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November 01, 2009

Bill C-6 Questions For MPs Or Any Bill For That Matter!

Clink on the following picture to hear a short (10 excerpt - part 2 below) from the full 46 minute "Power to the People" lecture as a primer to the questions and text below:

"Focus entirely on the constitutional and charter violations of C-6. Do NOT mention natural health products in any way, shape or form. If you do, you will likely be dismissed with a reply that C-6 specifically exempts NHPs. This is a bogus response. Schedule 1 of C-6 includes foods, drugs, cosmetics, devices and explosive. Schedule 1 can be revised at any time to include NHPs. Further, the Health Minister has another bill in the wings that specifically targets NHPs. If C-6 passes, then our industry is next, no matter what they say." DR


Following are links to the full lecture that will give you a good grounding how our government operates it is not what you think! This is a must listen. I have also uploaded this 46 minute lecture as a mp3 file here for the convenience for those who should like to hear this on the go. Unfortunately the first minute or so is very loud but the remainder is fine.

Part 1 - 10 min.

Part 2 - 10 min.

Part 3 - 9:58 min.

Part 4 - 6:03 min.

Part 5 - 10min

Extracted from: "Conférence pour la Liberté de Choix en Santé where you can hear other excellent speakers as well. There maybe both French and English translations on the above link too?

*Apparently, in view of the following deliberations "some Senators on the Committee reviewing Bill C-6 would be so afraid of my witness appearance that they are not only blocking me or David from appearing, but had arranged for a so-called "Consumer Advocate" that I do not even know to directly attack me in his limited 10 minute presentation." TT


Senators urged to ignore lobby opposing product-safety bill

Environmental Defence urges Senate to pass consumer products bill

Here yet again is another vested interest group masquerading as an environmental consumer group. Please read and post your own comments in the above link before they are removed.

Chris Gupta


Hello FOFI GIA Freedom BeeHive Canadian Council & Network,

Please see attached part of our Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom analysis of C-6 that was handed out to MPs and Senators during my Oct 7th and 8th Ottawa trip. C-6 passed second reading on October 7th

I have updated our E-Protest online letter. Please encourage everyone to go to and CLICK on the BIG RED STOP sign and send the new E-Protest letter to over 400 MPs and Senators. Please note that when you receive your confirmation e-mail – please ensure that the full link is used to finalize sending your E-Protest Freedom letter.

You need to call your MPs in your riding and go and meet with them to discuss your concerns.

We must unite and organize together riding by riding in order to develop enough focused PEOPLE PROTEST POWER to stop Bill C-6 and the soon to be re-introduced C-51.

We urgently need your help immediately to do the following:

Task Number 1.

Please go to our Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom website – and join up and give a monthly generous contribution.

It is costing our organizations over $5,000 a month to politically battle BIG PHARMA and its Global New World Order allies. They have unlimited funds and manpower.

Task Number 2

While on our website click on the BIG RED STOP SIGN and send your new E-Peoples' Mandate to over 400 Members of the Canadian Parliament and Senate. Or access it directly here.

Task Number 3

Please read the following article and print it out and make an appointment with your MP immediately to hand deliver a copy of this article and to ask politely the following questions;

[1] Have you read Bill C-6?

[2] Do you personally agree with Bill C-6 as currently drafted?

[3] Are you committed to voting based upon the majority of your constituents' clearly expressed Peoples' Mandate direction?

[4] Are you seeking re-election?

[5] Do you want my vote and that of my friends, family and contacts in this riding?

[6] Do you want for our children and grandchildren a government that is owned and operated by the People and for the People?

Try to meet your MP with personally preferably in with one or two friends.

Task Number 4

Please send me an e-mail at confirming that you have done the three assigned Freedom Tasks and let me know the answer to these six questions that you receive from your Public Employee – the MP in your riding.

Also please provide me with copies of any e-mails or other communications that you receive from your MPs and Senators.

Please circulate this as widely as possible.

Yours for Free-Will Choice and Freedom,

Trueman Tuck

Freedom line: 613-771-1797

Freedom Fax: 613-771-0318

Freedom E-mail:

Freedom address: Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom, P.O. Box 20144, Belleville, Ontario Canada K8N 5V1

Health Freedom Update October 29th, 2009,

Hello GIA BeeHive Freedom Network,

Please see below the unofficial copy of the October 21st Senate Hearings in regards to Bill C-6. It is very important that we all send e-mails, call, visit and write all Senators and keep the pressure on the Senate.


