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July 23, 2003


Thanks Jim, for this very supportive and insightful commentary regarding my email on AMTA, surely we should recognize by now that governments are intentionally unaccountable and designed to tie us up in red tape indefinity if they could. As it has been clear from many examples, latest being Iraq, industry runs military which in turn the runs the government. And we are led to believe, the pure balderdash, that we elect and run the government - History has repeatedly shown that that only thing the governments understand is civil unrest and/or civil legislation as you say. Or else since when should we have to take our own governments to the courts just to their job!

Chris Gupta

The question arises "What constitutes Validity"? For decades we have all accepted the illusion that only one group of healing professionals has the ability to define what is valid and what is not. We even accept the theory that this same group can monopolistically determine what constitutes health and how to restore it.

The acceptance of this illusion has only served to develop and promote the present oppressive status that has to do with anything non medical.

Let me make this clear. There are medical problems and there are non medical problems, If you are ill and have a non medical health problem, then seek the help of a practitioner of natural therapeutics.

How that non medical practitioner decides to diagnose and treat your non medical ailment is certainly not going to be an accepted medical remedy!

Depending upon your natural health care practitioner of choice, perhaps you may be treated for an imbalance in your bodies energies determined by an EAV device. Or perhaps you will be treated for an imbalance in the flow of Chi determined by Acupuncture pulses. Or perhaps you may be treated for a subluxation, or a vitamin/mineral imbalance or deficiency. Perhaps you may even need treatment with a frequency device.

All non medical, natural healing therapies depend primarily upon empirical - outcome based realities. The knowledge of "what works" is spread throughout the profession.

In the natural healing professions, medical, or so called scientific proof, is not an absolute requirement to determine what is valid and what is not. The medical profession depends upon proofs that can exist only with the expenditure of billions of research dollars. Cut off this flow of money and progress within the medical profession would collapse. The natural health care professions do not have access to such monies and thus a different paradigm of proof exists.

Just because some therapy has "no medical benefit" does not mean that it does not have benefit to the patient!

I will predict that the major civil rights issue of this century here in the United States, and perhaps ultimately the world, will be that of Freedom of Choice in Health Care! There is ongoing, massive, civil disobedience about the lack of health care freedom right now. There are at least 400,000 various frequency devices, and a good 600,000 other devices in use here in the US. Not single a one is FDA or FTC approved.

There are tens of thousands of unlicensed health care professionals treating who knows how many millions of people with natural therapeutics.There are a good 200,000 licensed natural health care practitioners treating tens of millions of people yearly.

Saying that a natural health care professional practices "alternative medicine" is akin to calling someone of color and "alternative Caucasian". The thought process if reversed might be used to call an MD an "Alternative Naturopath."

Each healing profession is separate. Each healing profession has its own techniques, philosophies, and treatments. Each profession has educators and respected experts in a particular academic field. Judging all treatments, thoughts, speech, philosophies and behavior against only one method of healing has given rise to major civil rights and constitutional violations. Ever hear of an MD being told that he/she has made false advertising claims because their claims were judged using Acupuncture philosophies? How about an MD going to prison after being judged against Naturopathic principles for practicing what experts in the field of medicine taught them in school? Naturopaths and Chiropractors have been put in jail for practicing what they were taught in school. Why not MD's?

People have gone to prison for helping someone regain their health. They were sent to prison for treating a non medical condition with a so called "medical name" with a non medical therapy. It is an insanity to heal a person and be sent to prison for doing so! It is nonsensical to believe that somehow with the passage of an " Access to Medical Treatment Act" that this situation will be corrected. I can assure you that the FDA and the FTC will still spend their time harassing and prosecuting all non medical health care therapies. Why didn't they call this the "Access to Chiropractic Treatment Act"? Better yet how about the "Access to Health Act?" Chris Gupta makes this very clear in his recent posting about this act were it is stated " Thus FDA regulatory efforts will be focused and concentrated upon products which can do harm. " It does not take anyone more than about 2 seconds to figure out which healing philosophy is going to determine what constitutes harm and what non medical products , non medical devices, and non medical treatments are going to be suppressed and prosecuted.
The act is just another attempt by the government to further the ideologies of medical supremacists. This act is just more of the same federal bigotry and prejudice that has denied recognition, funding, and opportunity to the natural health care professions. Should this act pass, how many ND's, LMT's, DC's, DOM's, and so on do you think will be added to the FDA and the FTC to prevent abuse? I'll tell you the answer, absolutely none. Real change is going to take civil rights legislation and legal recognition that the healing world is not any more purely medical, than the people of this planet are purely Caucasian.

James E. Bare, D.C.


posted by Chris Gupta on Wednesday July 23 2003
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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