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August 23, 2006

Update on Navarro Urine Cancer Test

"Dr. Navarro was a physician at the University of Santo Thomas in the Philippines who used Laetrile. He applied the HCG test to cancer by creating a measurement to determine the rate of cell production in international units (IU's) per cc of urine. When the rate is above normal, it signifies that the body is producing excess, unnecessary cells. Those are interpreted to be malignant."

..."The test detects the presence of brain cancer as early as 29 months before symptoms appear; 27 months for fibrosarcoma of the abdomen; 24 months for skin cancer; 12 months for cancer of the bones (metastasis from breast cancer extirpated 2 years earlier).

Currently, many cancer patients take advantage of the diagnostic accuracy of this test as an indicator of the effectiveness of their specific mode of therapy. Patients follow a simple direction for preparing a dry extract from the urine sample. The powdery extract is mailed to the Navarro Medical Clinic where the HCG testing is performed."...

Here is great follow up to The Myth of Early Cancer Detection post, which drew considerable interest and confusion. Thought the following will help shed some light. It also demonstrates how old knowledge even when based on sound scientific basis is lost only to be reinvented over and over or rejected outright

Chris Gupta

"Before you read this next article, you might want to go and take a look at a couple of articles in my February 8th, 2005 newsletter. They were on "Navarro Urine Cancer Test" and "Foundation for Advancement of Cancer Therapy (FACT)."

There are some new developments regarding testing for your level of cancer using a urine sample. First, I had a discussion about the "Navarro Urine Cancer Test" with Dr. Kindness, the owner of the lab in Cincinnati, Ohio which does this test. He told me they had modified the way the test was done by Dr. Navarro and his son in the Philippines. He said that the Navarros did not take into account the volume of the urine sample, which he claimed was important.

Instead of a single number indicating the level of human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG), Dr. Kindness' lab is reporting to the patient the "HCG per mg of creatanine." He said this was necessary to standardize the results. The problem with this, of course, is that it does not give the patient the ability to measure the effectiveness of his/her treatment by comparing the trend in the HCG from one test to the next.

I ordered a test kit from Dr. Kindness' lab and received it a couple of days ago. It asks the patient to submit a bottle of morning urine (10 - 90 ml) by Fed Ex in a sterile urine cup. They furnish the cup with the kit, along with a plastic bag to ship it in and a Fed Ex envelope. The cost, which is not reimburseable by Medicare, is $60. No doctor's prescription or other information on diagnosis, etc. is required. According to one of my readers in New York, it takes about 2 1/2 weeks to get the results.


Because the information I gave you on this in February came from Ruth Sackman, the founder of FACT, I gave Ruth a call. As I expected, she had a somewhat different view. Ruth is a unique lady. She will turn 90 in September. She has more acumen than most people I have met, regardless of age. Ruth and her husband founded FACT in the early 70's and she has been counseling cancer patients about natural healing ever since on a non-profit basis. A friend of mine, Ed van Overloop, was kind enough to send me an audio tape of a talk she gave to his cancer support group in New Jersey in January this year. She is, indeed, a unique lady!

Ruth and I had an interesting conversation. Ruth has been instructing people about sending urine samples to Dr. Navarro's lab in the Philippines for over 30 years. Last year, she located Dr. Kindness and his lab in Ohio and got him to agree to do the test the same way Dr. Navarro (and now his son) had done it. She said that Dr. Kindness did not stick to his agreement about the test. He modified the way he was presenting the results and, thereby, lost the value of the test, as mentioned above. Ruth has been recommending for a couple of months that her people order their tests from Dr. Navarro in The Philippines rather than from Dr. Kindness' lab in Ohio.

Ruth sent me the instructions on how to get the HCG test done by Dr. Navarro's lab. I'm going to put those instructions AT THE END of this newsletter -- as part of the text, not an attachment.

The cost for the test is $50 US Dollars. Again, no doctor's prescription is required. Compare this to the AMAS blood test (covered in my book) which costs $135 plus shipping and requires a doctor's prescription. Also, the urine test is more accurate than the AMAS test. You send the $50 to a U.S. address and then include a Xerox copy of the money order or cashier's check in the package you send (by FedEx -- First Class mail takes from 5 weeks to forever; Global Priority Mail takes 10-12 days) to Manila in The Philippines. It takes 5-6 days to get the results IF you send them your e-mail along with the urine sample. What you send them is not a bottle of urine, but a dry packet of the sediment. The text at the end of this newsletter explains exactly how to do that. It's not hard. I've done it a couple of times.

Ruth and her small staff are still counseling cancer patients. They are available from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Eastern Time) weekdays at (212) 741-2790.

Now, here are the instructions for getting the Navarro Urine Cancer Test from Dr. Navarro's lab in The Philippines:

HCG Urine Immunoassay

A safe, cost-effective, non-invasive, accurate screening for Cancer

Developed in the late 1930's by the renowned oncologist, the late Dr. Manuel D. Navarro, the test detects the presence of HCG in urine. It indicates the presence of cancer cells even before signs or symptoms develop. Dr. Navarro found HCG to be elevated in all types of cancers.

