Share The Wealth by Chris Gupta
March 10, 2004

Usury Free Network

"The UsuryFree Network is a membership based initiative that unites enlightened individuals who oppose systems of commerce that operate with usury fees. Members of the UsuryFree Network will be organizing through out the country. The UsuryFree Network will be hosting training seminars and special events that will provide participants with the understanding and knowledge of dealing with systems of finances and commerce that are based on the individual's true rights and freedoms."

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An idea whose time has come...

Chris Gupta

..."Readers are invited to forward this email to others in their cyberspace networks and invite them to have anyone within driving distance of Toronto or Ottawa to make an effort to attend one of these meetings below."...

Meetings For March 2004
By Tommy-Usury: Free

Many exciting events and happenings are occurring with a synchronicity as we progress into the spring of 2004. The free will, full liability men, women and youth who live in Canada are taking a leadership role in aiding and abetting the reality of usuryfree living. Many are now ready and willing to begin their own self-imposed process of re-education. And that's why these March meetings are of great significance.

There is a definite shift to recognize corruption within the 'system' and to accept that the design flaw of usury is directly and/or indirectly causing war, violence, poverty, scarcity and lack. Likewise, there is a growing awareness that the perfect model of usuryfree banking is the time currency model. By promoting solution-oriented activities that create peace, prosperity and abundance for everyone on planet earth we-the-people can make a difference in 2004 and beyond. In fact, 'time-trading' is being accepted as the universal unit of money since one hour has a value of sixty minutes in every continent on planet earth.

Time-traders from Ithaca, New York have been trading 'Ithaca Hours' since 1991. One 'Ithaca Hour' for basic labour is equivalent in value to $10.00 (U.S. Funds). Time-traders within 'Hour' Third Market Network are trading UFOH's (UsuryFree Online Hours). One UFOH is equivalent in value to $13.00 (Canadian Funds). It's time for trading time!!

Individuals and groups are hosting video meetings/gatherings in living rooms, community halls and church basements in urban and rural areas in Canada to discuss time-trading and other solution-oriented activities. Others are hosting meetings with prominent guest speakers from other countries in school auditoriums and community centres. Though many meetings are being hosted in the various provinces I am posting information about meetings in Ontario and Quebec at this time.

Readers are invited to forward this email to others in their cyberspace networks and invite them to have anyone within driving distance of Toronto or Ottawa to make an effort to attend one of these meetings below.

Three noteworthy events are scheduled for March 2004. More details of each event are posted below.

1. On March 20th and 21st Victor Beck will make a presentation at College Notre-Dame, 3799 Queen Mary Rd., Montreal, Quebec from 9:00 hours until 19:00 hours each day. Vic informs people about commerce and fictitious entities and how the system really works. Admission is an investment in yourself: $110. per individual or $175. per couple. Contact Ginette Campeau for reservation and to discuss method of payment: Tel: 1.450.455.1029

2. On March 13th, 2004, the UsuryFree Network is hosting a gathering at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre, 4 Credit Union Dr., Toronto, Ontario from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM. Admission to this X-rated gathering is FREE. We'll talk about financial nudity - money in the form of time currency, without being wrapped with the cloak of usury. Come and bring your mature family, friends, neighbours and colleagues from work. Donations are gratefully accepted to cover the costs of room rental. & (see information flyer below)

3. On March 10th, 2004, the Ottawa LETSystem will host a meeting at the Centretown Community Health Centre, 420 Cooper St., Ottawa, Ontario at 7:00 PM. James Taris, from Australia will be a guest speaker. Admission to this meeting is FREE. Donations are gratefully accepted for James Taris' continuing travel agenda. More details about James and his mission at these URLs: & (see the James Taris Promotional article below)

4. On March 9th, 2004, at 11:40 AM James Taris will make a presentation of his renowned play 'The Glory of Athens' at the Cegep Auditorium, 235 St. Jacques St. in Granby, Quebec. Admission is FREE and donations are gratefully accepted. More information about the play at this website:

