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March 12, 2004

Health Canada (HC) Public Hearing

Thanks Aliss, for this quick update on Health Protection legislation - public hearing. I am sending this to the list so all can see Health Canada's shenanigans. See comments (italics) in body....

Chris Gupta
Hi Chris,

I regret to report that we were deliberately kept from discussing anything to do with natural & alternative health products, supplements, GM foods, Bill C420 etc. I had spent hours printing out stuff and writing out things I wanted to bring up. Never got to use a single piece.

Unfortunately, this is yet again, first hand proof that these public input meeting are simply cosmetic. Most of these are set up to avoid public criticism. Most are token public gestures, and have nothing to do with our input except to get an opportunity to learn concerns of the community so that strategies can be developed to address future road blocks for their industry friends' agendas. Most of the decisions have already been made behind closed doors and our input is generally irrelevant.

These regulatory bodies have figured it out that if they continue to neglect the their mandate then they maybe sued out to oblivion... Hence the impetus for the new Health Protection legislation

..."A key element appears to be the redesign of the federal approach to health and safety regulation in order to create an "advantage” for industry by means of weaker safety standards."...

Sadly, it appears that, court action may be needed to force this corrupt body to follow its mandate. See also:

Campaign to Pass Bill C-420

Health Freedom Legal Battles

There were many drug and grocery reps, chemical and industrial co. reps, a LOT of HC people, dietitians, nurses, seniors... and then me, and one other person from the Green Party who also was a nurse.

Typical so they can claim all sectors of the public where consulted sham.

I feel deeply discouraged and frustrated at the moment.

1) We must all write to our MPs with our concerns. Keep hounding them till we get some response on how to make this rogue regulatory body accountable.

2) Ask them that with so many unknowns with the newer (ie genetic) technologies how can anyone quantify risk?

3) Tell them that Health Canada is hoodwinking us with the bull about risk vs benefits diatribe. Surely when the risks are unknown or potentially increasing then there cannot, by definition, be a risk benefit ratio. It can only escalate to unacceptable risk

4) Tell them that we should be tightening the regulations not the other way around. !

5) Demand assurance that the current rules not be changed as they adequately address the safety issue already.

6) Demand that they ask Health Canada on your behave to produce their regulatory action plan on reducing medical costs; reducing medical and drug injuries. If they do not have one ask why not and what exactly are they doing to protect from medical and drug injuries?

7) Ask your MPs why the citizens who have mandated Health Canada to protect them, must then turn around and take their own regulatory body to court just to up hold its mandate?

8) Given the above ask if your MP feels as you do - in that Health Canada seems more concerned for the industry than its own constituents? Tell them that it sure looks that way to you and that you do not want to fund, Health Canada, as yet anther industry lobby, with your tax dollars.

We can use the link at the Friends of Freedom web site to write to the MPs on mass. Here is the direct link:


There was overt hostility from one industry guy towards me when I asked if there had been any consideration to the precautionary principle, or at least making a reasonable effort to develop an antidote to a toxic drug before it is released, i.e. if you can put molecules together in a compound that doesn't degrade, make sure you can take them apart. First he implied I was very stupid and gullible i.e. the media has duped me into believing that there are actually drugs and chemicals in the environment, then he challenged me to support my 'claim' scientifically, so I listed the studies from England finding hormone residue and precocious puberty in the kids, and the chemo drugs recovered from harbor sludge, and endocrine disruption in lower life forms etc. so then he said those were all sloppy science.

This name calling by the industry is typical when they are cornered. "Sloppy science" my foot - I suppose only industry funded science is good science? Since we are not the one's subjecting anyone to risk why should we have to prove any claims of damage? - under existing rules and common sense (which is why they what to rewrite the regulations) the burden of proof of safety is clearly is on the industry and not the consumer. It is up to the industry to provide scientific proof and the regulator's job to check that it is good science and not the other way around. Next time a loud mouth industry prostitute pipes up ask him for his qualifications and then compare it with the people whose science condemning. For example when a doctor, a rank armatures or near imbecile, compared to a 2 time noble prize winner like Linus Pauling says that Vitamin C has no efficacy then you know who the ignoramus is and who is using junk science.

I pointed out that refined sugar has been listed as an anti-nutrient by some health authority in the states, and HC says it is a macronutrient.

I was told that this reform package will become law and that bill C420 is irrelevant.

Sounds like the quackbusters and their ilk.

We were told to discuss categorization of products based on risk to the public. So I said, great, put sugar in with tobacco and alcohol. Denied of course. The reform claims to want to make all decisions based on hard science. Oh really. What about all the hard science on aspartame vs the nonexistent science on kava kava.

The new reform would still not require disclosure of health hazards or full ingredient listing. And if a drug or a company harms thousands of Canadians, HC will not prosecute or seek compensation for victims - claims that's not its job.

It is amply clear that protecting the industry is their real mandate in guise of public protection. The blatant disregard of their original mandate to protect us is rapidly making this agency redundant and we need to demand an explanation form our MPs at our behest for this deceitful behavior at our cost no less.

The only good thing is that this reform process is not law... yet.

See: Big Victory - But It's Not Over Yet

The new regulations that came into effect in January have resulted in Swiss Supplements selling vitamins in therapeutic dose with no listing of ingredients or sources. I brought a sample to show HC at our table - they thought the new regulations would be better for Canadians in terms of safety and disclosure. I pointed out that any child with ADD taking one of these would be on the ceiling within minutes from all the artificial flavor and color, with no hint that this product contained them. In other words, now supplements can be brought down to the same lax standards as pharmaceuticals.

See: Pharmaceutical Quality Control Myth

It was like talking to a wall.

Anyway, that's it for now.


See also: Medical system is leading cause of death and injury in US


posted by Chris Gupta on Friday March 12 2004
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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