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July 06, 2006

Fluoridation for Montreal?

More self serving opinion masquerading as expert evidence. What a scam given the "Warning: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away."

"Fluoride's double-fisted trait of bringing out the worst in other chemicals makes it especially bad company. While a common air pollutant, hydrogen fluoride, is many times more toxic than better-known air pollution villains, such as sulfur dioxide or ozone, it "synergistically" boosts the toxicity of these pollutants as well. Does fluoride added to our drinking water similarly increase the toxicity of the lead, arsenic, and other pollutants that are routinely found in our water supply? As we shall see, getting answers to such questions from the federal government, even after fifty years of endorsing water fluoridation, can prove impossible."

"Some dentists are unaware that much of the fluoride added to drinking water today in the United States is actually an industrial waste, "scrubbed" from the smokestacks of Florida phosphate fertilizer mills to prevent it from damaging livestock and crops in the surrounding countryside. In a sweetheart deal these phosphate companies are spared the expense of disposing of this "fluosilicic acid" in a toxic waste dump. Instead, the acid is sold to municipalities, shipped in rubber-lined tanker trucks to reservoirs across North America and injected into drinking water for the reduction of cavities in children. (So toxic are the contents of the fluoride trucks that in the aftermath of the September 11, zoos, terrorist attack, authorities were alerted to keep a watchful eye on road shipments of the children's tooth-decay reducer.)"

"Scientists have been fired for their refusal to back down from their questions about the safety of fluoride, blackballed by industry, or smeared by propagandists hired by the U.S. Public Health Service and the American Dental Association. "Bodies litter the field," one senior dental researcher told me when he learned that I was writing a book on fluoride."

"With revelations that such health problems as central nervous system effects, arthritis, and the risk of bone cancer were minimized or concealed entirely from the public by early promoters of fluoride, the possible benefit of a handful of better teeth might not be worth running the risk. "How many cavities would have to be saved to justify the death of one man from osteosarcoma?" asked the late Dr. John Colquhoun, the former chief dental officer of Auckland, New Zealand, and a fluoride promoter turned critic."

"History tells us that overturning myths is rarely easy. But we have been down this path before. The fluoride story is similar to the fables about lead, tobacco, and asbestos, in which medical accomplices helped industry to hide the truth about these substances for generations. Fluoride workers share a tragic fate with the souls who breathed beryllium, uranium, and silica in the workplace. Endless studies that assured workers that their factories and mines were safe concealed the simple truth that thousands of people were being poisoned and dying painful early deaths from these chemicals. So if this tale of how fluoride's public image was privately laundered sounds eerily familiar, maybe it's because the very same professionals and institutions who told us that fluoride was safe said much the same about lead, asbestos, and DDT or persuaded us to smoke more tobacco."

"Lulled by half a century of reassurances from supporters of fluoride in the public health establishment, many doctors today have no idea of the symptoms of fluoride poisoning. A silent killer may stalk us in our ignorance. "There is a black hole out there, in terms of the public and scientific knowledge," says former industry toxicologist Dr. Phyllis Mullenix. "There is really no public health issue that could impact a bigger population. I don't think there is an element of this society that is not impacted by fluoride. It is very far-reaching and it is very disturbing.""

The quotes are from the introduction of a must read: "Fluoride Deception" by Christopher Bryson

Watch a 29 video interview with Christopher Bryson here.

Here is a post by Dr. Mercola: Think Fluoride is Healthy? Find Out the Shocking Truth in "The Fluoride Deception"

"It is time, as the Quakers ask in life, to speak truth to power. Good science can sharpen the tools for change, but it will be public opinion and citizen action that strike those shackles free."

For our health's sake please study the subject and take action to stop this madness. Start by writing to "The Gazette" and the official mentioned below. Contact information is at the end.

Chris Gupta

See also: Experts challenge Water Fluoridation

Date: July 6, 2006 8:33:50 AM MDT
Subject: Fluoridation for Montreal?