Our auto letter is on our website Click on the BIG RED STOP BILL C-6 STOP SIGN. This will sends your e-mail to all 400 plus Canadian Senators and MPs.

Be sure when confirming your e-mail to enlarge your screen and click on the entire link, otherwise your final step of sending your e-mail will not work.

Also attached is the Senate directory for everyone's use.

Remember – there are only two types of countries:

[1] A Country where the Government is owned and operated by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE,


[2] A Country where the Government owns the People and does whatever it wants to the PEOPLE and resources of the County!


Also below is and excellent letter from Dr. David Rowland, one of our founding Council Members and one of Canada's greatest "Friends of Freedom" and "Freedom of Choice in Health Care" Advocates.

Trueman Tuck, Managing Director, Sovereign Human Rights Advocate and Registered Federal Lobbyist

For the Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom

Phone: 613-771-1797
Fax: 613-771-1435

Websites: and

From: Sovereign Rights Advocates []
Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2009 11:15 AM
To: Trueman Tuck
Subject: Fw:


I spoke with the Clerk of the Committee of Social Affairs, Science and Technology this morning. She e-mailed me the unrevised minutes from the meeting on October 21st, 2009. She also told me that no decision has been made for witnesses for the meetings next week*, but she is hoping to get a list at todays meeting.

She also informed me that she receive the briefs we sent on Bill C-6 and that the first 2 parts are being translated, and then will be handed out to all the members of the committee.

Kristy Poole
Assistant to Trueman Tuck
Tuck's Professional Services

(613) 968-3007

* See note above in the intro to this post.

----- Original Message -----

From: Kristy Poole


Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2009 11:05 AM

Subject: Fw:

----- Original Message -----

From: Hogan, Keli

To: ''

Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2009 9:48 AM

Please find enclosed the transcripts for the meeting of the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology which was held on October 21. See below.

Please note that the transcripts are unedited verbatim of proceedings as they were taken, in the original spoken language. The fully translated and edited copy of the evidence is posted on the Committee's site (under "Committee Proceedings") within a few weeks of a meeting.

If you wish to cite an unrevised transcript, please obtain beforehand the consent of the person who spoke.

Thank you

Keli Hogan

Committee Clerk / Greffière de comité

Senate of Canada / Sénat du Canada

40 Elgin, Suite 1035

Tel: (613) 993-9021 / Fax: Télé.: (613) 947-2104

Dear Supporters,

We are running out of time: The Senate Social Affairs Committee is now meeting behind closed doors to discuss the future of Bill C-6. We don't know if they intend to hear presentations from witnesses. Immediately after this committee makes its report, the senate will be voting for the third and final time on C-6. We have no idea what the outcome will be.

The only reason that C-6 has come as far as it has it because MPs place a higher priority on being re-elected than on respecting the rights of Canadians. (Votes are the "god" that they worship.) Many MPs don't even read the bills before them. They simply vote as their Party Whip orders them to do, on penalty of committing career suicide. One MP who was interviewed stated that the only time he would ever vote contrary to the Party Whip would be in the hypothetical situation where his constituents "unanimously" instructed him to do otherwise. He said that he really likes his job and doesn't want to lose it.

Votes are power. And our elected representatives have used that power against us to introduce legislation that violates our constitution and our charter rights as Canadians. We need to take back our power – NOW!

Following is a letter I wrote to Stephen Harper, giving him a choice: either he withdraws Bill C-6 or else the senate must kill it. These are the only two options that respect our constitutional and charter rights. Feel free to use this letter as a model for your own protest letters.

We need to tell Mr. Harper (and associates) that we are a very influential group of people who will caution everyone we know never to vote Conservative again - unless he does the right thing by withdrawing C-6.

I strongly recommend that you send a letter to Mr. Harper stating your own concerns, with a copy both to your own MP and to all Senators in your province.

Also strongly recommended to get on the phone right away to make an appointment ASAP with your MP. When you get the meeting, ask how that person voted on C-6 and why. Tell him/her what you intend to do with your vote at the next election, based on their reply to your questions. Ask what this person can do to influence their party to stop C-6 before it is too late.

Focus entirely on the constitutional and charter violations of C-6. Do NOT mention natural health products in any way, shape or form. If you do, you will likely be dismissed with a reply that C-6 specifically exempts NHPs. This is a bogus response. Schedule 1 of C-6 includes foods, drugs, cosmetics, devices and explosive. Schedule 1 can be revised at any time to include NHPs. Further, the Health Minister has another bill in the wings that specifically targets NHPs. If C-6 passes, then our industry is next, no matter what they say.

