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August 18, 2003

Saving Raw Diary!

This is a follow up on my earlier post: Action Alert: Save Raw Milk please write again as per the following post form aajonus, Also please check out the new site it is full of information.


Chris Gupta

Hi, all,

Thank you for issuing emails and letters to the Pennsylvania State departments regarding the sale of raw milk. The states response to us was in essence, we support raw milk but not raw milk products. That is unacceptable because raw butter and raw cream are more important to people seeking better health than raw milk. Please copy, paste and send the following email to the persons listed at the bottom. (The email address for Hershey has been corrected.) We will send a similar letter to branches of the federal government because the FDA issue notice to all state health and agricultural departments to outlaw raw dairy products. We must educate them before they outlaw raw milk everywhere. Thank you!



August 16, 2003
Re:  Raw dairy products.
Dear __________________,
It is my understanding that your division is currently intending to stop raw milk products from distribution and purchase. The reasons given are for improved health safety. Those of us who are aware, well-researched and educated on the subject are opposed to the intended restrictions that have little or no basis in empirical science.
I encourage you to reconsider your current restrictive intentions, and read the
Report In Favor Of Raw Milk (Report - ) and A Very Brief History of Milk as Medicine ("History") that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors (?LACBS?) relied upon in granting the sale of Grade A raw milk products in Los Angeles County, as it is throughout California. In 2001, the LACBS found that the recommendations of the County Milk Commission, Health Commission, California Department Of Health Services, and CDC to continue to prevent Grade A raw milk products from distribution and sale were unmerited and erroneous, and their reports flawed. Studies conducted by leading Research Institutions and Universities demonstrated that many ethnic groups and children are allergic to pasteurized dairy products but tolerate and thrive on raw milk products (see Report and History).
Regardless of what your findings are to support such an initiative, it is empirically unsupportable, even if supported and encouraged by CDC?s arbitrary data and conclusions. CDC has not been able to refute with scientific certainty or empirical data any of its claims against raw milk products. For the first time in 38 years, in response to documented facts, the Board of Supervisors voted 4 to 1 to allow the distribution and sale of Grade A raw milk products. We recommend that your division become familiar with the findings of that Report, and History, before you take further action.
Specifically, there is no merit to the unfounded and insupportable conclusion that "raw" milk and raw milk products, such as raw cream, raw butter and raw cheeses, are unsafe for consumption. They are simply unadulterated milk products, as nature produces them and utilized for thousands of years to reverse diseases, including milk products from milk inundated with high ratios of "pathogenic" bacteria. Raw milk proved safe and healthful for consumption even when the milking processes were unclean (see Report, and History). Any legislation to restrict those products from people is an overzealous protectionist effort that will decrease health among people.
Since only pasteurized milk products have been scientifically linked to all dairy-caused epidemics, pasteurized dairy products should receive the wrath of your restrictions, not raw dairy products (see Report). It is unreasonably discriminatory to single out raw milk products in this manner.  You are in effect denying consumers the right to purchase raw milk products solely based on bias/prejudice. In every state of this country, through which we Americans so actively travel, those of us who consume raw milk products are concerned.
Needless to say, any step taken by government to remove food produced by nature from our constitutionally protected right to choose, which includes food choices, is unacceptable and is open to court actions for discrimination, misuse of authoritative power and right of choice. The exhibits attached to the Report from Medical Doctors and Health Professionals that endorse raw milk products, make fine testimony in any court action. The main author of the information in the Report, Dr. William Campbell Douglas Jr., MD is the foremost medical authority on milk and its raw and pasteurized effects on health, and the author of the History is Andrew Bernstein, a magna cum laude graduate of John Hopkins University.
I encourage you to consider that all "case by case" decisions affecting public good, by law, must be and can only be based on whether they are "specifically and solely for the benefit of the public good". Correspondingly, there is no benefit to the public good in any way by removing a healthful and required food.
I assume the Milk Sanitation Division has no desire to create such an unfortunate situation, and why I provide you with this formal Notice. Once Notice has been brought to the attention of State, County and/or City Departments that its findings are flawed, it must update its information accordingly, and act accordingly, pursuant to the due diligently, as mandated by law. It is important for the Milk Sanitation Division to refrain from discriminating against raw milk with bias/prejudice.
As you know, there is a fast growing group of Americans, already numbering millions, actively seeking and demanding better quality food in America because we realize how much food affects our health.
I would like to think of the Milk Sanitation Division in Pennsylvania as a reasonable government body that responds to comprehensively based evidence and consumer demands, rather than by pre-emptive and assumptive regulations such as the CDC's.
"Healthy Americans" should be a slogan by every agricultural and health department. I encourage every governmental department to participate in that national goal. Towards that end, any proposed sanitation legislation must be comprehensively aligned with that desired outcome, without creating burdens that are unreasonable, onerous and unjustifiable.
I am certain the Department does not want to interfere and/or deny people the ability to obtain the food they require to maintain their health.  I trust the Milk Division has no desire to deny its residents their basic right to health and right to choose, particularly in view of the spiraling costs for health care, with which all of us are concerned.
I thank you in advance for your cooperation and interest in updating your information. I appreciate and anticipate you will make every effort to ensure that raw milk products continue to be commercially available.


(your name
and if you live in Pennsylvania, your address)

Relevant officials to contact are:

James Dell, Director of the Division of Milk Sanitation:
(717) 787-3233,

Bobby McLean, director of the PA Bureau of Food safety:
(717) 787-4248,

Dennis Wolff, Secretary of Agriculture:
(717) 772-2853,

Art Hershey, Chairman of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Agriculture Committee: (717) 783-6435,


posted by Chris Gupta on Monday August 18 2003
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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