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September 26, 2003

Dropping like flies: poisoned by ASPARTAME

Sudden Cardiac Death or SCD, according to the US Centers for Disease Control, is the number one killer, having ended the lives of close to half a million Americans in 1999.

Sudden Cardiac Death is not a "heart attack" or myocardial infarction, caused by clogged arteries. It's an electrical problem in which the cardiac conduction system that generates the impulses regulating the heart suddenly outputs rapid or chaotic electrical impulses, or both. The heart ceases its rhythmic contractions, the brain is starved of oxygen and the victim loses consciousness in seconds, says Betty Martini of Mission Possible, an Aspartame Consumer Awareness group.

ASPARTAME, a sweetening substance that is generally touted as innocuous by our health authorities, is implicated in the epidemic of unusual sudden deaths.

This should be a scandal of major proportions, considering how Aspartame was originally approved over the resistence of the FDA's own scientific panel examining the evidence, and also considering how every health authority around the world - including the World Health Organization - has since rubber-stamped the fraudulent approval of Aspartame as a sweeetener to be added in huge quantities to our foods.

"Light" soft drinks and all kinds of "sugar free" foods for diabetics contain the poison. It is increasingly hard to keep Aspartame out of our food by reading the labels. There's hardly a soft drink or chewing gum that does not contain the stuff (ok, I exaggerated a bit).

Many of the smarter consumers know enough to stay away from Aspartame. When will the health authorities wake up to the facts? They can't really say that they have not been told!

And as we're asking questions - why are the authorities so "fast asleep" by all appearances?

Could it be a question of MONEY? Or are they just plain STUPID?

Update December 2003:

see also CDC reports Sudden Cardiac Death nation's #1 killer - Idaho Observer

Athletic Youth at Higher Risk of Sudden Death
Might this be connected to the fact that athletes and young people are often consuming soft drinks and mineral drinks sweetened with Aspartame?


By Betty Martini
Mission Possible International
© 2003
Telephone: 770-242-2599

The CDC reports that Sudden Cardiac Death, the nation's #1 killer ended the lives of 460,000 Americans in 1999. SCD is a catastrophe in which the heart stops abruptly without warning. It kills its victims within minutes. It is estimated that 95% of victims die before reaching the hospital. Often SCD happens to outwardly healthy people with no known heart problems; high school, college and professional athletes and thousands of children.

New York State has mandated automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) be provided for all schools and athletic events on campus or off. Illinois passed a similar law. In California they talk of making defibrillators as common as fire extinguishers.

The Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association donated 73 AEDS so all of their school gyms and playing fields will be equipped to fight this devastation. The Philadelphia School District estimates 7,000-10,000 American children and youths die annually from SCD. Said Chief of Cardiology Victoria Vetter, M.D. at the Children's Hospital "I diagnose, treat and follow hundreds of children from the Philadelphia region with cardiac issues." On 9/12 came the tragic report of 13 year old Emil Gadjev's collapse and death while playing soccer here in Atlanta.

Sudden Cardiac Death is not a "heart attack" or myocardial infarction, caused by clogged arteries. Its an electrical problem in which the cardiac conduction system that generates the impulses regulating the heart suddenly output rapid or chaotic electrical impulses, or both. The heart ceases its rhythmic contractions, the brain is starved of oxygen and the victim loses consciousness in seconds.

It was only yesterday in a conversation with Dr. James Bowen about aspartame and sudden death in athletes he said findings were pointing a finger at this toxin. "Both the shock from strenuous athletics in combination with aspartame consumption, and stresses lead to activation of shock mechanism including the elaboration of Arginine vasopressin in the hypothalamus which results in cerebral edema and cardiac congestion and pulmonary edema in combination with severe potassium wastage which is a sure ticket to sudden death, especially in the face of the many damages inflicted by aspartame. Since aspartame is already well known for causing neuroendocrine abnormalities such serotonin elevations and suppression in various areas of the brain, along with depletion of dopamine, due to its phenylalanine isolate poisoning and hypothalamic damage from its extreme neuroexcitotoxin effect and formaldehyde formic acid poisoning especially focused in the hypothalamus, I would expect anyone with expertise in these areas could verify the direct effect of aspartame poisoning in producing the fatal aberrant shock mechanism in those exposed to it. The mere occurrence of severe athletic stress does not do so by itself."

Aspartame triggers an irregular heart rhythm, and interacts with cardiac medication. It damages the cardiac conduction system and causes sudden death. What Dr. Bowen is saying, of course, is that its not just hitting their hearts but hypothalamus and neuroendocrine system. It exacerbates the damages to the cardiac conduction system - it exacerbates the arrhythmia because of the cardiac conduction system damage, taking down the athletes from both directions and its synergistic.

Of interest is the report of the Telegraph in the UK having to do with an investigation of why children having mild seizures that normally don't cause death die before they can get to a hospital. Dr. Bowen responded: "Sudden death during seizures is almost always from cardiac standstill due to arrhythmias. There are several ways that this is due to aspartame damage. Aspartame and methyl alcohol poisoning are noted for damaging myocardium and the specialized form of myocardium called the cardiac conduction system. This kind of damage leads to susceptibility to arrhythmias. The aspartame and methyl alcohol poisoning cause immense damage to the mitochondria and to MtDNA which perpetuates the mitochondria damage. The myocardium and cardiac conduction system never get to rest. They are constantly at work pumping blood, therefore they are very highly concentrated in mitochondria to accommodate the metabolic needs of this tremendous work load. Therefore, mitochondrial damage is more highly reflected in the heart. Damaged mitochondria produce increased amounts of free radicals and other abnormal metabolites that produce arrhythmias. The person using NutraSweet may have a markedly decreased intake of mineral and vitamin co-enzyme factors which also sensitizes the heart to arrhythmias. Seizures always put unusual demands on the cardiorespiratory system and seizures due to NutraSweet occur more frequently and in spite of otherwise adequate antiseuzure medication. Aspartame creates unusual medical toxicity from the antiseizure medication. It should be no surprise then that people are dropping dead from this aspect of aspartame toxicity."

In Nov 1984 the Center for Disease Control reviewed 213 of 592 cases of aspartame complaints. Some of these included cardiac arrest. seizures, disorientation, hyperactivity, extreme numbness, excitability, memory loss, loss of depth perception, liver impairment, severe mood swings and even DEATH. Frederick L. Trowbridge added an executive summary to the report which conflicted with the information in the report and said that the complaints were generally of a mild nature. Obviously experts would disagree that such things as seizures, cardiac arrest and DEATH are "mild" problems. Then the CDC put the summary on their web site which is where you will find it, and left off the investigation so the public would not get the real facts. But it is on for anyone who wants to read the 146 page investigation. When I asked the CDC why they allowed this phony summary, their only excuse was "Dr. Trowbridge is now retired". It would save a lot of lives if government agencies like the FDA and CDC would give the public the facts. When those responsible to solve the problem ARE the problem its a sad commentary. They have become simply branch offices of the manufacturers of this neurotoxin.

The sudden death of John Ritter on Sept 12 stunned the nation. It was discussed on the news by Roy Flood, M.D., that he died from an undiagnosed dissection of the aorta. While we don't even know if Ritter used aspartame, Dr. Flood mentioned this is usually triggered by having hypertension for several years and aspartame causes this "big time."

H. J. Roberts, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.C.C.P. is a world renowned Board Certified and Recertified Internist who declared Aspartame Disease to be a global plague and published the medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic. He is an internationally known medical consultant and independent researcher. He is the Director of the Palm Beach Institute for Medical Research since l964 and a member of prestigious medical and scientific organizations. They include the American College of Physicians, the Endocrine Society and the American Academy of Neurology. The editors of a national medical publication selected Dr. Roberts as "The Best Doctor in the U.S." He has been knighted by the Order of St. George for his professional and humanitarian effort. His first text, Difficult Diagnosis, was used by 60,000 doctors, especially to prepare for their Board examinations.

Dr. Roberts says in Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic about aspartame and hypertension: "Increased brain phenylalanine can elevate norepinephrine levels becoming clinically manifest as hypertension. A comparable phenomenon has been demonstrated in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Another plausible mechanism involves increased phenylalanine metabolites, especially dopamine, in the presence of excess insulin. Tourian (l985) demonstrated that insulin potentiates the synthesis of phenylalanine hydroxylase in tissue cultures."

He also says: "The documentation of essential hypertension in an insulin-resistant state associated with hyperinsulinemia (Ferrannini l987), but independent of obesity, is germane because many aspartame reactors have reactive hypoglycemia. furthermore, phenylalanine increases insulin release. In the face of continued hyperinsulinemia, the down regulation of insulin receptors (and ensuing decreased insulin action), the increased reabsorption of sodium and sympathetic stimulation can exaggerate hypertension."

Dr. Roberts says: "Other clinical observations suggest a relationship between phenylalanine and tyramine. Severe hypertension may occur when increased tyramine (present in certain cheeses and alcoholic beverages) is consumed by persons taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors and cough cold preparation or appetite suppressants that continue ephedrine, phenylephrine or phenylpropanolamine."

Two-thirds of the population is using aspartame and its hard to avoid. So while we don't know at this point if John Ritter was consuming it, Dr. Bowen said: "The death of John Ritter highlights another possible ill resulting from the ingestion of aspartame. Aspartame is well recognized among its victims for causing connective tissue diseases in their body. Since much of the aorta consists of fibroelastic connective tissue it would only be logical aspartame would also cause degeneration of this vital tissue."

He also said "Aspartame really doesn't spare any structure or system in the body so its not logical to try and mentally isolate it to a few structures or few systems of the body. In fact, the FDA identified 92 documented symptoms triggered by aspartame including death, the ultimate symptom."

The Atlanta Journal Constitution on 9/11 wrote: "Sudden death in high school athletes is a topic that has received a lot of attention recently". It mentioned some children have serious heart conditions that have not been diagnosed. Dr. Bowen remarked, "In many cases aspartame victims may have had pre-existent or congenital undiagnosed cardiac problems. The fatal abnormalities induced by NutraSweet would have quicker and greater effect on these unfortunate individuals."

