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February 19, 2006

Cilantro Chelation - That Can Save Your Life

..."cilantro will detoxify mercury from neural tissue., is used to help stimulate the appetite and relieves minor digestive irritation. This is a remarkable discovery. It is a novel technique, which greatly increased our ability to clear up recurring infections, both viral and bacterial. Bioactive Cilantro blend is an inexpensive, easy way to remove (or chelate) toxic metals from the nervous system and body tissues. Cilantro blend contains yellow dock to help drain the mercury from the connective tissues. It is an excellent blood cleanser, tonic, and builder, working through increasing the ability of the liver and related organs to strain and purify the blood and lymph system. Achieves it's tonic properties through the astringent purification of the blood supply to the glands and acts as a cleansing herb for the lymphatic system."

With so many expensive oral chelation scams around this is yet again another demonstration, as if one was still needed, on how we can let food be our medicine! This is added, in keeping with the tradition of this site on self empowerment to the earlier recipes on:

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Chris Gupta

Cilantro: A Common Spice/Herb That Can Save Your Life

Dr David Williams published in his newsletter Alternative (For the Health Conscious Individual) (Vol. 7, No. 12) June, 1998 the most interesting piece of information to come down the pike in years.

Chelation therapy has been used by conventional medicine to pull lead from people suffering from lead poisoning. Chelation (a Greek term meaning "claws," for it was thought that the chelator "grabbed" the metals from the blood and arteries) therapy is administered intravenously using the chemical agent EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid). Today scientists know that the grabbing that takes place is simply a metaphor for biochemical reaction when a "chelator" contacts a heavy metal.

From the successes of cleaning up toxic amounts of lead from patients, some doctors experimented with EDTA Chelation therapy to remove mercury and aluminum (associated with Alzheimer's disease; and get this; aluminum works with fluoride; fluoride slips through the blood-brain barrier). Now the interesting thing to come from these studies was that patients with cardiovascular disease reported feeling much better, more alive, could exercise longer without angina pains and shortness of breath.

Again, another theory popped up: if you get rid of the heavy metals in your body, you've removed the source of millions of free radicals and the tissues of the body begin to heal themselves, sloughing off the calcium that causes hardening of the arteries.

Now like most theories, this one has its detractors: the physicians who own yachts purchased with their profits from angioplasties, bypass surgeries, etc. are the most vocal. Intravenous chelation therapy costs a lot less than surgery and is not covered by most insurance companies (cheap? effective? I wonder who runs these companies).

Next we have oral chelation which consists of taking a balanced supplementation schedule that removes heavy metals from your body. This theory too has its detractors: the physicians who do intravenous chelation therapy. Profit is the bottom line in most medical theories. Sadly, all statistics on projected life-span are ignored when a the medical profession's profits are at stake: people on chelation therapy live longer than those having bypass surgery. Simple fact.

However, we now have the perfect chelation therapy as reported by Dr Williams, due to the studies from a lowly physician working alone by the name of Dr. Omura*. Dr. Omura found that fresh cilantro removes heavy metals from the body in less than two weeks.

He also discovered that his patients had fewer colds and flu after removing the heavy metals because it seems that viruses and bacteria like to congregate in organs contaminated by heavy metals. His patients also had fewer Herpes outbreaks after removing these heavy metals.


Cilantro is a common Mexican and Middle Eastern spice. It must be used fresh and the stems too are just as good, however, your best chefs use only the leaves because the stems can be bitter. Tossed into a salad is a perfect way to use cilantro, or added to your favorite salsa really perks it up.

Here is a cilantro pesto sauce that will also do the trick. This is the basic recipe, but if you're like me (I approach cooking and love making with reckless abandon), go ahead and play with the recipe. The first time I made the recipe I nearly tripled the oil, lemon juice and garlic, added a dash of cayenne pepper, and got rave reviews.

Cilantro Pesto

1 clove garlic
1/2 cup almonds, cashews, or other nuts
1 cup packed fresh cilantro leaves (and smaller stems)
2 tablespoons lemon juice (a professional chef recommends just one Tbl of lemon juice)
6 tablespoons olive oil
Celtic Sea Salt to taste ( is where you can order your salt)

Blend the cilantro and olive oil in a blender, add other ingredients to make a nice smooth paste, then go ahead and add some nuts and/or seeds: pistachio, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, you name it. Have fun. Add it to your favorite pasta and serve warm or cold. Remember, cayenne pepper added to anything has a synergistic effect, making all the other ingredients work better. Simple fact.

