Share The Wealth by Chris Gupta
May 02, 2008

Our Therapeutic Foods Are Not Drugs

- Freedom Of Choice Is An Unalienable Fundamental Right

Here is an update on Bills C51& C52 Trueman has been advocating for over 35 Years for Freedom of Choice. Please get engaged!

Chris Gupta

Good Evening Everyone,

The following are the links for the debates and Motion dated January 29th 2008 in the Standing Committee on Health

C-52 debate

C-51 debate

Committee business, January 29

Our new site is up and running. It is still under construction.

Chris Gupta and I have created an historic opportunity for the grassroots' Health Freedom Movement in Canada.

We have always suffered from a lack of funding for our 5 or 6 Coalition organizations and part of the problem is consumers need tax receipts, now for anyone and their business that is in Ontario we have a registered Ontario political party with receipt capability. Chris and I both ran in the Ontario Provincial election last fall and the Republican Party of Ontario was created – see

We have a federal party underway as well – see, but no registration yet. We need several hundred more members to qualify under federal non-election time rules.

Please immediately join and give generously in order to help defeat Bills C-51 and C-52.

We cannot trust the existing establishment parties and need a truly grassroots owned and operated party in order to seize ownership and control of our own country again away from the mega corporations in this Modern Corporate Feudal age.

Yours for individual Freedom,



From: Rukshana Engineer
Subject: Defeat C-51! Reach 100 Gov't Officials with 1 Letter- Pass On!

Write your handwritten letter to the following address and specifically request

that the Clerk of the Standing Committee on Health, Carmen De Pape,

distribute your letter to ALL members of the Standing Committee on Health

* Remember that handwritten letters carry A LOT MORE weight than do e-mails.

Also, be sure to ask a specific question and request a reply.

Additionally,please try and send separate copies to: PM Harper, Minister of Health Tony Clements, and Liberal Health Critic Bonnie Brown. (The NDP Health Critic, Judy Wasylycia-Leis is part of the Standing Committee)

Standing Committee on Health Fax: 613-992-7974

Sixth Floor, 131 Queen St.

House of Commons,

Ottawa, Ontario


To view all the committee members go here.


To MPs,

On behalf of our coalition, I would really appreciate a meeting with you on either Thursday May 8th, Monday May 12th or Tuesday May 13th to discuss our Freedom of Choice in Health Care issues in regards to over 50,000 safe and effective dietary food supplements that Health Canada bureaucrats are attempting since January 1st, 2004 to, in violation of the "IMPLIED BILL OF RIGHTS", the "WRITTEN AND UNWRITTEN CONSTUTITION" and the "RULE OF LAW" to illegally regulate federally as new drugs under the Natural Health Product Regulations and now under Bill C-51 and Bill C-52.


In those 11 years our Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom and our supporting member networks have submitted over 500,000 petitions with the following very clear grassroots messages:


[1] We know that in Canada we are fortunate to have as individual human beings an "IMPLIED BILL OF RIGHTS" and "WRITTEN AND UNWRITTEN CONSTITUTION" that under our "RULE OF LAW" we can insist that all of Health Canada's staff abides by, as well as all other government sole and aggregate corporations and their agents and servants to these fundament democratic safeguards.

[2] We will not accept Health Canada bureaucrats continuing to interfere in "FREEDOM OF CHOICE RIGHTS" to buy and sell herbs, vitamins, minerals and other of God's traditional Holistic Health Care products and the related practice of medicine modalities such as chiropractors, naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists, etc.

[3] Our Health Freedom campaign slogan today, remains the same as it was in 1997 "OUR FOODS ARE NOT DRUGS" just because they are effective "THERAPEUTIC PRODUCTS"!

Healthy therapeutic foods, herbs, spices, dietary supplements, and other natural health and nutritional products should be properly classified as foods, and not arbitrarily regulated, and otherwise restricted, as drugs by Health Canada officials.

[4] WE continue to request, 11 years later that the out of jurisdiction, abusive, unlawful and against public interest misconduct of the two Health Canada directorates – called "THE INSPECTORATE" and "THE THERAPEUTIC PRODUCTS".