The article in the AJC discusses accidents that may have been caused by sudden cardiac arrest. It brings to mind the death of Sonny Bono who had an accident while skiing and hit a tree. The newspaper reported Bono was not drinking alcohol, only a "Diet Coke". Aspartame also causes confusion and disorientation, memory loss, etc. One pilot who asked that Mission Possible start an Aviation Div which we did said: "Dumb I'm not but I couldn't make a decision on aspartame and crashed my plane into a tree." And yes, there are now defibrillators on planes. Pilot Neill, American Airlines, was drinking a diet drink and died in flight. The Captain landed the plane for the body to be removed and to get a new co-pilot. An unauthorized autopsy was requested by American but they refused to allow his widow to see the results.

The New England Journal of Medicine published the article "Magnitude of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and Risk of Sudden Death in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy." Dr. Bowen said: "Yes, that is what aspartame does."

One article on Cardiomyopathy and Its Relation to Exercise: Sudden Death in Athletes says: "According to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta 100,000 young athletes die each year from all cardio-vascular disorders, including cardiomyopathy, as a result of participation in sports. This is twice as many as due in auto accidents. Of the 100,000 who die annually, 45,000 of them play basketball, not boxing or football.

An article in Science in the last year which was discussed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution said 450,000 people each year are victims of sudden death. An article back in 2001 by the Journal of Athletic Training reported: "In the US each year, sudden cardiac arrest kills 350,000, which is approximately 1000 people per day." ..... "The exact incidence of sudden cardiac arrest in athletes is unknown because no universal, standard surveillances method is used." So the figures could even be greater.

President Bush had a fainting spell and claimed this was due to a pretzel. Blackouts are common in aspartame victims and President Bush is constantly drinking Diet Coke. An interesting article on Medscape is titled Syncope (fainting) as a predictor of sudden cardiac arrest. Kathy Fulford (now Mission Possible Camilla, Georgia) was certain she was dying and was having blackouts and one day almost hit a car head on. Her friend Darlene wanted to find out what was killing Kathy. Ten doctors were unable to diagnose the cause of her problems, mainly because the FDA, aspartame manufactures and professional organizations funded by the manufacturer push propaganda. She put her symptoms into the Internet and came up on She got off aspartame and all problems disappeared. She said her neighbor, a 46 year old beautician, drank Diet Coke from the time she got up until she went to bed and her mind was going. She, too, had blackouts and was found dead on the floor.

Probably the worst case is that of Charles Fleming, who drank 10 diet drinks a day and other aspartame products. He became ill after playing basketball and died. His autopsy was classic of death by aspartame. It showed the pulmonary edema that is often evident. Dr. H. J. Roberts wrote an article published in Townsend Letter for Doctors on this. It also showed the chronic methanol poisoning and it is this that affects the dopamine system of the brain and causes the addiction. Methanol is classified as a narcotic, and is one of the three components of aspartame. It also showed the fatty liver. The Trocho Study in Spain in 1998 showed that the formaldehyde converted from the methanol accumulates in the cells and damages DNA with most toxicity in the liver. It also showed the usual cardiac damage. The police did not know that aspartame causes chronic methanol poisoning (one of the reason it mimics MS - destroys the central nervous system) and thought his wife murdered him even though she passed their polygraph test which was not admitted in court. She was sentenced to 50 years in prison where she remains in Troy, Virginia, so frightened, a woman who was a Sunday School and helped the homeless. Aspartame caused her to lose her husband, her home, her children and her freedom. A film production company making an aspartame documentary recently interviewed her.

Dr. Bowen wrote: "The death of Charles Flemming, an athlete who died after consuming very large amounts of aspartame and creatine both of which lead to the formation and release of large amounts of methanol in the body upon their consumption has led me to review the medical literature in related topics because his wife was falsely imprisoned for poisoning him with methanol which she never had any access to nor were any proper forensics applied to really identify the source of the methanol poisoning from which he apparently died. Charles had used large amounts of Gatorade and dumped in lots of creatine, three times the recommended dose. Aspartame and Creatine are both N methyl esters. They are both substrates from which the body by obligatory mechanism forms methanol and thus they are additive in their effect of producing the highly destructive methanol - formaldehyde - formic acid - carbon monoxide toxic axis in the human body. Charles had engaged in vigorous athletics - basketball. My more complete review of this, and the topics essential to the biochemical comprehension of the issues that his death thereupon hinged, and in fact occurred are posted on my web page.

"There have been a lot of similar deaths of well known athletes after consuming creatine and sports drinks and then engaging in forced/competitive athletic activities. My article on aspartame and sudden death gives a good foundation for understanding the condition your heart and cardiac conduction system are left in if you consume aspartame. The acute activation of the methanol-formaldehyde-formic acid-carbon monoxide toxic axis from concurrent use of creatine and aspartame is, of course, a final blow to the already decomposed/compromised heart, and its conduction system. We, however, need sources to come forward and identify the fact that all or most of the other mentioned suddenly demised athletes were indeed aspartame consumers."

Charles Fleming was also using Ephedra which got a bad rap. It is not the ephedra but the aspartame, and there is an article about this on the web site of the Idaho Observer, "Government attack on ephedra cover for aspartame poisoning." Of course, aspartame interacts with most every drug used to treat the problems it causes and is also a chemical hypersensitization agent so it interacts with vaccines, toxins, etc. And it will interact with ephedra having to do with catecholamines. These are biologically achive amines, epinephrine and norepinephrine. derived from the amino acid tyrosine. They have marked effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems, metabolic rate, temperature and smooth muscle. Tyrosine is another breakdown product of aspartame. The phenylalanine is converted to tyrosine by the enzyme phenylalanine hydroxylase. Tyrosine undergoes a change to dihydroxphenylalanine (levodopa) which then is transformed to dopamine. If a product is going to be taken off the market because it interacts with aspartame, then the FDA needs to immediately remove all cardiac medication, insulin, antidepressants, anti-seizure medication, hormones, Lidocaine and even Coumadin. It doesn't end. And pharmaceutical companies have been alerted and refuse to even remove aspartame such as Pfizer making the Listerine Strips which contain aspartame. Over 50 people have called about having seizures from these strips and Pfizer refuses to even now answer a note. Maxalt is a treatment for headaches by Merck, and headache is number one on the FDA list of 92 symptoms from four types of seizures to coma and death. The problem is that Maxalt has aspartame in it. They have been written to and about for years, yet appear not to care what they are doing to these victims. As one lady said yesterday who suffered from Migraines and other horrendous problems triggered by aspartame, "I use Maxalt but I always have headaches." Benadryl chewable for children has aspartame in it. The toxin triggers urticaria or hives big time, then they use Benadryl which gives them more of the poison. Aspartame is escalating asthma and some of the asthma sprays have aspartame in it. Nobody has a chance. Yet they remove ephedra which has been used for thousands of years so it can take the rap for what aspartame is doing.

In March, 2003 when the Idaho Observer wrote that article on ephedra as a cover for aspartame poisoning they were writing about another athlete who died, Baltimore Oriole's pitcher, Steve Bechler. He died on February 17, 2003 and when Dr. Roberts spoke to Brown county medical examiner, Dr. Joshua Perper, he was told the cause of death was hyperthermia which caused multiple organ failure. Bechler's temperature had reached a high of 108 degrees. When Dr. Perper was asked how many diet drinks Bechler drank a diet, he returned a blank stare indicting he was unaware of the fact aspartame containing diet and sports drinks could have caused this man's untimely death. We have since researched the issue and found that Belcher was concerned about his fluctuating weight, and drink lots of diet drinks. Dr. Bowen wrote an indepth report on aspartame raising temperature.

Dr. H. J. Roberts who was nominated for another prestigious award in recognition for "important research accomplishment in the broad field of metabolism, endocrinology, nutrition or for research which contributes to a better understanding of the chemical changes occurring in disease" has written for years on aspartame and sudden death. In his medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, he said having to do with aspartame and abnormal heart action: "190 (16%) reactors experienced detectable changes in their heart rate or rhythm after consuming aspartame - including gum - and products that did not contain caffeine. They consisted of "fluttering" (palpitations), skipped beats and rapid heart action (tachycardia). A number underwent heart monitoring (Holter testing) and other studies, especially when there had been associated weakness and faint."

"One patient developed a slow pulse and complete heart block within hours after consuming an aspartame drink for the first time. His attack spontaneously subsided within one day (without requiring a pacemaker). There has been no recurrence with aspartame avoidance. . This subject has relevance to reports of UNEXPLAINED SUDDEN DEATH in persons who had been consuming considerable aspartame."

Of hypertension he said that "64 aspartame reactors were found to have elevation of their blood pressure - systolic, diastolic, or both. Some were in their twenties. While aspartame products unequivocally cause headache, superimposed hypertension can be a contributing factor. .. Other patients who had been treated for hypertension could not be adequately controlled on their maintenance medication as long as they used aspartame. This reflects its interaction with various drugs." ...

"The rapid heart action and the elevation of blood pressure presumably reflect the effects of phenylalanine (an aspartame component) and its metabolic products - dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine." ....."85 aspartame reactors (7%), experienced unexplained pain in the chest. (Many others have atypical pain elsewhere in the body). A number were subjected to stress tests and angiograpy for coronary heart disease which proved normal in the majority."

Dr. Roberts was recently published in Townsend Letter for Doctors an article on "Aspartame Induced Dyspnea and Pulmonary Hypertension. " Dyspnea is labored breathing. This is what Charles Fleming suffered with for about 30 days before he died. In Dr. Roberts medical text under Shortness of Breath he says that 110 aspartame reactors (9%) who complained of otherwise unexplained "shortness of breath" promptly improved after avoiding these products. They predictably suffered a recurrence on rechallenge. Had he only known he was killing himself with aspartame and quit, Fleming would be alive today.

Dr. Roberts first text, Difficult Diagnosis, was used by 60,000 doctors, especially to prepare for their Board examinations. It was Dr. Roberts who coined the phrase Aspartame Disease because its use is consistent with Hippocratic writings. The symptoms are predictable and there is a pattern. "When a large number of people all catch the same disease at the same time, the cause must e ascribed to something common to all." (Rosenberg 1992). It is appropriate because this affliction fulfills these four Koch-like postulates:

There is an identifiable cause.

Symptoms and signs follow such exposure and are reproducible in a given individual.

Improvement occurs after avoiding aspartame products (not always an easy feat).

