paper, call it 'nave'. Nave art is very trendy at the moment. You could make a fortune.

If we believe that every human being has infinite potential, we should therefore understand that every human being is potentially an artist. There's no point getting our knickers in a twist about 'what is art?' or 'what is an artist?' What people like and buy one day, they despise the next, what they find rubbish one year, they fall over themselves to buy the next. Tastes are fickle and if we try to base our definition of art on them we are likely to end up in a blind alley.

Anyone saying painting is dead has never been to Haiti. Haiti is a country that is full of artists. Despite its poverty it has never lost its Caribbean sense of fun and the joy of life. As a result many of the buses, taxis and buildings are painted with elaborate works of art, often by their owners. Why have an old and boring car when you could be driving around in a masterpiece?

The most important question is how can we use art in our own lives in order to become happier and more fulfilled? Art is a very effective way to overcome feelings of being trapped or blocked. We cannot always change our circumstances, or at least not immediately, so it is better to change how we feel about them instead. Expressing our thoughts and feelings through painting, sculpture, photography, dance, music or writing is one of the best ways for getting out of a depression. This is why writers with 'writer's block' are miserable. The 'tortured artist' stereotype is proof that if you feel tortured you'll feel better if you express yourself creatively. Artists are not the only ones to feel tortured. It is part of the human condition to experience suffering and to have emotional baggage to deal with.

The other advantage of doing art is that when you have a temper tantrum, instead of feeling guilty about it you can just say 'I'm being artistic.'

How to start? By going to an art shop. Be careful not to get ripped off. Go to a shop that provides for students where you are more likely to get larger quantities of materials for a lot less money. Ask the sales person if they have a section with students' prices. Keep in mind that asking questions is a sign of intelligence and that thinking questions are not necessary is a sign of stupidity.

Recommended reading:

'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain' by Betty Edwards

(How to be a Barbie without Silicon)

"No diet will remove all the fat from your body because the brain is entirely fat. Without a brain, you might look good, but all you could do is run for public office." George Bernard Shaw

What with the beauty industry on the one hand preaching to us how to rid ourselves of the horrors of cellulite, and on the other hand the scientific press sneering at us that cellulite doesn't exist, it's a bit of a challenge to get to the bottom of the issue.


Talking of Barbies, let's not forget the Action Men. If we could lay aside the military glorification and focus on the word Action, it's better than Inaction. 'Inaction Man' doesn't have the same ring to it. The question arises, 'What action?' Contrary to Military-Action-Man, Eco-Action-Man is dedicated to vegetarian cooking and he deplores and condemns the use of guns. Even pretend ones.

So for all those who remain hopelessly vain and desperately want to have a good body, the good news is that eating on the candida diet helps us not only to improve our health but also helps us lose weight (or gain it if we are too thin). Eating whole grains and vegetables is a blessing for those who want to be skinny without being anorexic. However if you want to avoid the 'outrageously skinny syndrome', increase good quality oil, build your muscles with exercise and 'eat wide'.

Diet is not the only thing that can dramatically help us to become more youthful and good-looking. Yoga is also rejuvenating and will help keep you straight-shouldered and agile well into old age.

Rebounding on a quality bouncer is an excellent form of exercise for those wishing to get their energy and looks back.

Tai-chi is particularly good for those who wish to develop gracefulness as well as boosting their immune system.

Do-In is an ancient form of self-massage related to shiatsu and it includes various massages for the face to keep it looking young and healthy. (Read: 'The book of Do-In by Michio Kushi.)

Water therapy is not only enjoyable, it is also a source of rejuvenation.

For natural make-up read the various books on how to make your own beauty products at home ('Natural Health and Beauty Care')

Aloe vera gel mixed with a few drops of rosehip oil (optional: add a drop of sandalwood essential oil) is excellent for repairing damaged skin.

Spirulina contains not only the elusive vitamin B12, but also gammalinoleic acid which is an excellent hormonal regulator. It is a very good gut cleanser and sweeps away toxins and unhealthy bacteria. It is recommended for women who need to give their hormones a boost without resorting to synthetic hormones.

Did you know that because of the vast amounts of synthetic hormones (the pill and HRT) in women's urine flooding into the environment's water system, some rivers now have up to 50% of their male fish becoming female, and that the number of babies being born with genital deformations is increasing accordingly?

It is also worth observing that eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia and obesity are devastating vast sections of the female population in the 'developed' world. (The percentage of males developing either anorexia or bulimia just a few years ago was 10% but is rising rapidly.) The same study showed that over 150 000 American women die of anorexia each year, statistics that were higher than those dying of AIDS or of those killed in 10 years of war in Beirut. ('The Beauty Myth' by Naomi Wolf)

This is very shocking to most people who may have thought that anorexics and bulimics are just silly little girls trying to get attention and spending too much time thinking about their weight when there are people starving to death in the world. Some people even go so far as to say that if they really are that stupid they don't deserve to live, let them 'starve to death'. Such superficial, ignorant and judgmental attitudes have probably contributed to the death toll.

It's ironic that whilst two thirds of the world starves to death, the other third eats or starves itself to death.


