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February 17, 2004

Adverse Drug Reactions Database Flawed

When it comes to the Sickness industry, pretentiously called the Health industry, this is a typical situation.

..."Health Canada may not be well staffed &"...

Our tax money and Health Canada resources are spend chasing endlessly on trivial, generally non toxic alternate health items, while toxic drugs reactions are summarily ignored.

The only adverse reaction Health Canada is concerned about is the impact on the bottom line of their Pharma cronies. The incentives to get good adverse reaction reports are obliviously very low as poor data is essential to remain unaccountable in order to protect the Pharma friends. Hence, with the help of Health Canada, this is the only industry which keeps getting away with this kind of sloppiness.

Given their track record, one has to wonder if we really need Heath Canada? Without them, at least, the much safer alternatives health solutions would have a fair chance to compete and not be harassed. Then there just might be a Health care system instead of sickness care system!

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Health Canada attacks natural health products in the interest of the drug cartel

Regulatory Abuse

Chris Gupta

Data bank for adverse drug reactions flawed
Last Updated Tue Feb 17 13:22:36 2004

OTTAWA-- A database used by Health Canada to track patients' adverse reactions to drugs on the market may not be doing its job as an effective early warning system, critics say.

INDEPTH: Tracking dangerous drugs

"The database is not particularly well-organized, there's a great deal of missing data … It is difficult to analyze these databases in any meaningful way," said Dr. Donna Stewart, chair of women's health with the University Health Network in Toronto.

"I think as a result of that and that Health Canada may not be well staffed … I think that one sees less than optimal use of these databases."

The system of monitoring reactions to drugs grew out of the thalidomide controversy of the early 1960s. Drug regulators around the world realized the necessity of tracking a drug's behaviour after it had gone to market.

After five years of asking, CBC News has acquired the entire database that Health Canada has been using to track adverse drug reactions across the country.

Stewart said that while there are issues with the quality of the information of the database, it is an integral part of how Health Canada tracks dangerous drugs.

Plagued by under-reporting

Critics says the database is an early warning system plagued by under-reporting. Doctors and other health workers can voluntarily report drug reactions, but they're not required to do so.

Terrance Young, whose daughter died in his arms after taking a drug that was later pulled from the market, said Health Canada needs to analyze the trends in the database more aggressively.

He said Health Canada needs to improve the way doctors are warned about unexpected and dangerous effects of drugs already on the market.

"If our doctors took the trouble to report adverse drug reactions properly or suspected adverse drug reactions, the alarm bells at Health Canada would be ringing regularly and we could get dangerous drugs off the market faster," Young said.

"If drug reactions were reported, and if Health Canada did what Health Canada is supposed to do, we could save thousands of lives," he said.

By its own admission, Health Canada concedes that 51 per cent of drugs marketed will cause serious side effects.

Dr. Michael Rieder

Dr. Michael Rieder runs a pediatric adverse drug reaction clinic at the University of Western Ontario. "The average Canadian citizen, if they have a lot of confidence in the adverse reaction system, it's misplaced," said Rieder. "Because it's not a system that's necessarily timely [and it doesn't] pick up things people need to know as soon as possible."

Written by CBC News Online staff

Copyright © 2004 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - All Rights Reserved

See also: Canada Gazette 2 - Food & Drugs Act


posted by Chris Gupta on Tuesday February 17 2004
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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Readers' Comments

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How  Extensive Is the Problem of Specific Adverse Drug Reactions?

Posted by: Sepp on January 16, 2005 09:09 PM


MAXIDEX WARNING I had eye surgery and in the post-op pack was MAXIDEX(dexamethasone) drops by ALCON LABS. Two days later I was BLIND' Use Google and enter EPOCRATES MAXIDEX to verify