The same complaints usually promptly recur on challenge.

At Dr. Roberts first press conference quoted in his first book on aspartame in 1990 he said that if something wasn't done then in 5 or 10 years we would have a world plague on our hands. And this prophecy has come to pass. People today are literally dropping likes flies. He told Congress that the current wholesale ingestion of aspartame products by over half the population constitutes an "imminent public health hazard" because of the frequency and severity of reactions. He says this warning should be of particular concern for high risk groups - most notable, patients with diabetes and hypoglycemia, pregnancy women, children, patients with epilepsy, liver, heart, kidney disease and eating disorders, older persons with memory impairment, the relatives of aspartame reactors and patients having phenylketonuria.

It was the famed Dr. John Olney who founded the field of neuroscience called excitotoxicity when he did studies on aspartic acid, 40% of aspartame, in l970 and found lesions in the brains of mice. An excitotoxin is a product that literally stimulates the neurons of the brain to death causing brain damage of varying degrees. This definition is written across the back of the book Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. who wrote on the deadly effects of aspartame and MSG. MSG another excitotoxin has a synergistic and additive effect with aspartame. And you have to consider this when you think of all the products these athletes are using like MSG that interact with aspartame.

I wrote Gatorade which Charles Fleming was using and several of the athletes who dropped dead, and asked what was in the natural flavors, and was it aspartate, L-Cysteine (another excitotoxin) or glutamic acid. They have refused to answer me. See for info on MSG.

Dr. Blaylock is another world expert on aspartame who has written on sudden death. In his article on, Aspartame, MSG and other Excitotoxins and the Hypothalamus he talks about the effect of excitotoxins on the sympathetic nervous system controlling centers in the hypothalamus. "Over stimulation could result in cardiac electrical abnormalities leading to sudden death. This has been demonstrated by hypothalalamic stimulation experiments. There have been clinical reports of cardiac related emergency room visits following a meal high in excitotoxin additives. Sudden deaths following such meals have also been reported. Since most hospitals rarely consider this in their differential diagnosis, we have no accurate data as to the number of ER visits and deaths related to this event. I suspect the numbers would be quite high."

He said in conclusion, "There is compelling evidence to indicate that food additive excitotoxins, such as aspartame, pose a serious danger to our well being, especially so in the case of children and the elderly. It has been demonstrated that excitotoxins in the diet can dramatically elevate free radical generation for prolonged periods of time and that once induced, it triggers a viscous cycle that ends in neurons death. Most authorities now agree that elevated free radical generation is associated with virtually all degenerative diseases as well as most injuries and toxins. It makes little sense to expose the general public to a product that we know increases free radica generation so dramatically and is associated with laboratory proven injuries to the nervous system."

Another autopsy report we have is of a woman who ingested so much aspartame she went blind from the wood alcohol or methanol (converts to formaldehyde and formic acid in the retina of the eye and destroys the optic nerve). She went to the ER to find out what she had lost her sight and dropped dead. Her autopsy is very much like others including the pulmonary edema.

You may remember Flo Jo, a Diet Coke drinker who had a seizure and dropped dead, no doubt another victim of aspartame, as aspartame is a seizure triggering drug. Elton John drags his 6 pack of diet pop on stage as he staggers with slurred speech from the methanol. Will he be next? Several current athletes are using aspartame and showing severe health problems already. Anna Kournikova, tennis player, is one of them. She always seems to be having injury problems. It's terrible for an athlete to be drinking a slow poison along with the phosphoric acid that leeches calcium from the bones. Another athlete, American's second best cyclist after Lance Armstrong, uses Diet Coke and looks to be in worse and worse health.

Mark Gold of the Aspartame Toxicity Center wrote: "I always seem to run across articles or TV shows where athletes are using aspartame and having health problems. One female pro athlete is so addicted that in answer to the question, "What one thing would you want with you if stranded on a desert island," she said, "Diet Coke." Unfortunately for her, her health and career has gone down the tubes. Diet Coke still sponsors some sports events. The biggest tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon (in the UK). This helps addict a lot of people in the U.K. Diet Coke is a sponsor of the WNBA (the women's version of the NBA - National Basketball Association), Etc.

Don Harkins who owns the Idaho Observer added a supplement, The Artificially Sweetened Times, to the paper, 8 pages, for Aspartame Awareness Weekend. It includes the Sudden Death issue and the Fleming case. He doesn't mince words and says: "Admittedly, the research we had already conducted on aspartame convinced us that it's devastating to the human body. Since millions of people consume this government approved, carcinogenic, mutagenic, neurotoxic, non-nutritive synthetic sweetener every day, we were also convinced aspartame is helping to DESTROY ENTIRE NATIONS. This is the real reason this paper had to be published." These papers can be secured by the hundreds for distribution by contacting the Idaho Observer, a newspaper dedicated to truth in journalism. (Idaho Observer, P. O. Box 457, Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869, 208 255 - 2307).

And what about so much of the main stream media who for advertising reasons don't publish so much of this issue like the story of Charles Fleming, even though aspartame experts have written affidavits stating the man died from aspartame without a shadow of a doubt. Are manufacturers like Coke and Pepsi worth their protection? You can read the protest of the National Soft Drink Association, part of the congressional record, where they even quoted the law stating it was illegal to put anything in carbonated beverages that decomposes or adulterates the drink. They stated aspartame decomposes at 86 degrees. And it decomposes into deadly poisons! Yet, they turned around and put it in pop anyway, the reason it was added to the congressional record. They knew the gun was loaded when they sent it to the Persian Gulf to sit in 120 degree Arabian sun for as long as 8 weeks. 40,000 of the troops perished. What aspartame products are they now using in Iraq? We can see them chewing the gum, no doubt sugarfree. Its buccal so it works like nitroglycerin, goes through saliva straight to the brain. Wrigley has been written for years and refuses to stop the poisoning. Even the Enquirer hasn't written about Fleming.

Rage must rise up in the nostrils of Almighty Jehovah God as these monsters who knowingly poison the population turn their backs on consumers. Aspartame was originally marketed by Searle, and the FDA wanted them indicted for fraud but both U.S. Prosecutors hired on with the defense team and the statute of limitations expired. The Board of Inquiry of the FDA said aspartame was not safe and to revoke the petition for approval. CEO of Searle at the time, Don Rumsfeld, said he would call in his markers and get it approved. It didn't matter to him that aspartame was a deadly poison. He was on President Reagan's transition team and the day after Reagan took office he appointed Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes as FDA Commissioner because no FDA Commissioner in 16 years would approve aspartame. Dr. Hayes over-ruled this Board of Inquiry of the FDA and then went to work for the PR firm of the manufacturer and has refused to talk to the press ever since.

If you read the 8 month investigation of aspartame by United Press International on you will see that doctors were threatened about doing research. This will help you understand why 92% of independent peer reviewed research on aspartame shows the problems. And if you remove 6 studies the FDA had something to do with and one pro-industry summary, 100% of independent, peer reviewed research on aspartame shows the problems. Read Ralph Walton, M.D.'s report on research and funding. Dr. Walton himself did a study on aspartame which the institution had to stop because of the problems caused by this toxin. You can understand why Monsanto refused to sell him the aspartame. And in the UPI investigation read about ILSE, where research funds are sought. ILSE is funded by Coke, Pepsi, Monsanto and the like putting pressure on Universities not to tell about aspartame or do studies. Cynthia Crossen who wrote the book "The Tainted Truth" says the road to hell was paved with research funds. Front groups are paid to call the whole issue a hoax, and vital information that physicians need to diagnose and save the lives of the people is withheld. The propaganda put out on aspartame reads like it was written by Mother Goose. Even physicians themselves who use aspartame and have problems don't know where to turn. Read the story of Richard Sabates, M.D. on web.

And as I write this a sweet, frightened Sunday School teacher, Diane Fleming, remains in prison in Troy, Virginia because her husband Charles killed himself with large amounts of aspartame. It is this chronic methanol poisoning mentioned in the autopsy that also is responsible for the addiction of aspartame because it effects the dopamine system of the brain. To add insult to injury prisons will not allow sugar and are serving this deadly toxin to inmates. Diane herself was using it until we convinced her to go without anything sweet. No wonder she said she had health problems. Her headaches are now gone.

Drop her a line and let her know people care about this horrible injustice, have not forgotten her and are working to reunite her with her children. This woman had spent one day a week helping the homeless and even buying them clothes. Now lets help Diane Fleming.

Diane Fleming #311655
FCCW 3D 207A
Box 1000
Troy, Virginia 22974

They will only allow a letter no longer than 5 pages that goes on a 37 cent stamp. You cannot send her stamps to write you back but she can accept a money order made out to her with the number - #311655.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Don Harkins who wrote the Artificially Sweetened Times for Aspartame Awareness Weekend at the Atlanta Airport on his way to Austria. I gave out a couple to people waiting for rides who read about Sudden Death and Aspartame, and the Fleming Case. One man said: "And so it’s true. I mentioned to my physician that I had friends who just dropped dead. He said he had seen too many cases himself and did a search on the Internet. When he read about aspartame he decided to get his patients off of it, especially those suffering with cardiac problems. He was surprised to find the palpitations and other problems disappeared. He said: "There is so much controversy on this product but with the thousands of posts about its dangers they have to be keeping something from physicians." Indeed, what they have kept from physicians is "the truth" about the toxicity of this poison. Help to get the word out about this toxin, as you let Diane Fleming know she is not forgotten. Prayerfully we work to reunite her with her children.

We are facing what may be one of the largest plagues in world history. Aspartame has resulted in a blizzard of sudden deaths to the athletes. Our children are falling like snowflakes. Forward this to everyone you know, and media we ask you publish the issue to thousands. The life you save may just be someone in your family or one of your children. I have filed with the FDA a Citizens Petition for ban based on the fact their records show aspartame to be a deadly poison and they are lying to the public and physicians. The law requires they answer in 180 days. It has been over a year and they refuse to answer. The front groups have been reported to the Attorney General based on Title 18, Section 1001, that is against he law to knowingly misinform the public. He has done nothing.

Perhaps someone should remind all these government agencies who don't have the courage to act that Henry Clay (1777 - 1852) said: "Government is a trust, and the offices of the government are trustees, and both the trust and the trustees are created for the benefit of the people." Even the FDA's own toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross, told Congress: "And if the FDA violates its own laws who is left to protect the people."