[5] We continue to assert that Canadians deserve to have an updated Adulteration and Fraud Act that is solely in federal jurisdiction based upon section 91 [27] of the Constitution Act 1982, which is a criminal power jurisdiction. This is the original 1884 Act's name and should never have been charged to the Food & Drugs Act. Food, health, civil and property rights are all section 92 under Provincial jurisdictions that is consistent with Canadians' inherent fundamental rights of informed freedom of choice and access to non-drug medicinal products of their own choosing, as protected by Sections 1, 2, 7, and 15 of the Charter of Rights.

[6] We continue to advocate that the weight of modern scientific evidence confirms the mitigation, and prevention of many diseases, and disorders through the judicious use of low risk, medicinal foods, herbs, spices, dietary supplements, and other natural health and nutritional products, as well as their extremely low levels of risk compared to many synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, and other modern medical procedures.

[7] Our Coalition continues to petition all Members of Parliament and the Senate to provide Canadians with greater access to non-drug, preventive and medicinal options, as well as the information about these options, and to sanction the personal choices of Canadians, by clarifying the currently vague definitions of "food", and "drug" in the outdated 1884 / 1920 / 1927 / 1934 / 1952 Food & Drugs Act, and by repealing the outdated prohibitions against making truthful health claims for the prevention, treatment, and cure of health challenges with non-drug approaches, by enacting either Bill C-420 or its provisions in an updated Act.

The party that picks up this Bill C-420 health freedom initiative will gain hundreds of thousands of votes nationally, which could make the difference in 6 to 12 seats.

Passage of Bill C-420 would have given Canada and the People of Canada a world-leading first start at essential health freedom legislative renewal of 1884 legislation, which is long overdue.

It would have eliminated the vague-use-based definition of Drug that the Big Pharma interests deliberately introduced in Canada and the USA in 1917 and 1920 respectively to create the confusion between what is for federal regulatory purposes a "DRUG" and / or a "FOOD" solely to serve BIG PHARMA's and their allies monopoly interests.

In addition to correcting this long standing issue, Bill C-420 would also eliminate the unlawful federal censorship mechanism contained in subsections 3(1) and 3(2) of the antiquated 1884 Food and Drugs Act and was created in 1934 at the prompting of Big Pharma and its allies to stop Canadians learning the truth about many natural cures for cancer and other chronic diseases.

Passage of Bill C-420 would have been a very important improvement in health freedom and enhance the rights of Canadians to freedom of choice in health care. In addition, it would have removed federal jurisdiction from the majority of "Dietary Food Supplements".

Under Section 91 / 92 Jurisdictional Division of Powers federal intrusion is only lawful when there is actual serious national harm occurring especially due to fraud and / or adulteration that justifies criminal sanctions.

The passage of Bill C-420 would also have destroyed the new unlawful and against public interest regulatory scheme via the Governor-in-Council to enact the new sub-class of drugs Natural Health Product Regulations effective January 1, 2004.

Passage of Bill C-420 would start the legislative process of harmonizing our dietary food supplement federal regulatory system with the US Dietary Health Supplements Education Act 1994 [DSHEA] and protect thousands of small innovative small family enterprises in the natural health care industry on both sides of the border.

It would also save millions of dollars in regulatory costs and hundreds of lives.

[8] We need the current Standing Committee on Health to revisit and update the 1998 Standing Committee Report and to investigate why the 1998 legislative initiate to create a non-drug, non-food third category similar to the Dietary Health Education Act [DSHEA} 1994 in the USA was stopped and a regulatory sub-class drug regulatory scheme implemented without Parliamentary oversight on January 1st 2004.

The Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom [CCHF] in combination with Freedom of Choice in Health Care successfully stopped effective July 1, 1997 the scheme to federally regulate our "Dietary Food Supplements" as new drugs. We were then promised meetings to deal with our issues if we did not pursue the lawsuit. We held off proceeding with the lawsuit, but the meeting with Rock as promised in writing to our lawyers never happened. This lesson in the evils of politics cost over $130,000 of grassroots' donations and thousands of hours of volunteered time.

