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June 15, 2003


Did you know that the HIV virus, which is supposed to be the cause of AIDS, cannot be found in patients diagnosed with the syndrome?

Did you know that blacks, because of their normal genetic makeup, have a nine times higher chance of reacting to the so-called HIV anti-body test than whites?

Then maybe it is time you started reading up on the alternative AIDS research and literature. You might be able to save a life or two talking about this to your friends who happen to unknowingly fall into the trap of so-called "AIDS testing".

A good place to start would be Fintan Dunne's site AIDSMYTH.COM

Also, you might find some good links on the site of La Leva di Archimede

But don't forget to read the interesting article just written by Jon Rappaport, "The Virus Hunters Unmasked"


Weekend edition, June 14-15. In my newsletter yesterday, posted for members on the PREMIUM CONTENT page, a former researcher of some repute has all but admitted that ALL viruses are, in truth, fraudulent, when it comes to explaining human disease.

My own metaphor for what he says would run like this: if a child is drowning in a river as he clings to a log, and if the child has sustained a laceration on his head, do you send out a team on a raft to apply stitches and then return to shore without the "patient," or do you order people to bring the kid back to solid ground?

The virus hunters are carrying us all out into deep water with their lab manipulations. Even assuming the best of intentions, they are sheer morons.


The story I punched up about a month ago, which revealed that a quarter of all cases of so-called SARS in Hong Kong were the direct effect of leaking foul water pipes in the Amoy Gardens apartment complex---that story has been forgotten in the mainstream press.

The virologists never paid attention to it. They were too busy lying about the coronavirus.

FIX THE PIPES, I wrote. I hope someone has seen to it.

Like intelligence agencies, the virus hunters don't even know anymore when they are lying to cover up their past lies.

They are operating in a closed universe.

Notice that in this breaking monkey pox situation, we hear nothing from scientists about how much virus they are finding in all the patients they have diagnosed.

There was a time when that was the key question in conventional circles. To have a prayer of saying that a germ was implicated in disease, you had to prove that it was present in enormous quantities in the blood or other body fluids.

No more.

As with terrorists (everybody and his brother is suddenly a card-carrying member of something called Al Qaeda or Al Qaida or Al Kayda), disease clusters are automatically the result of some rarely-seen virus.

In the public mind, VIRUS has become synonymous with GERM. Virus has become the catch-all.

More reporters and authors and movie makers have been bamboozled by this term than there are flies on a piece of dung.

Dissident researchers, who are not asleep at the wheel, are beginning to make the case that the DNA sequence of HIV is really a sequence that comes from the human genome itself. In which case, what has been IDed as a deadly virus is actually, if anything, a harmless part of the human make-up.

But when the research methods of the virus hunters are as arcane and complex as the classifications of angels in the Vatican doctrine, how many people are going to raise questions?

Just as the Vatican was once the sole arbiter of truth-in-cosmology in the West, now we have people parading as scientists who are finding viruses everywhere they go.

These people are public menaces.

Who cares how many degrees they have after their names, or how well-ensconced they are in academic and lab settings?

Even on the Internet, the most adventurous forum for information on the planet, relatively few people ask the real questions.

Who knows that Luc Montagnier, the man who supposedly was the first to isolate what came to be known as HIV, has admitted that he never found viral particles in his research?

Who knows that the enzyme called reverse transcriptase, which is supposed to be the major clue that a retrovirus, like HIV, is present, can appear for several reasons that have nothing to do with retroviral activity? I mention this because both of the original "HIV pioneers," Gallo and Montagnier, actually INFERRED the presence of HIV from reverse transcriptase. Invalidly inferred.

That's right. Who knows that Robert Gallo, who stole Montagniers research, likewise never isolated a virus, but inferred its presence? Or that HIV itself has never been found in human blood?

Just as people may speculate, without any evidence, about how many angels exist, researchers may speculate about how much HIV is in the body of people diagnosed with AIDS---but in both cases, this IS speculation. Perhaps interesting, but when these ruminations begin to be incorporated into a culture of medical coercion, everything changes.

These are just a few reasons why, when the papers carry new press releases about a viral outbreak, I reach for my very serious bullshit detector.

