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July 11, 2003

Big bully Monsanto is at it again!

In collusion with the FDA (as usual and using our tax money to boot) it's again hormones in Milk. Please go to this site and Vote against this madness!

Oakhurst Sued by Monsanto Over Milk Advertising

"We believe Oakhurst labels deceive consumers; they're marketing a perception that one milk product is safer or of higher quality than other milk," said Jennifer Garrett, director of technical services for Monsanto's dairy business. "Numerous scientific and regulatory reviews throughout the world demonstrate that that's unfounded. The milk is the same, and the amount of protein, fats, nutrients, etc., are all the same."

Not so see:


Insulin like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) is produced normally by the cow's pituitary gland. IGF-1 circulates in blood to each cell in the body, coordinating cellular function. IGF-1 regulates cell growth, division and differentiation, particularly in the young. High levels of IGF-1 in milk has been increasing linked to increased cancer in humans that consume milk and milk products (cheese, yoghurt, cottage cheese, etc.). However, in 1994, the chemical companies (Monsanto being largest producer) developed for the milk industry "Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone" (rHGH) which helps the cows to produce 20% more milk. However, the growth hormone also stimulates pituitary production of IGF-1 levels in the milk of those cows. Recently, Eli Lilly & Co., a manufacturer of rBGH, reported a tenfold increase in IGF-1 levels in cows receiving the hormone. IGF-1 is the same in humans and cows, and is not destroyed by pasteurization. In fact, the pasteurization process actually increases IGF-1 levels in milk. Furthermore, there is suggestive evidence that IGF-1 in rBGH milk reacts more with the body than in non-hormonal milk.

After the rBGH milk is consumed, IGF-1 is not destroyed by human digestion. Instead, IGF-l is readily absorbed across the intestinal wall. Additional research has shown that it can be absorbed into the blood stream where it can effect other hormones. The Cancer Prevention Coalition reports that, "it is highly likely that IGF-1 promotes transformation of normal breast cellular activity to breast cancers. In addition, IGF-1 maintains the malignancy of human breast cancer cells, including their invasiveness and ability to spread to distant organs. (ICF-1 has similarly been associated with colon cancer.) The prenatal and infant breast is particularly susceptible to hormonal influences. Such imprinting by IGF-1 may increase future breast cancer risks, and may also increase the sensitivity of the breast to subsequent unrelated risks such as mammography and the carcinogenic and estrogen like effects of pesticide residues in food, particularly in pre menopausal women."

In an attempt to help some people, milk producers that don't use hormones are labelling their milk "hormone free". Ironically, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is siding with the chemical industry and has prohibited dairy producers and retailers from labeling their milk as "hormone-free," The FDA states that such labeling could be "false or misleading" under federal law. The chemical company, Monsanto, has teamed up with the federal government and is suing several milk producers for using the label. Source,

...:In addition, they said, the FDA has recommended that any label that says the product is free of artificial hormones should appear in the proper context with accompanying information, such as "no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from (hormone)-treated and non-(hormone)-treated cows.""

Hogwash! Just because something has not been shown it does not flow that there is no difference! Who do these people think they are talking to? Imbeciles?

Chris Gupta

..."First and foremost, shoppers should avoid, if not boycott, all milk and dairy products in favor of those which are certified as rBGH-free. Supermarkets failing to sell these safer products should be pressured by individual consumers and consumer groups to make them freely available. Second, Monsanto’s and the FDA’s reckless two decade track record of frank manipulation and suppression of health and safety data on GE milk sends the strongest possible warning to reject similar “trust assurances” on the safety of non-milk GE foods -- soy, corn, and other whole and processed foods and ingredients. These concerns are compounded by the total absence of any long term safety testing of these GE products by Monsanto and other biotech industries, as is the case with rBGH, and emerging independent evidence on their grave and possibly irreversible public health and environmental hazards."

Extracted from:

Got (Genetically Engineered) Milk?
The Monsanto rBGH/BST Milk Wars Handbook
Dr. Samuel Epstein

See how Monsanto suppress' the media reporting at:


With our tax funded regulators in tow, the media under control and the prostitute health agencies- they don't miss a beat!



posted by Chris Gupta on Friday July 11 2003
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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The Ultimate War Crime: Breaking the Agricultural Cycle
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For the record: "U.S. declares Iraqis can not save their own seeds"

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The Ultimate War Crime: Breaking the Agricultural Cycle
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The Ultimate War Crime: Breaking the Agricultural Cycle
Edited by Iman Khaduri, January 2005
For the record: "U.S. declares Iraqis can not save their own seeds"

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The Ultimate War Crime: Breaking the Agricultural Cycle
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For the record: "U.S. declares Iraqis can not save their own seeds"

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The Ultimate War Crime: Breaking the Agricultural Cycle
Edited by Iman Khaduri, January 2005
For the record: "U.S. declares Iraqis can not save their own seeds"

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