Mission Possible International is a worldwide, unpaid, volunteer force warning planet earth off aspartame, and forwarding medical facts from the aspartame experts to the medical community who have been lied to. Aspartame Detoxification Centers are now available in some cities. Case histories on brain tumors, seizures, blindness and eye deterioration are now been transferred to class action attorneys. There are four support groups on line to care for the sick and disabled.

Monsanto sold NutraSweet to Michael Dell's Investment Company, Childs in Boston, Ajinomoto, their Siamese twin, another aspartame manufacturer and Monsanto's investment company of Monsanto managers. All these companies are listed on In the words of Mohammed Ali, "They can run, but they can't hide."

Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible Intl, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097

P.S. There is a large book list on aspartame on the above web site. For Dr. H. J. Roberts' many books on aspartame, go to For Dr. Russell Blaylock's books go to His new book Health & Nutrition Secrets to Save Your Life is excellent on what to do if you have used aspartame, and he has written a paper for Aspartame Awareness Weekend on what to take, step by step, if you have used it.

These brilliant and courageous physicians mentioned above have been exposing this deadly neurotoxic drug for years, and the fact that it can take your life. Dr. Bowen told the FDA years ago that aspartame is mass poisoning of the American public and more than 70+ countries of the world. He also said that everyone involved in the marketing of this poison including those who keep it on the market should be criminally prosecuted. Dr. Bowen is a victim himself and suffers from Lou Gehrigs disease like many of those who served in the Persian Gulf. He was working in the desert drinking gallons of Diet Kool Aide.



Aspartame Warning (Video on YouTube)

La Leva di Archimede (scroll down to "sweeteners")

Aspartame Consumer Safety Network and Pilot Hotline

Downloadable PDF file "Diet Drinks"

CDC reports Sudden Cardiac Death nation's #1 killer - Idaho Observer

Aspartame patent expired. We are now supposed to buy NEOTAME...

Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004
Subject: [Health_and_Healing] Neotame---the 'exciting new sweetener'

The patent on Aspartame has run out---so our favorite health benefatctor--Monsanto has come up with a bigger better version...

Learn about this 'exciting new sweetener':

Learn MORE about this 'exciting new sweetener'

Aspartame Awareness Weekend: Murdering Blacks with Aspartame Movie Released, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World

More mystery deaths than thought
The rate of sudden unexplained deaths in England is around eight times higher than previously thought, warn experts.

The assumption in the article is that the cause could be genetic because in a fifth of the cases, other family members died of similar unexpected deaths. Could it also be a question of a family consuming the same (aspartame containing) "light" beverages?


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Friday September 26 2003
updated on Saturday December 25 2010

URL of this article:


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Aspartame, not Ephedra causing cardiac arrests
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December 21, 2003 - Sepp Hasslberger

Aspartame Detoxification Program Proposed
Aspartame is a highly toxic sweetener which unfortunately, through political pressures overriding the warnings of the FDA's own scientists, has obtained approval from the FDA and consequently from health authorities world wide. It is being sold as a low calorie way to get that sweet taste, and is being recommended for diabetics and anyone who would like to avoid sugar. Thousands of products, including sports drinks and the ubiquitous "light"... [read more]
January 31, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

Aspartame and Vision Degradation
Here is a very interesting comment pertaining to Aspartame and vision which is discussed in Joseph G. Hattersley's brilliant article: "Avoiding Visual Degeneration". Dr. Dr Klaus-J. S e e l i g makes some astute observations on how the medical Mafia and the food giants continue to hide and prevent further research on their products in the name of profits or as he quotes the "Big Golden Harvest". In addition... [read more]
March 16, 2004 - Chris Gupta

Aspartame Neurotoxic: Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nutra Sweet Sued in California
The artificial sweetener aspartame, originally made and forced on the market by Monsanto Corp., is a neurotoxin and is damaging people's health, allege three separate lawsuits filed in different counties in California. Defendants in the lawsuits include Coca-cola, PepsiCo, Bayer Corp., the Dannon Company, William Wrigley Jr. Company, ConAgra Foods, Wyeth, Inc., The NutraSweet Company, and Altria Corp. (parent company of Kraft Foods and Philip Morris) and WalMart. An unexplained... [read more]
April 09, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

Aspartame and Multiple Sclerosis - Neurosurgeon's Warning
Aspartame is a low calorie sweetener. Called a potent neurotoxin by several researchers, it is being sold as a sugar substitute for those on low calorie diets and for diabetics. If you like Coke or Pepsi "light", you certainly are at risk, but both industry and health officials deny that there is any truth to this story. Manufacturers have recently been sued in California. Trade names for Aspartame are NutraSweet,... [read more]
June 10, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

Aspartame: RICO Complaint Filed Against NutraSweet, ADA, Monsanto
15 September 2004 - A Racketeering (RICO) complaint against NutraSweet, the American Diabetes Association and Monsanto was filed in the US District Court for Northern California. The defendants are charged with manufacturing and marketing a deadly neurotoxin unfit for human consumption, while they assured the pubic that aspartame (also known as NutraSweet/Equal) contaminated products are safe and healthful, even for children and pregnant women. Aspartame, the neurotoxic artificial sweetener that... [read more]
September 17, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger




Readers' Comments

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Posted by: Richard Verreault on September 27, 2003 02:18 PM


A comment received by e-mail:

"You've probably read that the English singer Robert Palmer dropped dead at the age of 54. Cardiac arrest. Your aspartame report puts in a new perspective the fact that cardiovascular disease is the No.1 Killer in Western societies."

... and my answer:

no, I had not heard of the singer before, but I do feel that the new information on Aspartame will ring some bells. I wish the governments could be induced to investigate the facts instead of rubber-stamping the approval of corrupt FDA officials that worked for Monsanto either before or after their stint in the "regulatory agency".

Posted by: Josef Hasslberger on September 29, 2003 11:33 AM


Does Aspartame deplete the body of vitamins and minerals? Does Aspartame interfer with the metabolising of essential fatty acids? I am curious if there has ever been any studies to prove this. I hate what we are doing to our future .... our kids!

Posted by: Gary Lynch on October 2, 2003 04:34 AM


Hello Gary,

thank you for your comment. It seems that Aspartame interferes with fatty acid metabolism and brain development, per a review article on additives:

Besides its role in amino acid metabolism and protein structures in all tissues, phenylalanine is a precursor for tyrosine, serotonin 14 , noradrenalin, dopamine, phenylethylamine 52 and phenylacetate (this interferes with brain development and fatty acid metabolism) 25 . Phenylalanine has a major function in neurotransmitter regulation 4.

Quoted from a May 2000 Review, published by the Additives Survivers Network.

Kind regards

Posted by: Josef Hasslberger on October 2, 2003 01:04 PM


Thank you so much for validating my suspicions!
What about Splenda sweetener. It says it is made of maltodextrin & sucralose. I am wary of all artificial substances but lured by reduced calorie content.

Posted by: Flaminia Zeman on November 19, 2003 09:09 PM


thank you for your comment.

Here is an article on Splenda (sucralose) on Dr. Mercola's health site.

Posted by: Josef Hasslberger on December 4, 2003 01:11 PM


Dean sips Diet Coke: Bush, Gore, Clinton, Edwards, Clark, Dean, Trippi:
diet soda (aspartame) toxicity issue: Lyons: Murray 1.16.4 (link no longer active)

Dean regales Democrats at fund-raiser in Barre
November 9, 2003 By CLAUDE R. MARX Vermont Press Bureau;
BARRE - Less than a year before election day and about two months before the
first delegates are picked, former Gov. Howard Dean brought his presidential
campaign here Saturday to reminisce about his early political career and ask
for help in getting a new job....
Even as he sipped a Diet Coke while waiting to be introduced by state
Chairman Scudder Parker, he signed name tags and campaign literature....

From: "Rich Murray"
Cc: ; ;

Subject: Dean, Trippi, diet soda toxicity issue
Date: Sunday, January 11, 2004 10:51 PM (link no longer active)


Peter Freyne

Also on the food and beverage front, Sen. Ginny Lyons has introduced S.241.
It proposes to "help prevent childhood obesity by directing the state board
of education to adopt nutrition standards for public schools; and by
defining physical education as a daily program of moderate to vigorous
physical activity."
The bite in Skinny Ginny's bill comes in the last sentence:
"Only food and beverages which meet the nutritional standards
adopted by the state board may be sold on school grounds
between one half hour before the start of the school day and
one half hour after the end of the school day."
Can you say bye-bye, Coca-Cola?

Bush, Gore, Clinton, Edwards, Clark, Dean, Trippi:
diet soda (aspartame) toxicity issue: Lyons: Murray 1.13.4

Jan 11 2004 Hello Senator Virginia "Ginny" Lyons,

About a dozen activists on the world Net
competently alert people about aspartame toxicity.

Famous users include Bush, Clinton, Gore, John Edwards,
Clark, Dean, and Dean's campaign manager, Joe Trippi
(widely noted as a very heavy user of Diet Pepsi).

Can you help me find contact people who can in turn alert
these key players to the personal and public hazards?

Surely, this deserves to be put in the limelight as a political issue.

