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April 27, 2004

Aids Test Unscientific: Test Kit Makers Sued in Kansas

The test kits used to determine "HIV positive" status in patients are deeply flawed - they were developed on the basis of faulty scientific methodology and assumptions and are without value in determining whether a person suffers from "HIV Aids", alleges Kim Marie Bannon in a civil suit filed under the Consumer Protection Act of the State of Kansas, US.

The legal action against the makers of Aids test kits CALYPTE BIOMEDICAL CORPORATION and ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS CORPORATION was filed on 12 April 2004 in the Sedgwick County District Court by Dennis Webb of Wichita Kansas.

At the base of the suit is the scientific mishandling of the Aids crisis from the very beginning, when on April 23, 1984, then US Health Secretary Margaret Heckler announced at a press conference that the "probable" cause of AIDS had been found. A controversy between Gallo and Montagnier distracted us from the fact that the "virus" thought to cause immune deficiency had never been unequivocally isolated. Neither has anyone explained in scientific terms how the virus, which cannot be found in large numbers of immune deficient individuals, causes the illness. Neville Hodgkinson has written up the history for us to follow. In a recent conversation about the validity of the Aids test posted on this site, I have linked Hodgkinson's excellent article, which first appeared in the Journal of Scientific Exploration.

Kim Marie Bannon, the courageous woman who is taking on the multibillion pharma manufacturers, says:

I was "diagnosed" in 1992. I spent 10 years doubting yet living with the stigma of conventional AIDS dogma. In April 2002 I stumbled on the Perth Group's article "The Yin and Yang of HIV." I began studying the issue and eventually started looking for an attorney. I've worked in the legal field in Wichita since 1983, and I feel it is only my excellent reputation with the local bar that enabled me to get a lawyer to take the case. Rest assured I'm not looking for a settlement. I want lots of publicity. I welcome anyone with media contacts to help me get my story out. I plan to have the defendants so totally exposed that a settlement and gag order would do them no good anyway.

I realize that my life might be more peaceful if I just kept my HIV "status" under wraps and went on with the knowledge that I'm not going to die from AIDS, but my soul would not be at peace knowing that so many suffer from the orthodox viewpoint. My lawsuit focuses on the narrow issue of the tests which will hopefully be easier for a jury to understand than the multitude of issues that will surely eventually be raised in the whole fiasco. It will provide a precedent upon which other cases can be built in the future. And if they can't test you, they can't diagnose you. Others can escape the terror that has been perpetrated on me, as well as on so many of you.

Earlier articles on this site include HIV and AIDS with a comment by Jon Rappoport on the elusive virus, AIDS in Africa with a discussion of the business interests behind AIDS on the dark continent, where statistics have been consistently exaggerated and plans to adopt a preventive strategy based on nutrition and traditional medicines are now being adopted in South Africa.

Contact Kim Marie Bannon at
316-461-2173 (US) mobile phone

If you are interested in the legal details, here is a copy of the papers filed in court just two weeks ago:


Dennis D. Webb, S.C.I.N. 09881
142 North Mosley, 2nd floor
Wichita, KS 67202
(316) 264-3500

Civil Department

Kim Marie BANNON,


(Pursuant to K.S.A. Chapter 60)

COMES NOW the plaintiff, Kim Bannon, by her counsel Dennis D. Webb, and for her cause of action, states:
1. Defendant Calypte Biomedical Corporation-Delaware (hereinafter "CBC") is a corporation duly registered to do business in the state of California, and may be served by its resident agent John J. Dipietro, 1440 Fourth Street, Berkley, CA 94710.

2. Defendant Roche Diagnostics Corporation (hereinafter "Roche") is a corporation registered to do business in Kansas and may be served with process at its resident agent, National Registered Agents of Kansas, Inc., 2101 SW 21st Street, Topeka, KS 66604.

