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October 05, 2003

AIDS in Botswana

Thanks to Harold and Joe for this incredible piece of info: Yet again we have another demonstration of disease due to nutrient deficiency.

..."HIV-1, however, encodes the entire selenoenzyme, glutathione peroxidase. As it replicates, therefore, it depletes its host not only of selenium but also of the other three components of this enzyme: namely, cysteine, glutamine, and tryptophan. AIDS, therefore, is a nutritional deficiency illness caused by a virus. Its victims suffer from extreme deficiencies of all four of these nutrients which are responsible for such symptoms as depressed CD4T lymphocyte count, vulnerability to cancers (including Kaposi's sarcoma), depression, psoriasis, diarrhea, muscle wasting, and dementia. Associated infections cause their own unique symptoms and increased risk of death."...

The sooner we all recognize that most diseases are due to nutrient deficiencies the better we all will be - The pharma Mafia sure has - hence all the fuss about banning non patentable natural products outlined in many of my other posts.

The medical Mafia would rather have us all believe that we all have deficiency of drugs - incredibly many already have fallen for this pharma trick - not for long I hope. If you are wondering why all of a sudden we are seeing all kinds of aid available to send AZT to Africa - Could this nutrient trial have something to do with it? You can draw your own conclusion.

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Chris Gupta

Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 20:40:40 EDT
Subject: Fwd: AIDS trial in Botswana

Those nutrients are proposed and supported by Harold Foster, PhD., in his book WHAT REALLY CAUSES AIDS. A great read.

Also, anyone can get Foster's great book free from the internet. Just open the site and turn on printer. (His aim with the book is to save lives, not make money for himself.)

Foster Harold, What Really Causes AIDS. Victoria, BC, Canada: Trafford Publishing, 2002. and a printed copy can be obtained here.

Cordially, Joe

From: Harold D Foster
Subject: AIDS trial in Botswana
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 16:40:28 -0700


I have just learned of a small informal AIDS trial that is taking place in Botswana.It is being organized by a Canadian vitamin company.They are using the nutrients suggested in my book "What really causes AIDS". Here is quotation from the initial e-mail report that I received yesterday:

"I picked two candidates personally who have fully blown AIDS with relevant symptoms like diarrhea, skin rash loss of weight and a lack of appetite. One of these candidates has a severe complication of syphilis which has slowed his recovery somewhat, but still within two weeks of trials his skin rash, diarrhea and fatigue have all but disappeared. The lady candidate gained 3kg in two weeks and now eats"like a horse". She resumed work last Tuesday after several weeks of absence. I am gaining confidence in this treatment by the day and I hope the same would apply to the remainder of the trial candidates." AND "A lady that started the regimen three weeks back has just tested NEGATIVE for HIV and her CD4 count has shot up from 500 to 700!" {Unknown if this is the same lady that ate "like a horse".} Hopefully,the world will soon believe that the treatment works.What we really need to achieve this is a full scale clinical trial.



The AIDS pandemic is likely to become the greatest catastrophe in human history. Unless a safe, effective vaccine is quickly developed, or the preventive strategies outlined in this book are widely applied, by 2015 one sixth of the world's population will be infected by HIV-1 and some 250 million people will have died from AIDS. Its associated losses by then will be more than those of the Black Death and World War II combined, the equivalent of eight World War Is.1

This pandemic is only one of several ongoing catastrophes involving viruses that encode the selenoenzyme glutathione peroxidase.2 Indeed, the world is experiencing simultaneous pandemics caused by Hepatitis B and C viruses, Coxsackie B virus and HIV-1 and HIV-2. As these viruses replicate, because their genetic codes include a gene that is virtually identical to that of the human enzyme glutathione peroxidase, they rob their hosts of selenium. Paradoxically, however, they diffuse most easily in populations that are very selenium deficient,3 possibly because their members have depressed immune systems. It is no coincidence that such viruses are causing havoc at the beginning of the 21st century. The last 50 years have seen enormous expansions in the use of fossil fuels and deforestation by fire. The resulting pollutants have greatly increased the acidity of global precipitation, reducing selenium's ability to enter the food chain. This situation is being made worse by the widespread use of commercial fertilizers since their sulphates, nitrogen, and phosphorus all depress the uptake of selenium by crops. Deficiencies in this essential trace element are being felt most acutely in areas, such as sub-Saharan Africa, where soil selenium levels are naturally very low. Acid rain is making a bad situation worse, so increasing vulnerability to those viruses that encode glutathione peroxidase. Many populations are also being exposed to a thinning ozone layer, heavy metals such as mercury and cadmium, pesticides, and drug, tobacco, and alcohol abuse, all of which depress the human immune
system, increasing vulnerability to viruses, including HIV-1
and HIV-2.

In July 2000, physicians and scientists from around the world met in Durban, South Africa for the XIII International AIDS Conference. In a declaration, named after the city, 5,018 of them proclaimed that "HIV is the sole cause of AIDS.”4 There are, however, at least seven anomalies that strongly suggest that this conventional wisdom is incorrect and that belief in it is blocking progress in the development of new treatments for AIDS and of novel ways of preventing its spread. To illustrate, despite widespread unprotected promiscuous sexual activity in Senegal, HIV- 1 is diffusing very slowly, if at all, amongst the Senegalese.5 It is very apparent that in Africa, differences in soil selenium levels are greatly influencing who becomes infected with HIV-1 and who does not. Indeed, the recently published Selenium World Atlas used the incidence of HIV-1 as a surrogate measure of soil selenium levels because actual levels are, as yet, poorly established in sub-Saharan Africa. A similar relationship has been documented in the United States6 where there has been an inverse relationship, especially in the Black population, between mortality from AIDS and local soil selenium levels.