The test is based on a theory proposed by Dr. Howard Beard and other researchers who contend that cancer is related to a misplaced trophoblast cell that becomes malignant in a manner similar to pregnancy in that they both secrete HCG. As a consequence, a measure of the amount of HCG found in the blood or urine is also a measure of the degree of malignancy. The higher the number, the greater the severity of the cancer.

Urine, as opposed to blood or serum, is the preferred specimen for the test. In 1980, Papapetrou and co-authors reported the correctness of the urine specimen to be used in HCG Immunoassay. In 32 proven cancer cases, the immunoassay test gave 31 positive results using urine while only 12 positive results were reported using blood. HCG has been found to undergo glycosylation in the liver as it travels in the hepatic circulation. Thus, the HCG molecule cannot be detected. The molecule does not undergo this process in the kidney and therefore the molecule remains intact in the urine.

The test detects the presence of brain cancer as early as 29 months before symptoms appear; 27 months for fibrosarcoma of the abdomen; 24 months for skin cancer; 12 months for cancer of the bones (metastasis from breast cancer extirpated 2 years earlier).

Currently, many cancer patients take advantage of the diagnostic accuracy of this test as an indicator of the effectiveness of their specific mode of therapy. Patients follow a simple direction for preparing a dry extract from the urine sample. The powdery extract is mailed to the Navarro Medical Clinic where the HCG testing is performed.

For further information, contact the following organizations Navarro Medical Clinic Dr. Efren Navarro 3553 Sining Street Morningside Terrace Santa Mesa, Manila Philippines 011-(632) 714-7442

Mrs. Erlinda Saurez 631 Peregrine Drive Palatine, Illinois 60067 (847) 359-3634 [Evening calls appreciated]

Directions for Urine Sample Preparation

(1) From an early morning urine, take 50 cc (1.7 oz.) and add 200 cc (7 oz.) of acetone (can be purchased from hardware store or pharmacy) and 5 cc (.2 oz) of alcohol, either rubbing or ethyl. Stir and mix well. (2) Let it stand in the refrigerator for 2 hours until sediment is formed. Throw off about half of the urine-acetone mixture without losing any sediment. Filter the remainder through a coffee filter or laboratory filter paper. (3) When filtration is over, dry the filter with its sediment. Fold and wrap in aluminum foil. Send by FedEx (First Class mail takes from 5 weeks to forever; Global Priority Mail takes 10-12 days) to the Navarro Medical Clinic (address listed above) including a Xerox copy of the money order or cashier's check with the patient's name, address, sex, age and a brief clinical history and/or diagnosis. Also, be SURE to include your e-mail address. This will speed up your receipt of the results by at least 4-6 weeks. (4) PRECAUTION: No sexual contact for 12 days for female patients before collecting the urine sample. For males, no sexual contact for 18-24 hours before collecting the urine sample. DO NOT SEND URINE IF THE PATIENT IS PREGNANT.

Send the $50 (money order or cashier's check) to: Erlinda N. Saurez 631 Peregrine Drive Palatine, IL 60067-7005 USA

Please allow 4-6 weeks for test result delivery if they have to be sent by mail to the USA, Canada or Europe. (HINT: Send it by FedEx and give the lab your e-mail address so they can send you the results the same day the test is done.)

The HCG Immunity Link By Ruth Sackman

Dr. Howard Beard, a biochemist and cancer patient, found that he could monitor his cancer by doing the human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) immunoassay to determine how actively his body was producing unnecessary cells or controlling cell production at a normal level. This HCG test is used to determine pregnancy, a natural process, whereby the body is producing excess cells for the development of a fetus. Dr. Beard's theory was that if HCG levels rose but no fetus was developing, then abnormal cell production was taking place which, to him, signified a cancer problem. Dr. Manuel Navarro agreed with this philosophy and established a measurement to diagnose cancer. A tumor would not be clinically evident immediately but in time might manifest in men as well as women.

Two scientists with the West London Hospital, Helen Davies and S. F. Contractor were interested in one of the most mysterious biological processes how the body knew when birth was ready at the end of nine months gestation. They reported in the British journal Nature that they believe birth is really a process of rejection initiated by the body's own defense system. The reason this rejection is controlled is because above normal amounts of HCG appear in the mother's urine during pregnancy. HCG, they believe, prevents the mother's sentry cells (lymphocytes) from recognizing the foreign protein (fetus). The HCG levels remain high until just before birth when a drop in HCG triggers the rejection of the fetus and birth occurs. Without such recognition, rejection cannot take effect, ergo, when the HCG titre is above normal on the HCG test, cancer cell rejection does not take place.

Therefore, Dr. Beard's theory of measuring HCG levels has a sound scientific basis. Low levels of HCG allow the body to reject abnormal protein just as it rejects the fetus, and high levels interfere with the body's ability to build the lymphocytes necessary to effect rejection of cancer cells.

This theory validates Dr. Beard's conclusion that the HCG measurement found in the urine was a competent system to diagnose and monitor cancer cell activity."