3. Plaintiff Kim Bannon (hereinafter "Bannon") is a resident of Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas and all relevant acts occurred within said jurisdiction.

4. In April of 1992, during the course of routine medical diagnostic testing, Bannon was diagnosed by Dr. Donna Sweet of the Kansas University School of Medicine, Wichita, Kansas, as carrying the "Human Immunodeficiency Virus" referred to as HIV, and widely purported to be the cause of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS.

5. The testing procedure used to make such a diagnosis included the "Recombigen EIA Screen-HIV-1 EIA" and the "Cambridge Biotech HIV-1 Western Blot Kit," both manufactured by defendant CBC, which included a protocol for administration of the test and criteria for assessing the results of said kits.

6. Dr. Sweet described the results of the CBC testing as "indisputable" and "classic," and told Bannon she would develop the full spectrum of AIDS within five to seven years and die soon thereafter.

7. In subsequent testing from 1996 to 2003 undertaken at the direction of Dr. Sweet, Bannon was administered an AMPLICOR HIV-1 Monitor Test Kit manufactured by defendant Roche, which included a protocol and criteria for assessing the results of said kits; all of said tests purportedly confirming the diagnosis of HIV infection.

8. Likewise, the Roche testing was described by Sweet as confirmation of the HIV diagnosis, and her prognosis of the full spectrum of AIDS and death within five to seven years.

9. In the context of the medical services and testing described, Plaintiff was a consumer within the meaning of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act, K.S.A. 50-623 et seq. (hereinafter KCPA).

10. In the context of the medical services and testing described, Defendants CBC and Roche were suppliers of consumer goods or services within the meaning of the KCPA.

11. Plaintiff discovered on April 18, 2002 that the science, methodology, and assumptions relied upon by defendants CBC and Roche as the basis for their respective testing and basis for plaintiff's diagnosis was faulty, without sound medical and/or scientific confirmation, and an otherwise flawed procedure.

12. Now more than twelve years after the "diagnosis" provided by defendants testing procedures, plaintiff is healthy, asymptomatic, and wholly free of any sequela of HIV or AIDS.

13. CBC and Roche engaged in deceptive acts and practices within the meaning of KCPA, K.S.A. 50-626 as follows:

a. [50-626(b)(1)(A)] making representations knowingly or with reason to know that the goods and/or services included approvals, characteristics, uses and benefits which they did not have;

b. [50-626(b)(1)(B)] making representations knowingly or with reason to know that the supplier had certain approval or status which it did not have;

c. [50-626(b)(1)(D)] making representations knowingly or with reason to know that the goods and/or services were of a standard which was materially different from the representation;

d. [50-626(b)(1)(G)] making representations knowingly or with reason to know that the goods and/or services had uses, benefits or characteristics which had been substantiated when, in fact, they had no such benefits;

e. [50-626(b)(2)] the willful use in oral or written representations of exaggeration, falsehoods, innuendo, or ambiguity as to a material fact; and
f. [50-626(b)(3)] the willful failure to state a material fact or the willful concealment, suppression or omission of a material fact.

14. Defendants CBC and Roche engaged in unconscionable acts and practices within the meaning of the K.S.A. 50-627 as follows:

a. [50-627(b)(1)] taking advantage of the consumer's inability to protect her interests resulting from an inability to understand the language of the relevant "agreement."

b. [50-627(b)(6)] making misleading statements of opinion on which plaintiff relied to her detriment; and

c. [50-627(b)(7)] excluded or attempted to exclude the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, to wit: that the product or service was an accurate measure for the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS.

15. As a consequence of the unlawful denials by CBC and Roche of the warranty claims, plaintiff has incurred losses, including but not limited to: loss of income.