Thanks, Rich Murray

Rich Murray, MA Room For All
1943 Otowi Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505 505-986-9103
Joe Trippi, heavy user of Diet Pepsi (aspartame toxicity), Dean's campaign
manager: Murray 11.16.3 rmforall
President Bush & formaldehyde (aspartame) toxicity: Ramazzini Foundation
carcinogenicity results Dec 2002: Soffritti: Murray 8.3.3 rmforall
Rumsfeld, 1977 head of Searle Corp., got aspartame FDA approval:
Turner: Murray 12.23.2 rmforall
three-page review: aspartame (methanol, formaldehyde) toxicity:
Murray 1.11.4 rmforall for 1047 posts in a
public searchable archive, with 125 members
brief aspartame review: formaldehyde toxicity: Murray 9.11.3 rmforall gives 221,000 websites for "aspartame", with the top 9 of
10 listings being anti-aspartame, while finds on
700 MB of posts from 20 years of Usenet groups, 83,800 posts, the top 10
being anti-aspartame. 28 recent aspartame items
from 4500 sources. gives 291,700, the top 7 of 10
being leading and very well informed volunteer anti-aspartame sites. lists 745 aspartame items. On April 10 2003,
the European Union Parliament voted 440 to 20 to approve sucralose, limit
cyclamates & reevaluate aspartame & stevia: Murray 4.12.3 rmforall aspartame &
formaldehyde toxicity: Murray 9.9.3 756 members 16,381 posts
aspartame review: methanol, formaldehyde, formic acid toxicity:
Murray 9.5.3 rmforall
formaldehyde & formic acid from methanol in aspartame:
Murray: 12.9.2 rmforall

It is certain that high levels of aspartame use, above 2 liters daily for
months and years, must lead to chronic formaldehyde-formic acid toxicity,
since 11% of aspartame (1,120 mg in 2L diet soda, 5.6 12-oz cans) is 123 mg
methanol (wood alcohol), immediately released into the body after drinking
(unlike the large levels of methanol locked up in molecules inside many
fruits), then quickly transformed into formaldehyde, which in turn becomes
formic acid, both of which in time are partially eliminated as carbon
dioxide and water.

However, about 30% of the methanol remains in the body as cumulative durable
toxic metabolites of formaldehyde and formic acid-- 37 mg daily, a gram
every month. [Oppermann JA, Muldoon E, Ranney RE. Metabolism of aspartame in
monkeys. J. Nutrition. 1973 Oct; 103(10): 1454-1459.]
If 10% of the methanol is retained as formaldehyde, that would give 12 mg
daily formaldehyde accumulation, about 60 times more than the 0.2 mg from
10% retention of the 2 mg EPA daily limit for formaldehyde in water.

This long-term low-level chronic toxic exposure leads to typical patterns of
increasingly severe complex symptoms, starting with headache, fatigue, joint
pain, irritability, memory loss, and leading to vision and eye problems, and
even seizures. In many cases there is addiction. Probably there are immune
system disorders, with a hypersensitivity to these toxins and other
chemicals. immune system
reactions due to formaldehyde from the 11% methanol in aspartame: Thrasher:
Tephly: Monte: Murray 9.27.2 rmforall

Many scientific studies and case histories report: * headaches * many body
and joint pains (or burning, tingling, tremors, twitching, spasms, cramps,
stiffness, numbness, difficulty swallowing) * fever, fatigue, swollen
glands * "mind fog", "feel unreal", poor memory, confusion, anxiety,
irritability, depression, mania, insomnia, dizziness, slurred speech, sexual
problems, poor vision, hearing (deafness, tinnitus), or taste * red face,
itching, rashes, hair loss, burning eyes or throat, dry eyes or mouth, mouth
sores, burning tongue * obesity, bloating, edema, anorexia, poor
appetite or excessive hunger or thirst * breathing problems, shortness of
breath * nausea, diarrhea or constipation * coldness * sweating
* racing heart, low or high blood pressure, erratic blood sugar levels
*hypothryroidism or hyperthyroidism * seizures * birth defects
* brain cancers * addiction
* aggrivates diabetes, autism, allergies, lupus, ADHD, fibromyalgia, chronic
fatigue syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity, multiple sclerosis, and
interstitial cystitis (bladder pain). Smith, Terpening,
Schmidt, Gums: full text: aspartame, MSG, fibromyalgia 1.17.2 rmforall
Jerry D Smith, Chris M Terpening, Siegfried OF Schmidt, and John G Gums.
Relief of fibromyalgia symptoms following discontinuation of dietary
excitotoxins. The Annals of Pharmacotherapy 2001; 35(6): 702-706. Malcolm
Randall Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Gainesville, FL, USA. "Four
patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome for two to 17 years are
described. All had undergone multiple treatment modalities with limited
success. All had complete, or nearly complete, resolution of their symptoms
within months after eliminating monosodium glutamate (MSG) or MSG plus
aspartame from their
diet. All patients were women with multiple
comorbidities prior to elimination of MSG. All have had recurrence of
symptoms whenever MSG is ingested." Siegfried O. Schmidt, MD Asst.
Clinical Prof. 352-376-5071 Community Health and
Family Medicine, U. Florida, Gainesville, FL Shands Hospital West Oak
Clinic Gainesville, FL 32608-3629 testable theory of
MCS type diseases, vicious cycle of nitric oxide & peroxynitrite: MSG:
formaldehyde-methanol-aspartame: Martin L. Pall: Murray: 12.9.2 rmforall
Pall ML. NMDA sensitization and stimulation by peroxynitrite, nitric oxide,
and organic solvents as the mechanism of chemical sensitivity in multiple
chemical sensitivity. FASEB J. 2002 Sep; 16(11): 1407-17. [162 references]
School of Molecular Biosciences, Washington State University, Pullman WA
99164-4660 509-335-1246 full text
Thrasher JD, Kilburn KH. Embryo toxicity and teratogenicity of formaldehyde.
Arch Environ Health. 2001 Jul-Aug; 56(4): 300-11. [100 references] Sam-1
Trust, Alto 88312, New Mexico, USA. (505) 336-8317 Jack Dwayne Thrasher, Alan Broughton, Roberta Madison. Immune activation and
autoantibodies in humans with long-term inhalation exposure to formaldehyde.
Archives of Environmental Health. 1990; 45: 217-223. "Immune activation,
autoantibodies, and anti-HCHO-HSA antibodies are associated with long-term
formaldehyde inhalation." PMID: 2400243 aspartame puts
formaldehyde adducts into tissues, Part 1/2 full text, Trocho & Alemany
6.26.98: Murray 12.22.2 Trocho C, Pardo R, Rafecas I, Virgili J, Remesar
X, Fernandez-Lopez JA, Alemany M ["Trok-ho"]. Formaldehyde derived from
dietary aspartame binds to tissue components in vivo. Life Sci 1998 Jun 26;
63(5): 337-49. Departament de Bioquimica i Biologia Molecular, Facultat de
Biologia, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain. Maria Alemany, PhD (male) Murray: Gold:
Koehler: Walton: Van Den Eeden: Leon: aspartame toxicity 6.4.1 rmforall
four double-blind studies Murray: Simmons:
Gold: Schiffman: Spiers: aspartame toxicity 6.4.1 rmforall
two double-blind studies Mark Gold
exhaustively critiques European Commission Scientific Committee on Food re
aspartame (12.4.2): 59 pages, 230 references safety of aspartame
Part 1/2 12.4.2: EC HCPD-G SCF: Murray 1.12.3 rmforall EU Scientific
Committee on Food, a whitewash President Bush &
formaldehyde (aspartame) toxicity: Ramazzini Foundation carcinogenicity
results Dec 2002: Soffritti: Murray 8.3.3 rmforall p. 88 "The sweetening
agent aspartame hydrolyzes in the gastrointestinal tract to become free
methyl alcohol, which is metabolized in the liver to formaldehyde, formic
acid, and CO2. (11)" Soffritti M, Belpoggi F, Lambertin L, Lauriola M,
Padovani M, Maltoni C. Results of long-term experimental studies on the
carcinogenicity of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in rats. Ann N Y Acad Sci.
2002 Dec; 982: 87-105. Cancer Research Center, European Ramazzini
Foundation for Oncology and Environmental Sciences, Bologna, Italy. "Formaldehyde and acetaldehyde were found to produce an
increase in total malignant tumors in the treated groups and showed specific
carcinogenic effects on various organs and tissues." 24 recent
formaldehyde toxicity [Comet assay] reports: Murray 12.31.2 rmforall Comet assay finds DNA
damage from sucralose, cyclamate, saccharin in mice: Sasaki YF & Tsuda S
Aug 2002: Murray 1.1.3 rmforall [Also borderline evidence, in this pilot
study of 39 food additives, using test groups of 4 mice, for DNA damage from
for stomach, colon, liver, bladder, and lung 3 hr after oral dose of 2000
mg/kg aspartame-- a very high dose.] genotoxins, Comet
assay in mice: Ace-K, stevia fine; aspartame poor; sucralose, cyclamate,
saccharin bad: Y.F. Sasaki Aug 2002: Murray 1.27.3 rmforall
Sasaki YF, Kawaguchi S, Kamaya A, Ohshita M, Kabasawa K, Iwama K, Taniguchi
K, Tsuda S. The comet assay with 8 mouse organs: results with 39 currently
used food additives. Mutat Res. 2002 Aug 26; 519(1-2): 103-19. PMID:
12160896 5-page review Roberts HJ Aspartame
(NutraSweet) addiction. Townsend Letter 2000 Jan; Sunshine Sentinel Press
P.O.Box 17799 West Palm Beach, FL 33416 800-814-9800 561-588-7628 Roberts' 1038-page
medical text "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" published May 30
2001 $ 60.00 postpaid data from 1200 cases, over 600 references from
standard medical research, also available at Aspartame Toxicity Information Center
Mark D. Gold 603-225-2100
12 East Side Drive #2-18 Concord, NH 03301 "Scientific Abuse
in Aspartame Research" over 12,000 print pages
Mission-Possible-USA Betty Martini 770-242-2599
What many informed doctors are saying/have said about aspartame Aspartame: Methanol
and the Public Health 1984: Monte: Murray 9.23.2 rmforall Dr. Woodrow C.
Monte. Aspartame: methanol, and the public health. Journal of Applied
Nutrition. 1984; 36 (1): 42-54. (62 references). Professsor of Food
Science [retired 1992] Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 85287 The methanol from 2 L of diet soda, 5.6 12-oz cans,
20 mg/can, is 112 mg, 10% of the aspartame. The EPA limit for water is 7.8
mg daily for methanol (wood alcohol), a deadly cumulative poison. Many users
drink 1-2 L daily. The reported symptoms are entirely consistent with
chronic methanol toxicity. (Fresh orange juice has 34 mg/L, but, like all
juices, has 16 times more ethanol, which strongly protects against
methanol.) RTM:
original documents and long reviews of flaws in aspartame toxicity research
7.31.2 rmforall aspartame expose 96K
Oct 1987 Part 1/3: Gregory Gordon, UPI reporter: Murray 7.10.0 rmforall
aspartame history Part 1/4 1964-1976: Gold: Murray 11.6.9: rmforall Rumsfeld, 1977 head
of Searle Corp., got aspartame FDA approval: Turner: Murray 12.23.2
revolving door, Monsanto, FDA, EPA: NGIN: Murray 12.23.2 rmforall

Posted by: Rich Murray on January 18, 2004 01:42 PM


Here is a comment received by e-mail through Frans in Belgium:

Dear Health List Friends,

Here is the reply from the EU Commission Direct contact provided as a new procedure to engage the Commission on any subject.

