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January 26, 2004

Usury Free Currencies - Hour time is NOW!

Most people I know complain about lack of money and high taxes, high prices, inflation and their personal difficulties in making ends meet. It's almost like a sport, like the football games that come our way with unnerving regularity. There is hardly a family that can survive on the paycheck of one person alone, so mothers often "park" their kids at school and pre-school services to make some of that needed money.

Who is to blame? Tommy-Usury: Free, a Canadian campaigner for a sane monetary future tells of how we can all do something to help ourselves, but - as he very clearly puts it, we have got to do it ourselves!

Time For A Reality Check

I keep receiving more stories about how individuals and/or families are being harassed by the nastiness and lawlessness associated with our conventional system of usury and taxes. More and more people are complaining, and rightly so, about greedy and out-of-control government and its ruthless enforcers who are just following policy, the corrupted justice, usury bankers and other broken components of our inter-connected, failing systems.

People are being unfairly garnisheed by

(a) the Family Responsibility Office
(b) the IRS and/or CCRA
(c) collection agencies etc.

Paycheques are being withheld for property (money) that is not owed. Personal and government debt burdens are at record highs and keep increasing. Taxes keep rising and services keep getting cut back. No level of government - municipal, provincial/state, federal - is effectively answering questions from we-the-people. The courts are not fair and just. Banks are charging immoral rates of usury on debt - especially credit card debt. Indeed, the key question is: What are we to do?

At this critical time I am inviting each reader to consider carefully these next questions.

1. What action are you ready to take regarding the usury and income tax fraud that had been foisted upon us for far too long?

2. Will you read the research that has been uncovered by diligent researchers about the design flaw of usury to understand just how you and your family are being unknowingly afflicted financially?

3. Will you make a conscious decision to spend your money differently in 2004 and beyond?

4. Will you become a time-trader within Hour Third Market Network and learn how to create and spend your own usuryfree time currency?

5. Will you post your offers and requests with Hour Third Market Network and thereafter shop within this loyal network thereby supporting our mission to usher in a new age of usuryfree living for the whole world?

6. Will you become active as an SDI (Self Directed Income) entrepreneur and add your products and/or services to our own loyal database thereby influencing others to engage in time-trading by negotiating exchanges within your community?

7. Will you join with us as a 'usuryfree creative' member of the UsuryFree Network who will network your newly acquired knowledge far and wide as fast as possible?

Do you only seek to minimize your own affliction and leave it at that? If so, you do not want what I want, and I do not ask for your help, nor offer mine.

Do you intend to wait and see if someone else's efforts can stop this menace of usury and taxes? If so, you do not want what I want, and I do not ask for your help, nor offer mine.

Do you only choose to complain by writing letters, gathering at meetings to vent your anger and despair, and then keep waiting for the change to be made by someone else? If so, you do not want what I want, and I do not ask for your help, nor offer mine.

Do you keep looking for a magic formula that will cause the IRS and/or CCRA and the bankers and collections agencies to leave you alone? If so, you do not want what I want, and I do not ask for your help, nor offer mine.

Do you expect that someone you elect to political office will advocate some bill or otherwise petition the government, and then your freedom from usury and taxes will be granted? If so, you do not want what I want, and I do not ask for your help, nor offer mine.

If it were a time in history when your country/community was being taken over by thugs would you be conspiring to selfishly protect your own possessions/assets, or would you be gallantly fighting for honesty, integrity, truth and justice for all?

It is the 21st Century and this time around we are in an information war and we don't have to shoot anyone to stop the lies, deceit and deception that fuels the design flaw of usury, that in turn justifies exacting immoral taxes from we-the-people. BUT if you do not have an attitude of positive resolution for usuryfree living then you are of no use in promoting endeavours that focus on the perfected solution of advocating a usuryfree time currency for the whole world.

Indeed, this timely 'resolution' will (ironically) be duplicated from the perfect model of a usuryfree banking system - the casino bank. Though it is not likely to be done with the blessing of the PTB's (the Powers That Be) who still wear the labels of authority, they may not object too much since we are offering them amnesty, anonymity and a free credit line (just like everyone else) in our new usuryfree time-based economic system.