WHEREFORE, plaintiffs pray for judgment as follows:

a. civil penalties of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) for each violation of the KCPA against each of the defendants;

b. injunctive relief prohibiting the defendants from further representations asserting the suitability of the subject test products/services; and

c. pecuniary damages suffered as a consequence of the misdiagnosis including loss of wage/earnings;

d. non-pecuniary damages including mental anguish, pain and suffering, shame and humiliation resulting from the defendants' unlawful acts;

d. attorney fees pursuant to the Kansas Consumer Protection Act; together with their costs, and such other and further relief as the Court shall deem just and equitable.

Another, separate case involving Aids testing was recently started in the US:

Appeals court lets man sue state over false HIV test result in 1991

The Institute of Science in Society has a series of recent articles on the Aids "pandemic" which is well worth checking out.

Start with these links:

AIDS the Global Pandemic?
Frightening figures on the AIDS pandemic make headlines all over the world. But do the figures conceal the real causes of human suffering?
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, 25th March 2004

Aids & HIV?
Does HIV cause AIDS? Is AIDS a single disease? Do anti-viral drugs really help?
Dr Mae-Wan Ho, 30th March 2004

African AIDS Epidemic?
An estimated 26.6 million in Sub-Saharan Africa are living with HIV/AIDS, according to official figures. But critics say these statistics are nothing more than hype shrouded in smoke and mirrors.
Sam Burcher, 31st March 2004

Can Traditional Medicine Help AIDS?
While billions of dollars have been pledged to help the worst affected, many of the poorest countries are still left without the medical support available in the west, and up to 80% of the population must rely on traditional medicine for primary healthcare.
Sam Burcher , 1st April 2004

Alternative AIDS Therapy from Cheap Generics
Conventional combination treatments for HIV/AIDS cost $22 000 per patient per year in the US. Do cheaper and less toxic drugs exist?
Sam Burcher and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, 2nd April 2004

"Pink Panacea", at last a vaccine against AIDS?
Sam Burcher reports on an unconventional vaccine that could provide treatment for AIDS
Sam Burcher, 3rd April 2004

Can Exercise Help Prevent & Treat Aids?
Dr. Veljko Velkovic presents evidence on how exercise may help treat and prevent AIDS, and if so, the simplest, most widely available and affordable natural 'vaccine' is being ignored.
Dr. Veljko Velkovic, 6th April 2004

See also:

Video: Olympic Gold Medal winner Lee Evans discusses the myriad of problems with the HIV tests that are incorrectly diagnosing people as HIV-Positive. Lee Evans tested HIV positive, which prematurely ended his athletic carreer. A later negative test could not undo the damage. Evans explains why you should believe the test makers when they say that their tests are not able to establish "HIV infection". The video is less than 5 minutes long - please go watch it now. Share with friends and family.

Articles on Aids causation and recommended links by Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati

Study: Mouth Bacteria May Defend Against AIDS Virus

Top 100 Aids Inconsistencies - The mounting inconsistencies in Aids are clear grounds for a major overhaul of the Aids paradigm. We expose the misrepresentation, fraud, pseudo-science and unsubstantiated hype in Aids treatment today.

Oncogenes, Aneuploidy And AIDS: A Scientific Life & Times Of Peter H. Duesberg


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Tuesday April 27 2004
updated on Thursday December 16 2010

URL of this article:


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June 13, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

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July 10, 2004 - Sepp Hasslberger

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January 13, 2005 - Sepp Hasslberger

U.N. Says Aids Prevention Will Save Millions of Lives In Africa
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February 10, 2005 - Sepp Hasslberger




Readers' Comments

A comment received by e-mail contained the following information, which I believe is relevant to this article.

Aids 'Tests'

Testing For 'HIV'

Over the years of the HIV/AIDS theory, different types of test have been used to try to detect such a virus in patients. These have included (1) antibody tests, which look for a reaction in a person's blood between their natural antibodies and synthetic proteins said to belong to HIV, and (2) Polymerase Chain Reaction - PCR - or 'viral load' genetic tests, which purport to use part of the virus' genetic code to detect its presence.