I wrote the first book, in 1988, that revealed HIV was not the cause of human illness. Major sections of that book are on PREMIUM CONTENT. If you want to get this first book-length cannon shot fired at the HIV virus hunters, sign up and get on board.

When the book came out, I was on a number of radio shows and gave many lectures. The hosts and the audiences were mostly stunned. They reacted like people suddenly dumped in cold water.

Then a few people tried to attack me. They learned I don't bow down before the men in white coats. I don't sit quietly while the experts try to assail my position. I gave them at least double what they tried to give me. For every ad hominem attack they launched, I sent back two. I talked louder if loudness was their weapon. I learned all that on the job. It was fun.

The upshot was, I saw through my own prior illusion about the white coats. Most of them were just people caught up in their own arrogance.

Anyway, tell me the last time you saw a full-on debate on national television between a "respected MD" and some well-armed opponent?

In another life, when you lived on Pluto?

Funny, isn't it.

They hide out with their imaginary viruses in the dimly lit places.

They appear briefly for press conferences and then vanish behind closed doors.

From a May 7 article in the Boston Dig, written by Liam Scheff, who deserves a Pulitzer for his fine series on HIV, here are several piquant quotes from major dissident researchers.

From David Rasnick, chemist and AIDS advisor to President Mbeki of South Africa: "In '85 I was at a research meeting where HIV was being discussed. An AIDS specialist was asked how much HIV was present in [any given] infected AIDS patient... He answered, 'Undetectable. Zero,'"

This stopped no one from continuing to assume, blithely, that HIV caused AIDS.

From Dr. Rodney Richards, chemist, who worked on the design of the first HIV tests while at Amgen and Abbot Labs: "...[Luc Montagnier] looked in his [AIDS] patients' blood, but he couldn't find [HIV] there. In fact, no one has ever found HIV in human blood."

From Peter Duesberg, molecular biologist at U Cal Berkeley, called the father of the oncogene, former colleague of Robert Gallo: "Viruses are only dangerous the first time you encounter them. Once you've made antibodies to a virus, you have immunity for the rest of your life, and the virus can't get you sick anymore. [This is the classical conventional view of viruses.] This is the opposite of HIV theory, which states: You become infected; you don't get sick; you make antibodies; and 10 years later, you get sick and die."

Rasnick comments on the HIV test kits, which contain certain proteins assumed to be present in the make-up of HIV. The tests look for antibodies in the patients' blood which will be drawn to those proteins---signifying an HIV-positive diagnosis: "None of the proteins in the Elisa and Western Blot tests have been proven to be specific to HIV or any retrovirus. For this reason, the FDA has not approved a single test for diagnosing HIV-infection."

Level upon level of insanity.

Rasnick: "Different races have different ranges of naturally-occurring antibodies. That's why blacks have a nine times greater chance of testing positive [for HIV---and qualifying for toxic drugs like AZT] than white Europeans, and a 33 times greater chance than Asians."

Rasnick is saying that this natural range of antibodies in black people will tend to react with the proteins in the HIV tests and produce a false-positive reading.

A very sobering thought.

Rasnick makes a follow-up comment on the nature of the standard AIDS drugs: "...the most toxic drugs ever manufactured and sold."


Some further links on AIDS:

Top 100 Aids Inconsistencies - The mounting inconsistencies in Aids are clear grounds for a major overhaul of the Aids paradigm. We expose the misrepresentation, fraud, pseudo-science and unsubstantiated hype in Aids treatment today.

Alive and Well of Christine Maggiore

Death Rush is John Lauritson's 64-page book published by Pagan Press in 1986. Its purpose was to warn gay men about the dangers of the nitrite inhalants or alkyl nitrites (amyl nitrite, butyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite, etc). Although Death Rush: Poppers & AIDS has been out-of-print for many years now, the medical information is still valid. The toxicities of these drugs have not changed. The nitrite inhalants are still powerfully mutagenic; they still cause anemia; they are still immunosuppresive.


posted by Sepp Hasslberger on Sunday June 15 2003
updated on Wednesday December 8 2010

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