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April 11, 2006

CODEX Is A "Health Prohibition" Agenda

Inge's Comment:  Re CODEX.  Attached is a 27 page article that explains CODEX with great clarity - its threat to ALL of earth's inhabitants and the environment,  its origins and originators, its 'hijackers' and their "covert purpose/agenda", and who/what are served by the implementation of this agenda.   
I strongly recommend that you save this document for reference - and that you take the time to read it - when you can find the time - despite its length.  You will thoroughly understand that CODEX involves much more than just its much publicized attack on vitamins and supplements - which is devastating in itself -  but that it is a masterplan for "totally replacing nature" with the "creations of industry" - mandating the compulsory use of dangerous drugsdangerous chemicals (mandatory use of antibiotics, pesticides, etc. in agriculture), dangerous food processes (mandatory food irradiation),  only genetically engineered food crops - in a system that tolerates only industrialized food production, using only synthetic products that originate from, and are controlled by, the pharma and chemical cartels.  The CODEX agenda SELLS 'health and survival' TO 'commercial trade interests'  - which  would then completely OWN and CONTROL the entire food supply and determine the "permissible" health/medical status of the entire global population. 
There are many forms of "terrorism".  Everyone recognizes the obvious violent form, but few are aware of the sneaky, secretive, stealth form.  The latter is the more dangerous, because it operates from within as a Trojan Horse, and hollows out the societal infrastructure as hidden termites.   By the time you see the termites, the structure is already collapsing.  CODEX is just such an insidious form of stealth terrorism, aimed at the entire population of the globe - that includes you and me, and the survival potential of your children  and your grandchildren, and their environment!
Although this article was written in the summer of 2005, ending with a positive note after the successful legal challenge by the ANH (Alliance for Natural Health)  against the EU Directive - giving consumers a momentary reprieve, and halting the immediate, drastic implementation of the EU Directive that was planned for Aug 2005. - it is now evident that the reprieve was indeed just temporary
At the present time, the FDA in the USA is attempting to bypass/eliminate legislative oversight - aiming to gain complete control mechanisms  to implement CODEX regulations  through the "Trilateral Cooperation Charter" , under the provisions of the pending "North America Union" - which essentially makes the legislative arms of all three national governments redundant.  We are witnessing the frightening noose of the dictatorship called the "New World Order".  The North American Union is also an "international arrangement" that has proceed covertly, in secret, without legislative approval or citizen knowledge.
It is absolutely essential that we take stock, understand the urgency of what is transpiring behind closed doors, and that we use the legislative process before it is paralyzed completely by these "international trade agreements" that supersede national laws.
Folks, if we do not stand up and  ACT en mass NOW, and stop this insidious 'dictated sickness" - that spells "health prohibition" -  while we still have legislative capacity, it may soon be too late to do it peacefully.  The fight for survival thereafter would be very difficult, very painful, and very costly, in money and lives.  Criminality is criminality, even when it is protected by nefarious legalism.  These CODEX regulations are criminal, however which way you want to view them!!!  Their implementation by 'bought' stooges who have infiltrated national governments is equally criminal!  They literally threaten our survival and the biological integrity of the planet. 
If one wanted to devise a "population-reduction" agenda, one would be hard pressed to find one with more 'efficacy potential that the looming CODEX regulations - that are destined to become fully implemented globally in all aspects by 2010 - UNLESS WE STOP THEM NOW!
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Codex Attack on Vitamins


Share this information freely!

An international cartel is working with a special EU/WTO subsidiary, called "Codex," and plans to do the following in our country:

(1) Limit the number of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients which you can purchase.
(2) Of the few which will be permitted, the dosages will be so low as to render them useless.
(3) You will only be able to buy them through a physician's prescription.
(4) You will only purchase them in a drugstore.
(5) Only synthetic vitamins will be available.
(6) Only approved drug companies will make them.
(7) You will pay very high prices for each tablet.
(8) It will become a crime to use any nutrients even the permitted ones in the treatment of any infirmity or disease. No one, including physicians, will be able to use them to "prevent, treat, or cure any condition or disease."

An immense German, U.S., and British drug cartel is behind this.

In addition, Codex is also working with some other groups:
(1) The chemical industry plans to require that all animals be treated with antibiotics and hormones.
(2) The largest seed company in the world intends that only genetically modified crops be planted by farmers.
(3) The nuclear industry plans that all food plants and livestock be irradiated.
Truly "organic" foods will end.

Are you interested?  Read on.  A large amount of information is here.  
Because this is so important, the following report is lengthy.  
If you do not have time to read it in detail, just scan the highlights, and pause to read what interests you.  
Hopefully, the facts will frighten you enough that you will want to immediately contact Congress (or Canadian Parliament, if Canadian) and tell them whether you want Codex in

If you do not ACT, you will be sorry later.


posted by Chris Gupta on Tuesday April 11 2006

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Readers' Comments

Greetings Chris,
I am slowly getting back into things.
You are doing a fantastic job. Thank the good Lord for the few people like you for keeping the light of truth burning. Never become discouraged, and stick to your guns.
With best wishes,

Posted by: Liston on April 12, 2006 05:52 PM


Thank you for making this most invaluable information available. It appears that the only solution is a return to growing our own food, saving our own seeds and generally becoming as self-sufficient as is humanly possible.

Posted by: John Fielder on April 14, 2006 07:32 PM


How dare these Evil & Greedy Moron Bastards attack God/ Nature given Remedies!!!...

Posted by: Danny on August 2, 2006 05:42 AM


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