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September 26, 2006

Stop America's # 1 Killer!...Heart Disease

Dr. Levy's Book "Stop America's # 1 Killer! Reversible Vitamin Deficiency Found To Be Origin Of All Coronary Heart Disease" is the de facto support for Drs. Irwin Stone/Linius Pauling vitamin C seminal work: regarding Vitamin C deficiency in humans and its relation to disease. A most comprehensive look at all known risk factors for heart disease are considered. While Vitamin C in itself, in sufficient quantities, and on its own may reduce heart disease, other co factors and their role are all potentiated with it. In fact without vitamin C efforts to reduce and or reverse heart disease is simply not possible!

The book provides exhaustive explanation on the mechanisms involved and expands considerably on the original work postulated by Pauling et al. providing direct support for the Pauling/Rath protocol. See patents imbedded in
"Orthomolecular Solutions to Heart Disease".

Levy clearly demonstrates why Pauling, in three case reports had such dramatic response to the said protocol (unlike poor to non extant response from drugs). While this may not be considered a sufficiently large sample size, the dramatic response is contrary to the marginal results found in traditional large sample sizes so revered in drug research. Such practice is in fact a clear indication of searching for a needle in a haystack; in that more often then not these huge sample sizes are needed just to show any effect! Clearly demonstrating the poor response of non nutrient based therapies. Why vitamin C and supporting nutrient therapy works is aptly described in the book. Unlike drugs this therapy provides the very building blocks that are needed by the body to heal itself; there simply is just no way of getting around this basic fact. No one has a deficiency of Drugs!

Inability to obtain vitamin C from our foods is further exasperated with the escalation of toxins in our food were soon, due to soil depletion and genetic modification the pesticides and other toxins may actually surpass mineral content, not to mention the direct assault form the increasing chemicals in our environment. Further many foods due to long storage and transportation times, not to mention processing, are already depleted of Vitamins particularly C in some cases up to 70%!

"In almost every case, the cause of low vitamin C levels in the arterial linings is a significant daily toxin exposure. These toxins keep neutralizing (oxidizing) the body's stores of vitamin C making the maintenance of active (reduced or non-oxidized) vitamin C levels in the various tissues of the body virtually impossible."

The the discussion on the protective role of cholesterol and the futility of reducing it via drugs is a breath of fresh air. This is in sharp contrast to current primitive understanding and practice (or should I say mal practice?) of heart disease. In fact reducing cholesterol without addressing its cause is not only stupid but downright negligent given the data in the literature and that presented here. This and all other known co factors such as high blood pressure, inflammation etc. are thoroughly discussed.

The role of vitamin C is pivotal in that it is endemic to all diseases and cannot simply be restricted to heart disease alone. Hence, its absence is directly related to many other diseases such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, infections etc. All these are discussed particularly in their relation to heart disease.

"So, prepare to be amazed, especially if you are a health care practitioner who has always felt that atherosclerosis is largely an unstoppable and steadily progressive disease. It is not. An objective review of the available scientific evidence demonstrates otherwise. Turn an abnormal coronary angiogram into a normal one. What is now considered a rare but theoretically possible occurrence can now become an expected outcome."

One shortcoming of almost all scientific evidence is the generally low doses of vitamin C used. Imagine what could be achieved if sufficiently high doses were used?

The book ends with a comprehensive protocol for the prevention and reversal of atherosclerosis. Finally we now hold the recipe to nearly wipe out most diseases if not all! An outstanding book. A must read.

Chris Gupta



How to Stop America's #1 Killer: Attacking Causes, Not Symptoms

CHAPTER 1 It's Time for a Unifying Perspective of Heart Disease
CHAPTER 2 The Genesis of Arterlal Narrowings and Blockages
The Normal Artery
Why Arterial Narrowings Develop
Degeneration: 1st Stage of Atherosclerosis
Proliferation: 2nd Stage of Atherosclerosis

Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors and Vitamin C Deficiency

CHAPTER 3 High Blood Pressure and Vitamin C Deficiency
inadequate Vitamin C Initiates High Blood Pressure's Plaque-Building Activity
Vitamin C Deficiency Shown to Cause and Sustain High Blood Pressure
CHAPTER 4 Inflammation and Vitamin C Deficiency
A Probable Mechanism for Delivering Vitamin C to Deficient Arteries
Many if not All Causes of Arterial Inflammation Deplete Vitamin C
CHAPTER 5 Cholesterol and Vitamin C Deficiency
The Important Toxin-Fighting Abfflties of Cholesterol
Chondroitin Sulfate. Atherosclerosis. Cholesterol, and Vitamin C
Polyunsaturated Lecithin, Atherosclerosis. Cholesterol.and Vitamin C
CHAPTER 6 Triglycerides and Vitamin C Deficiency
CHAPTER 7 Lipoprotein(a) and Vitamin C Deficiency
CHAPTER 8 Diabetes and Vitamin C Deficiency
CHAPTER 9 Age,Genetics,Gender, and Vitamin C Deficiency
CHAPTER 10 Refined Sugar and Vitamin C Deficiency
CHAPTER 11 Smoking and Vitamin C Deficiency
CHAPTER 12 Homocysteine and Vitamin C Deficiency
CHAPTER 13 Histamine and Vitamin C Deficiency
CHAPTER 14 Infection and Vitamin C Deficiency
CHAPTER 15 Coronary Artery Calcium and Vitamin C Deficiency
Chapter 16 Copper, Iron, and Vitamin C Deficiency
Chapter 17 Oxidative Stress and Vitamin C Deficiency
Chapter 18 Physical Activity and Vitamin C Deficiency
Chapter 19 Obesity and Vitamin C Deficiency
Chapter 20 Season and Vitamin C Deficiency
Chapter 21 Depression, Psychosocial Factors, and Vitamin C Deficiency
Chapter 22 Heart Rate and Vitamin C Deficiency
Chapter 23 fibrinogen and Vitamin C Deficiency
Chapter 24 White Blood Cells and Vitamin C Deficiency
Chapter 25 Coronary Artery Spasm and Vitamin C Deficiency
Chapter 26 Myocardial Infarction and Vitamin C Deficiency
Chapter 27 Heart Failure and Strength of Heart Contraction
Chapter 28 Vitamin C and Heart Health: The Statistics

Responding to the Overwhelming Evidence

Chapter 29 Practical Suggestions for Stopping/Reversing Atherosclerosis
Protocol for the Prevention and
Reversal of Atherosclerosis
A. Total Dental Revision
B. Minimization of Dietary Toxicity
C. Recommended Supplementation


posted by Chris Gupta on Tuesday September 26 2006

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Readers' Comments

Hi Chris,
I believe the evidence is quite clear that in order to slow the #1 Killer of the developed world, fluoridation must cease.

There is a direct correlation between onset of water fluoridation in 1945 and the discovery of oxidative damage to lining of blood vessels of the heart, even in babies. One of the few effective treatments for fluoride toxicity is Vitamin C. People with heart disease should immediately reduce all sources of added fluoride such as tap water, toothpaste, foods made with baking powder, and tea, as well as increasing their C and bioflavonoid co-factors.

Aliss Terpstra RNCP
Research Coordinator, Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative

Posted by: Aliss Terpstra on October 3, 2006 10:36 PM


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