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July 24, 2005

All Vitamin C/Common Cold Studies Conducted Over The Past 60 Years Are Flawed

The answer is simple, when caught red handed they simply choose not to respond and hope to it will go away. Or they will do a character assassination as they did to Dr. Pauling. Imagine these rank armatures who could never approach the stature of Pauling and his understanding in chemistry telling others that they understand the chemistry and/or science better! That's like a child telling his father on how to earn a living.... These industry shills (prostitutes) are hardly scientists!

See Bill Sardi's comment below.

Chris Gupta

All Vitamin C/Common Cold Studies Conducted Over The Past 60 Years Are Flawed

A recent scientific review, which claims vitamin C pills are ineffective against the common cold, is flawed and appears timed to coincide with debates on the safety and effectiveness of dietary supplements.

The recent, widely circulated news report, that vitamin C supplements are ineffective against the common cold, emanated from a report first published in October of 2004 [Cochrane Database System Review Oct. 18, 2004] and its republication in the Public Library of Science journal [PLOS June 2005] appears to have been timed to coincide with CODEX deliberations in Rome over safe dosage of vitamins and minerals, says health journalist Bill.

"All of the 55 studies that investigators reviewed, published over the past 60 years, were flawed," says Sardi, "because they did not take into consideration the dynamic flow of vitamin C in the human body." Vitamin C, as a water-soluble nutrient, is rapidly excreted from the body and needs replenishment throughout the day. Most animals continuously produce their own vitamin C and don't get colds. For example, a goat, about the same weight as a human, incessantly produces vitamin C, about 13,000 milligrams in 24 hours. None of the 55 studies reviewed in the PLOS report utilized repeated dosing. Humans have genes to produce enzymes that would convert blood sugar to vitamin C, but due to a genetic mutation, humans no longer synthesize vitamin C and must totally rely upon their diet for this essential nutrient.

A recent study, unmentioned in the PLOS journal report, reveals that three times greater vitamin C concentration can be achieved in the blood circulation than previously thought possible through oral dosing. [Annals Internal Medicine 2004 140:533-7, 2004]. The notion that vitamin pills only produce "expensive urine" should now be dismissed since blood concentrations can be achieved that would significantly lower mortality rates from cardiovascular disease, as well as reduce the incidence of allergy, aneurysms, gall stones, arterial disease, leg blood clots, cataracts, strokes and other maladies. For more authoritative information about the potential health benefits of vitamin C, refer to the e-book Ascorbate: The Science of Vitamin C, by Steve Hickey and Hilary Roberts at

At 06:54 AM 23/07/2005, SteveHickey wrote:

Hi Harri,

I am getting emails that indicate the position is clearly understood by everyone except you.

I don't understand why you have refused to enter a correspondence with me over the issues you are having problems with.

You cannot claim that vitamin C is ineffective in the prevention and treatment of the common cold on the data you present. The body is NOT saturated by low doses of vitamin C. The plasma half-life (t:1/2) is 0.5 hours for high doses. The use of white cell saturation as a model for the body is biologically inept. You review inappropriate studies, on the basis that they selectively address a restricted dose range and do not consider basic pharmacology.

You now have a responsibility to clarify your claims. Have you read "Ridiculous Dietary Allowance"? If not I suggest you do so quickly. It will give a hint of the difficulties you will have in trying to defend the low-dose position on vitamin C.

Kind regards


-----Original Message-----
From: Chris Gupta
Sent: 23 July 2005 02:28

>Thanks Steve,

>I can't believe that these so called experts can be so clueless...
>maybe it is their agenda or they have marching orders to publish same
>ol same ol crap. Surely, they should know by now what any
>Orthomolecular practitioner/researcher knows in the use of vitamins
>for the treatment of diseases??? Pathetic!

>I posted this comment, I doubt that they will publish it.




posted by Chris Gupta on Sunday July 24 2005
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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