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October 04, 2004

London Slow Food Festival

The slow food is intimately related to the organic food movement - Thought I should alert all London Ontario Canada readers about this upcoming festival. Any one interested in nutritional matters should take every opportunity to support these types of activities. Supporting of the local and regional producers of fruits and vegetables, meats, wines, beer and other beverages is the best way to ensure freshness and influence the movement to organic foods. Creating good local economies can create healthy competition that can bring the prices of organic foods down along with reduced environmental impacts of nasty chemicals such pesticides etc. I implore you to go out and champion the cause at every opportunity

To find slow food activities in your country go to the Slow Food international "network" web site.

Remember there is no substitute to know the source of your food and how it was processed . Please pass this on to all London area people that you know...


Chris Gupta


2nd Annual Slow Food Festival: A celebration of the food, drink and flavours that are grown and made in our neck of the woods

Take part in a worldwide movement that is celebrating all things slow and beautiful. On Thanksgiving Saturday, October 9, find out what slow pleasures can be found in our very own neck of the woods. The event will take place on the Mezzanine at Covent Garden Market from 11 AM to 3 PM. Free kids' activities from 10 AM-1 PM, outside at the west entrance to the market. Upstairs, local chefs will preside over tasting tables, presenting seasonal dishes from the fields and farms of Southwestern Ontario. Ontario wineries and breweries will serve their favourite seasonal beverages. Local farmers will share a selection of delicious recipes. Cooking demonstrations and a speaker's series will take place throughout the festival. This event will be similar to that of a rural fall fair setting in keeping with the traditions of Ontario's harvest and Thanksgiving.

Saturday October 9th -Thanksgiving Saturday
11 to 3 pm
The Mezzanine at the
130 King St. downtown London

taking place in the Labatt's Lounge as a part of the festival.

John Wilson, Dolway Organic Farm - Certified Organic Vegetables
Fresh Organic Vegetables at the Grocer and the Market

John left an electrical engineering career 13 years ago to become an organic farmer. John will be speaking on the topic of "food less traveled", and the benefits of buying locally grown produce.

12:20 COOKING DEMONSTRATION - Jill Wilcox, Jill's Table
Jill will demonstrate how to prepare Vegetarian Provencal from local ingredients.

Jill Wilcox is the well known proprietor of Jill's Table, London Free Press food columnist and cooking instructor. Jill has been involved in the London culinary community for many years. Her shop on King a popular culinary destination for everyone from absolute beginners to cooking professionals.

Ted Soudant, Field Gate Organics
Fresh Organic Meat Direct from the Farm

Ted Soudant leads an organic farming community working together to market and distribute certified organic foods for a healthier life style and a cleaner environment. Working as a group, family farms bring the products to the consumer effectively and economically, providing organic products that are good for you, your family and the health of where you live.

1:40 COOKING DEMONSTRATION - Dave Burnett, Food Network Canada (Man Made Food)

Dave Burnett is one of the fresh young hosts of Food Network's new show MAN MADE FOOD, premiering this fall on FOOD NETWORK CANADA. David was chosen from hundreds of hopefuls to be part of this exciting new series.

Ann Slater, Fresh Organic Vegetables
Community Supported Agriculture and Food Box Programs

Ann Slater is a farmer growing fresh organic vegetables who has also been working on developing community supported agriculture which includes food box programs. She is also a member of the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario. Ann will talk about what she does on the farm and the work and progress of getting local organically grown food from the farm to the doorstep.

About Slow Food and Slow Food London

"We are dedicated to supporting and celebrating our regional culinary cultural identity. We support those producers who practice sustainable agriculture, ensuring that the pleasures of our local foods, in all of their diversity, are future pleasures as well as present ones. Thanks to the efforts of Ontario's small farmers, niche food producers, award winning winemakers and uncompromising chefs who remain committed to promoting the awareness of our local food products and high quality agriculture, we are making slow advances against the encroachment of those who wish to industrialize, standardize and in many cases eliminate much of our rich food culture." Bryan Lavery, a founding member of Slow Food London and chef/owner of Murano Restaurant

Slow Food London Ontario remains committed to promoting awareness of our local food products and high quality agriculture. We are endeavoring to make slow advances against the encroachment of those who wish to industrially standardize, and thereby eliminate much of our rich food culture and local traditions. The right to taste and the culture and pleasure of taste is quickly deteriorating.

Slow Food London Ontario is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to supporting and celebrating regional culinary identities while embracing the purity of the organic movement, survival of endangered animal breeds, heirloom varieties of fruit and vegetables, traditional artisanal products and to slowing the deterioration of the environment to name but a few of Slow Food's mandates.

Without knowing it, many Londoners have been practicing Slow Food's tenets all their lives. For more information about the slow food movement, recipes and events happening around the world, visit To find out what's happening in our neck of the woods, visit

For complete details see: Full Program


posted by Chris Gupta on Monday October 4 2004
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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Looking for a member that was in my restaurant in Baltimore by the name of Wendy fogarty ,please forward my email to her.thanks

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