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June 07, 2005

Bill C-420 Gets To The Root

Jason Watkin's excellent Q&A clearly shows the real agenda behind this and the current rash of world wide regulations being promoted in guise of safety.

It clearly demonstrates how regulations are used to protect the pharma cartel and legislation that makes the dissemination of key health information illegal.

...."The absurdity of their excuse that dietary supplements prevent the use of "proper medical care" is the height of arrogance given the death and carnage from "proper medical care". Why should people, at their own expense, turn to other non medical solutions if the essentially free "proper medical care" worked in the first place?"...

Extracted from: Use (Abuse) of Regulations to Protect Pharma Monopoly

Intentionally confusing and creating fear among the unsuspecting and then providing a self serving solution seems to be the standard our governments, in tow with the industry, follow.

It is imperative that we take our governments to task and force them to stop doing the dirty bidding for the industry. Those who chose to ignore what is now so plane to see will sadly condemn them themselves; their children and grand children to unnecessary loss of freedom on making their own health decisions. In the final analysis: no industry is altruistic, and we and our families alone have the best interests for our own welfare.

Chris Gupta

Confused about the NHPD (Natural Health Products Directorate) and Bill C-420?

Simple Answers to a Seemingly Complex Issue

Freedom is of paramount importance. Opinions, often fueled by underlying agendas, often take precedence over truth when discussing freedom of choice in healthcare. Your reasoning capability is all you have to sort through the agendas and to discover the underlying truth.

Questions and Answers:

The Pro-NHPD camp stated that if Bill C-420 passes and supplements become regulated as foods, Codex will restrict supplements within Canada.


False. Codex alimentarius (the World Trade Organization's proposed "Food Code”) will apply to trade exports and NOT to Canadian domestic sales (sales within Canada's own borders). Why is the Pro-NHPD camp telling you otherwise? You decide.

According to the Pro-NHPD camp, Bill C-420 if enacted into law will destroy what the health industry has achieved.

False. The Pro-NHPD camp claims that the NHPD is the answer to our prayers yet after 8 years of Health Canada bureaucracy, the newly created NHPD is SUBORDINATE to the TPD (Drug Directorate) making LOW-RISK supplements a subset of HIGH-RISK drugs. Pre-submission is required for all LOW-RISK supplements as if they were HIGH-RISK drugs. Pre-submission is an expensive procedure for companies without in-house experts to compile the mounds of data required to submit drug-style applications for formulations. Who do you think will bare the burden of increased costs? What will happen to many innovative formulations now that smaller companies have to choose which products they can afford to submit? Who wins from decreased availability of innovative formulations from smaller companies? Who loses? You decide.

The NHPD has the ability to pull products at a whim just as the TPD did with the safe dietary food supplement l-carnitine. Regulated as foods, bureaucrats could NOT remove safe dietary supplements for subjective reasons.

If Bill C-420 is enacted dietary supplements become a subset of foods and the onus of proof of harm of low risk dietary food supplements is placed upon the regulators. This protects your right to choose freely safe dietary food supplements. Do you desire government bureaucrats dictating which safe dietary food supplements you can buy for your family? Do we need government bureaucrats to protect us from safe dietary food supplements as they do now in Germany? Did you know that almost all dietary food supplements in Germany are now only available by prescription? Even low dose Vitamin C requires an MD's prescription. Does history not tell us that whenever you give bureaucrats an inch, they often take a mile! Bill C-420 proposes to curb bureaucratic power and to improve freedom of choice for health conscious consumers. Do you want to keep your right to choose intact? You decide.

The Pro-NHPD camp says that if Bill C-420 became law there would be no protection from fraudulent claims and drug interactions.

False. As pointed out by Shawn Buckley, a constitutional lawyer and leading expert concerning the Food and Drugs Act, sections of the Act already protect against fraudulent claims and adulteration of products. If protection from fraudulent claims is a "non-issue”, why is the Pro-NHPD camp attempting to incite fear? You decide.

The Pro-Bill C-420 camp states that eliminating the censorship mechanisms of Health Canada and regulating dietary supplements as a subset of foods, the consumer will gain the most benefits.


True. Canadians deserve the right to choose safe and powerful options to HIGH-RISK drugs and they deserve to know the truth about how certain LOW-RISK dietary food supplements can prevent and treat a number of serious health conditions. The drug directorate uses section 3(1), 3(2) and schedule A of the Food and Drugs Act to censor truthful claims about what LOW-RISK dietary food supplements can do for your health.

If Bill C-420 is enacted, the censorship mechanisms used by Health Canada bureaucrats will be eliminated and the consumer's freedom to choose WILL INCREASE. Truthful claims WILL be commonplace so that consumers WILL be able to make educated decisions about how to improve their health. On the other hand, if Bill C-420 does NOT pass, freedom to choice WILL decline as is in Germany, product choices WILL be limited and bureaucrats WILL keep making decisions for you. Would you rather maintain the freedom to choose what is best for you or have government bureaucrats do it for you? Is our "altruistic” government really looking out for our safety? You decide.

The Pro-Bill C-420 camp states that while they are composed of smaller manufacturers, retailers and consumers that the Pro-NHPD camp is primarily composed of big manufacturers.


True. When key supporters of legislation represent big business, there is a strong probability that the decisions made will improve their market share at the expense of average citizens such as you and me. This is especially true with publicly traded corporations where the $ sign is their bottom line. History dictates that power and money commonly influence decisions at the expense of the masses. The current NHPD, through expensive application costs and denial of innovative formulations, WILL decrease competition from smaller companies who rely on innovation compared to larger companies that typically manufacture mostly non-innovative products. When competition from smaller manufacturers declines WHO WINS? WHO LOSES? You decide.

The Pro-Bill C-420 camp states that Health Canada bureaucrats do not want Bill C-420 to pass and that they only support the NHPD as a third category if Bill C-420 does pass.

True. This may be the most interesting point of all. Health Canada bureaucrats desire the NHPD to stay right where it is - subordinate to the drug directorate; however, if Bill C-420 looks like it may be enacted these same bureaucrats want the NHPD as a separate directorate. Why do Health Canada bureaucrats not want dietary food supplements regulated as a subset of foods? You decide.

Whatever you decide, make sure that those who proclaim to support your best interests (lobby groups or politicians) are actually doing so. How much bureaucracy do we really require? Are you willing to relinquish your freedom to choose safe dietary food supplements over to the bureaucrats? You decide.

What can you do to keep your freedom of choice in Canada?

If you feel as strongly about this issue as I do, the time to do something is NOW. Health conscious consumers should contact their local MP. To find out more about what you can do to preserve freedom of choice of safe dietary food supplements log on to


posted by Chris Gupta on Tuesday June 7 2005
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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Readers' Comments

It is true that there is currently a great deal of debate as to whether or not the Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements will apply within a country's borders as well as to its exports.

Bear in mind however that paragraph 1.3 of the Guidelines states the following:

1.3. These Guidelines apply IN those jurisdictions where products defined in 2.1 are regulated as foods. (EMPHASIS ADDED).

(Paragraph 2.1 refers to vitamin and mineral supplements)

Food for thought. (Pun intended).


Posted by: Paul Anthony Taylor on June 9, 2005 10:10 AM


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