5. On March 7th, 2004, Cloak and Dagger is sponsoring a presentation by Eric Jon Phelps, author of 'Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends' in Toronto, Ontario. Lenny Bloom will introduce Eric Jon Philips. The presentation begins at 12:00 NOON. Admission is a donation of $55.00 (Canadian Funds with credit card) or a 10% discount for cash. Individuals interested in attending this presentation are invited to call 1.416.259.2829 to reserve your seat. & &

6. On March 6th, 2004 at the Travel Lodge Hotel in Ottawa, Ontario there is a meeting for anyone who may be interested in learning more about the Melaleuca SDI opportunity. Admission is FREE to this event sponsored by the Melaleuca corporation. Individuals interested in exploring opportunities in the SDI (Self Directed Income) industry are encouraged to commence a portfolio with the Melaleuca SDI opportunity. More details are posted at the Melaleuca cyberclassroom:

SATURDAY, March 13, 2004 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

The UsuryFree Network (UFN), is a new initiative that unifies home-based and small to medium-sized business owners with conscious consumers who are interested in applying the principles of usuryfree trading.

Members of the UsuryFree Network are organizing through out the country. The UsuryFree Network hosts training seminars and special events that provide participants with the understanding and knowledge of usuryfree community currency systems. The UsuryFree Network operates in alliance with Hour Third Market Network (TMN) and the National Savings Club.

TMN in co-operation with UFN and other affiliates is developing an online shopping mall designed to serve individuals locally and nationally. This unique shopping mall lists the individual products and services that members have to sell or need to acquire. These items can be purchased with UsuryFree Online Hours (UFOH'S) or with a combination of UFOH's and Canadian Funds. This online directory of member to member discount services allows UFN members to save money on purchases at home-based and small to medium-sized, businesses coast to coast.

If you believe in the principles of usuryfree commerce, you are invited to attend our pre-launch information meeting. It is time to unite those who are conscious consumers with businesses and individuals who are interested in applying the principles of usuryfree trading. We are creating our own loyal database so that we can spend our money differently in 2004 and beyond. Let's pay usury no more beyond 2004!! Do come and bring family, friends and associates with you.

Agenda .
Who are we - the UsuryFree Creatives? .
What we do to create a usuryfree lifestyle? .
The UFN Vision .
What usuryfree time-trading really means .
Why usuryfree time currency is coming of age .
Learn about Hour Third Market .
Learn about what NSC offers our mission .
Network/Trade/Barter with other like-minded Entrepreneurs .
James Taris from Australia will be a guest speaker

4 Credit Union Drive TORONTO, Ontario (Just off Eglinton Ave. east of DVP (Doors open @ 9:00 AM)

Admission to the meeting is FREE Those in attendance will be invited to purchase their membership with The UsuryFree Network and thereby qualify to receive all of the benefits as a participating time-trader.

Donations will be gratefully accepted to cover the room rental and to offer some energy exchange to the speakers

Websites: & Gary Jones Tel: 1.519.620.3592 or Tommy-Usury: Free Tel: 1.613.379.5131 or

PROMOTIONAL ARTICLE by James Taris (the LETSaholic)

LETS Changed My Life

Once you've grasped the LETS philosophy, then trading in LETS points becomes an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

My LETS philosophy is, "Don't think of LETS points as dollars. Think of them as favours".

LETS, or Local Exchange Trading Systems, are local community trading groups where members exchange their goods and services with each other in a spirit of harmony and a genuine desire to help each other.

The LETS group's function is to act as a bookkeeper for the members' transactions, keeping record of these 'favours' (also called 'beans', 'auras', 'shells', 'talents', thank yous', etc.) and putting the members' accounts into debit or credit accordingly. An account which is in credit identifies a member who has given more favours than he's received. An account which is in debit identifies a member who has received more favours than he's given. As there is no interest paid to accounts in credit, and no interest charged to accounts in debit, neither situation is a problem, and both are necessary in order to make transactions happen.

I've been involved with LETS since 1994, and once I understood and accepted the principle of give-and-take with my fellow LETS group members, I quickly noticed a sharp rise in the quality of my lifestyle.

