Share The Wealth by Chris Gupta
December 20, 2003

Re: Chris, your ideas about our court case


Think the best strategy should be is to, calmly but firmly, demand statistically significant data of harm from the FDA resulting specifically from Hulda Clark's work. Don't let them get away with arguments by exception which they will use to derail the whole process in their favour. This is paramount - insist that this evidence be provided before they proceed on anything else! "Competent and reliable scientific information" is also required from them if they are insisting on demanding the same from you.

Then produce statically sound testimonials and/or all the people who first tired FDA sanctioned medicine with it's "competent and reliable scientific information" which harmed them thus forcing them to look for alternatives which cured or controlled their affliction. Thus showing the benefits form Hulda's work. This will also blow out their idiotic contention that Hulda is misleading/preventing people form seeing their doctors as most would already seen their MD's. And again point out the dismal track record of modern medicine - this is reason enough for people to seek alternatives.

A strong offence is an absolute - any wavering will give them an upper hand - they always count on this and that form intimidation by their highly paid (prostitute) experts.

Try to make the process as public as much as possible. Very important. These bullies hate public disgrace as it diminishes their power over us by shooting holes in their supposed mandate of protecting the public. Its the same as when cameras are put in high crime areas the crime goes down... Sadly when the parents are away the children will play. To understand this one must read "Prisons We Choose to Live Inside" by Doris Lessing and also the work of Jane Jacobs work.

Demonstrate to the court the absurdity (comparing apples with oranges) of spending public funds (FDA's resources) on something that they can't even show damage while neglecting their mandate to protect the public form known damages from drugs and medical injuries. Why? (Gray Null's fully referenced work is in the previous link.)

See example:

"This letter is to inform you of how upset I am at how my time and tax dollars were wasted on this trial."

..."Given the dismal track record of modern medicine they (FDA etc.) have no right to force people into dangerous procedures or drugs. If the mainstream health system provided real solutions and cures then why should anyone waste their time with alternatives in the first place. No one has the right to tell people what to do particularly with such poor track record of modern medicine. The medical system should not be a monopoly in the first place! It is only so because we let them get away with crimes of medicine day in and day out."... as per the Operation Cure.all -- Whose Cure? post

Then with the above data counter charge them for monopolistic practices.

Join forces with other sites who are also under the FDA gun - some are listed in the links below. Be warned the FDA and their ilk have no intention of having a fair hearing so this may not work. But a good legal team could make all the difference.

An example of a good interrogation is demonstrated in:


Another alternative on which I am not technically clear, but just maybe worth investigating with someone in the know, is to withdraw from the FDA rulings as a natural entity and not be bound by their rulings. Some doctors have done this from the AMA and continue to practice out of the AMA fold. Unfortunately, can't remember who at the moment... see Medical Mafia for a Canadian story. Maybe someone on the list could elaborate... This tactic will have to be very carefully planned and some sort of notification to this effect will have to be sent to the FDA before the trial.

Highly recommend you consult, if not already, with Trueman Tuck of the Friends of freedom on legal matters and Ron Law from New Zealand on analytically (static based) formulating your case.

Finally, be prepared to appeal if you end up with a corrupt court/judge more likely in the lower courts but can happen anywhere. It should be nice if one could, once and for all make them pay for their corruption - we will need to understand ourselves and our enemy if we are to conquer it

I have also redirected this to the list - am sure there are many other ideas that could be useful.

Chris Gupta

see also: Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw

At 11:40 AM 12/15/2003 +0100, you wrote:


Thank you for your regular emails.

We have a court case against the FTC coming up. In short the issue is whether we can have excerpts from Dr. Hulda Clark's books on our website. Dr. Clark says many things, none of which have been scientifically proven. We make that very clear in all disclaimers that are all over the place. Still, the FTC alleges in court that these are product claims and that we evoke the idea that Dr. Clark's work is what they call "competent and reliable scientific information". Nothing could be further from the truth, we have no intention to play the game of "competent and reliable scientific information" which has proven to be worthless as per the statistics of orthodox medicine.

Anyway, we need to rally all the organizations that are in favor of Health Freedom for this event; and I though you certainly had some ideas who would be in that group.

Sincerely Yours,

David P. Amrein


posted by Chris Gupta on Saturday December 20 2003
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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Before Chris takes the advice of anyone about lawsuits, it might be worth reading about the lawsuit in California against Hulda Clark, Tim Bolen and dozens of others.

Posted by: on May 29, 2004 09:38 PM


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