The connection between these two unnecessary, perpetual ongoing massacres is world finance. It is part of the same economic machinery that creates and nourishes war. Television advertising, the cosmetics, fashion, plastic surgery and 'slimming' industries, and women's fashion magazines in general have a lot to answer for. The fact that most fashion models are pressured into becoming dangerously underweight (most models are on average 17% underweight) is a deliberate ploy to harass the millions of women subjected to this incessant bombardment of images into buying products that they don't need and that may well even harm them. If you are ever tempted to go on one of those slimming programmes involving sachets of powder to which you add water to replace meal, be careful, there is more and more evidence to suggest that these products and unnatural methods of weight control provoke anorexia and other eating disorders because they encourage the desire to avoid eating.

'What are the solutions?' we may ask. However, if in the same breath we sigh 'There are no solutions and what do I know about it? There's nothing I can do to change the situation', we will never discover that in fact solutions there are, and in abundance. If we never try to find out about the subject we guarantee that nothing will ever be done about it. If we don't know about it, we can't talk about it to other people. If we can't talk about it, nobody will ever know about it and things will just get worse.

Reading books and informing ourselves especially through the various health freedom organisations, now growing in numbers and in size, is becoming an essential part of protecting the planet's and humanity's survival.

As we overcome our own problems we learn that making others happy is a necessary part of becoming and remaining happy. With more freedom comes more responsibility. If we overcome illness or a life-long struggle with our weight, it is natural to want to share this knowledge with other people.

Finally, making people happy makes you more good-looking so don't be selfish! Just as most athletes are beautiful because of their physical fitness, so stand-up comics attract people with their humour. Also, looking for each person's beauty, whatever they look like, and recognising it, is a way of becoming more beautiful oneself. The more we see beauty in others, the more our own beauty will shine. This is a simple question of how our face looks when we are pleased or displeased. Having a doll's beauty is no protection against looking ugly if we're always sneering or complaining. And even the 'ugliest' person is beautiful when laughing or saying something inspiring.

Recommended reading:
'The Beauty Myth' by Naomi Wolf


Immunotherapy is a more broad and far-reaching approach to health than mainstream medicine. For this reason where we live and what we live in are essential elements for our health and wellbeing. If you have read the Earth Charter you will have seen that all people should have the right to live in security, to have a home which is healthy and which gives them adequate intimacy and comfort. The world would be a better place if everyone's home were really their castle. Preferably a castle with a beautiful garden in which to grow one's own organic vegetables.

Across the world we can see a vast variety of homes that are cheap and easy to construct, beautiful and respectful to the individual, the local environment and culture. Laws prohibiting the construction of anything other than with breeze-blocks, radioactive concrete and various other expensive ecologically destructive materials are often enforced for no other reason than profit, once again.

It is certainly worth investigating methods of construction if you wish to build your own home. There are houses that are made of the most surprising materials, that respect the environment, are excellent for insulation and are much more resilient and time-resistant than most modern materials.

Straw houses sound dangerous, especially if you are one of the three little piggies. However, do not underestimate these remarkable houses that are strong, no more inflammable than ordinary houses and will definitely not be blown down, not even by a wolf.


Hemp is another material that is used for eco-homes; for insulation and even for bricks. If you don't want to destroy the natural habitat, don't build a house; dig a hole, put lots of windows on it and call it an unobtrusive mound. As for wood, it is more expensive but fares very well in cold climates (Canada and Nordic countries) as it is a marvellous insulator. Using recycled materials is quite popular too, for example tin cans, old bottles and car tyres filled with compacted soil.


Video of talk on eco building and world politics: Sunrise: We Must Change Our Way

Natural Life Network website

Recommended reading:

'Green Architecture' by James Wines

'Out of the Woods' by Pat Borer

'Earthships' by Michael Reynolds (US)


A growing number of parents are rejecting many of the children's toys currently on the market because they consider guns for boys and 'anorexic dolls' for girls too heavily charged with negative stereotypes.

This section will aim to provide information on companies that produce toys that are not loaded with militaristic or misogynist propaganda. Toys that are ecological, educational and made of materials that are harmless for children can be found, but you have to search. See schools using the Montessori method.


Having candida generally goes hand in hand with immunity and hormonal imbalances. Hormones act like natural drugs in our bodies, helping us to wake up in the morning, fall asleep at night, run from danger or fully enjoy the pleasures of life. When these substances get out of balance we may feel depressed, angry, anxious, exhausted or hyperactive when we should be feeling well and happy.

Apart from diet, exercise and natural therapies, it is always worth keeping in mind the power of our own thoughts and words upon our body's natural chemistry. It has been known for people to cure themselves of cancer through laughter. Laughing is one of the best ways to stimulate the endocrine system into producing endorphins. (Happy hormones.) The more you laugh each day, the stronger your immune system is likely to become.

Smiling may seem false if you don't feel cheerful or friendly. However, smiling at people sends a message that is often returned by another smile, which in turn will have an effect on our feelings.

Singing, even if you sing like a goat, is good for the health, if not for other people's ears. Whether it's the Sex Pistols or Mozart, the important thing is to feel good and enjoy oneself. Singing out of key can be very charming and makes other people laugh, so don't be shy!

This section will include exercises and tips that are helpful in managing our feelings.

Reading for a laugh:

Terry Pratchett

Harry Potter


Douglas Adams

Clive James

Further Reading:

Books on anger management

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a branch of applied psychology. This therapy is often geared towards people who want to learn to make money and therefore influence others. However, it presents interesting psychological exercises that are effective for people wishing to better manage their feelings and to improve communication skills, including dealing with conflict.


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exellant guidance.very usefull information.thankyou.

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I am delighted by the breadth and humor of this website. Lucky me for coming across this at early Candida stages!

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The Disappearing Nutrients in America's Orchards


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