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October 09, 2008

the Why All The Parties Hate Direct Democracy

Its all about control and not democracy that's why... Direct democracy, as opposed the top down industrial military directives that we, along with the rest of the world, are literally forced to swallow under the pretense of democracy, is the real thing. Hence direct democracy is a bane to the establishment, that literality runs our, so called, democratic governments. Once this is understood it becomes all to easy to see why Globalization is and has become the major impetus.

The problem for the establishment is that local governments are too numerous and much harder to control than centralized ones. The progressive shift of power from local to those of the provincial/state and then to federal and now to global governments is clearly the reason for easier control over the masses. Imagine trying to get a resolution to your problem in Brussels or some far off land that is totally detached form local issues of some distant place. As the saying goes "out of site out of mind". Much easier to abuse faceless people. Devolving power to the lowest practicable level is what makes democracy work so is it any wonder the establishment hates it?

Tony Benn discusses the history of democracy, how it has been undermined and how it can be won ...again.

"There is never a final victory for democracy. It is always a struggle in every generation, and you have to take up the cause time and time again."

Big Ideas That Changed The World : Democracy-Tony Benn (38 min)

Once you have digested the above the following will explain what the establishment is all about - MONEY Enslavement:

Zeitgeist: Addendum, by Peter Joseph 2008 (2 hrs.)

Remember only with understanding can we make a change.

Chris Gupta

The following are a must listen!

The Nature of Government

The Source of Government Power

What is the Right Amount of Government?

Extracted from: Preface to Medical Veritas - Request for feedback

For a more down to earth local effort in Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

Liston to David Rowland on direct democracy at the All-candidates Meeting Speech (5 min - Oct 2, 2008).

Direct Democracy

For too long I have been one of the "silent majority" who doesn't often vote because our political system is failing us. Choosing any political party is a compromise: you have to take what you don't want hoping to get what you do want. Promises that lured you to the polls are often broken. Whichever party takes over, the outcome is pretty much the same: more regulations and higher taxes. Political agendas take priority over genuine service to us, the people. Sometimes our constitutional freedoms are sacrificed along the way. Politicians have largely forgotten that they are our "employees" and should be accountable to us as such. They play down the fact that benefits promised in one area are paid for by increasing taxes elsewhere: give with one hand, take with the other. Whichever party gets the most votes assumes that they have carte blanche to do whatever they wish until the next election. Enough is enough!

Clearly, we have lost control of our government. Here is how we can put ourselves back in the driver's seat, starting right here in the Parry Sound-Muskoka district. When I am elected, you will be able to participate in every major issue that comes up. I will tell you about each bill being considered, give you my informed opinion, then ask how you wish me to vote on it. If, for example, the majority of you tell me to support, say, the Conservatives on one particular issue and the Green Party on another, I will. This is your chance to select the best of each party's platform without having to buy their whole package deal. And after I have voted on your behalf, I will report back to you with the results. I will be working for you – doing your bidding and no one else's. To be your elected representative is for me a sacred trust.

For two years I have been saying that there should be a way that we can vote on every issue. We have the technology." - Tim T., Parry Sound

Technology is our ally. DIRECT DEMOCRACY works like this. An easy inhome system is being set up so that from any computer you will be able to tell me your wishes on every significant issue. My website at is already being prepared to register your future votes. We will have an ongoing dialogue. When you elect me, you will have a continual say in what happens in Ottawa. I will be not only your voice in but your eyes and ears —reporting back to you anything I see or hear that may affect your personal rights and freedoms. Security measures for the home voting system will verify that you live in Parry Sound-Muskoka and will permit you to vote only once on each issue. If you don't have access to a computer, I'll mail you a form that you can return postage-free.

Whenever possible, I will always vote for (a) striking down regulations which violate our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, (b) reducing excessive regulations and government waste, (c) lowering taxes, (d) holding elected representatives accountable for their actions, (e) full disclosure of vested interests, and (f) protecting our environment. These are conditions that clearly need to be met for government to truly serve in our best interests.

If you vote for any other candidate on October 14, you may as well kiss that vote goodbye because you have no idea of what will happen to it after that. With me you stay informed and you get to keep on voting.


David Rowland


posted by Chris Gupta on Thursday October 9 2008
updated on Thursday January 26 2017

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Great point of views - in addition to the standard assortment, really... I specially like your writeings about magnesium - because I have myself used it since more than 13 years as a health stuff.

Posted by: Josef Boberg on March 6, 2009 05:32 AM


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