First, I welcome any improvement in the communication process between European Citizens and their very opaque process of imposing health altering substances (foodstuff or otherwise) on all of us.

I only regret that said direct communication is quite impersonal and would have liked to know a person to talk to and what position such contact may be in the Commission's general hierarchy and the person's audience or consulting power in the specific Commission we may talk to. In our case the the Health and Food Safety Commission headed by David Byrne, Irish Commissioner.

Clicking on the link provided below, it is welcome to see we have been directed to the correct informations, legislations, directives and due processes of the same through the EU Parliament. It takes a little willingness to search further and extrapolate, of course. But after all, what doesn't?

I wish you a good reading because it is very interesting indeed.

In the case of aspartame which was our initial subject, go to this link on that page : SCADPlus : Legislation on authorised sweetners:
(link no longer active)

I didn't go through all the Directives yet, but have a good feel of what is going on from that page alone.

First, on n° 4) IMPLEMENTING MEASURES : Labelling,
it is said in texto :  "It also stipulates that warnings should appear on the labels of foodstuffs containing aspartame or polyols."
This is supposed to have been voted by the EU Parliament in 2003.
Did any of our EU citizens on the list ever see any warning about aspartame on any label, anywhere? I sure didn't!
And we surely need more info on these 'polyols'!
The same holds true for the 'acesulfame K' and 'cyclamates'
You wizzards out there, we welcome your input.

Also: "Scientific Committee on Food" is assessing for the Commission what is and what isn't a health risk and to what degree. It is interesting to note who are the Committee members and who is the Committee Chairman in relation to the pharmaceutical industry. If I recall correctly the chairman is also a senior officer of one of the major chemical/pharma companies!

It is specifically in those obvious unbevlievable conflits of interests (corruption in my book!) that lies the angular stone on which the whole pyramid of special interests affects the entire administrative and political processes in the EU. Taken individually each person of said process may appear to be a very good impartial, honest asset for the process; but collectively the special interests people, positioned and corrupting the inside of technical and professional supporting bodies to the administrative process and the outside pressures of the same special interests lobbies on the political process and MPs, are operating the graveyard of the so-called democratic process.

By the same token, we can appreciate how everything is neatly tied together : "Commission Directive 95/31/EC of 5 July laying down specific criteria of purity concerning sweeteners for use in foodstuffs. In order to adapt these criteria to technical progress and the specifications and analytical techniques concerning sweeteners laid down in the Codex alimentarius drawn up by the Joint FAO-WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives, Directive 95/31/EC has been amended by the following acts: ......"

By the way, we are supposed to vote for European elections the next June 15, but I have yet to see or hear any debate about the positions and quality of my national candidates as well as their views on thes major Health policies. I mean, is there ANYTHING more important? Hyppocrate himself already said : " We are what we eat" !

Have you in your country?

Finally, everybody is cheering and excited about that "new" European constitution? But what that will do is, for all practical purposes, to chisel the above shenanigans in the granite of the graveyard of democracy. Thanks to the policies promoted since many years of the Windsor's Lucist Trust on the (dangerous) State and corporate worlds promiscuity and "cooperation". Privatisation of everything is also their motto.

This comes to no less than the actual take over of all democratic processes by the banking elite. Hence the elitist policies applied specifically in genocidal Health policies.

Law suits are nice ideas, but who do you think Courts belong to?

To paraphrase the Great Mahatma Gandhi speaking on democracy, I say :
" Consumer's Health Protection is a great idea whose time has come. "

Posted by: Sepp on May 7, 2004 01:04 PM


Best article on aspertame, msg

go to the left side, down, and select nov/dec 1999

The lead article in this issue is by Dr Blaylock and its very good, very thorough.

There is always everything you want to find on the internet, its just finding it.

Posted by: kate sisco on July 8, 2004 12:52 AM


22 June 2004

WNHO Board member Dr. Betty Martini will be on Jeff Rense's radio show tonight at 8:00 P.M. (Pacific Time), ( with Cori Brackett, producer of the movie now released, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World. We will be discussing the movie and how aspartame has mass poisoned the world.

Stay tuned and hear Cori's story of why she made this movie! The movie also interviews Diane Fleming whose husband died from aspartame. The police thought she poisoned him with methanol and was sentenced to 50 years in a Virginia prison.

Be sure to stop by and sign the petition to free her. Several aspartame experts have reviewed the autopsy and signed affidavits that Charles Fleming, an athlete, body builder, and diet pop addict, died from ingestion of NutraSweet. This is no doubt why so many athletes are dropping dead like Belcher in West Palm. Aspartame triggers an irregular heart rhythm and interacts with all cardiac medication. It damages the cardiac conduction system and causes sudden death. (Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic,, H. J. Roberts, M.D., ) Dr. Roberts spoke with the medical examiner at the time of Belcher's death. Because of his death the FDA removed ephedra but aspartame was no doubt the cause of his death. He was going without food for a couple of days because of fluctuating weight, and then drinking diet pop all day.

On you can click on aspartame and read the Fleming story from the Idaho Observer article. Also, the Idaho Observer has published the Artificially Sweetened Times, 24 page booklets to distribute on aspartame to warn your friends, relatives, offices, church, etc. The sudden death issue is discussed and you will see pictures of the Fleming family before aspartame destroyed their lives. ( A 12 year old little girl who lost her father to aspartame still misses her mother who lost her husband, her home, her children and her freedom.

For information on ordering the movie SWEET MISERY: A POISONED WORLD, click here:

To view Dr. Betty Martini's bio click here:

Posted by: kate sisco on July 8, 2004 01:05 AM



thank you for your comment on the subject of Aspartame. If you are using the substance and do not feel any symptoms, that would of course qualify for a questioning attitude. You say you are a professional physicist and that scientific papers supporting the safety of aspartame have a serious quality, while the warnings are of "tabloid quality".

You might be falling in a trap, that of selective reporting of facts.

Anti-depressant drugs, for instance, have similarly been called safe, and the scientific papers seemed to prove that, until it was discovered that the pharmaceutical industry had not published the negative papers, while basing their assertions of safety on those papers that did not show an increased suicide risk for those taking antidepressants. You can search "antidepressants and suicide" on any search engine and will find the data. Several articles are also on this site.

With regard to the damaging nature of aspartame, the sites you cite with denials and the article you copied, even though published in a "reputable" medical journal, seem very thin evidence indeed. Not really what a professional scientist would necessarily call convincing.

On the balance, we can now say that the aspartame controversy has gone beyond the mere presence of "a chain letter on the internet", or "anonymous complaints". We have legal cases in progress, where hopefully the science (or the lack of science) on the safety of aspartame will be examined.

I would not be so quick to rush to judgement regarding the veracity of allegations that aspartame may be dangerous for health. Science is fine, but when commercial interests slant the outcome (selectively suppress some of the evidence) we may be in serious trouble. The verdict certainly is not in yet, and I would be irresponsible to NOT warn others of the dangers that may be lurking.

Posted by: Sepp on September 27, 2004 11:23 AM


A comment from Betty Martini of Mission Possible, regarding Vioxx and similar drugs and their interaction with the poisonous sweetener Aspartame. The comment was to my sending a copy of the excellent piece about Vioxx written by Arianna Huffington, which appeared on (I added some links to Betty's email):

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004
From: "Dr. Betty Martini"
Subject: Vioxx, Merck and Arianna - and aspartame

Remember that Merck are the people who in their home edition of the Merck Manual says to take aspartame in pregnancy when they know it can kill the baby or cause birth defects. I sent them twice the articles, Aspartame Murders Infants, Genocide by James Bowen, M.D., Dr. H. J. Roberts position paper on aspartame and pregnancy and Dr. Louis Elsas testimony before Congress on how aspartame causes birth defects and mental retardation. ( Headache is #1 on the FDA list of 92 symptoms and yet Merck makes a product for headache and puts aspartame in the product. Why do you have to sweeten a pill? If someone wanted to make a case that Merck was working to reduce population the evidence would show they have no defense.

Dr. James Bowen recently wrote an article on the interaction of Vioxx and aspartame which 70% of the population is using and 40% of the children. He says when something damages the mitochondria or life of the cell like aspartame it probably would interact with all drugs. It was criminally approved as an additive when in fact they knew it was a neurotoxic drug. The law states that an additive must be inert or non-reactive and aspartame is about as inert as nitroglycerin. Dr. H. J. Roberts medical text (Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, or 1 800 827 7991 ) has a large chapter on aspartame and the drugs we know it interacts with such as insulin, all antidepressants, all cardiac medication, hormones, L-dopa, anti-seizure medication such as Dilantin, Lidocaine, etc. We know this because these drugs have been used to treat some of the problems aspartame triggers such as Parkinson's, diabetes, seizures, behavioral and psychiatric problems, for starters. Other reactions are listed in Dr. Russell Blaylock's books ( .

Attorney Keith Silverstein ( is taking the Vioxx cases as well as Celebrex and Bextra. The most horrendous reactions that we have received have involved Celebrex in those using aspartame.

To make matters worse aspartame is a chemical hypersensitization agent that triggers polychemical sensitivity syndrome and interacts with other unsafe sweeteners such as Sucralose or Splenda which is a chlorinated hydrocarbon, acesulfame potassium, and even vaccines and genetically engineered foods. Four support groups on line currently handle the sick and disabled on aspartame. Lawsuits continue to be filed.

Wake up FDA! Eventually people are going to start calling the FDA the Food and Death Association. If you can't do your job and prevent approval of poisons, and continue to lie to the public and refuse to recall them, close your doors forever.

