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September 02, 2004

Electro Medicine and Lyme Disease

While the self righteous medical Mafia and bigoted sceptics continue to debunk electromedicine and other alternatives - time and time we see lay people do what the multi billion dollar industry does not want to do. Yet they will clamor all this is anecdotal, not been peer reviewed, trialed etc. etc. Not realizing how 'el stupid o' they look in the face of the fact that some of these results are so trivial to trial, test and refine. If lay people can do it then howcome, with their supposed expertize and money, can't they?

And then they will say - 'oh if it was so easy to do they should be the first ones to do it' - imagine! Implying that all this has been checked out by them and rejected. With governments and media in tow they have sucked us all in with these ridiculous circular and self serving arguments! But more and more of us are beginning to see through their bull and take matters in our own hands... Unfortunately, many will die and get injured, making the medical Mafia more rich, before the day of reckoning.

Also see: Big Pharma Tactics on Electro Med etc.

Chris Gupta


This was posted an hour ago to the Lyme-and-rife group. Another user report for rife machine effectiveness. This person is using the high power magnetic pulser. I am not affiliated with any machine manufacturer or seller and I do not make any money doing this. I am just sharing the story.

Eric's Report. You can email Eric at

I just wanted to give an update about my pulsing progress. I have been only pulsing for about 2.5 weeks and have noticed my symptoms lessening each day. I have had some rough herxing days, but tolerable. I stopped abx about 3 weeks ago (never noticed much of a difference in symptoms while taking antibiotics). I felt so good today that I went out for a jog, which I haven't done since getting sick. My head feels clearer then it has in long time. Still have a way to go, but I like the progress I am making. I finally have hope that I will get back my life as I once knew it. The pulsar and good supplementation has made a huge difference in the direction of my lyme disease. I want to thank Robb, Bryan and everyone in this room who has shared their valuable knowledge and experience. I hope that I continue to progress at this rate, but even if I don't I know eventually I will get to where I want to be. I don't have much experience or knowledge about this disease, but what ever I have gathered I will be more then happy to share with anyone who inquires. Thanks again.



For more information about using rife machines and mag pulsers to treat Lyme Disease, see:

Rife Machines AND Lyme Disease

Lyme-and-rife ยท Fighting Lyme Disease with Rife Machines egroup



posted by Chris Gupta on Thursday September 2 2004
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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Readers' Comments

Is there any successful electrotherapy for leukaemia and other cancers. With Well Wishes FPW

Posted by: FPW on December 2, 2004 02:00 PM


I was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever during June of 2002 (although my symptoms began in March)and although my titers show the RMSF as gone I show three strong bands indicating that I have ongoing Lyme disease symtoms (including terrible dibilitating pain) now three years later. I have been on IV antibiotics for one year 2002-2003. Please answer to my email box.

Thank you,

Posted by: Mark Saunders on March 23, 2005 10:57 PM


Mark please read:


With Critical Evaluation of
Leading Alternative Therapies

By Bryan Rosner
Foreword by Richard Loyd, Ph.D.

Posted by: Chris Gupta on March 24, 2005 03:42 AM


I teach corporate and international finance and I can state with absolute certainty that the pharmaceutical industry is a tool of the geopolitical super rich. They execute eugenics regularly against the people. Their business plans do not allow cures, as this causes the market to shrink and then disappear. They only allow the treatment of chronic disease, as this causes the markets to grow. Vaccinations are used to spread and cause disease, so they can kill off undesired creditors (including the sovereign natural resources each citizen has a share in) and also to make money treating the symptoms. HIV is 50 bovine leukemia RNA and 50 sheep visna RNA. It is not a STD, epidemiology proving the primary infection of HIV is always by vaccination. Harry cell leukemia is 100 bovine leukemia RNA, again by vaccination. The good people must kill off the evil in this world, or be killed by the evil. WHO (the world health organization) is total eugenics and totally evil. Einstein stated 'the world is a scary place not because of the evil in it, but because of all the good people who will do nothing about the evil.' David G. Gowing P.Eng. dgg

Posted by: David Gowing on January 3, 2009 12:45 PM


I've had Lyme disease for four years - 2 years undiagnosed and a year and a half on high dose abx. I started Rifing 6 months ago and quit all Rife machine has given me my life back!!! And David is absolutely right - our government is in cahoots with big pharma and WHO to keep people chronically ill - vaccines are a HUGE part of that. They also want to reduce the worlds population by 80 to 90. Go to for more info...

Posted by: Lauren on August 18, 2009 11:12 PM


I have an AC contact machine and would like to know what voltage to start with. I have the frequencies--but cannot find the voltz. Please help and send answer to my email. Thanks!! Dea

Posted by: Dea on September 5, 2009 09:39 AM


The two links above no longer work. LYME DISEASE AND RIFE MACHINES With Critical Evaluation of Leading Alternative Therapies

Posted by: MU Lee on December 30, 2009 03:00 PM


I went to and since I consulted with Dr Khan and he gave me the electromedicine I have recovered and his book is a excellent guide.

Posted by: Julie on December 31, 2009 05:26 PM


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