Cilantro-Pepita Dressing

1 medium Anaheim Chili, roasted -- peeled and seeded
3 tablespoons Roasted pumpkin seeds (Shelled) -- (pepitas)
1 large Clove garlic (increase to taste)
1/8 teaspoon Freshly ground black pepper (or Cayenne Pepper)
1/2 teaspoon Celtic Sea Salt
3/4 cup Olive Oil
2 tablespoons Red wine vinegar (ahhh, if building your immune system, use organic apple cider vinegar only)
3 tablespoons Grated cotija cheese
1 small Bunch cilantro -- stemmed (Better still, a packed cup of cilantro leaves)
3/4 cup Mayonnaise (Ahhh! you may substitute, see our Mayonnaise Recipe)
2 tablespoons Water

Note: If cotija cheese is unavailable, use any hard grating cheese, such as cacique or even Parmesan.

Place chili, pepitas, garlic, pepper, salt, oil, vinegar and cotija cheese in blender or food processor. Blend about 10 seconds, then add cilantro, bit by bit, until smoothly blended. Place mayonnaise and water in large stainless-steel bowl and whisk until smooth. Add blended chili mixture and mix thoroughly.

Place in airtight container and refrigerate. Dressing may be stored up to three days. Makes about 2 cups.

Have fun with this. I am always amazed at how many little healthy choices can add up to a very long and fruitful life.

And hey, let's hear your feedback. Angina pains diminishing? General overall health improving? Tell us! We'll pass it on.

"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food."

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Cilantro is best eaten fresh, as the dried leaves don't retain all of their healthful properties. The recommended "dose" is 1/4 cup of chopped fresh cilantro leaves and stems per day for 3 weeks. Personally, I find it easy to eat up to 1/2 cup a day by simply adding the fresh leaves to my daily salad. When preparing cilantro, you'll find that you can remove the large stems, but the small ones are easy to eat. I take a bunch of cilantro and holding the stems in my left hand, I begin chopping the leaves from the tips until I get to the large stems near my hand. I discard those stems in my compost and finish chopping up the leaves and small stems to a consistent s

Extracted from:

*Since Roman times cilantro has been used as food and medicine. A recent study by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura from the Heart Disease Research Foundation, New York, NY, USA (Acupuncture Electrotherapy Res. 96; 21 (2) 133-60 and Acupunct Eletrother Res. 1995 Aug-Dec. 20 (3-4) : 195-229 has discovered that the herb cilantro will detoxify mercury from neural tissue., is used to help stimulate the appetite and relieves minor digestive irritation. This is a remarkable discovery. It is a novel technique, which greatly increased our ability to clear up recurring infections, both viral and bacterial. Bioactive Cilantro blend is an inexpensive, easy way to remove (or chelate) toxic metals from the nervous system and body tissues. Cilantro blend contains yellow dock to help drain the mercury from the connective tissues. It is an excellent blood cleanser, tonic, and builder, working through increasing the ability of the liver and related organs to strain and purify the blood and lymph system. Achieves it's tonic properties through the astringent purification of the blood supply to the glands and acts as a cleansing herb for the lymphatic system.

Extracted from: *Excerpt from The Botanical Review a technical bulletin published by: The Institute of Quantum & Molecular Medicine:

For more recipes go to:



posted by Chris Gupta on Sunday February 19 2006

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Readers' Comments

Have you tried Juice Plus+ ? It is 26 different varieties of fruits, vegetables and berries in convenient capsule, chewable or gummie form, and is scientifically proven to reduce oxidative stress and free radical damage.

Posted by: Vivek Chander on April 7, 2006 02:33 AM


What are the effects of Cilantro Chelation on high cholesterol?

Posted by: Susan Vandervoort on March 22, 2007 10:04 AM


I have a son who at one point could have been considered "borderline" autistic. He hardly said anything. Last year, when he was 4 and starting preschool, I tried the cilantro/chlorella combination and within a week words were starting to pop out! My husband said it's like he woke up. It's been a year now and he's still progressing rapidly. The words are still coming and so are sentences. In fact, you have to really watch what you say around him!

Posted by: Alexandra on December 6, 2007 05:16 PM


I "invented" a salad years ago - and continue to it eat almost daily to this day. Because I love the taste! But I think there may be many untold benefits from it...I understand that there are two kinds of people - those who 'hate' cilantro, and those who 'love' it. For those of you who love it, here's the recipe: * approximately 1 cup of cilantro leaves * one chopped green onion * one chopped Roma tomato * one quarter to one third thinly-sliced avocado * one tablespoon cider vinegar * one tablespoon olive oil * salt and pepper to taste Stir the ingredients together, making sure the avocado and oil and vinegar create a lumpy, if tasty, dressing. Enjoy!