The Center for Disease Control did one of the most damning investigations on aspartame ever done and then put on their web site a summary that contradicts the investigation. The actual 146 page investigation is on This is discussed in the new movie, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World (contact Attorney James Turner is also in the movie and tells the incredible political clout that caused the approval of aspartame when the FDA said it wasn't safe and to revoke the petition for approval. Consider that the FDA is constantly approving poisons and even Richard Horton, Editor of the Lancet said they endanger the lives of the people and take money from industry. Yet aspartame is so poisonous that even the FDA said no and tried without success to have the original manufacturer indicted for fraud. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry is so powerful with bottomless checkbooks because of gouging the public for drugs, they bought the U.S. Prosecutors. Both of them, Sam Skinner and William Conlon hired on with the defense team and the statute of limitations expired. Now the FDA without blinking has approved Neotame and the manufacturer has applied for an extended patent. Because of a little known case, the fact that the FDA rebirthed the toxin aspartame, the statute of limitations can now be eliminated on aspartame with an informant. And US Attorneys can be called in. The whistle blower can remain anonymous and receive quite an amount, while doing a great service to the people of this nation and the world.


All my best,
Betty and

Dr. Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible Intl, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097 770 242-2599 and
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 19:56:48 +0100

Posted by: Sepp on December 1, 2004 06:51 PM


during the past 3 weeks i have had 2 ekg's indicating that i have, either an enlarged left ventricle, or have had a recent heart attack. about a month ago i had a line of pain running down the center of my chest. I questioned at the time whether or not i could be having a heart attack. at 46 years of age, i dismissed the pain and continued working.
for several years, i have been drinking vodka and diet ginger ale (sweetened, of course, with aspartame). I am scheduled for a follow-up test, a stress test, because the cardiologist doesn't think his machine is giving an accurate diagnosis, since i have no other symtoms or risk factors. he never mentioned anything about aspartame, but since i have eliminated it, i haven't had any more problems with chest pain, and it has only been a few days. I had no idea that could happen! Thank you for this informative site, which reinforces my belief that aspartame was the cause of my symptoms. I would like to add that i eat mostly raw food and take a number of nutrients including fish/flax/borage oils; perhaps this is what kept me alive?
Sincerest regards,
Jeanne Smith

Posted by: jeanne smith on April 23, 2005 05:28 PM


aspartame induces lymphomas and leukaemias in rats, full plain text,
M Soffritti, F Belpoggi, DD Esposti, L Lambertini: Ramazzini Foundation
study 2005.07.14: main results agree with their previous methanol and
formaldehyde studies: Murray 2005.08.18

" In rodents and humans,
APM is metabolised in the gastrointestinal tract
into three constituents:
aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol 3. "

" These experiments demonstrate that the increase in
lymphomas and leukaemias,
observed in the APM study,
could be related to methanol, a metabolite of APM,
which is metabolised to formaldehyde and then to formic acid,
both in humans and rats 3. "

" Yellowing of the coat was observed in animals exposed to APM, mainly at
the highest concentrations.

This change was previously observed in our laboratory in rats exposed
to formaldehyde administered with drinking water 9. "

1. The total number of rats was 1800. 1500 were given aspartame.

2. 44 [ 14.7 % ] of the 300 control rats, given no aspartame, developed
lymphomas and leukemias (hemolymphoreticular neoplasias ), and none had
malignant brain tumors.

Of 1500 rats given aspartame, 294 [ 19.6 % ] had lymphomas and leukemias
(hemolymphoreticular neoplasias), and 12 [ 0.8 % ] had malignant brain

In their previous methanol study, reported Dec 2002, of 200 + 100 = 300
control rats, given no methanol, there were 41+ 15 = 56 [ 18.7% ]
lymphomas and leukemias (hemolymphoreticular neoplasias), while of 600 +
100 = 700 rats given methanol, there were 187 + 15 = 202 with the same
cancers [ 28.9 % ]. They added 100 rats given 15 ppm methanol to their
Table 3 summarizing the formaldehyde data in their formaldehyde study, in
which their 200 control rats had 15 of these cancers.

In their previous formaldehyde study, reported Dec 2002, 200 control rats,
given no formaldehyde, had 15 [ 7.5 %] lymphomas and leukemias
(hemolymphoreticular neoplasias), while of the 600 rats given formaldehyde,
121 [ 20.3 % ] had these cancers.

Probably, other factors, such as viruses, bacteria, molds, or toxic
chemicals in the air, water, and food, also facilitate these cancers.

News and events
Istituto Ramazzini
Collegium Ramazzini
NEWS AND EVENTS 14 July 2005 Press Release

Results of study on the carcinogenicity of the artificial sweetener


Results of study on the carcinogenicity of the artificial sweetener


A long-term study to evaluate the potential carcinogenic effects of
an artificial sweetener used in more than 6,000 food and pharmaceutical
products has recently been completed in the experimental laboratories of its
Cancer Research Center of the European Foundation of Oncology and
Environmental Sciences "B. Ramazzini" in Bologna, Italy.

The first results of the experiment were reported to the Ministry of Health
and to the Superior Institute of Health of the Italian government in April

In mid-June, these findings were then communicated to
the European Food Safety Authority,
the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center of Columbia University,
the National Cancer Institute of the US government,
and the National Toxicology Program of the US National Institutes of Health.

First results demonstrate that aspartame,
when administered to rats for the entire life span,
induces an increase of lymphomas and leukaemias in female rats.

The study is currently being published in the European Journal of Oncology
(available at: ) and final
results will be presented
at the 3rd international scientific conference of the Collegium Ramazzini,
"Framing the Future in Light of the Past: Living in a Chemical World",
to be held in Bologna, Italy from September 18-21, 2005,
the proceedings of which will be published in
the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.


Aspartame is an artificial sweetener consumed by hundreds of millions of
people worldwide.

It is used in over 6,000 diet products including soft drinks, chewing gum,
candy, desserts, yogurt as well as in pharmaceuticals, in particular, syrups
and antibiotics for children.

The average daily intake of aspartame is calculated to be about 2-3 mg/Kg of
body weight, a figure which increases for children and women of childbearing

Current daily intake allowed by regulatory bodies is 50 mg/Kg of body weight
in the US and
40 mg/Kg of body weight in the European Union.

Prior to the commercialization of aspartame in the 1970s,
the manufacturers of the compound conducted various experimental studies on
rats and mice to test its carcinogenicity.

When taken together, the results of these studies were considered negative
with regard to the carcinogenicity of aspartame.

Doubts were however raised by some in the scientific community about the
conduct of the experiments and
the fact that some cases of malignant brain tumors were found among animals
treated with aspartame
while none were found among the control group.

Given the limitations of these studies and
the ever growing use of aspartame throughout the years,
the European Ramazzini Foundation decided in the late 1990s
to plan and perform an experiment that would,
based on the total number of animals used,
the number of dose levels studied,
and the conduct of the experiment according to Good Laboratory Practices,
provide an adequate evaluation of the potential carcinogenic effects of

The CRC/ERF study was conducted on 1800 rats (900 males, 900 females)
of the colony used for over 30 years by the Foundation.

In order to simulate daily human intake,
aspartame was added to the standard rat diet in quantities of
5000, 2500, 100, 500, 20, 4, and 0 mg/Kg of body weight.
[ This asserts that humans are twenty times more vulnerable to aspartame
(methanol, formaldehyde, formic acid) toxicity than rats. ]

Treatment of the animals began at 8 weeks of age and
continued until spontaneous death.

A complete necropsy and histopathological evaluation of tissues and organs
was then performed on each deceased animal,
for a total of over 30,000 slides examined by microscope.

The first results of the experiment show:

1) a dose-related statistically significant increase of lymphomas and
leukemias in female rats.
This statistically significant increase was also observed at a dose level of
20 mg/Kg of body weight,
a dose inferior to the accepted daily intake permitted by current
regulations (50-40 mg/Kg of body weight);

2) that the addition of aspartame to the diet induces
a dose-related reduction in food consumption,
without however causing a difference in body weight
between treated and untreated animals.

The above results demonstrate
for the first time
that aspartame is a carcinogenic agent,
capable of inducing lymphomas and leukaemias in female rats,
including when administered at dose levels very close
to the acceptable daily intake for humans.

In addition, the data demonstrate that the integration of aspartame into the
diet did not affect the body weight of treated animals
compared with untreated animals.

As recognized by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of
the World Health Organization,
results of long-term bioassays conducted on rodents (rats and mice)
are highly predictive of carcinogenic risk for humans.

In light of this fact,
the results of the CRC/ERF study on aspartame call
for urgent reconsideration of regulations
governing its use as an artificial sweetener
in order to better protect public health,
in particular that of children.


European Foundation for Oncology and Environmental Sciences "B. Ramazzini"

3rd international scientific conference of the Collegium Ramazzini

Contact Kathryn Knowles Director of Resource Development
European Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences "B. Ramazzini" +39 0516640460

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FONDAZIONE "B. RAMAZZINI" - Via Guerrazzi, 18 - 40125 Bologna - tel. 051
237286 - fax 051 2911679 -

CENTRO DI RICERCA SUL CANCRO - Castello di Bentivoglio, Via Saliceto,
3-40010 Bentivoglio (BO) - tel. - fax 051 6640223

" Conclusions
In our experimental conditions, it has been demonstrated,
for the first time, that APM causes a dose-related
statistically significant increase in lymphomas and leukaemias in females
at dose levels very near
those to which humans can be exposed.

Moreover, it can hardly
be overlooked that at the lowest exposure
of 80 ppm,
there was a 62% increase in lymphomas and leukaemias
compared to controls, even though this was not statistically significant.

When compared to the concurrent control
group, an increase in the incidence of these neoplasias
was also observed in males exposed to the highest dose;
even though not statistically significant,
this observation confirms and extends the result in females.

The significance of the increase in haemolymphoreticular
neoplasias is further reinforced by the following considerations,
based on the results of experiments performed in the CRC laboratory.

These experiments demonstrate that the increase in
lymphomas and leukaemias, observed in the APM study,
could be related to methanol,
a metabolite of APM, which
is metabolised to formaldehyde and then to formic acid,
both in humans and rats 3.

In fact we have shown that:

1) methanol administered in drinking water increased the incidence
of lymphomas and leukaemias in female rats 11;

2) the same effect was induced in females treated with the
gasoline oxygenated additive methyl-tert-butyl-ether
(MTBE), which is also metabolised to methanol 12 ;

and finally
3) an increase in the incidence of lymphomas and
leukaemias was also observed in females treated with
formaldehyde 9, 13.

