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January 12, 2006

It's The Usury (Interest), Stupid!

Further to the Usury Free Network post.

"When citizens are convinced (by mind-control) that interest - which ought to be correctly called usury - on money is necessary, they accept without question the current state of violence, war, poverty, scarcity and lack that continues to dominate the world in a negative fashion as we progress into this 21st Century."

This note by Tom Kennedy clearly exposes the role of and function of interest (usury) in economics and elucidates the primary control tactic by the vested interests...

Chris Gupta

It's The Usury, Stupid!
By Tom J. Kennedy

James Carville, Bill Clinton's campaign manager is cited as inventing the quote: "It's the economy, stupid." This became the mantra for Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign. It would have been more appropriate to post this sign at Clinton's headquarters: "It's the usury, stupid." I'm wondering if any candidates in this 2006 federal election in Canada will adopt the mantra: "It's the usury, stupid." There may be one candidate who will do so!

Due to the work of many competent researchers during the latter years of the 20th Century, it has now become apparent that "it's the usury, stupid." To fully understand the nature of any modern or historic economy one must be re-educated about the design flaw of usury and its function in modern orthodox economics.

Since the early 1980's, a healthy economic environment has been created in many communities in Canada, the United States and elsewhere where usuryfree, mutual credit systems have been implemented. It seems that when the function of usury is eliminated, these faltering local economies are revitalized.

Economists who follow conventional economies continue to make errors about the cause of inflation in spite of the fact that during the 1980's, John 'The Engineer' Turmel from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada proved conclusively that inflation is directly caused by the design flaw of usury.

Without a doubt, during the 20th Century, there was a misallocation of research dollars in matters relating to economics, just as there was a similar misallocation of research dollars in matters relating to energy, biology, health and wellness, metaphysics, spirituality etc.

When citizens are convinced (by mind-control) that interest - which ought to be correctly called usury - on money is necessary, they accept without question the current state of violence, war, poverty, scarcity and lack that continues to dominate the world in a negative fashion as we progress into this 21st Century.

Since the modern dawning of the Age of UsuryFree Living, in the early 1980's when Michael Linton created the usuryfree LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software, we have an abundance of proof positive that we no longer need to be subservient to the banking power that has been ruling this world for centuries. We can now create and spend our own currency for FREE instead of using their (the bankers') currency and agreeing to pay them a FEE (Usury).

The world of usuryfree creatives is now expanding as more and more people experience the reality of usuryfree living as they learn to acquire the products and/or services for their personal, family and business needs by negotiating trades locally by using a usuryfree community currency.

Why doesn't the Court of Public Review (the common people) know that the experience of usuryfree living is now a distinct possibility?

The answer is because the mainstream print and electronic media effectively controls the news. For example, the media distorts the meaning of these two key words: 'correlation and causation.' It's one thing to link interest (usury) to an economic malaise, it's quite another thing to unequivocally state that usury is the direct cause of the ever-present shortage of money that afflicts modern society. To do so it to reveal that usury is a direct, controlling lever that is causing the malfunction on our orthodox, economic machine.

An analogy is appropriate to explain. Let's begin the analogy by asking this simple question: "Does the ignition key control your vehicle?" Some people might answer 'yes' because they know that the key is needed to start the vehicle. The question repeated is: "Does the ignition key actually control the vehicle?"

Consider that if the ignition key did control the vehicle no driver would be needed. In truth, the key is 'correlated' with the control of the vehicle. The driver who turns the key in the ignition actually controls the vehicle by driving it. Similarly, specific economic elements are correlated with the behaviour and characteristics of the complete economic organism.

However, the economic organism does not malfuction until something triggers it. So what activates the shortage of funds in our orthodox economic system? The answer is elegantly revealed in John 'The Engineer' Turmel's 1991 paper entitled 'The Affidavit and Ballad of the Banking Systems Engineer'.

In the book, Grace and Mortgage by Bishop Peter Selby, Bishop of Worcester, ISBN 0-232-52170-0, page 116 it is written: "As Galbraith remarks, higher interest rates, it is hoped, will curb inflation. These comments of Galbraith illustrate why, although the raising of interest rates is the weapon against inflation chosen by those who profit by it, it is also clear that as a method it cannot finally work. John Turmel, a Canadian civil engineer and campaigner against usury, has in two long articles brought algebra, plumbing and poetry to bear on the task."

Yes, John 'The Engineer' Turmel who is a candidate in the riding of Brant for the January 23rd, 2006 federal election in Canada presents proof positive that the design flaw of usury controls orthodox economics so that it profits the lenders (bankers) obscenely while the common people endure severe financial stress because they signed impossible loan and mortgage contracts for lack of knowledge about how modern banking really works. By the way, this is John 'The Engineer' Turmel's 60th attempt to seek election in Canada. He currently holds the World Guiness Book of Records for running as a candidate in the most elections. Bravo to John for having the tenacity to keep repeating the uplifting message, that usuryfree living for the whole world is now possible, though few are listening.

John cleverly points out that the falsehood about the design flaw of usury has been erroneously accepted for such a long period of time that economists and politicians have overlooked that it is a mistaken 'hypothesis' and not an absolute truth that 'raising interest (usury) rates fights inflation.'

In reality, the idea that usury controls modern orthodox economics by fostering the ongoing 'shortgae of funds' is no longer a supposition. It has been proven that interest (usury) rates actually cause inflation. In addition, there is ample evidence to prove that usury is directly and/or indirectly related to violence, wars, poverty, scarcity and lack

On a positive note, a usuryfree solution has been proposed and is operational in countless communities all over the world. People are exchanging products and/or services by using a usuryfree community currency as a complement with their diminishing amounts of usury-based, federal cash. Of all the usuryfree community currencies that are surfacing, the usuryfree time currency is lauded as the optimal usuryfree currency since one hour has a capacity of sixty minutes in every continent. Therefore, time-traders will be able to trade internationally with ease since exchange rates will no longer apply.

Readers are invited to view Ithaca Hours and Tamworth Hours as two models of functioning usuryfree time currency.

In plain English, when it comes to local, national and global economic control, "It's the usury, stupid." And, when it comes to local, national and global trading, "It's the usuryfree time currency, NOW!"

Watch for more news headlines trumpeting the reality of usuryfree living and expect more sober truths about the usuryfree 'fix' to be revealed in '2 oh oh 6.'


posted by Chris Gupta on Thursday January 12 2006

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