Extracted from: CANCER-FREE NEWSLETTER July 19, 2005


posted by Chris Gupta on Wednesday August 23 2006

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Readers' Comments

I would like to submit a urine test for HCG. My info for the cost is old. Please update me on the cost. Also have an old info sheet for processing. Please advise if this has changed. If no changes, I will submit my urine specimen based on the info I already have. Rochelle Holman

Posted by: Rochelle Holman on December 28, 2007 08:59 PM


1/13/08 I called Mrs. Erlinda Saurez about the urine test last week. She told me the only thing her brother would change about the directions is that he would let the mixture stand in the frig for 6 hours not 2. But thank you for the information.

Posted by: Domenica Taylor on January 13, 2008 09:26 AM


your article is very interesting ang infomative. i amlooking for something to help my brother with cancer and was told hemay live for just 4 months. i hope we could still buy for hum to be tested and cured. thank you.

Posted by: Marilou Domingo Dadufalsa on May 3, 2008 11:16 PM


It was not Dr. Howard Beard, it was John Beard.

Response: Yes indeed thanks for pointing that error out. CG

Posted by: Mike Tewksbury on July 30, 2008 08:00 AM


how do you "dry" the sediment? air dry or dry with hairdryer? Thanks.

Posted by: J. Lieu on September 20, 2008 01:27 PM


Please say if cost is still the same and also how to dry, as asked above. I don't see responses. Thanks.

Posted by: RABYN BLAKE on September 25, 2008 12:12 PM


Dear Chris, I read your interesting article about the Navarro Urine Cancer test, performed in Manila and tried to contact the clinic under the eMail address specified in your article: 1) since I wanted to clarify some questions before sending test material to Manila. Unfortunately the eMail did not work. I tried a second eMail address that I found somewhere in the net with the same negative result: 2) Next I tried to call FACT in New York and also Mrs Erlinda Saurez in Chicago under the numbers specified in you article in Cancer-free Newsletter of July 19th, 2005 3) FACT Ruth Sackmann 001-212-741-2790 (no answer on several days before and after Thanksgiving) 4) Mrs Erlinda Saurez (the sister of Dr Navarro jun?) 001-847-359-3634. I reached an answering machine and was asked to leave my phone number, but was not called back. Can you help me with the right eMail address of Dr Navarro or the Navarro Medical Clinic? I want to send urine samples to avoid biopsies recommended by mainstream urologists. The use of the AMAS test seems to be blocked for non Americans, since the courier packages with the blood serum samples on dry ice are hold back by American customs so long, until the ice has molten and the samples have been spoiled. Dr Werner Pankoke

Posted by: Dr Werner Pankoke on November 29, 2008 05:36 AM


I would like to obtain the source of the Navarro Urine Test; so that I can test my HCG. Can this be ordered over the web?

Posted by: Donald Jackson on January 8, 2009 02:41 PM


Thanks for posting information about the Navarro HCG Urine test. We are fortunate to have available this noninvasive and highly reliable test that can identify the presence of cancerous activity in the body long before a tumor forms. I authored "Fear Cancer No More", copyright 2002; and "Cancer's Best Medicine", second edition, copyright 2008.

Posted by: Mauris Emeka on April 18, 2009 11:09 PM


I need to find out if HCG marker would spike as the blood marker CA125 does when one uses a Protocol that kills cancer cells and the die-off of these cells gets into the blood. My oncologist tells me that dead cancer cells do not raise the CA 125, yet the Protocol states that the markers will go up untill all the cancer is gone. So in order to monitor the success of the Protocol I am using, I can not use the CA 125 but I am hoping that the HCG would not have the same problem. Please help to clarify this for me. Thank you Vaya Pukli

Posted by: Vaya on August 6, 2009 08:32 PM


Dr. George Kindness is no longer in business. At least there is no way to contact him. His Amscot Lab is no longer listed with a phone that connects to him.

Posted by: Ken Barta on November 19, 2009 08:34 PM


Can someone give me the current contact information and instructions to submit the urine test to the Navarro Lab? Thank you very much.

Posted by: Character on January 26, 2010 11:19 PM


Please visit to obtain detail information about the Test

Posted by: Customer Service on March 18, 2010 01:59 PM


Does anyone here have experience with Dr. Emil K. Schandl of the American Metabolic Laboratories in Florida? This web site says his test panel for cancer cannot be compared to Navarro's, whatever that may mean: . If you click on the links at the bottom of the page you will go directly to Dr. Schandl's site and his explanation on his tests. I didn't see any prices on his site, but the referring site said the panel costs about $300. Schandl himself is not too modest to say his tests are more accurate than Navarro's. I wonder if anyone can vouch for that. Thanks.

Posted by: Jane on September 15, 2010 03:16 AM


I have a friend currently undergoing chemotherapy for bone cancer. Will the Navarro urine test work after such invasive treatment or does it only work when using alternative cancer treatments? We would like to use the test to determine in the future whether the treatments he has been having are actually working or not.

Posted by: Barbara Wilson on July 11, 2011 09:18 PM


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