Our Health Freedom Movement brought in literally wheelbarrows of hundreds of thousands of signed petitions supporting our efforts and the Pharmaceutical Lobby as usually triumphed. If you read the Reform, NDP and Bloc dissenting reports you will see what our CCHF and over 1,000,000 supporters, including over 500,000 signed petitions wanted their elected officials to do.

Again, the Pharmaceutical Lobby manipulated successfully the federal processes and again triumphed by a clever creation of a novel drug sub-class with a new to the world regulatory name of "Natural Health Products".

This was just a very cleverly designed scheme to diffuse the largest grassroots uprising in Canadian history and to continue to repress "Freedom of Choice" in Health Care in Canada.

Our Health Freedom coalition and its members have written to the clerk and members of the Standing Committee on Health in the last three Parliament's requesting an investigation into our allegations of illegal, abusive and inappropriate conduct by Health Canada, CBSA and CFIA regulatory officials.

[9] Our Coalition has developed clear constitutional and jurisdictional evidence that the Natural Health Product Drug Regulations need to be cancelled immediately. We need the SREG Joint Committee to allow witness day for our coalition on why the Natural Health Product Relations are in violation of the published guidelines and thus must be rescinded immediately

[10] Our Health Freedom Coalition's family enterprises need new federal regulations and / or legislation to replace the illegal, unworkable and abusive scheme to turn our over 50,000 low risk and highly effective naturally occurring plant-based, nutrient rich "Dietary Food Supplements" into a new drug sub-class.

It is essential that appropriate food style regulations be developed in consultation with consumers and small family enterprises as well as larger stakeholders.

There needs to be a separate department / Ministry that only deals with the Canadian food supply from a protect the consumer point of view. Financial and bureaucrat self-interest has always in the past high jacked the Health Canada and CFIA and Agri-Canada agendas.

Consumers and small family enterprises will need travel and presentation develop grants in order to equally participate in major stakeholder processes

The entire federal regulatory concept of "Natural Health Products" is flawed. This expression does not exist in legislation anywhere in the world according to our research. In addition our largest trading partner, the USA, largely resolved these same issues with legislation "DSHEA" in 1994.

In essence the USA created a new "Third Food Style Category". In Canada a similar legislative approach was recommended in the 1998 Federal Standing Committee on Health's Reports. In 1999 stakeholder meetings were started to study and develop the appropriate legislatively created "Third Food Style" category, but was for some as yet unexplained reason not followed through.

[11] A fair and objective benchmark. In order to have a fair and objective benchmark of where federal criminal head of power justifies federal intervention; it is our Coalition's recommendation that a mandatory federal death registry be established with standardized death certificates and related coroners' reports with appropriate criminal sanctions for abuse and / or fraud and / or careless reporting.

[12] Equal and fair Proportionate Risk management for all Foods, including Dietary Food Supplements. Our Health Freedom Coalition's family enterprises are also recommending that as "Dietary Food Supplements" are very safe and any risk of adverse reactions is relatively minor. Our reports indicate that Canadians are several hundred percent more at risk of dying from mainstream foods such as meats, dairy products, peanuts and fish such as shellfish than with taking "Dietary Food Supplements", that there be truly reciprocal "Free Trade" without duty, bilingual labels and metric labels with US suppliers of NHP products.

This would include raw materials, bulk finished products as well as packaged products. In Canada our "Dietary Food Supplements" are over a two billion dollar industry and continuing to grow in double digits. The US market is estimated to be at least ten times the scale of our market.

[13] Elimination of all federal, provincial and Private sector bias and prejudice towards non-allopathic health care products, devices, procedures, practitioners and protocols. Our Health Freedom Coalitions' non-allopathic health care practitioners, especially degree-based practitioners such as naturopathic doctors and chiropractic doctors want to see the federal and provincial bias against these, equally qualified with medical / allopathic doctors eliminated.

These equal rights under all federal and Provincial laws, regulations, policies and procedures would include coverage by insurance programs, rights to practice, rights to funding, rights to prescribe and to have patients obtain tax deductions, as well as hospital and other equal facility professional access.