Action urged on fluoride - Cavities in children double after additive is removed from water

The Gazette

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Calls for the introduction of fluoridation in Montreal's water system have been revived in the wake of a study that shows kindergarten children in Dorval have twice as many cavities as they did when fluoride was added to that city's drinking water.

Until recently, Dorval children generally had healthier teeth than their Montreal peers, said Michael Levy, dental consultant to the Quebec National Institute of Public Health.

"Children in Dorval now have the same number of cavities as children in similar socio-economic areas of Montreal," he said, citing recent figures from the CLSC Dorval-Lachine.

After about 50 years of fluoridation, Dorval stopped adding fluoride to its water supply in 2003 because its equipment needed a $400,000 upgrade and the borough was waiting for the go-ahead from the Quebec government, which funds fluoridation. Montreal has never fluoridated its water.

Of about 120 kindergarten children monitored in Dorval in 2003, eight per cent showed signs of severe tooth decay.

By 2004, severe tooth decay among that group had risen to 10 per cent; by 2005, it reached 16 per cent, or twice as high as in 2003.

Levy said when he saw the latest figures, he first checked Dorval's socio-economic statistics for any big changes that could account for the dramatic rise. Statistically, people from low-income families are more likely to have cavities.

"Dorval has a relatively stable population," he said. "No population factor can explain the rise in cavities in Dorval. The only explanation is halting the fluoride."

Levy noted that the World Health Organization advocates the use of fluoride in drinking water as the most effective preventive measure for cavities.

He pointed out that Montreal is the last major North American city to hold out against water fluoridation.

"Montrealers have among the worst teeth in North America."

Stephane Schwartz is the director of the dental clinic at the Montreal Children's Hospital. She also is a spokesperson for the Montreal Coalition for Healthy Teeth, a 1,000-member group pushing for fluoridation of the city's water supply.

"I'm frustrated and angry that we are still having to fight for this," she said.

Schwartz says fluoride is especially important to young children whose teeth are developing.

"I see the result of this problem at my clinic every day: children yelling, mothers crying, month after month."

The coalition's website says water fluoridation costs less than one dollar per person per year, and poses no risk to the environment.

Levy said there are "no known dangers" from water fluoridation, although studies are continuing.

Bernard Larin, spokesperson for the Montreal city council executive committee, said the city has commissioned a report on water fluoridation and will make no decision until the study is complete, probably this fall.

"Specialists on both sides are weighing in on the issue before we make any decision," he said.

Dorval Mayor Edgar Rouleau said he was in favour of reinstating fluoride in the city's drinking water and has been waiting for funds from the Quebec government to update the equipment.

"They had confirmed to us that money was available more than a year ago but wanted (to wait for) Montreal to fluoridate their water, as well" so they could pay for both areas at the same time, Rouleau said.

A meeting has been scheduled with officials from Dorval and Montreal, as well as Quebec Health Department representatives. Rouleau said it is to take place in late August or early September.

The Arguments


You can get fluoride in toothpaste, mouthwash and tablets, and applying fluoride directly to the teeth is the most beneficial method.

Too much fluoride will cause mottled teeth.

It might also increase the risk of a fatal bone cancer in young boys and hip fractures in the elderly.

Even though water fluoridation is banned in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Norway and France, cavity rates have come down there.

From a civil liberties standpoint, it is forced mass medication.


It reduces tooth decay and the harmful effects claimed by fluoridation's opponents have not been proven satisfactorily.

Fluoride prevents cavities in two ways: First, it builds strong teeth from the bone out and then it protects the surface of the tooth from bacteria, which can eat away at the tooth's enamel.

Fluoridation gives protection to children who are vulnerable to tooth decay for cultural or socio-economic reasons. The Canadian Dental Association says the No. 1 risk factor for dental decay is poverty.

The U.S. Centres for Disease Control has declared fluoridation "one of the top 10 public health advances of the past century."

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posted by Chris Gupta on Thursday July 6 2006

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