Posted by: D Epp on December 24, 2007 08:28 PM


I had severe Gout attacks almost weekly before trying the Cilantro Chelation. After doing this treatment my body started feeeling like a kids and my gout has been gone for 6 months. I believe that it help my kidneys clean up all of the toxins.

Posted by: Leslie Donovan on March 3, 2008 01:46 PM


Would Cilantro help ease Alzheimers disease? Please get back to me ASAP! THIS IS URGENT! Thank you

Posted by: thomas sheridan on May 2, 2008 10:01 AM


Does coriander essential oil have chelation properties, or are these denatured and/or removed by the distillation process? Haven't been able to find any information on this.

Posted by: david montoute on June 7, 2008 09:54 PM


I crave cilantro and also taboli salad (made with fresh parsley & cracked wheat) Recipe found on - My family & friends say I am a cilantro addict. Pour a bowl of choppped cilantro on Mexican food, very good. I am 62, never get the flu or flu shots. Can not remember when I had a cold. I have 3 gardens and keep them going strong all year. Good for the soul, and your health. Try it!

Posted by: Brenda on August 30, 2009 04:47 PM


I've been taking Cilantro and Chlorella for 7-8 months (after having broken amalgams removed). I genuinely feel better. I recall things quicker, the metalic taste in my mouth has gone and my intestine pains (which were PAINFULL and embrassing) have disappeared.

Posted by: Cristina on October 15, 2009 10:30 PM


Yes, I had my amalgam fillings (7) removed by a mercury free dentist in London (& under strict mercury vapour protection protocols- IAOMT) as I was having many nasty body & mind symptoms- they all subsided after a month or two after removal & chelation!; Well directly after amalgam removal (over 4 weeks and 5 dentist visits) I did the 3 weeks fresh coriander leaves chelation half a cup a day + 1 teaspoon chlorella. I'm glad I got the fillings removed & had the chelation, feel a good deal better. Just one point to warn you though!- the coriander after about a week of taking it gave me a LOT of lustful thoughts & feelings- I was plagued by them- especially at night, kept waking up with it hourly and the most outrageous lustful dreams! Then I read on internet that coriander is historically known as an aphrodisiac! Anyway these feelings all passed within 3 days of my finishing the coriander/chorella chelation & I was left with the benefits only.

Posted by: tony on November 8, 2009 05:15 AM


When I first started using it I got massive headaches at first. ( I think this was because of the heavy metals being released into my system.) I also used Takara Foot Patches to help pull the poison from my body. I am no M. D. but I have my research. Randy Schmuki

Posted by: Randy Schmuki on May 30, 2010 01:41 AM


very interested in clantro chelation,since i have i stent already and don't want anymore.

Posted by: Harold Ammons on September 4, 2010 06:05 AM


I have used fresh raw Cilantro with broken cell Chlorella and vitamin B-3 to remove heavy metals. The sole allowed comment response via Biofreak on behalf of the original Question asked as to how to effectively remove heavy metals from one's body had a volume attached to it. This is the most cost effective & natural means that I am aware of in order to remove heavy metals, it worked well for me, as I stuck with the applications I mentioned for many months. I consumed 1 cup of raw Cilantro daily for 6 months, after about 1 month or so I included broken cell Chlorella and vitamin B-3 to help aide the removal process through the urine as it was discovered in Japan when individual's who had eaten soup with Cilantro in it were having Mercury in their urine samples!! Cilantro works, you'll feel the heaviness in your bladder and the urge to urinate when you have to relieve yourself it's a most rewarding feeling to have done so while utilizing this awesome chelation process.

I learned of this upon studying under Supreme Science Qigong Foundation. In addition, if you'd like to learn of food based nutrition, please check out and how to defeat diseases such as Cancer & a wide variety of others through truly profound nutrition & the Ancient Art of Qigong.

Sincerley - Larry

Posted by: Lawrence Johansen IV on March 19, 2013 03:43 AM


To improve your immune system consider to use probiotics. Trust me it will save your life.

Posted by: Sarah on September 24, 2014 05:33 PM


The article could misleading people because intake of Cilantro alone worsening the situation. I must be take at least with Chlorella for any decent detox result detox. Follow please the specialist Dietrich Klinghardt and his proved protocol.

Posted by: Rafa on April 28, 2015 08:40 AM


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