A Health Opportunity Study commissioned by Prince Charles in 2005 proved that full equal integration of "Tradition style Health Care" with "Modern Allopathic style Health Care" into the publicly funded system could reduce costs by 20 to 30%, reduce waiting times by 20 to 30% and improve patient / citizen outcomes by the same percentages. Visit for a copy of this report,

[14] Canada Revenue Agency / Ministry of Finance. All of our Health Freedom Coalition stakeholders are still incensed at the ongoing aggression of Canada Revenue Agency [CRA] to collect GST on dietary food supplements that are healthy and essential to good health.

It is recommended that the CRA GST Policy P-240 dated July 31, 2002 be cancelled and any necessary amendment legislation or otherwise be made to ensure re-establishment of the traditional exemption on "Dietary Food Supplements" in regard to GST and that the Excise Act be amended accordingly to eliminate the vagueness on this issue that led to bureaucratic interpretation with Parliament oversight to start charging GST on dietary food supplements.

[15] Consumer and Small Family Business Health Canada. All of our stakeholders recommend that there needs to be a Consumer and Small Family Business Health Canada, CFIA and CBSA administrative tribunal that is empowered on appeal of any of the three referenced agencies regulatory intervention / rulings / activity to investigate, meet with, mediate and provide affordable and timely early resolution process.

Our stakeholders also recommend that for the same three agencies, a police style "Internal Affairs Complaint Process" be implemented immediately.


Please try and set aside 15 to 30 minutes on either Monday March 10th or Tuesday March 11th 2008 to see me on these 9 ASKS.

There is an excellent Thomas Jefferson quote that clearly states how our Health Freedom Movement feels about who should own and operate the government corporations and what role government should play in our human lives:

"The care of human life and not its destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government."

Most Canadians believe that the "CROWN" is ultimately a trust and that the beneficial ultimate owner / shareholder of the "CROWN" and its assets should be and is the common men and women of our society.

If you look up "Implied Bill of Rights", "Unwritten and Written Constitution" and "Rule of Law" you will understand where our supporters are coming from on these issues. As human beings and small family enterprises our elected officials should not and can not let big government and big business put profits before people. Please look up "Statism".

Trueman of the Tuck family,

Aka Trueman Tuck

Non-Lawyer Professional Service Provider,

Non-Allopathic Health Care Practitioner,

Lobbyist [Federal Lobbyist number 13815]

& Human Rights Advocate

Phone: 613-771-1797

Fax: 613-771-1435


N.B.: Si vous préférer avoir la correspondence en François SVP

Language of Choice ( ) English ( ) French ( ) Either one

( ) Yes, I want to personally meet with your HEALTH FREEDOM DELEGATION.

Name of Member: I am a MP ( ) or Senator ( ).


Riding / Jurisdiction:


Political affiliation: _________________________________________________

Contact person to arrange meeting:

Name: _________________________________ Title: __________________________

E-mail for updates: ________________________________________

Fax number for updates: ___________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________ Cell Phone: ____________

Address of meeting location:



Please note that we list the major causes of death in descending order according to our research to date:



3. Diseases of the Heart and Circulatory System

4. Cancer also referenced as Malignant Neoplasm's

5. Lung and Respiratory Diseases such as Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis

6. Diabetes

7. Mental Health and Brain Diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease

8. Kidney Disease

9. Chronic Liver Disease and Cirrhosis

10. Septicemia

11. Influenza and Pneumonia

12. Arthritis

13. Obesity


Comments, including areas of interest:


Please fax completed form to: 1-613-771-1435 or Email to:

And / or please call our HEALTH FREEDOM line at 613 771-1797 for any additional information.

Be sure to visit regularly our Health Freedom Coalition Websites as resource centers.


  • Alliance of Natural Health Suppliers
  • Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom
  • Friends of Freedom International and Friends of Freedom
  • Freedom of Choice in Health Care
  • Live Longer Educational Foundation

    posted by Chris Gupta on Friday May 2 2008

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    Readers' Comments

    It seems the pharmaceutical lobby is getting its way with the Federal government and even worse, with OUR elected officials. They're either naive or bought because the Big Pharma agenda has nothing to do with the betterment of our society. It's all about a tightly locked down pharmaceutical control grid. The fact our politicians fail to see this evidence baffles me...

    Posted by: Claude Gelinas on May 5, 2008 12:05 PM


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