These results further highlight the important role that
formaldehyde has on the induction of haematological
malignancies in rodents.

Moreover, in a recent reevaluation
of the carcinogenicity of formaldehyde by the International
Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC),
strong, although not considered sufficient,
evidence of an association with leukaemias in humans was found 14.

Since the results of carcinogenicity bioassays in rodents,
mainly rats and mice, have been shown to be a consistent
predictor of human cancer risk 15-17,
the first results of our study
call for urgent re-examination of permissible exposure
levels of APM in both food and beverages,
especially to protect children. "

" 9. Soffritti M, Belpoggi F, Lambertini L, et al.
Results of longterm experimental studies on the carcinogenicity of
formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in rats.
Mehlman MA, Bingham E, Landrigan PJ, et al.
Carcinogenesis bioassays and protecting public health.
Commemorating the lifework of Cesare Maltoni and colleagues.
Ann NY Acad Sci 2002; 982: 87-105.

10. Harris NL, Jaffe ES, Vardiman JW, et al.
WHO Classification of tumours of haematopoietic and lymphoid tissues:
Jaffe ES, Harris NL, Stein H, et al.
Tumours of haematopoietic and lymphoid tissues.
Lyon: IARC Press, 2001, 12-3.

11. Soffritti M, Belpoggi F, Cevolani D, et al.
Results of long-term experimental studies on the carcinogenicity of methyl
alcohol and ethyl alcohol in rats.
Mehlman MA, Bingham E, Landrigan PJ, et al.
Carcinogenesis bioassays and protecting public health.
Commemorating the lifework of Cesare Maltoni and colleagues.
Ann NY Acad Sci 2002; 982: 46-69.

12. Belpoggi F, Soffritti M, Maltoni C.
Methyl-tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE), a gasoline additive, causes testicular
and lymphohaematopoietic cancers in rats.
Toxicol Ind Health 1995; 11: 119-49.

13. Soffritti M, Maltoni C, Maffei F, et al.
Formaldehyde: an experimental multipotent carcinogen.
Toxicol Ind Health 1989; 5: 699-730.

14. International Agency for Research on Cancer.
Monographs on the evaluation of the carcinogenic risk of chemicals to
Formaldehyde, 2-Butoxyethanol and 1-tert-Butoxy-2-Propanol.
Vol. 88 (in press). Available on

15. Huff J. Long-term chemical carcinogenesis bioassays predict
human cancer hazards. Issues, controversies, and uncertainties.
Bailer JA, Maltoni C, Bailar III JC, et al.
Uncertainty in the risk assessment of environmental and occupational
Ann NY Acad Sci 1999; 895: 56-79.

16. Tomatis L, Aitio A, Wilbourn J, et al.
Human carcinogens so far identified.
Jpn J Cancer Res 1989; 80: 795-807.

17. Rall DP.
Can laboratory animal carcinogenicity studies predict cancer in exposed
Environ Health Perspect 1995; 103 suppl 6: 173-5. "

page 1

Original studies/Studi originali
General topics/Argomenti generali

Eur. J. Oncol., vol. 10, n. 2, pp. 00-00, 2005 IN PRESS

Aspartame induces lymphomas and leukaemias in rats *
L'aspartame induce linfomi e leucemie nei ratti
Morando Soffritti,
Fiorella Belpoggi,
Davide Degli Esposti,
Luca Lambertini

Cancer Research Centre, European Ramazzini Foundation of Oncology and
Environmental Sciences, Bologna, Italy
Received/Pervenuto 15.3.2005 - Accepted/Accettato 11.4.2005

Address/Indirizzo: Dr. Morando Soffritti, Centro di Ricerca sul Cancro,
Fondazione Europea di Oncologia e Scienze Ambientali "B. Ramazzini",
Castello di Bentivoglio, 40010 Bentivoglio (BO), Italia - Tel.
+39/051/6640460 - Fax +39/051/6640223 - E-mail:

* Research supported by European Ramazzini Foundation of Oncology and
Environmental Sciences, Bologna, Italy


Aspartame, a widely used artificial sweetener, was administered
with feed to male and female Sprague-Dawley rats
8 weeks-old at the start of the experiment,
at concentrations of 100,000; 50,000; 10,000; 2,000; 400; 80 and 0 ppm.
Treatment lasted until spontaneous death of the animals.

In this report we present the first results showing that aspartame,
in our experimental conditions,
causes a statistically significant, dose-related increase
in lymphomas and leukaemias in females.

No statistically significant increase in malignant brain tumours was
observed among animals from the treated groups
as compared to controls.
Eur. J. Oncol., 10 (2), 00-00, 2005

Key words: aspartame, artificial sweetener, carcinogenesis,
rats, lymphoma, leukaemia


L'aspartame, un dolcificante artificiale largamente
diffuso, è stato somministrato con il mangime a ratti
Sprague-Dawley, maschi e femmine (100-150/sesso/
gruppo), di 8 settimane di età all'inizio dell'esperimento,
a concentrazioni di 100.000; 50.000; 10.000;
2.000; 400; 80 e 0 ppm.
Il trattamento è durato fino alla
morte spontanea degli animali. In questo articolo
vengono presentati i primi risultati che dimostrano
come l'aspartame, nelle nostre condizioni sperimentali,
causa un incremento statisticamente significativo,
dose-correlato, di linfomi e leucemie nelle femmine.
Nei gruppi trattati rispetto al controllo non è stato osservato
nessun aumento statisticamente significativo
dei tumori maligni del cervello.
Eur. J. Oncol., 10 (2), 00-00, 2005

Parole chiave: aspartame, dolcificante artificiale, cancerogenesi,
ratti, linfoma, leucemia


Aspartame (APM) is a widely used artificial sweetener
consumed by hundreds of millions of people around
the world 1, 2.

It is found in more than 6,000 products, including
soft drinks, chewing gum, candy, yoghurt, tabletop
sweeteners and some pharmaceuticals such as vitamins
and sugar-free cough drops 2.

Dietary surveys, performed among APM consumers,
have shown that the average APM daily intake in the general
population ranged from 2 to 3 mg/kg b.w.
and was even more in children and pregnant women 1.

The Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) both in the US and in Europe is
50 and 40 mg/kg b.w., respectively 1.

In rodents and humans,
APM is metabolised in the gastrointestinal tract
into three constituents:
aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanol 3.

Three long-term feeding carcinogenicity bioassays on
APM were performed on rats, and one on mice, during the 1970s.

Overall, the carcinogenicity studies were considered negative 4,
but it must be noted that these studies did not comply
with the basic requirements which must nowadays be met when testing the
carcinogenicity potential of a chemical or physical agent.

Because of these limitations,
we decided to perform a mega-experiment following
the currently accepted Good Laboratory Practices.

In the present paper we are reporting our first results on
the incidence of haemolymphoreticular malignancies
(lymphomas and leukaemias) and malignant brain tumours.

Materials and methods

The APM used was produced by Nutrasweet and supplied
by Giusto Faravelli S.p.A., Milan, Italy.

As an active ingredient, its purity was more than 98%.

To simulate an assumed daily intake by humans of
5,000; 2,500; 500; 100; 20; 4; or 0 mg/kg b.w.,
APM was added to the standard Corticella diet,
used for 30 years at the laboratory of
the Cancer Research Centre (CRC) of the European Ramazzini Foundation (ERF),
at concentrations of
100,000; 50,000; 10,000; 2,000; 400; 80; or 0 ppm.
[ This asserts that humans are twenty times more vulnerable to aspartame
(methanol, formaldehyde, formic acid) toxicity than rats. ]

APM-treated feed was administered ad libitum to Sprague-Dawley rats
8 weeks old at the start of the experiment,
and the treatment lasted until spontaneous death.

Control animals received the same feed without APM.
The plan of the experiment is shown in Table 1.

page 2 M. Soffritti, F. Belpoggi, D. Degli Esposti, et al. IN PRESS

Table 1 - Long-term carcinogenicity bioassay on aspartame administered with
feed supplied ad libitum to male (M) and female (F) Sprague-Dawley rats from
8 weeks of age until spontaneous death.

Plan of the experiment.
Age at start of treatment was 8 weeks. Duration was then natural life span.
Group Sex (M, F, M+F) Animals (No) Treatment Dose (ppm) mg/kg b.w. a
Human ADI equivalent b (X)

---M 100

Posted by: Rich Murray on August 19, 2005 04:41 AM


Do you know that Searle makes Celebrex for Pfizer? Interesting that Vioxx was taken off the market and Celebrex was not. Could it "possibly" be that Rumsfeld had something to do with it?


Posted by: Zola on December 3, 2005 04:20 PM


I read the comment about Bush,Gore,Clinton,Edwards,Dean,Trippi , etc being heavy users of aspertame products ,I find this exciting , we need to encourage all of our officials to consume as much as possable , that way we can clean house of the officials we elect that cater to self interest groups and do not consider the welfare and safety of their constituents. It may seem caloused , but we need a change in govt thinking , and rewarding of the rich and corporate profit above the welfare , safety , health of JOE AVERAGE american , lets educate the average citizen and let the politicians distroy themselves for profit. Just my humble opinion....Richard

Posted by: Richard S. Nordell on December 19, 2005 04:51 PM


Nancy W writes: I am heart broken. I stumbled on your web information about aspartame today, i knew it was shaky but had no idea how bad it is. You see, in the summer of 1978 i sat on a hill beside a small lake on a relative's property at a family reunion talking to another relative who worked for Searle. I asked him if aspartame was safe and although i do not remember his exact answer, he neither confirmed or denied. That was enough that my children never consumed it, however i now believe he knew more than he told me and am crushed, i would never have believed he would have been involved in something that had the potential to harm anyone. nmw my reply: well, we can't imagine how anyone could ... yet many times economic realities and a convenient mechanism that allows us to see part of the data and block others provides the escape. Blocking out what we don't want to see allows us to appear sincere - like your relative - and to avoid telling all that we suspect or know. At least in your case, you got the drift and never gave the stuff to your children. It would be good though if aspartame was off the market. It's done enough damage in two decades... maybe your relative can help?

Posted by: Sepp for Nancy W on May 14, 2008 09:59 AM



Posted by: Denny Bowyer on September 19, 2008 05:02 PM


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