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October 22, 2004

Understanding The Pharmacartel Assault On Supplements

I know, I know, this is beginning to sound like a broken record, But most of the value of the information we have today and in the future will become useless if we are not able to procure the nutrients that we need to manage our own health. I implore you to at least understand the issues and act appropriately based on your own conclusions.

At the moment the only effective tool, it seems left to protect us, is a legal one, while we can still use it. And those wondering what they can do, will see that they can at least help in this regard. We can pay now or pay much more latter and in some cases, very cost effective, efficacious and safe, supplements will simply not be available at any price!

The following is a very succinct, summary on what has happened in Canada but the gist of this example is applicable world wide. If we don't understand the issues we can hardly resolve the problems we face. The monetary pressures are such that we simply cannot sit on our laurels once we have gained even a smidgen of success as we did (past tense) here in Canada. It is imperative that we continue to maintain our gains however, small or large or we will surely lose to the Pharma Mafia; who have nothing better to do but to find ways to skin the unsuspecting. Eternal vigilance is a must and we can all begin by understanding the issues in order to stay on top to prevent future assaults on our health and hence, our freedom. At least read the following, no matter which country you are in, to see how the Pharma attack is unfolding and forward this to as many people as possible...

Chris Gupta


Imagine that you or a loved one is sick. You know of an effective dietary supplement (DSP) that would help, but it can no longer be sold in Canada. It has been forced off the market by endless Health Canada red tape, costing taxpayers millions to regulate DSP's that haven't killed a single Canadian in over 45 years. Well, guess what? With the advent of the new Natural Health Product Regulations those days are already here! Scores of products are being refused at the border, and companies are dropping whole portions of their lines because they can't afford the cost of compliance. And the regulations don't even come into full force until January 1, 06. How many products will we lose then?

Next consider that regulatory restrictions like these are occurring across the globe. In Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Scandinavia, Britain, and throughout the European Union, a Pharmacartel assault on natural medicine to eliminate competition for pharmaceutical drugs is in high gear, exerting massive influences on the media, politicians, and governments alike. Even in the United States global "harmonization” initiatives such as CODEX and legislation aimed at gaining control over nutritional supplements threaten to reduce access to natural alternatives. Unless "WE” the people, as a united front of consumers, practitioners, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers do something about it, the supplements that so many of us hold dear will continue to disappear. To believe otherwise is denying the obvious.

What to do? So often people say, "But what can you do?” Well, finally, there is something we can do, at least in Canada, and it may be our only chance! A joint lawsuit has been launched against Health Canada by two groups, Freedom of Choice in Health Care (FCHC) and the Alliance of Natural Health Suppliers (ANHS). This suit will first seek an injunction against the aggressive regulations, and then proceed with the legal argument that regulating dietary supplements is the jurisdiction of the provinces, and always has been. If successful, this would either remove DSP's completely from the clutches of corrupt influences at Health Canada, or at least make them consider alternatives to the current onerous legislation. (Though some form of regulation to ensure product identity and purity is in order, it should more accurately represent the low degree of risk involved in using DSP's. Also, companies trying to comply should not be inhibited by the costs of the procedure associated with the approval process, so much so that they discontinue products. Particularly when there is no evidence of harm)

The above is a very solid legal argument, and Health Canada does not want to see it in court because they know they will lose. In fact, last time it was used in 1997 it literally halted overnight the implementation of the Establishment Licensing Act, which was set to govern all DSP's as drugs. It was the filing of this injunction, not the public protests, that made the federal government change its course!

The injunction, launched by Freedom of Choice in Health Care, was suspended on the condition that the government was to come up with reasonable legislation dealing with dietary supplements. This was followed by 5 years of public lip-service, at which point Health Canada turned all DSP's into drugs anyway. So the lawsuit is being resurrected, and like any lawsuit it requires funding. "WE” can thwart Health Canada's plan to reduce our access to DSP's if "WE” can come together and provide funding for this lawsuit. THIS LAWSUIT IS FOR ALL OF US AND IT NEEDS YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT!

With all the things we casually spend $100 on, (alcohol, meals out, etc.), isn't it worth at least this much to maintain our choice of DSP's? So, for once, lets stop being armchair citizens, and put our money where our beliefs are! For all who have been frustrated by Health Canada's unfair restrictions, (or pockets being lined by the pharmaceutical industry), here is your chance! DON'T JUST THINK ABOUT IT! ACT ON IT!

If you are a consumer or a practitioner, join Freedom of Choice in Health Care, and donate a minimum of $100 to the lawsuit. If you are a retailer, a distributor, or a manufacturer join the Alliance of Natural Health Suppliers and donate a minimum of $500 up front, and preferably make an additional monthly donation. PLEASE DONATE WHATEVER YOU CAN AFFORD!


posted by Chris Gupta on Friday October 22 2004
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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Readers' Comments

You are fighting only a defensive battle. You can not win the war in the end this way. You must go on the offensive and identify the actual culprits and demand and achieve retrobution and "a pound of flesh" (their money and power). Also, the politicians who have done the dirty work need to be serverly punished politically and by class action laws suits designed to strip them of all wealth and their good name.

Posted by: Gary Wade on October 25, 2004 07:22 AM


You are fighting only a defensive battle. You can not win the war in the end this way. You must go on the offensive and identify the actual culprits and demand and achieve retrobution and "a pound of flesh" (their money and power). Also, the politicians who have done the dirty work need to be serverly punished politically and by class action laws suits designed to strip them of all wealth and their good name.

Posted by: Ayala Karsh on November 7, 2004 10:39 PM


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