All these tests are indirect, or surrogate. They do not claim to detect any whole virus. Rather, they use markers to infer whether a virus might be present. Unfortunately for the accuracy of these tests, these same markers can be found in a variety of non-HIV situations. No HIV test of any kind has ever been validated against the one measure that is not indirect - the gold standard: physical virus isolation. This is because isolation of HIV by the previously conventional standards of viral isolation has never been achieved, despite numerous attempts.

Of the antibody tests for HIV, there are two main types - called ELISA, and Western Blot. Neither was designed especially for HIV, but are examples of laboratory methodologies used in many investigations. Around the world many companies market their versions of the ELISA and Western Blot antibody tests for HIV.

However, the uncertain, unvalidated nature of these tests is reflected in the product literature supplied by their manufacturers. A typical example for the ELISA reads:

"At present there is no recognised standard for establishing the presence or absence of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 in human blood." - Axsym System, Abbott Laboratories

A typical example for the Western Blot reads:

"Do not use this kit as the sole basis of diagnosis of HIV-1 infection." - Epitope, Organon Teknika

The 'Viral Load' / PCR Test

Polymerase Chain Reaction - PCR - or the 'viral load' test, purports to detect, and quantify, blood-borne HIV in patients. However, the genetic fragments it amplifies have never been proved to originate in HIV, or in any virus. The accuracy of PCR viral load is estimated by leading doctors at plus or minus 300% - i.e. a reading of 90,000 could be 30,000 or 270,000!

The PCR was not invented for HIV. Its Nobel Prizewinning inventor, Dr Kary Mullis, calls the use of PCR in AIDS medicine, "a tragedy in the practice of Western medicine".

The uncertain unvalidated nature of the PCR for HIV is reflected in the product literature supplied by manufacturers. A typical example reads:

"The Amplicor HIV-1 Monitor test is not intended to be used as a screening test for HIV or as a diagnostic test to confirm the presence of HIV infection." - Roche, Amplicor


Since the beginning of the HIV/AIDS theory, it has been suggested that a virus kills a certain type of cell of the immune system - called T-cells, or CD4 cells. T refers to the maturing of these cells in the gland of the Thymus, after their birth in the bone marrow. CD4 is short for Cluster Differentiation 4, referring to a method by which scientists group subsets of these cells according to protein markers on their surface.

In fact there has never been any proof that an HIV kills these cells, or indeed that even when they seem in low numbers in a person's blood, cells have not instead migrated out of the blood to bone marrow and elsewhere. Despite common assumptions, even by doctors, CD4/T-cell counting remains a poor predictor of wellness and illness. Since the Berlin World AIDS Conference of 1992 considerably less scientific importance has been attached to T-cell counting. T-cell counts are naturally variable, within an individual over time, between individuals, and between communities. The technology for counting T-cells is accurate only to approximately plus or minus 100 cells. The cells sampled for counting are taken from a person's peripheral blood, where it is widely accepted, less than 10% of a healthy person's T-cells will ever be found.

Posted by: Sepp on July 2, 2004 03:41 PM


A recent message by Liam Scheff, author of several articles exposing the inhuman experiments on children of "aids positive" mothers interned and "treated" in the New York Incarnation Children's center

Liam writes:

... there's lots to this recent piece, and I think it'll surprise even the veterans:

and here's a recent weblog - the NIH is running studies of people who turn up HIV positive After participating in an HIV vaccine trial - some nerve on those boys, huh?

Vaccine Trials: Get the Cure - Get the Disease

My reply:

thanks for this new article. Yes, it should definitely be spread around.

The double standard on tests is a sure way to have Aids in those persons who are "high risk" (undesirables? blacks? drug users?) while protecting the clean working population...

and with the Aids drugs (the retrovirals) killing who receives them - violà, a "better world" - less gays, less blacks, and less of those poor.

What a scam!

Posted by: Sepp on March 20, 2005 08:30 PM


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