Share The Wealth by Chris Gupta
March 31, 2004

Preface to Medical Veritas - Request for feedback


I like the preface however, I am afraid, it is a bit misleading, in that, the arguments made in the preface are stale and may only serve as catharsis to the converted. Yes we all fall into this trap certainly I have...

The current state of medicine is not unique. In fact this is the case in all research be it energy, food etc. We know a lot more than then we choose to use. ..."We are living hundreds of years behind our intended level of technology and that we must recapture this "lost science." and the use of known good, safe and cost effective science.

...."to truly feel in one's gut, a tension between great power and immense powerlessness. Illich the visionary anarchist champions autonomy, communities of people working and caring for each other rather than depending on anonymous professionals, nurturing deep friendships, and living free of artificially imposed hierarchies (ie governments, CMA, AMA etc). So, Illich's vision inspires one to act and change the world somehow. Yet, Illich the social historian explains better than anyone else around how enslaved we have become to overgrown institutions and the economically driven service economy.

Certain tools, like the car, have gained "radical monopolies" over our lives and are now terribly difficult to do without. Just as the over-consumption of goods tends to ruin the physical environment, he makes clear, the over-consumption of services such as compulsory education and medical care wrecks the social fabric. Schools make us dumb, hospitals increase sickness, cars frustrate by causing traffic jams and costing us dearly....

...interest in his work actually increase in coming years as his critique reveals itself to be more accurate and useful than we can understand right now."

This madness will continue until we recognize that most of our problems stem form our misguided trust in governments. Governments from time eternal have been derailed and used by vested interests - hence the interest for a world government. The quality of governments, it must be recognized, is such that they are only if that "good for taking care of roads, sewers, and maybe some other menials: divest them of all their power to control us and let WE the people, with the free market, choose what we do and do not want.

The misguided notion that we NEEEEEEEEEEEED to be governed, because we're too simple minded is nothing but propaganda professing us to think that we don't know how to spend our own money wisely and we can't take responsibility for our actions, therefore, we must employ dictatorial servants to make these decisions for us. But wait!!!, if we cannot make good decisions on our own how is it that we can make good decisions about those whom we elect?"

To make a real change with the issues raised in the preface one must understand following only then can we put a dent in current situation:

The Nature of Government

The Source of Government Power

What is the Right Amount of Government?

Chris Gupta

The above audio sources where provided by "Mike" a true libertarian to who I owe much of this understanding.

Preface to Medical Veritas - Request for feedback

This book and The International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) is being founded on the perceptual idea that medicine is in need of complete and total reform from the curriculum in medical schools up to protecting patients from excessive medical intervention. The IMVA brings a wind of change to medicine and launches the process of forming a universal medicine that will serve humanity instead of destroying it as the present paradigm seems bent on doing. Humanity does need to redefine medicine - healing the split between allopathic and all the alternative medicines that are steadily becoming more available and accepted.

The practice of medicine is the practice of helping people heal themselves and recover from serious illnesses as well as the art and science of helping people avoid suffering and life threatening diseases. Medicine is as much about health as it is about disease and thus people from nutritionists, yoga therapists, chiropractors, nurses, acupuncturists, homeopaths, massage therapists, midwives, to Reiki therapists are all practicing forms of medicine that are important for public health. Allopathic medicine fits in the middle of all of this but by itself, in isolation, is proving to be the greatest hazard to public health and public good man has ever known.

It is obvious that we will not be able to change anything if we cannot be honest about what it is that needs to be changed. Most people instinctively close their eyes to anything negative preferring not to look at the dark side of things. But this is a trap and torpedoes any attempt at change. Most doctors can't bear thinking of the deep darkness that has overtaken the practice of allopathic medicine and all the ruin and harm being done in the name of good. So deep has the darkness become that it absolutely terrifies one to look so most don't. The first volume of the Medical Veritas series is about medical truth, medical madness and the stupefying horror of pharmaceutical terrorism. Thus in our journey to establish what medicl truth is we are going to take an incredible journey that tells a tale of one of the sadest and most cruel stories ever told.

Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD, have alerted us in their well referenced report Death by Medicine about a nightmare that has become visible all over the world, but is documented mainly in the United States. This team of doctors and scientists reported that in the US alone the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine amounts to astounding 783,936 per year. Adverse reactions to prescribed drugs 2.2 million per year, unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually for viral infections 20 million per year and the number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually 7.5 million per year. These people are not alone though. Dr. Barbara Starfield of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health published her findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) the following statistics:

12,000 -----unnecessary surgery (8)
7,000 -----medication errors in hospitals (9)
20,000 -----other errors in hospitals (10)
80,000 -----infections in hospitals (10)
106,000 ----non-error, negative effects of drugs (2)
These total to 250,000 deaths per year from iatrogenic causes.

Something is definitely and seriously wrong with the practice of medicine if it becomes one of the most common cause of death in society. Incredibly enough with all the information available, there are still doctors and healthcare officials who bury their head in the sand insisting as they do on maintaining dogma and the status quo. The darkness in medicine is truly deep and the ego blindness beyond belief. Nevertheless, when we read through this book we will see that there is no doubt that the roots of our present medical nightmare were laid in recent history. Even though the medical establishment has managed to create a lily-white image of medical practice it does not take too much effort to pop the false and inflated self-image that has overextended itself.

"It is hardly surprising that the reputation of allopathic medicine as a healing branch of science is rapidly crumbling."

---Stephen B. Palmer, MD.

Corporate capitalism in the pharmaceutical industry has created a culture of disease and death which forces many doctors and scientists to speak out vehemently about the insanity of medicine thus opposing the mass of medical doctors, research scientists and medical officials who have sold their medical souls to this profit-minded industry. Medical Veritas is dedicated to bringing together many professionals who understand the truth of modern medicine, doctors like James Howenstine who has said, "Powerful governmental agencies are there to protect the earnings of the pharmaceutical industry and they are not very interested in the health status of the general populace. Money wins out which means dangerous therapies are released on the public without any attempt to prove their safety.”

"Babies are dying of adverse reactions to vaccines and medications and innocent people are put in prison for the hidden crimes of medicine. Our medical system needs to be fixed urgently."

---Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati.

Modern medicine is calling for a change from the inside out, a re-arrangement at the primordial level of image and practice. The time is ripe for a medical revolution as natural forms of medicine are under attack. Presently it's a dirty battle as pharmaceutical front groups launch slanderous media campaigns to discredit the value of healthy lifestyles and non-invasive forms of medicine hiding facts and information that could eventually throw many pharmaceutical people and health care officials in prison for crimes against humanity.

Make no mistake about it, the 21st century will be remembered for its medical wars as the forces of medical reason and sanity struggle against a black plague of medical thought and medical deed. Medical Veritas assumes the struggle won because medical reason has to win out against medical darkness, any other thought is intolerable. The first battle will be fought against pediatricians who crossed the line into medical insanity when they accepted in 1990 the mass immunization of Hepatitis B vaccine given to all newborn infants. The insanity that medicine has become starts right from the first moments of human life with the chemical rape of babies' vulnerabilities. Though Medical Veritas is calling for a non-violent medical revolution the violence done in the name of medicine equals any in history and must be stopped at all cost. Its an incredibly important moment for the human race as certain individuals and companies have harnessed medical technology and science to do what has never been possible before, terrorize an entire race of beings.

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD

See also: Roots of Medical & Other Monopolies


posted by Chris Gupta on Wednesday March 31 2004
updated on Monday December 10 2012

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Chris, you asked for feedback on this article, here's mine: If you are discussing MEDICAL VERITAS, that's a different organization. Mark's IMVA is a break-away group, I'm afraid. You should perhaps make this clear, yes? Here's the real 'Medical Veritas International Inc'. Dr. Goldman is Pres./Founder of Medical Veritas International Inc., a non-profit public charity. He serves as Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed journal ... There are several renowned scientistsa on the list of Editors and writers. Originally, Mark Sircus, Chiropractor was a founding member. But when some un-negotiable differences occurred between himself and the rest of the group, he left to found IMVA. There was a lawsuit over the name. They continue as two separate entities. Here is the Website of Mark's IMVA: At the link,: Mark says, "We initially concentrated our efforts in the area of childhood immunization and launched Medical Veritas, a journal of medicine, which is now an independent publication.?? I suspect he's got it backwards. Medical Veritas was and still is the original organization. Mark's is the runaway which pirated the name. I'm posting this around. Steve Z.

Posted by: Steve Zakrzewski on March 24, 2007 03:27 PM


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