Here is the unequivocal message that we need to deliver: If C-6 passes, then our Constitution is a worthless piece of paper and Parliament is a sham! C-6 is a dangerous piece of legislation that sets the precedent that government can seize our property and violate our rights at its own whim and without any accountability for its actions. This is the very kind of tyranny from which our representatives are supposed to protect us!

Here are the links you will need:

Members of Parliament are here.

The Senators are here.

Many thanks,

David W. Rowland

October 22, 2009

To: Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper

Cc: Hon. Leona Aqlukkaq Hon. Noel A. Kinsella
Hon. Tony Clement Hon. Elaine McCoy
Mike Allen Hon. Percy Mockler
Colin Carrie Hon. Carolyn Stewart Olsen
James Lunney Hon. John D. Wallace

From: David W. Rowland

P.O. Box 4292 Woodstock, NB E7M 6B7

Only Two Lawful Options

Dear Mr. Harper,

Many who used to vote Conservative now feel disenfranchised by your government's attempts to pass Bills C-51, C-52, and now C-6. (It was only because of these unconstitutional bills that I ran against Tony Clement in the last election.) If and only if you resolve the C-6 issue in a lawful manner, you may regain many of these lost votes.

Bill C-6 violates the constitutional and charter rights of every Canadian. According to a Supreme Court Decision (Oct. 3, 1950): ``The Constitution of Canada does not belong either to Parliament, or the Legislatures; it belongs to the country and it is there that the citizens of the country will find the protection of the rights to which they are entitled.``

Here are only some of the ways in which C-6 violates the Constitution Act, 1867, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Canadian Bill of Rights, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Privacy Act, and the Statutory Instruments Act:

· C-6 combines criminal and civil legislation into one bill. This measure is expressly forbidden by the Constitution Act, 1867. Criminal offences are the exclusive domain of the Criminal Code of Canada.

· Trespassing: Health Canada inspectors may enter on or pass through or over private property and not be responsible for any problems they cause. [20(4)]

· Unreasonable search and seizure: Health Canada inspectors may enter any premises where they believe there are products relating to the Act. They may be accompanied by peace officers authorized to use force. They may examine and seize anything they deem relevant. [20(2)]

· Unlimited powers: Inspectors may take any measures they consider necessary to remedy alleged non-compliance with the Act, including destroying businesses and livelihoods. [31(2)]

· If there is no victim, there is no crime: Health Canada intends to levy criminal penalties (including multi-million dollar fines and jail sentences) against those who have not harmed anyone, whose only "offence" has been non-compliance with the Act. [38(1)(3)]

· You are guilty no matter what: If you are charged under this Act, you do not have a defence by reason that you exercised due diligence to prevent the alleged violation, or that you were not even aware of the violation, or that there were facts that would have exonerated you. If you pay a penalty in respect of an alleged violation, you are deemed to have committed that violation. If you do not enter into a "compliance agreement" with the Minister, you are also deemed to have committed the alleged violation. You are guilty without evidence, without proof, without courtroom appearances, and with no defence allowed. [38(1); 50(1)(2)(3); 56(1)]

· Violation of Privacy: The Health Minister intends to disclose personal and confidential business information to third parties (including foreign agencies) without the consent of the person to whom the information relates and without notifying that person. [15, 16]

· Unlimited Scope: The Health Minister may make up new regulations (as interim orders) as she or he sees fit. These orders are exempt from the Statutory instruments Act. The Minister does not have to go through the Privy Council to ensure that these orders are within the rules, nor does he or she have to have them published in the Canada Gazette. [37]

Bill C-6 clearly violates our inalienable rights as human beings and our charter rights as Canadians. >From a legal perspective, these rights are inviolable. C-6 is thus unlawful, illegal or ultra vires, however you choose to name it.

Mr. Harper, there are only two lawful ways to resolve the C-6 issue. Either you withdraw the bill, or the Senate kills it. You need to make the choice which best serves your country and your party.

Compromise is unacceptable. Either your government upholds our rights as Canadians or it violates them. There is no middle ground.

Yours most sincerely,

David W. Rowland, BComm, MBA, PhD

Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom

Freedom of Choice in Health Care

Friends of Freedom International

Live Longer Educational Foundation

Natural Health Products Protection Association



OTTAWA, Wednesday, October 21, 2009


posted by Chris Gupta on Sunday November 1 2009

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