It is well established that individuals who are HIV-positive gradually become more and more selenium deficient.7 This decline, which is known to undermine immune functions, is not unique to HIV-infection but is seen in almost all infectious pathogens.8 However, under normal circumstances, where death does not occur, selenium levels rebound soon after recovery. HIV-1, however, can effectively elude the defense mechanisms of the immune system, and can continue to replicate indefinitely, endlessly depressing serum selenium. As a result, the immune system is compromised, allowing infection by other pathogens that continue to deplete the host of selenium, allowing HIV-1 to replicate more easily, further undermining immunity. Therefore, this relationship between selenium and the immune system is one of positive feedback, in which a decline in either of these two variables causes further depression in the other. Termed the "selenium- CD4 T cell tailspin” by the author,9 it is the reason that serum selenium levels are a better predictor of AIDS mortality than CD4 T cell counts. Like other positive feedback systems, such as avalanches and forest fires, it is extremely difficult to control and gains momentum as it progresses.

HIV-1, however, encodes the entire selenoenzyme, glutathione peroxidase. As it replicates, therefore, it depletes its host not only of selenium but also of the other three components of this enzyme: namely, cysteine, glutamine, and tryptophan.10 AIDS, therefore, is a nutritional deficiency illness caused by a virus. Its victims suffer from extreme deficiencies of all four of these nutrients which are responsible for such symptoms as depressed CD4T lymphocyte count, vulnerability to cancers (including Kaposi's sarcoma), depression, psoriasis, diarrhea, muscle wasting, and dementia. Associated infections cause their own unique symptoms and increased risk of death.

HIV-1 alone, therefore, does not cause AIDS. It involves a multiplicity of co-factors, specifically anything that either depletes serum selenium levels or depresses the immune system enough to permit viral replication. Manipulating the "selenium-CD4T cell tailspin” by adding this trace element to fertilizers and food stuffs opens new avenues for both prevention and treatment. This strategy has been shown to work on other viruses that encode glutathione peroxidase, such as Hepatitis B and C and the Coxsackievirus. The logical treatment of AIDS patients involves supplementation with selenium, cysteine, glutamine, and tryptophan, at least to levels at which deficiency symptoms associated with a lack of these nutrients disappear. While this can be most easily achieved by supplements, certain foods contain elevated levels of those four nutrients. Strangely enough, one of the ideal meals for anyone who is HIV-seropositive would include a cheeseburger to which Brazilnut flour had been added to the bun.


1. Foster, H.D. (1976). Assessing disaster magnitude: A social science approach. The Professional Geographer, xxviii(3), 241-247.

2. Taylor, E.W. (1997). Selenium and viral diseases: Facts and hypotheses. Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, 12 (4), 227-239.

3. Ibid.

4. The Durban Declaration (2000). Nature, 406, 15-16.

5. UNAIDS/WHO Epidemiological Fact Sheet on HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections: Senegal. 2000 update (revised).

6. Cowgill, U.M. (1997). The distribution of selenium and mortality owing to acquired immune deficiency syndrome in the continental United States. Biological Trace Element Research, 56, 43-61.

7. Baum, M.K., Shor-Posner, G., Lai, S., Zhang, G., Lai, H., Fletcher, M.A., Sauberlich, H., and Page, J.B. (1997). High risk of HIV-related mortality is associated with selenium deficiency. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes and Human Retrovirology, 15(5), 370- 374.

8. Sammalkorpi, K., Valtonen, V., Alfthan, G., Aro, A., and Huttunen, J. (1988). Serum selenium in acute infections. Infection, 16(4), 222- 224.

9. Foster, H.D. (2000). Aids and the "selenium-CD4T cell tailspin”: The geography of a pandemic. Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, 209, 94-99.

10. Mariorino, M., Aumann, K.D., Brigelius-Flohe, R., and Doria, D., van den Heuvel, J., McCarthy, J.E.G., Roveri, A., Ursini, F., and Floh, L. (1998). Probing the presumed catalytic triad of a seleniumcontaining peroxidase by mutational analysis. Z. Ernahrungswiss, 37(Supplement 1), 118-121.

Complete book is available free at:

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posted by Chris Gupta on Sunday October 5 2003
updated on Tuesday March 7 2006

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Readers' Comments

Could you give more details regarding AIDS trial in Bostwana re Selenium...I have been working a long time now on Selenium and HIV but am not aware of this trial...
Thank you.

Posted by: laurent on November 25, 2003 11:27 AM


Will provide details as soon as it is made public.

Posted by: Chris Gupta on November 25, 2003 06:56 PM


can you please post some general information on the effects of the people due to AIDS and HIV in botswana. I am currently doing a research project for school and any other information would be helpful. thanks

Posted by: kate on May 24, 2004 05:31 PM


I would like to know more information about AIDS.

Posted by: thazneem on July 11, 2004 01:53 PM


THANKS for sharing this with us Chris, and a HUGE thanks to Harold Foster too of course!
Please will viewers consider signing the following important petition and forwarding the link to all those around the globe, whom you just KNOW in your heart are also caring:
Sadly, the internet has become our last hope in this pathetic struggle against HIV and AIDS :(
With thanks and blessings for giving those without a voice, some reassurance!
Annie / Durban SA.

Posted by: Annie on September 12, 2004 09:55 PM


Hi, my name is Diana, I have an 11 year old boy with autism. Julian is lacking one cystiene so does not have have the full recipe of cycstine and glutathione. His amino acids are all off, has very high cholestoral 300+. He has very high heavy toxic metals, and vaccine titers are from 270+ to 370+.
how could the info in this book benefit Julian.


(559) 662-0651

Posted by: Diana Alvarado on March 10, 2006 01:10 AM


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