In recent years, the PTB's have been exposed by the gallant efforts of pioneering individual researchers but they are still temporarily in control and we will not win the war until we change the way we spend our money. In fact, changing the way we spend our money is only the first step in the evolutionary process as we learn to create and spend our own usuryfree time currency (hours and minutes) rather than continuing to use the bankers' money (dollars and cents) and pay them a fee (usury).

It disturbs me greatly that so many people still accept the role of the oppressed victim while resisting any change of their habits. I have not time for whiners who choose martyrdom because of their own self-imposed ignorance. Staying in a hassle-free zone is no longer comfortable as every pillar of the system crumbles around us.

Hour time is NOW! I invite you to stop complaining and please understand that I do sympathize with everyone's individual disputes with the IRS, the CCRA, the banks, the collection agencies, the Family Responsibility Office etc. However, these individual disputes are becoming insignificant in the larger information war which looms on the horizon.

I am not in this for myself though I do expect to pay usury no more beyond 2004. I am in this to abolish usury forever so that abundance, prosperity, peace and plenty can replace violence, war, poverty, scarcity and lack in every local community of every country on this great planet earth. And I can't do this alone from my humble home in rural eastern Ontario, Canada.

What we face in this information war from the tyrants of this 21st Century (the PTB's) is a puny threat from what our ancestors have faced in previous bloody wars. Final justice and freedom will never come from the federal level of government. The final solution will come from individuals, free will, full liability men and women who make a personal commitment to live a usuryfree lifestyle with a time-based currency or we will forever, live as economic slaves in their orthodox system of usury economics.

When someone puts into your hands a simple 'weapon' that can expose the greatest scam in the history of this planet, and you shrink from the task to become a networker for the truth .... well, to steal a good line from Samuel Adams: 'May may your chains sit lightly on you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.' Indeed, that simple 'weapon' is creating and spending our own usuryfree time currency.

It is my prediction and that of many other individuals who have been dedicated researchers on issues related to orthodox, usury-based economics that in the future any form of money that supports usury is going to be problematic. The traditional concept of a debt-based money system which functions with the design flaw of usury is failing locally, nationally and globally.

Furthermore, the process of commercial banking (lending and borrowing) presupposes a distinct form of economic stratification in society. The innovative concept of a communitarian/reciprocal support society is gaining popularity whereby gifting, sharing, networking are the norm. For example, many local communities are launching successful trading systems using the usuryfree LETS (Local Employment Trading System) software or some adaptation of it to facilitate trade/barter with commonly agreed upon chits or markers.

Hour Third Market Network simply seeks to elevate this successful local trading to a higher level whereby it acts as an umbrella group which will convert any chits or markers to a universally accepted time-based currency called UFOH's (UsuryFree Online Hours). Time traders with Hour Third Market Network are currently using a low tech marker, a piece of paper. This promissory note is backed by one's honesty, integrity and promise to deliver products, services talents etc. to the database at a future date and is sealed with one's signature.

Either prepare to see your community and your country change or prepare to change your community and your country by changing the way you spend your money. Either way, a really big change is coming and it's coming very fast. NOW is our time we are building Hour Third Market Network so that we can shop within our own loyal database.

You are invited to visit these cyberclassrooms and learn more:

the UsuryFree Network,
the Cyberclass Network and
the Third Market Network

And attend a meeting in your area hosted by the UsuryFree Network, the Cyberclass network or Hour Third Market Network. Email Tommy-Usury: Free for the location and time of the next gathering in your area.

The next gathering for 'usuryfree creatives' is scheduled for Janaury 31st, 2004 at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre, 4 Credit Union Dr., Toronto, Ontario, Canada from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM. Admission $13.00 (Canadian Funds) for members of the UsuryFree Network and $26.00 (Canadian Funds) for non-members.

Enjoy this day!
Working with you for 'peace and plenty' by 2020 AND 'Resolving to pay usury no more beyond 2004'
I AM Tommy-Usury: Free otherwise known as 'Thomas-Joseph: Kennedy'

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From Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, p. 137-8.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Monday January 26 2004
updated on Monday November 22 2010

URL of this article:


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Readers' Comments

More power to ya! Hope you can reach the URL. If ya cant it is an MSN community called Free Speech America. Go to Theology(use to be Philosophy) and go down the list and you will see it.

Posted by: Jeff on May 27, 2004 03:50 AM


you guys doing a great job, keep it up.

Posted by: Koustuv Kumar Atraya on March 31, 2005 04:39 PM


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