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Novembre 26, 2003

Campagna anti OGM: WTO giu' le mani dal nostro cibo!





[you are receiving this email because your organisation/group
has signed the Bite Back Citizens' Objection to the WTO and
you have indicated interest in occasional campaign updates. If
you do not want to receive such emails, please email me.]

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

with this email, we would like to give you an update on the
ongoing Bite Back campaign to stop the US attempt to force
feed us genetically modified foods. Below, I have outlined a
few ideas how your group can further contribute to the success
of the campaign. At the bottom of this email, i have added a
short political update on the GMO trade disput our campaign is

Please contact me should you have any questions regarding the

Best regards,
Jan Kowalzig
Bite Back Campaign Co-ordinator
Friends of the Earth Europe

########## bite back update, 26 november 2003


After the launch in Cancun during the WTO Ministerial, much of
our time went into outreach work, i.e. getting groups to sign
up to the campaign. For increased publicity, the GMO trade
dispute and the Bite Back campaign has been featured at
various events during the recent European Social Forum in
Paris, where many people also signed the Citizens' Objection.
A few days before Paris, we did an action outside the European
Council in Brussels, with lots of media coverage. The action
featured a giant GMO monster tomato and George Bush playing
with a Pascal Lamy (the EU trade commissioner) marionette to
force feed citizens. Pictures are available at:

Currently, the same GMO monster tomato is traveling around
Europe to raise awareness on the US attempt to force Europe
and the world to accept genetcially modified food and farming.
The tour plan and images are available on the internet at:

About 250 groups have now signed up to the list of supporters
of the campaign (and this includes you). Slightly over 10.000
individuals have so far submitted a Citizens' Objection to the
WTO, demanding to dismiss the US complaint on GMOs and not to
undermine people's rights to say no to geneticalls modified
food and farming.

All Citizens' Objections will be delivered to the WTO. We are
currently investigating various opportunities to hand over the
mass protest to the WTO.

To achieve this, we need help: your organisation, being a
supporter of the campaign, can do a lot. Here are a few

1. PUT A LINK on your web site. There are many banners in
various languages available on the campaign web site at -- link to: or to
(french), (Spanish), (German) or (Russian).

2. SPREAD THE WORD. A sample email text that you can use to
inform people (e.g. your members) is available at -- again in
several languages.

3. COLLECT SIGNATURES. From our campaign web site, you can download and copy the
Citizens' Objections in various languages. If you would like
to print the Citizens' Objection with your organisation's logo
on it, you are very welcome to do so. The text and the Bite
Back design files are available at -- last but not least, you
can also eMail me if you would like to order printed Citizens'
Objections (available in English and French only) -- they are
free of charge and will be posted to you within a few days.

4. PRINT THE CITIZEN'S OBJECTION in your members' magazine (if
you have one). Your members can then sign the Citizens'
Objection, tear out the page and send it back, either directly
to us or via your organisation.

5. If you are interested to become more active to support the
campaign, you may want to join forces with other groups from
your country who have signed up so far. EMail me, and i'll


We have put together a briefing on the GMO trade dispute that
is available at
-- below is a quick update on where we are at the moment.

In May 2003 the US, Canada and Argentina have filed a legal
complaint at the World Trade Organisation (WTO), accusing the
European Union (EU) of blocking trade by restricting
genetically modified food and farming (GMOs), thus starting
the latest high-profile trade dispute. After a failed
consultation phase a panel has to be established, and this is
where the process is now. A first round of names for panelists
has been put on the table and rejected by all parties, not the
least because suggested panelists had a biotech business
background. If parties cannot agree on panelists, they will be
chosen by the WTO. Once the panelists have been chosen, they
will agree on a timetable. According to the secretive nature
of the WTO, names of the panelists as well as the agreed
timetable will not be made public. The European Commission
(EC) is already preparing their submission to the WTO panel,
but the whole case has been delayed, also by the shockwaves of
the collapsed Cancun WTO trade talks in September. It is more
than unclear when the panel will make its ruling on the GMO
trade dispute, but some say it won't be on the table before
end of 2004, possibly before the US presidential elections.

Meanwhile, the EC is planning to lift the GMO moratorium, as a
direct consequence of US pressure and in particular the GMO
trade dispute. The EC fear that they will lose the dispute
because of the national safeguard measures some countries have
put in place, including GMO free zones. The EC might soon send
a warning to the member states, demanding not to allow GMO
free zones. If the EC loses the dispute and EU member states
do not lift their restrictive measures on GMOs, the EU will
have to face heavy trade sanctions. The EC is very nervous
about this scenario as this will undermine in general the EU's
precautionary stance on GMOs. In addition, this would set a
bad precedent of WTO rules superseding multilateral
environmental agreements such as the Cartagena Protocol on
biodiversity that explicitly allows governments to restrict
GMOs to protect its biodiversity (and is therfore in contrast
to WTO rules).

########## ends


Jan Kowalzig
Friends of the Earth Europe
15 rue Blanche
B-1050 Brussels

Bush is using the World Trade Organisation
to force-feed you genetically modified
food! You can help stop them: Bite Back


mandato da Ivan Ingrilli il Mercoledì Novembre 26 2003
aggiornato il Sabato Settembre 24 2005

URL of this article:


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