Posted by: WEL on August 9, 2008 09:20 PM


People, R.T. Trall, an insightful New York M.D. once said it best, "disease itself is the remedial process it's not something that needs to be cured (attacked, subdued, thwarted, killed), it's something that should be allowed to complete its purification and repair unhindered??. Symptoms like fever, skin eruptions, mucus, headache, vomiting, sneezing, coughing etc. etc. are life saving, life preserving, and life protecting and that is why so many people get well IN SPITE OF all the wrong actions. The real problem is what precedes the symptoms, not the germ or the virus which is in the category of "predictable background phenomenon?? but the individual health choices and mass unhealthful events like for example Christmas partying (overeating, overworking, denatured foods (acidity) and no food digestion rules (acidity), other causes include uncleanliness, exposure to direct toxins (examples pesticides in the food, pollution as a result of bad sanitation, drug use) and indirect toxins example: exhaustion, enervation, and clogging which checks elimination and the purification system falters temporarily causing a toxic spike(Tilden). Examples of stress which contributes to exhaustion are cold weather, less sun exposure in the winter, mass fear etc. You may not know all the sources of your toxicity (self caused or otherwise) but your body knows when toxicity has spiked. In other words a sudden increase, surge, or spike if you will in toxicity is followed by a sudden increase or SPIKE IN PURIFICATION WHICH IS ACUTE ILLNESS (example: a cold), nature's homeostatic response to bring the level of toxin down (rebalance) using body actions (symptoms) all of which accomplish detox. The microbe acts as a catalyst in this process (one contrarian model : bacteria are janitors and viruses are a solvent for deep cleaning) . Don't FIGHT the disease with toxic pills and vaccines, but FACILITATE the disease process which IS THE RECOVERY and PURIFICATION PROCESS by detoxing and resting i.e. fasting or semi-fasting, rest, water, warmth, quiet (and sometimes the use of detoxifying substances such as fiber, and chlorophyll). Realize that the medical profession has always been part voodoo profession and as such they have always had a denial and cover-up culture because they have almost always insisted on using unnatural approaches that have had uncontrollable negative outcomes. Even though Pasteur agreed with Antoine Bechamp and Claude Bernard ("the terrain is everything, the germ is nothing") that the "terrain?? i.e. the environment and your body are the key to understanding what microbes do and even when Pasteur denied his original premise that germs are the cause of disease, the medical profession had found its perfect story for their pervasive cover-up culture. Now they could successfully blame almost everything on germs and viruses and sound plausible. (This by the way is an extension of the ancient superstitious tendency that when they couldn't explain the sickness and had no clue as to its cause and effect to believe that it was an attack by a malevolent outside entity .) The only thing is they are injuring people when they attack disease because THEY ARE ATTACKING THE RECOVERY PROCESS WITH IDIOTIC POISONS LIKE MERCURY, FORMALDEHYDE, ALUMINUM, PUS FROM OTHER SPECIES etc etc.?? The emperor has no cloths?? but they are telling you that they are the "EXPERTS?? i.e. "We're the experts, so it must be true??. Dr. Andrew Moulden, a respected brain researcher, and one of many dissenters, has shown for example that all vaccines can cause strokes because the white blood cells formed clog small vessels which relates to elderly people/ Alzheimer's, children/ autism, and many other potential problems. SO PEOPLE WAKE UP. YOUR HUNCH IS CORRECT. YOU'RE BEING TYRANNIZED AND INJURED EN MASS BY THE MEDICAL NUMSKULLS INSISTING ON PSEUDO-SCIENCE AND BLAMING ALL THE BAD RESULTS ON GERMS AND VIRUSES, THEIR PERVASIVE AND SPECIOUS COVER-UP STORY and they are more than willing to sacrifice you and your family to make an extra 5 cents and perpetuate a lie. Yours for health truth, MJ P.S. Some Important alternative sources (off the top of my head): H.M.Shelton, J.H.Tilden, R.T. Trall, Claude Bernard, Antoine Bechamp, Dr. Andrew Moulden. Dr. Robert Young (,,, Gaston Naessens, Eleanor McBean, Bernard Greenberg (medical manipulation of statistics), Jonas Salk ("all the polio after 1961 was caused by the vaccine"), Dr. Robert Mendelsohn (Book: Confessions of a Medical Heretic), Dr. Dennis Myer,, and many others.

Posted by: Mark Jay on June 28, 2010 10:15 PM


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