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August 20, 2006

Re: Zoladex/Lupron/anti-androgens

Phillip, you are absolutely correct about the mechanic that's mainly because he has to guarantee his work and he uses solid scientific principles to do his job unlike the medical quacks who have no accountability and often no science and certainly don' t have to guarantee their so called work. They are simply interested in managing/creating a disease so they can continue not only to make a sham living but rake in megabucks from the trusting and unsuspecting all in the name of health of course! The only exception being, broken bones, accidents, etc. that's because there they behave more like the mechanic than a mainstream health practitioner! Even there they often can't excel the mechanic as they continue to ignore some fantastic but real science of electro healing and regeneration - on which I will elaborate, as time permits, in a later post!


Re: Feedback On Your Website

Opinion of the Quackwatch site

Regarding scientific evidence on prostate mainstream quackery, I am afraid, you will have to deplete a little of your bank account by going to to Canhelp at:, where you are most likely to get the best answer... I am in no way affiliated to them.

All the best,

Chris Gupta

At 09:50 AM 18/08/2006, you wrote:

          Properly trained motor mechanics  will never remove the bulb from a warning light to solve a problem.
Properly trained medical doctors routinely treat symptoms (removing the warning light) with drugs like Aspirin; Lipitor; Vioxx etc. (and Zoladex / Lupron???).
Where can I  get scientific evidence that  removing testicles or chemically removing Testosterone will make a  POSITIVE  difference  for a prostate cancer sufferer and not just deplete his banking account?
Best Regards,


Many thanks Leanda, I have not got around to get the book but the diet connection does make eminent sense, have redirected your note to the list. Meanwhile you might want to listen to Coffee's Cardiac Conundrum interestingly:
..."a genetic variation in how people metabolize the caffeine in coffee determines whether drinking substantial amounts of coffee regularly increases or decreases the risk of heart attack. Those who have the version of the gene that works slowly find their risk of heart attack increased by as much as four times, while those with the fast-acting version of the gene can have their risk cut in half."



At 01:07 AM 20/08/2006, you wrote:

Hi, Chris.  Did you ever get around to getting a copy of Caffeine Blues to read yet?  Just so happens that someone I know was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  His doctor told him "No coffee".  To which the man said "How about only a half cup" and to which the doctor again replied "No coffee" to which the man said "Well how about a sip" and the doctor said slowly "I said no coffee".  When the man told me about this conversation I remembered a section in the book about a doctor in California that uses diet to lower PSA and guess what raises PSA?  Caffeine!  In the book  he mentions Milton Kursiloff, M.D., a urologist in Santa Monica, California.  He "was one of the first to notice that dietary modification, including the elimination of all sources of caffeine, actually resolved prostatitis in the large majority of his patients. (216)  In addition, he has clinical evidence that his simple program (the Krisiloff Diet) results in decreased PSA scores for many men.   High PSA (prostate specific antigen) is an indication of increased risk for prostate cancer.  (217)"   The author goes on to mention that theobromine, a methylxanthine related to caffeine also increases the risk of prostate cancer.  I read all this to the man I know that had the prostate cancer and he quit the caffeine right away.  His last PSA test was a 1.something. There are note throughout each chapter with the corresponding scientific literature in the Notes section in the back of the book.  I did a search for the Krisiloff Diet and found this link.

Leanda Zerbe


posted by Chris Gupta on Sunday August 20 2006

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Chris: What is the name of the medical device used to administer Zoladex capsule into the abdomen? thanks. Ed

Posted by: Ed on April 13, 2010 10:57 AM


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