Having a limited income meant that I could only afford to pay for the essentials in my life: rent, gas, electricity, phone, petrol, food, clothes, and so on. Everything else became a luxury, which I either did without, or chose to do myself.

But that all changed with LETS, because I found that I could at last enjoy some of these luxuries by offering a range of goods and services through my LETS group. Very soon I was mowing lawns, removing rubbish and painting rooms. Later on I was also designing business cards, brochures and newsletters. And I even traded tiny picture frames, small bookcases and kitchenware.

In return I received massages, piano tuition and restaurant meals. Computer support, computer software and web design services. Greeting cards, teddy bears and bonsai plants. All of these goods and services would've been reluctantly by-passed if I had to pay cash for them. Thankfully, LETS made them all possible.

But trading isn't the only way that members benefit. That's only part of what LETS is all about. Just as important is the role it plays in developing the skills of its members.

When I asked to be involved with producing the newsletter for my LETS group, I didn't even know that Publishing software existed, let alone how to use it. LETS gave me the opportunity to learn those skills whereas I would never have been given the same opportunity in the cash economy. And eventually that experience improved my skills to such a high level that I began to earn cash outside the LETS system. Because of LETS, I'd managed to build my skills adequately enough to become a professional Desktop Publisher.

In October 2001, I took my involvement with LETS to a much higher level. I founded the web site which is an international LETS directory. And it's since grown to 80 pages featuring over 1,500 LETS and Community Currency groups from 39 countries on every continent in the world. It also has links to over 100 web sites which have information on LETS, the money system or community currencies.

This was purely a labour of love, and little did I know that it would be the catalyst I needed to undertake one of the greatest international exchange ventures ever attempted through LETS. My book, 'Travelling the World With Funny Money' (link from, is a collection of my travel experiences in 2002 through 8 countries (England, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Norway, South Africa and Japan) trading my speaking services in exchange for accommodation, meals, local transport and computer use.

My involvement and interaction with these LETS groups differed with every country I visited.

In Bristol (England) I got my hands dirty helping a LETS member renovate his house. In exchange I was given the use of a bicycle for the week I was there. In order to process my transactions, a temporary account was opened and all transactions put through it. After all entries were made, the final balance on my account was zero and my account was closed. So all members involved in my transactions were properly rewarded.

In Erlangen (Germany) I spent a couple of days with Gunter Koch, founder of Goldring. He had developed a unique trading system which even rewarded members who didn't, or couldn't, trade with other members (non-producers) . and he paid them all a monthly amount in real gold! I offered my services as an editor for his Goldring presentation (English translation) and was given a 5gm gold ingot in exchange.

In Amsterdam (Holland) I met with representatives from all 120 LETS groups in the country. Their largest group, Noppes, had 950 members! And we exchanged ideas on how to attract food suppliers, or supplies, into their LETS groups. In Cape Town (South Africa) I was involved with launching LETS into the country. No groups existed there at that time, but within 5 days several people had taken steps to making LETS groups in Cape Town a reality. The focus being very much on establishing LETS groups in the poor black populated areas of the city.

In Fukuoka (Japan) I met with City Council representatives and Mr. Idemitsu, director of IDEX Petroleum, one of the 10 largest companies on Kyushu Island, to discuss ways of introducing a community currency system into their city. I also met with struggling LETS groups around the island, and in Kagoshima, I gave an 'Introduction To LETS' presentation to 2,000 locals at their annual Harvest Day Festival.

But it's the 'LETS family' factor that made such a massive venture possible. My objective was to travel the world sharing my LETS philosophy and highlighting the benefits of trading through LETS. I'm passionate about LETS and my belief in the system is unwavering. My LETS hosts around the world knew that I was genuine about my desire to help them, my LETS family circle, and they responded willingly with my travel requirements. When it came to speaking about LETS, I would speak with anyone at any time. I didn't hold back my services and I found my hosts didn't hold back theirs. We traded with a community spirit, so it was harmonious, unlike the cash economy which is purely profit motivated.

James Taris


posted by Chris Gupta on Wednesday March 10 2004
updated on Saturday September 24 2005

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